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Subtitles for Hollywood Ending CD1.

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Hollywood Ending CD1

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:01:39.01,00:01:42.01 You know who would be[br]perfect to direct this... 00:01:42.01,00:01:44.97 and it kills me to say it,[br]because I don't relish[br]the idea of working with him... 00:01:44.97,00:01:47.98 - but... my ex-husband.[br]- Val? 00:01:47.98,00:01:50.98 Val's perfect.[br]He's perfect,[br]given this material. 00:01:50.98,00:01:52.98 She's right.[br]This is his kinda story. 00:01:52.98,00:01:55.99 Look, I love Val. I love him.[br]But with all due respect... 00:01:55.99,00:01:59.99 - he's a raving,[br]incompetent psychotic.[br]- He's not incompetent. 00:01:59.99,00:02:03.99 They should lock him up[br]and throw away the key.[br]Don't take that the wrong way. 00:02:03.99,00:02:08.00 Forget it. We're gonna wind up[br]$20 million over budget,[br]and maybe no picture to boot. 00:02:08.00,00:02:10.00 That's right. I did[br]a picture with him[br]when I was at Firestone. 00:02:10.00,00:02:12.00 - He didn't even finish the movie.[br]- I was there at Firestone. 00:02:12.00,00:02:16.01 - He had a nervous breakdown.[br]- He was under a lot of stress.[br]We had just broken up... 00:02:16.01,00:02:20.01 Honey, he was fired off[br]a picture here at Galaxie[br]just before I took over. 00:02:20.01,00:02:23.01 - They said his demands[br]were outrageous.[br]- He's a perfectionist. 00:02:23.01,00:02:26.98 - The light had to be perfect.[br]The sun had to be just right.[br]- [Scoffs] 00:02:26.98,00:02:28.98 He demanded that they[br]replace the leading lady. 00:02:28.98,00:02:32.98 He wanted to reshoot[br]the dailies every other day.[br]He fired the cameraman. 00:02:32.98,00:02:35.98 Finally, he came down[br]with shingles. 00:02:35.98,00:02:37.99 They shut down the picture[br]and found another director[br]to finish it... 00:02:37.99,00:02:40.99 You-You don't have to tell me[br]about that. I was[br]married to him at the time. 00:02:40.99,00:02:42.99 - You should remember.[br]- That was ten years ago, Hal. 00:02:42.99,00:02:48.00 His best pictures[br]were ten years ago.[br]Then he became a real artiste. 00:02:48.00,00:02:51.00 Look, look.[br]I am the last person[br]to defend that craziness... 00:02:51.00,00:02:53.00 because it drove me nuts. 00:02:53.00,00:02:57.01 But Val cares about movies,[br]and he was born[br]to do this material. 00:02:57.01,00:02:59.01 - [All protesting][br]- Ellie, what are we[br]discussing here? 00:02:59.01,00:03:04.01 - Shingles, headaches.[br]Why open a can of worms?[br]- But he's mellowed. 00:03:04.01,00:03:06.01 I'm telling you.[br]Who better to direct this? 00:03:06.01,00:03:10.98 - The streets of New York[br]are in his marrow.[br]- Let me just say this: Ruth. 00:03:10.98,00:03:12.98 - Yes, Ruth.[br]- No way! God! 00:03:12.98,00:03:16.98 What about him? He's great.[br]I know we could get him.[br]He'd be safe. 00:03:16.98,00:03:19.99 We can put our foot[br]on his neck. Martin Ruth. 00:03:19.99,00:03:22.99 That's true. Val hasn't worked[br]in a lot of years.[br]We could make a good deal. 00:03:22.99,00:03:25.99 - All you have to do[br]is watch him like a hawk.[br]- We're gonna lose... 00:03:25.99,00:03:29.00 We're gonna lose[br]a lot more with Val. 00:03:29.00,00:03:33.00 I agree with Ellie.[br]I think he's the ideal director[br]for this project. 00:03:33.00,00:03:37.00 - But we're not gonna use him.[br]Who needs trouble?[br]- Right. 00:03:37.00,00:03:41.01 Besides, what makes you think[br]he'd want to work with us,[br]given all the personal baggage? 00:03:41.01,00:03:45.01 I'm told that he's[br]in no position to be fussy. 00:03:45.01,00:03:48.01 - [Wind Howling][br]- I can't stand it here. 00:03:48.01,00:03:49.97 What the hell am I doing[br]in Canada? 00:03:49.97,00:03:51.98 Lori,[br]they got moose up here. 00:03:51.98,00:03:54.98 Moose. Are moose carnivorous? 00:03:54.98,00:03:56.98 My God![br]How could you be homesick? 00:03:56.98,00:03:58.98 You got there yesterday.[br]You're coming home tomorrow. 00:03:59.98,00:04:02.99 Val? Val, Val, Val.[br]We're good to go here.[br]Waiting on you. 00:04:03.99,00:04:06.99 Did my agent call?[br]Any word on that TV movie? 00:04:06.99,00:04:10.00 The interracial abortion,[br]gene-splicing thing? 00:04:10.00,00:04:14.00 I think the TV movie[br]decided to go[br]with peter Bogdanovich. 00:04:14.00,00:04:18.00 Oh, th-th-that's great.[br]Th-Th-That's just great. 00:04:18.00,00:04:23.01 You know, l-I love peter.[br]peter's a beautiful guy. 00:04:24.01,00:04:27.01 - [Stammering][br]God bless him. l, uh...[br]- Val! 00:04:27.01,00:04:30.02 Val, the client wants[br]more overhead coverage[br]of the spray cans. 00:04:30.02,00:04:32.98 One minute.[br]Lori, this is humiliating. 00:04:33.98,00:04:37.98 l-I'm up here shooting[br]a deodorant commercial.[br]I got two Oscars. 00:04:37.98,00:04:40.98 Up here, you don't[br]need Oscars. You need antlers. 00:04:40.98,00:04:45.99 [Hal Chuckles][br]Here's a funny script about two[br]kids in a college fraternity... 00:04:45.99,00:04:48.99 who invent a machine[br]that can turn women[br]back into virgins again. 00:04:48.99,00:04:53.00 It's very clever.[br]What's the matter? 00:04:53.00,00:04:57.00 You know, when you asked me[br]to come out here for you,[br]you promised me... 00:04:58.00,00:05:03.01 that I wasn't just going[br]to be one of those bright women[br]who-who finds properties... 00:05:03.01,00:05:07.01 and goes to lunch 500 times[br]developing them,[br]and then never gets one made. 00:05:07.01,00:05:09.01 Honey,[br]The City That Never Sleeps[br]is green-lit. 00:05:09.01,00:05:11.01 - That's been your project[br]from day one.[br]- Yeah, sure. 00:05:11.01,00:05:15.98 Until I suggest the director.[br]And then even though you admit[br]he'd be perfect for it... 00:05:15.98,00:05:18.98 - I get shot down.[br]- You didn't get shot down, honey. 00:05:18.98,00:05:20.98 I know that[br]that's a risky choice,[br]but it's an inspired choice. 00:05:20.98,00:05:23.99 I think you're[br]trying to help him[br]because you feel guilty. 00:05:23.99,00:05:26.99 Guilty? Why should[br]I feel guilty? Because[br]I fell in love with you? 00:05:26.99,00:05:30.99 I mean, God knows[br]I put enough years[br]in that marriage. 00:05:30.99,00:05:34.00 - That's right. You did[br]absolutely nothing wrong.[br]- I know. 00:05:34.00,00:05:37.00 I brought up his name[br]because... [Sighs] 00:05:37.00,00:05:39.00 because he would give you[br]the best movie[br]for that script. 00:05:39.00,00:05:43.00 - Nobody argued that.[br]- He's probably so angry[br]he won't even speak to you. 00:05:43.00,00:05:46.01 And he's liable[br]to ruin the picture[br]just to get even with me. 00:05:46.01,00:05:50.01 No. You're wrong about that.[br]I'm telling you, you're wrong.[br]He would be grateful. 00:05:50.01,00:05:54.02 - He needs a comeback, and...[br]- Ellie, this is a very, very[br]expensive film. 00:05:54.02,00:05:56.98 It's got solid[br]box-office potential. 00:05:56.98,00:05:59.98 He can do it. 00:05:59.98,00:06:02.98 You don't regret[br]leaving him, do you? 00:06:03.98,00:06:07.99 You know, one day[br]you look up and you realize[br]that laughs are not enough. 00:06:10.99,00:06:12.99 I can handle him, Hal. 00:06:12.99,00:06:17.00 I just got tired[br]of having to all the time. 00:06:17.00,00:06:21.00 And then, you know...[br]then I met you. 00:06:21.00,00:06:23.00 [Both Laugh] 00:06:28.01,00:06:30.01 - What are you doing home?[br]- [Sighs] I quit. 00:06:30.01,00:06:34.01 [Gasps][br]No! Val,[br]not again. 00:06:34.01,00:06:36.98 - You quit over nothing again?[br]- Not over nothing. 00:06:36.98,00:06:38.98 - What?[br]- I quit over a big thing. 00:06:38.98,00:06:43.98 - What?[br]- They fired me. That was[br]big enough to quit over. 00:06:43.98,00:06:46.99 Oh, Val![br]That's just great. 00:06:46.99,00:06:49.99 I got the last plane[br]out of Toronto. 00:06:49.99,00:06:55.99 Have you ever seen Canada?[br]Now I know why[br]there's no crime up there. 00:06:55.99,00:06:59.00 [Grunts][br]Boy, I must say... 00:06:59.00,00:07:02.00 you don't seem[br]too enthused over seeing me. 00:07:02.00,00:07:05.00 Well, can you blame me?[br]What are you gonna do now? 00:07:05.00,00:07:07.01 You're gonna sit around[br]the apartment, talking about[br]the good old days. 00:07:07.01,00:07:09.01 [Groans][br]I gotta get a picture. 00:07:09.01,00:07:13.01 Boy, somebody's got[br]to take a chance on me.[br]This is ridiculous. 00:07:13.01,00:07:15.01 When you're cold,[br]you're cold. 00:07:15.01,00:07:19.98 Fortunately, my business manager[br]put away enough money[br]before he went to prison... 00:07:19.98,00:07:23.98 - so I could hold out[br]another three weeks, maybe.[br]- Your agent called. 00:07:23.98,00:07:27.98 Hey, you know, if you'd[br]come up there with me,[br]it might have been different. 00:07:27.98,00:07:31.99 Two people[br]in that sleeping bag[br]is a lot cozier than one. 00:07:31.99,00:07:33.99 And who goes on for me[br]in the play? 00:07:33.99,00:07:37.99 [Exasperated Sigh][br]For God sakes,[br]it's an off-off-Broadway play. 00:07:37.99,00:07:42.00 You're in the last stages.[br]Your understudy could have[br]gone on for you. 00:07:42.00,00:07:44.00 Are you kidding? My understudy?[br]Right, and that will be[br]the one night... 00:07:44.00,00:07:48.00 that Steven Spielberg[br]comes to see the play,[br]or Harvey Weinstein. 00:07:48.00,00:07:52.01 They're not coming, believe me.[br]They're fasting. 00:07:52.01,00:07:54.01 [Sighs][br]I would've been so good[br]in that Shakespeare movie. 00:07:54.01,00:07:57.01 - [Groans][br]- What's... Oh![br]What's that? 00:07:57.01,00:08:01.98 These are pelts.[br]l-I traded with[br]a fur trapper between shots... 00:08:01.98,00:08:04.98 so the trip wouldn't be[br]a total loss. 00:08:04.98,00:08:09.98 - Your agent sent over that script.[br]- A script? 00:08:09.98,00:08:11.99 Why didn't you tell me[br]about this? 00:08:11.99,00:08:15.99 "The City That Never Sleeps." 00:08:15.99,00:08:18.99 When did this come in? 00:08:18.99,00:08:22.00 Well?[br]What did you think of it? 00:08:22.00,00:08:25.00 You know, I thought[br]it had definite potential. 00:08:26.00,00:08:30.01 It's got a,[br]you know, really good[br]Manhattan feel to it. 00:08:30.01,00:08:31.01 You know, they're interested[br]in you directing. 00:08:32.01,00:08:37.01 You know,[br]that's fine with me. 00:08:37.01,00:08:40.02 You know,[br]this is the kind of material[br]that I can really do great. 00:08:40.02,00:08:42.98 This is... This is...[br]You know, I can[br]make this script sing. 00:08:42.98,00:08:46.98 This is New York.[br]It's nightclubs.[br]It's the skyline. 00:08:46.98,00:08:49.98 - You want some water?[br]I'm very excited.[br]- Please. Me too. 00:08:49.98,00:08:52.99 - Who wants me?[br]- Well, uh, we have[br]a little selling to do... 00:08:52.99,00:08:55.99 but, uh,[br]Galaxie is making it. 00:08:55.99,00:08:58.99 - Hal Yeager?[br]- Yes, that's right. 00:08:58.99,00:09:03.00 - He stole my wife.[br]- Ellie is the one[br]who's pushing for you. 00:09:03.00,00:09:08.00 Pass. I'm not gonna work[br]with Hal Yeager and Ellie. 00:09:08.00,00:09:11.00 You gotta be kidding.[br]He's a philistine[br]and she's a quisling. 00:09:11.00,00:09:14.01 - It's a religious conflict.[br]- Will you calm down. 00:09:14.01,00:09:16.01 It's everything[br]you've been looking for. 00:09:16.01,00:09:20.01 l... You know,[br]I'm frankly flabbergasted[br]they would even think of me. 00:09:21.01,00:09:22.97 Well, they didn't[br]think of you. She did. 00:09:22.97,00:09:26.98 And she has convinced Yeager[br]to come fly to New York[br]and take a meeting with you. 00:09:26.98,00:09:31.98 - This guy stole my wife.[br]- He doesn't hold that[br]against you. It's business. 00:09:31.98,00:09:36.99 Can you believe that[br]she would leave me[br]for-for Hal Yeager? 00:09:36.99,00:09:40.99 I still can't get[br]my mind around it.[br]Mr. Slick... 00:09:40.99,00:09:46.00 - The price of his haircut[br]could feed a family of five.[br]- Calm down. 00:09:46.00,00:09:47.00 You're getting all red.[br]Would you calm down. 00:09:47.00,00:09:52.00 And you're telling me she...[br]he doesn't want me? She's the... 00:09:52.00,00:09:56.01 The nerve of them.[br]He's such a manicured phony. 00:09:56.01,00:10:00.01 May he... May he fall[br]on his blow comb... 00:10:00.01,00:10:02.01 and get hot[br]in the wrong place. 00:10:02.01,00:10:05.98 Please, Val. Please don't[br]do anything to kill this.[br]It's a golden opportunity. 00:10:05.98,00:10:10.98 Forget it. I would rather do[br]the geriatric diaper commercial[br]I turned down. 00:10:10.98,00:10:13.98 Would you? Because that's[br]what the future holds[br]if this falls through. 00:10:13.98,00:10:16.99 Of course I wouldn't.[br]This is a terrific script. 00:10:16.99,00:10:21.99 - l, you know... l...[br]- Make some sense now. 00:10:21.99,00:10:26.00 A $60 million dollar,[br]first-class feature film. 00:10:26.00,00:10:31.00 A big payday, which you need.[br]And if you score with[br]this one, you're back on top. 00:10:31.00,00:10:35.01 You'll never have[br]a gift like this[br]drop in your lap again. 00:10:35.01,00:10:37.01 Just take the meeting[br]with Yeager. 00:10:37.01,00:10:40.01 - And Ellie?[br]- Yes, and Ellie. 00:10:40.01,00:10:43.01 I'm telling you,[br]I'll get you half[br]a million dollars. 00:10:43.01,00:10:45.02 A lousy half-mil[br]they're offering? 00:10:45.02,00:10:48.98 They want to buy prestige[br]at the Shrine Auditorium[br]Oscar night for a half-mil? 00:10:48.98,00:10:50.98 There's no offer.[br]It's not an offer yet. 00:10:50.98,00:10:53.98 - I reject their offer.[br]- There is nothing to reject. 00:10:53.98,00:10:57.99 - Well, I reject it anyhow.[br]- [Laughs] 00:10:57.99,00:11:01.99 You better meet with him[br]and you better be nice,[br]or else I'm out of here. 00:11:01.99,00:11:05.99 I finally get an offer[br]that's worthy of my gifts,[br]and look where it comes from. 00:11:05.99,00:11:11.00 There is no offer yet.[br]And I am so tired[br]of all this... 00:11:11.00,00:11:14.00 The big talk about how big[br]you were ten years ago. 00:11:14.00,00:11:17.01 Things change,[br]and you can't get work. 00:11:17.01,00:11:20.01 - You know, part of me[br]wants it so badly.[br]- And the other part? 00:11:20.01,00:11:22.01 Also wants it.[br]That's the problem. 00:11:22.01,00:11:25.01 - It only takes one hit.[br]- I know. 00:11:25.01,00:11:27.97 - And I want a role in this movie.[br]- I don't have the movie yet. 00:11:27.97,00:11:29.98 He's gotta meet me[br]and throw his weight[br]around first. 00:11:29.98,00:11:32.98 And not just a little bit.[br]Something where I can show off[br]what I can do. 00:11:32.98,00:11:34.98 Lori, I can't stick[br]my girlfriend in the movie. 00:11:35.98,00:11:37.98 I'm not just your girlfriend.[br]I'm good. 00:11:37.98,00:11:40.99 Remember all those times[br]I told you you should[br]take acting lessons? 00:11:40.99,00:11:42.99 I'm a natural.[br]Classes would ruin me. 00:11:42.99,00:11:45.99 Jesus. You know,[br]Ellie feels guilty[br]about dumping me... 00:11:45.99,00:11:47.99 so this is her way[br]of clearing her conscience. 00:11:47.99,00:11:50.00 Great![br]What's the difference[br]how it came about? 00:11:50.00,00:11:54.00 This whole thing[br]is creepy, Lori. 00:11:54.00,00:11:57.00 For God sakes, this is a woman[br]I was married to for 10 years. 00:11:57.00,00:12:01.01 We made love. I'd hold[br]her head over the toilet bowl[br]when she threw up. 00:12:02.01,00:12:06.01 - From making love with you?[br]- Not from making love with me.[br]From eating sushi. 00:12:06.01,00:12:09.97 For God's sakes,[br]I used to hug her when[br]she was afraid of flying. 00:12:09.97,00:12:13.98 And-And, you know,[br]I kissed her[br]on top of the Eiffel Tower. 00:12:13.98,00:12:16.98 I swam in the moonlight[br]with her at Montauk. 00:12:16.98,00:12:18.98 Now suddenly I got[br]to take a meeting with her? 00:12:27.99,00:12:30.00 I don't know.[br]I've got very mixed feelings. 00:12:30.00,00:12:32.00 This guy has really[br]got to show me he's changed. 00:12:32.00,00:12:35.00 He's not in a position[br]to make extraordinary demands. 00:12:35.00,00:12:40.01 Because it was over for him[br]years ago. He hasn't touched[br]anything for years... garbage. 00:12:40.01,00:12:44.01 I'm telling you, garbage.[br]I mean, I'm not saying that[br]as criticism, you know. 00:12:44.01,00:12:49.01 The question is, do I wanna[br]let this has-been make his[br]comeback picture on my money? 00:12:49.01,00:12:50.97 - He's not a has-been.[br]He's a very good director...[br]- [Scoffs] 00:12:50.97,00:12:53.98 - who's fallen on[br]some difficulty times.[br]- He brought it on himself. 00:12:54.98,00:12:56.98 He's his own worst enemy. 00:12:56.98,00:12:58.98 Look, think of[br]the press angle, you know. 00:12:58.98,00:13:02.99 Val Waxman does[br]his comeback film[br]for Galaxie pictures. 00:13:02.99,00:13:05.99 What good is the press[br]if the guy ruins the picture? 00:13:05.99,00:13:07.99 He's not gonna[br]ruin the picture. 00:13:07.99,00:13:09.99 No, you're damn right[br]he's not because[br]I'll fire him. 00:13:09.99,00:13:14.00 I'm not going to take[br]temperamental antics[br]from some "owteur" genius. 00:13:14.00,00:13:16.00 - Auteur.Auteur.[br]- Whatever.[br]Okay, auteur. 00:13:16.00,00:13:19.00 You're doing a jack story,[br]okay? 00:13:19.00,00:13:21.00 He can do this film[br]better than anybody[br]I can think of. 00:13:21.00,00:13:23.01 Ha! We'll see. 00:13:29.01,00:13:32.02 - You're so nervous.[br]You're making me nervous.[br]- I'm not nervous. I'm tense. 00:13:32.02,00:13:34.98 - You are nervous.[br]- I'm tense. When I'm nervous,[br]I bite my nails. 00:13:34.98,00:13:37.98 When I'm tense,[br]I do this with my collar. 00:13:37.98,00:13:42.98 -Just act... Calm down[br]and act professional.[br]- I am. I'm fine. 00:13:42.98,00:13:44.99 But this is a guy[br]who stole my wife. 00:13:45.99,00:13:48.99 Years ago,[br]I would never have consented[br]to make a film for him... 00:13:48.99,00:13:50.99 and now... now suddenly[br]I'm auditioning for him? 00:13:50.99,00:13:54.00 It's crazy. You know,[br]I would kill for this job... 00:13:54.00,00:13:57.00 but the people I want to kill[br]are the people who are[br]offering me the job. 00:13:57.00,00:13:59.00 - It's just insanity.[br]- What is that? 00:13:59.00,00:14:02.00 - Remember in the cab[br]I took a blue pill?[br]- Yeah? 00:14:02.00,00:14:06.01 Well, that was[br]to calm my anger.[br]But it had speed in it. 00:14:06.01,00:14:10.01 So then I took[br]another pill after that[br]to calm down the speed. 00:14:10.01,00:14:14.97 Well, this gets me back up[br]to speed, where I want to be[br]actually for the meeting. 00:14:14.97,00:14:17.98 - Great. Perfect.[br]- Yeah. 00:14:17.98,00:14:22.98 Then that other pill[br]I took keeps me dry[br]when it's raining out. 00:14:22.98,00:14:25.99 - Ellie. Ellie.[br]- [Exhales][br]Hello, Al. 00:14:25.99,00:14:28.99 - So good to see you.[br]- Hello, Val. 00:14:28.99,00:14:30.99 Hello, Val. 00:14:30.99,00:14:33.99 - Al. How are you?[br]Good to see you.[br]- Ed. 00:14:33.99,00:14:36.00 [Introductions Continue] 00:14:36.00,00:14:42.00 I'm so glad you could get here.[br]Are they still having[br]power failures? 00:14:42.00,00:14:46.01 I read that there was[br]a terrible power failure[br]in California. 00:14:46.01,00:14:48.01 - Can I get you some coffee?[br]- Coffee would be wonderful. 00:14:48.01,00:14:51.01 Electricity.[br]That the electricity[br]was going off. 00:14:51.01,00:14:53.01 Come on in. 00:14:55.97,00:14:59.98 - Since when[br]do you wear suits?[br]- You have any milk? 00:14:59.98,00:15:03.98 - You never wore suits.[br]- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, cream. 00:15:03.98,00:15:06.99 Well, Val,[br]you look very good. 00:15:06.99,00:15:09.99 I'm okay, you know.[br]I've been having[br]some back spasms... 00:15:09.99,00:15:14.99 and I have[br]a torn rotator cuff,[br]and-and, my knee... 00:15:14.99,00:15:19.00 You know, I got a hearing loss.[br]It's the oddest thing.[br]In my left ear... 00:15:19.00,00:15:23.00 - What did you think[br]of the script?[br]- The script? 00:15:23.00,00:15:28.01 You know, the movie[br]that it's based on[br]was a stupid little potboiler. 00:15:28.01,00:15:30.01 He's asking about[br]the script. 00:15:30.01,00:15:34.01 - But the rewrite is good.[br]- Thanks to Ellie.[br]She did all the work. 00:15:34.01,00:15:37.02 Yeah, it's good.[br]You know, I think this[br]could make... 00:15:37.02,00:15:40.98 a kind of tough, gritty,[br]New York, big city movie. 00:15:40.98,00:15:43.98 You can't make any money[br]just in big cities. 00:15:43.98,00:15:45.98 Well, I mean,[br]where do you think[br]this is going to play? 00:15:46.98,00:15:50.99 It's not going to appeal[br]to farmers or shopping malls[br]in Biloxi. 00:15:50.99,00:15:54.99 Oh, I completely disagree.[br]I think if this picture[br]is mounted properly... 00:15:54.99,00:15:56.99 it's gonna have[br]universal appeal. 00:15:56.99,00:15:59.00 Where do you think[br]the demographics are? 00:15:59.00,00:16:02.00 The-The demographics? 00:16:02.00,00:16:06.00 You mean why the country[br]got so stupid suddenly? 00:16:06.00,00:16:09.01 - My theory's fast foods.[br]- [Chuckles] 00:16:09.01,00:16:12.01 The age group.[br]The age group of this film.[br]Where do you see it? 00:16:12.01,00:16:17.01 The age?[br]This will appeal to,[br]you know... to, uh... 00:16:17.01,00:16:21.98 [Coughs][br]adults and teenagers,[br]young adults... 00:16:21.98,00:16:25.98 and,you know, kids,[br]adolescents, I think. 00:16:25.98,00:16:28.98 Toddlers, I imagine.[br]Newborns. 00:16:28.98,00:16:32.99 Our marketing research[br]shows this film has[br]wide appeal for both sexes. 00:16:32.99,00:16:36.99 Yes, I agree[br]and then some, actually. 00:16:36.99,00:16:41.00 - But, the script has[br]some holes in it.[br]- Val... 00:16:42.00,00:16:43.00 Like what? 00:16:43.00,00:16:46.00 Well, take the climax,[br]for instance. 00:16:46.00,00:16:50.01 I think the climax comes...[br]comes too early[br]is the problem. 00:16:50.01,00:16:53.01 - It should come[br]after the trial scene.[br]- Didn't I say that? 00:16:53.01,00:16:56.01 The inciting event[br]should come later. 00:16:56.01,00:16:59.01 The character of Benny.[br]I feel we should shoot Benny... 00:16:59.01,00:17:01.98 with a hand-held camera[br]and not a Steadicam. 00:17:01.98,00:17:03.98 But it should be nervous.[br]It should, you know... 00:17:03.98,00:17:05.98 Put the audience ill at ease,[br]like his inner-personality. 00:17:05.98,00:17:07.98 I don't know[br]if I like that. 00:17:07.98,00:17:10.98 It could be with a Steadicam.[br]You even said that. 00:17:10.98,00:17:13.99 Let me ask you how[br]you'd feel about this,[br]and be honest. 00:17:13.99,00:17:16.99 What if we shot[br]the whole picture[br]in black and white? 00:17:16.99,00:17:19.99 - Why?[br]- Because New York City[br]is a black-and-white town. 00:17:19.99,00:17:22.00 - It reeks of[br]black and white.[br]- Forget it. 00:17:22.00,00:17:24.00 Arty. It's arty. 00:17:26.00,00:17:28.00 Does anybody have an aspirin?[br]Do you have an aspirin? 00:17:28.00,00:17:32.01 Here, try one of these.[br]My herbalist[br]gave them to me. 00:17:32.01,00:17:35.01 I can do this picture.[br]I know... I got a feel for it. 00:17:35.01,00:17:40.01 - I see it all, maybe with like[br]a Cole porter score?[br]- All right. 00:17:40.01,00:17:42.02 Let us discuss it. 00:17:42.97,00:17:45.98 We're talking to[br]a couple of other directors[br]and, um, we'll let you know. 00:17:45.98,00:17:48.98 Maybe Irving Berlin[br]or something.[br]You bridge the... 00:17:48.98,00:17:51.98 Well, I think[br]we'd have to discuss it. 00:17:51.98,00:17:55.99 You know, if there ever was[br]a Val Waxman property,[br]boy, this is it, right? 00:17:55.99,00:17:58.99 - We'll keep in touch.[br]- Does anyone have a Xanax? 00:17:58.99,00:18:01.99 - Zantac. I've got[br]an ulcer too.[br]- NotZantac, Xanax. 00:18:01.99,00:18:06.00 - It's a completely[br]different problem.[br]- Can I talk to you? 00:18:06.00,00:18:09.00 [Indistinct] 00:18:09.00,00:18:14.01 Listen, Val... Oh, sorry.[br]It was great seeing you again.[br]It was. 00:18:14.01,00:18:17.01 - You've got an herbalist?[br]- Oh, yes. A genius. 00:18:17.01,00:18:21.01 In Beverly Hills he's a genius.[br]If he was in New York,[br]he'd be considered low-normal. 00:18:21.01,00:18:24.02 You know, we use[br]a completely different[br]rating system here. 00:18:26.98,00:18:31.98 When we were kids, there were[br]like ten foreign films a week[br]in this city. 00:18:31.98,00:18:36.99 - Italian, French...[br]- Oh, Italian films.[br]I love them. 00:18:36.99,00:18:38.99 Val Waxman.[br]Any messages? 00:18:40.99,00:18:43.99 You're sure? 00:18:43.99,00:18:46.00 Okay. 00:18:46.00,00:18:49.00 Did you see my cat?[br]Isn't that neat? 00:18:49.00,00:18:51.00 - Sorry about that.[br]Uh, no. Nothing.[br]- Anything? 00:18:52.00,00:18:54.00 - We were just talking[br]aboutAlfred Hitchcock.[br]- Mm-hmm. 00:18:54.00,00:18:58.01 - Truffaut said Notorious[br]was his best film.[br]- I agree. A masterpiece. 00:18:58.01,00:19:02.01 What are you talking about?[br]You hate... He hates that movie.[br]The ending makes you crazy. 00:19:03.01,00:19:05.97 Yes, because it's a masterpiece.[br]Every time I watch that movie... 00:19:05.97,00:19:08.98 when Cary Grant[br]is carrying Ingrid Bergman[br]down the staircase... 00:19:08.98,00:19:11.98 - I always think that the Germans[br]are going to catch them.[br]- I do too. 00:19:11.98,00:19:14.98 No matter how many times[br]I see it, I think the Germans[br]are gonna get them. 00:19:14.98,00:19:17.99 - Hitchcock was an artist,[br]but he was commercial.[br]- Yeah, that's right. 00:19:17.99,00:19:19.99 - You say that[br]like it's a good thing.[br]- You have to be both. 00:19:19.99,00:19:23.99 I mean, he knew[br]what he was doing.[br]In order to make movies... 00:19:23.99,00:19:27.00 you have to think[br]about the audience,[br]you have to... 00:19:27.00,00:19:32.00 Otherwise, you're just[br]making movies for yourself,[br]like artistic masturbation. 00:19:32.00,00:19:36.00 - That's right. That's right.[br]You're a narcissist.[br]- I'm a classic narcissist then. 00:19:36.00,00:19:39.01 Have I told you my views[br]on masturbation ever? 00:19:39.01,00:19:43.01 For me, the nicest thing[br]about masturbation[br]is afterward, the cuddling time. 00:19:44.01,00:19:47.02 - [All Laughing][br]- They're laughing.[br]I'm not joking. 00:19:47.02,00:19:50.98 - [phone Ringing][br]- Want a wienie? 00:19:50.98,00:19:55.98 You got it. You're directing[br]The City That Never Sleeps.[br]I just got the call. 00:19:55.98,00:20:00.99 I can't believe it.[br]l... I can't speak. 00:20:00.99,00:20:04.99 I got you half a million,[br]plus a tenth of a point[br]after quadruple break-even. 00:20:04.99,00:20:06.99 Listen, uh, they're[br]going back to L.A. tonight. 00:20:06.99,00:20:10.00 You think you could[br]meet Ellie for a drink[br]for ten minutes? 00:20:10.00,00:20:15.00 - Why?[br]- Why? Because you owe her[br]some thanks, that's why. 00:20:15.00,00:20:19.01 She went out on a limb for you.[br]I think she wants to make sure[br]you're both on the same page. 00:20:19.01,00:20:22.01 Think about Hal Yeager.[br]He's quick to hire,[br]quick to fire. 00:20:22.01,00:20:25.01 You need Ellie[br]to run interference. 00:20:25.01,00:20:29.02 All right. All right.[br]I'll meet her at the-the... 00:20:29.02,00:20:30.98 Bemelmans Bar at 9:00. 00:20:30.98,00:20:35.98 I can spare ten minutes.[br]l-I can't tell ya,[br]my head's swimming. 00:20:35.98,00:20:39.98 A tenth of a point[br]after quadruple break-even. 00:20:39.98,00:20:42.99 You are really a shark, Al. 00:20:47.99,00:20:51.00 ####[piano] 00:21:00.01,00:21:03.01 - Congratulations.[br]- Thank you. 00:21:03.01,00:21:06.01 Can I get a Beck's, please? 00:21:06.01,00:21:09.01 Since we're working together,[br]I thought we should sit down[br]and talk for a few minutes. 00:21:09.01,00:21:11.98 [Coughs][br]That's fine with me. 00:21:11.98,00:21:15.98 I mean, as you know, Hal was[br]a little skeptical at first... 00:21:15.98,00:21:19.98 but in the end, you know,[br]he's a businessman[br]and very professional. 00:21:19.98,00:21:23.99 Let me set your mind at ease.[br]You don't have to worry[br]about everything. 00:21:23.99,00:21:26.99 Things are gonna go[br]very smoothly. 00:21:26.99,00:21:30.99 This is... This is[br]a big shot for me[br]and I realize that... 00:21:30.99,00:21:34.00 you know, many people[br]think that I'm...[br]that I can be difficult. 00:21:34.00,00:21:37.00 But you know I can be[br]very professional... 00:21:37.00,00:21:40.00 and obviously, Hal Yeager's[br]very professional... 00:21:40.00,00:21:43.01 and you're professional,[br]clearly. 00:21:43.01,00:21:46.01 So, you know, as long as[br]business is business,[br]there should be no... 00:21:47.01,00:21:51.01 I cannot understand[br]how you could leave me[br]for that cheesy windbag. 00:21:51.01,00:21:54.98 It's mind-numbing to me.[br]I just don't understand that. 00:21:54.98,00:21:58.98 And you carry on with him[br]behind my back for two months. 00:21:58.98,00:22:02.98 - It was not two months.[br]- Yes. Yes, it was.[br]Don't tell me it wasn't. 00:22:02.98,00:22:05.99 You were carrying on behind[br]my back... Not even behind[br]my back, but under my nose. 00:22:05.99,00:22:08.99 - That's twice a day.[br]Both places.[br]- Okay, you're exaggerating. 00:22:08.99,00:22:12.99 I'm not exaggerating.[br]You were always[br]on the phone with him. 00:22:12.99,00:22:17.00 You were exchanging glances.[br]I noticed it. Then suddenly,[br]you were exchanging fluids. 00:22:17.00,00:22:20.00 l-I can't believe that[br]I didn't really see it. 00:22:20.00,00:22:25.01 You were too self-absorbed.[br]You were too intent on becoming[br]the greatAmerican film artist. 00:22:25.01,00:22:29.01 Don't tell me that. Everything[br]was fine with you until[br]I started to lose my audience. 00:22:29.01,00:22:32.01 Then suddenly you dump me[br]and move out to Beverly Hills[br]with the swimming pool. 00:22:32.01,00:22:34.02 You hated California.[br]We both hated it. 00:22:34.97,00:22:37.98 You hated traveling every place[br]by car all the time. 00:22:37.98,00:22:39.98 And I hated traveling[br]by mud slide. 00:22:39.98,00:22:42.98 Well, what did you want[br]me to do? Our marriage[br]wasn't going anyplace. 00:22:42.98,00:22:47.99 Where did you want it to go?[br]Where do marriages go?[br]After awhile they all lay there. 00:22:47.99,00:22:50.99 - That's the thing[br]about marriages.[br]- Look... 00:22:50.99,00:22:53.99 - You know, that's ridiculous.[br]- No, it was in trouble[br]for a long time. 00:22:53.99,00:22:56.00 You see, you don't see[br]what you don't want to see. 00:22:56.00,00:22:58.00 How was it in trouble? 00:22:58.00,00:23:01.00 We didn't...[br]We didn't communicate. 00:23:01.00,00:23:06.01 - We had sex.[br]- Yes, we had sex.[br]But we never talked. 00:23:06.01,00:23:09.01 Sex is better than talk.[br]Ask anybody in this bar. 00:23:09.01,00:23:12.01 - You can't...[br]- Talk is what you suffer through[br]so you can get to sex. 00:23:12.01,00:23:15.97 You isolate everything.[br]You can't just compartmentalize[br]like that. 00:23:15.97,00:23:20.98 A good marriage consists[br]of many parts well-integrated. 00:23:20.98,00:23:23.98 - Yes, and is one[br]of those parts adultery?[br]- Never. 00:23:24.98,00:23:27.99 Absolutely. At the plaza Hotel.[br]For God sakes, I got the bill. 00:23:27.99,00:23:31.99 You had the escargot[br]that afternoon.[br]I can't... It's so disgusting. 00:23:31.99,00:23:34.99 Sex and snails[br]with that roast beef[br]from Beverly Hills. 00:23:34.99,00:23:40.00 You were so busy playing[br]the American artist. 00:23:40.00,00:23:42.00 That's what[br]you were doing, playing. 00:23:42.00,00:23:45.00 You felt it was important[br]to be uncompromising[br]and temperamental... 00:23:45.00,00:23:48.01 and difficult...[br]God, difficult! 00:23:48.01,00:23:54.01 To starve and to suffer.[br]I tell you, you had all[br]the symptoms, not the disease. 00:23:54.01,00:23:56.01 You used to think[br]I was creative and original. 00:23:56.01,00:23:58.98 And I still do...[br]as a filmmaker. 00:23:58.98,00:24:01.98 It's when you became[br]creative as a hypochondriac,[br]that was it. 00:24:01.98,00:24:04.98 - Hey, all those attacks[br]were for real.[br]- Oh, yeah? 00:24:05.98,00:24:08.99 - Yes.[br]- The Black plague, Val? 00:24:08.99,00:24:11.99 An allergy to oxygen?[br]Elm blight? 00:24:11.99,00:24:13.99 Only trees get Elm blight...[br]Elm trees. 00:24:13.99,00:24:16.99 Can I sum it up?[br]You cheated on me. You lied.[br]You dumped me... 00:24:17.99,00:24:21.00 [Stammering][br]Business. We're here[br]to discuss business. 00:24:21.00,00:24:22.00 - That's right.[br]- Can we discuss it? 00:24:22.00,00:24:25.00 - I wanna keep this absolutely[br]on a professional level.[br]- Absolutely. 00:24:25.00,00:24:29.01 I think that we should rework[br]the script a little bit... 00:24:29.01,00:24:32.01 because I think[br]it doesn't have to be[br]middle-aged people. 00:24:32.01,00:24:36.01 We could make the character[br]of Kelly Swain, you know,[br]maybe coming out of college. 00:24:36.01,00:24:39.02 - That's true.[br]You mean out of law school?[br]- Law school, yeah. 00:24:39.02,00:24:42.98 I think they'd like that at[br]Galaxie. That way we could cast[br]somebody like Terry Tyler... 00:24:42.98,00:24:46.98 - Great.[br]- or maybe find... there's a[br]lot of talented kids out there. 00:24:46.98,00:24:49.98 You are such a shallow jerk![br]I can't get my mind around it. 00:24:49.98,00:24:53.99 That you would leave me[br]for a guy who is the opposite[br]of everything I am. 00:24:53.99,00:24:57.99 You know, with his ski lodge[br]in Aspen and his collection[br]of vintage cars. 00:24:57.99,00:25:03.00 If I drove around in[br]a 1939 Mercedes, people[br]would think I was Himmler. 00:25:03.00,00:25:06.00 Hal's very smart, and he's[br]a brilliant deal maker. 00:25:06.00,00:25:08.00 Yes, I know.[br]He's been audited by the best. 00:25:08.00,00:25:11.01 He has made some pretty[br]financially successful[br]American films. 00:25:11.01,00:25:14.01 That should tell you[br]all you need to know about him. 00:25:14.01,00:25:16.01 He's the white line[br]down the middle of the road. 00:25:16.01,00:25:21.98 You had your little flirtations[br]too. There was that-that[br]Italian model. 00:25:21.98,00:25:26.98 No. You were the only one[br]that I was serious with. My God. 00:25:26.98,00:25:31.99 Until you suddenly became[br]noncommunicative, nonresponsive[br]and you dumped me... 00:25:31.99,00:25:35.99 [Stammering][br]The movie is going to be[br]a fun movie to do, I think. 00:25:35.99,00:25:39.99 Um, and I have a lot[br]of ideas that I think[br]we should discuss. 00:25:39.99,00:25:44.00 Good. Absolutely. I just[br]wanted to assure you that once[br]the studio agreed to you... 00:25:44.00,00:25:47.00 you'll have their[br]full support and...[br][Heavy Breathing] 00:25:47.00,00:25:51.00 Well, thank you very much.[br]I want a... I think I want[br]a foreign cameraman. 00:25:51.00,00:25:54.01 - That's no problem.[br]- Because they get a texture[br]into the work... 00:25:54.01,00:25:57.01 that you would never get[br]with an American cameraman. 00:25:57.01,00:26:01.01 They have a certain mobility.[br]I remember coming home[br]and I picked up the extension... 00:26:01.01,00:26:02.97 and there you are[br]on the other end of[br]the extension with this guy. 00:26:02.97,00:26:07.98 I'm calling and I hear my wife[br]in a lovey-dovey with her lover,[br]saying she misses her lover. 00:26:07.98,00:26:11.98 - He wasn't my lover yet.[br]- Bull! He was your lover.[br]What are you telling me? 00:26:11.98,00:26:15.99 And I recognize the voice.[br]It's Hal Yeager[br]from Galaxie pictures. 00:26:15.99,00:26:17.99 And I'm thinking to myself,[br]"Why is my wife talking[br]like that to Hal Yeager for?" 00:26:17.99,00:26:21.99 They're making me a surprise[br]party. I thought they were[br]making me a surprise party. 00:26:21.99,00:26:25.00 - Were they?[br]- No. She was having an affair[br]with Hal Yeager. 00:26:25.00,00:26:28.00 - Follow the story.[br]Jesus, I can't believe this...[br]- I'm getting out of here. 00:26:29.00,00:26:32.00 Wait a minute.[br]Where are you going?[br]We're discussing a movie. 00:26:32.00,00:26:35.01 - No, I'm sorry. I just...[br]- What about... 00:26:35.01,00:26:37.01 I'll be back and forth from L.A.[br]and I won't bother you... 00:26:37.01,00:26:39.01 and I'll see to it that nobody[br]gets in your way creatively. 00:26:39.01,00:26:42.01 - What about Denise Daniels[br]as the blackmailer?[br]- Possibly. If you like. 00:26:42.01,00:26:44.97 I think she would be great.[br]You know what I mean?[br]Or Sarah Bedloe. 00:26:44.97,00:26:48.98 She would be very interesting.[br]She... I pick up the phone[br]and she's talking... 00:26:48.98,00:26:51.98 I'm going to order a corn beef[br]sandwich, she's talking to[br]her lover on the phone. 00:26:51.98,00:26:54.98 - Look, I'll be back from L.A.[br]in two weeks...[br]- This is gonna be a fun picture. 00:26:54.98,00:26:56.99 - It'll be great.[br]We're all very excited.[br]- I'm looking forward to it. 00:26:57.99,00:27:01.99 About Hal Yeager. The word[br]on him is cross-dresser.[br]Check it out for me. 00:27:01.99,00:27:03.99 I pick the phone up[br]and she... 00:27:03.99,00:27:08.00 - Hal, we're off to[br]a really good start here.[br]- Tell me about it, honey. 00:27:08.00,00:27:12.00 Val wants to use[br]a foreign cameraman, which[br]I think we should give him. 00:27:13.00,00:27:16.01 He's got a real visual[br]concept of where he wants[br]to go with this thing. 00:27:16.01,00:27:21.01 Um, now he's chosen Kow Chan,[br]a Chinese cameraman... 00:27:21.01,00:27:25.97 done some stunning work,[br]mostly with the Red Army. 00:27:25.97,00:27:28.98 [Speaking Chinese] 00:27:34.98,00:27:38.99 He says he doesn't[br]like his hotel.[br]He much prefer the Sherry. 00:27:38.99,00:27:43.99 Hal, listen. Val wants[br]to go with Elio Sebastian[br]as art director. 00:27:43.99,00:27:48.00 Val says that Elio[br]really knows the streets[br]of New York. 00:27:48.00,00:27:51.00 Every location in the script[br]is out there[br]waiting to be found. 00:27:51.00,00:27:54.00 - This is great.[br]It saves us a fortune.[br]- With the exception of two: 00:27:54.00,00:27:58.01 Times Square and Harlem.[br]I have to build Times Square[br]and Harlem. 00:27:58.01,00:28:01.01 We can't build[br]Times Square and Harlem.[br]With all due respect. 00:28:01.01,00:28:05.01 He wants to build[br]the Empire State Building?[br]No. 00:28:05.01,00:28:07.02 -Just the first 20 stories.[br]- Absolutely not.[br]No, sweetheart. 00:28:07.02,00:28:10.98 It's not gonna happen, okay?[br]Just tell him no.[br]It's not gonna happen. 00:28:10.98,00:28:12.98 - All right, I'll handle it.[br]- Good. Great. 00:28:12.98,00:28:16.98 Hey, listen. I miss you.[br]How's the weather back there? 00:28:16.98,00:28:20.99 It's been great, you know?[br]It's been really New York-moody.[br]Very gray and cloudy. 00:28:20.99,00:28:23.99 - That's the way it is.[br]- Today's the first day[br]of sun we've had in awhile. 00:28:23.99,00:28:26.99 Well, listen,[br]here it's been fabulous.[br]Sunny and clear every day. 00:28:26.99,00:28:30.00 Oh, listen. I gotta run.[br]I'm having another[br]skin cancer removed. 00:28:30.00,00:28:33.00 [Val][br]This is perfect.[br]This view is absolutely perfect. 00:28:33.00,00:28:38.00 No, no. I hate it.[br]I'm... we're just gonna[br]have to build it. 00:28:38.00,00:28:40.01 - Build Central park?[br]- Yeah. You know, I take back[br]what I said before about... 00:28:41.01,00:28:43.01 - mixing real locations and sets...[br]- I don't wanna be[br]a money watchdog here... 00:28:43.01,00:28:46.01 but if you did[br]build everything...[br]I say this metaphorically... 00:28:46.01,00:28:48.01 it'd have to be done[br]over my dead body...[br]metaphorically. 00:28:49.02,00:28:51.98 All right,[br]if not the whole park,[br]then just the reservoir. 00:28:51.98,00:28:54.98 - Build the reservoir?[br]- Uh-huh. You know what?[br]You get a studio... 00:28:54.98,00:28:57.98 Put a tank in it and fill it[br]with a couple thousand[br]gallons of water... It'll work. 00:28:58.98,00:29:00.99 And then... Wait...[br]trees behind it, you know? 00:29:01.99,00:29:05.99 - New York as a symphony in green.[br]- Green I hate. I never use green. 00:29:05.99,00:29:08.99 - No. No green.[br]- You know what?[br]Tell Mother Nature, okay? 00:29:08.99,00:29:13.00 - Trees are green.[br]- We can play it for the winter.[br]You can use snow. 00:29:13.00,00:29:17.00 I buy that. A white background[br]to set off the two leads... 00:29:17.00,00:29:19.00 and marvelous '40s red. 00:29:19.00,00:29:23.01 - [In Chinese][br]- What? What? 00:29:23.01,00:29:25.01 - What is he saying? What?[br]- [Continues] 00:29:25.01,00:29:27.01 He says no white.[br]No white. He cannot shoot[br]white background. 00:29:27.01,00:29:30.02 Sebastian, what have[br]you gotten me into here? 00:29:30.02,00:29:31.98 You know what?[br]I prefer green myself.[br]Green and red. 00:29:31.98,00:29:33.98 [All Arguing] 00:29:33.98,00:29:38.98 All I'm saying is that[br]I think you're being[br]precipitous in firing him. 00:29:38.98,00:29:42.99 - Look, I never wanted[br]this guy. Not from day one.[br]- Hal... 00:29:43.99,00:29:47.99 I beg your entire pardon.[br]May I just offer[br]for your consideration... 00:29:47.99,00:29:49.99 - a single concept,[br]and I say this...[br]- You don't have to... 00:29:49.99,00:29:54.00 - Stand up, you don't[br]have to lean into the speaker.[br]- Look, he's out. 00:29:54.00,00:29:58.00 I want this guy out[br]before this picture[br]becomes a cost nightmare. 00:29:58.00,00:30:01.00 Look, Hal, I think that[br]maybe if we had a talk with him. 00:30:01.00,00:30:03.01 I said from the start[br]to use Harold pappas. 00:30:04.01,00:30:08.01 Pappas is a hack. Pappas[br]is safe, but he's uninspired.[br]I can't work with him. 00:30:08.01,00:30:13.98 - Then you should bow out now.[br]- I said I can't work with him.[br]I didn't say I wouldn't. 00:30:13.98,00:30:17.98 Val, I don't mean to get hot[br]under the collar, but pappas[br]has how many nominations... 00:30:17.98,00:30:19.98 compared to this[br]Greenwich Village lunatic? 00:30:19.98,00:30:21.98 They probably spent more money[br]getting those nominations... 00:30:22.98,00:30:26.99 - than he'll spend[br]building a reservoir.[br]- I didn't get that. 00:30:26.99,00:30:30.99 - Nothing. Nothing, Hal.[br]- I gave in on[br]the Chinese cameraman. 00:30:30.99,00:30:36.00 I've kept away from[br]your picture. I'm saying I'd[br]feel more secure with pappas. 00:30:36.00,00:30:37.00 - A word to the wise.[br]- Is there anything about[br]the part of Benny... 00:30:39.00,00:30:41.00 that you want to tell me[br]before I read it? 00:30:41.00,00:30:45.01 Only that he's[br]a Broadway sharpie,[br]a gambler. 00:30:45.01,00:30:48.01 - Like Sky Masterson?[br]- Perfect. Exactly. 00:30:48.01,00:30:51.01 Now, forgive me,[br]it might seem obvious,[br]but he's a Runyonesque... 00:30:51.01,00:30:56.98 bookmaker-type, uh, is tough,[br]but softhearted with his wife[br]who he's nuts about? 00:30:56.98,00:30:58.98 That's it on the nose.[br]That would be perfect. 00:30:59.98,00:31:01.98 [Takes Two Deep Breaths] 00:31:01.98,00:31:03.98 Go. 00:31:03.98,00:31:07.99 Jerry, some guys were over[br]the house looking for you.[br]Seems you owe some money. 00:31:07.99,00:31:10.99 [Dramatic Voice][br]I hope you didn't tell them[br]anything, Helen. 00:31:10.99,00:31:12.99 I could find myself[br]in deep trouble. 00:31:13.99,00:31:19.00 - Deep, deep trouble.[br]- Thank you. 00:31:19.00,00:31:21.00 Hi.[br][Nervous Giggle] 00:31:27.01,00:31:30.01 I'll wait for you. 00:31:30.01,00:31:35.02 If they give you 30 years,[br]I'll be waiting. 00:31:36.98,00:31:40.98 If they give you 50 years,[br]I'll be waiting. 00:31:41.98,00:31:46.99 If you get two[br]consecutive life sentences... 00:31:46.99,00:31:48.99 I'll be waiting. 00:31:48.99,00:31:51.99 [Clears Throat][br]I thought that last girl was[br]kind of interesting. Did you? 00:31:51.99,00:31:55.99 - Really?[br]- I thought she read it[br]better than the others. 00:31:55.99,00:31:59.00 I know, but Claire's[br]supposed to be classy. 00:31:59.00,00:32:01.00 Didn't you think[br]she was a little[br]on the cheap side? 00:32:01.00,00:32:05.00 - Cheap?[br]- To be perfectly honest, I[br]thought she radiated stupidity. 00:32:05.00,00:32:08.01 - Stupidity?[br]- I mean, her reading[br]was competent enough... 00:32:08.01,00:32:11.01 but, my God, it's like[br]her persona... 00:32:11.01,00:32:14.01 it's trashy[br]and dumb. 00:32:14.01,00:32:17.97 Well, you know,[br]I think I'd like to use her.[br]She was interesting. 00:32:17.97,00:32:21.98 - You're the director.[br]- It's not that big a part, Ellie. 00:32:21.98,00:32:25.98 But it's a featured role.[br]Claire's supposed to be[br]a socialite, for God sakes. 00:32:25.98,00:32:30.99 This girl, "Lori Fox,"[br]she's like a step above[br]trailer park. 00:32:30.99,00:32:34.99 - Well, I would hardly[br]call her trailer park.[br]- I said a step above. 00:32:34.99,00:32:40.00 Well, I'd like to use her.[br]I thought she was[br]perfect for the role. 00:32:40.00,00:32:44.00 Fine. I mean,[br]it's your decision.[br]I'm just throwing out ideas. 00:32:44.00,00:32:46.00 You can take 'em[br]or leave 'em. 00:32:54.01,00:32:56.01 Two for Yeager, please. 00:32:56.01,00:32:59.02 - They're clearing[br]your table, Mr. Yeager.[br]- Thank you. 00:32:59.02,00:33:01.98 I am so glad that[br]you could come in.[br]I really am. 00:33:01.98,00:33:03.98 I was here on business[br]and I wanted an excuse[br]to see you. 00:33:03.98,00:33:06.98 - I didn't want you[br]to think I was crowding you.[br]- I know you, you know. 00:33:06.98,00:33:10.99 You're checking up on me.[br]Everything's going[br]really fine. It is. 00:33:10.99,00:33:15.99 - And Val?[br]- Val's Val. He seems[br]reasonably flexible. 00:33:15.99,00:33:18.99 - Most of his ideas[br]are really good. You'll see.[br]- I hope so. 00:33:18.99,00:33:22.00 - Right this way.[br]- Thank you. 00:33:22.00,00:33:25.00 - There are no personal feelings[br]that make it seem awkward?[br]- No, no. 00:33:25.00,00:33:28.00 - I think he's accepted things[br]and moved on.[br]- Good. By the way... 00:33:28.00,00:33:31.01 Andrea Ford's going to be[br]covering the making of the film[br]for Esquire. 00:33:31.01,00:33:35.01 Oh, no kid... Hey, Val.[br]We were just[br]talking about you. 00:33:35.01,00:33:39.01 Hey, Val. Ellie was[br]telling me how well[br]things are going. 00:33:39.01,00:33:41.98 - [Stammering][br]- How are you? Good to see you.[br]Everything all right? 00:33:41.98,00:33:44.98 - What are you doing here?[br]- What do you mean,[br]"What am I doing..." 00:33:44.98,00:33:47.98 - No, what are you doing here[br]at this moment?[br]- We used to eat here. 00:33:47.98,00:33:52.99 - Hal came in on a plane[br]a few hours ago.[br]- That's the best way to fly. 00:33:52.99,00:33:55.99 What are you doing[br]in this restaurant[br]at this moment? 00:33:55.99,00:33:58.99 What do you mean?[br]We're coming in to get a bite...[br]Are you all right? 00:33:59.99,00:34:03.00 [Ellie][br]You're awfully fidgety[br]or something. 00:34:03.00,00:34:07.00 - What are you doing?[br]Are you okay?[br]- Yes, no, I'm fine. 00:34:07.00,00:34:09.00 I was just thinking[br]you should go to your table[br]because it's crowded here. 00:34:10.00,00:34:14.01 - I'm ready to go.[br]- It's the woman that was[br]at the audition today. 00:34:14.01,00:34:18.01 - [Giggling][br]That's very funny.[br]- Hello, miss. 00:34:18.01,00:34:21.01 - Aren't you going[br]to introduce me?[br]- It's Lori Fox, isn't it? 00:34:21.01,00:34:22.97 - Yes, of course.[br]- I think it was. 00:34:22.97,00:34:26.98 Yes. Val is such a riot.[br]Stop kidding around. 00:34:26.98,00:34:28.98 I just... I really wanted[br]to put your mind at ease... 00:34:28.98,00:34:34.99 that just because I'm the[br]director's significant other,[br]I can still act. 00:34:34.99,00:34:35.99 - Hi.[br]- [Man][br]Hal? 00:34:36.99,00:34:40.99 - Hey, Mort. How are you?[br]I thought you were in Aspen.[br]- I wish. 00:34:40.99,00:34:44.00 - You know Ellie, my fiancée?[br]- Hi. How are you? 00:34:44.00,00:34:48.00 - Hi. I'm Lori Fox.[br]Nice to meet you.[br]- F-F-Fiancée? 00:34:48.00,00:34:50.00 - Congratulations.[br]When's the date?[br]- New Year's Eve. 00:34:50.00,00:34:53.00 My goodness, how romantic.[br]That's wonderful. 00:34:53.00,00:34:56.01 - Congratulations[br]on your new film.[br]- You know Val Waxman. 00:34:56.01,00:34:59.01 - Of course. Sure.[br]We sued him...[br]- Fiancée? 00:34:59.01,00:35:03.01 - for failure to complete a picture.[br]- That makes me feel secure. 00:35:03.01,00:35:04.97 I'll see you[br]tomorrow, Val. 00:35:04.97,00:35:07.98 Hurry! I'll miss[br]my flight. 00:35:07.98,00:35:11.98 This is not a good time[br]for you to go away.[br]I'm very vulnerable. 00:35:11.98,00:35:13.98 If I'm gonna be[br]in this movie,[br]I have to get into shape. 00:35:13.98,00:35:16.99 This spa is the only way[br]I'll ever have the discipline. 00:35:16.99,00:35:19.99 - But you're not overweight.[br]- Oh, my God! I'm a horse. 00:35:19.99,00:35:22.99 - I have to appear in lingerie.[br]- What if we need you? 00:35:22.99,00:35:26.00 It's a ten-week shooting[br]schedule. My scene doesn't[br]come until the very end. 00:35:26.00,00:35:28.00 What if I need you?[br]I'm going through a bad time. 00:35:28.00,00:35:31.00 You'll be fine.[br]You'll be fine.[br]You're a big boy. 00:35:31.00,00:35:34.00 Oh, geez. You know,[br]I'm afraid to sleep alone. 00:35:34.00,00:35:37.01 l-l-I keep thinking[br]people are breaking in.[br]I lay awake all night... 00:35:37.01,00:35:41.01 thinking of death[br]and the blackness[br]and the abyss. 00:35:41.01,00:35:45.02 Oh, oh, don't forget[br]to water my cactus. 00:35:45.02,00:35:48.98 - Call me every day.[br]- I can't. They don't have[br]any phones at Dolby Ranch. 00:35:48.98,00:35:51.98 They want to discourage[br]secret eating schemes. 00:35:51.98,00:35:53.98 - [Woman Over p.A., Indistinct][br]- Oh! Oh! Oh, my gosh. 00:35:53.98,00:35:56.99 Oh, my gosh. Okay,[br]I gotta go. Gotta go! 00:36:00.99,00:36:07.00 [Man][br]And we want to see[br]the earrings. Profile. 00:36:07.00,00:36:11.00 Other profile, please.[br]And cut. 00:36:13.00,00:36:15.00 Thank you. 00:36:18.01,00:36:22.01 Is it true your cameraman[br]speaks only Chinese? 00:36:22.01,00:36:27.97 Yes, Mandarin.[br]It's so hard to find a good[br]Cantonese cameraman these days. 00:36:27.97,00:36:30.98 Neighborhoods just don't[br]have them anymore. 00:36:30.98,00:36:33.98 Hal Yeager's known[br]to be very hands-on,[br]very hot-tempered... 00:36:33.98,00:36:35.98 quick to replace people. 00:36:35.98,00:36:39.99 - Does that bother you?[br]- No, because the deal is... 00:36:39.99,00:36:42.99 they're going[br]to leave me alone[br]during the shooting. 00:36:42.99,00:36:46.99 - I have complete freedom.[br]- How about working[br]so closely with your ex-wife? 00:36:47.99,00:36:51.00 Well, it's not so close.[br]She'lljust be up and back.[br]It's not going to be that close. 00:36:51.00,00:36:53.00 Well, there must be[br]some bitterness. 00:36:53.00,00:36:59.01 Especially now that she's[br]going to marry Hal Yeager,[br]the man she left you for... 00:36:59.01,00:37:01.01 who's now your boss? 00:37:01.01,00:37:03.01 Who are you? 00:37:03.01,00:37:06.01 Oh, I'm Andrea Ford.[br]I'm going to be doing[br]the story... 00:37:06.01,00:37:08.01 on the making of the movie[br]for Esquire. 00:37:08.01,00:37:11.98 - Oh, really. Are you?[br]- Yeah. Yeah.[br]Didn't they tell you? 00:37:11.98,00:37:13.98 I'm going to[br]be observing the whole time. 00:37:13.98,00:37:18.98 'Cause I don't usually like,[br]you know, when journalists[br]hang around the set... 00:37:18.98,00:37:21.99 - and observe when I work.[br]- Take that up[br]with the press department. 00:37:21.99,00:37:24.99 But don't worry.[br]I won't get in your way. 00:37:24.99,00:37:27.99 I promise. I am a huge fan. 00:37:27.99,00:37:30.00 - [Clears Throat][br]Yes?[br]- Oh, huge. 00:37:30.00,00:37:33.00 I have loved[br]all of your movies. 00:37:33.00,00:37:37.00 Oh, well, you know... 00:37:37.00,00:37:40.01 And you'll be hanging around[br]doing a story here? 00:37:40.01,00:37:45.01 Yes. Because, in fact,[br]I've always thought of you[br]as a unique American artist. 00:37:46.01,00:37:49.01 Oh. Well, I'm sure[br]you won't be in the way here. 00:37:49.01,00:37:51.98 You know, there's plenty[br]of room and you can have... 00:37:51.98,00:37:54.98 Val. Hey, gosh,[br]I'm so sorry.[br]Can I steal him for a minute? 00:37:54.98,00:37:56.98 - I really was about to...[br]- Some things we have[br]to go over. 00:37:57.98,00:38:01.99 I'll get him right back to you.[br]I'm so sorry. In one minute.[br]I'm so sorry. 00:38:01.99,00:38:05.99 - You need to be careful.[br]She is a killer.[br]- She's a killer? 00:38:05.99,00:38:08.99 I didn't think it was[br]a good idea having her around[br]all the time. 00:38:08.99,00:38:13.00 But then the press department[br]told Hal that they could get[br]the cover of Esquire and so... 00:38:13.00,00:38:16.00 - How is she a killer?[br]She loves me.[br]- Well, that's fine. 00:38:16.00,00:38:19.00 I mean, if she likes you,[br]you know. Otherwise,[br]she can be biting. 00:38:20.00,00:38:22.01 - Really?[br]- I hear she's all sugar[br]and sweetness... 00:38:23.01,00:38:26.01 and gets into[br]your good graces[br]and then wham! 00:38:26.01,00:38:31.01 She kept telling Sean Madigan[br]how she loved all of his films[br]and she was a big fan. 00:38:31.01,00:38:33.98 How he was a great,[br]I don't know, unique[br]American artist. 00:38:33.98,00:38:37.98 - Really?[br]- And then in the profile,[br]she disemboweled him. 00:38:37.98,00:38:41.98 You know, if you happen to fall[br]for that kind of flattery... 00:38:42.98,00:38:45.99 - I can handle it, though.[br]- Please. You couldn't handle[br]Shirley Temple. 00:38:45.99,00:38:48.99 Give me a break,[br]will ya? 00:38:48.99,00:38:50.99 You know, I can't[br]figure it out. 00:38:50.99,00:38:54.00 It's okay to have an affair[br]with Hal Yeager, but... 00:38:54.00,00:38:57.00 you know, everyone is entitled[br]to have one psychotic episode[br]in their lives, but... 00:38:57.00,00:39:01.00 - to marry the guy is...[br]- Honestly,[br]I wouldn't talk if I were you. 00:39:01.00,00:39:04.01 - What does that mean?[br]- I don't know. 00:39:04.01,00:39:07.01 How long have you[br]been living with[br]that wind-up doll I met? 00:39:07.01,00:39:11.01 You know I don't like[br]to sleep alone. For God's sakes,[br]I'm not going to marry her. 00:39:11.01,00:39:14.97 And that wind-up doll[br]happens to have a ph.D. 00:39:14.97,00:39:17.98 In what?[br]History of gym? 00:39:17.98,00:39:21.98 Hey, look. Will you[br]give me a break[br]with the cutting remarks? 00:39:22.98,00:39:26.99 I got a picture to do Tuesday.[br]I'm thinking about my work. 00:39:26.99,00:39:29.99 I want you to get some rest[br]this weekend, okay? 00:39:29.99,00:39:32.99 And don't lie around[br]the whole time worrying about[br]everything that could go wrong. 00:39:32.99,00:39:36.00 Don't worry.[br]I'm not going to lie around. 00:39:36.00,00:39:41.00 I've got my hand[br]on the wheel, honey.[br]This picture's in the bank. 00:39:54.01,00:39:55.97 [Woman][br]Amanda, honey, who is it? 00:39:55.97,00:39:59.98 - I don't know.[br]Uncle Al, it's for you.[br]- [All Groaning] 00:39:59.98,00:40:04.98 - Please, I'm sorry.[br]I'm sorry.[br]- A man or woman? 00:40:04.98,00:40:08.99 - Hello?[br]- Al, you gotta get[br]over here right away. 00:40:08.99,00:40:10.99 Why? What's wrong?[br]I'm at my sister's for a Seder. 00:40:10.99,00:40:15.99 Al, you gotta get over here.[br]This is a matter[br]of life and death! 00:40:33.01,00:40:37.02 - [Knocking On Door][br]- It's open. Come in! 00:40:37.02,00:40:38.98 - [Door Closes][br]- What is it? 00:40:38.98,00:40:40.98 What's going on?[br]What am I doing here? 00:40:40.98,00:40:44.98 Al, I going to try[br]to explain this to you. 00:40:44.98,00:40:48.99 I came home, and I started[br]to make notes on[br]the script, you know... 00:40:48.99,00:40:54.99 because we shoot Tuesday[br]and I wanted, you know...[br]then I started to get nervous. 00:40:54.99,00:41:00.00 So, I sat down on the sofa,[br]and I was doing[br]my deep-breathing exercises... 00:41:00.00,00:41:03.00 just to stay calm,[br]you know? 00:41:03.00,00:41:08.00 And it was working,[br]and I started to relax,[br]and I dozed off. 00:41:08.00,00:41:12.01 Then I slept for a while.[br]Then I woke up, Al... 00:41:12.01,00:41:15.01 and... I can't see anything. 00:41:15.01,00:41:19.02 - What?[br]- I'm blind.[br]I'm blind, Al. 00:41:19.02,00:41:20.98 What? 00:41:20.98,00:41:23.98 I'm blind. I'm blind.[br]I can't see. 00:41:23.98,00:41:25.98 - What do you mean,[br]you can't see?[br]- What do I mean? 00:41:26.98,00:41:30.99 Those guys in the street[br]with the dark glasses[br]and accordions? 00:41:30.99,00:41:33.99 What are you talking about?[br]Are you trying? 00:41:33.99,00:41:35.99 Al, you can't try and see. 00:41:35.99,00:41:40.00 You look around and you see[br]or you don't see. I don't see. 00:41:40.00,00:41:44.00 - How can you be blind?[br]- Howthe hell do I know[br]how I can be blind? 00:41:44.00,00:41:48.00 - I'm... Al, I'm scared.[br]- What did you eat? 00:41:48.00,00:41:50.01 What's the difference[br]what I ate? 00:41:50.01,00:41:54.01 You-You-You can't[br]lose your vision[br]from a plate of tofu. 00:41:54.01,00:41:57.01 - l-I never heard[br]of anything like this.[br]- Yes. I did. 00:41:57.01,00:41:59.01 - Remember the actor[br]Harvey Gates?[br]- Yeah? 00:41:59.01,00:42:02.98 - He lost his vision suddenly.[br]- From what? 00:42:02.98,00:42:04.98 - Grapefruit.[br]- Grapefruit? 00:42:04.98,00:42:07.98 Yes, he had a tumor[br]the size of a grapefruit[br]on his brain. 00:42:07.98,00:42:10.98 - And he went blind?[br]- Yes, he went blind... 00:42:10.98,00:42:12.99 and-and a few months later[br]he went dead... 00:42:12.99,00:42:16.99 which is worse than blind[br]'cause your options decrease. 00:42:16.99,00:42:19.99 Relax. You don't have[br]a brain tumor. 00:42:19.99,00:42:22.00 Al, with all due respect... 00:42:22.00,00:42:25.00 I have to hear that[br]from somebody who went[br]to a greater medical school... 00:42:25.00,00:42:27.00 than the William Morris agency. 00:42:28.00,00:42:30.00 We'll get you to Dr. Mason.[br]You still use Mason, right? 00:42:30.00,00:42:34.01 No. Mason dropped dead[br]on the treadmill. I use Koch. 00:42:34.01,00:42:37.01 You know, I use Koch too.[br]Did you bump into anything? 00:42:37.01,00:42:39.01 Did you fall?[br]Did you bump your head[br]or something? 00:42:39.01,00:42:43.98 I didn't bump my head. Nothing![br]Al, I got a brain tumor.[br]That's the story here. 00:42:43.98,00:42:46.98 l-l... The end is in sight.[br]I see the wall. 00:42:46.98,00:42:50.98 - I thought you said[br]you couldn't see.[br]- It's an expression. 00:42:50.98,00:42:54.99 I don't actually mean[br]I see a wall.[br]It's in my mind's eye. 00:42:54.99,00:42:57.99 Listen. I remember that[br]Ellie and I took you[br]to the hospital... 00:42:57.99,00:43:00.99 You insisted on taking you[br]to the hospital because[br]you were convinced... 00:43:00.99,00:43:04.00 - you had[br]hoof-and-mouth disease.[br]- Oh, God. Ellie! 00:43:05.00,00:43:09.00 Look, if I die, Al,[br]tell Ellie I'm sorry[br]I said all those things to her. 00:43:09.00,00:43:12.00 I said terrible things to her.[br]I called her[br]all kinds of names. 00:43:12.00,00:43:17.01 - Probably because[br]I never stopped loving her.[br]- [Chuckling] You're not dying. 00:43:17.01,00:43:20.01 Well, if I don't die,[br]tell her she's a tramp[br]and she's living with a guy... 00:43:20.01,00:43:24.02 the best you could say[br]about him is sometimes[br]he returns phone calls. 00:43:24.02,00:43:25.98 Oh, Dr. Koch.[br]It's Al Hack here. 00:43:25.98,00:43:29.98 I'm sorry to call you at home[br]on holiday, but I'm sitting[br]here with Val Waxman... 00:43:29.98,00:43:31.98 Okay,[br]you can sit back now. 00:43:31.98,00:43:35.99 - So-So, what is the story?[br]- Well, your optic nerve[br]is normal. 00:43:35.99,00:43:38.99 - Your eye exam is normal.[br]I don't see anything.[br]- Wonderful. 00:43:38.99,00:43:41.99 You don't see anything?[br]I don't see anything either.[br]That's the problem. 00:43:41.99,00:43:47.00 Any tumor large enough[br]to impact on his vision[br]so dramatically would show up. 00:43:47.00,00:43:51.00 I only wish I was in[br]as good health as he is. 00:43:51.00,00:43:56.01 This is a textbook scenario.[br]physically, you're 100 percent. 00:43:57.01,00:44:02.01 But just like someone who[br]has an hysterical paralysis... 00:44:02.01,00:44:04.01 a patient who's fine[br]but he can't walk... 00:44:04.01,00:44:06.98 or a patient who loses[br]his or her voice... 00:44:06.98,00:44:11.98 from witnessing a horrible shock[br]or any extreme,[br]stress-related trauma... 00:44:11.98,00:44:15.98 Being a film director,[br]your inner-conflicts... 00:44:15.98,00:44:19.99 have chosen to express[br]themselves in this[br]very telling fashion. 00:44:19.99,00:44:21.99 You're[br]psychosomatically blind. 00:44:21.99,00:44:25.99 - How can I get rid of it?[br]- By treatment. 00:44:25.99,00:44:29.00 By understanding the roots[br]of your conflict... 00:44:29.00,00:44:33.00 - there's every chance that[br]this blindness will go away.[br]- How quickly? 00:44:33.00,00:44:38.01 Well, real growth[br]is always very slow. 00:44:38.01,00:44:42.01 - [Door Closes][br]- There goes my comeback. 00:44:42.01,00:44:45.01 You cannot breathe[br]a word of this to anybody. 00:44:45.01,00:44:49.98 I gotta tell 'em, Al.[br]You know, I just dread[br]telling Ellie. 00:44:49.98,00:44:52.98 Are you nuts?[br]They'll fire you. 00:44:52.98,00:44:56.98 Fire me?[br]I obviously can't[br]direct the picture. 00:44:56.98,00:44:58.99 What are you talking about?[br]How can you blow this shot? 00:44:58.99,00:45:01.99 What are you talking about?[br]I'm blind. 00:45:01.99,00:45:06.99 - Nobody knows.[br]- What the hell does that mean?[br]What are you suggesting? 00:45:06.99,00:45:10.00 If you pull out[br]of this project now[br]because psychological stress... 00:45:10.00,00:45:13.00 has caused you[br]to lose your sight,[br]you'll never work again. 00:45:13.00,00:45:16.00 - They'll burn your union card.[br]- Maybe they could postpone it. 00:45:17.00,00:45:19.01 Oh, yeah,[br]because you're blind? 00:45:19.01,00:45:22.01 Val, direct this picture[br]and bring in a hit... 00:45:22.01,00:45:25.01 or I leave you[br]with two words: homeless man. 00:45:25.01,00:45:28.01 - I can't direct...[br]How can l...[br]- I'm telling you how. 00:45:28.01,00:45:31.98 You're going[br]to muddle your way through[br]until your sight returns. 00:45:31.98,00:45:34.98 Al, I can't direct[br]a picture. I'm blind. 00:45:34.98,00:45:37.98 Have you seen some[br]of the pictures out there? 00:45:38.98,00:45:40.99 The first five minutes[br]they'll catch me. 00:45:40.99,00:45:42.99 Maybe they will,[br]maybe they won't. 00:45:42.99,00:45:44.99 If they do, you're no worse off[br]than if you confess... 00:45:44.99,00:45:48.99 because you're finished[br]in the business anyway. 00:45:48.99,00:45:52.00 You gotta be joking.[br]I'll take one step on the set,[br]I'll break my neck. 00:45:52.00,00:45:55.00 No, no, no.[br]I'll come with you. 00:45:55.00,00:45:58.00 They won't let you.[br]The actors get nervous[br]when agents hang around. 00:45:58.00,00:46:00.01 It's against[br]Galaxie policy. 00:46:00.01,00:46:05.01 Listen. Once you get[br]on the set, you get relaxed,[br]you won't even need me. 00:46:05.01,00:46:09.01 There's no way to do this.[br]I would have to take[br]somebody into my confidence. 00:46:09.01,00:46:12.98 Absolutely not.[br]No. Never. Not a hint.[br]This can't get out. 00:46:12.98,00:46:15.98 You will direct[br]a hit picture. 00:46:15.98,00:46:18.98 Sometimes God works[br]in strange ways. 00:46:19.98,00:46:22.99 Like Job. 00:46:28.99,00:46:33.00 [Chattering] 00:46:41.00,00:46:44.01 [Andrea's Voice][br]Notes on "Making of[br]The City That Never Sleeps." 00:46:44.01,00:46:49.01 First morning atmosphere[br]is upbeat.[br]Lots of eager anticipation. 00:46:49.01,00:46:51.01 People moving lights. 00:46:51.01,00:46:54.98 Actors and actresses all ready[br]in costume and makeup. 00:46:54.98,00:46:58.98 Val Waxman is not[br]the first one on the set. 00:46:58.98,00:47:00.98 Actually, a few minutes late. 00:47:00.98,00:47:05.99 - This is never going to work.[br]- It's working perfect.[br]Just stand straight. 00:47:05.99,00:47:07.99 - Am I going to bump[br]into anything?[br]- No, no, no. 00:47:07.99,00:47:10.99 I'll guide you.[br]You don't trust me.[br]You have to trust me. 00:47:10.99,00:47:14.00 - I gotta look funny.[br]- You look perfect.[br]I'm telling you. 00:47:14.00,00:47:16.00 - l-l-l...[br]- Look at this.[br]How wonderful. Nice. 00:47:16.00,00:47:18.00 Good morning.[br]Would you like anything?[br]Any coffee? 00:47:18.00,00:47:21.00 - Coffee. Want some coffee?[br]- Coffee. Yeah. 00:47:21.00,00:47:24.01 - No. No. No. I'm...[br]No thank you.[br]- Okay. 00:47:24.01,00:47:28.01 Well, the actors are here[br]if you're ready[br]to block the scene. 00:47:28.01,00:47:30.01 - Blo-Blo-Block the scene?[br]- Yes. We could... 00:47:31.01,00:47:33.01 Listen, Val. Are you okay[br]with the changes in the set? 00:47:33.01,00:47:36.98 - Oh, the set. It's beautiful.[br]- Oh. It's great. 00:47:36.98,00:47:39.98 How do you feel about[br]the background color?[br]You satisfied? 00:47:39.98,00:47:43.98 It's blue and, you know,[br]brown and yellow, but[br]is it a little dark? 00:47:43.98,00:47:46.99 Beg your pardon,[br]who are you?[br]I'm Al Hack. 00:47:47.99,00:47:50.99 Al, can I speak[br]to you a second? 00:47:50.99,00:47:55.00 - Yeah, uh, I'll be right back.[br]Don't worry. I'll be right back.[br]- Al? 00:47:55.00,00:47:57.00 - Yes, yes, yes?[br]- Not that you're not welcome[br]here. You know I love you. 00:47:57.00,00:48:01.00 - Yes, yes.[br]- But, you know,[br]this is a closed set. 00:48:01.00,00:48:04.00 Oh, well, you see,[br]he really needs me.[br]He likes me to be with him. 00:48:04.00,00:48:07.01 I know, but a man[br]of your stature... an agent... 00:48:07.01,00:48:10.01 -you know,[br]it intimidates people.[br]- Oh... 00:48:10.01,00:48:13.01 - You look so good.[br]Have you had any work done?[br]-Just over here. 00:48:13.01,00:48:15.97 A little? 'Cause l...[br]Who did you go to?[br]Not that I need it... 00:48:15.97,00:48:17.98 - Fred. Fred.[br]- but I'm thinking[br]about it. 00:48:17.98,00:48:22.98 Oh, he's incredible.[br]You got the best clients.[br]Can you get me a price? 00:48:22.98,00:48:24.98 I think that we may be like[br]a little bit too light. 00:48:25.98,00:48:27.99 Would you prefer that[br]I take the whole thing[br]one shade darker? 00:48:27.99,00:48:32.99 Eh, well, that's a...[br]that's a possibility. 00:48:33.99,00:48:35.99 What do you think?[br]What would you do? 00:48:37.00,00:48:39.00 Well, I really don't know. It's[br]possible I could make the whole[br]thing match the upholstery. 00:48:39.00,00:48:41.00 That's another option. 00:48:41.00,00:48:45.00 That's brilliant.[br]That's what I would do.[br]I would match the upholstery. 00:48:45.00,00:48:48.01 Excuse me.[br]Chief, what alarm clock[br]would you like to go with? 00:48:48.01,00:48:53.01 - Uh, that one.[br]That one. That one.[br]- Which one? 00:48:53.01,00:48:56.01 - I'm sorry...[br]I'm sorry. Which-[br]- Yes. Yes. Yes. 00:48:56.01,00:48:59.98 - You like the wind-up[br]or the electric?[br]- Yes. The wind-up. Wind-up. 00:48:59.98,00:49:02.98 - I like the wind-up.[br]- Val? Val? Excuse me.[br]Excuse me, gentlemen. 00:49:02.98,00:49:06.98 Can I see you[br]just for a second?[br]Don't worry. 00:49:06.98,00:49:09.99 - Excuse me.[br]- Al, this is not working. 00:49:09.99,00:49:11.99 Don't worry. Don't worry.[br]It's going to work fine. 00:49:11.99,00:49:13.99 But you're right.[br]It is a closed set,[br]and I have to leave. 00:49:14.99,00:49:16.99 - You...[br]- Listen to me. Listen to me.[br]Just go to plan "B." 00:49:16.99,00:49:20.00 - What is plan "B"?[br]We don't have a plan "B."[br]- We gotta find somebody... 00:49:20.00,00:49:22.00 who you trust[br]who will help you. 00:49:22.00,00:49:25.00 - Someone you can rely on.[br]- You mean,[br]tell someone the truth? 00:49:25.00,00:49:29.01 Yes. Somebody you can rely on.[br]We'll get somebody who's[br]around you all the time. 00:49:29.01,00:49:35.01 Who doesn't look odd,[br]you know? Maybe the A.D.?[br]What about the script girl? 00:49:35.01,00:49:37.01 I can't do that.[br]They'll get in trouble.[br]If they get caught... 00:49:37.01,00:49:39.97 they'll never work[br]in the business again. 00:49:39.97,00:49:43.98 l-I have a responsibility, Al,[br]to Ellie and even to Hal. 00:49:43.98,00:49:46.98 You have a responsibility[br]to yourself! 00:49:46.98,00:49:49.98 You have agent's ethics.[br]I can't go by you. 00:49:49.98,00:49:52.99 Don't hit me with oxymorons[br]at this time.[br]We're in a crisis! 00:49:52.99,00:49:55.99 Wait a minute. Shh.[br]What about the Chinese kid? 00:49:55.99,00:49:58.99 - The translator?[br]- Yes, the translator.[br]The translator. 00:49:58.99,00:50:02.00 He's a business student[br]at NYU, right? 00:50:02.00,00:50:05.00 He doesn't care if he's in[br]the movie business. If he gets[br]caught, it's no big penalty. 00:50:06.00,00:50:10.01 - Well, he is always around me.[br]It's a natural-natural...[br]- Yes, see? 00:50:10.01,00:50:13.01 Val, I've got the actors.[br]We are ready for you. 00:50:13.01,00:50:16.01 Don't worry. Don't worry.[br]I'll get you to the set.[br]Take it easy. Take it easy. 00:50:16.01,00:50:18.01 I'll take you.[br]I'll take you.[br]It's gonna be fine. 00:50:18.01,00:50:21.98 If-lf I'm acting so crazy,[br]everyone'll notice[br]that I'm acting crazy. 00:50:21.98,00:50:23.98 Listen. You got[br]a reputation for being crazy. 00:50:23.98,00:50:28.98 This is the perfect time[br]for it to work in your favor.[br]Watch out. One step. One step. 00:50:28.98,00:50:31.99 Ah, very good.[br]Hey, can I have[br]Mr. Waxman's chair here? 00:50:32.99,00:50:34.99 - The director needs his chair.[br]Where is it?[br]- Chair? 00:50:34.99,00:50:38.99 Thank you very much.[br]Here, come sit.[br]Look, your lucky chair. 00:50:38.99,00:50:43.00 - Oh.[br]- Isn't that wonderful?[br]Sit, sit, sit. Be relaxed. 00:50:43.00,00:50:47.00 Real good.[br]Good luck. 00:50:47.00,00:50:52.01 - I can't work with[br]outside people watching me.[br]- Nobody's gonna be watching. 00:50:52.01,00:50:56.01 - Incidentally, you like[br]this one or this one?[br]- I like that one. 00:50:56.01,00:50:59.01 - This one?[br]'Cause this one's more like...[br]- Yes, that one. 00:50:59.01,00:51:01.01 what they'd really use,[br]but this one's more theatrical. 00:51:01.01,00:51:03.98 Well, you know, you can[br]use this one if you'd like.[br]But I prefer that one. 00:51:03.98,00:51:06.98 - Which one?[br]The first or the second?[br]- This one. 00:51:06.98,00:51:12.98 - I'd like to make[br]my entrance from the stairs.[br]- [Speaking Chinese] 00:51:12.98,00:51:14.99 [All Talking At Once] 00:51:14.99,00:51:17.99 Hold it. What... Who ordered?[br]Who ordered? What's happening? 00:51:17.99,00:51:19.99 - How do you want me[br]to kiss her?[br]- What's happening here? 00:51:19.99,00:51:24.00 - Which way did you want me[br]to kiss her?[br]- [Stammering] 00:51:24.00,00:51:27.00 - You know, on the...[br]on the mouth.[br]- What about my mouth? 00:51:27.00,00:51:30.00 - No, kiss her on the mouth.[br]- He hasn't seen here[br]for six years. 00:51:30.00,00:51:33.00 We originally discussed[br]some kind of passionate way[br]of grabbing her. 00:51:33.00,00:51:36.01 Oh, well,[br]use both lips. 00:51:39.01,00:51:41.01 Oh, excuse me.[br]Could I talk to you[br]just for a second? 00:51:42.01,00:51:43.01 - Me?[br]- Yeah, just for a minute. 00:51:44.02,00:51:45.98 - Uh, they need me.[br]- Well, actually, the director... 00:51:45.98,00:51:49.98 - The director asked me[br]to talk to you. Yes.[br]- Mr. Waxman? 00:51:49.98,00:51:51.98 [Whispering][br]It's a chance to make[br]some extra salary. 00:51:51.98,00:51:56.99 Now, you seem to be a very[br]responsible young man.[br]Are you? 00:51:56.99,00:51:58.99 - [Chinese][br]- You should move left. 00:51:58.99,00:52:02.99 You got me doing two things[br]at once here. I can't work[br]if I don't know what you want. 00:52:02.99,00:52:07.00 - You should cross left.[br]- Wait. Me? You mean my left? 00:52:07.00,00:52:10.00 - If I cross my left, I'm going[br]to bump right into him.[br]- You don't have to bump me. 00:52:10.00,00:52:13.00 - I'm probably going[br]to knock him over.[br]- Where is the translator? 00:52:13.00,00:52:17.01 - Excuse me.[br]He's supposed to be on set.[br]- [All Talking] 00:52:17.01,00:52:21.01 - Sir, I have a very important[br]message for you.[br]- Important message for me? 00:52:21.01,00:52:25.02 Um, I'm here to help you.[br]I know about your secret. 00:52:26.98,00:52:29.98 Don't! 00:52:29.98,00:52:31.98 Cut! 00:52:31.98,00:52:36.99 Very good. That was terrific.[br]Was it very good?[br]Was it very good? 00:52:36.99,00:52:40.99 Well, I don't see[br]the dramatic impact of it. 00:52:40.99,00:52:43.99 But it did seem a little[br]improvement from[br]the random chaos... 00:52:43.99,00:52:48.00 -you were encouraging.[br]- Oh, thank you. You didn't[br]like the random chaos, huh? 00:52:49.00,00:52:53.00 Let's... Can we go again?[br]Just for safety, one more? 00:52:54.00,00:52:57.01 Okay, sir,[br]we're approaching[br]a hallway right now. 00:52:57.01,00:52:59.01 So we're[br]gonna walk slowly.[br]There's nobody here. 00:52:59.01,00:53:01.01 - Practically nobody.[br]- Okay. 00:53:01.01,00:53:05.01 - Be careful.[br]- I'm trying to be casual,[br]but it's extremely difficult. 00:53:05.01,00:53:07.97 - Oh, I know that...[br]- Ooh! Sorry.[br]Boss, you all right? 00:53:07.97,00:53:11.98 Yes. No, I'm fine.[br]It was my fault completely.[br]I forgive you. 00:53:12.98,00:53:14.98 Sir, he's gone.[br]He's not there anymore.[br]You're talking to air. 00:53:14.98,00:53:16.98 Why didn't you warn me? 00:53:16.98,00:53:18.99 I thought you saw him.[br]This is very weird for me. 00:53:18.99,00:53:20.99 You thought I saw him?[br]How am l... 00:53:20.99,00:53:23.99 - A few summers ago[br]I did aid a deaf uncle.[br]- You're going too fast. 00:53:23.99,00:53:25.99 Okay, slowly, slowly.[br]It's very weird. 00:53:25.99,00:53:29.00 I was helping out[br]a deaf uncle[br]a few summers ago... 00:53:29.00,00:53:31.00 but we didn't have[br]to hide it like this. 00:53:31.00,00:53:33.00 Oh,Jesus, this is great. 00:53:33.00,00:53:36.00 Val, you wanna go[br]with this one tomorrow[br]or the big one? 00:53:36.00,00:53:38.00 Uh, well... 00:53:38.00,00:53:41.01 - Wow. These are beautiful[br]pocket watches.[br]- Thanks. 00:53:41.01,00:53:43.01 I would go[br]with the big one. 00:53:43.01,00:53:47.01 Val, um, how'd you[br]feel the first day went? 00:53:48.01,00:53:49.97 The first day[br]was, you know, like the first day. 00:53:50.98,00:53:54.98 It was like a shakedown[br]where you weed out[br]the malcontents. 00:53:54.98,00:53:58.98 Oh, good. I'd love to speak[br]to you for a few minutes[br]if you're not too busy and all. 00:53:58.98,00:54:00.99 - l-l...[br]- Well, sir, uh... 00:54:00.99,00:54:03.99 you said you wanted me[br]to show me that, uh,[br]piece of jade? 00:54:04.99,00:54:06.99 -Jade?[br]- You know what?[br]If you have work to do... 00:54:06.99,00:54:08.99 we'll do this[br]some other time. 00:54:08.99,00:54:13.00 - Yes, I do. l-l...[br]- Okay. Thank you. 00:54:13.00,00:54:16.00 Sorry, sir. That's[br]all I could think of[br]to extricate you. 00:54:16.00,00:54:18.00 You realize there's[br]no piece of jade. 00:54:18.00,00:54:21.01 Yes, I get it.[br]I get it. There's no jade.
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