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Homerun CD2

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It's all my fault, I need to think of a way.
Hey, you are so greedy!
Speak for yourself!
Is this too much?
But you do look like a pig!
Don't talk nonsense!
Here I am!
What is this?
Ah Kun's bread? I love it!
Beng Soon is in a good mood today.
He hardly ever smiles so much.
The pair of shoes for my sister is too big,
I want to exchange them.
Everyone at school laughed at her when she wore them.
It's your fault.
My fault?
Okay, since it's my fault,
let's throw them away!
Beng Soon! Beng Soon!
Beng Soon! Beng Soon!
Please give me back the shoes!
Beng Soon! Beng Soon! Beng Soon!
That's the problem with you guys.
Your sister wanted shoes, and we kindly agreed.
But when they don't fit, it becomes our problem.
Not even a word of thanks.
You guys are too much!
Okay. Okay. It's fine even if they're too big.
Beng Soon, please return the shoes to me!
Beng Soon! Don't!
Beng Soon! Beng Soon!
If you want the shoes back, you have two choices.
One. Do more homework for us.
Two. Let's fight.
Why do you resort to fighting so easily?
We are from the same village!
That's right!
When did I say that?
You did! You did!
When did I say that?
You just did!
When did I say fight?
You dead fat pig!
Hey, how can you call me a dead fat pig?
I'm very much alive.
I'm a lively fat pig!
We don't have to fight to prove our might.
We can play soccer.
If you win,
you can bring your sister
to my store and pick out a new pair of shoes.
Kun, don't worry.
We'll win the shoes for you.
Hey! Our secret weapon!
What secret weapon?
Chicken Essence!
Wow! Chicken Essence!
Only one bottle? There are so many of us!
You are right!
I have no choice but to drink it myself.
Hey! Leave some for us!
Faster! Faster!
What are you doing? Dreaming?
Why are you so dumb?
It's so simple, yet you couldn't save it?
I could do that when I was three!
I don't mean to yell at you but you are a retard!
Okay, Ah Guang!
You do it!
I should have kept quiet!
Pass the ball to me! Quick!
It's a goal!
Hey! What did you do?
Do you know this is our goal post?
Look at where you have kicked the ball!
Beng Soon, thanks.
Can I bring my sister to your store tomorrow?
Did you win?
Hey, it was 3 - 2. Didn't we win?
Who scored the winning goal?
I did!
Heard that?
You have the cheek to ask me for the shoes?
Whatever it is, according to the rules, we won.
Can you please abide by those rules?
That's right!
Who says I'm not abiding by the rules?
The shoes are mine. So I decide on the rules.
I want to resign!
I don't want to be the captain!
You go solve your own problems!
What happened?
What happened to you?
What are we to do without you?
What's the team to do without you?
I have made up my mind.
Oh no! What are we to do?
We only lent them shoes
and they played so well!
I thought they wouldn't even score a goal
yet they scored two!
Two goals!
They got a pig for a goalkeeper
and you couldn't even score a goal.
Why is that so?
If we can't even beat Seow Hay's team,
how can we compete with other teams?
I have a way to deal with them.
Sorry, our team doesn't have enough shoes,
so we need the shoes back.
How can you do that?
One moment you give them to us.
Next you want them back.
One more thing, on this paper you gave Kun,
it says we can have the shoes for one year!
That's right!
Hey, how can you do that?
How can you show our letter to others?
How can we write you any letter in the future?
Yes, it's like writing a letter to a girlfriend
and then showing the letter to the world!
Don't you think that's unreasonable?
I merely wanted to clarify.
All of you refuse to tell the truth.
How can you just show the letter to others?
Doesn't your teacher teach you anything?
Yes? Then all that is wasted!
What about you changing arguments every time?
Doesn't your teacher teach you anything?
Then all that is wasted too!
It's wasted on you guys!
No, it's wasted on you guys!
It's wasted on you guys!
It's wasted on you guys!
It's wasted on you guys!
No, it's wasted on you guys!
For a small issue,
we argued again.
We are arguing because
what we agreed upon is now not valid.
No shoes means no soccer team.
To us, shoes are just shoes.
To Beng Soon, the shoes mean something else.
Let's go!
Seow Hay! Seow Hay!
How can we play without shoes?
A good team doesn't worry about not having shoes.
We worry if our hearts are not in the right place.
Our hearts are in the right place!
Without our hearts, we will die!
What about our homework?
Do it ourselves!
I don't believe with a little hard work,
we can't do our homework!
Hey, does this look like Kun's handwriting?
It does! Looks just like it!
Mr and Mrs Tan, I'm so sorry I have to do this.
But this is not the first time.
Take a look at this.
This handwriting is so ugly!
You see, last time his handwriting was so nice!
But now you see, the handwriting looks so horrible!
That's why I know he got someone to do this.
This is a very serious offence.
So I would suggest you ask him to stop playing football,
if not, he will be out of this school.
Get up!
Why didn't you do your homework yourself?
Why did you get someone to do it for you?
And you have to find someone with worse handwriting!
Do you know how much we dote on you?
We won't forgive you for doing badly in school!
From today, you are not to play soccer again!
Until you show better results at school!
You'll stop all activities related to soccer!
Let's go!
Looks like we have to send him to England!
everyone did well in the recent test.
The top 3 students
get a pen as a gift from me.
First, Tan Seow Hay.
Next, Liu Hong Soon.
Lastly, the student with
the highest score on the test.
He is Chew... Kiat...
Brother, hurry up! Or you will be late!
Run faster.
Eh? The shoes are broken!
Run faster.
Brother, the shoes can't be worn anymore. Look!
We have given up hope getting shoes from Beng Soon.
But we still hope to find her old shoes.
We still hung on to that hope.
Students, for today's assembly topic,
we shall discuss personal health and hygiene.
When you cough, you should cover your mouth.
Otherwise, your saliva will be everywhere,
the virus will be everywhere,
and people everywhere
will be infected.
One will infect ten. Ten will infect hundreds.
Finally, the whole country will be infected.
This is what you call an epidemic.
Currently, the most infectious virus
is tuberculosis.
Okay. Dismissed.
Please return to your classes orderly.
Your Math test is coming.
To get a perfect score is easy.
Let's do revision today.
There are ten questions on the board.
You must answer them, okay?
Today we'll do the sum of even and odd numbers.
It's very easy.
Just keep practicing and practicing at home.
Keep doing them...
Okay, you will now take turns...
Chew Seow Fang?
Are you listening to me?
She got all the sums correct. Very good!
Eh? Where are your shoes?
I was afraid to dirty my skirt.
Towkay, here is the money I owe you.
Sorry I still owe you some.
I'll pay you another day.
You are different from the rest.
Here are two pencils for your kids.
Thank you.
Towkay, if there is a job no one wants to do
you can recommend me.
Wait! You! Wait! You!
Hey stop!
I gave you so many chances
for your late coming to school.
But still no improvement at all
and you are getting worse!
See! Your shoe is so wet!
I'm sure you go and catch fish, right?
Kun, the principal says you can return to school.
Your shoes are torn. Give dad some time
and I'll buy you a new pair.
It's okay. I can still wear them.
Bye, dad!
Seow Fang, I'll definitely get you another pair of shoes.
Here's the pen my teacher gave me. It's for you.
Don't be upset, okay?
Towkay, thanks for giving me this job.
I'll give you $2 each day for delivery. If you are good,
I'll let you learn how to drive and you can help me.
Sure, I'll work hard!
Hey, the bicycle is broken, so don't ride it!
And one more thing...
I know, Towkay! Let's go!
Thank you! Thanks!
Dad, look! A tip!
You got one too?
The towkay is right.
These Caucasians are generous.
Look, so many tips.
Kun, now that dad has money
I can buy you whatever you want!
Dad, can you buy Seow Fang a pair of new shoes?
Not just for Seow Fang. Yours have holes in them too.
I'll buy you a pair as well.
And your mom is about to give birth,
we should buy her some health tonic as well.
Isn't this fun?
It's fun!
Oh dear! I know what's wrong with the bicycle!
What's wrong?
It has no brakes!
Didn't I tell you the bicycle is broken?
I repeatedly reminded you not to ride it!
Towkay, I didn't know the bicycle didn't have brakes.
Well, good thing you are okay.
My bicycle is in this state
because you didn't listen to me.
I'll take it you bought it.
I'll take $30 for the bicycle,
plus what you owe me, that's $78.
So you still owe me $45!
Oh no! Are you alright?
You have to be careful with everything you do.
If something happens to you
your wife and children will be in trouble.
Your wife is about to give birth. Like before
I'll sit by my doorstep to keep watch.
Once you wave this cloth
I'll ride my bicycle over.
Twenty minutes and I'll be here.
Thank you, Midwife!
You better take care of yourself!
Hey, you dropped your pen!
Eh, you have new shoes?
Where's your old pair?
Torn. Threw them away.
Huh? Threw them away? Where?
At the village rubbish dump.
Village rubbish dump?
Seow Fang, look! Found it!
My shoe!
The other shoe must be around! Keep looking!
Total suppression! Unfair retrenchment!
Brother, let's go. Looks like they are about to fight.
Seow Fang, look! Look over there!
Your shoe!
I'll go get it!
Will it be dangerous?
Should be okay.
Be careful!
I know.
My friend, no matter how many people you send,
we'll fight on and fear no obstacles!
Seow Fang, don't be afraid!
I'll kill you!
Let's go!
Your other shoe! It's here!
My shoe! No!
The 1965 National Junior Cross Country Run
is holding its selections.
The best two students from each class
will represent the school.
Teacher, I think I'll embarrass the school.
I think you are right.
You better not embarrass the school.
Teacher, I'm not feeling very well.
Can I not take part?
You are not well?
Okay, then you don't have to run.
Okay. Other than Kun,
is there anyone else not well?
Okay then. Get ready!
Go! Go! Go!
Don't embarrass me!
Hey, want to go to the canteen for a drink? Come on!
Do you need my help?
My teacher told me today
if I continue to wear your shoes
I'll have to see the principal
and ask dad and mom to come to school
I have run out of excuses.
Third Prize: A Pair of School Shoes
Come in.
Teacher, I want to represent the school
in the National Junior Cross Country Run.
The selection is over.
You said you were ill that day?
Teacher, this competition is very important to me.
I have to take part in it.
This competition is important to others too.
If I let you run in it,
it will be unfair to others.
I can't.
Teacher, I beg you! Please!
Teacher, I beg you. Give me a chance!
Take part next year!
No! No!
Teacher, give me one more chance.
I will run really fast!
How many times must I tell you
the selection is over. You can't take part in it!
Now go home!
One hot drink!
Teacher, I beg you. Just let me take part in it!
This run is very important to me!
I said no. No means no!
Teacher, please. I beg you!
Teacher, what are you looking for?
My medicine!
Oh, your medicine...
It's on the office table!
I'll get it for you!
You don't have to! I'll get it myself!
Quick! Quick get my medicine!
I'm representing the school
in the National Junior Cross Country Run.
Third prize is a pair of shoes.
When I win them, you can have them.
Are you sure you can get them?
This is your salary.
After deducting what you owe me,
this is what you have left.
Thanks, Towkay.
It's not too bad. You are hardworking.
Hardworking people earn money!
Keep it up!
In today's Cross Country Run,
you'll meet the best in the country.
But don't be intimidated
because you are just as good.
Save some strength for the last leg.
Today will be a challenge for you
to overcome the difficult path.
The whole course is 5 km.
The distance is not an issue,
because I have confidence in all of you.
It doesn't matter whether you win or lose.
The important thing is to complete the run
and not give up half way.
Go change.
For this competition, you are not wearing my shoes
and I don't need you to do my homework.
It's a fair game...
Beng Soon, you are getting it wrong.
I don't want to compete with you, I just...
Enough said!
We are standing at the start line
and you tell me you don't want to compete with me?
Do you know what you are saying?
Seow Fang! Seow Fang!
Mom, what is it?
I'm going to give birth.
Quickly go and wave the cloth!
Call for the midwife! Hurry up!
Okay! Okay!
Auntie! Auntie!
My mom is about to give birth!
Come over!
Come over!
Mom, the midwife looks like she's dead.
She's not moving at all!
Was it like this when you gave birth to us?
I don't know why it hurts so much this time!
It hurts! Ouch!
Why is it like this?
Hey! My shoes! Hey!
Third prize is a pair of shoes.
When I win them, you can have them!
Are you sure you can get them?
Ouch! It hurts!
No tears in your eyes
But a firm breathe of determination
Despite the sweat and hardship
There isn't a gasp of exhaustion
The steps you take may be harder
But our bond becomes stronger
Innocently we carry on
To wherever fate takes us
We may have nothing
But we will never think of submitting
We may have nothing
But we will never think of quitting
No matter what lies in the path ahead
No matter who holds the guiding hand
As long as our hearts are together
We have everything we need
We may have nothing
But we will never think of submitting
We may have nothing
But we will never think of quitting
No matter what lies in the path ahead
No matter who holds the guiding hand
As long as our hearts are together
We have everything we need
Everything we need
Come on! Come on!
Lose it and we will have to buy new ones.
Waste of money!
Your shoes are huge.
If I run too fast, they will slip off.
Monday 7 am, report to me. Is that clear?
Take the shoes!
You want me to run faster, right?
I have run out of excuses.
You are out of my school!
Third prize is a pair of shoes.
When I win them, you can have them!
Are you sure you can get them?
Come on! Come on!
You cycle very slowly. Hurry up!
Slow? I walk even slower!
Okay. Okay. Come on.
Forget it. Come. Let's run!
Hurry up! Quick!
The 1965 National Junior Cross Country Run
has come to an end!
Third place goes to Nan Yi Primary,
Tan Beng Soon!
Second place goes to Nan Yi Primary,
Mohammed Ali!
Now for the champion!
He is from Qing Hua Primary,
This pair of shoes must mean a lot, right?
That's why I dug them out.
I thought you guys wouldn't come.
How can that be? We are friends!
Yes! We are the best of friends!
Don't be sad. I have a plan.
Hey, don't just say okay, tell me!
Hey, Beng Soon,
winning the 3rd place is not bad already!
Yes! We didn't even qualify for the run!
Yes. Don't be sad!
Beng Soon, don't be sad.
Here. You can have the medal.
I entered the run not to compete with you.
Why give me the medal?
I still lost to you!
Why can't we resolve our misunderstandings?
Even when we are sincere, you don't believe us?
I lost my sister's shoes
so I joined this run
to win a pair of shoes for her.
That's it.
Come. Push a little harder!
Why is it so difficult with this child?
Push harder, push!
I can't. No, I can't!
I can't. No, I can't! Push harder! Push!
Help! I can't!
I see it! I see the head!
I can't! Push! Push a little harder!
Come on! Wow! It's a boy!
Yes, Towkay. Who is this for?
For your wife after she gives birth!
You didn't have to.
Just take it!
Thanks! Towkay!
Brother, this pair of shoes cannot be worn anymore.
What are we to do?
Seow Fang, look!
Hey, my shoes! Give them to me!
Beng Soon!
Beng Soon!
My dad wants me to study in England.
I'm here to say goodbye.
I have too many pairs of shoes at home.
I didn't understand what it is like without shoes.
When your shoes are torn in the future,
just go to my store.
We are from the same village. 50% discount!
Thanks, Beng Soon.
We are grateful that Beng Soon
eventually understood our problems.
He didn't ask us to do any homework.
As friends, we should help each other.
That's why I told him
to look me up if he needs help in the future!
Yes! More people get things done faster!
Being small can be helpful too!
Even best friends will have arguments.
After each argument, we cross our hearts and swear
to ignore each other.
But, each time, after a couple of days...
sometimes, just after a couple of minutes,
we become friends again.
Putting the unhappy past behind us
will always be better for all.
Arguments are not completely bad.
Just look at dad and mom.
After each argument,
they understand each other better
and become more loving.
What I admire most is
they never fight.
Not even once.
We finally have our own shoes!
Although they didn't come from dad,
but from a friend we used to argue with,
they come with greater meaning.
Without our shoes,
we could see our problem easily.
Now that we have our shoes,
can we still identify our problems?
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Hyojadongibalsa 2004
Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)
Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
Hypnotist The 1999
Hypnotized The
Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)