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There's always a price to pay when you hire an assassin -
from ten to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Recently, a mysterious killer has appeared in Hong Kong.
He asks for no payment for his services.
He eliminates his targets - all evil men - because they deserve to die.
In the World of professional killers,
this vigilante is considered to be the king of killers.
Others who live in fear know him as the "Angel of Death"
Check Zone A.
You check Zone B.
Make sure everything's in order.
Follow me.
- Good evening, sir. - All leveIs have been secured, sir.
- Is the boss still in there? - Yes, sir.
Stay alert.
Of all women, I find the Chinese are the most exciting in bed.
How could they be better than Japanese women?
Because their strong sense of moral values makes them highly reserved.
I remember sleeping with them during the war.
I'd hear their screams of pain, begging me to stop,
but it just made me more excited.
Japanese women can do that too.
No, it's not the same at all.
How i long for those days.
Find out what's happening!
- What's going on? - We're checking, don't worry, sir.
- Check for intruders. - Sir!
Some sake?
Something's wrong with the monitor. Check it out.
Sir, he's out cold. Someone must've broken in.
Check the surrounding monitors.
Shut all elevator power immediately! Do you read me?
Control, do you read me?
Shut up!
So, who hired you to kill me?
Iíll make you an offer.
Iíll pay you three times what he did.
You have no idea who you're dealing with.
If you kill me, you'll also end up dead.
You'll be hunted down by professional hitmen from all over the World.
Yes, and whoever kills you will receive a huge reward.
They'll all be after your head. So if l were you, Iíd just go.
Leave while you still can.
You stupid idiot! You've just signed your own death warrant!
Excuse me.
- Ma'am, i... - One minute.
But you gave me the wrong change.
It says there that these are on sale for haIf this price.
Let me see. Hey, Jerry, you forgot to remove the old tags again.
Can l have my money back?
l already punched it in.
Do me a favour, go and get something else!
But Iíve got everything l need.
Can't you see the queue? You're delaying the other customers!
Then give me my change.
- There! - Thanks.
Hey, you cheat, move on.
Hello there.
..I walked behind him, and called out.
He turned around and i shot him! Right in the forehead!
His head exploded like a watermelon!
I left him there, his brains splattered everywhere!
Shooting through the heart is much cleaner and quicker.
Joey, don't you have another assignment for us yet?
We could do with the cash.
There's one coming up, and you're all in.
- Fred, have you called your mom yet? - No.
She's your only family, right?
In that case, why don't you come? You could get lots of money to send her.
Why don't you buy a new pair of pants?
These are very comfortable.
All right, you two, you'll be coming with me to Macao.
Joey, can i use this a while?
You've got some nerve freeloading off me like this!
- Joey, I haven't called my mother... - I don't give a damn!
I gave you that assignment to kill Mrs Chu...
and you repair her drainpipes!
She needed my help - besides she reminded me of my mom.
What about that knife i gave you you used to cut your target's steak?
But he couldn't even chew properly.
And you call yourseIf a soldier of the Golden Triangle.
Some tough guy! Maybe you should leave and stop wasting my time.
All i really need is one big hit.
- Not for just a few thousand... - Like a hundred million?
- Are you kidding? - Do i look like Iím kidding?
- A hundred million US dollars! - Let me do it, boss. Come on!
Get serious! These guys want first-class killers.
- I could be a first-class killer. - Really.
You look more like first-class jerks to me. Hell, forget about Macao.
- Hey, come on, boss. - Wait up, wait up.
Joey, could you tell me where i can sign up for that?
Please, help me.
You really want that job?
OK, go to the Tsukamoto Centre tomorrow morning.
Someone might just notice your rags and toss you a few cents.
Eiji, the fund manager's here. You'd better come and meet him.
Eiji, what is your problem?
I was wondering how a great man such as my grandfather
could end up with such a worthless son, the likes of you.
You've no right to talk to me like that.
It was your father who was killed
and you're not doing anything to avenge his death.
He's taken care of that.
Only because you don't have the guts to do it.
Useless people like you will be the downfall of Japan.
You're not even capable of running your own father's business.
Well, Iím in charge now. Iíve inherited everything.
You don't even have a sense of honour.
That's what grandfather and i had in common.
Eiji, your grandfather's ashes are in there!
No! No!
These are my grandfather's ashes.
Eat them and he shall live inside you. Go on!
You're mad!
You're nothing but an old coward.
You don't deserve his ashes inside you.
No! Stop!
You really are mad!
The board will hear about this. Let's go! Come on! Come on!
Sorry, Father. Iím afraid they won't listen to you any longer.
I have Grandfather's soul, so they have no choice but to follow me now.
You're all mad!
Phew, he stinks!
''A Day in the Life of a Professsional Killer.''
Grandpa, that man is really smelly.
Quiet, now.
The woman who just came in is Anita May.
She's 33 years old and runs a prestigious modelling agency.
No criminal record, but according to Interpol,
she's involved in some of the biggest crimes in Europe.
She recruits top European hitmen to assassinate political figures.
She probably gets her clients from her modelling agency.
- This is coffee? - Well, it's decaff, sir.
What's the point in drinking coffee if it's decaff? Forget it.
This is Chris Crado, 42 years old, runs a liquor business,
no criminal record, sir.
Aside from selling vodka,
he acts as an agent for Russian gangs operating all over Asia.
Therefore he could easily get in touch with Russian assassins.
So why have all these agents appeared at the Tsukamoto Centre?
Aren't they afraid of being caught together?
It's because they all want the one hundred million dollar reward.
If you were a hitman, you'd be here too.
- Something's up, Captain. - Zoom in, please.
Look, if you don't have an invitation, you'd better leave.
Just give me a chance. Iím the man for the job.
What the hell are you talking about?
- Please... - Get out of here...
I really need the money and...
- Are you looking for trouble? - Please, let me go, sir.
Are you deaf? I said leave.
Stop! Hold it right there! Do you morons have any idea who this man is?
He may stink and look like hell,
but he's also the top hitman in Mainland China!
- So you're an assassin? - l served at the Golden Triangle.
Great! Just play it by ear.
What? Do you know me? Do you have any idea who I am? Well?
You want to see my invitation? Well, all you have to do is ask.
Now, you listen. I want to speak to your superior right away.
- I am the superior. - Then you understand the problem.
Jerk, here!
Iíll take you in, but you do exactly what l say.
Can you repeat that in Chinese?
And in Japanese, if you like.
Have you prepared the bank draft, sir?
Five million dollars in a Swiss bank.
Thank you.
- Five million? - That's just for deposit.
Attention, please. My name is Martin, Iím Mr Tsukamoto's fund manager.
If you need a translator, use the earpiece in front of you
and tune in to the desired language channel.
You're all aware of Mr Tsukamoto's recent assassination.
His will states that a reward will be offered to avenge his death.
Please turn on the computers in front of you.
Each of you has an account at a Swiss bank with a balance of $5m.
Please enter your four-digit private code - your ID for your account.
Whoever completes the mission
will automatically receive the reward into his or her account.
And for everyone's convenience,
Iíve filed all the details regarding the death in your computers.
You've all received the same information to ensure a fair deal.
Iíll repeat the terms again.
The killer and the mastermind are worth 50 million dollars each.
If they are the same person, then he is worth 100 million dollars.
If there's official evidence that either one doesn't exist
or is already dead, the full reward is for the remaining target.
Ah, the right target. The right target will be identified by us.
We form a special committee set up by Mr Tsukamoto.
Regarding our professional details,
all information can be accessed on your computer.
Lastly, I want to make this clear - we do not encourage lawbreakers.
We won't be held responsible
should you become involved in any illegal activities -
you'll also be disqualified.
- Police! - This is a search warrant.
Everyone please remain in your seats and take out your identification.
You're all suspected of being involved in international crimes.
Please cooperate, if you don't want any trouble.
Iíd be more careful, if i were you. We have two lawyers here, Officer.
What's happening here?
We're in the middle of a legitimate business deal.
Iíll have my secretary send you a report.
Why do you have so many discount coupons?
- I collect them. - And why so many coins?
He collects them also, so?
- And this knife? - What about it? It's for cooking.
- Can't he speak? - Iím his manager.
Everyone with talent needs a manager.
So what's your talent?
He's a great gymnast.
He's also good at running, although he needs more training.
His record's 9.9 seconds for 100 metres.
Let's go, men.
Aren't we going to arrest them?
If they want to play with fire...
- Isn't that Tsukamoto's grandson? - Yes, he's joining the hunt.
Are family allowed take part?
Mr Tsukamoto, sir.
I don't like being interrupted before my meal. What do you want?
Actually, I also have an appointment - a bridge game.
And i promised my friends l wouldn't be late.
You Chinese talk a lot.
If i were you, Iíd get to the point.
Your mere presence is starting to irritate my men.
All right. Iíve gathered some new information.
If it's about my grandfather's death, I already know everything.
Of course, but something new has come up.
Since your grandfather didn't want the police involved,
we had to use all our influence to avold an autopsy.
But we had someone examine him.
And he discovered something very interesting.
- What do you want? - You know what i want.
Iíll give you the information, but i want something in return.
I scratch your back, you scratch mine, right?
And the others?
You'll be first to get any news, so long as you pay $100m each time.
Aren't you the least bit scared of me?
I am, but Iím more afraid of living miserably. Right?
You can cash this cheque any time of day.
I just hope your information is worth it.
What we found in your grandfather's body was a military banknote,
dating from the Second World War.
We still haven't decoded it,
but our computers will fix that in no time.
- When? - After Iíve cashed this cheque.
Your meal is ready, Master Eiji.
Remove the extra setting, he's not eating, he might ruin my appetite.
No problem, I don't eat sashimi anyway.
In fact, I hate it.
On that night,
most of the security cameras were destroyed by Tsukomoto's murderer.
But we do have some videos, recorded days before the murder occurred.
They also gave us a video recorded the night of the murder.
But although the killer is visible,
he can't be identified as his back is to the camera.
Bill, you've seen the tape, what do you think?
I think he's been in the centre before.
He knew his way around and where all the cameras were located.
So there's no doubt he'd given the place a thorough going over.
Maybe he got hold of the blueprints.
But most of the cameras were installed under a month ago, sir.
The blueprints wouldn't tell him where they were.
How do we trace the killer, then?
Well, we could run his image through the computer,
together with anyone who has been there.
All right, get video tapes dating back a month and start with that.
Yes, sir.
And Bill, don't let anyone into the computer room.
They used to be bigger. What a rip off!
What are you looking at? You pervert!
Get lost!
Take it easy.
He was staring right down my cleavage!
So, you like my watch?
It's a Rolex, 24 karat gold-plated and diamond studded.
It's to commemorate the reunification of Hong Kong with Mainland China.
- Have it! - Iíve never had a watch before.
Now, I have a Rolex.
Don't get too excited, it's a fake.
You don't expect the real thing, do you?
Even so, in Tsim Sha Tsui, this would cost about $800!
This is the most expensive gift Iíve ever received!
- You're a Chinaman, all right. - What?
It's just that Mainland hitmen charge between 40 and 50 thousand.
You get 80 thousand with 10 thousand down payment.
But the reward was 100 million!
Iím your agent, right? I have to pay for everything, meals, transportation
and i have to pay my informers.
Don't you think your share is just a little excessive?
I invested 5 million dollars without even knowing you.
No-one would do that! Or would you rather forget it?
How about we split 60-40?
- Not a chance! - What about 70-30?
All right, 80-20 and Iíll take the down payment.
First of all, I just want to make sure you can fight.
And you must do everything I tell you.
Then tell me what you want.
- You know what... - Hey, you! Enough of your noise!
You've got 30 seconds.
Iíll give you something to shout about! Get lost!
You son-of-a-bitch!
15 seconds, Norman.
Sorry, I didn't mean to...
Sorry, lady, excuse me.
You wouldn't dare hit a woman! Come on! Run away then!
- What? - But she's a lady.
You don't hit ladies? Iíd better look for someone else.
Wait, Norman!
What you need is a whole new wardrobe,
if you want to be taken seriously as a professional.
There's nothing more impressive than a stylish killer.
- What's the matter? - This costs $19,000!
Well, if you dress expensive, you look expensive.
That's how it works.
I was wondering if you could help us. You see, my friend here, ah...
he wants to try a new style.
The ideal material is polyester.
It's soft and tightly knit,
so you won't leave fibres on the crime scene.
Long coats are good for carrying weapons.
Black suits look smarter and slicker. And as for the hair...
always use mousse to avold leaving hair or dandruff on the scene.
- What are they for? - To make you look smarter.
Iíll be in touch. Take this pager.
Where's my down payment?
What about all these new clothes!
Listen, don't follow me, all right?
You will call?
These clothes cost me $19,000, of course Iíll call.
His name is Norman Lu, alias Crocodile Lu.
His file's about an inch thick -
theft, selling of porno tapes, swindling and illegal gambling.
Iím sure he's up to another scam, acting as an agent.
He did invest $5m just like the others.
Maybe he's cheating the other agents, sir.
He may be a swindler but he's not that smart.
So, what's he doing here?
Are there any answers in your computer?
- No, sir. - Let's go, then.
Is there something wrong with what Iím wearing?
Course not, Fred, you look great.
By the way, what's today's date?
- The fourteenth. - Ah, fourteen! One and four.
I better find you a job since you need some cash.
Order whatever you want.
Yeah, you're looking for an exterminator?
What's the salary?
That's all?
No thanks, we're not interested, bye.
But, aren't we going after the killer?
We still have to work in the meantime. We have to earn a living.
Go ahead and eat.
Someone told me he's in a retirement home.
- I heard he died a long time ago. - Why didn't you say so?
Excuse me, gentlemen. Have any of you seen Mr Leung lately?
Ah, yes, Mr Leung!
Yes, do you know where he is?
Well, you should ask Mrs Leung about that. She knows everything.
I bet! Thanks.
Wait! We were just kidding. You're looking for old man Leung?
That's right.
- He's been missing for a while. - He hasn't come for tea in ages.
Excuse me, enjoy your tea.
Now there's a hard worker. Did you see all the pagers he had?
- You ate all that? - No, I left this for you.
How could you eat so much? Iíll deal with you later.
What an appetite!
Jim, what's new, a new target? Good! You gave the job to someone else?
But Iíve got this guy, he's just come from America, he's really slick.
How did i get him? He wanted to spend some time in South East Asia,
so he came to Hong Kong to see his old friend. 50 thousand's fine.
Of course not, he comes out in a rash if he doesn't kill regularly.
Whoever gets him first, gets the money?
OK, OK, count us in then.
Who's the target? Yeah... Right... OK, get the money ready, thanks.
What a pig!
I eat three meals in one to save time.
More like three months of meals. l think we'd better leave.
- Wait, want take away? - Take away?
The terms of our business agreement are as follows:
Sometimes you may be required to maim a target.
8,000 for the left hand, 10,000 for a leg , and 20% discount for both legs.
- And the right hand? - That's free.
- Why? - It always gets in the way.
So it ends up as a freebie.
Why don't you look around for a while?
What about you?
I don't know the target, so Iíve got to find my informer.
- But there's so many kids around. - Want me to chase them away first?
Wait here.
- I want some candy. - Give me a pink one.
Just hit the tile and you win, go on!
Aw, you missed!
I can do it, watch.
- Need some help? - No thanks.
OK, if i lose your dollar, Iíll give you five back.
Try number two tile, I want Big Bird!
That one?
Hooray! I won Big Bird!
Here you are mister, toss another coin!
- What number? - Try number one.
- Here mister, try it again! - All right, one at a time, kids.
That's great, mister!
There you go.
A bunny! I won a bunny!
No, kids. Sorry but we're closed, come back tomorrow, OK?
- Sorry, kids. Did you have fun? - Yeah!
An assassin who loves children, isn't that sweet?
I shouldn't have underestimated a man of your calibre.
What do you mean?
Your target's just over there. Do the job, Iíll be nearby.
Wait! Who's the target?
I thought you knew.
- Where'd you get the toys? - From that man.
The Father of that kid. The kid likes you, that should make it easier.
Just go over there and cut his heart out. Piece of cake!
Go on, it's getting late. Just think of the cash. Go on.
That's right. Don't let me down.
Think of the reward.
Hey, Fred, have you called your mom?
- Not for ages. - Me neither.
I just shot him! Right in the forehead!
His head exploded like a watermelon.
Get down!
- Fred! - Leave the kid alone.
You want him yourself.
- Help me! Help me! - Sorry, I can't!
Not me! That guy!
You! Drop the gun! Drop it!
Freeze! I said freeze!
- Hands up! - I didn't do anything.
- OK, Norman, let's start again... - Captain Kwan.
What were you doing at the carnival?
Having fun.
Having fun? Children have fun at carnivals.
Well, times are changing -
these days, men are even selling women's lingerie and wearing it too!
We found your fingerprints on the dead man's gun. Explain.
Your fingerprints are on my wallet.
If my fingerprints are on this desk, does that mean this desk is mine?
About the deceased, he's from your home town, so you know him, right?
I didn't know him.
All right - explain your relationship with Norman Lu.
Norman's my friend.
Not just a friend, a close friend.
You're lying, that Mainlander is a criminal!
Oh, I see, a criminal, huh?
Look, whoever you are, you have no right to accuse an innocent man.
This is what we get for saving lives.
Where were your people when it happened?
Captain, someone's bailing out Norman Lu.
- Who? - His daughter and a lawyer.
This is my daughter, who just happens to be a lawyer.
- Hi, honey. - What is it this time?
Nothing to do with me.
Don't lie, someone's just died and Iím sure you know something.
Can you bail my friend out too?
Just what kind of friend?
Excuse me.
This is my friend.
You're improving - no scars, no tattoos.
Everything's arranged.
No problems, you're free to leave.
- And this man? - He needs to be bailed out too.
- No problem. Iíll take care of it. - Thanks a lot.
David, Iíll join you.
- That's your daughter? - That's right. Why do you ask?
What? She takes after her mother, all right?
Iím warning you...
don't even think about it.
Got that?
''Police Station''
Wait for me here while i get the car.
David, wait.
I never expected your daughter to be a budding lawyer.
Life's full of surprises.
I couldn't help noticing some tension there.
What? She's just cool and reserved like me.
We treat each other in a mature fashion -
since we're living in modern times - not that you'd know about that.
No, I guess not.
The boss is looking for you.
- Thanks for saving my life. - You're welcome.
Here's $5,000. My card's in there - if you need anything, just call.
- Wow, $5,000. - Is it real? Sure looks real.
You shouldíve killed that guy, then you'd have got $15,000.
Here's your $1 ,500. You think small. You shouldíve had a bigger share.
Nice going.
Your pager.
- Drop him off at the corner. - OK.
- You can go now. - How will we keep in touch?
Iíll find you. Go on, get out of here.
Give me a call.
- Iím sorry. - It's OK. After all, we are family.
I wasn't talking to you. David bails you out whenever you're in trouble.
- So? He is dating you. - You're embarrassing.
No, it's not OK. You're always doing this to me.
You've been in and out of jail since i was a child.
I always felt so embarrassed.
l decided to study law just so i could bail you out.
One time our teacher asked us to write about our fathers.
I couldn't write a single word, you know why?
Because i couldn't think of one nice thing to say.
Come on, Kelly, don't embarrass me in front of David.
It's OK, we're almost family, sir.
- Stop that! - Look, just drop me off over there.
Thanks David.
- Yeah? What is it? - Iím sorry for being nasty.
Just think about what Iíve said.
Sir? Stay out of trouble...
To hell with that dumb Mainlander.
I can make it without him. Iím a survivor.
Hi, Jack. Right... do you know where Mr Lu might be?
No, no news, huh?
Can you lend me $20,000? Iíll be... Jack?
Your fridge is broken.
- How did you find me? - I followed you home.
Aren't you the sly one.
You shouldíve told me you were coming.
Would you have let me in?
Don't be ridiculous! I did sense someone was in here.
You picked the lock, right?
No, I came in through the window.
Right! I was just about to say that.
- Yours? - I decided to move in with you.
That's great! l Would have suggested it myself, only l didn't know how.
- Where should i sleep then? - Through there.
Kelly used to sleep here.
Now she stays in the hostel, so i turned it into a spare room.
- Smells nice. - What do you expect? Get some rest.
W-w-what if l slept with you instead?
- No, I talk in my sleep. - How do you know that?
My girlfriends tell me.
Besides, I might end up telling you all my secrets. Just stay here.
Iím so glad he's staying.
What's wrong?
Should i sleep on the bed or on the floor?
It doesn't really matter, sleep anywhere you like.
- Is it good? - Very.
When you're through, l want you to read these.
Tells you all about how to be a first class killer.
But i can't understand English.
So what? - Just look at the pictures, like you're reading a Playboy mag.
Here, take a look.
It says here, when you're in a restaurant, you should sit sideways
so you can get at your gun.
But everyone Would know I was a killer.
Exactly: ''How to be a well known killer.''
A real killer only carries his gun on a mission.
That's in here too, see?
You'll get all the pointers you need in here.
Forget it. I already know what's written in there.
So you think you know everything already.
All right, then show me. How do you hold a gun?
- Where is it? - Here, use the banana.
- But this isn't a gun. - Use your imagination.
- Bang! - Is that how you've been trained?
Some soldier you are.
You should stand erect, facing straight ahead.
Support your right hand, hold your breath,
and then you fire at your intended target...
You're eating your gun! I can't believe you're eating your gun!
It's a banana, all right? Not a gun.
Here's a gun.
- It's rusty. - No, it isn't, it's an antique.
It's the first real gun I ever had. Here.
Watch where you point that thing.
- Have you ever shot someone? - Have you?
Hell, Iíve shot lots of people.
I was known as the lean, mean killing machine.
Anything i could get my hands on I turned into a weapon.
I could use practically anything. I killed three people every two days.
I remember a time...
How's it going?
We've already ruled out 50% of those who've been in the building.
That leaves us 200 more tapes to scan.
Let's leave the computer running. We're wasting time.
We'd better keep an eye on Eiji. Come on.
Your father isn't back yet.
- Iíll watch the car. - Iíll get my things.
Why are you here?
Your father invited me. He said you Wouldn't mind.
- Did you touch anything? - No.
What about my closet?
Iíd nowhere else to hang my clothes.
There'll be trouble if there's anything missing.
Did you touch her?
No, i slept on the floor. I never touched her.
I hope not, she's never slept with a man before.
So she's a girl then?
What are you doing here?
David, could you put these in the car, please?
Did you meet my father in prison?
Could you help me bring my things down?
All right.
- Are you leaving? - Yeah.
David, watch your step.
See you.
Could we talk?
David, Iíll call you later.
Let's go.
- Where to? - Somewhere we can talk.
That sly bastard!
Hello? Hey, Martin, what's up?
- Is this your first time? - Yeah.
- Want some ice cream? - You don't mind?
Of course not.
You can buy one over there.
- Never mind. - Sure?
Isn't she great? I used to do that when i was a girl.
I used to love skating then, so my father promised to bring me.
But i knew he Wouldn't.
Finally i came alone and i skated the whole daylong.
I didn't want to leave.
The attendants had to call my father at closing time.
I can even remember the argument we had by those stairs.
- You know why he got mad? - Cos you ran away?
That wasn't it.
He said he never promised me anything.
I was heartbroken.
Once i realised he never kept his promises anyway,
I went up to him and said:
''I will never, ever trust you again.''
Give him another chance.
Come on, Iíll teach you to skate.
Easy, isn't it?
Come on, Iíll lead you. Here. There you go.
So, you're from the Mainland?
Yeah, I was a soldier back there.
My mom lives there and i told her that when Iíve made it,
Iíll come back and build a lovely big house for her.
But l don't even have enough money to build a toilet.
What's so funny?
For someone who's shy, you talk a lot.
Well, since you told me so much about yourself,
I thought Iíd do the same.
You didn't meet my dad in prison, did you?
So what's my father up to now? Don't lie to me now, I can tell.
Do you really want to know?
Is that why you wanted us to talk?
To be honest Iíve no idea what his plans are. But he's using me.
Let's make a deal.
- What? - Give me you finger.
From now on,
promise that you'll tell me everything my father is doing.
And Iíll give you a reward.
Let's see you try alone.
Why do you have so many coins?
Well, they're useful.
Can i have them?
Come on, Fred.
''Children in Need''
They'll be of far more use to those in need.
What's wrong?
All that money!
Let's go.
All right, you maniac!
Where did you bring my daughter? Talk!
Where did we go? I can't remember.
Stop that! Remember what i said? Keep your hands off!
We're going out. You're lucky l still need you around.
Otherwise, you'd be out.
Where are we going?
Remember Martin, the fund manager? He's got a lead.
We'll talk about it on the way. Give me the key.
Great! You finally missed a shot! So, what's the lead?
- Relax. Where's the money? - Here: $200,000.
This is only just enough for a month's fuel.
- For what - a spaceship? - A yacht.
So where were we?
Right, evidence was found in Mr Tsukamoto's body,
which we believe was left by the murderer.
It could be a vital key.
- What is it? - Iíll ask the questions. What is it?
It's a Japanese banknote from the Second World War.
The killer must have made Mr Tsukamoto swallow it.
- So... - Sorry, that's all.
For $200,000! That's highway robbery!
Call it what you like.
Before you came in i sold this information to five other parties -
they paid me more.
- How much did the first party pay? - Shut up!
- How much did they pay? - None of your business.
But l told them about 72 hours ago.
That's all you can tell us?
OK, although this is unconfirmed, I think i know who the killer is.
For the past four years,
there's been an assassin in Southeast Asia, called the Angel of Death.
He's more of a vigilante, he works alone.
He's suspected of killing 17 people.
But these people were so evil, they deserved to die.
Angel of Death?
The Bible says the Angel of Death is God's mercenary against evil.
His mission is to spread justice by killing wrongdoers.
In short, he's God's own hitman.
Now Iíve told you all about him, let's call it quits, OK?
Let's go.
Martin, who was the first buyer?
I can tell you have a focused mind.
Tsukamoto's grandson. Excuse me.
Why did you ask that?
Well, Eiji found out first, so we'll just follow him.
Aren't you the smart boy for once!
This is a stupid idea.
We've been tailing him for days but we still haven't found anything.
Just relax.
Right, Iíll do that. You keep watch.
I had the serial numbers on the note regenerated by the computer.
In Hong Kong, all banknotes were registered even during the war.
How else could we claim compensation from your people?
Oh, l found the owner.
He's an old man. Here's his personal file.
At least now, you're getting your money's worth.
- Get the cars ready. - Sir.
Look, here they come.
I don't want him killed yet. Bring him to me first.
He's not home yet, come back later.
Go in!
May the word of God enlighten you.
Fred, come on. Hurry!
There's no sign of him anywhere!
Search the entire building immediately.
Iíll wait here.
Don't shoot!
Don't kill him!
Can't you go any faster? Put him in here!
Grab him!
Throw him to me!
They're downstairs!
Out of the way! Please don't die, Mr Leung! I need you.
Fred, hurry, close the gate!
Don't move! Get over there!
I like the Japanese. Yamaha's are great!
Are you all right? Say something!
I can't breathe!
Hang on, Mr Leung.
Hang on, Fred. You're doing fine. We'll wait upstairs.
Come on, Mr Leung.
Oh, dear!
Hey, Fred! Let's go.
Mr Leung, tell them all about it. Mr Leung!
Please don't die on us. We have to know the truth!
He's dead!
What did he say before he died?
Well, what did he say?
He said... Piss off!
He was worth $50m. Did you know that?
No, they're not worth it.
Iím assigning you to another case.
I want you and your team to bust this Mainland gang.
No-one else can do it.
Not until after this case.
Look Kwan, you've got to follow orders. Iím still the Chief.
You've been driving the department crazy since this started.
It's not just that, an old man was also killed.
Hold on a second. You and i both know that's not how it happened.
He was already dead before he was shot. He died of natural causes.
Our men interviewed the neighbours. We've done all we can.
It's a hopeless case.
Take my advice...
let it go.
- There's something l must tell you. - It's about time.
Iím not really an assassin's agent.
I know that!
Iím the one they're after - the Angel of Death!
I don't believe you.
They may think Iím the Angel of Death.
But Iím not actually him.
What are you talking about? Iíve had enough of your lies.
This is how it happened.
One day, l read an ad...for a killer.
Just like that exterminator ad the other day.
But the terms of the ad were very strange.
So i figured he was new at this gig,
and since i needed money to pay the bills, I called him up and we met.
That was Mr Leung, the old man.
Anyway, he wanted me to kill someone for him -
a Japanese officer, who'd killed his family during the war.
I thought it Would be impossible to find this guy.
But Leung said he was right here in Hong Kong on business.
''Hundreds Protest Fascist Leader Tsukamoto's Arrival in Hong Kong''
I decided there could be money in it, so i accepted.
But i never expected that aside from being old and senile,
all he had was a box of old Japanese banknotes from the war.
They have no value at all.
Then later on, he told the story to someone at the antique shop.
He finally ended up selling his banknotes for $2,000,
then he called me up again.
By then i felt so guilty taking money from that old man,
that i just gave him my bank account number and i said:
''Deposit the money when you read of Tsukamoto's death in the papers.''
But then Tsukamoto did get killed, so the old man deposited the money.
What makes it worse is that i wasn't the one who killed him.
It was someone else.
Iíve been looking for Leung, to tell him and to return his money.
Now it's too late.
Why didn't you hide? And what about that $5m you deposited?
I took out a mortgage on the apartment.
I had to know if they were on to me. They found the old man.
Besides if i... If we find the killer we could still end up with $100m.
So it is the money.
Someone's coming.
Papa, what are you doing?
There was a mouse, I was trying to...
I think he's got himself into trouble again.
Were you in a fight?
Of course not, we were just cleaning, right, Fred?
What happened to your face?
l came to get the rest of my things.
Great! It's best you moved out. The sooner the better, right?
Do you really hate me that much, Papa?
What are you talking about? You're the one who wanted to move.
- Sir, has she told you? - Yeah, she's moving out.
No, it's my father's birthday on Saturday.
We're also celebrating Kelly's promotion.
We'll understand if you can't make it.
Of course Iíll come. I Wouldn't miss that.
- When is it? - Saturday.
See you there?
See you on Saturday.
Don't eat too much junk food.
''Fred, she looks like you. Look after her.''
He withdrew $20, then $30... It must be here somewhere...
Let's scan forward... Just a little more...
Here it is.
According to Leung's bank account,
the day after your grandfather's death,
he withdrew $200,000 and deposited it in another account.
- Can you trace that account holder? - I already did.
This is the man you're after.
That's the weather for today...
- Ready? - Let's watch the news first.
A fire broke out at a five storey building in Wanchai, this afternoon.
The fire started at Unit 504 on the 5th floor of the Chiu Chow building.
What's wrong?
..whether the fire was intentional...
- They're on to me. - How do you know?
That's where i used to live.
We'd better get going.
My God! They're here!
Move it!
Now they all think Iím the Angel of Death!
They all want to find me so they can kill me!
Maybe it's best if l just leave this place.
Just take a boat and split.
You've thought about killing me too, right? So you can get the money?
Yes, l have.
But Iím no match for you.
You''re no killer, Fred. You're too nice.
- What's that for? - Just take it.
- If it's some kind of deal... - Will you relax? It's a gift.
Do me one favour - watch over Kelly.
She'll be working with the sharks, she'll need protection.
Just take it, so i know you'll look after her.
Iíll look after her anyway, even without the watch.
I thought so. You like her a lot, don't you?
I can't take this.
I don't have any friends.
You're the only one Iíve got.
So take it.
Now, go, get out of here. Go on! Go on! Get out of here, will you?
What's the message?
''Kelly: Are you coming? Your friends have arrived.''
Is something wrong, sir?
I don't feel well.
You! Off with those clothes!
- How long have you known my father? - A few weeks now.
- You must be corrupt. - What makes you say that?
A lot of my dad's friends are criminals, except for Fred.
Are you?
Well, why don't you ask your father? He's here.
I wonder what he's saying to Kelly right now.
Maybe he's also after me. Keep him busy while i talk to Kelly.
How do i do that?
Talk to him. Dance with him if you want.
You remember Captain Kwan, Fred. Why don't you two catch up?
Care to dance with your old man?
I haven't seen this suit before.
- Do you like it? - Not really.
- Why not? - It doesn't suit your size.
That's the price i pay for having a daughter as tall as you.
What brought you here, Captain?
Word is Norman's the Angel of Death, so everyone will be after him.
His daughter's innocent.
I just want to make sure they don't use her as a hostage.
You're the Angel of Death.
Only you know he's innocent.
- You're sure about that? - Absolutely.
Then kill me now. You'll get a hundred million.
Even if i killed you, I Wouldn't get the money.
You have a good head on those shoulders.
Come with me.
- David. - This will only take a moment.
I want you to meet my girlfriend, Kelly.
- Hello. - Kelly.
Uncle Would like you to work for his law firm.
You deserve to work for a more prestigious company.
We don't usually accept new lawyers, but i owe David's father a favour.
Stop it, you're embarrassing me.
Excuse me, Uncle, Iím really grateful for the offer,
but i enjoy my job as public prosecutor.
It's a good place to learn, right? Don't be offended.
Good evening, sir.
Dad, this is Mr Lu, Kelly's father.
- Glad to meet you. - You don't seem glad.
What is your line of business, sir?
Oh, different things.
He used to own a taxi company, now he's in freight.
Really, Iíve heard that's quite lucrative.
Actually, I have no business.
You know what i really do?
I cheat people out of money.
- Papa... - Kelly, what's the point of lying?
They may not know the truth today, but sooner or later they will.
And Iíve given you enough pain.
I wasn't a good father. Iím sorry, l won't bother you again.
I just hope that... some day Iíd see you...
as a brilliant lawyer that i can be proud of.
Well, sir, don't be alarmed.
Kelly has been against my work from the start.
Gentlemen, thanks for a wonderful evening.
I have to go.
Now you can arrest me. Iím ready to go to jail.
You'd better look for somewhere to hide.
Like where, Captain?
They won't give up looking for him. Let's go.
- Where are we going? - We'll tell Martin the truth.
- What if he doesn't believe us? - If he doesn't, you're history.
Kelly, don't worry. I can be like a father to you from now on.
Thanks a lot, sir, but Iíve decided to break up with David, anyway.
Let her go. Don't be such a wimp.
Hello, Martin speaking.
Martin, it's Fred. Norman's here with me.
Everyone's been looking for him.
Have the money ready before we reach your office.
Iím not in my office. Iím at the Tsukamoto penthouse.
Is there anything wrong?
No, everything's fine.
We'll be there soon.
Do you still believe they're going to pay you?
Everyone's after me. Iíll wind up dead anyway, so we may as well go.
If you hadn't been in charge of this hunt, Iíd have killed you long ago.
If you get the cash, give half of it to my daughter.
I have to make it up to her.
So you made it?
So, he's the Angel of Death?
As far as everyone's concerned, Norman Lu's the man.
And if i kill him now, I get the reward?
- Of course... - Let him talk!
- Immediately! - I don't want to hear any more lies!
- In my experience... - I can transfer it to your name now.
- You're lying. - Why Would he do that?
Two keystrokes and Iím connected to the Swiss bank.
The amount is entered in your account and you input your code number.
That's it, the money's yours.
Then, Iíll do it.
Fred, why did you have to kill him?
I can't transfer the money myself because he's in charge of the hunt!
It doesn't really matter who kills him. The reward is mine.
I told you we couldn't trust them.
You were right. Great foresight, Fred.
All right, game's over! We're outta here! See you around!
What about your five million?
Give it back.
Give it to them!
- Where's the Angel of Death? - He's coming.
He better be quick!
It's the Angel of Death.
It's him!
So, you're the Angel of Death. Now you'll pay for my grandfather.
Iíll deal with the lady, I can take her.
What a woman!
No, Iíll take him.
There, can't get far now, can you?
Now, it's my turn.
So, you want to get a little closer?
Wow, you shouldíve been a gymnast!
- Are you all right? - Hospital bills cost a fortune!
Don't worry about the money.
You'll get the hundred million, once you've killed him.
Can you do it?
No, I can't.
Now you know too much about me.
Hold it right there.
You can't just waste all that money.
- What do you mean? - We have to make use of that money.
- It's $100m. - What do you suggest?
We have to invent a story - Eiji, here, is the real Angel of Death.
He killed his grandfather for the money.
The Captain found out... oh, Iím sorry...
He asked you to help out so he could arrest Eiji.
When Eiji fought back, you had to kill him.
As for the man...
We'll sort out the details later, just give us the money.
No problem, guys.
Gentlemen, I carried out your instructions -
and invested your money in Coca-Cola shares.
Of course, Iíd appreciate 20% of the annual profit.
Now that you're all millionaires, you have nothing to worry about.
Now i can buy my mom a really big house.
Buy her a skyscraper for God's sake.
Iím bringing Kelly skiing in Switzerland.
You're lucky, Iíve lost my job.
Well, I have this rich friend who hires vigilantes for just causes,
and he'll pay $3m per target.
Don't tell me, Iím done with that business, all right?
If you change your mind, tell me about it, OK?
Thanks, Martin. Can l talk to you in private?
You can talk here, Iím his agent.
l forgot to tell you. Iíve got a new agent.
You replaced me?
There she is.
So you're the one who took my place?
Iíll be his lawyer from now on.
You mean, you'll be handling all his assets?
Iíll be handling your assets as well.
You must be dreaming! Iíd never let anyone charge me commission!
- Iíd better retire. - But you are retired.
I mean as a vigilante.
- As the Angel of Death? - Yeah, you can take over.
Iím afraid Iím not a very good killer.
That's because you've had the wrong targets.
If they deserved to die, Iím sure you could do it.
Think of yourself as the new vigilante... The new Angel of Death.
Let's make it three Angels of Death.
All right. It's a deal.
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