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Hidden Half

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(VHS)Ripped by:
In the name of God
The Hidden Half
Hi, mom, it's Elad,|I have an extra class today.
I need a ride at 5 o'clock.|Don't forget, bye.
Hello, yes.
Hello, Mr. Rahimi, hold on a second,|please, he's coming.
There's a call from your office.|Mr Rahimi.
Mr. Rasteger is joining with us tomorrow.|Please tell him to be there.
Where are they going?
Elsa is sleeping and Elad is...
It's almost time to...
-Do you want some tea?|-Yes, thanks.
-Are you going somewhere tomorrow?|-Yes.
Would you please pack a suitcase|for two or three days for me?
I have to go to Shiraz to investigate.
The Presidential Office has received|an appeal from a woman's urge.
If it's not confidential.|What is it about?
If which political?...
What's the difference?
You're right.|What's the difference?
The most important thing is that|he paid a price for her opinions?
Nothing.|It's not important.
You're not going to read the papers today?
No, none of them speak my language.
What's the matter with you?
It's clear that she is not an easy person.
Don't judge.
It's my job to judge.
You judge too soon and|that's dangerous for your job.
Why are you upset?
Sorry,|I am going to pick up Elad.
You compare everyone with yourself.
Not all women are as good and pure as you.
Camera, CD, magic markers, story book!
Honey, I'm not going to America,|I'm going to Shiraz.
The shops there are the same as in Tehran|even smaller.
What about souvenirs?
You shouldn't special order souvenirs,|my good boy.
The traveller will bring a souvenir|according to his own taste.
He will most certainly bring you good things.
Be a good boy.
How about you, honey?|What do you want me to bring you?
Do you want any more?
Dear, Mr. President,|please hear my words.
Don't leave me without hope,|and please don't forget that
This is my last chance to stay alive.
Open the door.|Sit down, honey. I'll get the door.
Hello, please come in.
Ms. Samimi, I would never have guessed that|you were married to
He's on the phone.|He'll be right out.
Ms. Samimi!
20 years have passed|everything has changed.
I've changed too.|Forget about the past.
We reserved two rooms under the names|Mohtasham & Rastegar.
-Yes.|-It's Rastegar.
If you like, let's have dinner together.|I would like to talk to you.
I'll take a shower and come down.|See you in an hour.
-See you.|-O.K.
Dear Khosnoo.
...we have lived together for 17 years|and in all these years.
I have asked myself how much this man,|the man with whom I have lived, knows me.
I know you for the most part.
You have the priviledge of being a man,|and that is why you can talk...
about your thoughts, school memories,|different American colleges, camping trips...
...and other adventures around the world.|But what about me? {16572}{}I'll be 40 in six months. What oppurtunity|have I had to introduce myself to you, {16700}{} I am|rather than as others want want me to be? {16780}{}It's been a long time that|I've wanted to give you this notebook. {16970}{}...but I never found it necessary.
Until you told me about the woman in Shiraz|who is now awaiting your decision.
I should have talked to you.
I should have told you many things|about my real self.
Maybe telling you will help this woman|who is awaiting her death.
Maybe her death would be|the result of a wrong decision.
I know I'm taking a risk by recounting|these memories, but dear, in my age... has the right to be herself and|I will willingly pay the price.
I don't have any enjoyable memory|of my childhood.
...everything was sorrow & regret.
To be the fifth child|of a poor family of thirteen...
...was enough to kill any potential in me.
Contrary to a child's nature, I learned|how to look good and save face in public.
My real life started in 1978|after the islamic revolution...
...when I passed the entrance exam|to the university.
With the help of one of my mother's|distant relatives I went to Tehran.
They took me in and gave me a room|and in return I did odd jobs for them.
It was during the revolution and|the excitement of the revolution
Most of the university classes|were in disarray.
In my social class,|I was a member of a communist group...
...whose effect was on the oppressed.
Our small group composed|the research branch...
...and our meetings were held in a small cafe|near the university.
We sat in a café...
...and summed up our activities.
-What is today's topic?|-Revolution.
You start Farkhondeh.
Revolution means transformation.
Yes, transformation to a classless society.
In my opinion freedom has no meaning.|Tell it...
I agree with him,|there must be a framework for freedom,
or else it will lead to anarchy.
Look Nasrin,|suppose a real revolution occurs.
But there are many factors
... factors like intelligence, ugliness, beauty,|genes, creativity and many other things that...
...even in a classless society|seperate people.
I've thought about it a lot and|I've written an article
Please pass it to the top officials.
In my opinion, freedom is when a person,|while considering other's rights...
...can call into question, can make mistakes,|can speak his mind and can say NO.
...whether it be to political, religious,|artistic or literary
What is going on with you?|Are you feeling OK?
What time is it?
I have to go. Give this|to the officials of the organization.
Yes, she has to go.|She has to be home by 7:00.
Use more paste.
Stop it, don't post that.|Leave me alone. I said stop it.
-Why should I stop?|-Because I said so.
You are saying for your own interest.|Paste it.
I said don't.|Why shouldn't I?
This is the new thing?|Gooooosh hair fallen out of style.
What nonsense?
Hey guys. Zahra Khanoom is coming.
-OK, OK.|-Leave seperately. See you tomorrow.
Alright, tell me about it.|Farkhondeh, you start.
Evetything went fine.
We received the bag of flyers and|paste on time and...
...started pasting from Mahmood station.|We reached Modiri station.
Right around Modiri station.
Zahra Khanoom and her gang|came out of the blue and...
...destroyed the work we had done.
-Did you have a confrontation?|-No, but they tore all the flyers off.
Don't worry about it.|Little by little they'll quit.
Give me a minute.
OK, Fereshteh, you were supposed to|criticize Pulitzer's The principles and...
...bring it today. Is it ready?
I've started the book,|but because it's so long,
I unfortunately haven't finished it yet.|I'll try.
That's unacceptable.
You have to learn that|when you're young.
Hey comrade, what?
What I mean is hopefully,|by tomorrow.
Minoo, here's the magazine you wanted.|What is your discussion today?
What's going on Miss Fereshteh?
Why are you so pale?|Could it be love?
Zohreh, please,|we don't have time for jokes.
Why? Joking is a|very important part of life.
Joking?! Joking is the work of idles and|not of us who have serious goals.
Love and falling in love aren't serious?
It is serious.|But it is not relevant to our discussion.
Can I ask you to arrange a meeting in which|I can ask my questions about this matter?
Where does love have a place?|Is love for the masses?
I mean love for a person|from the opposite sex.
-I mean...|-I understand.
I can't answer you right now.
Put your request in a written form,|I'll ask the top officials and let you know.
OK, guys.|Let's not distress.
We were discussing theory and strategy.|Who's read volume No. 58?
Look I disagree with all of you.|No two lives are similar.
And there isn't any specific formula|for love and life to be applied equally to all.
For Minoo, love may be a shared outlook.
And for me, for me,|love is the power of attraction.
A power against which I can't resist.
Alright guys, I have to get ready for|tonight's program, good-bye.
I'm coming, too.
What happened?|Why is your ship sinking again?
Can you guess where our friends went?
The presence and absence of the gentlemen|isn't of our concern.
Of course.|But it's interesting to us.
Not to all of you.|-No, to all of us.
I've gotten used to them.
We have to change the place we meet.
Habit is the enemy of revolutionary thoughts.
Fereshteh, bring me the summary of|the meeting tomorrow, bye, good luck.
-Don't worry.|We'll see old fellas.
She'll be at the meeting immediately.
And then we can come ourselves.
No need for a gentleman to company us.
What is the matter with you?
What is the matter with me?
Zahrah would argue with Nasrin.
We have to know that she spent|5 years in prison?
There's something going on there.
A program to pay tribute to|Parviz Fanizadeh, a famous actor... going to be held tonight at 6 PM.|Many artists, actors and writers are coming.
I think our friends left early|to get ready for the program.
What do you think?|Should we attend?
Ladies and gentlemen! Good evening.
As you know, we are here to pay tribute to|a great artist who died young.
I would like to start by asking|Mr. Roozbeh Javid, popular critic and writer...
editor-in-chief of the quarterly, Art & Society...
...and the host of this program to come up|and say a few words.
He is humble thinker from a noble family,|and a true heir of Sadegh Hedayat.
-Friends, hello.|-Hello.
I had any words to say today, Mr. Rahmani,|by saying three things about me.
He's taken my breath away.|You all know Mr. Rahmani well.
Once he gets hold of a microphone,|it's not clear where he'll end.
Mr. Rahmani, thank you for your kindness,|but I disagree with everything you said.
Firstly, you said I'm humble.
In my opinion, humility means|excess flattery, an inverted lie.
Secondly, you said|I'm Sadegh Hedayat's true heir.
I saw him near the end of|his life many times.
But I haven't inherited anything from him,|especially his modesty and shyness.
You also mentioned|my noble family.
It's unfortunate that|we still talk about such things.
I believe that in intellectual gathering,|there is no place for such words.
What is the meaning of a noble family?
Regardless, we haven't gathered here|tonight to discuss this.
We are here to talk about our dear friend|Parviz who is no longer among us.
Once again, I've erred|by praising someone.
It is impossible to fool Roozbeh|with compliments.
Regardless, I meant no insincerity.
He annoys me, he talks too much.|Wasn't what I said better?
Excuse me.
Were you looking for me?
Are you not finding our program interesting?|Please stay, you'll have a good time.
I have to go. I'm late.
Please, little lady.
If a person has things to do in her life,|she should be belittled.
Or maybe you can't bear the refusal of|your invitation by this "little lady"?
I saw him many times after that,|but he never tried talking to me again.
He stayed in the café for a few minutes,|and would leave without ever looking at me.
I guess he took offense to my words.
I'd gotten so used to him that|when I went to meet my friends,
...I hoped to see him.
The political situation was|becoming worse by the day.
There was a rebelion in Kurdistan.|Four of our leaders...
...who were also the leaders of|the Councils of Turkmen Sahra were killed,
and many debates were sparked.
The universities were in disarray.
The hoodlums were increasing their use of|force and strong-arming tactics,
...and the pressure on political groups,|who had no power of execution,
...was increasing by the day.
-How many are left?|-About half.
Give them to me.
What do you have there?|-Run!
They're running away!
Fereshteh, run!
I'll show you once I catch you!
Get her!
Where, where, where?
Her bag.
-What do you have in your bag?|-I don't have anything.
Weapons?|Give it to me!
Weapons?|I don't have anything.
Give it to me!
-Lady, what do you want with that girl?|-She's got weapons.
She's running away!
Get her!
Get her!
Javid, please prepare the second edition|of my book, and I'll pay all the expenses.
What are you doing here?
They're after me.
Come on up, you look|like a drowned rat. Come on.
-You're back?|-We have a guest.
Sit down by the fireplace.
-Mr. Mansoon.|-Yes.
Please call a taxi for Ms. Pahlevan and|bring a glass of hot tea for Ms.
I'm not in any hurry.
It will take a while for the cab to arrive.
-What an isteresting coincidence!|-It wasn't a coincidence.
I read the sign on the door.|I knew this was your office.
-From where have they been after you?|-From Modiri station.
You ran all the way from Modiri?
In one breath.
Take off your shoes.|Get comfortable.
Thanks, I'm fine.
Maybe you have holes in your socks?
No, there are no holes.
-I'm fine, I'm just a bit embarressed.|-So, our café-loving girl is a true guerilla.
No, not a guerilla. But I try.
What do you have in your bag that's|so worthy to make you run all the way here?
Nothing, just some flyers.
You think these flyers,|which are completely wet now...
...were worth all that trouble?
Why didn't you toss the bag and run away?
My friend, Zahreh's books|and student ID are in the bag.
I was worried that if they got my bag, they'd|identify and expel her from the university.
-Can I take a look at one of those flyers?|-Of course.
But this is against the President and...
...the Commander-in-Chief|of the armed forces.
He is insisting on closing the universities|in the name of an islamic revolution.
We believe that his main purpose|isn't to reform the universities...
...but to clean out the student members of|the opposition the communists.
Who's responsible for the death of|the four Turkmen leaders?
Yes, who? Nobody wants to...
Ms. Pahlevan, the cab is waiting for you,|and a glass of hot tea for you.
Thank you very much.
I'm very interested to know just|how deep your beliefs are.
...or are you like an innocent lamb...
...who is only following|the ideology of some political group?
No need for discussion, I believe in it.|I'm not a lamb.
I've written an article which was printed|by the political branch of the organization.
-We must not hesitate.|-No, we mustn't.
But political knowledge|has a deeper meaning than this.
In my opinion, your generation is more|excited and emotional than are conscious and
...knowledgeable revolutionaries. {45640}{}In my opinion, {45675}{} are like the middle class|intellectuals of Russia in 1917. {45770}{}...who stood in the way of the revolution.|-Do you know who I am? {45870}{}Yes, you are Ms. Pahlevan,|and you were in prison for five years. {45950}{}-Have you read my books?|-Unfortunately not. {46050}{}-Do you read a lot of books?|-Yes. {46120}{}What is the last book you read? {46210}{}-The Contemporary History of Russia.|-And before that? {46280}{}Dictatorship in Chile|and before that, The War in Vietnam. {46360}{}What about the history of Iran?|Have you reda anything about it? {46550}{}Do you know who Babak Khoramdin is?|Who Ekhvan Al Safa were? {46680}{}Who Mossadegh is? {46730}{}Have you read anything|about the constitution? {46790}{}Do you know Abu Moslem? {46865}{}You can't fill a prescription... {46920}{}...for a country by reading|the histories and theories of other countries. {47025}{}A country does not progress|by the shouting out of a few slogans. {47135}{}That night, Ms. Pahlevan's words shook me,|it was like someone had opened my eyes. {47260}{}After Ms. Pahlevan left,|Mr. Javid asked me to bring him my articles. {47420}{}It was a strange night. {47465}{}On the one hand, I became acquainted|with some new people, and on the other, {47575}{}I was proud and glad that|I had saved Zahreh's student ID. {47700}{}Why are you doing this?
I'll do what I like.|You people are anti-revolutionary.
Hi. {48340}{}-I'am so glad to see you again.|-Look how much I suffer for you. {48445}{}Here's your book|and here's your ID. {48580}{}-I have to go.|-I'll come with you to the door. {48690}{}Our meeting place has changed.|Be at my place at 8 p.m. tonight. {48790}{}-I can't be there at 8.|-It's only for one day, come on. {48880}{}I'll do my best. {48910}{}By the way, you have to go get the flyers. {49020}{}No, from the usual place|on Jamshid Abad street.
I'll do it, bye. {50310}{}-Hello brothers!|-Hello. {50360}{}We don't have a telephone at home. {50400}{}Could you please give me ride|to a taxi service? {50450}{}It's an emergency, my sister is giving birth|and she needs some things. {50550}{}Which hospital?
It's a couple of streets over.
-Please get in.|-Thank you.
Thank you so much. {52790}{}I'am going to pass|your reports to the top officials. {52845}{}You did the right thing in keeping|the flyers away from you. {52980}{}Don't go to the previous places. {53050}{}We have a new area considered for you.|Farkhondeh knows about it. {53175}{}Make sure you don't go to the old locations,|they've been vacated. {53370}{}Any questions? {53405}{}Nasrin! The situation is very bad,|worse than you think. {53535}{}They chased me nearly right to my house. {53610}{}If I encounter the same situation again,|where should I go? {53710}{}I've been practically recognized. {53760}{}To make things worse, some of the locals|saw me when I was distributing flyers. {53855}{}You can come to me, my dear.
Zohreh! {54030}{}-Whose picture is that?|-Gary Cooper, an American actor. {54150}{}Don't you think that a picture of an actor|has no place next to a revolutionary? {54230}{}Why? I love them all and fortunately,|there is enough space for them all. {54420}{}There is no time for such talk right now. {54460}{}I will go over your behaviour in detail later,|during our public meeting. {54550}{}I don't have a problem with that,|as long as you say something convincing. {54645}{}...but I'm sick and tired of clichés. {54710}{}-We'll discuss this later.|-No let's do it now. {54800}{}-Why? But you don't have a problem.|-Yes, I do. {54920}{}Sometimes I want to put on make-up|or wear beautiful dresses, or fall in love. {55100}{}I don't know why,|but I feel like I'm living in a small can, {55200}{}...even though I completely believe in|our organization and its ideas. {55325}{}Do all the revolutionaries|of the world look like us? {55410}{}Their faces, their rooms,|their appearances, are they similar? {55530}{}Do they wear overcoats and|Chinese shirts like we do? {55615}{}Do they read the histories and|philosophies of other countries like we do? {55710}{}If I had been arrested last night,|who would have helped me? {55790}{}What is the matter with you? {55850}{}A few minutes ago you were|talking about a life in hiding. {55910}{}and now you're saying something else. {55950}{}I think the way we look is very revealing. {56010}{}Anyone can figure me out,|just by looking at the way I dress. {56090}{}That's not good, it's even dangerous. {56170}{}Alright, I'll ask about this too. {56230}{}So for now, there will be no meetings|until Farkhondeh informs you. {56350}{}Take care of yourselves. {56385}{}Maryam, you come with me,|so I can give you the publications. {56460}{}Oh, I almost forgot. {56515}{}Fereshteh, the organization answered|your question about intimate love. {56690}{}The answer is short and simple. {56730}{}Let me read it for you. {56830}{}Love for someone from|the opposite sex is an instinctive love, {56905}{}and it's valuable, {56960}{}...but when we are in the middle of a struggle|we must have the ability to abstain from it. {57165}{}Look friends, many of our comrades|who spent the better part of their lives... {57280}{} the prisons of Shah,|and who were viciously tortured, {57370}{}...put in isolation, or electrocuted... {57440}{}...all of them were surely married and loved their spouses. {57530}{}But this love didn't interfere with|their revolutionary intentions and duties.
Otherwise there wouldn't be a struggle. {58110}{}-Hello sir.|-Hello, can I help you? {58195}{}I came to see Mr. Javid, is he in? {58290}{}Oh, it's you, I apologize,|I didn't recognize you, sorry. {58390}{}-Good bye, Mr. Mansoon.|-Good bye. {58460}{}-I'll be expecting your call.|-Sure. {58590}{}-Hi.|-Hello Mr. Javid. {58670}{}Here's the text in Mrs. Adib's book.
Give it to editing first,|then I'll read it. {59400}{}Are you upset about something? {59460}{}No, welcome,|come tell me about yourself. {59570}{}-I want to know you better.|-What should I say? {59640}{}Tell me about your friends.|Are they philosophy students too? {59720}{}No, they study different disciplines... {59780}{}...but we are all members|of the same organization. {59840}{}What exactly is your responsibility|in the organization? {59920}{}I do many things. {59960}{}I post flyers, sell publications, engage|in critical thinking of ourselves and of others. {60120}{}OK, I know the rest.|What a story! {60220}{}The girl with sticky hands!|You have such beautiful hands. {60440}{}Is the woman who just left your wife? {60500}{}First of all, I am single by nature. {60635}{}Secondly, don't try to discover my secrets. {60750}{}Thirdly, that woman is|a well-known poet, Minoo Adib. {60880}{}Now tell me about your fiction and poetry. {61000}{}My poetry is about my relationship|with the working class of society.
I have brought some of them along.|Have a look. {61440}{}You're not without potential,|you have talent, but... {61515}{}Please be straightforward,|I won't get upset. {61585}{}Of course you will, or else|you wouldn't have said that. {61700}{}But I think it's my duty|to tell you my opinion. {61790}{}Look, it's one-dimensional. {61880}{}These kinds of sentences|have an expiration date. {61960}{}For example, {61980}{}"The children of tomorrow will read|your name Red." {62070}{}What is the meaning of Red? {62130}{}Does it mean left? Martyrdom?|What does it really mean? {62310}{}These are slogans.|They are good for a day or two. {62390}{}...and after that they're good|for the archives of history. {62450}{}Of course, writing slogans is important too,|but it's not a work of art. {62650}{}A work of art should be permanent. {62720}{}Thank you very much!|Please give me back my writings. {62780}{}-I have to go.|-Wait! Sit down. {62860}{}You just told me a few minutes ago|that you and your friends... {62930}{}...practice critiquing yourselves and others. {63000}{}Is this all you're capable of? {63060}{}If you want to be a writer or a poet,|you have to accept criticism. {63210}{}Maybe I didn't make myself clear. {63300}{}There was a writer who is|one of your friends. {63380}{}When he wanted to say, {63430}{}"The man asked the woman|to give him the ashtray", he would say, {63550}{}"That man who was bent over|by the cruelty of history's tyrants, {63720}{}...asked that woman who was|called weak all her life, give him the ashtray that was|the product of the mass's hard labour. {64045}{}You see how ridiculous it sounds? {64075}{}But a lot of my poetry has been published|by the official branch of the organization. {64160}{}...and it has many readers.|-What do you expect me to do? {64240}{}Give you a round of applause? {64320}{}In your poems, you have written things that,|they, as a political organization, need. {64440}{}So, basically you object to struggle? {64520}{}If you mean throwing fists in the air,|yes, I object to it. {64640}{}If you mean the killing of|good people like you, yes I object. {64820}{}If your desire is to follow|a political organization and, {64910}{} flyers and get beaten up|along the way, that's fine by me. {65020}{}For that line of work,|you should strengthen your body. {65180}{}But if your interest is in art & philosophy,|then that's a different matter. {65340}{}You should read, and read well. {65454}{}You should write.|You should accept criticism. {65535}{}You know, you talk very well|but I have things to say too. {65630}{}You don't listen to my words at all. {65700}{}This isn't a two-way communication. {65770}{}I know that you are more learned than me,|but that doesn't mean you're always right. {65900}{}I don't know why, but I feel|you don't understand my generation. {66000}{}You know, when I was your age, {66070}{}...I thought if I didn't give my opinion|on the world, everything would fall apart. {66260}{}I was like a small bird... {66300}{}...who was lying on his back|to prevent the destruction of the world. {66415}{}I spoke with my friends about dying and|being killed as if it was a trivial matter... {66610}{} if we could be revived|and talk about it all over again. {66720}{}And you made a mistake? {66750}{}No, I didn't make a mistake,|maybe I've become too old & conservative. {66978}{}Please make me a promise. {67035}{}What kind of promise? {67070}{}Do whatever your organization asks you to. {67150}{}Write whatever you want. {67210}{}Devote everything you have|to your organization. {67295}{}...except your eyes. {67460}{}Yes, do whatever you want,|but with open eyes. {67630}{}Keep your eyes for yourself.
It is very painful|to die of blindness. {68130}{}Well, I thought I had the talent|to become a poet... {68210}{}...but the things you have said,|anyway, I won't lose hope so easily. {68330}{}Please give me back my writings. {68380}{}You want to go?|Go, the door is open. {68440}{}But little girl, you didn't|come here to become a poet.
And I didn't invite you here to discover|a new talent, so, let's be honest. {68980}{}Maybe some day,|you will be my confidante. {69100}{}I have secrets in my life|I can't tell anyone. {69220}{}But ever since I saw you,|I don't know... Forget it... {69360}{}I have a good suggestion. {69395}{}I'm invited to a party tonight in which|some of your writer friends will also be attending. {69530}{}How would you like to accompany me|as our first shared experience? {69760}{}I finally succeeded.|Here's your coat. {69850}{}But what if your sister finds out? {69900}{}Don't worry! She has so many clothes,|she'll never remember this one. {69990}{}She spends all her money|on clothes and gold. {70060}{}She tells me how clever I am. {70110}{}She never touches my books|but I take her clothes sometimes. {70230}{}-But don't you have any clothes yourself?|-They're like yours. {70320}{}But I never had any clothes from the start. {70360}{}I put two closets full of my clothes on sale. {70445}{}Now I only have two pairs of jeans,|two pairs of sneakers, {70530}{}...and about three or four shirts. {70580}{}But please don't tell Nasrin,|she'll say three or four? {70670}{}That's much too many, make it two.|No, two's too much, make it one. {70840}{}-What did you do with Ms. Sotoodeh?|-Don't forget, I told her I was here. {70960}{}I told her it was your birthday.|Don't forget to say so if she calls. {71060}{}Now tell me, who is HE? {71110}{}He must be very important for you|to be lying in order to see him. {71170}{}No, I told you. It's just a party.
Yeah, whatever... whatever you like. {73310}{}Hello Hassan, I'll be right down.
Please have a seat for a few minutes.|I'll be right back.
Look, there'll be no bad mouthing tonight.
Thank you!
Thank you! {74450}{}Our discussions have to make sense. {74520}{}I don't know why he's so insisting|on relating himself to monkeys. {74640}{}At least make us related to|deers or something... {74790}{}Rashid, if one ever doubts our relation|to the monkey race by looking at Minoo. will be put to rest once they see you.
Where are you going? {75570}{}It's better you return|before they notice our absence. {75640}{}I don't belong to|these kind of places. {75710}{}Alright, come back and have your dinner|like a good girl, and then I'll drop you off.
Like a good girl! {76310}{}-Can I sit here?|-Yes, please. {76475}{}You like Iranian food, too? {76570}{}After one spends five years|of his life in America, {76630}{}...he prefers having Baghali Polo|instead of foreign dish.
Where have you been?
You mean that if one is ugly,|she shouldn't see the world?
Excuse me, this is my place.
-A new hunt.|-Yes , dear. Go and bring me my rifle. {77910}{}It seems you are not so strange|with these kind of places.
If a pretentious and rude boy is so afraid|of you, who are you, and where am I? {78150}{}Who am I?! {78250}{}Maybe I've made a mistake about you.
If you're finished with your food,|I'll drop you off. {78710}{}Good bye. {78790}{}Forever? {78830}{}Of course not, look,|I've just found you. {78950}{}I wanted to apologize for tonight.|It was my fault. {79050}{}I forget. {79080}{}You are a girl with little experience.|You've never been to such places. {79200}{}No, it was my fault.|I apologize. {79320}{}-OK, I have to go.|-Good bye. {79540}{}Get in. {79570}{}-What is it?|-I said, get in. {79890}{}Why don't you wear Roya's dress? {79980}{}I couldn't, it just wasn't me. {80060}{}Where'd you put it? {80130}{}In my closet. {80160}{}What am I going to tell her? {80220}{}I have got some money saved up.|We'll buy another one for her. {80280}{}Don't be silly! Forget about it! {80360}{}Zohreh, I have to call Ms. Sotoodeh. {80450}{}So call her. {80490}{}Not from here, it's dangerous,|I'll call her from outside. {80550}{}I'll come with you. {80640}{}-Hello, Ms. Sotoodeh.|-My dearest, how are you? {80770}{}Some men came here, and were|asking about you, don't come home. {80835}{}I know, I know,|don't worry, it's not important. {80950}{}I told them what a nice girl you are. {81060}{}Ms. Sotoodeh, I might stay with|one of my friends for a few days. {81150}{}For God's sake, please don't say|anything to my mom or dad if they call. {81260}{}If those men come again|say I've moved out.
-Don't worry. Take care of yourself.|-I will, for sure, for sure, bye. {81650}{}I feel strange.
I know, let's go.
-How many have left?|-Ten.
-Stop!|-I didn't do anything.
Shut your mouth, get in.|Everything will be cleared in the station. {84010}{}I've done some thinking.|I have a solution. {84100}{}Do you have a passport? {84220}{}What? {84245}{}Passport. What is up with you today?|Why do you look so pale? {84390}{}-They took Maryam.|-Who is Maryam? {84500}{}We were selling newspapers this morning. {84600}{}They took her. {84700}{}What are you saying? {84750}{}After last night,|you went selling newspapers today? {84975}{}What are you doing to yourself? {85087}{}Now tell me.|Do you have a passport? {85180}{}No. {85200}{}How about your birth certificate?|Do you have it with you? {85250}{}No, why? {85285}{}-Where is it?|-It's back home, in my parent's house. {85370}{}I mean, the last time I went there|I gave it to them so they could get coupons. {85480}{}We have to send someone to bring it. {85560}{}Why? {85575}{}I want to send you to England,|until things turns normal. {85670}{}Then you can come back|and stay with a trustworthy person there. {85780}{}What are you talking about?|It's impossible. {85870}{}You're going, don't argue with me. {86070}{}It will only be for a short time.|Then you'll be back. I don't want to lose you. {86210}{}I can't, my life is here,|my job is here. I have a lot to do. {86360}{}It's impossible. {86390}{}OK, tell them to send your birth|certificate, and then we'll decide. {86525}{}I have to go myself,|or else my parents will get suspicious. {86640}{}Fine, go tomorrow. {86695}{}Don't tell anyone where you're|going to get your birth certificate. {86795}{}Try not to tell anyone. {86920}{}Yes? {86940}{}I've been waiting for an hour.|Aren't you coming down? {87050}{}Please have your dinner.|I don't feel well. {87100}{}I really wanted to talk to you.|See you in the morning.
-Hello.|-Hello. {87510}{}-Can I speak with Mr. Javid, please?|-He isn't here. Can I help you? {87650}{}-Mr. Mansoori, is that you?|-Yes. {87710}{}-It's Fereshteh Samimi.|-Yes. {87785}{}I'm leaving for my hometown. {87835}{}Would you please tell Mr. Javid that|I'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:30? {87965}{}Yes, yes. {88000}{}He's expecting my call. {88050}{}Please tell him to be at terminal no. 8|at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. {88110}{}-Sure.|-Please don't forget.
Of course.
-Who was it Mr. Mansoori?|-It was for Mr. Javid. {88970}{}What are you doing?|Don't you want to tell me what's going on? {89060}{}Mom, don't worry, it's nothing. {89120}{}I can't explain right now.|I'll call you and tell you. {89190}{}At least let them see you. {89235}{}Mom, I'm in a hurry. I can't stay.|Don't tell anyone I've been here. {89320}{}Your father is sick, at least|let me wake him so he can see you. {89570}{}What are you doing|with yourself and with us? {89640}{}You don't only belong to yourself.|We have a share too.
If I knew the university would change you|this much, I would never let you go. {91445}{}-Hello!|-Hello! {91560}{}What are you doing here so early|in the morning? Has anything happened? {91645}{}No, no, don't worry,|nothing has happened. {91710}{}By the way, I wanted to talk to you. {91785}{}It's been a long time since|I've wanted to do so, but, {91860}{}...well, there was never a chance. {91910}{}But if I postpone it any more|things may... please, let's go inside. {92060}{}Where? {92090}{}To the office, we can|talk more comfortably there. {92190}{}I don't understand.|Where is Mr. Javid? {92280}{}Please Miss! We don't have much time,|the office worker will arrive in an hour. {92390}{}There isn't any café open so early|in the morning to invite you to. {92500}{}We don't have much time,|I beg of you to accept my request.
I'm sure you'll|thank me afterwards, please. {93250}{}You know, I don't want to beat|around the bush, I'll get to the point. {93390}{}This is a magazine office,|and every day, {93470}{}...many people come here and most of|them want to see the editor-in-chief. {93570}{}Some of these people are ladies|who are very fond of Mr. Javid. {93725}{}To be honest, if it wasn't for your trip|to London, I still wouldn't be saying anything. {93900}{}With you, he behaved differently|at first, but this trip, {94050}{}What are you getting at?|What truth? {94170}{}I don't know|how to tell you. {94255}{}If you knew that Roozbeh has|a wife and a son, would you still...
He has a wife.
And a son? {94630}{}Yes, a wife and a son. {94730}{}I don't believe it.|No, I can't believe it. {94875}{}Unfortunately, I'm|telling you the truth. {94990}{}Why me? {95040}{}Why a stupid girl from the provinces? {95130}{}I don't believe it. {95245}{}Would you be surprised if I told you|that his son is older than you. {95375}{}No, I can't believe it.|He's married?
Yes, to a respectable wife|from an important family. {95795}{}How can I know|you are telling the truth? {95840}{}I don't need to prove myself. {95900}{}I felt it was my moral duty|to inform you of the truth, and I did. {96045}{}The rest is up to you. {96295}{}I will prove it. {96370}{}...if you promise me not to inform|Mr. Javid of your return. {96470}{}...before I get the chance to do so. {96600}{}Tomorrow at 2 P.M., there will be a|charity affair held by Shaliee Charity, {96700}{}...which is headed by Ms. Shaliee,|Mr. Javid's wife.
We can go there, and I'll introduce|you as an intern at the magazine.
Hello, Mr. Mansoon.
Hello, Ms. Shaliee. {97585}{}I would really like to get|to know you better, let's make a date. {97770}{}Women like you are|always interesting to me. {97865}{}-Thank you. It's very kind of you.|-Let's do away with formalities. {97940}{}Roozbeh would have|introduced us sooner or later. {98020}{}Now, we'll catch him|off guard and surprise him. {98080}{}What can I say? {98110}{}Making friends with Ms. Shaliee|can completely change one's life. {98240}{}Accept it.|I suggest you make date right now. {98360}{}Very good.|But I'm busy today. {98470}{}Tomorrow si good for me.|Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. {98565}{}Mr. Mansoon, please write my address|down and give it to the young lady. {98685}{}Also, please inform Goli of our date.|Of course, assuming you agree. {98850}{}But I... {98880}{}Excuse me, they're calling me.|I'll be expecting you tomorrow at 10. {99090}{}-Mr. Mansoon, but I...|-Please. {99190}{}There are no "but"s here. {99240}{}I suggest you accept this invitation,|and consider her influence... {99330}{} certain that she'll be|very useful for your future.
Don't worry. {100320}{}That picture was taken 10 years ago.|Sit down please. {100475}{}Due to my congenital defect,|I can't speak very well. {100635}{}Especially in front of my competitor? {100760}{}Competitor? What do you mean? {100830}{}I know everything about you. {100905}{}Everything? {100940}{}Yes, more than you think. {101080}{}-Things that even you don't know.|-I don't understand. {101210}{}Roozbeh is an attractive man, isn't he? {101375}{}He is the kind of man who can|attract anyone he wants, just like that. {101540}{}I'm really sorry. {101580}{}Don't say anything. Listen. {101655}{}I didn't invite you here to bother you. {101750}{}I'm probably older than your mother. {101870}{}I want to talk to you. {101960}{}Don't forget that I was once as young as|you and maybe even more in love. {102155}{}But I'm not young anymore and|I have a son who needs his father. {102265}{}Why so late?|Why didn't you tell me earlier? {102420}{}You had Mr. Mansoon. {102480}{}Mansoon is a broken man who needs|more money than his salary can provide. {102630}{}-And you pay him that amount.|-Yes. {102690}{}And he helps keep me informed about|the activities of my son's father. {102840}{}-But he told me...|-It's not important what he said. {102930}{}But it's more important to me.
Yes, it's important to you and it should be,|because it will help you know people better. {103210}{}You asked why I didn't tell you earlier. {103300}{}The other day,|Mansoon informed me that {103365}{}...Roozbeh is planning|to send you to England. {103430}{}He has never done anything|like this for a woman before. {103515}{}This made me more curious about you. {103625}{}Who is that girl that my husband|has a special preference for? {103755}{}I asked Mansoon to show you to me. {103825}{}He informed me on the day and time|you were waiting for Roozbeh at the terminal, {103967}{}...and that is when I first saw you.|Up close. {104050}{}It was then that I understood your difference.|You walked by without noticing. {104220}{}But I... {104250}{}What difference?|Please tell me. {104375}{}You want to know all my secrets|in just one session? {104470}{}But you invited me to come here yourself,|I didn't ask to see you. {104570}{}Why did you come to the charity event?|Was it just a social activity?
I wanted... I wanted to have|your image in my mind. {105025}{}Are you not feeling well?
No, I'm fine. {105170}{}-I wanted to speak frankly with you.|-Thank you. {105310}{}I want to confide in you, but|first you have to promise me something. {105440}{}Promise? What promise? {105485}{}You have to swear you will|disappear from my husband's life forever. {105600}{}There is no need to swear|based on my own beliefs. {105695}{}...I can't see your husband anymore,|believe me. {105760}{}I have learned from my childhood that|a married man means father, means brother. {105880}{}If this is so, I want you|to swear on your loved ones' lives that, {106027}{} won't go after him, even if|you want to kill yourself over his love. {106177}{}-Or even if he tries to.|-Let me promise you in my own way. {106280}{}I'll stand by my promise, believe me.|Insincerely swearing on something is easy. {106360}{}If you are really sincere, please change|your living arrangements, with my help. {106535}{}I know your house has been exposed,|and you need a new place to live. {106665}{}Pardon? {106690}{}Change your home.|It will be good for us both. {106810}{}I have a nice apartment|in mind for you. {106895}{}Just take your things and|move into the apartment. {106970}{}-You won't have to do much.|-What are you talking about? {107050}{}I know Roozbeh very well. {107120}{}He won't try looking for you,|or come after you like a little boy. {107250}{}He'll get the message.|Go, please go. {107400}{}-Do you know what you're saying?|-Yes. {107455}{}This is the top article of|the contract I'm going to sign with you. {107560}{}-First change your home, then...|-Then what? {107640}{}But why so much effort?|I told you I would never see him again. {107730}{}Swear. {107790}{}Why should I swear?|I'm a humanbeing.
I told you I would|never see him again. {108157}{}Where is this place|you've chosen for me? {108280}{}I'll help you.|I'll help you become a successful woman. {108396}{}I'll help make you rich. {108460}{}I told you I would go.|But what is this secret you've mentioned?
We'll see each other tomorrow.|After your move, we'll talk more.
Haven't you unpacked?
A small gift from a friend. {110175}{}It was 19th August 1953,|and the shah's coup d'etat. {110320}{}I was 24 years old|and not yet married. {112420}{}Because of my congenital defect,|I was quiet and kept to myself. {110640}{}But I had a cousin|by the name of Mahmonir. {110780}{}She was beautiful, clever & social. {110960}{}She was seven years younger than me. {111035}{}Because her father had died young,|she was under my father's guardianship. {111175}{}She did strange things. {111260}{}For instance, she joined the Youth|Organization of the Tudeh Communist Party. {111385}{}My father knew,|but he didn't say anything. {111485}{}Because I was always home|I was her confidante, {111590}{}...and when necessary, her cover. {111640}{}And she was my eyes and ears. {111760}{}One day, Mahmonir told me she was in love|with a boy named Roozbeh Javid. {111915}{}She showed me his picture and told me|he was a member of their organization. {112015}{}Through Mahmonir's stories,|I indulged in sweet fantasies... {112140}{}...and imagined myself in her place. {112244}{}Me in her place. {112310}{}Because of the class|difference between them, {112390}{}...Mahmonir had decided to run off with him. {112500}{}Because my father would never|have agreed to their marriage. {112630}{}It was Aug. 19, 1953. {112730}{}Mahmonir convinced me to go to|Seharestan Square with her to see Roozbeh. {112850}{}There was a crowd in front of the Parliament|I don't know what happened. {112950}{}Suddenly Mahmonir fell in my arms. {113030}{}Eveyone was running away. {113085}{}There were shouts of "Down with the Communists". {113130}{}"The Shah must return"|"Down with Mossadegh" {113200}{}"Long live Mossadegh", {113245}{}all being shouted over my head. {113300}{}I opened my eyes and|found myself in a hospital. {113390}{}My father and Javid were standing over me. {113490}{}But Mahmonir was lost. {113620}{}My father and Javid looked for her. {113720}{}But she was lost and we never found her. {113830}{}One year later which all of us|gave up hope of ever finding her, {113950}{} father, who had become very|fond of Javid, suggested he marry me. {114100}{}You know because of my defect,|I never had many suitors. {114280}{}I don't know why but,|Roozbeh immediately accepted and {114435}{}...became the bridegroom of our house. {114515}{}Maybe he wanted to live in|Mahmonir's home, I don't know. {114686}{}Nevertheless, we got married|and he left the organization and {114788}{}...began his financial activities|with my father's help. {114927}{}Although we were financially comfortable,|we remained in my father's house. {115100}{}I don't understand, what does|all of this have to do with me? {115180}{}Be patient. {115247}{}In all of the past 25 years,|I never believed that he ever loved me. {115410}{}And he was never with me. {115485}{}He respected me, {115540}{}...but secretly he's had|his friends on the side. {115670}{}I'm very sorry about this, but what does|all of this have to do with my life? {115788}{}Why is my life|so important to you?
Unfortunately, it's not your life|that is important to me, but you, yourself. {116035}{}I don't understand.
Please bring that photo|album beside my bag.
This is you and this is...
Mahmonir. {116988}{}It's not only your face|that reminds him of Mahmonir, {117111}{}...but your words, your poems. {117220}{}So the reason, {117270}{}He's found Mahmonir. {117380}{}He has become young with you. {117480}{}He wanted to send you to England|and join you later and never come back. {117660}{}This is unbelievable. {117715}{}Up until a few minutes ago,|I hated him, but now...
I feel sorry for him.
Me in place of another person. {118910}{}Zohreh, thanks very much,|you helped me a great lot. {119015}{}I'll say it again, you can stay here|at least until you find a room. {119140}{}No, it's dangerous|for both of us. {119250}{}You shouldn't stay home either,|go to a safe place. {119325}{}I've found a 24-hour job. {119405}{}It's nursing an old handicapped woman. {119450}{}My friends don't care|what has happened to me. {119500}{}No, that's not the case. {119565}{}Zohreh I have a favor to ask you. {119620}{}The man who calls me sometimes and|whom you know, may come here to see me. {119800}{}Tell him you don't have|any news about me. {119850}{}Who is he? {119930}{}Please don't ask me anything. {119985}{}But what's happened?|Where do you want to go? {120130}{}Tell those fair-weather friends|that I have to rest for a while. {120220}{}If Nasrin asks about me,|tell her I am sick. {120420}{}Tell them I don't need the safe house|they were supposed to find for me. {120575}{}You are wrong about your friends. {120655}{}I didn't want to tell you. {120715}{}Nasrin was arrested two days ago. {120825}{}When? Where? {120915}{}At her house. {121000}{}I don't believe it. {121030}{}You weren't feeling well,|that's why I didn't tell you anything. {121160}{}My connection with the|organization has been cut off. {121266}{}The things I thought.|I am really sorry. {121360}{}I liked and respected her very much. {121500}{}I will never forgive myself|for the way I spoke to her. {121610}{}Zohreh, this game is too big for me. {121677}{}You don't know how much I want|to go out on the streets and shout; {121755}{}Stop. Stop the game,|I want to go back home. {121850}{}I wish this was a game. {121895}{}I want to go back|home to my parents. {122010}{}My father is sick. {122060}{}You're crazy! Don't do that.|It is very dangerous. {122152}{}Don't play with your life. {122235}{}You shouldn't stay at home either.|Go to a safe place.
Go to a... Maybe to the country.|I have to go. {122615}{}Take care of yourself.
You too.
Is this the way you want to hide?
My car is nearby.|Let's go. {123670}{}You go.|I'll come after you.
OK. {124570}{}-Stop here.|-Why is that? {124615}{}I want to get out. {124670}{}What for? {124750}{}To take care of my life. {124815}{}Let it go, little guerilla. {124860}{}Do you have any job|more important than me? {124955}{}Don't come after me anymore. {125008}{}So, you really have escaped. {125100}{}I thought something|had happened to you. {125150}{}Don't say anything.|Don't come after me anymore. {125205}{}I sent Mansoon to your home|under the pretext of getting your writings. {125315}{}...but they told him you had left. {125410}{}You've lost so much weight. {125480}{}So have you. {125570}{}-I want to take you|to the end of the world.|-Don't talk {125670}{}I don't want to hear anything.|For god's sake, don't say anything. {125780}{}I want to marry you. {125838}{}You'll be my everything.|We'll go to England together. {125920}{}Where no one can find us. {126015}{}Let's go, let's not|waste any time. {126150}{}I don't believe you.
I promise you. I give you my word.|Let's go, we don't have much time. {126515}{}It's impossible.
Why? {126680}{}I don't love you anymore. {126760}{}You want not to love me,|but you do. {126850}{}Let's go to my office,|we can talk more there, let's go. {127000}{}I don't want to see you anymore. {127110}{}Please, I beg you not to|come after me. Please. {127275}{}Have you gone crazy?|Get in.
Come back. Let's go.
Ms. Shaliee was right.|He never tried to find me. {128040}{}Never. {128070}{}If he wanted to, he could have,|but me, who was I? {128180}{}When I left him,|I thought I would die. {128240}{}I even thought about committing suicide.|But it was beyond my capacity. {128360}{}The game had begun|and I couldn't do anything. {128420}{}I was at the center and I didn't have|the strength to bear all the things that, {128510}{}...were happening. {128545}{}I was only a 19-year-old girl|who was alone and defeated. {128638}{}The man who I loved was married and|had a child and didn't want me for myself. {128740}{}My father was seriously ill|and wasn't a prominent person. {128840}{}The organization that I believed in,|fragmented and we broke off from it. {128910}{}Many of our leaders were arrested. {128960}{}And the universities were closed on|a nice spring day at the expense of...
...the students who were beaten and killed. {130360}{}Later I heard that|Nasrin had been executed. {130440}{}Maryam repented in prison. {130510}{}Farhhondeh was sentenced|to 10 years in jail. {130575}{}Zohreh escaped to|Germany as a refugee. {130620}{}And I seeked refuge|in an old woman, your mother. {130695}{}When you came back from|America, things had calmed. {130770}{}It had been almost four years|that I was living with your mother. {130855}{}You were so taken|by my kindness to her. {130960}{}You judged me kindly,|but you weren't right.
I didn't give your mother|refuge, she gave it to me. {131400}{}-Hello.|-Hello, Mr. Mohtasham. {131525}{}What is it, darling? {131555}{}I have news that will surely|make Ms. Fereshteh happy, {131635}{}...but may make you a bit unhappy.|-What is it?
The universities have opened.
Tomorrow, I'll go register. {132255}{}You don't need to|fill out the forms. {132315}{}They won't accept you anyway.|I mean I won't let {132400}{}I'll take my chance. {133435}{}In the name of God. {133470}{}Dear students, {133500}{}you must answer the following|questions accurately and honestly. {133610}{}If your answers are given to be false,|you'll be expelled from the university. {133785}{}In which organizations have you|collaberated since 1979? {133946}{}In 1979, when I came to Tehran,|I was only 19 years old. {134067}{}I didn't have any real|social experience to speak of. {134145}{}All groups, all people and|all strains of thought were interesting to me. {134270}{}I wanted to know more about them all.|Mojadeh, Pishgam, Hezbollah, {134430}{}...Enghelabe Eslami, Bamdade, Kar,|Peikar, Etehad Chao, Razmandegan, {134584}{}...right and left wing newspapers|I bought as many newspapers as... {134692}{}...I could afford so I could|understand their ideas. {134769}{}Do you know any members of organizations|who were against the Islamic Revolution.
If so, please state. {135000}{}I didn't write the entire truth|in the questionnaire. {135088}{}...but I didn't lie either. {135139}{}I remained silent, a silence|that has lasted until this day. {135275}{}I answered the questionnaire|as to show, at first glance. {135372}{}...that I was a stupid, provincial girl.|I was sure that it would work. {135475}{}But unfortunately, Mr. Rastegar|was one of the persons responsible... {135575}{}...for reviewing the applications,|and he knew me well.
And it was him who informed me of|my permanent expulsion from the university. {136238}{}Is there a problem? {136273}{}But like many people|during those years, {136343}{}...I was interested in|the political issues of the time. {136425}{}I understand.
I'll help you.|We'll register you. {136840}{}You had important connections|to get you back,
...but I won't stand idle. {137075}{}Rastegar's reaction was|not rooted in his beliefs. {137195}{}...but in a grudge, in deep hostility. {137275}{}Maybe if we had had the chance|to talk face to face, {137365}{}...we could have solved|many misunderstandings. {137423}{}But there weren't any oppurtunities,|and the grudge remained. {137490}{}Anyway, all of his efforts proved futile. {137558}{}...and I finished my studies|with a great deal of fear and anxiety. {137625}{}And that was because of your efforts. {137670}{}I was caught off guard|when you asked me to marry you. {137730}{}...but you said I was worth it. {137790}{}My darling, my worth wasn't only|in the kindness I gave your mother, {137920}{}I have more important qualities|which neither you nor anybody else saw. {138040}{}My worth was in my beliefs,|my love for people. {138160}{}...and they were considered sins. {138220}{}It was an unfair|judgement, very unfair. {138330}{}Truthfully, I didn't fall|in love the first time I saw you. {138440}{}But in the past 17 years,|my love for you has grown deep. {138545}{}You have been a good and|a generous husband to me, {138610}{}...and I have tried to be a good|and faithful wife to you as you expected. {138700}{}You're probably wondering|why I am writing you these things. {138810}{}This story has nothing|to do with our life. {138915}{}But to tell you the most important part, {138985}{}...I had to explain the whole story,|so that if you judge me, {139095}{} will be a fair judgement. {139180}{}You remember, two days ago I went|to the funeral of Farkhondeh's father.
...a dear friend who spent|10 years of her life in prison. {141500}{}Did you think I would leave without|saying good bye, like you did? {141720}{}I'm very happy to see you again. {141780}{}Just happy? {141820}{}You have lost all the color in your face. {141935}{}Look at your hands. {142000}{}They're trembling,|and you say you're happy? {142130}{}Small world, isn't it? {142235}{}Let me look at you closely. {142325}{}You haven't changed much,|you're even more attractive. {142565}{}I can't call you little guerilla|anymore. You're a lady now. {142680}{}You too. {142710}{}You mean I've become a lady too? {142780}{}No, I mean that|you haven't changed much either. {142900}{}I think about you often. {142950}{}I thought maybe something|had happened to you. {143030}{}Thanks. {143055}{}You're thankful? {143122}{}I think about you so much that|I don't know how much is a dream and... {143220}{} much is reality. {143270}{}Do you remember|that night in the car? {143320}{}You told me you had become young.|I remember, I remember it clearly. {143450}{}So my little girl remembers. {143500}{}You know, you were the only person|who saw me as a little girl. {143585}{}Yes, I was a little girl. {143630}{}A little girl who was suddenly pushed into|the reality of life and was told to change it. {143760}{}-Did you change it?|-No. {143850}{}But the experience made me|a responsible person. {143970}{}Are you happy?|Do you feel well? {144020}{}Yes. {144090}{}Very good. What do you do? {144175}{}Working, living,|caring for my children. {144260}{}Your husband, is he a good man? {144320}{}Yes. {144372}{}Do you still write poems?|The poems... {144440}{}The children of tomorrow will call you...|What was it? {144520}{}You remember very well. {144575}{}Yes, I mean, sometimes. {144650}{}You know, your words really affected me. {144720}{}I have tried to be honest with myself. {144800}{}Bring them to me to publish,|I have a big publishing company now. {144915}{}Like you said,|I am no longer a little girl, nor... {145010}{}-Nor what?|-Many years have passed. {145110}{}Yes, it was hard for me,|very hard without you. {145240}{}You know, it's not in our hands. {145310}{}You either don't find it or|when you find it, it's too late. {145467}{}Anyway, I remember you often.|I don't know how to tell you. {145640}{}-Remember me, or...?|-Or what? {145745}{}I have to go.|I'm very late. {145820}{}20 years have passed,|tell me why?
Why? {146088}{}Like you, I have secrets in my life|that I may not want to tell. {146165}{}Yes, I had secrets that|I didn't want to tell. {146297}{}But now, I'm sure you know them all. {146370}{}Yes, I'm sure. {146420}{}But dear lady, you judged too soon|and you weren't a good judge. {146580}{}You only listened to the complainant. {146630}{}The accused never had|the oppurtunity to defend himself. {146740}{}The things you were told|weren't the entire truth. {146850}{}But we can't do anything now.
That was our fate, good bye. {147520}{}He left, and I never discovered|the truth about his life. {147645}{}Maybe Javid was right and|I hadn't been a good judge. {147755}{}Maybe if I had given|him the time to talk... {147870}{}Anyway... {147940}{}Think.|Think well. {148020}{}If you didn't know the whole story|and someone told you that... {148120}{}...your wife had been with a man|she loved 20 years ago... {148215}{}...what would you think? {148270}{}You always called me|a good and honest woman. {148400}{}My darling, I owe all|this goodness to my past. {148530}{}The period that passed|with all its difficulties... {148615}{}...helped me to know|life deeply not superficially. {148750}{}If I wrote all this for you, {148808}{} was so you could help a woman|whom you believe isn't "easy." {148918}{}Maybe she was convicted|by unfair societal rules... {149020}{}...and not for a real crime. {149060}{}She could have been me,|Zohreh, or Farkhondeh.
I beg you to go and listen to her words,|to all of her words. {149910}{}Mr. Rastegar, I want to|talk to the lady privately.
-But...|-I decide here.
Mr. Rastegar, you've forgotten your papers.
Sit down, please.
I've come from the Presidential|Office to investigate your case.
I'm ready to hear your words.
All of your words.
I don't have any enjoyable|memory from my childhood,
...everything was sorrow and regret. {151788}{}(VHS)Ripped by:
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