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Subtitles for Hells Angels 1930 CD1.

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Hells Angels 1930 CD1

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We are good.
Ja! Wunderbar!
Look at that, Karl.
Well, Roy, you seem to like my country.
Like it? I think it's marvelous.
Say, I wish we were staying here two years instead of just two weeks.
But you know, Karl, it does sound funny hearing you call it "your country. "
I keep forgetting you're not English.
Oh, sometimes I... Well, I feel almost English myself.
Well, that's natural. After all, you can't be at Oxford three years...
without feeling slightly British.
I wish Helen were here.
After all you've said about her, I don't blame you.
Your brother is not coming today, Herr Rutledge?
Oh, yes, he'll be along soon, Gretchen. Nothing can keep Monte away from this good beer.
Nothing except a good-looking woman.
That brother of yours, he's a naughty boy,
but I like him.
He has a way with them, hey, Gretchen?
You, you don't know half of it.
Another conquest for Monte.
Yes. I don't know why he wants to mess about with every woman he meets.
Yeah, but you have Helen.
I'm not at all sure.
I'm not half good enough for her. She must be a wonderful girl.
Oh, she is. She's marvelous.
You'll have to meet her when we get back to Oxford.
- I'd like to. - Would you like to see what she looks like?
Yes. I didn't know you had a photograph of her. Yeah, and neither does Helen.
I took it myself when she wasn't looking. Really?
Oh. Stunning, isn't she?
Why, she's marvelous.
Cheerio, you blighters.
Hello, it's Monte.
Meet the countess. Step up, gents, to the one and only...
Now, Monte, don't, please. Oh, it's all right.
This little pretzel doesn't understand a word of English. No?
Gretchen! Ja!
Found her at the museum.
Yeah, she's a work of art, all right. You should have left her there.
Shh! Quiet!
I say, Monte, why do you bring around this sort?
Bring her? Good heavens, I can't get rid of her.
Go home, will you? Go home.
You see, I'm stuck.
Hello. Who's the dowager? That's Helen.
Oh. But, of course, that's only a snapshot. Wait till you meet her.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Go away!
I say. This is getting serious. I've got to get rid of her.
Oh, you know, I have a very important engagement in just 15 minutes.
I say, you chaps, be... be sporting and take her off my hands.
But after all, Monte... We may be sporting, but we're not feeble-minded.
Well, you can do what you please with her. I'm going.
Hey, listen, Monte... Auf Wiedersehen.
Here, just a minute now. Please.
Leave her to me. I'll get rid of her.
Please. Yes.
Nein. Nein. Nein. Nein.
Roy! No! Roy! No, carry on. Carry on.
Pretty boy, you please me very much.
What's that?
It is nothing. I am not at home to anyone except my husband.
And he is away on army business.
He will not be home for hours.
So, you see...
But really, I-I say you mustn't think that...
Your name?
My name is, uh, Rutledge, sir.
You are stopping in Munich?
At the Hotel Bayrischer Hof, sir.
My seconds will call on you later.
But I say you...
There is nothing further to discuss.
Sailing, sailing over the bounding main
Where many a wintery wind shall blow 'ere Jack comes home again
Hello. Where you going? Sailing, sailing England.
England? Why, we're not going back for 10 days.
What's wrong?
Baron Von Kranz. Who's he?
Oh, he's just a friend of mine. Really?
Quite a social success, aren't you? How do you meet these barons?
Well, unfortunately, I met this one through his wife.
And this means... A duel. Can you imagine it?
Running away? Oh, don't be an ass. Roy.
You don't expect me to go through with a farce like this. It's the only thing you can do.
Oh, there you go again. I suppose when a woman's no good and her husband finds it out,
I've got to get shot, just because it's the honorable thing to do.
Well, what do you think people will say? You'll never live it down.
What do I care what people say?
Well, you can talk all you like, Monte, but you can't walk out like this.
Can't I?
Good-bye. See you at Oxford.
Hello, Roy. Hello, Karl.
Well, what's up? Where's Monte?
He's gone to England.
England? Well, what's the matter?
Oh, nothing. But I say...
Herr Rutledge?
Herr Rutledge?
Yes? Von Richter.
Von Schlieben.
We represent Colonel Baron Von Kranz.
Have you chosen your second?
According to custom, we have selected the time and place.
You have the choice of weapons.
What is your choice?
What is this?
Golden Aue.
Why, that's a famous dueling place near here.
It says at 4:00 tomorrow morning.
4:00 in the morning.
Well, how did this happen?
I- I'm sorry, Karl. I- I lost my temper with one of your officers.
But, Roy... Say, Karl, do you know how to be a second?
Wait here, Roy.
Good luck, Roy.
Did you ever see a lassie a lassie, a lassie
Did you ever see a lassie go this way and that
Hey, will you cut it out?
Hey, did anybody see my green socks?
Check in the garbage. Hello there, Roy.
Hello, Elliot. Glad to see you. I'm certainly glad to see you back.
Thank you. And where's your German accent?
Well, I couldn't get it past the Custom officials.
Oh, I say, what have you done to your arm?
Oh, nothing. It's just a little scratch. I was hunting in Germany.
I'll see you at dinner? Righto.
Good. See you later.
Why aren't you getting dressed? Aren't you coming to meet Helen?
Oh, yes, but don't remind me of it. Don't be foolish. She expects us for tea.
Tea? Listen, it'll do you good to meet a nice girl.
Oh, well, all right, but first we've gotta get you dressed.
Say, we've gotta get him dressed. He's going to see his girl.
Now, now, wait a minute, now. Listen, I've gotta have my shirt!
Wait a minute. L... Listen, I'm old enough to dress myself!
No, you're not. Will you cut it out?
Say, listen, will you pl...
Will you... Hey, my green socks!
Is Helen in? Miss Helen is not at home, sir.
She's expecting us. Would you care to wait?
Yes, thank you.
Fine reception.
Roy, maybe she's forgotten.
Not Helen. She's not that sort.
Roy, I feel sick. I- I think I'd better go.
- Monte, will you sit down? - Oh, I've got an awful headache.
I think I'll go to the chemist and get something for it. Monte.
- Roy! - Helen!
Oh, terribly sorry. Mother's fault. Shopping.
I simply flew My, isn't it hot?
You shouldn't have hurried so. Oh, but I wanted to.
Roy, you've no right to look so cool. I'm broiling.
Yes, you are, aren't you?
No, not one.
Well, you're so marvelous, I- I hardly dare.
Oh, silly.
Well, that's better.
Cigarette, Roy?
I thought your brother was coming. Went out with a headache.
Poor boy. It must be the heat.
Extry, extry! All about the war!
Well, they've done it. I never thought they would.
I still can't believe it. Well, it must be true. It's official.
Oh, shut up. I'm trying to think.
It's terrible.
Karl, you won't have to go, will you?
Me? Oh, Roy, I hope not.
Oh, they can't want me. I'm not a soldier.
What use would I be to them?
I couldn't... kill anyone.
They couldn't make me do that, could they, Roy?
Oh, I think it'll all be over in a couple of weeks.
I'm not so sure. I wouldn't worry about it.
Then suppose England comes in.
Why, Roy, that'd be horrible.
I never could do that. Why, I love England.
Oh, will you shut up?
Monte, Germany's declared war on France.
Hmm? Oh.
Oh, Roy, how do you spell "ecstatic"?
Special delivery letter for Karl Arnstedt.
What's the matter, Karl? Someone ill?
May I ask the Prime Minister if he has any information he can give us today.
Our ambassador at Berlin received his passport at 7:00 last evening.
And since 11:00 last night,
a state of war has existed between Germany and ourselves.
What size? A seven and a half if you please.
I- I'm afraid it's a bit small, sir.
Move along, there. Move along. You'll grow into it.
Present arms!
Come on there. Come on.
Present arms!
Give it to him, you bloody fool.
Hey, what's wrong with you? Sleeping sickness?
Here, here. Let go of that gun, you clinging vine.
Let go, do you hear?
God, you're enough to turn a man's stomach.
Hey, you with the fallen arches...
I've enlisted, Monte, in the Royal Flying Corps.
You're a fool, Roy.
Really? How lovely.
My grandfather was in the guard during the Revolution. Oh, he was?
Oh, Roy, you look marvelous in uniform. Thank you.
Doesn't he? It's ripping.
Where? Tell me, what have you joined? The infantry?
No, the Royal Flying Corps. Oh, of course.
And all the misery in this world has been caused...
by and for capitalism!
Why should we fight this war?
For capitalism?
You will die! You will die!
All your sons will die for capitalism!
Down with capitalism! Down with war!
Down with the anarchists.
That's right.
Get back now. Who do you think you're shoving?
There's the man I'd like to kiss.
What's the matter? Afraid of a kiss? Maybe he's yeller!
Go on, you. Go on and fight for your country.
Come on.
But really, you don't understand.
I didn't mean to do anything.
Say, I'd rather marry the girl.
You'll never get your wings that way.
Hi. How are you? Oh, boy.
Say, listen, that first solo flight certainly is a great thrill.
It certainly felt great.
I will.
Wonder who that is out there. That was a fine landing.
Look at him come out of there.
Look, boys, it's Monte.
Hey, how'd it go, Monte? Oh, great.
Well, tonight's the night, Monte. Yeah.
Say, listen, be more cheerful. You have a treat in store meeting Helen.
Must be Friday the 13th.
Gee, I-I wonder if she'll wear her canteen uniform.
If she does, you can count me out. Oh, she looks stunning in it.
Who wants to be stunned? I'm only going as a favor to you.
You and I don't like the same kind of girls.
Hurry up, will you?
Oh, it's a waste of time to polish these.
She'll probably step all over them the first dance anyway.
Safer to sit it out.
Quiet little corner and a have a chat about votes for women.
Hello there. Hello.
Whose window are you warbling under tonight?
Lady Randolph's Charity Ball. Wash your neck and come along. Oh, but I haven't been invited.
That's all right. I'm on the committee. No, I don't think I'll go.
A smart boy.
I wonder where Helen is. She should be here by this time.
How do you do, sir?
There's she is. Don't point. It's rude.
Oh, Helen.
Hello. Hello, old thing.
You're frightfully late. I was afraid you weren't coming.
Oh, Helen, this is Monte. How do you do?
How do you do?
Well, that's done at last.
You know, you two have been avoiding each other for weeks.
Helen, may I have this next dance?
What? Oh, of course.
Oh, Roy, there you are. Good evening, Lady Randolph.
I must say, you take your duties on my committee very lightly. I'm sorry.
Where have you been? You've completely disarranged my program.
There are no end of things to be done. Helen dear, you don't mind, do you?
Come along, Roy. Come at once. I'm sorry, Helen.
Uh, Monte, would you take this next dance with Helen?
Oh, how do you do, Monte? How do you do? Now come along.
Ahem. Oh. Hello, Roy.
I- I really must go and find, uh, Jimmy Kerrigan.
He has something most important to tell me.
Who is this Jimmy Kerrigan?
Kerrigan? I've never heard of him.
What are you thinking of?
If you must know, I was thinking of Monte.
Do you like him? Yes, I like him.
He's a marvelous dancer.
Well, Monte does all those things well.
Helen. What?
May I?
Oh, Monte. Oh, hello there.
Come sit down.
You having a better time than you expected, Monte?
Marvelous. Been dancing with a beautiful brunette, name of Eleanor.
She's perfect. Oh, Eleanor Madden.
You don't really think she's beautiful?
Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty? Stop it. I'm not a cat.
Yes, you are.
Well, if I'm a kitty, I'm a thirsty kitty.
Roy dear, will you please get me a glass of punch?
Why, of course I will. No, I'll go, Roy.
No, I'm the committee.
You stay here and look after this wallflower.
But really, I... Oh, if you'd rather not...
Well, I-I didn't mean...
Don't you like wallflowers?
I shouldn't have done that. Oh, you're not sorry, Monte.
Awfully sorry. I had no right to.
What if I'm glad?
But what about Roy? Isn't that my business?
I suppose so, but... Hush.
Compliments of the committee. Thanks awfully, Roy.
Well, has he been properly charming?
Me? More than charming.
Good for you, Monte.
She loves me. She blisters you.
It's worth it. Is she worth it?
Depends on who she is.
- Hello. - Hello.
Well, thank goodness Lady Randolph's lost sight of me for a minute.
Roy, you've been neglecting me shamefully.
Oh, I'm terribly sorry. You see, it's this beastly committee.
Lady Randolph won't let me alone a minute.
Oh, Roy, there you are. Yes, here I am.
Do you mind? Where is that list? Would you mind finding Sir John for me?
It's about my Canteen Unit. I must have the queen's signature. It's so important.
My dear, why don't you get into your uniform? You look so pretty in it.
And, Monte, shouldn't you dance with Mary Blunt?
Yes, why don't you? And, Roy. Roy, will you find Sir John?
I want you to lead the grand dance for me.
And really, there are so many things you've got to do.
Yes. L-I'm terribly sorry. Uh, back soon.
You see, those girls have been looking for you. But, Lady Randolph, I'm supposed to...
So, you've really joined Lady Lizzie's Canteen Unit?
Rather. Chance of a lifetime.
We go to France in two weeks. Two weeks?
Well, Roy says you're sailing the 15th.
Is that so?
Tired. Take me home, Monte.
Home? It's not far.
I've taken a flat in town near Canteen Headquarters.
But, I mean, Roy will be quite upset to find you gone.
That's what he gets for being on committee.
But, really... Very well. I'll find someone else.
Oh, I didn't mean to be rude.
Well, come on then.
Are we here? Well, it's number 27.
Wanna come up for a cigarette and a drink?
Oh, really, you must be awfully tired. No, I'm not.
Come see my room. I've only had a place of my own for a week.
It's a new toy.
What a baby you are.
Alley-oop. All right.
Well, this is jolly.
Sit down and I'll get you a drink.
Say when. Whoa.
When! When!
Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable?
I'll try to survive.
Well, are you more comfortable now?
Yes, are you?
Oh, yes.
You know, it seems strange being here like this after hearing Roy rave about you for months.
Does Roy rave? Oh, rather. He idolizes you.
Oh, I do wish he wouldn't. It makes me feel guilty.
I can understand his raving now. Oh, don't be silly.
You're not a bit like Roy, are you?
I should say not.
Roy's frightfully high-minded. He doesn't approve of me.
He wouldn't approve of me either if he knew what I'm really like.
Doesn't he know? No.
When I'm with Roy, I'm the way Roy wants me to be.
That's caddish, isn't it? But I can't help it.
I understand. Roy wouldn't.
May I ask you a very personal question?
Yes. Do you love Roy?
No, not really. Not the way Roy wants me to love him.
I can't. Roy's love means marriage and children...
and never anyone but Roy.
I couldn't bear that. I wanna be free.
I wanna be gay and have fun.
Life's short, and I wanna live while I'm alive.
I know, that... that's the way I feel too.
I think I'd better go.
Must you? I really should.
Cold in here now, isn't it?
Have you a match?
Why so gloomy?
God, I'm rotten.
I can't see it.
Can't you? Well, then you're rotten too.
What do you mean? And Roy worships you.
You! Well?
Don't you make yourself sick... you and Roy.
God, that's funny. Get out of here!
Don't worry. I can't get out fast enough.
Get out!
And stay out!
Where have you been?
Oh, I, uh... I stopped at a...
at a bar after I took Helen home.
How'd you like her?
Oh, she's all right.
Pass in a crowd, eh?
I daresay she would.
Just what do you mean by that?
Listen, Roy, let me tell you something. Even if it hurts.
I wouldn't be so idealistic about Helen if I were you.
And why not?
Well, I... I just wouldn't, that's all.
Well, why not? Oh, I don't know. Forget it.
Never mind crawling. Out with it.
Listen, Roy, I tell you. Women are all the same.
You look at every woman as a barmaid.
You don't know anything about decent women.
Oh, all right. You know it all then.
Oh, you've said enough. Shut up.
Karl. Karl!
Zep overhead!
- South by east. - Righto!
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Right.
All lights out, sir. Lights out, quick!
Zeppelin overhead! Zeppelin overhead! Everybody out!
Hey, come on, Monte. Zeppelin overhead.
Come on, Monte. What's the matter with you? Get up.
We don't all have to go. I'm tired. Oh, shut up.
- Come on. Let's go. Hurry up. Come on. - Be right with you, Elliot.
Come on, Monte. Get up. Come on. Let's go. Hurry. All right.
Well, so long there, Tommy. All right, old chap. Good luck, Elliot.
Go get 'em, Monte. Good-bye.
Good luck, Roy. Right.
Look, Roy, there she goes.
Let's go.
Kapitän. Kapitän!
Kapitän! Kapitän!
Hey, Roy, they've hit our motor.
Cut the gas. We'll burn to death!
Roy! Oh, shut up!
Well, this is a mess, all right.
Yeah, just our luck. Lucky we weren't both killed.
Well, we're through.
Herr Kapitän.
Look at it, Monte. Roy, it's falling!
Look at that, Roy. Great, isn't it?
They're done for.
Look out! Run!
Just a minute.
Why the blazes don't you look where you're going, sir?
I'm sorry, sir.
Isn't it customary to salute one's superior officer?
Thank you. What is your name, sir? Lieutenant Roy Rutledge.
Make a note of that. Yes, sir.
Would you like to try it and find out?
They are. They glisten in the sun.
What the hell you trying to do? It took me three hours to write that.
You're nothing but a pest anyhow. Sit down. Oh, don't, Bruce.
You shouldn't smoke so many. What difference does it make?
You know it's bad for you. Buy a chocolate, miss.
Change, miss. Please.
That's a good boy. What a life it would be married to you.
Oh, you don't fancy it? Beastly. No smokes.
Think of all the money we'd save. What would we spend it on?
Oh, a diamond dog collar. For me?
No. I'd buy a muzzle for you. You wouldn't spoil my beautiful mustache, would you?
No. We'd keep that in the parlor under glass.
Hello, Helen. Oh, hello, Roy.
Roy, I'd like you to meet Captain Redfield. Lieutenant Rutledge.
How do you do? How do you do?
Beastly weather. Yes, isn't it.
- You'll get used to it. - Thanks.
Gee, it's great to see you again, Helen. It's been four whole days.
- Have you been over long? - Three weeks.
Oh. Three weeks.
Everything all right up your way? Oh, yes.
Your squadron near here? Twenty miles up the line.
Twenty miles. That far.
- You chaps have it rather soft, haven't you? - Do you think so?
Well, I mean to say being able to dash about the countryside and all that.
Wish I'd picked the R.F.C.
Well, why didn't you? Roy.
Well, I must be going. Oh. Don't go.
I think I'd better.
Good-bye, Helen, and don't forget your promise. I won't.
Who's that bag of wind? Would you mind not talking about my friends like that?
Oh, now, Helen, please. Oh, you were perfectly beastly to him.
I'm terribly sorry. Guess my nerves are a bit raw.
Things haven't been so easy this last week.
Oh, you've been fighting?
Did you shoot down any Boche? Yes. I managed to get a couple.
Really? How thrilling. Tell me about it.
Well, there's really nothing much to tell. Three bars of chocolate, miss.
Oh, Jymes. Oh, Jymes. Bread, Jymes. We want bread.
We want bread!
Coming, sir. Coming!
Did you ever try hurrying, Jymes?
Sorry, sir, but I stopped to dig a few of the cockroaches out of it, sir.
Well, put it down.
Well, where's the bread? Did you ever try hurrying, sir?
Jymes, more bread.
Drown the cockroaches this time. Yes, sir.
Jymes, what's the taste in this soup? I can't say, sir.
It's not soup, it's soap. I think it's shoe polish.
Sorry, sir. Cook said the soup was a bit weak tonight.
Maybe you taste the disinfectant in the water, sir. Oh.
Well, strike me blind, it's a hair.
Wash it off and wear it, Baldy.
Hello, you chaps. Hello, Monte. How goes it?
Still no news of Harry? No.
Somebody always gets it on the night patrol.
What do you think, Marryat? You saw it happen.
Is there any chance he got down alive?
No, I don't think so. The searchlights got him.
We were flying low and they heard us. We started to climb, but it was too late.
Shrapnel began bursting all around him. Two bursts caught him and he started to drop.
It was awful to see him down there, twisting and diving... crippled, always dropping.
Trying every way to get clear of those lights. Then another burst got him.
We could hear him screaming... Stop! I can't stand it.
Good thing he took your place, Rutledge. You might've got it instead of him.
Oh, I'll get it sooner or later. We'll all get it. Isn't there any end to this?
Oh, shut up. You're always whining. Shut up yourself.
Who'll make me? I'll make you.
Sit down, Jack, and be quiet. All right. What's the matter with you fellas?
Would anybody like to take Monte's place on tonight's patrol?
Lay off.
No more soup. We need some.
No more soup. We need some soup.
Jymes! Hurry it up.
Splendid, Jymes.
Splendid. That's what comes from hurrying.
What was dinner before you dropped it, Jymes?
A tasty bit of salmon, sir. Sewer trout again?
Hasn't the cook anything else?
Well, sir, there's that tin of pork and beans. No, we don't want that.
Can he do anything with the garbage? Oh, well, never mind. We aren't hungry, are we?
Coffee, Jymes.
Yes, sir. And, Jymes.
Yes, sir? Don't let anything hurry you.
No, sir.
Drinking again?
You dirty louse! Hey, Baldy.
The sooner you get shot down, the better. Baldy, darling.
Now that didn't hurt, Baldy.
Monte! What's the matter with you? Attention.
As you were.
The following officers will report for night patrol.
Drayton. Yes, sir.
Fuller. Here, sir.
Maloney. Oh, no. Not an old baldheaded man like me up there in the cold, cold air.
Perhaps Fritz will warm it up for you.
Neville. Here, sir.
Monte Rutledge.
Monte Rutledge.
I don't feel very well tonight, sir. That's all right, boy. None of us feel well.
But you don't understand. I think I do, Rutledge.
But I say, sir. You don't understand. Th-There seems to be something the matter with me.
I know what's the matter with him. He's yellow. Oh, shut up.
Oh, let's say it. Didn't Harry go west last night because he took this man's place?
Keep quiet, Jack. I will not keep quiet.
He's yellow and we all know it. That's a lie! I'm not yellow.
I can see things as they are, that's all. I'm sick of this rotten business.
You fools. Why do you let them kill you like this?
What are you fighting for? Patriotism. Duty. Are you mad?
Can't you see they're just words? Words coined by politicians and profiteers to trick you into fighting for them.
What's a word compared with life... the only life you've got.
I'll give 'em a word. Murder! That's what this dirty rotten politician's war is.
Murder! You know it as well as I do. Yellow, am I?
You're the ones that are yellow. I've got guts to say what I think.
You're afraid to say it. So afraid to be called yellow, you'd rather be killed first.
You fools! You poor, stupid fools.
Oh, Monte. Now, pull yourself together, will ya?
Stand up, Rutledge!
I've taken a lot of shirking from you since we came out here, but this is a bit too much.
Sir, he really is ill. You're a disgrace to your squadron. Go to your quarters.
Yes, sir.
Have a cigarette.
You don't think I'm yellow, do you, Roy?
Why, of course not. You're just more sensitive than the rest of us.
I wonder. Well, stop thinking about it.
I wish I could.
Haven't I been up twice on the night patrol? I'm trying to do my share.
Of course you are now.
You... You must be pretty well fed up with me after all this.
Oh, that's rot. I- I'm not yellow.
I'm not! Oh, now, Monte. Come on. Pull yourself together.
Staff Colonel. Everybody out.
Come on, Monte.
Stand easy.
Well, men, I don't like what I have to say, but let's face it,
you all know the central munition dump at Spraug.
You've tried three times to bomb that depot without success.
No fault of yours, of course, they've guarded it too closely.
That munition depot at Spraug must be destroyed tomorrow morning.
Now, then, today a German bombing plane was forced down within our lines.
We were lucky enough to capture it before they had a chance to destroy it.
We've fixed it up so it'll fly.
We want to use this plane to bomb the Spraug depot.
There's no question that the venture will succeed this time.
The enemy won't suspect one of their own planes until after the depot is bombed.
Then when they discover the trick,
well, you... you may have a little difficulty in getting back.
I need two men to fly this plane.
I'll go, sir. Are you sure you wanna go?
Quite sure, sir. Very well.
I'll go with him, sir.
Who are these men? Lieutenants Monte and Roy Rutledge, sir.
Brothers, eh? Dismissed.
Now, young men,
I want you to realize how important this is.
The Seventh Brigade has been ordered to go over the top in a surprise attack tomorrow evening at dusk.
The brigade doesn't know it, but I- I'm afraid they're going to be slaughtered.
There's too much artillery in front of us.
If you destroy that munition depot early tomorrow morning,
it will weaken the enemy artillery, and we may be able to get through.
Hundreds of lives depend on you.
Do you understand? Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Now, another thing. The plane you are to fly...
is far too dangerous a piece of armament to let the enemy recapture it.
It must return or be destroyed.
If you were captured, you'd be shot as spies anyway.
Baldy. Oh, Baldy?
You'll take the morning patrol in towards Spraug as far as you can.
You might possibly help them get back. By all means.
Yes, sir.
You'll get your maps and final instructions just before taking off.
Report to the field at 3:00 a. m. Until then, let them do as they please.
- Yes, sir. 3:00, you two. - Yes, sir.
Good luck. Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
- What time is it, Monte? - Ten past 9:00.
Helen's canteen closes at 10:00. We’ve just enough time to get there.
- Do you think they'll let us have the motorcycle? - Why, of course. We're "it" tonight.
Yeah. We're "it" all right.
Not sorry, are you? Oh, let's not talk about it.
I'm not even gonna think about it until 3:00.
What's your program? Wine, women and song?
Oh, perhaps I'll do without the song tonight.
- See you at Grosson's? - Either there or at Jacques across the street.
- Wherever you hear the most noise. - Don't you wanna come in with me to see Helen?
Oh, I better not. Righto.
Where's Helen?
She's gone out. Oh.
Was she expecting you? No.
Would you care to leave a note?
Yes, I think I will.
Pen and ink on the table.
You'll see that she gets this? Oh, yes.
Thank you. Good night. Good night.
Hello. What's up? She isn't in.
That's tough. Wanna come along with me?
Where to? Grosson's.
Your switch on?
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