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Subtitles for Helter Skelter 2004 Directors Cut CD1.

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Helter Skelter 2004 Directors Cut CD1

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So is he coming or what?
- He, ll be here. - I hope.
He, s gonna straighten this all out.
- He wants his money. - What money, man?
He says you have money.
- He wants it. - Bobby, if I had any fricking money...
...I would have given it to you the first time you hit me, all right?
You know?
Charlie, hey. What, s going on, man? Hey.
Here, s what you, re gonna do, unless you want to lose your other ear.
- What, s that? - No. No!
You, re gonna sign over everything you have to us.
What is everything? Everything means everything.
Everywhere you look. There, s a house, that, s part of everything, we, ll take it.
Is that a car outside? We, ll take that too.
I want that money that you owe me, and if you don, t pay me...
...what you owe me, then I, ll pay you what you owe me.
- Okay. - Okay, okay.
Okay. Charlie. Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay, okay.
Here, take... Take it!
That, s it. That, s the house.
That, s the car. That, s all I got, l... I swear.
There, s no money. That, s it, man.
We ain, t gonna get nothing out of him.
We can, t leave him. He, ll call the police.
Well, you know what to do.
Bobby, no.
Don, t do this, man.
Bobby, don, t do it.
Don, t do it, man! No! No!
Lt, s like being in a movie.
Yeah, Charlie has a deal with the owner.
And we help him run the place.
There, s about 25 of us here altogether.
Charlie takes real good care of us.
He, s like our savior.
When do I meet Charlie?
I don, t know.
And don, t ask.
He, ll find you.
Thanks for telling me about this place, Gypsy.
- I had nowhere else to go. - Sure. Hey, guys.
- This is Linda. - Hi.
Linda, Sadie...
...Katie, Paul.
- Hey. - And Tex over there.
- What, s her name? - Tanya.
- She, s beautiful. - Thank you.
We, ll see you at dinner.
Don, t worry. She, ll be with all the other kids.
See, Charlie wants all the children raised by everybody, not just the mother, the father.
He says that that, s how we get rid of the ego that parents put in their kids. Come on.
Hey, George.
- Hey, Squeaky. - Hi.
This here is Linda.
- Howdy. - She, s gonna be staying with us.
Linda, this is George Spahn.
He, s the owner of the ranch. And this is Squeaky.
She, s like his Seeing Eye dog.
L... I wanted a few things out of that.
What, s yours is ours, and what, s ours is yours.
Do you have any credit cards?
- No. - Driver, s license?
- I wanted that picture of my mother. - No, you don,t.
Welcome to the family.
Man, I guess I goofed that one up too, didn, t I?
Listen, I can play, man. I can play.
I just, I, m not used to all these...
...microphone things pointing at you... - Dennis.
Where, d you find this guy?
He found me.
Him and his pack lived with me. Got too crazy though.
- Kicked him out? - I had to move out.
Bought a new house. My manager got rid of him eventually.
Give him some happy right now.
- Has he done anything? - Put one of his songs on our 20/20 album.
B-side of a single. Didn, t make much noise.
I feel that happy.
Okay, now, Rosie...
- Was he really in prison? - Major.
Got out a couple years ago.
- Is he dangerous? - Look at his eyes, you tell me.
People will love him for that alone.
Hey, listen, let me explain something to you, man. I wrote a couple hundred songs.
And then I get down here, and I just, you know, kind of forgot.
Charlie, this is Terry Melcher. He manages some great bands.
- I, ve heard a lot about you, Charlie. - Oh, man, man.
I wish someone would have let me know that you were coming down, man.
This is what I, m trying to do, man.
I, m trying to take that sound and stretch it out. So maybe we could... it back and see if there, s something that looks like a song in there.
And get it out, man. Because I, ve got to get an album out.
- What, s the rush, Charlie? - How about I got plans. I got a message.
How about you know what I got. You know what I, m talking about and you know...
...wouldn, t it be nice, as you would say, Mr. Beach Boy...
...if I didn, t have any of my words changed this time.
We made your song better, Charlie.
Oh, no, see, you made my song bomb.
See, you only had the B right there, Beach Boy.
You know, by the way, the official title of that song, you know, we like to call that...
...,, Dennis Wilson Is a Real Wussy.,,
You, d think he, d be happy having a tune on an album. Not Charlie.
Look, I, ll tell you what.
We, ll get some people together out to the ranch... play, we can see what you, re about.
What kind of people you talking about? Record-type guys?
Absolutely. You can tell them some of your prison stories.
- And maybe Terry will come. - Lf I can.
Don, t count on it. Nice to meet you.
- I, m going to count on it. - Don, t count on it. If I could...
How about absolutely Thursday? How about absolutely...?
- I got a busy week. - Bring them contracts.
Well, I heard something about... What was it, Thursday?
His friends missed him at some bagpipe parade in Santa Monica.
Bagpipe parade?
Well, that could certainly explain getting stabbed to death.
Gary Hinman, music teacher.
Multiple stab wounds in the chest, and his left ear has been cut off.
Oh, yeah, and the neighbor says his car is missing.
Is that blood?
Lt, s being tested, but yeah, it is.
Black Panthers?
Open wide.
Far out.
Thank you.
- There you go. - That, s all for you.
I hear that.
No, not yet.
We have to wait till the dogs eat before the girls do.
Is that what you said?
That word...
...I can, t even get it out of my mouth.
- Gypsy, help me out. - She said,,, Why?
That word. There, s no such thing as that word here.,, Why,... banned.,, Why,, don, t belong here. ,, Why,, is just...
How come you don, t know that?
She just came today, Charlie.
Well, why don, t you tell me about it?
I split up with my husband.
Actually, he dumped us.
Me and my daughter.
We were all gonna go down to South America.
Where you been living?
We were staying in some pretty cool communes in New Mexico...
...and then we came down here.
So, what are you looking for, woman?
Wait, let me think. Jesus, maybe?
You looking for old J.C.?
I don, t know.
Well, if you, re looking to do your looking around here...
Excuse me, darling.
You, re gonna have to bring us something.
Bring you what?
Well, I don, t know.
You got to look around you.
And don, t look from here. You got to look from right here.
Look out there. Look at the people you know.
You see them out there?
What do they have?
Look at all they have, and ask yourself, from here... really think they need all of that?
All those dollar bills and all them cars?
So let your heart bring us something...
...that will show us your heart.
We met the Beach Boys today.
One of the Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson.
Is that the one that sings real high?
They all sing real high, Sadie.
Well, it was a Beach Boy, anyway.
Who was the other guy?
- Doris Day, s son. - Really?
Terry Melcher. He, s a big record producer.
Him and Dennis Wilson are gonna make Charlie a star.
That, s right.
We should get Doris Day to come out here for a few days.
She, ll forget all about Rock Hudson.
That thought that you, re carrying...
...the one about your father..., s a very heavy thought.
And it, s still holding you back, because you, re still giving it the reins.
It, s my stepfather. He hates me.
How did you know?
Well, you can, t hide from me, you see?
I feel disposable.
I, m... I, m...
I mean, my husband, my father...
I don, t really fit anywhere.
Well, how long are you gonna keep playing your part in their game?
Your disposable role in the game that they, re playing with your life.
You, you, re not disposable.
Look at you.
You, re valuable. You, re the most valuable and perfect thing in this world.
You don, t mean that.
You think I don, t know what it feels like to be looked through?
To be thrown away?
That, s why we take care of each other.
See, I know who you are.
I can see you inside and out.
All your beauty. All of your own beauty, you see?
Now, can you see mine?
I think so.
Come to now.
Now, where I am your husband now.
Where I am your father now. Where I swear to you, you... will never, never be thrown away again.
I feel like you can see inside me.
Both hands on the wheel where I can see them, please.
Step out of the vehicle!
Step out of the vehicle.
Turn around, put your hands on the hood.
Do you know you, re driving a dead guy, s car?
Linda has something she wants to give to you.
It, s $5000 I took from my ex-husband, s friend.
The first time I ever stole anything.
I did it for you.
You did good.
Now, did she steal?
- No. - No.
And why not?
...everything belongs... everybody.
Come on.
Creepy crawl.
It, s coming.
Damn right.
Black man, s been on the bottom too long. It, s whitey, s turn now.
Helter Skelter.
Get ready.
What time did he call?
I don, t know. There, s no clocks here.
Sadie took my watch. I just heard the phone ringing, so I picked it up.
Did he say anything else?
- Just that he was gonna stay quiet. - What are you guys talking about?
Bobby got arrested yesterday in Gary, s car.
Does Charlie know?
He ain, t coming, Charlie.
I thought he would be here with all them record-type guys.
Well, I don, t see him, do you?
You remember where he lives?
Dropped him off that night in Dennis, car.
Well, let, s go.
Sharon, you, re surrounded by people on the movie set.
- Don, t you want privacy? - I don, t want to argue about it.
- You were nice enough to let us stay here... - There is plenty of room for both of you.
When Roman gets home, you should have the place to yourself.
Roman loves you and Voytek.
- He wants you to stay. - And I love Roman, s movies.
And I would never do anything to upset him, so...
...wherefore, we, ll stay.
,, Therefore.,, Your English is awful.
My English gets better by the day, and soon, it will outrank yours...
...and people will think I, m the rich heiress. - Hell, your English gets better by the hour.
Well, Roman sure does love a crowd.
- He doesn, t mind Jay spending time here? - Oh, Jay and I are over.
- Roman knows that. - But does Jay know that?
Jay is...
- Oh, that might be Roman, s trunks. - This late?
Oh, I, m sorry. I didn, t see you standing there.
- I, m looking for Terry. - Who?
Terry. Terry Melcher.
Terry Melcher?
He doesn, t live here for months anymore.
- Terry doesn, t live here anymore? - That is what I just said.
Who are you to come through the gate like that?
- Terry! - Hey! I said there is no Terry...
- Terry! - Hey.
- Terry, Terry, Terry. - Hey!
Who is it?
No Melcher here. Good night.
You wouldn, t believe what they throw away.
Like, if nobody orders French fries... hour after they, re made, they throw them out.
It, s like a law or something.
How, s this?
Oh, excellent. Roughage.
I don, t know what we, ll do when we get to the desert.
I guess Charlie, s got it figured out.
Is Charlie really taking us to the desert?
Yeah, after Helter Skelter comes down.
What, s that?
Charlie only talks about it with the guys, a war...
...between the blacks and whites, the blacks are gonna start it...
...but we, ll be in the desert by then.
How long have you known Charlie?
Oh, I met the soul in San Francisco on the Haight.
I was dancing in a booby bar, and I met him on the street.
He sang songs to me.
I would love to hear him sing.
He gave me the name Sadie.
You, re in love with him already.
- Aren, t you? - Charlie is love.
I once saw him pick up a dead bird, breathe on it, the bird flew away. He changes you.
Before I met him, I was totally lost. I didn, t even know what I was here for.
I hated everybody, and now I love everybody.
That, s what Charlie gave me.
That, s what he gives everybody. He just fills up the empty spaces.
Do you know he, s Jesus?
Hey, man. Knock, okay?
Nobody showed.
Nobody showed. We waited and we waited.
What the hell are you talking about, Charlie?
Let, s see now, when was that? Oh, Thursday, yes.
Someone... Someone was supposed to be coming by Thursday.
No one made any promises, man. Talk to Melcher again if you think that will help.
Oh, Melcher, yeah. That was his name.
Well, I can, t get to him, Dennis.
So here I am again.
Here I am as your brother, once again, asking you...
...can... Would you call him for me, again?
I, ll give him one more chance. Be no problem.
Look, I did what I could.
I got you on tape, didn, t I?
Well, yeah, maybe you got me on a demo tape, man, but where is the deal?
Where is the album?
Where is that album you know I got to get out?
- What do you want me to do, Charlie? - How about doing what you said you, d do...
...Mr. Beach Boy? - I didn, t make any promises.
Maybe you scared Melcher away.
Well, I, ll tell you what.
I got a new song for you.
It, s called,, I Need $ 1500.,,
Forget it, man.
You cost me thousands already. I had to move out of my house...
...because you guys wrecked it. - The way I see it... thought you, d take my music... music, tie it up in a little Beach Boys bow, turn around and say,,, Charlie, no, no.
You don, t have any money coming.
You don, t have any money coming.,, Is that right?
What the hell is this?
That, s for you.
You go ahead, you take that.
And every time you look at that, I just want you to think:
,, Oh, that, s right. Isn, t it nice that I, m still alive?
Hey, I tried to help you, man!
Lt, s not my fault that everyone thinks you, re some ungrateful, ex-con, pimp novelty act.
Melcher doesn, t want anything to do with you either.
Just stay the hell away from all of us!
How do we get everybody to the bottomless pit, Charlie?
Gonna build a road through Devil, s Canyon.
We, ll have enough dune buggies, everything, ll be ready.
When is Helter Skelter gonna start?
That, s what the Beatles been trying to tell us.
That, s a message they want me to get out in my album.
Now I got to find another way to get it started.
Are we still getting Bobby out of jail, Charlie?
We, re not talking about Bobby right now, are we?
Lt, s all right.
He, s only giving her what she wants.
Tex, meet me in the saloon after dinner.
It, s time.
Time for you to take little blackie by the hand, show him how to kill some piggies.
I want you to go on up to where Terry Melcher used to live.
They got movie stars there now.
Kill everybody in the house.
Gruesome as you can.
Sadie, Linda, Katie.
You, re gonna go with Tex, and do what he tells you to do, okay?
Now is the time.
Helter Skelter.
I want you to wrap these in a rag.
If we get stopped... throw them out.
But we, re just going on a creepy crawl, right?
Oh, definitely.
Hold up.
I want you to leave a sign, okay?
You girls know what to write. Something witchy.
- I want you home for your birthday. - Maybe Tuesday.
- Yeah. - lf I can get the visa.
Why? What do you have planned for my birthday?
- Some... - You, ll see.
- Not until you... - Okay, be like that. Don't tell me, huh?
- I enrolled you in a class. - In what?
Expectant fathers class.
- Oh, please. Don't make me do it. - No, you, ll love it.
What are you doing tonight?
Gibby and Voytek are still here. And Jay just came by, so...
Oh, my competition.
You have no competition. You know that.
I know this.
I know this, baby.
You lonely over there?
Lonely for you.
That's all.
- That, s all? - I only want to play with you.
And my boy.
- Call me tomorrow? - Of course.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Bye. - Bye.
Is Roman on his way?
As soon as he gets his visa.
Probably Tuesday.
I have to get some sleep.
I, m flying up to my mom, s for her birthday in the morning.
I can, t tell you how sorry I am to miss that.
I know. It, s much more important for you to sleep late and test the pool temperature.
Hey, Bill, how, s life as a caretaker treating you?
Oh, yeah, really glamorous.
- I can only stay a minute. - Want a drink?
Oh, yeah, sure.
So, you ever see Sharon Tate out by the pool?
Can, t stand this heat.
It, s supposed to break Monday.
Roman will miss it. Lucky guy.
Do you think Roman knows how lucky he is?
He knows we, re both lucky.
We were almost lucky once, weren, t we?
- I wonder... - Jay, don,t. Just don,t.
I, m just being theoretical.
When we were together in London...
...ever wondered what would, ve happened if I, d never come back to L.A. When I did?
What would have happened if you had never met Roman?
What would happen if fish could fly?
Listen to me.
I must be drunk.
You better not drive home tonight.
Get down.
Something wrong with the gate? Oh, no! Don, t hurt me!
Bam, we got you.
Go around the side. See if there, s an open door or window.
There, s nothing open.
Go back and wait by the car.
Give me your knife.
Listen for sounds.
I, m sorry.
I, m so sorry.
- Sadie, make it stop. - It, s too late.
It, s too late.
I lost my knife.
What the hell you think you, re doing? You don, t do anything unless I tell you to.
Move over.
My head is killing me. That son of a bitch wouldn, t let go of my hair.
I thought my hand was gonna break every time I hit bone with that damn knife.
There was a lot of panic.
It was real messy. There were bodies lying all over the place...
...but everyone, s dead.
Do you have any remorse?
Go to bed and don, t say anything to the others.
There was blood everywhere! Then they found...
They could still be...
They killed her. She, s pregnant. They killed her!
They killed her. They didn, t care.
I came to work...
Everybody, s dead.
- Freeze! Don, t move! - What? What? What, s the matter?
- The trick is room in the gang. - It, s nothing we can, t solve.
Listen to me, okay?
- You don, t understand. - Please, please.
- It, s like Swiss cheese. - We can work it out.
- Hey, listen. - I think it, s ridiculous.
Dolphins talking to each other like humans?
The audience is going to laugh at us, okay? Lt, s stupid.
Oh, hi, Bill. How are you?
Which house?
What are you...?
No! No! No!
Come on! The news is on in the trailer!
Shockwaves in the Southland as the five victims in the Bel Air slayings are identified.
They are Steven Earl Parent, 18...
... who was visiting the caretaker on the property. Voytek Frykowski, 32.
Abigail Folger, the Folger Coffee heiress, 25.
Jay Sebring, 35, famous hairstylist to the stars...
... and actress Sharon Tate, star of the movie Valley of the Dolls...
... wife of film director Roman Polanski, and eight months pregnant with their child.
Polanski was not in the house, as he's in London working on a film.
Detectives on the scene commented that the murders appear to be ritualistic.
Details are sketchy, but the caretaker, William Garretson...
... has been taken into custody.
I just didn, t expect it. That, s all.
I mean...
God, I feel sick.
I don, t know what to do.
You have to trust the soul.
But how can this be right?
Lt, s what we have to do.
But... But, I mean, you didn, t even know them.
How could you do that? Doesn, t it bother you?
We know what they stand for.
They, re the man. They, re the authority, right?
A part of the system that kills millions, and they never get their hands dirty.
But they were young.
They were like us.
And she was...
She was pregnant.
Look, death is just an illusion anyway.
It, s just a thought. It has no meaning.
It, s something you, re doing for them...
...not to them.
- You really believe that? - It, s true.
It, s ugly, but it, s true.
I think it, s beautiful.
Well, I can never do it.
You don, t know that.
You don, t know what you can do...
...what anybody can do.
You know what I feel?
- That, s all. - Me too.
You, ll learn.
The more you do it, the more you like it.
Don, t cry for them.
We released them.
We made them come to now.
Listen to what Charlie says:
,, There, s no good, no evil.
Nothing is wrong. Nothing is right.,,
Charlie wouldn, t take us this far to let us fail. There, s a plan.
You just can, t know what it is yet.
No sense makes sense.
Remember that.
I'm Thomas Noguchi...
...Los Angeles County coroner. This is August 9, 1969.
Sharon Marie Polanski, female Caucasian, 26 years...
...5,3,,, 135 pounds...
...blond hair, hazel eyes.
Subject, s supine, arms parallel, legs extended.
- Hey, Jerry. You caught the Tate case? - Oh, yeah.
I, ve got my pockets filled up with this one.
What brings sheriffs to town?
Look, just so you know, last month...
...we found a stiff out in Malibu, stabbed to death.
Like yours, there was something written on the wall in blood:,, Political piggy.,,
We thought it was tied with the Black Panthers, but a few days later...
...we took in a hippie kid driving the vic, s car. Found the knife...
...blood on the clothes. Prints all match.
So what? He had to be in jail when my people got offed.
We don, t think he was the only one involved.
This kid lived at Spahn Ranch, that movie place in Chatsworth.
They got a commune or something, all these hippies. A guy runs them.
He says he, s Jesus, as in Christ.
- Maybe there, s something... - Well, look...
Thanks, guys, but we like drugs for this.
A burn, freak-out, something.
We found coke and weed in the house and in Sebring, s car.
Nice freaking Porsche, by the way. Cream puff.
Well, these are similar kinds of murders, don, t you think?
Ton of stab wounds in both cases, messages left at both scenes...
...printed in the vic, s blood, and there, s the word,, pig.,,
You guys do good work.
If you don, t hear from us in a week, that means we, ve squared everything away.
Dad, can you slow down? There, s a kid on a pogo stick passing us.
Everybody, s a comedian.
I can, t do my usual 90 miles an hour trailing this thing behind me, now can I?
Stop torturing your father, Suzanne.
Your mother needs no help in that department.
Drugs were found at the Tate murder scene...
... and detectives grilled prime suspect William Garretson today for several hours.
First, Chip with traffic and weather.
The world could come to an end, but they gotta do traffic and weather first.
Those poor people. Can you imagine?
I heard they were all devil worshipers or something.
I hate to say it, but you almost hope it is something like that...
...something that could explain it.
Please, Ro, I, m sick of hearing about it.
Come on, Leno. That, s a terrible thing that happened to those people.
I know, but there must be something else that happened in the world today.
I mean, did the war stop? Did Nixon take the day off?
I mean, something, what?
They said Roman Polanski, s whole family was killed by the Nazis in Poland.
All their fame, all their money.
Look what happens.
- Bye, honey. - Bye, sweetheart. We love you.
- Love you. - I love you too.
- Don, t forget to lock your door. - I won,t.
Good night!
Last night, it wasn, t cool last night. It was messy.
Way too messy all the way around.
So I, m gonna have to show you how it, s done.
Gonna split up in two groups tonight.
Gonna have to jump-start Helter Skelter.
This looks like as good a house as any.
You scared?
Are you?
Whatever will be, will be.
There, now.
Now, as long as you cooperate, as long as you play along...
...nobody gets hurt. You see?
You understand?
What do you want?
Okay, Tex, Katie, Leslie, you go inside. There, s two people.
I, ve got them tied up, and they, re calm. All right?
Last night, you let them know you were gonna kill them.
That, s what caused all the panic, see?
These people, don, t need to let them know nothing, okay?
Just maintain. Play it cool and casual. Kind of like you live here, all right?
All right, get your clothes.
You go in there, and I want you to paint a painting for me.
And the painting that I, m looking for is more gruesome than anybody, s ever seen.
That, s the title of that painting, all right? All right.
Hitchhike back to the ranch when you, re done.
Off you go.
...wipe this for prints. Take the change.
You do it now.
Hey, hey.
Did you do what I told you?
- Yes. I hid the wallet behind the toilet. - Good girl, good girl.
Some blackie, s gonna find that, take himself out on the town...
...with whitey, s credit card line, then get busted and blamed, see?
You did good. Let, s go.
- Thanks, Dad. - Yeah, Dad.
One more word, little Johnny, and I, ll pull over.
- No, Dad, no! No, Dad! - You hear?
I, m serious. One more sound in this car, there, s gonna be hell to pay.
There, s gonna be hell!
You ever had...? Hey!
- Ever have an ass-whupping? - No.
Well, you just circle your calendar. Today is the day. Today is the day.
Who, s got my keys?
Who, s got my keys? Oh, I got my keys.
It, s funny, that, s all.
Well, all right. Here we go.
So how old are you, little sister?
Well, I, m 34.
More than half of that 34, that, s how long I, ve been in prison.
You know what one half of 34 years in prison gave me?
Prison gave me fear.
Prison gave me the gift of fear.
You see, I found out that fear...
...keeps you alive, protects you...
...teaches you things. All right?
Lf, if you can learn to face your fear...
...and learn to live with it.
Now, you think you can get up on this world and do that?
I don, t know.
That, s it. That, s it. Come on.
I want you to face your fear...
...and kill me.
Face your fear.
Kill me now. It means nothing.
I, m not you, Charlie.
Well, maybe I should kill you, then.
You see, death is just an illusion. Death.
Listen, love fear, okay?
Love fear. You feel that? Love fear.
Receive it, give it.
It, s your only weapon in this world. It, s your only defense in this life.
What about love?
Is there love outside? There, s no love. Didn, t the world prove that to you already?
I, m pregnant, Charlie.
I, m not exactly sure who the father is.
That, s beautiful!
That, s beautiful! That, s another life.
Another life with no program, no ego.
Listen, all your love needs...
All your love needs is you got to trust.
Trust yourself. Trust my love.
Come to now.
Come to now, where no sense suddenly makes sense.
You see, no sense makes sense.
No sense makes sense.
No sense makes sense.
The son and daughter found the body of the stepfather about an hour ago.
The mother, s in the bedroom.
That what I think it is?
There, s water in the bathroom.
Towels are wet.
I think the killer took a shower.
Then had a snack.
In the wake of last night's Benedict Canyon killings, there are two more to report.
Los Feliz residents Leno LaBianca, 44, and his wife, Rosemary, 38...
... were found stabbed and mutilated.
Police at this hour have not confirmed whether the murders are connected.
The only suspect in the Tate case...
... Garretson was released after passing a polygraph.
A second set of brutal ritual killings in as many days...
... has the Los Angeles area caught in a vice grip of fear.
We don, t see a connection between the murders. They, re too widely removed.
For now, we are treating these as unrelated murders.
- Mr. Polanski! - Mr. Polanski!
Mr. Polanski!
- Where are you going? - Away. I, m taking Tanya.
They won, t let you go.
- Not now. - I have to.
I thought he was Jesus.
So did I.
But guess what.
He, s not.
Don, t have your baby here with these people. Get out.
He, ll hurt my parents.
He knows where they live.
I have to tell him, you know?
I know.
But can, t you wait until we, re gone? A few hours?
What, s up?
Nothing. I...
I just wanted to spend a little time alone with Tanya.
You strung out, or what?
Yeah, I guess so.
You shouldn, t be alone with her, then.
Charlie doesn, t like that anyway.
I know.
Looks like she, s having fun.
Leave her be.
I wanted to go inside.
Just for a look.
May I?
Hollywood people, they bring all this on themselves.
It, s all sex and drugs with them. What do they expect?
Personally, I think it, s these weird movies Polanski makes.
You see the one where Mia Farrow gets knocked up by the devil?
In the meantime, Roman Polanski is so grief-stricken...
...that he cannot speak, and is near collapse.
Get this: Polanski was night-clubbing days later with airline stewardesses.
This is the kind of movie trash we, re dealing with.
It was Polish secret police.
They were after Roman because he defected from Poland.
Sources say there had been a wild party here...
... at Tate's house attended by some of the biggest freaks and weirdoes in Hollywood.
I have to speak out...
...against this multitude of slanders that you reporters write.
For a selfish reason, you write...
...unbearable for me...
...terrible things about my wife.
All of you know how beautiful she was.
But only a few of you know how good she was.
...did not use dope.
While she was pregnant...
...she wouldn, t even have a glass of wine.
There was no marriage trouble.
There were no orgies.
The last few years I spent with her...
...were the only time of true happiness in my life.
- Sir! - Sir!
When the revolution starts, we, ll go over the Santa Susanna Mountains... a flock of birds and cut across the Mojave.
When blackie is slaughtering whitey...
...we, ll go clear to Death Valley without having to cross any highways, see?
What about the pit?
We, ll have to search for the entrance. I, ll be able to start seeing things...
...start tuning things in, once we get out there.
It, s in Devil, s Canyon, I know that...
...but it might be underwater.
Wait, wait, wait. Water in the desert?
I, ll take that by you again.
Devil, s Hole in Devil, s Canyon: Underwater.
That, s where I think the entrance is, Joey.
Bottomless pit through Devil, s Hole. I, m with you, Chuck.
Do I look like a,, Chuck,, to you?
A Chuck?
,, Hiya, Chuck!
Is that what I look like to you?
No, you don,t.
Died on the cross for you...
...of all things.
Didn, t do you much good, did it?
By the end of the week, we should have everything moved to Devil, s Canyon.
- We, ll make a trail right to Devil, s Hole. - Charlie, Linda, s gone.
So is her stuff.
- Where, s the kid? - Here.
That, s okay, then.
Kid, s here, so she, ll come here.
And when she, s here, we, ll make her come to now.
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