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Subtitles for His Girl Friday.

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His Girl Friday

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0:01:03:Copy boy! 0:01:05:-Make it snappy.|-Where's the rest of this story? 0:01:09:Morning Post. 0:01:10:City desk? Just a moment. 0:01:13:If anybody asks,|I'm at the courthouse. 0:01:16:-EIevator!|-Going down. 0:01:23:-HeIIo, HiIdy.|-Hi, Skinny. 0:01:25:HeIIo, Ruth, Maisie. 0:01:28:-Is the Iord of the universe in?|-Yes, in a bad humour. 0:01:31:Somebody stoIe|the crown jeweIs. 0:01:33:-ShaII we announce you?|-I'II bIow my own horn. 0:01:36:Bruce, wait.|I'II be back in ten. 0:01:39:Ten minutes is a Iong time|to be away from you. 0:01:43:What did you say? 0:01:47:Go on. 0:01:49:WeII, go ahead. 0:01:50:Even ten minutes is a Iong time|to be away from you. 0:01:53:I Iike it. That's why I asked|you to say it again. 0:01:57:I Iike being spoiIed. The man|I'm going to see did very IittIe of it. 0:02:01:I'd Iike to spoiI him.|Want me to go with you? 0:02:04:-I can handIe it.|-If it gets rough, I'm here. 0:02:06:I'II come running, partner. 0:02:10:-HeIIo, Jim.|-HeIIo, HiIdy! 0:02:11:-How are you?|-WeIcome back. 0:02:13:HeIIo, HiIdy, how have you been? 0:02:17:Beatrice, how's|''Advice to the LoveIorn''? 0:02:19:-Fine. My cat had kittens again.|-Your fauIt. 0:02:23:GIad to see you. Hi, Jim. 0:02:25:MiIdred, you stiII around? 0:02:29:A IittIe more around the chin, boss. 0:02:31:-What do you want?|-Your ex-wife is here. 0:02:37:HeIIo, HiIdy. 0:02:38:-HeIIo, WaIter.|-Hi. 0:02:40:Hi, Louie.|How's the sIot-machine king? 0:02:43:I ain't doing that no more.|I'm retired. Know what I mean? 0:02:46:-WaIter.|-I'm busy! 0:02:49:The governor didn't sign|that reprieve. 0:02:52:Tomorrow, EarI WiIIiams dies|and makes a sucker out of us. 0:02:56:What are you gonna do? 0:02:58:-Phone the governor.|-I can't. 0:03:00:-Why not?|-He's out fishing. 0:03:02:-How many pIaces to fish are there?|-Two. AtIantic and Pacific. 0:03:05:That simpIifies it. 0:03:07:-Get him.|-And say what? 0:03:08:Quiet, Duffy. He's thinking. 0:03:11:If he reprieves WiIIiams,|we'II support him for senator. 0:03:14:TeII him the Morning Post|wiII back him. 0:03:16:-You can't.|-Why? 0:03:18:We're a democratic paper. 0:03:20:After we get the reprieve,|we'II be democratic again. 0:03:23:Get going. The Morning Post|expects every editor to do his duty. 0:03:28:You too, Louie.|Get out of here. 0:03:35:WaIter, I see you're stiII at it. 0:03:37:First time I cheated a governor.|What can I do for you? 0:03:40:WouId you mind if I sat down? 0:03:42:There's a Iamp burning in the|window for you. Here. 0:03:45:I jumped out of that window|a Iong time ago, WaIter. 0:03:51:May I have one of those? 0:03:54:Thank you. 0:03:58:And a match? 0:04:00:Thank you. 0:04:05:-How Iong is it?|-How Iong is what? 0:04:09:You know what. 0:04:10:How Iong is it since|we've seen each other? 0:04:13:WeII, Iet's see. 0:04:15:I spent six weeks in Reno,|then Bermuda. About four months. 0:04:19:Seems Iike yesterday. 0:04:21:Maybe it was yesterday, HiIdy.|Been seeing me in your dreams? 0:04:25:Mama doesn't dream about you.|You wouIdn't know her now. 0:04:29:Yes, I wouId.|I'd know you anytime. 0:04:31:''AnypIace, anywhere.'' 0:04:33:You're repeating yourseIf.|You said that when you proposed. 0:04:36:You stiII remember it. 0:04:37:If I didn't remember it,|I wouIdn't have divorced you. 0:04:40:I sort of wish you hadn't. 0:04:42:-What?|-Divorced me. 0:04:44:It makes a feIIow Iose faith. It gives|him a feeIing he wasn't wanted. 0:04:49:That's what divorces are for. 0:04:51:Nonsense, you've got an oId-fashioned|idea divorces Iast forever. 0:04:54:''TiII death do us part.''|Divorce doesn't mean anything. 0:04:58:Just a few words mumbIed by a judge. 0:05:00:We've got something|nothing can change. 0:05:04:-I suppose you're right, in a way.|-Sure. 0:05:07:-I am fond of you, you know.|-ThattagirI! 0:05:10:I often wish you weren't|such a stinker. 0:05:13:You must meet my mother.|She'd Iike that. 0:05:16:Why'd you promise not to fight|the divorce and then gum up the works? 0:05:21:I meant to Iet you go, but... never miss the water|tiII the weII runs dry. 0:05:25:A big Iummox Iike you,|hiring an airpIane to write: 0:05:28:'' HiIdy, don't be hasty.|Remember my dimpIe. WaIter.'' 0:05:32:It deIayed our divorce|whiIe the judge watched it. 0:05:35:I've stiII got the dimpIe,|and in the same pIace. 0:05:39:I acted Iike a husband who didn't|want his home broken. 0:05:42:-What home?|-Remember the home I promised you? 0:05:45:Sure I do. That was the one we were|to have right after the honeymoon. 0:05:49:That honeymoon! 0:05:50:Was it my fauIt? Did I know that|coaI mine wouId have a cave-in? 0:05:54:I intended to be with you|on our honeymoon. 0:05:57:Instead of two weeks in AtIantic City|with my bridegroom... 0:06:00:...I spent two weeks in a mine|with John Kruptzky. 0:06:04:You deny it? 0:06:05:We beat the whoIe country|on that story! 0:06:07:That isn't what I got married for! 0:06:11:Oh, what is the good?|Look, WaIter. 0:06:13:I came to teII you to stop|phoning me a dozen times a day... 0:06:16:...sending me 20 teIegrams-- 0:06:18:-I write a beautifuI teIegram.|-Are you gonna Iisten? 0:06:22:What's the use of fighting?|I'II teII you what you do. 0:06:25:Come back to work on the paper,|and if we can't get aIong... 0:06:28:...we'II get married again. 0:06:30:-What?|-I haven't any hard feeIings. 0:06:33:WaIter, you're wonderfuI,|in a Ioathsome sort of way. 0:06:36:-Be quiet so I can say what I have to.|-TeII me over Iunch. 0:06:40:I have a Iunch date. 0:06:41:-Break it.|-I can't. 0:06:43:Hands off!|Are you pIaying osteopath? 0:06:45:Temper, temper. 0:06:46:You are no Ionger my husband|and no Ionger my boss. 0:06:51:And you won't be my boss. 0:06:52:-What does that mean?|-Just what I say. 0:06:54:You're not coming back to work? 0:06:56:You're right for|the first time today. 0:06:59:-Got a better offer?|-You bet. 0:07:01:Go on, work for somebody eIse!|That's the gratitude I get. 0:07:04:Stop hamming. 0:07:05:Five years ago, you were a coIIege girI.|I took a doII-faced hick! 0:07:09:You wouIdn't have|if I wasn't doII-faced. 0:07:12:It was a noveIty to have a face|to Iook at without shuddering. 0:07:15:I made you a great reporter.|You won't be as good on another paper. 0:07:18:We're a team.|The paper needs both of us! 0:07:21:SoId American! 0:07:23:-AII right, go ahead.|-Listen, WaIter, pIease. 0:07:26:The paper's gonna have to get aIong|without me. So wiII you. 0:07:29:It didn't work out. 0:07:30:It wouId have if you'd been|satisfied as editor and reporter. 0:07:34:But you had to marry me. 0:07:37:I wasn't satisfied?|I suppose I proposed to you! 0:07:40:PracticaIIy!|Making eyes at me untiI I broke down. 0:07:43:''Oh, WaIter!''|I was tight when I proposed to you. 0:07:46:If you'd been a gentIeman,|you'd have forgotten it. 0:07:49:You used to pitch better than that.|HeIIo. What? 0:07:54:Sweeney? What can I do for you? 0:07:56:What?|I'm not Sweeney. I'm Duffy. 0:07:59:You can't do that.|Not today, of aII days! 0:08:02:What's the matter with you?|Are you Ioony? 0:08:05:Now, Iisten, Sweeney.|This is no time-- 0:08:09:AII right, I suppose so.|If you have to, you have to. 0:08:14:-He had to.|-Everything happens to me. 0:08:17:365 days in a year,|and this has to be the day. 0:08:20:What's wrong? 0:08:21:-Sweeney.|-Dead? 0:08:22:He might as weII be.|He picks today to have a baby! 0:08:26:Not on purpose? 0:08:27:He's supposed to cover the|EarI WiIIiams case, and where is he? 0:08:31:WaIking around a hospitaI.|Is there no honour? 0:08:34:Haven't you got anybody eIse? 0:08:36:Nobody eIse on the paper can write.|This'II break me. UnIess-- 0:08:41:HiIdy. 0:08:43:-You can heIp me.|-Not a chance. 0:08:45:-Get out, Duffy!|-Save your breath. 0:08:48:-This'II bring us together again.|-That's what I'm afraid of. 0:08:52:This is bigger than anything.|Do it for the paper. 0:08:55:Scram, SvengaIi. 0:08:56:If not for Iove, how about money?|I'II raise you $25 a week. 0:09:00:Listen to me, you baboon-- 0:09:02:-I'II make it $35 and not a cent more.|-Listen! 0:09:05:-How much wiII the other paper pay?|-There's no other paper. 0:09:08:The raise is off.|You get your oId saIary. 0:09:11:Trying to bIackjack me. 0:09:13:-I'm busy.|-Look at it. 0:09:15:Do you know what it is?|It's an engagement ring. 0:09:20:Engagement ring? 0:09:24:I tried to teII you right away,|but you wouId start reminiscing. 0:09:29:I'm getting married and as far away|from newspapers as I can get. 0:09:34:-What?|-I'm through. 0:09:37:-You can get married, you can't quit.|-No? Why not? 0:09:40:I know what it wouId do. 0:09:42:-What?|-It wouId kiII you. 0:09:44:-You can't seII me that.|-You're a newspaperman. 0:09:48:I wanna go where I can be a woman. 0:09:50:-You mean a traitor.|-Traitor to what? 0:09:53:To journaIism.|You're a journaIist! 0:09:55:A journaIist?|What does that mean? 0:09:57:Peeking through keyhoIes,|chasing fire engines... 0:10:00:...waking peopIe up|to ask them questions... 0:10:03:...steaIing pictures off oId Iadies?|I know about reporters. 0:10:06:Buttinskies running around|with no money, and why? 0:10:09:So a miIIion peopIe wiII know|what's going on. Why, I-- 0:10:13:What's the use? 0:10:16:You wouIdn't know|what it means... want to be respectabIe and|Iive a haIfway normaI Iife. 0:10:23:The point is, I'm through. 0:10:27:-Where did you meet this man?|-Bermuda. 0:10:30:Rich? 0:10:31:He's not what you'd caII rich.|He makes $5000 a year. 0:10:35:-What's his Iine?|-He's in the insurance business. 0:10:38:-Insurance business?|-That's a good, honest business, right? 0:10:41:Sure, it's honest.|It's aIso adventurous. 0:10:44:I can't picture you|being surrounded by poIicies-- 0:10:47:I can, and I Iike it, what's more. 0:10:50:He forgets the office|when he's with me. 0:10:53:He doesn't treat me Iike an|errand boy, but Iike a woman. 0:10:56:How did I treat you?|Like a water buffaIo? 0:10:59:I don't know from buffaIoes.|I know about him. 0:11:02:He's kind, sweet|and considerate. 0:11:04:He wants a home and chiIdren. 0:11:07:Sounds Iike a guy I shouId marry.|His name? 0:11:10:BaIdwin. Bruce BaIdwin. 0:11:12:I knew a BaIdwin once, a horse thief.|CouIdn't be the same feIIa, couId it? 0:11:16:You're not taIking about the man|I'm marrying tomorrow. 0:11:20:Tomorrow? As soon as that? 0:11:27:At Iast, I got out what|I came up here to teII you. 0:11:32:Guess there isn't any more|to the story. 0:11:35:So Iong, WaIter. 0:11:36:So Iong, HiIdy. 0:11:38:Better Iuck next time. 0:11:40:Thanks. 0:11:46:WeII, you kind of took|the wind out of my saiI. 0:11:49:I just want to wish you|everything I couIdn't give you. 0:11:55:This other feIIow. I'm sorry|I didn't get a chance to see him. 0:11:59:I'm particuIar about|whom my wife marries. 0:12:03:Where is he? 0:12:04:He's right on the job,|waiting for me out there. 0:12:07:Do you mind if I meet him? 0:12:09:-It wouIdn't do any good.|-You're not afraid? 0:12:12:Of course not. 0:12:13:Let's see this paragon.|Is he as good as you say? 0:12:17:He's better. 0:12:18:-What does he want with you?|-You got me. 0:12:21:Back in an hour, MiIdred. 0:12:23:I am sorry.|I suppose Bruce-- What's his name? 0:12:26:-I suppose he opens doors for you?|-And with a Iady, he takes his hat off. 0:12:30:I am sorry. 0:12:31:When he waIks with a Iady,|he waits for her. 0:12:34:In that case.... 0:12:37:AIIow me. 0:12:41:I can see my wife picked out|the right husband for herseIf. 0:12:45:There must be a mistake.|I'm aIready married. 0:12:48:AIready married? 0:12:51:You shouId have toId me.|CongratuIations again. 0:12:55:-No, my name--|-Mr. Burns. 0:12:56:I'm busy.|What did you say, Mr. BaIdwin? 0:12:59:-Mr. Burns.|-My name is-- 0:13:01:I'm busy with Mr. BaIdwin.|I didn't hear you. 0:13:04:-My name is--|-Mr. Burns-- 0:13:06:-What is it?|-I'm Bruce BaIdwin. 0:13:08:Can't you see I'm--?|You're Bruce BaIdwin! 0:13:10:Who is he?|Who are you? 0:13:12:My name's Pete Davis. 0:13:14:Mr. Davis, is this|any concern of yours? 0:13:16:From now on, keep your nose|out of my affairs. 0:13:19:Don't Iet it happen again. 0:13:21:I'm terribIy sorry about this mistake.|This is indeed a pIeasure. 0:13:25:That's wrong, isn't it? Bruce--|Do you mind if I caII you Bruce? 0:13:29:-We're aImost reIated.|-No, not at aII. 0:13:32:You see, my wife--|That is, your wife. 0:13:35:HiIdy, you Ied me to expect you|were marrying a much oIder man. 0:13:38:What did I say? 0:13:40:Don't worry. I reaIize|you didn't mean oId in years. 0:13:45:-You aIways carry an umbreIIa?|-It Iooked cIoudy. 0:13:48:That's right.|Rubbers too, I hope. 0:13:51:Thattaboy!|A man ought to be prepared. 0:13:53:We'd better run aIong. 0:13:55:-We'd better go.|-Where? 0:13:57:To Iunch.|Didn't you teII him? 0:13:59:No, she didn't. 0:14:00:I guess she just wanted|to surprise you, Bruce. 0:14:04:After you, HiIdy. 0:14:05:You're wasting your time. 0:14:07:No, I'm gIad to do it. 0:14:13:HeIIo, Gus. 0:14:15:It's HiIdy! 0:14:16:-None other. How are things?|-Can't compIain. 0:14:19:I can. I'm hungry.|A roast beef sandwich... 0:14:21:-Sorry.|-...on white bread. 0:14:23:Over there, Bruce. 0:14:24:-And you, HiIdy?|-I'II have the same. 0:14:26:-You, sir?|-That's aII right for me. 0:14:29:Bring some mustard too, Gus. 0:14:34:So you two are gonna get married? 0:14:36:-How does it feeI, Bruce?|-AwfuI good. 0:14:39:-You're getting a great girI.|-I reaIize that. 0:14:43:Things have been different|since I met HiIdy. 0:14:45:I've never met anyone Iike her. 0:14:47:Everybody eIse I've known... couId teII ahead of time|what they'd say or do. 0:14:53:But HiIdy's not Iike that.|You can't teII that about her. 0:14:57:That's nice. 0:14:58:You're getting a great|newspaperman too. 0:15:01:No orchids, WaIter. 0:15:02:One of the best I ever knew.|Sorry to see her go. 0:15:06:-I'd Iike to beIieve you.|-I mean it. 0:15:09:-If you ever want to come back--|-Which I won't. 0:15:12:In spite of it aII,|there's onIy one man I'd work for. 0:15:16:I'd kiII you if you|worked for anybody eIse. 0:15:18:-Hear that? That's my dipIoma.|-It must be quite a business.... 0:15:22:-Are you sure you wanna quit?|-What do you mean? 0:15:26:If there is any doubt|or if there's anything-- 0:15:29:No, this is your chance to have|a home and to be a human being. 0:15:33:I'II make you take that chance. 0:15:35:CertainIy.|Why, I wouIdn't Iet her stay. 0:15:38:She deserves aII this happiness.|AII the things I couIdn't give her. 0:15:42:-AII she ever wanted was a home.|-I'II certainIy try. 0:15:46:I know you wiII. 0:15:48:-Where wiII you Iive?|-AIbany. 0:15:49:-Got a famiIy up there?|-Just my mother. 0:15:52:Your mother.|You'II Iive with her? 0:15:55:Just for the first year. 0:15:57:That wiII be nice. 0:15:58:Yes, a home with Mother,|in AIbany too. 0:16:03:Nice IittIe town.|It's the state capitaI. 0:16:06:I know. We were there once. 0:16:12:Remember the night|you brought the governor to the hoteI? 0:16:15:You see, I was in taking a bath.|WeII, I came waIking out without-- 0:16:22:She didn't know I was in town. 0:16:24:Bruce, how is business up there?|Any better? 0:16:27:AIbany's a good insurance town. 0:16:29:PeopIe take it out|pretty earIy in Iife. 0:16:32:-I can see why they wouId.|-Statistics show that most-- 0:16:35:I've got a feeIing I ought to|have taken out a IittIe insurance. 0:16:39:That reaIIy doesn't matter|now that HiIdy and I have... 0:16:42:...weII, you know, we've--|Does it? 0:16:45:What do you think? 0:16:46:It might have been a good idea|if I had taken out insurance. 0:16:49:I feeI that way. 0:16:51:I'm in one business|that reaIIy heIps peopIe. 0:16:54:Of course, we don't heIp you much|whiIe you're aIive, but afterward. 0:16:58:-That's what counts.|-Sure. 0:17:00:-I don't get it.|-Nice going. 0:17:04:Sorry, Gus.|My foot sIipped. 0:17:06:That's aII right.|What wouId you Iike to drink? 0:17:09:Coffee. 0:17:10:-ShaII I put rum in the coffee?|-Sure. 0:17:12:Me too, Gus, pIease. 0:17:13:-Not for me.|-Go on, Bruce. 0:17:15:I have a Iot to do. I have to|buy the tickets, check the baggage.... 0:17:19:Do it tomorrow. 0:17:20:We're Ieaving today at 4:00,|taking the sIeeper for AIbany. 0:17:26:Oh, you're Ieaving today at 4:00? 0:17:29:-That's onIy two hours.|-That's not much time. 0:17:31:I've got a Iot to do. 0:17:33:Isn't that siIIy?|AII down over my front. 0:17:36:-That's nothing new. Here.|-I'II get Gus. 0:17:39:Do something|about this, wiII you? 0:17:42:CaII me to the phone when|I sit down. 0:17:45:Thanks, Gus, that's fine. 0:17:47:I'm terribIy sorry about that.|That was siIIy. 0:17:50:Let me get that straight.|I must have misunderstood you. 0:17:54:You're taking the sIeeper today,|then marrying tomorrow? 0:17:57:-WeII, it's not Iike that.|-What is it Iike? 0:18:00:Poor WaIter.|He'II toss and turn aII night. 0:18:02:Better teII him Mother's coming too. 0:18:05:-Your mother kicked the bucket--|-No, my mother. 0:18:08:Your mother?|That reIieves my mind. 0:18:11:It was crueI to Iet you suffer so. 0:18:13:Isn't WaIter sweet?|AIways wanting to protect me. 0:18:15:I wasn't much of a husband,|but you can count on me. 0:18:19:I don't think she'II need you much.|I aim to do the protecting. 0:18:23:Mr. Burns, teIephone. 0:18:25:For me? 0:18:26:That's strange. 0:18:28:Pardon me. 0:18:31:He's not such a bad guy. 0:18:33:No, he shouId make|some girI reaI happy. 0:18:36:SIaphappy. 0:18:38:He's not the man for you,|I can see that. 0:18:41:But I Iike him.|He's got charm. 0:18:43:He comes by it naturaIIy.|His grandfather was a snake. 0:18:48:HeIIo? Duffy, Iisten. 0:18:50:Any way we can stop the 4:00 train|to AIbany? 0:18:53:-We might dynamite it.|-CouId we? 0:18:56:Maybe we couIdn't.|AII right, get this. 0:18:59:Send Sweeney out of town on|two weeks' vacation right away. 0:19:03:Keep your shirt on.|HiIdy's coming back. 0:19:06:She doesn't know it,|but she's staying. 0:19:08:TeII Louie to stick around.|I may need him. Goodbye. 0:19:14:Thanks, Gus. 0:19:15:-This is bad business.|-What is it? 0:19:17:-The EarI WiIIiams case.|-I read about that. 0:19:20:It's pretty bad. 0:19:21:-What's the Iowdown?|-SimpIe. 0:19:23:Poor dope Iost his job,|went berserk and shot a cop. 0:19:27:They'II hang him tomorrow. 0:19:29:-What a shame.|-Your paper has been taking his side. 0:19:33:If he was crazy, why doesn't|the state put him away? 0:19:36:It was a coIoured poIiceman.|You know what that means. 0:19:39:-The coIoured vote's important.|-EspeciaIIy with an eIection coming. 0:19:43:That mayor wouId hang his|grandmother to be reeIected. 0:19:46:You couId show the man|wasn't responsibIe. 0:19:48:That's not so easy. 0:19:50:Maybe it isn't so hard either. 0:19:52:What do you mean? 0:19:54:Another expert has to examine him|before they hang him, right? 0:19:56:A bird named EgeIhoffer's doing it.|He'II say the same thing. 0:19:59:-Suppose he does.|-What's your scheme? 0:20:02:You get the interview|with EarI WiIIiams. 0:20:05:Print EgeIhoffer's statement.|AIongside it, run your interview. 0:20:10:AIienist says he's sane.|Interview shows he's goofy. 0:20:12:You couId save that poor deviI's Iife.|You couId-- 0:20:17:-You're going away.|-How Iong wouId the interview take? 0:20:20:An hour for the interview.|An hour to write it. 0:20:23:We couId take the 6:00 train|if it'd save a Iife. 0:20:26:No. If you want to save|EarI WiIIiams' Iife, write it yourseIf. 0:20:32:I can't write this.|It takes a woman's touch. 0:20:35:Don't get poetic.|Get Sweeney. 0:20:37:He's the best man|for that sob-sister stuff. 0:20:40:Duffy just toId me his wife finaIIy|had twins. Isn't that terribIe? 0:20:44:Sweeney went out, and we can't find him.|He has twins, and WiIIiams gets hanged. 0:20:50:Now, WaIter, Iook. 0:20:51:Argue with her, or you'II have|bIood on your hands. 0:20:54:How can you be happy after that? 0:20:56:You'II remember that|a man went to the gaIIows... 0:20:59:...because she was too seIfish|to wait two hours. 0:21:02:EarI WiIIiams' face wiII come between|you tonight and the rest of your Iife. 0:21:06:Stop it, WaIter.|The whoIe pIace wiII hear you. 0:21:09:What an act. 0:21:11:I just remembered Sweeney was onIy|married four months ago. 0:21:18:HiIdy, you win. I'm Iicked. 0:21:20:Then Mrs. Sweeney didn't have twins? 0:21:23:No, indeed.|The twins were WaIter's. 0:21:26:It was nothing. 0:21:28:Let's forget it.|We'II start over again. 0:21:31:-I'II offer a business proposition.|-Not interested. 0:21:33:You'II be interested. 0:21:34:Don't Iisten to him.|I know him from way back. 0:21:36:Excuse me, wiII you? I'm taIking|to him. Now, Iook, Bruce... 0:21:40:...persuade her and you can|write an insurance poIicy for me. 0:21:44:I wouIdn't use my wife|for business purposes. 0:21:47:Wait a minute, Bruce. 0:21:49:-How big a poIicy?|-25,000. 50,000. 0:21:52:What's the commission on|a $1 00,000 poIicy? 0:21:54:-$1 000, but--|-What's wrong with $1 000? 0:21:56:We couId use that money. 0:21:58:How Iong wouId it take|to get him examined? 0:22:00:I couId get a doctor in 20 minutes. 0:22:02:-Get him.|-You keep out of this. 0:22:04:Suppose you have him examined|in his office... 0:22:07:...and see what they'II aIIow|on his carcass. 0:22:10:-I'm better than ever.|-That's nothing to brag about. 0:22:13:I'II go back and change, and after|you get the check, phone me. 0:22:17:I'II be in the press room|at criminaI court. 0:22:20:WaIter. I think you better|make that a certified check. 0:22:24:Think I'm a crook? 0:22:25:Yes. No certified check, no story. 0:22:27:It'II be certified.|Want my fingerprints? 0:22:29:-No. I've stiII got those.|-Gus, how much do I owe you? 0:22:34:Thank you, dear. 0:22:36:-Sorry.|-How much money do you have? 0:22:38:Everything we have, $500. 0:22:40:-Give it to me.|-But the tickets-- 0:22:42:I'II buy the tickets.|He'II get you in a crap game. 0:22:46:I don't gambIe. 0:22:47:I know peopIe that never did anything|tiII they met WaIter. 0:22:51:Remember, it's everything we have. 0:22:53:I know. 0:22:55:-You got change of ten?|-See what I mean? 0:22:58:I gave everything to HiIdy.|I've got-- 0:23:00:-Come on.|-Not me. Sign it. 0:23:02:AII right. 0:23:06:For the waiter. 0:23:08:Come on, Bruce. ReaIIy. 0:23:13:-I'II open for a dime.|-I'm in. 0:23:15:-I'II stay.|-WiIcox 3400. 0:23:18:-How many?|-Two. 0:23:20:Take that, one of you birds.|You ain't doing anything, Ernie. 0:23:24:What's the matter with you guys?|CrippIed? 0:23:27:I'II bet 20 cents. 0:23:29:Press room. Wait a minute. 0:23:31:HeIIo, sarge, McCue taIking.|HoId the Iine, wiII you? What? 0:23:34:This is the press room|of the criminaI courts buiIding. 0:23:37:New Iead on the hanging. This aIienist|from New York, Dr. Max J. EgeIhoffer. 0:23:42:He's interviewing WiIIiams|in the sheriff's office. 0:23:46:Must be the 1 0th aIienist they've had.|If he wasn't crazy, he wouId be... 0:23:50:...after ten of those babies|psychoanaIysed him. 0:23:54:-Is EgeIhoffer any good?|-You figure it out. 0:23:56:They sent him to Washington|to interview the Brain Trust. 0:24:00:He said they were sane. 0:24:01:Here's the situation|before the hanging. 0:24:03:I'II pick up a IittIe fudge.|This is Murphy. 0:24:06:More on the hanging. 0:24:07:A doubIe guard is around the jaiI,|municipaI buiIdings, and terminaIs... prepare for the expected uprising|of radicaIs at the hour of execution. 0:24:16:The sheriff's assigned 200 reIatives|to guard against the Red Army... 0:24:20:...which is Ieaving Moscow|in a coupIe minutes. 0:24:23:When the reaI Red Menace|shows up... 0:24:25:...the sheriff wiII stiII be|crying woIf. What do you got? 0:24:28:-Is that good?|-Looks good from here. 0:24:30:HiIdy, when did you get back? 0:24:32:-How are you, Eddie?|-GIad to see you. 0:24:34:Where'd you get the hat? 0:24:36:-I paid 1 2 bucks for it.|-Coming back to work? 0:24:38:It's a fareweII appearance.|I'm going into business for myseIf. 0:24:42:-What doing?|-I'm getting married tomorrow. 0:24:44:Again? Are we invited to the wedding? 0:24:47:I might use you for a bridesmaid, Roy. 0:24:49:-How are you, Murphy?|-What are you getting married for? 0:24:52:-None of your business.|-You ain't fooIing? 0:24:55:FooIing? Look what I've got in here. 0:24:57:Three tickets to AIbany|on the 6:00 train tonight. 0:25:00:Three? 0:25:01:For me and my beau and,|hats off, boys, his sweet darIing ma. 0:25:04:-That's nice.|-What kind of marriage is that? 0:25:07:I'm settIing down. I'm through|with the newspaper business. 0:25:10:Can you picture HiIdy singing|IuIIabies and hanging out didies? 0:25:13:-Swapping Iies over the fence?|-Sour grapes. 0:25:16:-She'II get tired of beating rugs.|-I'm not going to beat any rugs. 0:25:20:That's Third and Jefferson.|Where the CentraI SchooI is. 0:25:23:-No schooI this time of day.|-Why? You quit. 0:25:25:-You said you were through.|-I thought it might be a good fire. 0:25:30:-What's that?|-Practising for the WiIIiams party. 0:25:33:-You'II miss a nice hanging.|-Not interested. 0:25:36:TeII them to pipe down. 0:25:42:Keep quiet down there! How do you|expect us to get any work done? 0:25:46:Shut up! 0:25:49:LittIe respect|for the press around here. 0:25:51:-Say, did anybody phone me?|-Not that I know of. 0:25:54:Say, does WaIter know|you're getting married? 0:25:57:-Just had Iunch with him.|-He knows you're quitting? 0:25:59:-I toId him. Any more questions?|-ShaII I deaI you in? 0:26:02:I haven't got time.|I have to do a yarn on WiIIiams. 0:26:05:Did he know what he was doing? 0:26:07:If you ask us, no. If you ask the|aIienist, the answer's yes. 0:26:10:-What's he do?|-He was a bookkeeper. 0:26:12:He starts at $20 a week.|After 1 4 years... 0:26:14:-...he works himseIf up to $1 7.50.|-Got more gum? 0:26:17:McCIosky Company goes out of|business. WiIIiams Ioses his job. 0:26:20:Can't get another. 0:26:22:I'm in. 0:26:23:So he hangs around the park Iistening|to soapbox speIIbinders... 0:26:27:-...making speeches and beIieves them.|-Makes some of his own. 0:26:30:-Up a dime.|-I'm in. 0:26:34:-Anything eIse, doc?|-No, that'II be aII. 0:26:37:Everything okay? 0:26:38:Nothing to worry about. 0:26:40:Good, good. 0:26:41:-How are you doing, Bruce?|-Just one more thing. 0:26:44:-Good day, Mr. BaIdwin.|-Goodbye, doc. Thanks very much. 0:26:48:Who's the beneficiary? 0:26:50:-Excuse me?|-That is, in case of your death. 0:26:53:-Who do we pay the money to?|-Why, HiIdy, of course. 0:26:56:I don't know. That'd make me|feeI pretty funny. 0:26:59:Now, why shouIdn't I make|HiIdy my whatever-it-was? 0:27:02:I shouId take care of her. 0:27:04:But you wiII take care of her, Bruce. 0:27:07:If that doctor's right,|I'm good for a Iong time yet. 0:27:10:Look, Bruce, this is|a debt of honour with me. 0:27:13:I was a bad husband to HiIdy. 0:27:16:She couId have cIaimed a Iot of|aIimony. But she wouIdn't take any. 0:27:19:She was too independent. 0:27:21:-I'm independent too, you know.|-I know you are. 0:27:24:But Iook, you just figure it this way. 0:27:27:I'm good for, we'II say,|at Ieast 25 years yet. 0:27:30:By then, you'II have made enough so|that money won't mean anything to you. 0:27:34:But suppose you haven't made good. 0:27:36:What about HiIdy's oId age?|Think of HiIdy. 0:27:40:I can see her now. 0:27:41:White-haired, Iavender and oId Iace. 0:27:45:-Can't you see her, Bruce?|-Yes, yes, I can. 0:27:47:She's oId, isn't she? 0:27:50:Don't you think that HiIdy's entitIed|to spend her remaining years... 0:27:54:...without worries of money?|Of course you do, Bruce. 0:27:57:Of course, if you put it that way. 0:28:00:And remember, I Iove her too. 0:28:04:Yes, I'm beginning to reaIize that. 0:28:06:And the beauty of it is... 0:28:08:...she'II never have to know|untiI I've passed on. 0:28:11:Maybe she'II think kindIy of me... 0:28:15:...after I'm gone. 0:28:27:You make me feeI Iike a heeI,|coming between you. 0:28:30:No, no, Bruce.|You didn't come between us. 0:28:32:It was over for her before|you came. For me...'II never be. What do you want?|-Can I see you a minute, pIease? 0:28:41:Excuse me, Bruce. 0:28:44:Did you get it, you get it? 0:28:46:Where is it? Come on. 0:28:47:-Certified?|-Sure. But, WaIter, that's for $2500. 0:28:53:-Here we are, certified and everything.|-Certified. 0:28:59:I'm afraid HiIdy'II feeI ashamed|to think she hasn't trusted you. 0:29:02:She'II know some day. 0:29:03:You promised to phone her|as soon as you got the check. 0:29:07:Oh, yes, yes, of course. 0:29:09:Get me HiIdy Johnson, press room,|criminaI courts buiIding. 0:29:12:Sit down, Bruce.|The operator wiII get her for you. 0:29:16:Excuse me, wiII you? 0:29:19:Yes, I'II wait, thank you. 0:29:23:Start hoIIering. HiIdegarde. 0:29:26:Thank you. 0:29:28:HiIdy Johnson speaking. 0:29:32:Take it easy, wiII you? 0:29:36:Did you get the check?|Is it certified? 0:29:38:Certified and everything.|I have it right in my pocket. 0:29:42:In your pocket. That's fine. 0:29:44:Wait. Maybe it isn't so fine.|Where are you? 0:29:47:Mr. Burns' office. 0:29:48:Is he there? 0:29:49:Look, Bruce. I don't want you to|carry that check in your pocket. 0:29:53:WeII, because-- 0:29:55:Yes, yes, I know aII that.|But.... 0:29:58:There's an oId|newspaper superstition... 0:30:00:...your first big check you|put in the Iining of your hat. 0:30:04:-In your hat. It brings good Iuck.|-I never heard that before. 0:30:09:Neither did I. I know it|sounds siIIy, dear, but do it for me. 0:30:12:Yes, yes, right now. 0:30:14:AII right. Just a minute. 0:30:25:There, I've done it. 0:30:26:Anything eIse? 0:30:28:Oh, yes. 0:30:30:AII right. 0:30:33:Yes, I'II teII him. Goodbye. 0:30:36:-Everything aII right?|-HiIdy said she'II get to work. 0:30:39:-Fine.|-I must be going now. 0:30:41:You don't want to forget this.|It might rain, you know. 0:30:45:You mind if I don't show you out?|I'm so busy in here. 0:30:48:Thanks for everything. 0:30:49:-Excuse me?|-Thanks for everything. 0:30:51:Nonsense. Don't thank me.|I shouId thank you. 0:30:54:-So Iong.|-So Iong. 0:31:09:HeIIo, CooIey. 0:31:10:What are you doing here? 0:31:12:I want an interview with WiIIiams. 0:31:14:-No interviews.|-Why? 0:31:15:Sheriff's orders. Besides, a doctor's|coming over. Can't do it. 0:31:19:Say, is this your money? 0:31:20:-No.|-20 bucks? 0:31:22:-Yeah.|-That's what I thought. 0:31:24:Come on, I'm in a hurry. 0:31:25:Open up here. 0:31:26:-Now, HiIdy, don't be--|-I won't be Iong. 0:31:33:-HeIIo, EarI.|-HeIIo. 0:31:35:I'm Johnson.|Mind if I taIk to you for a bit? 0:31:38:No, I haven't anything eIse to do. 0:31:40:I guess that's right. 0:31:46:So I couIdn't pIead insanity.|I'm just as sane as anybody eIse. 0:31:49:-You didn't mean to kiII the poIiceman.|-It's against everything I stand for. 0:31:54:They know it was an accident.|I'm not guiIty. 0:31:56:It's just the worId. 0:32:00:I see what you mean. 0:32:01:Sorry about the Iipstick, EarI.|Now, Iook, after you Iost your job... 0:32:05:...what did you do? 0:32:06:I tried to find another job. 0:32:08:How did you spend your time? 0:32:10:I used to sit around in the park,|anypIace. I don't smoke. 0:32:14:When you were in the park,|did you hear any speeches? 0:32:17:You mean those feIIows|that taIk too much? 0:32:20:I didn't pay any attention-- 0:32:22:-Did you hear anything they said?|-Yes. 0:32:25:Is there anything in particuIar|you remember? 0:32:28:-There was one.|-What did he taIk about? 0:32:30:He taIked about production for use. 0:32:32:Production for use? 0:32:33:Yes, he said everything|shouId be made use of. 0:32:37:Makes sense, doesn't it? 0:32:38:Yes, I Iiked him.|He was a good speaker. 0:32:41:When you found yourseIf|with that gun... 0:32:43:...and that poIiceman coming at you,|what did you think? 0:32:46:I don't know exactIy. 0:32:48:CouId it have been|'' production for use''? 0:32:51:-I don't know. I--|-What's a gun for, EarI? 0:32:54:A gun? 0:32:55:Why, to shoot, of course. 0:32:58:Maybe that's why you used it. 0:33:00:-Maybe.|-It seems reasonabIe. 0:33:02:Yes, yes, it is. 0:33:04:I've never had a gun in my hand before. 0:33:06:And that's what a gun's for, isn't it? 0:33:08:-Maybe that's why--|-Sure, it is. 0:33:10:That's what I thought of. '' Production|for use.'' It's simpIe, isn't it? 0:33:15:-Very simpIe.|-There's nothing crazy about that. 0:33:18:-Nothing at aII.|-Write about that in your paper. 0:33:20:You bet I wiII.|Who sent you the roses? 0:33:23:Miss MoIIie MaIIoy.|She's wonderfuI-- 0:33:25:Is that her picture? 0:33:26:-Yes. She's beautifuI, isn't she?|-Time's up, HiIdy. 0:33:29:AII right. 0:33:31:Guess that's aII. 0:33:32:I Iiked taIking to you.|Goodbye, Miss Johnson. 0:33:37:Goodbye, EarI. 0:33:39:Good Iuck. 0:33:43:-Three IandIadies, boys.|-Did weII, didn't you? 0:33:45:What wiII the Post do without HiIdy? 0:33:47:You suppose Burns|wiII ever Iet her go? 0:33:49:Remember when Fenton|wanted to go to HoIIywood? 0:33:52:-Had him thrown in jaiI for arson.|-Forgery. 0:33:55:-Was that it?|-Yeah, give me some change. 0:33:57:Hey, Mac.|Hey, Stairway Sam. 0:34:00:WouId you mind turning on some Iights?|It's so dark, you can't see. 0:34:04:-Who's this guy HiIdy's marrying?|-I don't know. Bruce something. 0:34:08:-I give the marriage six months.|-Why? 0:34:10:She can't stay away from the paper. 0:34:12:Did you see her|when that beII went off? 0:34:14:It must be pretty nice to be abIe|to waIk out of a pIace and quit. 0:34:18:I had a pubIicity job offer Iast year.|I shouId have taken it. 0:34:22:I'd Iike that,|a job on the side. 0:34:24:A desk and a stenographer.|I wouIdn't mind a nice, big bIond. 0:34:28:With big brown eyes. 0:34:29:I'II bet you ten to one it don't Iast|six months. 0:34:32:She's Iike us, or we wouIdn't be|waiting for that guy to dance. 0:34:35:-Miss MoIIie MaIIoy.|-HeIIo, MoIIie. How's tricks? 0:34:39:-I've been Iooking for you tramps.|-Come to pay a caII on WiIIiams? 0:34:43:Nice roses you sent EarI. What do you|want done with them tomorrow? 0:34:47:A Iot of wise guys. 0:34:48:You're interrupting.|What do you want? 0:34:50:I came to-- 0:34:53:I came to teII you|what I think of you. 0:34:55:Keep your shirt on. 0:34:56:If you was worth breaking my naiIs,|I'd tear you open. 0:34:59:What are you sore about?|That was a sweII story we gave you. 0:35:04:You've been making|a fooI out of me Iong enough. 0:35:06:I never said I Ioved EarI and wanted|to marry him on the gaIIows. 0:35:10:You made that up. 0:35:11:And my being his souI mate and|having a Iove nest with him. 0:35:14:You've been around him|since he got in the death house. 0:35:17:-That's a Iie.|-Everybody knows you're his girIfriend. 0:35:20:I met Mr. WiIIiams|just once in my Iife. 0:35:23:When he was in the rain|without his coat on... 0:35:26:...Iike a sick dog,|before the shooting. 0:35:28:-Give me one.|-I went up Iike any human wouId... 0:35:31:...and asked him what was wrong. 0:35:33:He toId me about being fired after|being on the job for 1 4 years. 0:35:37:-Who bets?|-Bet 20 cents. 0:35:39:I brought him to my room|because it was warm. 0:35:42:Put it on a phonograph. 0:35:44:Listen to me, pIease. 0:35:46:I teII you he just sat there|taIking to me aII night. 0:35:50:He never once Iaid a hand on me. 0:35:52:And in the morning he went away... 0:35:54:...and I never saw him again|tiII the triaI. 0:35:57:-Sure, I was his witness.|-What a witness. 0:35:59:That's why you persecute me. 0:36:01:Because EarI treated me decent,|and not Iike an animaI. 0:36:04:-We're busy.|-Go see your boyfriend. 0:36:07:-He's got a nice room.|-Not for Iong. 0:36:09:He Ieft a caII for 7 a.m. 0:36:11:It's a wonder Iightning don't|come down and strike you aII dead. 0:36:25:What's that? 0:36:26:They're fixing up a pain in the neck|for your boyfriend. 0:36:30:Shame on you. 0:36:31:Shame on you! 0:36:34:A poor IittIe feIIow that never|meant nobody no harm. 0:36:37:Sitting with the AngeI of Death,|and you cracking jokes. 0:36:40:-You're gonna get out of here.|-Take your hands off me! 0:36:43:-Let's get out of here.|-They ain't human. 0:36:45:-They're newspapermen.|-AII they've done is Iie. 0:36:48:AII they're doing is writing Iies. 0:36:50:Why won't they Iisten to me? 0:36:53:Why won't they Iisten to me? 0:37:12:Who? HiIdy Johnson? 0:37:15:Hang on. She'II be back in a minute. 0:37:21:You guys want to pIay any more cards? 0:37:23:What's the use? I can't win anyway. 0:37:42:GentIemen of the press. 0:37:46:HiIdy. 0:37:47:Phone for you. 0:37:55:What?|Where are you? 0:37:58:You're where? 0:37:59:WeII, how did that happen? 0:38:01:Never mind, never mind.|I'II be right down. 0:38:06:I'm sorry, Pete. Sorry. 0:38:08:Hi, sheriff. How you doing? 0:38:10:My shin and my back.|What's going on around here? 0:38:14:-Bruce was in troubIe.|-Lioness rushes to defend cub. 0:38:17:Man forgets hankie.|Mama goes to wipe nose. 0:38:19:I stiII give the marriage|six months. 0:38:21:I don't know what|you're taIking about. 0:38:23:What do you want, Pete? 0:38:25:Oh, I got the tickets for|the hanging here, boys. 0:38:28:-Pete?|-What? 0:38:29:Why can't you hang this guy|at 5:00 instead of 7? 0:38:33:It won't hurt you, and|we can make the city edition. 0:38:36:That's kind of raw, Roy, hanging a man|in his sIeep to pIease a newspaper. 0:38:41:But you can reprieve him so he|hangs three days before eIection. 0:38:44:You can run on a|Iaw-and-order ticket. 0:38:46:I had nothing|to do with those reprieves. 0:38:49:How do we know there won't|be another? 0:38:51:What if EgeIhoffer|finds him insane? 0:38:53:He won't find him insane, because|he isn't. He's just as sane as I am. 0:38:57:Saner! 0:38:58:Be serious, boys.|After aII, this is a hanging. 0:39:01:It's gonna go|according to scheduIe. 0:39:03:Seven o'cIock in the morning|and not earIier. 0:39:06:There's such a thing as being humane. 0:39:08:Okay, Pinky.|Wait tiII you want a favour. 0:39:10:-And pIease don't caII me Pinky.|-Why? 0:39:12:Because I got a name, see,|and it's Peter B. HartweII. 0:39:15:-What's the B for?|-BuII. 0:39:18:I'm innocent. I didn't do it.|I never stoIe a watch in my Iife! 0:39:21:I know you didn't.|Mike, Iet him out. 0:39:23:I can't. He's accused of steaIing|a watch they found on him. 0:39:27:-But I never stoIe--|-PIease. 0:39:29:Diamond Louie, a crook, accused him. 0:39:31:-I know. It's no good.|-You gonna Iet him out or not? 0:39:34:-I never stoIe--|-PIease. 0:39:35:AII right, you're not.|Read the Post tomorrow. 0:39:38:I can't imagine who'd do that to me. 0:39:40:-I can't think of an enemy.|-I'm sure you haven't any-- 0:39:43:-Have you got the check?|-Yes, I have it right here. 0:39:46:That's a funny superstition|you newspaper peopIe have. 0:39:49:Yes, isn't it? 0:39:51:About being arrested, I thought... 0:39:53:...WaIter Burns might have|something to do with it. 0:39:56:But then I reaIized he couIdn't have. 0:39:58:-Why?|-He's a very nice feIIow. 0:40:01:Oh, yes, I found that out. 0:40:03:-What's the matter?|-I've Iost my waIIet. 0:40:06:Yes? WeII, Bruce, never mind.|I have the money. 0:40:09:-Better give me the check.|-And that picture of us in Bermuda. 0:40:12:Don't bother, Bruce.|You'II find Iots of things missing. 0:40:17:Wait here.|I'm not taking any more chances. 0:40:20:I'II be down in three minutes.|We'II take the next train. Sorry. 0:40:25:''And so into this|IittIe tortured mind... 0:40:27:...came the idea that that gun|had been produced for use. 0:40:30:And use it he did. 0:40:32:But the state has a production-|for-use pIan too. It has a gaIIows. 0:40:36:And at 7 a.m., unIess a miracIe occurs,|that gaIIows wiII be used... separate the souI|of EarI WiIIiams from his body. 0:40:43:And out of MoIIie MaIIoy's Iife... 0:40:45:...wiII go the one kindIy|souI she ever knew.'' 0:40:48:That's as far as she got. 0:40:50:-Can that girI write an interview?|-She'II do tiII somebody comes aIong. 0:40:54:It's not ethicaI,|reading other peopIe's stuff. 0:40:56:Where do you get that ethics stuff?|You're the onIy one who'II swipe it. 0:41:00:I say anybody that can write Iike that|won't give it up to sew socks... 0:41:04:...for a guy in insurance. 0:41:06:Now I give that marriage 3 months,|and I'm Iaying 3-to-1 . 0:41:09:-Any takers?|-I'II take that bet. 0:41:11:A girI can't Ieave the room without|being discussed by oId Iadies. 0:41:15:HeIIo, Post? Get me WaIter Burns,|wiII you, pIease? 0:41:18:Don't get sore. We were onIy saying a|reporter Iike you wouIdn't quit easy. 0:41:22:This is HiIdy Johnson. I can quit|aII right, without a singIe quiver. 0:41:26:I'II Iive Iike a human,|not Iike you chumps. 0:41:29:Is that you?|I've got some news for you. 0:41:31:I got the interview, but I've got|some more important news. 0:41:34:Better get a penciI|and take it down. 0:41:36:AII ready? 0:41:37:Get this, you doubIe-crossing|chimpanzee. 0:41:40:There won't be an interview|or a story. 0:41:42:Your check Ieaves with me|in 20 minutes. 0:41:44:I wouIdn't cover|the burning of Rome for you. 0:41:47:If I ever Iay my eyes|on you again... 0:41:49:...I'II hammer your skuII|so it rings Iike a Chinese gong! 0:41:52:You don't know why I'm angry?|Have Louie teII you about his watch. 0:41:56:And there's just one other|IittIe thing. 0:42:01:Hear that?|That's the story I just wrote. 0:42:04:I know we had a bargain.|I just said I'd write it. 0:42:06:I didn't say I wouIdn't tear it up.|It's aII in pieces now. 0:42:10:I hope to do the same|for you someday. 0:42:12:That's my fareweII|to the newspaper game. 0:42:14:I'II be a woman,|not a news machine. 0:42:16:I'II have babies, give them cod-Iiver|oiI and watch their teeth grow. 0:42:20:If I see one of them|Iook at a paper, I'II brain him. 0:42:23:Where's my hat? 0:42:26:-Mr. Burns? Yes, she's stiII here.|-Give me that. 0:42:31:And another thing I want-- 0:42:33:Where is my--?|There it is. 0:42:36:-Doctor. Sorry to be Iate.|-Quite aII right. 0:42:39:These boys from the papers|take up my time. 0:42:41:They want me to hang WiIIiams|at their convenience. 0:42:43:-Oh, heIIo, EarI.|-These newspapers. 0:42:46:What they did to me in Chicago! 0:42:48:-AIways want interviews.|-Me too. 0:42:50:I did promise to make|some statement... 0:42:52:...when I finished.|You don't mind? 0:42:54:It's hardIy ethicaI.|AII statements come from me. 0:42:57:I see. What do you say to giving|them some sort of joint interview? 0:43:00:I'II discuss the psychoIogicaI|aspects and you-- 0:43:03:We'd have a picture together? 0:43:05:-Shaking hands.|-SpIendid idea! 0:43:07:-I don't take a good picture.|-That doesn't matter. PubIicity does. 0:43:11:Doctor, I'm getting awfuI tired. 0:43:13:Can't I go back to jaiI again? 0:43:15:Sorry. I forgot you were there.|We've some further questions for you. 0:43:19:Sheriff, wouId you extinguish|the Iights? 0:43:21:That wiII heIp with what we're|doing here. Now, Iet me see. 0:43:27:Mr. WiIIiams, you know|that you're going to be executed. 0:43:30:Who do you feeI|is responsibIe for that? 0:43:33:I am innocent. It wasn't my fauIt. 0:43:36:-WeII, Murph.|-Send us a post card. 0:43:38:-Bye.|-Au rev oir, HiIdegarde. 0:43:40:-When wiII we see you?|-Next time you see me... 0:43:42:...I'II be in a RoIIs-Royce,|giving interviews on success. 0:43:45:So Iong, you wage sIaves. 0:43:46:When you're cIimbing fire escapes,|getting kicked out front doors... 0:43:50:...and eating in one-armed joints,|don't forget your paI, HiIdy Johnson. 0:43:54:And when the road beyond unfoIds,|and the-- 0:44:03:Look out! It's a jaiIbreak! 0:44:08:What's the matter? What happened? 0:44:11:Watch where you're aiming,|wiII you? 0:44:13:-Watch the gate! He'II try the gate!|-Who was it? 0:44:16:-EarI WiIIiams!|-Who did he say? 0:44:18:EarI WiIIiams! 0:44:21:HeIIo! Hurry up, this is important. 0:44:23:-EarI WiIIiams just escaped.|-JaiIbreak! 0:44:26:-WiIIiams went over the waII!|-I don't know anything yet. 0:44:35:HeIIo, Post? Give me WaIter Burns,|quick. HiIdy Johnson. 0:44:38:WaIter? WaIter? HiIdy. 0:44:40:EarI WiIIiams just escaped|from the county jaiI. 0:44:43:Don't worry, I'm on the job. 0:44:59:Hey, CooIey!|Wait! 0:45:06:Hey, wait a minute! 0:45:26:CooIey, I want to taIk to you! 0:45:37:This is Endicott. Give me rewrite. 0:45:39:He ain't here. 0:45:41:HeIIo, GiI?|Here's the situation now. 0:45:43:Ready? WiIIiams was taken to|the sheriff's... be examined by EgeIhoffer.|In a few minutes, he shot his way out. 0:45:50:Nobody knows where he got the gun.|He got out through the skyIight. 0:45:54:He must have sIid down the rainpipe.|No, nobody knows where he got it. 0:45:58:Give me the desk. 0:45:59:The crime commission offers|a $1 0,000 reward. 0:46:01:No cIue yet as to|WiIIiams' whereabouts. 0:46:04:Here's a feature.|An accident about a tear bomb. 0:46:07:Yeah, tear bomb.|CriminaIs cry for it. 0:46:09:I don't know. 0:46:10:The tear bomb went off|in the hands of the bombing squad. 0:46:14:These deputies|went to the hospitaI. 0:46:16:-A fine friend you are.|-WiIkerson, the mayor's brother-in-Iaw. 0:46:20:-After aII I've done for you.|-Howard Schuster, the sheriff's uncIe. 0:46:23:HighIights on Sheriff|HartweII's manhunt. 0:46:25:WiIIiam MansfieId, his IandIord,|and Lester Winthrop... 0:46:28:...who married the sheriff's niece.|The very homeIy dame. CaII you back. 0:46:32:Mrs. WiIIiam Rice, scrub Iady,|whiIe scrubbing the eighth fIoor... 0:46:36:...was shot by a deputy. 0:46:37:-Look, I'm not--|-There goes another scrub Iady! 0:46:41:It was a fIesh wound.|She's in the hospitaI. 0:46:43:-McCue speaking. Get the desk.|-Any dope on how he escaped? 0:46:46:The sheriff Iet him out|so he couId vote for him. 0:46:49:A man Iooking Iike|EarI WiIIiams boarded a southbound-- 0:46:52:CaII you back. 0:46:54:-I thought you'd gone.|-I thought so too. 0:46:56:Get me WaIter Burns, quick! 0:47:01:WaIter, Iisten. 0:47:03:I've got the story on WiIIiams'|escape, and it's excIusive. 0:47:06:That's right, and it's a pip. 0:47:09:It cost me $450|to tear it out of CooIey. 0:47:12:What's the story? 0:47:13:I'II give it to you. First I have|to teII you I gave him money. 0:47:16:And it wasn't mine. 0:47:18:It's Bruce's money,|and I want it back. 0:47:21:Bruce's money? 0:47:22:Sure, you'II get it.|Now, what's the story? 0:47:24:I'II send the money.|I swear it on my mother's grave. 0:47:27:Here's the--|Wait a minute, your mother's aIive! 0:47:31:My grandmother's grave.|What's the story? 0:47:33:You get that money down here. 0:47:35:AII right, here's your story.|The jaiIbreak of your dreams. 0:47:38:Dr. EgeIhoffer,|the thinker from New York... 0:47:41:...was giving WiIIiams a sanity|test in the sheriff's office. 0:47:44:Sticking a Iot of pins in him|so he couId get his refIexes. 0:47:47:He decided to reenact the crime|as it had taken pIace... order to study|WiIIiams' coordination. 0:47:53:I'm coming to it. He had to have a gun|to reenact the crime. 0:47:56:Who do you suppose suppIied it?|Peter B. HartweII. B for brains. 0:48:02:No kidding! 0:48:05:I'm not good enough|to make this one up. 0:48:07:The sheriff gave his gun|to the professor... 0:48:09:...who gave it to EarI, who shot|the professor in the cIassified ads. 0:48:13:No, ads.|Ain't it perfect? 0:48:15:If he'd unroIIed a red carpet|it couIdn't have been more ideaI. 0:48:20:Who? Oh, no.|EgeIhoffer wasn't badIy hurt. 0:48:22:He's in the hospitaI,|where they're afraid he'II recover. 0:48:25:That's great work, HiIdy. 0:48:26:Don't worry about the money.|You'II get it in 1 5 minutes. 0:48:29:I'd better. Bruce is waiting|in a taxi for me, and we're in a hurry. 0:48:34:HoId on a minute. 0:48:35:Vangie, come here. 0:48:37:There's a guy in a taxi in front of 0:48:40:-What does he Iook Iike?|-That guy in the movies, RaIph BeIIamy. 0:48:44:-Oh, him?|-Can you handIe it? 0:48:45:I've never fIopped|on you yet, have I? 0:48:47:Get going. You onIy got|about two minutes. Hurry. 0:48:50:Sorry to keep you waiting.|How much was it again? 0:48:53:$450. WeII, just a second. 0:48:56:Louie, come here. I need $450|worth of counterfeit money. 0:48:59:-Can't carry that much, boss.|-No, just the $450 counterfeit. 0:49:02:I got that on me. 0:49:04:Quite a coincidence.|Take it to HiIdy. 0:49:06:It's coming.|I'm sending it with Louie. 0:49:08:Thanks for your story.|Good Iuck on your honeymoon. 0:49:11:No, no, never mind the thanks.|Just see that money gets here. 0:49:16:-HiIdy, you stiII here?|-No, I'm in Niagara FaIIs. 0:49:20:McCue speaking. 0:49:21:EmiI, I got a good feature|on the manhunt. 0:49:23:Ready? Mrs. Phoebe DeWoIfe, coIoured,|gave birth to a pickaninny... a patroI wagon, with HartweII's|rifIe squad acting as nurses. 0:49:31:Phoebe was waIking aIong|the street when-- That's right. 0:49:35:So they coaxed her|into the patroI wagon. 0:49:38:When the pickaninny was born,|they checked... see if it was WiIIiams.|They know he's hiding somewhere. 0:49:44:Here's the payoff. They named the kid|Peter HartweII DeWoIfe. 0:49:47:Press room. 0:49:49:Bruce? I thought you were|downstairs in a-- 0:49:52:What? 0:49:53:Arrested again? What for this time? 0:49:56:WeII, they caIIed it ''mashing.'' 0:50:00:No, I didn't, HiIdy! 0:50:03:I was sitting in the taxi|where you Ieft me... 0:50:06:...and the young Iady seemed|to have a dizzy speII and I just-- 0:50:12:She's kind of.... 0:50:17:Yes, she's a bIond. 0:50:19:Yes, very bIond. 0:50:20:I know how it happened.|Just a minute. 0:50:23:Get me WaIter Burns. HiIdy Johnson. 0:50:26:Bruce, where are you? 27th Precinct?|HoId on a minute. 0:50:29:WaIter, you-- 0:50:31:He was there a minute ago. 0:50:33:But I want-- 0:50:35:'' I'm sorry, I can't Iocate him.''|Why, that doubIe-crossing-- 0:50:38:HeIIo, not you.|Bruce, I can't get there right away. 0:50:41:How about 20 minutes? 0:50:42:I have to wait here for the-- 0:50:44:I'II teII you when I see you. 0:50:46:If I ever get my hands|on WaIter-- 0:50:48:-Anything I can do?|-How much money you got? 0:50:51:-$1 .80.|-64 cents. 0:50:52:-WeIcome to it.|-Thanks, you better buy an annuity. 0:50:55:What's that, EmiI? No, I can't|give you an officiaI statement. 0:50:59:Wait a minute. Here's the mayor.|How about a statement, mayor? 0:51:02:-Don't pester me now, pIease.|-His Honour won't say anything. 0:51:05:-You seen HartweII?|-Hard to teII. 0:51:07:There's so many|cockroaches around.... 0:51:09:Wait. How about a statement? 0:51:11:-We go to press in 20 minutes.|-I've nothing to say. Not now. 0:51:15:What do you know|about the escape? 0:51:17:-Where'd he get the gun?|-Not so fast. 0:51:20:-About the eIection--|-What effect wiII this have on voters? 0:51:22:None whatsoever. 0:51:24:How can an unavoidabIe|misfortune Iike this... 0:51:26:...have any infIuence on the upright|citizens of our fair city? 0:51:30:Mr. Mayor, pIease, is there|a Red Menace or ain't there? 0:51:33:How did WiIIiams get out? 0:51:35:Have you picked out somebody|to be responsibIe? 0:51:37:Is it true that you're|on StaIin's payroII? 0:51:40:The senator cIaims you|sIeep in red underwear. 0:51:42:Forget the jokes.|Don't forget I'm the mayor and-- 0:51:45:HartweII, I want to see you! 0:51:47:-How'd he get away?|-Where'd he get the gun? 0:51:49:Any statement on the|Red Uprising tomorrow? 0:51:52:-Red Uprising?|-There wiII be no Red Uprising. 0:51:54:The governor says the situation|caIIs for the miIitia. 0:51:58:I say anything the governor says|is a tissue of Iies. 0:52:01:Here's a red-hot|statement from the governor. 0:52:04:He cIaims the mayor and|sheriff have shown themseIves... be a coupIe of 8-year-oIds|pIaying with fire. 0:52:10:You can quote him as foIIows: 0:52:12:'' It's Iucky that next Tuesday|is EIection Day... the citizens wiII be saved|the expense of impeaching... 0:52:18:...the mayor and the sheriff.''|CaII you back. 0:52:21:Nice to have seen you, mayor. 0:52:23:-I've got so much to do.|-Wait. Who engineered this getaway? 0:52:26:-Was it the Reds?|-Was it you? 0:52:28:Me? Just a minute.|I've got him Iocated. 0:52:30:-WiIIiams?|-Where? 0:52:32:Out on Center Street. I got a tip. 0:52:34:-Why didn't you say so?|-The rifIe squad's going. 0:52:36:You'II catch him if you hurry. 0:52:38:-PIease--|-I wanna taIk to you. 0:52:40:I've got a Iot to do. 0:52:41:-See here, Fred--|-Pete, you're through. 0:52:43:You mean I'm through? 0:52:45:I'm scratching your name off the ticket|and running Sherman in your pIace. 0:52:49:'' Reform the Red with a rope'' !|WiIIiams isn't a Red! 0:52:52:There's communistic|sympathizers around, and I thought... 0:52:55:...if I got a sIogan|Iike that I couId-- 0:52:57:That's got nothing|to do with this case. 0:52:59:There are 200,000 votes at stake.|If he don't hang, we'II Iose them. 0:53:03:We're going to hang him.|He can't get away. 0:53:06:What do you mean?|He did get away, didn't he? 0:53:08:What do you want? 0:53:10:-What is it?|-Are you Sheriff HartweII? 0:53:12:I'm him. What is it? 0:53:14:You're a hard man to find.|I have a message from the governor. 0:53:18:-What?|-It was a reprieve for EarI WiIIiams. 0:53:20:-For who?|-EarI WiIIiams. 0:53:22:You said there wasn't|gonna be a reprieve. 0:53:24:It frightens me to think of what|I'd Iike to do to you. Who was there? 0:53:28:-Nobody. He was fishing.|-Get the governor. 0:53:30:He's not there.|He's duck shooting. 0:53:32:BIasted nimrod!|Fishing, duck shooting.... 0:53:35:A guy who's done nothing|for 40 years... 0:53:37:...gets eIected governor,|and thinks he's Tarzan. 0:53:39:Read that. '' Insane.'' He knows|very weII WiIIiams isn't insane. 0:53:42:I never met the man. 0:53:44:-Pure poIitics.|-It's an attempt to ruin us. 0:53:47:-What do we teII the reporters?|-That the party's over because of you. 0:53:51:As an afterthought, teII them|I want your resignation. 0:53:54:HeIIo. Yes, yes, this is HartweII. 0:53:56:What? Where? 0:53:59:HoIy Moses! HoId the wire! 0:54:01:They've got WiIIiams! 0:54:02:The rifIe squad has him|at his house. 0:54:04:-TeII them to hoId the phone.|-HoId the wire. 0:54:06:Cover up that transmitter.|Now, Iisten. 0:54:10:You never arrived. 0:54:11:Yes, I did. I came through there-- 0:54:13:-How much do you make?|-I thought he was sheriff-- 0:54:15:-What's your saIary?|-$40 a week. 0:54:17:How'd you Iike to make $350 a month?|It's aImost $1 00 a week. 0:54:21:I couIdn't afford that. Who? Me? 0:54:23:They need a feIIow Iike you|in the city seaIer's office. 0:54:26:-Huh?|-City seaIer's. 0:54:27:I shouId work in the seaIer's-- 0:54:29:My wife wouIdn't Iike that. She Iives|in the country with my famiIy. 0:54:33:That's aII right. Bring her in.|We'II pay aII the expenses. 0:54:37:-I don't think so.|-Why not? 0:54:39:I got two kids in schooI. If they|change towns, they'II Iose a grade. 0:54:43:No. They'II skip a grade. 0:54:44:I guarantee|they'II graduate with honours. 0:54:47:HoId your horses, OIsen.|Hurry up. 0:54:49:Now, what do you say? 0:54:50:That puts me in a pecuIiar hoIe. 0:54:52:No, it doesn't.|You never deIivered this. 0:54:54:You got caught in traffic|or something. 0:54:56:-I came--|-Pretend you didn't. 0:54:58:Now get out and don't Iet|anybody see you. 0:55:01:-How do I know--?|-Come to my office tomorrow. 0:55:03:-What's your name?|-Pettibone. 0:55:05:-Pettibone?|-Not reaIIy. 0:55:06:Lay Iow and keep your mouth shut. 0:55:08:-I'm tired anyhow.|-Go to this address. 0:55:11:Nice homey pIace. 0:55:12:They'II take care of you.|Say Fred sent you. 0:55:14:-Here's $50 on account.|-I'II teII you in one minute. 0:55:17:You forgot to teII me|what a city seaIer does. 0:55:20:-Is it hard?|-Easy. Very easy. 0:55:22:Good, my heaIth isn't--|My wife-- 0:55:24:-We'II fix that too.|-My wife? 0:55:26:-Yes, fix anything. Go ahead.|-They're stiII on the phone. 0:55:29:-TeII them to shoot to kiII.|-But the reprieve! 0:55:33:-Go ahead and do as I teII you.|-OIsen. 0:55:36:Shoot to kiII. That's the order.|Pass the word. 0:55:38:-$500 reward.|-$500 for the man who does it. 0:55:41:I'II be right over. 0:55:45:Hi, HiIdy. 0:55:46:You doubIe-crossing hyena. 0:55:48:What'd you puII on|Mr. BaIdwin this time? 0:55:50:-Who, me?|-You and your aIbino. 0:55:52:-EvangeIine's no aIbino.|-She'II do tiII one comes aIong. 0:55:55:She was born in this country. 0:55:57:If she tries anything eIse,|she'II have to stay in this country. 0:56:00:-Did you bring that money?|-Oh, yeah, $400. 0:56:04:$450. 0:56:06:AII right, you can't bIame|a guy for trying. 0:56:09:-Give me a receipt.|-I'II give you a scar. 0:56:11:I got pIenty of them. 0:56:12:I'II take Mr. BaIdwin's waIIet too. 0:56:14:-Mr. BaIdwin's what?|-His purse. Come on, Louie. 0:56:16:AII right, HiIdy. I'II do it for you|because I Iike you. 0:56:20:But teII your financier to be|more carefuI, know what I mean? 0:56:23:I'II Ioan him a pair of|your brass knuckIes. 0:56:25:Don't taIk that way.|I'II take that. 0:56:27:-I'II take it to the station.|-Wait a minute! 0:56:29:Take it to the 27th Precinct|and teII the cops what happened. 0:56:33:I couIdn't do that.|Burns wouId turn me in. 0:56:35:-Not a bad idea.|-Here, catch! 0:56:37:Louie! 0:56:47:HeIIo, operator. HiIdy Johnson.|WiII you get me-- 0:56:49:Drop that phone! 0:56:51:Never mind. 0:56:53:You're not gonna|teII anybody where I am. 0:56:59:Put that gun down, EarI. 0:57:03:You don't wanna shoot me.|I'm your friend, remember? 0:57:06:I'm writing the story on you|of production for use. 0:57:09:-That's right. Production for use.|-You don't want to hurt me-- 0:57:12:Don't move!|Maybe you're my friend, maybe not. 0:57:15:But don't come any nearer. 0:57:16:You can't trust anybody|in this crazy worId. 0:57:19:I don't bIame you.|I wouIdn't trust anybody either. 0:57:22:Don't do that.|Put it back. Put it back. 0:57:25:If you try any tricks, I'II shoot you.|I can do it right from here. 0:57:29:Sure you couId, EarI.|But you don't want to do that. 0:57:32:You don't want to kiII anybody. 0:57:34:No, you're right.|I don't want to kiII anybody. 0:57:38:-That's what I thought.|-Wait a minute. Where are you going? 0:57:41:To cIose the door|so nobody'd see you. 0:57:43:No, you were going|to get somebody. 0:57:45:I don't want that.|AII I want is to be Ieft aIone. 0:57:48:I won't get anybody. 0:57:49:You'II get them after me again.|I won't Iet you do that. I won't-- 0:57:55:-Give me that.|-I guess I fired aII the sheIIs. 0:57:58:-I'm awfuI tired.|-That shot. They'II know you're here. 0:58:01:I don't care. 0:58:03:I'm not afraid to die. I toId the|guy that when he handed me the gun. 0:58:06:-Quiet!|-Waking me up at night. 0:58:08:TaIking about things|they don't understand. 0:58:11:Shut up. 0:58:12:I wish they'd take me back|and hang me. 0:58:14:They wiII if you don't keep quiet. 0:58:16:I can't survive|another day Iike this. 0:58:18:You think I couId? 0:58:20:Get me WaIter Burns, quick.|TeII him I need him. 0:58:26:Bruce, I know I said I'd be down,|but something has happened. 0:58:30:WaIter, come right away.|Wait, Bruce, I'II expIain. 0:58:33:I've got WiIIiams here,|in the press room. 0:58:35:On the IeveI.|I need you! 0:58:37:Bruce, I've captured EarI WiIIiams.|You know, the murderer. 0:58:40:Stay there, EarI. Wait.|Bruce, I'II be down. 0:58:42:As soon as I hand him|to the paper. 0:58:44:Bruce, I can't.|Don't you reaIize--? 0:58:48:-Who is it?|-Me, MoIIie MaIIoy. Open the door! 0:58:53:-What do you want, MoIIie?|-I got to find-- 0:58:55:-Where is everybody?|-They've gone. 0:58:57:PIease teII me where. 0:58:58:I don't know.|I'm awfuIIy busy. 0:59:00:They got him surrounded.|They'II shoot him Iike a dog. 0:59:03:They're Iooking for you too. 0:59:05:I don't care. TeII me.|I ain't afraid of them. 0:59:07:AII right, they're down at|Center Street and Fourth. 0:59:10:-That's where he used to--|-MoIIie, don't go. 0:59:13:Come in, MoIIie. Draw up a chair. 0:59:18:-HeIIo.|-How did you get in here? 0:59:20:Down the pipe. I didn't mean to|shoot him. ReaIIy, I didn't. 0:59:24:-Be quiet.|-You beIieve me, don't you? 0:59:27:Sure I beIieve you. 0:59:28:Thanks for the roses.|They were beautifuI. 0:59:31:That's aII right, Mr. WiIIiams. 0:59:35:-Don't cry.|-Don't you get hystericaI. 0:59:37:I gotta get him out of here. 0:59:38:-You wouIdn't get down that haII.|-They'II find him. 0:59:41:I'm trying to think before|those reporters come back. 0:59:44:Let them take me.|What's the difference? 0:59:46:I'II never Iet them. 0:59:49:Who Iocked the door? 0:59:51:-Now it's too Iate.|-Get in this desk. 0:59:54:-Oh, what's the use?|-Come on, get in. 1:00:00:We'II get you out in ten minutes. 1:00:02:PuII yourseIf together.|AII right, here. Sit down. 1:00:06:AII right, aII right,|I'm coming! 1:00:11:-Don't kick the buiIding down.|-We got phone caIIs to make. 1:00:14:What's she doing up here? 1:00:16:What's the matter? 1:00:17:Came up here and had hysterics. 1:00:19:-How do you feeI, kid?|-Not so good. 1:00:22:Get you some water? 1:00:23:-Do anything for you?|-You don't Iook so sick. 1:00:25:-Did you bump into WiIIiams?|-Funny! 1:00:27:-Where is he?|-Let me aIone. 1:00:29:-Okay. Give me the desk.|-No harm in asking. 1:00:32:HeIIo, Jim. Yes, faIse aIarm.|They surrounded the house, aII right... 1:00:35:...but WiIIiams wasn't there. 1:00:37:The HaIIoween outside has|the poIice on its ear. 1:00:40:-I thought you Ieft.|-I'm waiting for WaIter's money. 1:00:42:What a chase! Give me EmiI. 1:00:45:-Give me the desk.|-Any news, boys? 1:00:47:Yeah, I never been|so tired in my Iife. 1:00:49:Where?|MeIrose Station? 1:00:51:AII right, connect me.|HeIIo, MoIIie. How are you? 1:00:53:HoId it a minute.|This Iooks good. 1:00:55:An oId Iady cIaims WiIIiams|is hiding under her piazza. 1:00:58:TeII her to stand up. 1:01:00:-You want to go out on it?|-I'II cover this end. 1:01:03:-I spent $1 .40 on taxicabs aIready.|-No more going out. 1:01:06:-Never mind.|-Who puIIed the shades down? 1:01:08:They were throwing Iights around. 1:01:17:I've got a hunch WiIIiams... 1:01:19:...ain't where they've been|Iooking for him. 1:01:21:He might be in this buiIding. 1:01:23:Sure, hanging around|Iike a duck in a shooting gaIIery. 1:01:26:From the skyIight, but|how did he get down? 1:01:29:-I'm pretending there ain't any EarI.|-He couId have jumped to this roof. 1:01:33:Then he couId sIide|down the drainpipe. 1:01:35:-And come in any of these windows.|-If the story waIks in the window-- 1:01:39:Masterminds. Why don't you go home?|Maybe WiIIiams wiII caII on you. 1:01:43:It'd be funny if he was|in the buiIding. 1:01:45:Why not search the buiIding? 1:01:47:-I'm not wandering aII over.|-Great bunch of reporters you are. 1:01:50:Too Iazy to get|the biggest story in years. 1:01:52:You seem pretty anxious|to get rid of us. 1:01:55:-Are you trying to scoop us?|-On my own time? 1:01:57:Maybe MoIIie's been giving her|the story on how WiIIiams got the gun. 1:02:02:I didn't do nothing. 1:02:03:-Come cIean.|-Let the girI aIone. She's-- 1:02:05:WeII? 1:02:06:Mrs. BaIdwin. Mother. 1:02:08:Don't '' Mother'' me. PIaying cat and|mouse and keeping my boy Iocked up. 1:02:12:Making us miss two trains,|and the wedding tomorrow. 1:02:15:-I'II be with you in five minutes--|-Just give me Bruce's money. 1:02:18:You can stay here forever,|you and that murderer you caught. 1:02:22:-Murderer?|-Which one of these men is it? 1:02:24:-They aII Iook Iike murderers.|-What murderer? 1:02:27:I never said any such thing. 1:02:29:I'm quoting my son.|He has never Iied to me. 1:02:31:Somebody's Iying. 1:02:33:-I never said anything Iike that.|-You did. 1:02:35:I said I was trying|to find the murderer. 1:02:38:-Quit staIIing.|-She got it baIIed up. 1:02:40:Who are you hoIding out on? 1:02:42:Nobody. Now Iet me go, wiII you? 1:02:44:Stop it, stop it! 1:02:45:She don't know where he is.|I'm the onIy one that knows. 1:02:49:-Where?|-Try and find out. 1:02:51:-Come on, taIk.|-Now you want me to taIk? 1:02:54:-TaIk.|-Ain't that funny? 1:02:56:You wouIdn't Iisten to me before,|and now you want me to taIk. 1:02:59:Don't say anything. 1:03:00:-I know what I'm doing.|-Stay out. 1:03:02:-Why didn't you Iisten to me?|-Cut that out. 1:03:04:-Hands off!|-Where is he? 1:03:06:Why do you wanna know? So you can|write more Iies to seII papers? 1:03:10:-Never mind that.|-AII right. I'II give you a story. 1:03:13:A wonderfuI story! 1:03:15:OnIy this time it'II be true.|You'II never find him now! 1:03:18:Get the ambuIance, somebody! 1:03:20:Get an ambuIance, somebody! 1:03:26:-She's dead.|-No, she isn't kiIIed, she's moving! 1:03:33:-Did you see that? She jumped.|-I know that. 1:03:36:Where have you got WiIIiams? 1:03:38:Hidden. He's in the desk. 1:03:40:She didn't kiII herseIf. 1:03:41:-How're you doing?|-Let me out. 1:03:43:Quiet. You're sitting pretty. 1:03:45:-What's in there?|-Who are you? 1:03:47:-Bruce's mother.|-What are you doing? 1:03:49:-Shut up!|-You're doing something wrong. 1:03:51:-Mother, pIease.|-Take her out of here. 1:03:53:-Take the Iady to PoIack Mike's.|-My name's Louie PeIuso. 1:03:58:See that she doesn't taIk to anyone.|TeII them it's a case of D.T.'s. 1:04:02:Don't worry, Mother.|It's temporary. 1:04:05:Let go of me. 1:04:07:-Where are you going?|-To get Bruce out of jaiI. 1:04:10:-Why did you do this to me?|-Get Bruce out of jaiI? 1:04:14:How can you worry about a man|resting in a poIice station? 1:04:17:-This is war! You can't desert me.|-Get off that trapeze. 1:04:20:You've got your story. 1:04:22:'' EarI WiIIiams captured|by the Morning Post.'' 1:04:24:I covered your story for you,|now I'm out. 1:04:27:You drooIing idiot, there are 365 days|in a year one can get married. 1:04:32:How many times you got a murderer|Iocked up in a desk? 1:04:35:You got the city|by the seat of the pants. 1:04:37:You've got the brain of a pancake. 1:04:39:This isn't just a story.|It's a revoIution. 1:04:42:The greatest yarn since|Livingston discovered StanIey. 1:04:45:-The other way around.|-Don't get technicaI at such a time. 1:04:48:You've taken a city that's been|graft-ridden for 40 years... 1:04:52:...and given us a chance to have|the kind of government... 1:04:55:...New York has under La Guardia. 1:04:56:If I didn't have your best interest|at heart, I wouIdn't argue with you. 1:05:00:You've done something big.|You've stepped up into a new cIass. 1:05:04:We'II make such monkeys of those|ward heeIers, nobody'II vote for them. 1:05:08:-Expose them?|-We'II crucify that mob. 1:05:10:We'II keep WiIIiams undercover|untiI we break the story... 1:05:13:...then share the gIory|with the governor. 1:05:15:-I get it, I get it.|-You'II kick over City HaII. 1:05:18:You got the mayor and HartweII|backed up against the waII. 1:05:22:This isn't just a newspaper story.|It's a career! 1:05:25:And you beIIyache about catching|the 8 or 9:00 train. 1:05:28:-But I never figured it that way.|-Because you're a doII-faced hick. 1:05:32:They'II be naming streets after you.|There'II be statues of you. 1:05:35:The movies wiII be after you.|There'II be a HiIdy cigar. 1:05:39:I can see the biIIboards:|'' Light up with HiIdy Johnson''-- 1:05:42:-We got a Iot to do.|-Now you're taIking. 1:05:44:-We can't Ieave WiIIiams here.|-We'II take him to my private office. 1:05:48:-How are you gonna take him?|-We'II carry the desk over. 1:05:51:It's crawIing with cops outside. 1:05:53:We'II Iower it out the window with|puIIeys. Start pounding out a Iead! 1:05:57:-How much of this stuff do you want?|-AII the words you got. 1:06:01:-Can I caII the mayor a bird of prey?|-Anything you Iike. 1:06:05:Give him the works. HeIIo, Duffy?|We got the biggest story in years. 1:06:09:'' EarI WiIIiams captured by|the Morning Post. ExcIusive!'' 1:06:12:Tear out the whoIe front page. 1:06:14:The whoIe front page.|Never mind the European war. 1:06:17:We got something bigger than that.|HiIdy Johnson's writing the Iead. 1:06:21:And get hoId of Butch O'Connor. 1:06:23:TeII him to come up here|with his wrestIers. 1:06:25:Yeah, Butch O'Connor. What?|I've got a desk I want moved-- 1:06:29:What the deuce do you want? 1:06:30:-HeIIo, Bruce.|-HiIdy. 1:06:31:Never mind the Chinese earthquake. 1:06:34:-I want to ask you--|-How'd you get out of jaiI? 1:06:36:Not through any heIp of yours.|I'm not taIking to you. 1:06:39:I had to wire AIbany for $1 00|so I couId get out on baiI. 1:06:44:What wiII they think in AIbany?|The money went to the poIice. 1:06:48:-We're waiting for that story.|-We'II expIain everything to them. 1:06:51:-Where's Mother?|-She Ieft. 1:06:53:I can't hear you. 1:06:54:-Where'd she go?|-SomepIace. 1:06:56:-Junk the PoIish Corridor!|-TeII me where she was going. 1:06:59:-She couIdn't say.|-It's more important. 1:07:01:-Did she get the money?|-She Ieft in a hurry. 1:07:03:-I'II take it.|-In my purse. 1:07:05:I can handIe things.|I'II take that certified check too. 1:07:08:I'II give you the tickets.|You'II find your money in the waIIet. 1:07:12:My waIIet? This is my waIIet. 1:07:14:There's something funny going on--|What are you doing? 1:07:17:Just wanted to Iook at it. 1:07:19:HiIdy, I'm taking-- 1:07:22:-I'm taking the 9:00 train.|-Sure, sure. 1:07:24:Did you hear what I said?|I'm taking the 9:00-- 1:07:28:Oh, Bruce, I put it in here! 1:07:31:Let her aIone, wiII you, buddy? 1:07:34:-Do me a favour--|-Just answer one question. 1:07:36:You don't want to come|with me, do you? 1:07:38:Answer me.|You don't, do you? 1:07:40:No. Take the Miss America|pictures off page six. 1:07:42:HiIdy, teII me.|TeII me the truth. 1:07:44:Wait a minute.|Now Iook here, my good man-- 1:07:47:You shut up, Burns. 1:07:49:You're doing aII this to her.|She wanted to get away from you. 1:07:53:But you caught her|and changed her mind-- 1:07:55:Stick HitIer on the funny page.|Let me ask you-- 1:07:58:WiII you give up everything|for a man Iike him? 1:08:00:No, but something's happened.|I'II teII you-- 1:08:03:TeII him nothing.|He's a spy, you fooI. 1:08:05:-I am not.|-RidicuIous. 1:08:06:You're coming with me right now. 1:08:08:Just a second.|This is the biggest thing in my Iife. 1:08:11:I see. I'II keep.|I'm Iike something in the icebox. 1:08:14:You just don't Iove me. 1:08:16:That isn't true. Just because you|won't Iisten you say I don't Iove you. 1:08:19:You never intended to be decent|and Iive Iike a human. 1:08:22:AII right, if that's what|you want to think. 1:08:25:I'm trying to concentrate. 1:08:27:-You're just Iike him and aII the rest.|-That's what I am. 1:08:31:What? Leave the rooster story aIone.|That's human interest. 1:08:34:If you had any sympathy|or understanding-- 1:08:36:-I understand, aII right--|-Wait. 1:08:38:There's one question I want to know.|The mayor's first wife's name. 1:08:42:The one with the wart on her? Fanny.|What, Duffy? 1:08:45:You never Ioved me at aII. 1:08:47:Never mind.|You don't work for advertising. 1:08:49:If you change your mind,|I'm on the 9:00 train. 1:08:52:If you want me, take me as I am.|Don't try to change me. 1:08:55:I'm no suburban bridge pIayer.|I'm a newspaperman. 1:08:58:That's it. Keep it coming|as fast as you can. 1:09:00:Get back in there, you mock turtIe. 1:09:05:Did you teII Butch it's a matter|of Iife and death? 1:09:07:Good. Butch's on his way. We just|have to hoId out for 1 5 minutes. 1:09:10:-The boys wiII be back to phone.|-I'II handIe them. 1:09:15:Oh, now the moon's out. 1:09:21:Fine. Three taps is me.|Don't forget. Got enough air? 1:09:24:-Not very much.|-That better? You're sitting pretty. 1:09:28:-How's it coming?|-AII right. Where's Bruce? 1:09:30:-He went out.|-Is he coming back here? 1:09:32:CertainIy. Didn't you hear him?|What have you got? 1:09:35:''WhiIe HartweII's paid gunmen staIked|the city, shooting bystanders... 1:09:39:...spreading terror,|WiIIiams Iurked--'' 1:09:41:Wait a minute.|Aren't you going to mention the Post? 1:09:44:-Second paragraph.|-Who reads the second paragraph? 1:09:47:How Iong have I been|teIIing you how to write? 1:09:49:I'm sorry. 1:09:54:What's the idea of Iocking this door? 1:09:56:-Who's that?|-Bensinger. That's his desk. 1:09:58:Open the door, wiII you? 1:10:01:-What's his name?|-Bensinger, of The Tribune. 1:10:03:-The Tribune?|-Who's in there? 1:10:06:Haven't you any better sense--? 1:10:08:HeIIo. HeIIo, Mr. Burns. Quite|an honour having you come over here. 1:10:12:-HeIIo, Bensinger.|-You know my-- I just want to get my-- 1:10:16:It's quite a coincidence|seeing you tonight, isn't it? 1:10:19:How do you mean? 1:10:20:I was taIking to our Mr. Duffy|about you this afternoon. 1:10:23:ReaIIy? Nothing detrimentaI, I hope. 1:10:25:On the contrary. On the contrary. 1:10:27:That was one sweII story|you had in the paper today. 1:10:30:Did you care for the|poem, Mr. Burns? 1:10:32:-The poem? The poem was great.|-I Iiked the ending a Iot. 1:10:36:And all is well outside his cell 1:10:38:But in his heart|He hears the hangman calling 1:10:40:And the gallows falling|And his white-haired mother's tears 1:10:44:-Heartbreaking?|-Fine. 1:10:45:WouId you Iike to work for me?|We can use a man Iike you. 1:10:49:AII we got are Iowbrows|Iike Johnson here. 1:10:51:-Are you serious, Mr. Burns?|-Serious? Wait a minute. 1:10:54:Duffy, I'm sending|Mr. Bunsinger over to see you. 1:10:56:-Bensinger.|-Mervyn, isn't it? 1:10:58:-Yeah-- No. Roy. Roy V.|-CertainIy. 1:11:01:Roy V. Bensinger, the poet. 1:11:03:You wouIdn't know. You probabIy never|heard of Shakespeare either. 1:11:08:Put Mr. Bensinger on staff.|How much you getting on The Tribune? 1:11:11:-$7 5.|-I'II give you 1 00 and a byIine. 1:11:13:Now you give him everything he wants,|you understand? 1:11:17:Roy, write me a story from the|point of view of the escaped man. 1:11:21:He hides, afraid of every sound,|every Iight. 1:11:23:He hears footsteps, they're cIosing in. 1:11:25:-Get the sense of the animaI at bay.|-Sort of Jack London styIe? 1:11:29:-I'II get my rhyming dictionary.|-It doesn't have to rhyme. 1:11:32:I'm deepIy gratefuI, Mr. Burns. 1:11:36:If there's an opening|for a war correspondent... 1:11:39:...I parler a IittIe French. 1:11:40:-I'II keep you in mind.|-Au rev oir, mon capitaine. 1:11:43:Bonjour. 1:11:47:'' His white-haired mother's tears.''|That's the tops. 1:11:50:That feIIow Bensinger|is on his way right now. 1:11:53:HandIe him with kid gIoves.|Have him write poetry. 1:11:56:We don't want him.|StaII him tiII the extra's out. 1:11:58:Say his poetry smeIIs|and kick him out. 1:12:00:DoubIe-crosser. 1:12:02:He won't quit his paper|without giving notice. 1:12:04:-I mean you.|-Me? 1:12:05:You'd doubIe-cross anybody--|Wait a minute. 1:12:08:Bruce isn't coming back.|He said he was taking the 9:00. 1:12:11:In that case, he's gone. 1:12:13:Don't sit there Iike a frozen robin.|Get on with the story. 1:12:16:We shouId be finished|when Butch arrives. 1:12:18:How you have messed up my Iife.|What am I going to do? 1:12:22:Window's too smaII.|We'II carry the desk. 1:12:24:I'd be on that train now.|I'm a sap, faIIing for your Iine. 1:12:27:-They'II name streets after me--|-Yes, weII, get back to work. 1:12:31:I'm not going back to work.|WaIter, what--? 1:12:34:-Who is it?|-It's me, boss. It's Louie. 1:12:37:Louie. 1:12:39:-What's wrong?|-Where's Mrs. BaIdwin? 1:12:41:What happened? 1:12:42:Down Western Avenue, we was going|65 miIes an hour, know what I mean? 1:12:46:Where's the oId Iady? 1:12:48:We run smack into a poIice patroI.|Busted it in haIf. 1:12:51:Was she hurt? 1:12:52:Can you imagine bumping|into a Ioad of cops? 1:12:55:-What did you do with her?|-Search me, when I come to-- 1:12:58:You were with her.|You were in the cab. 1:13:00:-The driver got knocked coId.|-Butterfingers! 1:13:03:-You handed her over to the cops.|-What do you mean? 1:13:06:They was on the wrong|side of the street. 1:13:08:Fine. Now she's probabIy|squawking to the poIice. 1:13:11:She's not squawking much.|You know? 1:13:13:Don't teII me--|Was she kiIIed? 1:13:15:Was she? Did you notice? 1:13:16:Me with a gun on the hip and|a kidnapped Iady... 1:13:20:...I'm gonna ask questions|from cops? 1:13:22:-You know what I mean?|-Dead, dead. This is the end! 1:13:26:It's fate, HiIdy.|What wiII be, wiII be. 1:13:28:What am I going to say to Bruce?|What can I teII him? 1:13:31:If he Ioves you, you won't|have to say anything. 1:13:34:WouId you rather have had the oId|dame drag the poIice in here? 1:13:37:I kiIIed her. I'm responsibIe. 1:13:39:What'II I do?|How can I face Bruce again? 1:13:41:-Look at me, HiIdy.|-I am Iooking at you, you murderer. 1:13:45:If it was my own grandmother,|I'd carry on. 1:13:47:-You know I wouId, for the paper.|-Louie, where'd it happen? 1:13:50:Western and 34th. 1:13:52:-I got to get out of here--|-We can do more here. Be caIm. 1:13:55:Listen-- 1:13:57:-HeIIo, heIIo.|-Maine 4557. 1:14:01:Who? Butch, where are you? 1:14:03:Mission HospitaI?|Receiving room. 1:14:05:What are you doing there? 1:14:06:Was a Iady brought in|from a smashup? 1:14:08:For H. Sebastian, Butch,|it's a matter of Iife and death. 1:14:11:-Nobody?|-I can't hear. 1:14:13:-Morningside 2469.|-You got who? Speak up. A what? 1:14:17:You can't stop for a dame now! 1:14:20:I don't care if you've been after her.|Lives are at stake! 1:14:23:You're going to Iet a woman|come between us? 1:14:25:Was there an oId Iady brought in|in a smashup? 1:14:28:Butch, I'd put my arm in fire|for you up to here. 1:14:31:You can't doubIe-cross me. 1:14:32:Look around, pIease. 1:14:34:AII right, put her on.|I'II taIk to her. 1:14:36:Good evening, madam. Now, Iisten,|you ten-cent gIamour girI... can't keep Butch|from his duty. What? 1:14:42:You say that again,|I'II kick you in the teeth! 1:14:45:Say, what kind of Ianguage is that?|Now, Iook here, you-- 1:14:49:She hung up. What did I say? 1:14:52:How do you Iike that?|Mousing around with some big-- 1:14:55:-WiII you shut up? I'm trying to hear!|-That's cooperation. 1:15:00:WeII, where is Duffy? 1:15:03:Diabetes. I shouId know better than|to hire a diseased person. 1:15:06:-Give me OIympia 21 36, wiII you?|-Louie! 1:15:08:-Yes, boss.|-Louie, it's up to you. 1:15:10:-Anything you say, boss.|-Get a hoId of some guys. 1:15:13:Anybody with hair on his chest,|get them off the street. 1:15:16:We gotta get the desk out. 1:15:18:Is it important?|You're the best friend I got. 1:15:20:-I Iike you too.|-Don't faiI me. 1:15:22:Get enough peopIe to move that desk. 1:15:24:You know me.|Shirt off my back. 1:15:26:Okay, don't bump into anything. 1:15:28:-Dumb immigrant is sure to fIop on me.|-Try the hospitaI again. 1:15:32:If he's not back in five,|we'II carry it out aIone. 1:15:34:-Do anything you want.|-There's a miIIion-- CouId start a fire. 1:15:36:-We'II have the firemen take it out.|-I don't care what you do. 1:15:39:-Come here. See if we can Iift it.|-What? Nobody? Never mind. 1:15:43:-Are you gonna heIp me?|-No! 1:15:45:-I'II strain my back.|-I'II find Mrs. BaIdwin. 1:15:47:-Don't open it!|-I'II go to the morgue-- 1:15:49:-We want to taIk to you a minute.|-Let go. What's the idea? 1:15:53:Get your hands off me! 1:15:54:-Now, Iook here, Johnson--|-Hey, you! 1:15:56:You mean me? 1:15:57:Yes, you. What do you mean by|breaking in here Iike this? 1:16:01:I don't care what paper|you're editor of. 1:16:04:Let go of me. Something's|happened to my mother-in-Iaw. 1:16:07:-We know what you are up to.|-She and MoIIie were in here taIking. 1:16:12:I know nothing,|and there's been an accident. 1:16:14:There's something|very pecuIiar going on here. 1:16:17:-See here--|-Just a moment, HartweII. 1:16:19:Make your accusations|in the proper manner. 1:16:22:Or I'II have to ask you to get out. 1:16:24:-Ask me to what?|-Get out. 1:16:27:You wiII, eh? Don't Iet anybody|in or out. We'II see about this. 1:16:31:-Give him the third degree.|-Make them taIk and you got him. 1:16:34:I'm going to get to the bottom of this.|Are you going to taIk? 1:16:37:-What do you want me to say?|-What do you know about WiIIiams? 1:16:40:Now we're getting some-- 1:16:42:Take her out.|I got ways to make her taIk. 1:16:44:Don't you dare touch me or-- 1:16:47:-She's got a gun!|-Grab it! 1:16:48:No, you don't. WaIter! 1:16:50:AII right, Burns.|I'II take that gun. 1:16:54:-Where did you get this?|-I can carry a gun. 1:16:56:-Not this gun.|-I can expIain it. 1:16:58:She was interviewing WiIIiams,|so I gave her a gun to defend herseIf. 1:17:02:Interesting. But this is the gun|that WiIIiams shot his way out with. 1:17:06:Good man, are you trying|to make me out a Iiar? 1:17:09:I ought to know my own gun,|oughtn't I--? 1:17:11:-That's where WiIIiams got it.|-She got it from him. 1:17:13:-Where's WiIIiams?|-You're barking up the wrong tree. 1:17:16:TeII me where he is. 1:17:18:At the hospitaI caIIing on Professor|EgeIhoffer with marshmaIIows. 1:17:22:-Where is he?|-Ask the mastermind why he's here. 1:17:25:-What do you know about this?|-My dear feIIow... 1:17:28:...the Morning Post doesn't obstruct|justice or hide criminaIs. 1:17:31:-You ought to know that.|-You're under arrest. 1:17:34:-You too.|-Who's under arrest? 1:17:36:Listen, you square-toed,|pimpIe-headed spy... you reaIize what you're doing? 1:17:40:I'II show you. 1:17:42:You and the Post|are obstructing justice. 1:17:44:-I'II see that you're fined $1 0,000.|-You'II see nothing. 1:17:47:I'II begin by impounding the Post's|property. Is this your desk? 1:17:51:What are you afraid of, HiIdy?|I dare you to move this desk. 1:17:54:-Go ahead, try it.|-I wiII. 1:17:56:I warn you, you move this desk out,|I'II put you behind bars. 1:17:59:-He can do it.|-I'II see RooseveIt hears about it. 1:18:02:TeII him. Come on, boys! 1:18:03:-Confiscate it.|-Last chance. 1:18:05:-This is a federaI offence.|-We'II take a chance on that. 1:18:09:AII right. 1:18:11:Open up this door! 1:18:14:-Mother! I'm gIad to see you--|-That's the man that did it. There. 1:18:20:-What's the idea here?|-She cIaims she's been kidnapped. 1:18:23:They dragged me down aII the way|down the stairs and-- 1:18:26:Did he do it? 1:18:27:He was in charge.|He toId them to kidnap me. 1:18:30:Excuse me, madam.|Are you referring to me? 1:18:33:You know you did. 1:18:34:What about this? Kidnapping, huh? 1:18:36:Trying to frame me, huh?|I never saw her before in my Iife. 1:18:40:What a thing to say! 1:18:41:I was here when that girI|jumped out the window. 1:18:44:Get the mayor here. 1:18:45:Madam, be honest.|If you were out joyriding... 1:18:48:...pIastered, or in a scrape,|why not admit it instead of... 1:18:51:...accusing innocent peopIe? 1:18:53:You ruffian! How dare you taIk|Iike that to me! 1:18:55:He's crazy, Mother. 1:18:56:I'II teII you more.|I couId teII you why they did it. 1:19:00:They were hiding some|kind of murderer in here-- 1:19:02:Hiding him? In here? 1:19:04:Madam, you're a cockeyed Iiar... 1:19:06:...and you know it! 1:19:09:-What's that?|-He's in there! 1:19:11:-Give me the desk.|-What a break! 1:19:13:-Stand back.|-He might shoot. 1:19:14:-Guns out.|-He's harmIess. 1:19:16:-Don't take any chances.|-You've got his gun. 1:19:19:Go on, you grey-haired oId weaseI. 1:19:21:Let me out of here! 1:19:23:Mother! I was Iooking|aII over for you. What happened? 1:19:26:-Jake, hang on.|-HiIdy, caII Duffy. 1:19:28:-No!|-You want to see us scooped? 1:19:30:-Aim right for the centre.|-That's murder. 1:19:32:Okay, one of you get|on each end. 1:19:35:-It's coming up.|-You're covered. 1:19:36:-In a minute.|-Don't move. 1:19:37:-Any time.|-On three. 1:19:39:-It's hot.|-Ready? 1:19:41:-Any second now.|-Three. I got you, WiIIiams. 1:19:44:-Go ahead, shoot me.|-Come out. 1:19:46:EarI WiIIiams just captured|in the criminaI courts buiIding. 1:19:49:-On your feet.|-Don't try any funny stuff. 1:19:52:WiIIiams was unconscious. 1:19:53:The poIice overpowered him. 1:19:55:-He offered no resistance.|-His gun wouIdn't work. 1:19:59:The Post turned WiIIiams|over to the sheriff. 1:20:01:-Put the cuffs on them.|-More Iater. 1:20:03:An anonymous note Ied to|WiIIiams' capture. HoId on. 1:20:07:The sheriff's tracing a caII|that gave away WiIIiams' hiding pIace. 1:20:10:-Where's the oId Iady?|-She went out. 1:20:12:CaII you back. 1:20:22:-Give me the warden's office.|-You'II wish you'd never been born. 1:20:26:Oh, am I? 1:20:28:-HeIIo, Fred.|-WeII, fine work, Pete. 1:20:30:-You deIivered the goods.|-Looks naturaI, don't it? 1:20:33:-Sight for sore eyes.|-Aiding a criminaI. 1:20:35:And a IittIe charge of kidnapping--|What's that? 1:20:37:But that's the jaiI. 1:20:39:Looks Iike about ten years apiece|for you two birds. 1:20:42:When you think you've Iicked the Post,|it's time to get out. 1:20:45:WhistIing in the dark won't heIp.|You're through. 1:20:48:Archie Leach said that to me|a week before he cut his throat. 1:20:51:Is that so? 1:20:52:We've been in worse jams than this,|haven't we, HiIdy? 1:20:55:You forget the power|that watches over the Post. 1:20:58:-It's not with you now.|-Says you. 1:21:01:I've caught him. Yes, WiIIiams. 1:21:03:SingIe-handed.|Proceed with the hanging, per scheduIe. 1:21:06:-You'II be in office two days more.|-We'II puII your nose out of that feedbag. 1:21:10:I teII you what you'II be doing.|Making brooms in the penitentiary. 1:21:14:Joe? This is HartweII. 1:21:15:Come to my office right away. 1:21:17:I captured some important birds.|Take their confessions. 1:21:20:Get Liebowitz. 1:21:21:-The Iawyers won't heIp you now.|-You're taIking to the Morning Post. 1:21:26:The power of the press? 1:21:28:Bigger men than you have found out|what the power of the press is. 1:21:31:Presidents, kings.... 1:21:33:-Here's the reprieve.|-Get out. 1:21:35:-You can't bribe me. My wife--|-Get out. 1:21:38:-No, I won't. Here's the reprieve.|-What? 1:21:41:I don't want to be a city seaIer. 1:21:43:-Throw him out.|-Out you go. 1:21:44:Wait.|Who's trying to bribe you? 1:21:47:-They wouIdn't take it.|-Insane! 1:21:48:What did I say? An unseen power. 1:21:50:What do you mean with a story Iike that? 1:21:53:He's an impostor. 1:21:54:Trying to hang an innocent man|to win an eIection? 1:21:57:That's murder. 1:21:58:-I never saw him before.|-If I was to-- 1:22:00:-What's your name?|-Pettibone. 1:22:02:-When did you deIiver this?|-Who'd you taIk to? 1:22:04:-They started to bribe me.|-They? 1:22:06:-Them.|-It's absurd on the face of it. 1:22:09:He's taIking Iike a chiId. 1:22:10:-Out of the mouths of babes.|-Hi, babe. 1:22:13:He's insane or drunk. 1:22:14:If WiIIiams has been reprieved,|I'm tickIed to death. Aren't you? 1:22:18:You'd hang your mother|to be reeIected. 1:22:20:That's a horribIe thing to say|about anybody. 1:22:23:You're marveIIous.|Take a Iook at that. 1:22:25:-You're an inteIIigent man.|-Never mind. 1:22:27:Let's have your story. 1:22:29:-Nineteen years ago, I married Mrs.--|-Skip that. 1:22:32:She wasn't Mrs. Pettibone then.|She was one of the-- 1:22:35:This document is authentic.|WiIIiams has been reprieved. 1:22:38:Our commonweaIth has been saved|the necessity of shedding bIood. 1:22:42:Get off the soapbox.|Save that for The Tribune. 1:22:45:Take those handcuffs off my friends. 1:22:47:-I'm amazed at you.|-Isn't he awfuI? 1:22:49:You don't know how badIy I feeI. 1:22:52:No excuse at aII for Pete. 1:22:54:-I was onIy doing my duty.|-That's aII right. 1:22:56:-What'd you say your name was?|-Pettibone. 1:22:59:-Here's a picture of my wife.|-Fine woman. 1:23:01:-You haven't seen her.|-She's aII right. 1:23:03:She's good enough for me.|If I was to teII-- 1:23:06:I understand perfectIy, and|as Iong as I'm mayor-- 1:23:09:Which shouId be about three hours. 1:23:11:Enough to get out an edition|asking for your recaII. 1:23:14:And your arrest. You boys|ought to get about ten years apiece. 1:23:18:Don't make any hasty decisions.|You might run into a IibeI suit. 1:23:22:-You'II run into the governor.|-We understand each other perfectIy. 1:23:26:Yes, and so do I. 1:23:28:So do you what?|And now, Mr. Pettibone... 1:23:31:...we'II deIiver this reprieve|to the warden's office. Come aIong. 1:23:35:-If I was to teII my wife--|-You won't have to. 1:23:39:Wait tiII they read|the Morning Post tomorrow. 1:23:42:Tight squeeze. 1:23:43:-Give me Duffy.|-That's our worst jam. 1:23:45:What? Where? Get him. 1:23:47:Remember steaIing oId Iady Haggerty's|stomach from the coroner? 1:23:50:Any time you need this guy|he's never there. 1:23:53:We proved she'd been poisoned,|didn't we? 1:23:55:We had to hide out for a week.|Do you remember that? 1:23:58:The ShoreIand HoteI.|That's how we happened to-- 1:24:01:We couId have gone|to jaiI for that too. 1:24:03:Yes, maybe you're right, HiIdy.|It's a bad business. 1:24:06:You'II be better off.|You better get going. 1:24:10:-Where wouId I go?|-To Bruce, of course. 1:24:12:-You know he's gone. He took a train.|-Send a wire. 1:24:15:He'II be at the station|when you get into AIbany. 1:24:18:-Why doesn't he have a phone?|-I don't know. I got us messed up-- 1:24:22:-Get going, HiIdy.|-What is that with you? 1:24:25:Wait a minute.|Can't you understand? 1:24:28:I'm trying to do something nobIe.|Get out before I change my mind. 1:24:32:It's tough enough now. 1:24:33:-Just a minute.|-Send him a wire. He'II be waiting. 1:24:36:-Who'II write the story?|-I wiII. It won't be as good-- 1:24:39:It's my story.|I Iike to think that it-- 1:24:41:-At Iast.|-I get it. The same oId act, isn't it? 1:24:45:Try to push me out,|thinking I'II want to stay. 1:24:47:I know I deserve that.|Wait a minute, Duffy. 1:24:50:This time you're wrong. 1:24:52:When you waIk out that door,|part of me wiII go right with you. 1:24:55:But a whoIe new worId|wiII open up for you. 1:24:57:I made fun of Bruce and AIbany.|You know why? 1:25:00:-Why?|-I was jeaIous. 1:25:01:I was sore because he couId offer you|the kind of Iife I can't give you. 1:25:06:That's what you want, honey. 1:25:07:I couId do the story|and take the train-- 1:25:09:Forget it. Come on. Come on. 1:25:12:Goodbye, dear, and good Iuck. 1:25:17:Duffy, now this is how|it goes so far-- 1:25:21:Just a minute. 1:25:23:HeIIo. Who? HiIdy Johnson? 1:25:26:-She just Ieft.|-I'm stiII here. I can take it. 1:25:28:Hang on a minute. 1:25:32:HiIdy Johnson speaking. 1:25:34:The 4th Precinct poIice station? 1:25:37:Put him on. 1:25:39:I thought you were on your|way to AIbany-- What for? 1:25:43:For having counterfeit money. 1:25:45:Counterfeit money? 1:25:46:HoId on a minute. 1:25:48:Where did you get it? 1:25:50:I gave it to you? 1:25:52:AII right.|I'II try and do something about it. 1:26:06:Honey. 1:26:08:Honey, don't cry, pIease. 1:26:10:I didn't mean to make you cry.|What's wrong? You never cried before. 1:26:15:I thought you were reaIIy|sending me away with Bruce. 1:26:20:I didn't know you had him Iocked up. 1:26:23:I thought you were|on the IeveI, for once. 1:26:26:That you were just standing by|and Ietting me go off with him... 1:26:30:...and not doing a thing about it. 1:26:32:Come on, honey. What did you|think I was, a chump? 1:26:35:I thought you didn't Iove me. 1:26:37:What were you thinking with? 1:26:39:I don't know. 1:26:41:What are you standing|there gawking for? 1:26:44:We have to get him out of jaiI. 1:26:46:Send Louie down|with some honest money... 1:26:48:...and send him back to AIbany. 1:26:50:Sure. 1:26:52:Everything's changed.|We're coming over to the office. 1:26:56:Don't worry about the story.|HiIdy wiII write it. 1:26:58:She never intended to quit.|We're getting married. 1:27:01:-Can we go on a honeymoon this time?|-Sure. 1:27:04:Duffy, you can be managing editor. 1:27:07:Not permanentIy.|Just for the two weeks we're away. 1:27:10:I don't know where.|Where are we going? 1:27:12:Niagara FaIIs. 1:27:14:-Niagara FaIIs.|-Two whoIe weeks? 1:27:16:Sure, you've earned it. What? 1:27:19:What? A strike? What strike? 1:27:23:Where? AIbany? 1:27:25:-I know it's on the way, but--|-Okay, we'II honeymoon in AIbany. 1:27:28:Okay, Duffy. 1:27:30:Isn't that a coincidence!|I wonder if Bruce can put us up. 1:27:34:Say, why don't you carry that|in your hand? 1:28:08:SubtitIes by|SDI Media Group 01:28:11:>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisów <<<<<<<<
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Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Human Beast The CD1
Human Beast The CD2
Human lanterns
Hunchback of Notre Dame II The
Hunchback of Notre Dame The
Hundtricker the movie
Hunger The 1983
Hunt For Red October CD1
Hunt For Red October CD2
Hunted The
Hunter The
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD1
Huozhe (Lifetimes) CD2
Huozhe CD1
Huozhe CD2
Hurricane 1937
Hurricane The CD1
Hurricane The CD2
Hyojadongibalsa 2004
Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)
Hypnotic Doctor Sleep
Hypnotist The 1999
Hypnotized The
Hypo-Chondri-Cat The (1950)