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Subtitles for Helter Skelter 2004 Directors Cut CD2.

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Helter Skelter 2004 Directors Cut CD2

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Oh, man.
All right, move it, ladies. Let, s go! Move it!
Okay. You are all under arrest.
Here, s our warrant!
It is for possession of stolen vehicles, dune buggies and firearms.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
The evidence for violations of section 487.3...
...of the California penal code, is deemed insufficient.
In addition...
...the search warrant for the Spahn Ranch...
...was executed two days prior to the raid...
...and is therefore not legally in force. Dismissed.
They got all the guns.
- Took all the cars, all the buggies. - Our credit cards and IDs. Cleaned us out.
Don, t matter. We, ll steal more. Bruce, how we doing in Barker?
I got almost everything. Half a dozen dune buggies and the big bus.
Then we, re late for the desert. Let, s be ready.
- Hello? - Gypsy, it, s Linda.
- Where are you? - I found my ex-husband.
- We, re in New Mexico. - I can't believe you left Tanya.
I had to. I couldn, t stay there another minute. I mean...
Charlie wouldn, t hurt a child, right?
Look, man, we got raided.
All the kids were taken in by social services.
You see how spiritualism scares these people?
So they send their machines to dig holes to confuse us... make it harder for us to find the pit.
Well, we, ll burn them down wherever we find them.
- Get up! - Let, s go!
- Move! - Get down! Everybody down!
- Out, out, out! - Come on, let, s go. Move it!
What are you doing? I got nothing on me.
- Let, s go! Come on! Everybody outside! - Get out! Move it!
Let, s go! Let, s go! Everybody outside! Everybody out!
Please, get us out of here. These people are crazy.
They, re gonna kill us.
Get the hell out of there!
Let, s go! Get out!
Oh, man.
Hey, remind me never to try that again, man.
Who the hell are you?
Charlie Manson.
Good. You, re under arrest for arson.
You did the right thing, Kitty.
Look, I don, t understand what, s happening.
I just wanted to get away from Charlie.
I didn, t do anything wrong.
We, re investigating the murder of Gary Hinman.
Officer Pursell here told us you, re Bobby BeauSoleil, s girlfriend.
We, re holding BeauSoleil for the murder of Hinman. You know that, right?
- Kitty, were you there that day? - No.
We think you were. We think you helped your boyfriend off Hinman.
We know there were other people involved. You help us, you help yourself.
- Look, all I know is what I heard. - Spit it out, Kitty.
I heard that...
...Charlie sent Bobby and Sadie to go see Hinman... get some money from him.
There was, like, a fight, and he got killed.
And who, s Sadie?
Sadie Mae Glutz. She, s one of Charlie, s girls.
And then, later on, Sadie told me something about... she and some other girls got in a fight with a guy who pulled her hair...
...and she stabbed him, like, three or four times in the leg.
- So Hinman wouldn, t give up the money? - No.
He was going through changes about losing his ear...
...and then Bobby stabbed him.
He didn, t wanna die, though. That, s for sure.
We were on our way out...
...and we heard him gurgling and moaning, so Bobby went back in...
...and stabbed him again until he died.
You wrote something on the wall?
Yeah, and Bobby put a paw print there, too, so it, d look like the Black Panthers did it.
Your real name is Susan Atkins, right?
Used to be. Charlie gave me the name Sadie, so that, s who I am.
...Sadie, Susan, whatever.
Tell you what. We, re gonna book you on suspicion of the murder of Gary Hinman.
Far out.
- Writing look familiar? - Yeah.
You went to the Tate detectives?
The day after.
They said they had this figured for drugs, that was that.
Hey, no offense, but you guys waited two months... see if we had any similar murders. What, L.A.P.D. Don, t need sheriffs?
- Quit it. There, s enough politics on this thing. - So we got...
...Kitty what, s-her-face implicating Manson in the Hinman murder.
Sadie, implicating herself. Three separate murder scenes.
- Knives at all three. - Savage stabbing, crazy stabbing.
- Writing at all three. - In the victims, blood, similar messages.
One more thing.
Sadie told Kitty that she got into a fight with a man who pulled her hair.
She stabbed him three or four times in the leg.
- So? - So Gary Hinman was not stabbed in the legs.
But Voytek Frykowski was.
We, re investigating the LaBianca murders in L.A., which you, ve heard about.
Anything you can tell us on that?
- No. - How about the Tate homicides?
Know anything about those?
Well, no.
Do you?
Well, it, s a steep learning curve, I, ll tell you that.
Murders, my goodness. No, I don, t know nothing about no murders.
I, m being held for, let, s see, alphabetically:
Arson and auto theft...
The people who were arrested with you, Mr. Manson...
- Yeah, how about them? Where are they? - Most have been released or bailed out.
Think someone will show up with your bail?
Well, you know... never can tell about that, can you?
Think anybody living with you on the ranch might know something?
- Really? - Yeah.
You got a pen and paper?
Got you good.
Now, did you see how serious he took out that notepad? Did you see that?
That, s funny.
Yeah. Well, now, is there anything else I can do for you gentlemen?
Bus number two, local service to...
Passengers, have your tickets ready.
- Hi, Mom. - Give me my girl.
Hey, there, s my pretty girl. Oh, look at you.
You, ve gotten so big. I missed you, I know.
I didn, t know if I, d ever see you again.
I, m sorry.
You look different.
What happened to you?
What happened to you out there?
I, m definitely not worried about the cops. I mean, they just suck. Stupid, man.
If they, re so stupid, why are we in here?
They got me in the wrong murder. How, s that for stupid?
There, s a case, they, re so far off, they don, t know what, s happening.
- What case? - That thing up in Benedict Canyon.
Benedict Canyon.
You don, t mean Sharon Tate?
You know who did it? You, re looking at her.
- Yeah, right. - I did.
There were others, but I killed the Polish guy.
They said that it was a drug thing or something.
Paper, s worse than the cops.
I heard one that said there were hoods on their heads. Stupid.
There weren't any hoods.
You, re saying that you killed Sharon Tate...
...and the others?
We all did our fair share. I did stab Sharon, though.
"Please don't kill me. I wanna live.
I wanna have my baby.,,
She was the last to die.
She had to watch the others. I was gonna cut the baby out, but...
It, s a long story, but believe me, there, ll be plenty more.
We, ve already killed 11 people so far.
We, re gonna travel the whole country and kill families in the small towns.
Then we, ll move on, and we, re gonna kill again...
...and it, s all being planned.
When I was finished with Sharon, I had this blood on my hands...
... so I tasted it.
What a trip. I mean, to taste death, yet give life.
Have you ever tasted blood?
You, re hard to find, Joey.
You guys ought to publish your own phone book.
- List of street corners you sleep in. - Why am I here?
A girl who was in the Manson family...
...said you were close to Charlie, knew what was going on.
- So? - Let me tell you, Joey.
We like Manson and his group for the Tate-LaBianca murders.
You got something to help us with that, we, ll help you back.
Well, I, ll tell you, the thing is...
...I got a federal beef for smuggling weed into Mexico.
...also got a firearms beef, fed too...
Look, you level with us, we go out for you 100 percent. Poof, all gone.
Okay. Let me ask you this: You ever get a dead body with his ear cut off?
What about him?
Charlie bragged to me about how he put the chop on some guy.
He used a sword to cut his ear off.
- Give me some more. - Okay.
Anybody ever got their fridge wrote on?
Charlie said something about someone writing...
- ... on a refrigerator. In blood, he said. - What was it?
Something about pigs. Something like that.
You remember anything about the night of August 8?
Lt, s hard, because they didn, t have any calendars. No clocks, either.
This one night everybody went out.
You gotta give me a date.
It was about two weeks before I got arrested at the ranch.
So I seen Charlie in the morning and I says:
,, Where did everybody go last night?
And he says:
"We knocked off five pigs last night."
I am pleased to be able to announce to you, that after some 8750 hours of police work...
...the Los Angeles Police Department has solved the Tate case.
Warrants have been issued for three individuals:
Charles,, Tex,, Watson, 24...
...who fled the state after the murders and is now in custody in McKinney, Texas.
Patricia Krenwinkel, 21, also known as,, Katie,,, who is currently in custody...
...and Linda Kasabian, age and present whereabouts unknown.
We anticipate at least two others will be named in indictments from the grand jury.
These individuals, we believe...
...were also involved in the deaths of Rosemary and Leno LaBianca.
You can tell me.
Just tell me what happened.
Please. Linda...
Vincent Bugliosi, Deputy DA, please meet Susan Atkins.
Accused murderess.
- Miss Atkins. - Sadie.
Of course.
Your lawyer explained that the state is offering you a reduced sentence...
...based on your truthful testimony? - He said I didn, t have much choice.
He told me you, re not too happy about it either.
- He, d be right about that. - How come?
Well, Sadie, according to your statement, you helped kill Gary Hinman...
...and you personally stabbed Sharon Tate.
You, re not my first choice for a reduced sentence.
- Bosses upstairs, right? - Something like that.
Well, what do you want me to do?
First, you testify to the grand jury, then at the trial.
I heard you, re the prosecutor with heart.
- Is that true? - I doubt it.
My lawyer says you, re the biggest gun in the DA, s office...
...that, s why they assigned you. You won 20 murder trials in a row.
I came to talk about you, Sadie.
Charlie, s looking at us right now...
...and he can hear everything. - Charlie, s in jail up in Inyo.
I liked it better when we were talking about you.
- Would you kill for Charlie? - You wanna kill us, don, t you?
You wanna give us the death penalty.
You, re a Republican, like Nixon, who wants to see us all die.
Do you believe Manson is Jesus Christ?
He, s my personal savior.
Besides, he has to be who he says he is.
Because, if he isn, t, then who are we then? Nothing? No.
He, s the soul. No doubt about it.
Tell me what happened those nights.
Tell me what went on in those houses.
Miss Atkins...
I have a photograph of the Rambler driven by Steven Parent that night.
Is this the car you saw?
It looked similar to it, yes.
Is this the person you saw Tex Watson shoot and kill?
That is the thing I saw in the car.
When you say,, thing,,, you are referring to a human being?
Yes, human being.
After you helped Tex move the car, you approached the house?
Hey, what time is it?
Be quiet. Don, t move, or you, re dead.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
I, m the devil...
...and I, m here to do the devil, s business.
Check for anybody else.
- There, s three more people. - I don, t understand this. What do you want?
Go get them.
Don, t say a word. Get up and go into the living room.
Get up and go into the living room. Don, t ask questions, just do what I say.
- What are you doing? - Shut up.
Lay on your stomachs on the floor.
She, s pregnant. Let her sit down.
Shut up.
Who, s got money?
I do. In my bedroom.
- Do you want the credit cards? - No.
- What are you gonna do? - What are you doing?
- What do you want? - No, no. Please...
We, re going for a ride.
What are you doing with us?
You, re all gonna die.
Please, God, help!
No! Get off of me!
He crawled outside. He won, t die.
Kill her.
Please, don, t kill me.
Please, don, t kill me.
Look, bitch, I have no mercy for you.
Please, let me live so I can have my baby.
I give up.
You take me.
I, m already dead.
Write something.
Take the baby.
Cut... Cut the baby out. Sa... Save the baby.
I can,t.
For the record, Steven Parent was shot four times.
Jay Sebring was shot once and stabbed seven times.
Voytek Frykowski was shot twice...
...struck over the head with a blunt object 13 times...
...and stabbed 51 times.
Abigail Folger was stabbed 28 times.
Sharon Tate was stabbed 16 times.
You all right?
I, ll be out there before the baby, s born.
As soon as I can get the money together.
You, ll be okay with Tanya?
I know what it, s like to have a little baby girl.
What are they gonna do to me, Mom?
Come on, let, s go.
Don, t come in with me.
So how many lifetimes do you think you can hold me for arson and auto theft?
Miss Atkins?
You, re at the LaBianca house.
Manson said he had the people tied up and...?
Right. And then Charlie told Tex, Katie and Leslie to go inside.
Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten?
- Did you go inside? - No.
Do you know what happened at 3301 Waverly Drive?
- Yes. - How?
Katie told me that night when she got back to the ranch.
It, ll be all right, sweetheart, just...
- No, no, no. - What are you...?
- Hey! No! Leave, leave... - No! Please, no!
- Leno! - Leave her!
- They said they wouldn, t... - What are you doing?
No! Hey, what are you doing?
Please... Leno! Leno!
Stop it!
Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go!
What are you doing to my husband?!
Come on.
Charlie says we all have to do it.
Hello. That one, s for you.
That one, s for you. He, s a cutie, huh?
Miss Atkins, did Charlie ever use the words,, Helter Skelter,,?
What did Helter Skelter mean to you and the family?
Helter Skelter will be the last war on the face of the earth.
It, ll be all the wars ever fought, built one on top of the other.
Something no man can conceive of in his imagination.
For the record, Mr. Foreman...
...Leno LaBianca had 12 stab wounds... 14 puncture wounds, made by a double-tined fork.
Rosemary LaBianca had 41 separate stab wounds.
That, s all for this witness.
The L.A. County Grand Jury returned the following indictments:
Charles Manson, Charles,, Tex,, Watson...
...Patricia,, Katie,, Krenwinkel, Susan,, Sadie,, Atkins, and Linda Kasabian...
...for seven counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder, each.
Leslie Van Houten, two counts of murder...
...and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.
We look forward to going to trial on this case. Thank you.
What are you doing here, Dad?
Are you eating?
Are they...?
They keep you safe in here?
Is it true?
Did you do these things?
Why does it matter?
What happened to you?
Was it something I did?
Was it something I didn, t do?
Didn, t you know that I love you, Pat?
Didn, t I show it?
What did I do wrong?
Your Honor, the defense...
The defense requests a postponement until December 22 to enter a plea.
- Do the people object? - No, Your Honor.
The people rejoice. We need all the time we can get.
Okay, motion granted.
Let, s have all parties back here December 22, 9 a.m. Sharp.
- That never happened before. - What?
My watch stopped, dead.
Now, Mr. Manson, I understand you have a personal request of the court?
Judge, I would like to have my public defender dismissed.
I don, t know what crowd he, s playing for, but I, m playing for my life.
He might be playing for money. I, m playing for keeps...
...and that, s something you can, t buy, so I, m gonna have to defend myself.
...but I don, t know if you, re competent to proceed in pro per.
Your Honor, how can your court expect me to give up my voice in this matter?
If I can, t speak in my own defense, it ties my hands way behind my back.
It ties my hands back to China.
You, d be making a huge mistake, Mr. Manson.
What do you say, heretofore, we let the record reflect and remind us...
...that it is my right.
Mr. Manson, I, m imploring you not to take this step.
And I am imploring you...
...that I would like to represent myself.
It, s the only way.
It is, in the opinion of this court...
...a sad and tragic mistake you, re making by taking this action...
...but I can, t talk you out of it. Mr. Manson, you, re your own attorney.
This case is adjourned until December 22.
All right, will counsel for Driscoll v. California please approach the bench?
Your hands are shaking, Charlie.
What, s the matter? You scared of me?
No. Not really.
I kind of think you, re a pretty fair man.
I, m gonna give you a fair trial, Charlie...
...but I am going to convict you.
I, m really looking forward to talking to you on the witness stand.
I suppose you, re gonna tell me how come.
- There, s a lot of things I, m curious about. - Like what?
Well, for one thing...
...l, d like to know where you get the crazy idea...
...that other people don, t want to live.
I fell in love with Charlie Manson the first time I saw his cherub face on TV.
His words encourage and inspire us.
We think Charles Manson is the death of the hippie.
I mean, this guy doesn, t stand for anything that we believe in.
We, re totally lumped in with him and his psycho family.
Whoa, whoa! Man, I ain, t no hippie, man.
I hate the hippie. How can I be a hippie if I hate the hippie, man?
See that? Don, t try to push that off on me, man.
I never wanted to be a hippie because I never wanted to be weak.
Weak, that, s right, weak. Like,,, flower power,...
...,, smile on your brother,,, and,, live and let live,, and all that crap.
It, s a thousand illusions, man, it, s an excuse for not facing the truth of life.
I know the truth of life, and, brother, I am not afraid to face it.
I am not afraid to inflict it.
The sheriff, s office says half a dozen kids a day... up at Spahn to join the family. - Great.
Girl Scouts and 4-H must be taking a hit.
Manson is more powerful behind bars than he was out.
Listen to this.
,, Tex Watson: Sports editor for his high school yearbook.
Patricia Krenwinkel: Campfire girl, member of the Audubon Society.
Leslie Van Houten: Treasurer of her high school...
...homecoming princess, sang in the church choir.,,
How do these kids end up stabbing people with knives and forks 169 times?
Drugs? Who knows?
,, Why,, isn, t our problem. We don, t have to prove motive.
But without the why, we don, t have a case against Manson.
Now, if Manson had actually participated in these murders...
...if he was there, the motive would be irrelevant.
It could be Dodger tickets, wouldn, t matter. He was there and did it.
But he wasn, t there, didn, t personally kill anyone...
...but ordered them to be killed.
Now, if we can, t prove why...
...he would order anyone else to commit these murders...
...that, s a reasonable-doubt case. - So why did he order them?
Everyone says Manson talked about a war called Helter Skelter.
He mentioned it to the murderers before Tate.
It was on the refrigerator at LaBianca.
- Misspelled. - Probably just stupidity.
We, re not talking about Rhodes Scholars.
But if we can tie this Helter Skelter idea to the murders...
...and then tie Manson to the words ,, Helter Skelter,, written at the scene...
...that, s the same as finding his fingerprints.
- It sounds like a stretch to me. - Aaron...
...if we only nail Tex and the girls and not Manson... won, t be a successful prosecution.
This is gonna ruin my reputation...
...being seen with a guy in a suit.
- My leathers are all being cleaned. - Right.
Joey, what can you tell me about Helter Skelter?
Charlie got all his beliefs from two places...
...the Bible and the Beatles. - The White Album.
He believed the Beatles talked directly to him.
The Beatles are talking to you?
,, You say you got a real solution.
Well, you know, we, d all love to see the plan.,,
There it is right there. Who you think they, re talking to?
,, Revolution Number 9.,,
Take that by you again. ,, Revolution Number 9.,,
They, re telling me to look, where?
Where? In your bottle? In the Bible, man. In the Bible.
Check it out, check it out. Revelation 9.
See the part about the four angels. Four angels.
Their faces were as the faces of men.
They had hair as the hair of women.
Who do you think they, re talking about? Your mother in Russia?
Talking about the Beatles, man.
Out of the mouths of the four angels issued fire and brimstone.
Breastplates of iron. Hey, see that? Breastplates of iron.
Well, now what...? Oh, electric guitars.
Read verse 15.
,, The four angels were loosed...
...which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year...
...for to slay the third part of men.,, - Helter Skelter.
One third of mankind will die. Whitey.
All the whitey is that one third.
And everybody believed it? The whole family?
Hook, line and sinker. They used to spend days in the desert...
...looking for the hole that led to the bottomless pit... hide when Helter Skelter started.
Did Manson ever say anything to you that made you feel Helter Skelter...
...was tied in to the Tate-LaBianca killings?
Not at the time, but looking back on it, you know...
I don, t know, Joey.
There was this feeling on the ranch like...
...people getting impatient, Charlie, especially.
When was this Helter Skelter gonna start, right?
And then one day, right before the cops raided Spahn and arrested everybody...
- But after the murders? - Right.
I went up to Charlie and I says, ,, What, s with Helter Skelter, man?
You know, like, kidding around with him.
I showed blackie how to do it.
So Helter Skelter is a race war. The blacks will destroy the whites.
Except for Charlie and the family, because they, ll be hiding in the desert.
So he orders the Tate-LaBianca killings thinking blacks will be blamed...
...and that will start the war.
That, s Helter Skelter, man.
I still don, t get one thing. What does Manson get out of it?
Is he just a swell guy who wants to help the black man?
Hell, no. Charlie hates blacks.
He hates Jews. He even hates women.
He once told me that women were slaves with no souls.
No, whatever it is, it ain, t for the benefit of mankind.
- It, s for the benefit of Charlie. - How? How does it benefit him?
- I don, t know. - Who would?
Paul Watkins. He left the ranch right before the murders started...
...but he spent a lot of time with Charlie in the desert.
You think you knew Manson better than the others?
I lived with him for one year straight. I know Charlie.
I became Charlie.
Everything that I once was, was Charlie.
There was nothing left of me anymore.
And all the people in the family?
There, s nothing left of them anymore. They, re all Charlie too.
You seem like a solid guy, Paul, a smart guy.
Why did you stay so long?
I thought Charlie was Christ.
What did he tell you about Helter Skelter?
Helter Skelter... Stay with me, now.
Helter Skelter begins with black men going in white people, s homes.
Ripping them off, killing them off. Blackie will wipe out whitey...
...cut up piggy bodies, take that piggy blood...
...put it all over all the piggy walls.
Now, I got an idea this might make the white man a little unhappy.
There will be revolution, revelation.
Blackie will rise. Oh, and bye-bye, whitey.
Then blackie will be on top.
In the meantime, we, you and me, we will be hiding...
...all the wiser, in the desert, the bottomless pit.
Oh, but what did I tell you...
...about blackie having himself a little problem?
See, blackie, s gonna find out: ,, Oh, no!
He can only do what the white man taught him how to do.
He can only do what the white man would let him.
And I, ll say... I, ll scratch blackie, s little head like that...
...his fearful, fuzzy head, and I, ll say, ,, That, s all right, that, s all right.
You just go on over there. Do whatever it is you think is useful.,,
And then the black man, even without whitey...
...the black man will be back where he will always be.
And it will be my world then.
My world.
So Manson was going to rule the planet?
The thing about Charlie is, he was always preaching love.
Charlie had no idea what love was.
Charlie was so far from love, it wasn, t even funny.
Death is Charlie, s trip.
It really is.
More fan mail, Charlie.
It, s love mail, man.
These are people who know what, s right.
Let me know if you get any naked pictures.
Rack 11.
You got a visitor.
You know, the pigs here aren, t real bad, man.
They, re just real dumb.
I just play a little dumber, and they start thinking they, re smart.
The dumber they think you are, the better they feel...
...and the more they let you slide.
So you gonna beat this thing, Charlie?
Well, what do you think they got, man?
I wasn, t there, so they can, t tie me to anything... they got nothing, right?
And no matter what, them girls will take the rap.
You don, t worry about it.
You just make sure that everybody at the ranch...
Or you know what to do about it.
What about Sadie?
Oh, you mean, that stupid bitch?
Yeah, I, m gonna have to shut her up.
Your Honor, the sheriff and the DA, sitting somewhere over there...
...they are denying me my rights. Would you believe that?
Mr. Bugliosi and Mr. Stovitz have been very fair with you, Mr. Manson.
Well, but see, now, I was gonna ask...
...if he wouldn, t mind just calling the whole thing off.
I think it might save us a whole lot of trouble.
And disappoint all these people? Never, Mr. Manson.
Good one, Your Honor. That, s good.
But for example, okay, if I, m to properly mount...
...a proper type of defense, it behooves me... be able to interview Linda Kasabian and Sadie Mae Glutz.
But their lawyers, they, re denying me too. Would you believe that?
They have that right.
Yeah, well, see, but I got this message now.
See, Sadie says that the DA over there...
...made her say everything she said, so therefore...
...she would like very much to... What is the word there?
I give up, what is the word? Bugliosi, can you help me out?
- Recant? - That, s it.
She would like to recant the whole crazy confession.
She, s not gonna testify.
Okay, now, one more motion...
Where, s my motion? Here, s... Here, s my motion.
Okay, Charles Manson...
...a.k.a. Jesus Christ, prisoner and the family of the infinite soul...
...are filing this motion on behalf of Manson Christ...
...charging that the sheriff is depriving me...
...of my every last spiritual, mental, physical and molecular liberty... an inconstitutional manner, not in harmony with man, s or God, s law...
...asking that I be released as of now.
Right on, Charlie!
Heretofore, forthwith, and all that, right about now!
Mr. Manson, you, re wasting the court, s time.
Is that a no, Your Honor?
I, m appalled at your outlandish requests and nonsensical motions.
It is abundantly clear to me...
...that you, re incapable of acting as your own lawyer.
Well, Your Honor, if there was any Christian justice...
...someone would cut your head off!
Yeah, you. You can kill me now! Come on! Kill me right now!
Yeah, oh, yeah, you can kill me! Oh, yes, you can!
But, oh, no, no, you can, t give me no attorney.
Yeah, yeah. You think I, m on trial. Well, this court is on trial.
This court is out of order, out of God.
Mr. Manson, your status as acting as your own attorney is now vacated.
Mr. Manson.
Are you God? Are you God?
This is your world, man! This is your life, man!
- Quiet! - You are a joke!
Take me! Nail me on the cross!
Calm down.
You are a joke. You are a mockery of justice.
- You are a joke. - Quiet!
- You are a joke. - Kill me a thousand times!
He tries to pass himself off as an innocent buffoon in court...
...but he, s controlling the defense.
And now he got to Sadie.
- What, s happening with Tex Watson? - In jail in Texas fighting extradition.
We, re looking at a separate trial.
You, re trying to cheer me up. I can, t believe this.
We, ve got Manson tied to Helter Skelter. We, ve got motive.
But with no witness, we, re dead in the water.
When can I talk to somebody?
Not just yet.
I have to get rid of this. I can, t keep this inside.
We have to wait.
Let them offer you a deal.
I just want to tell it.
You will go to prison, Linda.
This prosecutor is very, very good...
...and he, s seeking the death penalty.
I don, t care about that.
You saw and heard things that will help put those people away...
...but you didn, t hurt anyone.
They will give you immunity if we ask for it.
They need you now. Believe me.
Let me call Bugliosi and talk to him about immunity.
What, s the matter, Linda?
Why couldn, t they have been here that night?
You ready to walk us through what happened?
- Good girl. - You, re doing a great job.
You can see the head.
That, s it, here we go, here we go!
- That, s it. Push one more, and that, s it! - Come on.
- Here we go. - It, s a boy.
- Good job. - A little baby boy.
- Nice. Nice work. - Congratulations.
Not yet, please?
Lt, s okay. He, ll never know.
He, ll never know.
He, s beautiful. He, s pure.
This will never, ever touch him.
He, ll be waiting for you.
You wanted to say something to me?
I, m a busy man these days, with the trial starting tomorrow.
I wanted to let you know I don, t really care about any of this.
I have X, d myself from your world.
Because, see, in your world... think I, m bad or whatever it is you need me to be for you...
...but in my world, I didn, t kill nobody.
I know. You programmed your followers to do it for you.
Come on, Bugliosi. Come on!
I had no influence over them kids.
Their parents had them way before I did.
Your schools had them by the throat.
Your TVs and your movies... Oh, but look at you over there...
...trying so hard to believe that I had all the influence over them kids.
I showed them the way back to themselves.
That, s all.
You controlled those kids, and you know it.
The way back to themselves.
And, yeah, for this... I know they, d die for me for this...
...but I didn, t ask nobody to kill for me.
You see, your kids, they came to me...
...with all your disease already up inside their head.
How do you feel about that, huh?
That, s right. Your kids. The ones you threw away.
Well, these outcasts, they come to me, and I do what?
I free them. How terrible!
I freed them from society, their parents. I freed them from themselves.
You dispose of them.
I pick them up by the roadside and I say to them:
,, You listen, now: Whatever you do for your brothers and sisters is good... long as you do it with a good thought. Do as your love tells you to do.,,
Oh, but I see now, you can, t see that as being love, can you?
No, you gotta call that dirty.
You, ve gotta say, ,, That, s dirty. My child.
My child is a criminal. My child is a crook.
My child, my child. Oh, but it, s not my child.,,
That, s why they come to me, that, s why they stay...
...and that, s why they would die for me.
Well, I think they, re all going to get their wish, Charlie.
And you, re gonna lead the way.
Well, there are plenty more coming, Bugliosi, you see.
And it don, t really matter when you kill me, because I, ll always be around, you see.
Ready to pull them back in.
That, s right. Take me to the gas chamber now.
Say,,, Get in there and sit down. Give us your life again.,,
There will still be someone, just like me, who will reach out...
...and pull your children from the garbage heap that you made for them.
You remember that! The world better remember that...
...when they, re feeding, drunk on their blood, man!
The world better remember that when their children come after them with knives!
You remember!
You, ll stay isolated from the general population from now on.
You, ll be safe.
Are you going to be okay facing Manson in court?
Are you still in love with him?
Some of the things he said were true.
But he, s really good at taking the truth and making a lie out of it.
I guess I, ll go.
You need anything else?
What did you name your son?
Do you have a family?
You have a nice life?
Yeah, I do.
You will too, Linda.
When this is all done, you can start over.
You, ll be free.
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