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Subtitles for Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD1.

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Hitokiri Tenchu 1969 CD1

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Tosa Country-1862 Tanizato Village
Buy my armor.
It's worth this much.
Not interested.
How about this much?
It's worthless.
...please help me.
I'm deeply in debt!
Creditors are hounding me!
I have to sell my land and my samurai birthright!
My troubles weigh down on me like a coffin on my head!
And these damn Tosa Loyalists sitting on their butts!
I want action! Action!
Amano must have missed you.
Master Takechi sent him to find you.
He sent for me?
But it's finally begun.
Today we rise to kill Yoshida Toyo.
Yoshida Toyo?
The oppressor who rules this land, Yoshida Toyo.
Go and watch how they do it.
Sensei, I'm glad we're finally taking action, but how...?
Your swordsmanship is in need of discipline.
You fight like a wild animal.
But you've never killed before tonight.
You just watch.
But you watch closely and learn how to kill a man.
Watch and learn.
Tenchu! (Heaven's Punishment!)
Tenchu! Say it again... Tenchu! Heaven's Punishment! Tenchu!
Damn, I could do better than that!
I could kill.
I could kill.
Just give me a chance.
I'll kill.
Produced by GOSHA & KATSU
Photography by MORITA FUJIO
NAKADAI TATSUYA - Takechi Hanpei -
MISHIMA YUKIO - Tanaka Shinbei -
ISHIHARA YUJIRO - Sakamoto Ryoma -
Directed by HIDEO GOSHA
Here come the Tosa Samurai.
Takechi Hanpei looks great. Like a fierce dragon.
It is said that they assassinated Yoshida Toyo.
He lifts all the Tosa people.
They're making a big splash, though they came here only recently.
That's Okada Izo.
He looks so proud.
He is said to be as strong as Tanaka Shinbei.
What a long sword!
Who has Izo killed?
Izo has killed seven or eight.
Tanaka Shinbei may be a better swordsman,
but Izo gets all the attention.
Izo looks like a wolf.
From Kyoto it's a hard journey to Ishibe.
So if our best assistants will leave
the night before.
There are ten rooms in Ishibe.
Four men are in them.
We need to know which ones they're in.
We'll know that by nightfall
How many are there?
There are three Kyoto Magistrates, Watanabe Genzaburo, Mori... their retainers. There will be 17 or 18 total.
Who will mete out Heaven's Punishment?
We can send Okada Izo of Tosa.
Right. They will have a big fight.
What about Tanaka Shinbei?
Don't walk out of the action.
We can count on you.
There's another matter in Kyoto we must tend to first.
Yes, Honma of Echigo.
He's just a lone wolf. No problem.
Tosa's Okada Izo will handle it.
I'm Takechi Hanpei of Tosa.
Can I speak to you today...
...regarding Honma of Echigo?
Previously he was one of the few loyalists from that province.
He was our friend. A true pioneer.
But now, we have come to doubt his intentions
He keeps company with aristocrats.
He sees the chance for money.
He makes grand speeches, hut wastes money on prostitutes.
He's become a disgrace to the Loyalist's cause.
Aren't you friends with Tanaka Shinbei?
Yeah, he's a good guy.
Why do you want him here?
It would be great publicity.
Tanaka Shinbei is the most famous man in Kyoto...
...The next most famous man.
Hey O-tani!
You say Shinbei is more famous than me?
What are you talking about?
You and Shinbei are equal.
You're both champions.
Kawama from Higa is famous, too.
But he hasn't killed as many as you have.
Just by sitting here you attract customers.
Fine I'll bring him by one of these days.
Any news?
Honma's been found.
No thanks.
You're too nervous to kill anybody.
Put this on my tab.
I'll charge it to your clan.
Thank you.
Honma, Tenchu! Tenchu!
We're mistaken!
Honma isn't here! He's across town!
Sorry, gotta go!
Honma of Echigo?
Okada Izo of Tosa?
Draw your sword. Go down like a man.
Why me? Did Takechi Hanpei order this?
I though I hit something hard. Nicked the blade.
Nicked the blade?
You did so well in such a narrow alley.
Okada-san, teach me how to kill men like that.
Say Heaven's Punishment.
Yeah, Tenchu.
There's no other knack to it. Tenchu.
Thank you very much.
Nicked the blade, eh?
What's wrong?
I have to send my sword to the polisher.
I borrowed Master Takechi's.
You have to use another man's sword, huh?
Listen, Okada.
A couple of suspicious Tosa samurai just showed up.
Inspectors Inishe and Iwasaki
were asking about Yoshida Toyo.
Their chief won't rest until he finds out who killed him.
He's got a hunch, but can't prove anything.
Now those two are sniffing around.
Those two are undesirable persons for us.
But, your sword is at the polisher's.
Undesirable persons!
Gimme' a break!
Why not just ask me to kill him?
Without me the Tosa Loyalists would be nothing!
Matsuda, you're getting your second chance to do what?
You know what.
We keep going over the same subject.
Why are you making Izo kill so many people?
I understand your position.
The Satsuma Clan came to Kyoto a day earier than the Tosa.
So you allied with Anjoku, the maddest of all the aristocrats.
To compete with Tanaka Shinbei of Satsuma,
Okada Izo kills too many people.
Sakamoto! That's enough!
You think more about yourself than other people.
You used to be a Loyalist but now you're here.
Takechi, are you going to have Okada Izo kill me too?
I wouldn't order that, now.
Anyway, I'd leave Kyoto if I were you.
From our standpoint, you're nothing but a traitor.
It's so hot.
They will probably rot fast in this heat.
The head and body exposed for public viewing.
The sign said "Honma of Echigo".
You said?
Rumor has it that Tanaka Shinbei of Satsuma or
Okada Izo of Tosa did it.
Shinbei or me?
But I know who it was.
It was you.
Why me?
Because when you come here at noon,
it means you worked the night before.
And then you stay the night or longer.
Again? We've got plenty of time.
No, we don't. I'm going away.
Yeah, tonight.
I'm taking the ferry to Osaka.
Osaka? What for?
What are you laughing to yourself about?
It's like a dream.
The order is changing.
Takechi will be a Feudal Lord with immeasurable wealth.
Then, because I worked for him the hardest...
...Omino, if that comes true, I'll give you any easy life.
You mean you'll marry me?
No I can't do that.
I'll buy you a house.
You won't have to see anyone else.
Then I'll just be a mistress.
Are you engaged to someone?
No not really.
Brother is this the killer Okada Izo?
How rude.
Okada, please forgive my sister.
The Princess has a strong character like her brother.
Are you thinking about another woman,
you drooling fool?
She's a prize beyond my reach, but
if I kill as many people as I can...
...then when I'm a hero in the New World Order...
...she may be a prize within my reach.
What are you mumbling about you big headed man?
A prize beyond your reacH...!
Damn you!
You're such a pig after you've killed someone!
So what?
I've heen waiting for you. Izo, come here.
I'm busy.
O-kami. We'll be in there.
Let him pick a fight with you.
But, today I've got this...
I told you a poor craftsman...
Just go ahead.
All right.
Have a drink.
I have something important to tell you.
Make it quick. I'm going out.
None of your business!
Don't interfere!
Izo why do you kill so many people?
Sakamoto. Don't you understand anything?
I do it for our nation!
For our nation? - Thats right! -
Will killing people help the nation?
I don't want to argue.
Takechi says so.
Is Takechi always right?
Yes he is!
Just compare how I am right now with how I was in Tosa,
and things are going to get even better!
Where Takechi of Tosa goes, I will follow him!
Izo, do you know the story of the hunter and his dog?
The hunter and his dog chased animals all day in vain.
My grandfather told me that story a million times.
The hunter got mad and yelled at the dog.
The dog ran faster until he found a rabbit.
He attacked the rabbit furiously
thinking it would please his master.
But the dog hit into the rabbit's liver.
It's bitter blood made the game inedible.
Haste makes waste... Right?
Heard it a million times!
Izo, there's more to the story.
Yes. The hunter got furious at the dog, killed him, and
then boiled and ate him.
Killed the dog?
Boiled and ate him?
I don't know that part.
Are you saying Takechi is a hunter and I'm his dog?
Is the man with Izo walking?
That's ridiculous!
Listen you don't know what's going on here.
The reason the Tosa Clan is so influencial here in Kyoto
is all because of me!
Takechi treats me with respect.
I'd kill for him!
The Tosa Loyalists need me!
You're a traitor. You're the one in danger.
Worry about yourself first!
I'm tired of your stupid talking. I'm busy!
He's a good guy, but what a blockhead!
What a Blockhead! All that trusted logic!
Never mind him!
Put this on my tab.
I'll charge it to the Tosa Clan. What about him?
He's a Tosa man, more or less. Include.
Thank you.
Going out?
Yeah, so...?
What a hand?
No. The Tosa Clan will handle it.
Just the Tosa Clan? I see.
You know there are some things I, too must do by myself.
When that happens.
Don't get in my way.
What are you talking about?
There's a traitor named Sakamoto Ryoma.
He's mine.
O-kami my bill.
Okada paid.
Wait! What's your name and clan?
Tosa Clan, Sakamoto Ryoma.
What do you want?
So you're the one.
From Satsuma, I'm Tanaka Shinbei.
Call me 'Hito-Kiri' Shinbei. (Killer)
Satsuma's 'Killer' Shinbei. I'll remember that.
Shinbei Sakamoto is no traitor.
He's a born scatterbrain.
If people say right, he goes left.
He's just a damn fool.
You shouldn't take him too seriously.
You Tosa people stick together. You even cover for traitors.
Sakamoto isn't a traitor.
I've known him since we were kids.
He's a true Loyalist.
He introduced me to Takechi.
He'd never betray us. I guarantee it.
Shinbei try to be understanding.
Well, I wonder about him.
The wind is picking up.
The men on the Osaka Ferry will be happy to get inside.
I'm taking Izo off the Ishibe squad.
The four clans will raid Ishibe without Okada Izo.
Why? He's our best fighter...
Tosa has gone too far!
We originally invited you here to act as a buffer
between the bickering Satsuma and Choshu clans.
But instead you've become the most hard-headed!
The Emperor is very unhappy!
In the name of Heaven's Punishment, Izo kills too many!
He's become a royal headache!
So the Emperor has issued an Imperial Edict,
calling your Lord Yamamoto to Kyoto.
Yoshida was his favorite.
The death infuriated him.
Plus, he hates anything radical.
He can't stand Izo's killing.
Chances are, he might even send us all back to Tosa.
I see now. I get it.
If Izo kills at Ishibe Tosa will be blamed again.
So that's why you took him off the squad.
Izo has done a good job.
After he takes care of Inouye, let him rest for a while.
Seems Loyalists have their own problems.
Let's go drink some more.
I'll tell you all about it.
I've had enough.
No more. Let's go.
I've had enough.
Oh, come on.
I can't drink anymore. Good night.
Inouye you're about to find out who killed Yoshida Toyo.
Ask him yourself in the hereafter.
Izo, you're a brilliant killer.
You can do it any time, any place.
Even in broad daylight.
Yeah, but I slipped up yesterday.
I forgot to say Tenchu.
What a joker!
Master, take a look at my sword.
It's as good as new.
By the way, about the Ishibe raid on Watanabe and his men...
When is it?
It's been postponed.
We're putting it off for a while.
You've worked hard. Take a rest.
A rest? Might be a good idea in this heat.
I love octopus.
Yeah, it's all squishy when you chew it.
I couldn't afford it a few years ago.
But I'm rich now, and everything keeps getting better.
Heaven's reward.
Excuse me.
This is from Sakamoto.
He's waiting for you downstairs.
Thank you. Sorry to bother you.
Come here!
I'm eating.
Eat after I'm done.
We can do it later.
I can't wait until later.
You shouldn't screw before work.
Why not?
You're a killer. You'll sweat out all of your strength.
Are you sure about this?
If Leader Takechi finds out...
Why would they tell Takechi?
Just tell them you brought me along on his orders.
That's the only reason they'd see you.
Just open your eyes and look at yourself.
Consider Japan's domestic situation.
'Kedamono'! (Beast)
Beast, huh?
Yes, you are.
Your body is unusual.
Stop it!
Don't! Stop it!
Your body is mine!
I'll do as I please.
Don't brag!
I was having a nice dream.
So what?
I spend all my money on you!
It's the least you can do!
It's the least I can do, huh?!
Then spare me all the hot air about Okada Izo of Tosa!
You talk big, but all you can buy is a cheap whore like me!
Tell your Leader to pay you enough for a fancy courtesan!
How much I get paid is none of your business!
I bought your body!
I can do as I please! Idiot!
With money? Is that so?
That's fine! Do as you like!
They left.
For Ishibe? Last night?
I waited for you all night at the meeting place, but you didn't come.
When I said I'd find you, they left me behind.
Damn them!
They left me out!
They left me out!
The raid will start this evening and Ishibe is too far.
It's too late!
Out of the way!
Move, or Okada Izo of Tosa will kill you!
Okada Izo is here!
I am Okada Izo!
I am Okada Izo of Tosa!
Watanabe Genzaburo?
Okada Izo?
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