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Subtitles for Holy Smoke CD2.

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Holy Smoke CD2

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Next thing his hand's down my pants
and he's pulled my dick out.
lt's lying in his hand and we're looking at it.
And so he starts rubbing away.
Are they spraying or something?
ls the plane spraying?
Doesn't matter.
So, l'm on my way out and Singh's standing there.
l couldn't avoid him. When l drew parallel he...hissed at me.
''You show only outer love... lnner love not complete.
''Only delusion.''
What's that mean?
lt means ''uh-oh, l didn't come''. He couldn't fuck me.
Hello, how's Ruth? ls she all right?
'She's listening. She's still delicate.'
We're on step two so there's progress.
'Good, because we had a call from air traffic control.
- 'A pilot rang.' - What for?
'A help sign. He wanted to know if we'd left one.'
- A what? - A help sign, made of stones?
- Jesus! - Robbie!
'l said it was a game.'
What? Stop!
What are you doing?
Do you think l'll break
like all those other girlies you snap apart?
You're dishonest.
You want to sleep with me, don't you?
Not all touch is desire.
l'm going to be sick.
You're so busy imagining how everyone is desiring you.
You're one of the most ungenerous people l've ever met.
l don't think you could actually entwine with another person
on account of you're having to maybe give something back.
- You don't know that. - l don't want to.
You broke our contract.
l don't honour contracts with the devil.
l'm a regular person and you know it.
Now put these stones back, please.
l have had deep relationships.
'Day 2 ends with screening the cult videos.
'The cracks widen, the client falls apart.
'Bye bye, Baba.'
You look wonderful, darling. Pink really suits you.
- Doesn't it, Gilbert? - Yes. Would you like a drink?
What's your poison?
- Can l bum a cigarette? - Sure.
Are you sick?
- Are you better? - Off to bed, kids.
Do you want a sandwich?
You look good.
'Have you ever tried tacos? Taco Bell.'
l was thinking about kicking into that.
lt's got to be collateralised.
lt's lovely to have you here, darling.
You wouldn't know any Yankee bods who'd get into it?
- l'm here for your sister. - l know that.
- ls she doing OK? - Mm-hmm.
Shift your chair out of the way.
You all right, love?
Here we go.
'When you meet the happiest people you've ever known
'who introduce you to the most loving people you've ever met,
'and you find the leader to be the most inspired,
'compassionate and understanding,
'the cause something you never thought could be accomplished,
'and all this sounds too good to be probably is.
'Because these men are not only
'some of the most charismatic people of the 20th century,
'They are also some of the most dangerous.'
'Fanatics have their dreams,
'wherewith they weave a paradise for a sect.
- How's it going, Charlie? - Good.
'At it's peak, there were 30 people in the Manson family.'
'ln their cult alias,
'two of these girls brutally murdered seven people
'at the Tate-Polanski house, including Sharon Tate,
'who was eight months pregnant.'
'As Manson was led back to jail,
'newsmen put the sanity question to him, too.'
- Are you sane? - That's relative.
'Clan members were waiting outside the city jail,
'protesting Manson's arrest.
He said he cut a man's head off, is that true?
You better believe he's going to cut some heads off.
He'll cut all your heads off. Cos that's what you deserve.
'On the 21st October, 1978,
'Congressman Ryan was gunned down
'on an airstrip near Jonestown, Guyana.
'Over 900 bodies were found, 300 of whom were children.
'They had no choice but to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid.
'Many of these children were wards of the state...'
- Would you like a freshener? - No, l've got one.
Parents, human parents, do not possess the offspring they have.
lt's a very evil thing for them to think they are theirs...
My father used to say to me,
''No boy of mine is growing up straight.''
Shut up, you.
He used to put me in frocks, lipstick, make up -
his wig, then he made me mime to Shirley Bassey.
'..human misinformation.'
'lf l would title this tape, it would be,
'Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth before it is Recycled.'
'Marshall Applewhite led the 38 members
'of his Heaven's Gate cult to suicide,
'believing they would rise
'to the evolutionary level above human...'
Ruth! Ruth!
l don't want you to talk.
My God, l feel as if l'm going to split into pieces.
My head busting.
l'm so confused. Hold it!
You'd better know what you're doing,
cos this is heart surgery.
lt's all gone. lt's's all gone!
The love is...the love is gone. lt's all gone.
You're doing well, Ruth. That's the girl.
- Nobody likes me. - Hey, that's not true.
- You don't like me. - Yes, l do.
Kiss me.
No, Ruth. l can't do that.
l'm scared.
l know you are, but kissing won't change that.
No. No.
l think we'd better phone your mother.
OK, let's phone Mum.
Ooh, Baby... Oh, baby.
Don't come, don't come!
'Day three - Shit!'
- Are you going in Rob? - No, l'm not going.
You go in.
- Put it on. - Take the sunnies.
- We're going to talk to her? - Yeah.
This is a bit embarrassing.
No, don't put the hat on.
Look, give me the hat.
This hut is out of bounds.
ls she OK?
A bit tender.
Does she...? Does she accept that they were crap?
l wouldn't say they were crap.
- Let's just say she's hovering. - Yani's sister has come.
We want Ruth to come to the pub to celebrate.
Absolutely not.
She can't leave here until the process is complete.
- lt's just for...
l think it'd be good for me.
l'll get changed.
That's good, Auntie Puss.
l'm sorry, Ruth. l shouldn't have slept with you.
l am... l don't know.
lt's never happened before.
All right, of course it's happened.
But never in this situation. Never with a client.
Don't worry, it wasn't anything.
Look, l was there, too,
and l think it was a little more than that.
l was trying to be comforting.
You don't think l was faking it, do you?
- Give me the joint! - What's that?
- Give me the marijuana! - Get back!
Give me the joint!
What's happening?
No way! Get fucked! Fuck off!
How're you goin' mate, want some weed?
Got some good buds. l'll give you weight for fifty bucks.
lt's good stuff.
May l have the pleasure?
No, thanks.
Oh, yeah, of course. You're on duty.
You can have a stick for $20.
Will you get me another one?
No, l don't think you should be drinking.
Well, l think l should.
Where's Ruth?
- Don't worry. - Don't! No...
Come on.
Look, here, drink from my bottle now, yeah?
No, no, no...
All right.
- What's up, pops? - You her dad or something?
Oh, fancy her, pal?
- Next time, mate. - lt's all right. Don't worry.
Come on.
Oh, l want to go home.
You're out of control.
You didn't seem to mind last night.
Oh, come on...come on, it's over.
You fucked up.
No, it's not over.
For one, you're drunk,
and two we're still in the cave.
Ooh, spooky!
lt's a much darker, deeper cave than last night.
All right, l'll admit it.
ln lndia, l was influenced by processes beyond my control.
Ta-dah! Happy?
Are you?
What about you?
You're playing with me, Ruth.
What do you like about me? My personality or my breasts?
All right, Ruth. Right now, l like your breasts.
lt's just the way it is.
You can't stop me having sexual thoughts about you.
Oh, yeah? And what do you think? What are your thoughts?
They're private.
Well, not the other night.
How was it for you?
A bit revolting.
You bitch.
OK, it was interesting...historically.
- Oh, baby... - Listen to me!
l had sex with you because you begged me.
lf you think it's funny to insult me,
then l think you're a cruel and STUPlD young woman.
Yeah, you laugh.
What about you kiss me?
- See if l can teach you. - l know how to.
l don't think so... not so l like it.
Close your eyes.
Very gently.
Don't open your mouth too wide.
Take my pants off.
No, no, no, no.
Kiss...around it.
Get off that.
- Robbie Barron. - Carol.
You're from LA?
Not originally, but PJ and l live there now.
Where, originally?
Houston. Robbie, how is your sister?
Good. Oh, we got plastered last night.
John had to cart her home.
- Could we talk somewhere? - Yeah, here.
Did you disconnect the phone?
Yes, l decided against incoming calls.
- Great. - l was going to call you.
- When? - When l'd finished.
- Are you finished? - Yes.
Pretty much, she's still floating a bit, but...
yeah, pretty much.
Look, l was here alone, yeah.
l had enough to worry about
without wondering who was getting the fucking phone.
Don't go chewing your stuff off at me.
You're incredible.
l can't believe what l'm seeing in here.
She's on the couch, naked.
What's going on?
Are you fucking her, for instance?
l'm taking you home.
You could damage this girl.
Come on, Carol, l know all that. lt's working, honestly.
What if l tell her parents?
There's nothing to tell.
- Gimme a couple of days. - No, no.
- l swear... - No, you've lost it...
l swear to you everything is fine.
Oh, Jesus.
One more day...
One more day.
Hmm... What is that? A nose? You can have it back.
That was nice... meeting your girlfriend.
She wanted to smack your arse.
l'm lying there, acting asleep, so she covers me.
- l felt like a baby. - You are a baby.
You should sleep with mummies your own age,
then you wouldn't need dye...
- Look, l'm here, OK? - No.
Do your worst.
l'm going to lie down and l want to hear it. Your absolute worst.
You do what you do best.
OK, Tampax tool.
l'm going to give it to you, right up your arse.
All this man-hating shit for a start.
She criticised me, l'll call her a man-hater.
You just want a youthful pussy transfusion
preferably one you can take home to show the men
what a beautiful post you got to piss on.
Mr jeans-pressed-cowboy-boots!
ls that a uniform for individuals?
- l want a young man. - No.
Your physical superiority makes you unkind.
Yeah? And that's the whole reason we're talking intimate.
As in, old salivating slob seeks slim young thing...
l haven't finished.
..seeks slim young thing for stimulating conversation.
Excuse me, dear, let's fuck.
Keep going.
Go on.
Oh, do you know what you need?
You need the same age fun-loving woman.
l've got just the girl for you.
You look lovely.
l bet you bake great cakes.
Stop it.
You old leso.
God! Getting a bit... getting a bit aggressive.
Come on, ducks. We can't have you half-dressed.
Let's get your trousers off, then see how irresistible...
- Fuck you, Ruth. - Fuck yourself.
l was young once, too, and handsome.
- You'd have been impressed. - l wasn't born!
l won, didn't l?
l'm on top, aren't l?
l'm the winner.
Yes, you're the winner.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes!
So, what are you?
A dirty old man.
This is so much fun.
l wish my friends were here then we could really laugh.
So tell me what l am.
Be kind!
So what? You don't think l'm kind?
Oh, God.
Now l feel sick.
Why didn't you just write cruel?
Hey, come on.
No, you're right.
Be kind - that's the whole point.
Thank you, l'm very grateful.
That's it, isn't it?
The only thing. The Dalai Lama said it.
Do you know what l'm really scared of?
Don't tell anyone.
Despite all my strong feelings...
l'm heartless.
l'm hoping you're heartless enough to abuse me
for your own sick pleasure.
lt's not a joke.
No one can be close to me.
Do you even like me?
She was starkers when l took Carol.
- Who was? - Ruth.
She was lying naked on the couch.
He was showering like he'd just been going at her.
Taken off the franger. l don't think Mom's paying him to...
Yeah, very likely not, you big dick.
Did you tell Mum?
No, no one. l thought we could go down.
What are you doing?
lt's over.
No, it's not.
Look, it's all wrong.
l'm ashamed. l've tortured you. lt's all defilement.
l liked it.
l think we together.
No, no. l'm lost. l'm completely lost.
We're holding hands. We're...we're sticking together.
Why don't we get married?
Why don't you marry me?
- Be my bride. - No... No...
- Yes. - No! No!
Don't! You're mad. Let me go.
Get off me!
Stop it! Stop it!
Leave me alone. You're hurting me, l'm...
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. Shit. Oh, shit.
Now, if she was naked, OK, it's her own affair.
Hey, look, it's your car. lt's him. See?
- Robbie, pull up. - No, l'll ram him.
He's dead meat.
- Have you seen Ruth? - No.
- Where is she? - l was hoping you'd know.
- She's not at the homestead? - No, no, she isn't.
- What happened? - She's taken off.
And we better get everyone out to look for her.
l'm trying the Tavern.
- What shall we do? - Stay at the hut.
- l'll come with you. - No.
lt's OK, l'd like to come.
l hope she's been behaving herself.
Young girls can be big teasers. l should know.
Have you ever wondered where the dead birds go?
When they die, do they just drop out of the sky?
Actually, l feel very sorry for Ruth.
Because l've been thinking about it...
and l don't think there's anything out there.
Just a big, dark nothing.
All we really have is each other.
Stop. Stop!
Stop the car! Oh, my God. l know where she is.
This is so dangerous.
Ruth, it's Yvonne.
Whoever you believe in, you've gone too far,
you could have killed yourself in this heat.
- Help me. - OK, OK.
- Ruth! - No!
lt's all right, Ruth.
- You're scared. - No!
- lt's OK. - NO!
No, wait! l'm not in there. No!
No! No!
- We could go to lndia. - No, no!
Come on, stop. l'm sorry.
Get away!
No, no!
We'll see Baba. He can help us.
Why not? You and me at the Ashram.
l love you!
l love you.
l love you!
You and l at the Ashram.
- Bang! Bang! - Yeah...
Yes, all right. Yes, thank you, bye.
Stan says stay calm.
He's frankly a little worried that they've left the hut.
What a genius. Do you know what could happen, Miriam?
- She could be lost? - She could be found...
found, wandering the f-ing highway by the police.
They'll come here to arrest us all.
Why aren't we checking the roads? lt's a good idea.
Bill-Bill! We'll get Robbie and Tim.
l think we should say the Lord's Prayer.
Oh, it's such a mess.
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...
ls the ''valley of death'' in this?
No, it's the daily bread.
Oh, God!
l can't believe we all trusted him.
l mean he so disappointed me. God, Ruth, poor you.
- We'll make him pay. - We'll see him into the gutter.
Use Dave Caughley. He's bloody good.
Yeah, he's good.
He looked like the emus had been at him. Serves him right.
Let's take Ruth to the doctor - her nose is bleeding
Robbie, can you just stop the car?
Can you let me out, please?
'Dear PJ...
'My dad finally did run off with his secretary.
'So, Mum came back to lndia with me.
'And we work at the Animal Help and Suffering in Jaipur.
'l'm still chasing the truth.
'l've read the complete Bhagavad Gita.
'Oh...l've got a boyfriend.
'He's a little jealous of you.
'l don't know why l love you...
'but l do.
'From afar.
'Something... Something really did happen didn't it?
'Dear Ruth..
'Thank you.
'lt was good to get your card and news.
'What about this?
'Carol and l are the proud parents of twins.
'She's forgiven me.
'Patched me up, chewed me out, nursed me.
'l'm writing a novel, my second.
'lt's about a man who meets his avenging angel.
'Could you really love me?
'l'm amazed.
'Even if it is from far, far away, l wear it like a blessing.
'About the something...yes.
'Didn't you notice it just about killed me?
'Yours any time - don't tell Carol - PJ.'
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