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Subtitles for Heart Of Me The (2002).

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Heart Of Me The (2002)

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For as much as it hath pleased Almighty God in His great mercy... take unto Himself the soul of our dear brother here departed,...
..we therefore commit his body to the ground; to earth, ashes to ashes,...
..dust to dust,... sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life...
..through Our Lord Jesus Christ,...
..who shall change our vile body...
..that it may be like unto His glorious body...
..according to the mighty working...
..whereby He is able to subdue all things to Himself.
(man coughs)
(clock chimes four)
(knock on door, door opens)
Settling in?
Yes, l think so.
- ls Anthony all right? - He's with Nanny.
He's tired. We're all tired.
l had the last of the roses cut for you.
Seemed a shame at the time. Now the weather's changed, l'm glad.
Thanks for this, Madeleine. l shan't stay long.
As long as you like.
Some time in London will cheer you up.
Your clothes will be creased. l'll have Betty press them.
Dinah will find it difficult. She takes things to heart.
He was awfully proud of Madeleine, but Dinah made him... happy.
- Sorry. - Not at all, Madeleine.
- l'll say goodbye. - Goodbye, Mama.
Bye, now.
Betty will see me out.
- Everything all right? - Yes. She gave me these.
- Pa loved these. - And a box of papers.
l'm the man of the family now, apparently.
- (clock chimes) - l suppose that's right.
She asked me to look out for Dinah.
Of course.
Poor Dinah.
(Dinah) What have you lost?
You looked as though you'd lost something.
Wasn't tired.
Didn't want to wake Madeleine.
- lt's raining. - Yes,...
..l shall get wet.
Shall l go after her?
No. Come to bed.
Oh, bad luck, Jack!
Come on.
To show what a good loser l am, how about dinner?
Presence required at home, l'm afraid.
Madeleine's secured another prospect for Dinah.
- Lord, she is tenacious. - lndeed.
- An end to the happy harem, then? - l doubt it'll come to that.
- Dinah has a way of seeing them off. - l can imagine.
l think this improves it, don't you?
Oh, yes, Auntie.
- Don' t you love your Auntie Dinah? - Yes.
Just give me a little kiss, please!
Powder. There, you have a little too.
Lots and lots and lots.
Auntie Dinah!
(clears throat)
- There you are, Rickie. - Here l am.
Seen Dinah?
Yes, she's upstairs with Anthony. Poor chap had a bad dream.
- Oh? - Well, it's all over now.
She didn't get him out of bed?
Er, no, no.
Dinah's dressed, at least?
She looks... terribly attractive.
l think this chap's rather serious about her.
Do you like him?
- Charles? - Mm.
l think he'd be kind to her.
- Do you think she is? - What's that?
- Yes, l think she's... - Mysterious, perhaps?
But cold.
Oh, yes. lt's what they all discover in the end.
- Thanks, we'll definitely go again. - Oh, good.
- Being well entertained, Charles? - l'm having a wonderful time.
We're delighted you could come.
l think this is the smartest house in London!
- ls this the moment to pop over? - Absolutely.
Do excuse me.
Charles, how are you?
- l couldn't be happier. - Good.
Trust me, Dinah, you could do a lot worse.
Trust me, Madeleine, l already have.
You sound like one of those cynical sexy novels.
You haven't been reading those again?
Dinah, did it ever occur to you l actually worry about you?
(Charles) You're really happy for us?
Well, of course.
Dinah had a fit when l suggested asking your permission.
Did she, did she?
But l... l thought... with the father being gone...
Very proper of you. We couldn't be happier, really.
- She's a great girl. - She really is.
- They both are. - Mm.
And you'd already bagged the pretty one.
(Madeleine) Charles? Will you walk me through?
Of course.
There they are, both grown men,... their birthday suits, and all Rickie can say to the poor woman... ''Oh, Mrs Upex,...
..what a sight we must be. l trust you'll overlook the shock.''
(bangs spoon on glass)
(Charles) Er,...
..Dinah and l have an announcement.
(laughs nervously)
We, er...
We, er...
We're engaged. To be married.
- (gasps) - l'm so pleased, congratulations.
Sarah, champagne, please.
Now, everybody...
Now, l want you all to raise your glasses to...
- ..Dinah and Charles. - Dinah and Charles!
Didn't l tell you he was the one?
Yes, you did.
Let's just hope Dinah doesn't muck it up.
l was thinking of having a nightcap. Would you like one?
l'm fine.
All right.
You're not going through with this.
Break it off, Dinah.
Break it off.
(Rickie) Dinah?
All right.
He was perfect, this man.
Dinah plainly disagreed.
Well, not perfect, perhaps. But he was quite a catch for her.
Dinah may not be the most elegant creature but she has... passion.
She collects passions.
Psychiatry, Negro sculpture, now it's art school. lt's pure pretension.
Oh, Madeleine, listen to yourself.
She knows perfectly well you've got a train to catch.
- Sorry. Sorry. - You've missed her.
l know. l had to wait in for some chairs to be delivered.
Yes. You sound surprised.
l imagined you lying around on rush matting or piles of Trotsky.
..what did Mother say about Charles?
She was shocked but hardly surprised.
She asked how you were funding this little escapade.
l'm sharing with this girl from my life class.
All the same...
l've had some help.
Anyone l know?
Don't think so.
You've put us all in a very awkward position.
Forgive me, l thought that preferable to marrying a man l didn't love.
You'll learn it takes more than love to sustain a marriage, Dinah.
Do you find?
- Madeleine, l'm sorry. - l have to collect Rickie's collars.
- Oh. - Anthony's expecting me home.
- Come and see us soon. - Yes.
- l'm back. - Mr Masters?
l put the letter of acceptance on your desk.
Thank you.
(secretary) Pleasant weekend, Mr Masters.
You too, Miss Matthews.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
Five and six, guv'nor.
Thank you very much.
(knock on door)
Come in.
Well, l hope you like it.
We're only just getting set up.
No, l do, it's all...
lt's very...
- Picture's by Bridie. - Oh...
- Good, don't you think? - l'm sure.
l'll tell her. She hasn't much confidence.
ls she...
..l just wanted to make sure you were...
l'm shaking.
All the way here l kept thinking,...
..l'm a dead man now.
- But you're not. - No.
No, l'm alive.
l'm alive.
lt's all right, darling.
- Go back to sleep. - (murmurs)
Why haven't you got a drink in your hand?
(woman laughs)
- What's her name? - Violet. So sweet.
- Dinah. - Hm?
How are you?
l'm worried my petals are going to wilt before midnight.
Oh, they're lovely.
- You haven't brought Bridie. - l wasn't sure she'd fit in.
- We liked the painting enormously. - Oh, good!
Very original. We have to find somewhere to hang it now.
(# Al Bowlly: The Very Thought Of You on gramophone)
(man chuckles)
Dinah, what d'you make of Jack?
Oh. Harmless enough, l suppose.
His wife led him a ghastly dance.
Why don't l re-introduce you?
All right.
You go on.
l'll join you.
- Sorry to monopolise your husband. - Quite all right.
As long as you found him amusing.
- No. - Well, thank you very much.
When you've known him as long as l have the joke wears very thin.
- l do know what you mean. - Oh, charming!
This dress becomes you, Madeleine. You should get into it more often.
l'll make that my New Year's resolution. What about you, Jack?
l hardly know where to begin.
- l'll throw a blanket over Sylvia. - Can l do anything?
No, it's all right.
Jack, d'you remember my sister Dinah?
- Rickie! - Sylvia!
- Happy New Year. - Yes, l'm sure it will be.
(fireworks, cheering)
Dinah, Dinah, Dinah...
lt is good, this thing, isn't it?
lt's everything.
Nine, eight, seven,...
..six, five, four,...
..three, two, one...
Happy New Year!
(Dinah pants)
(cheering, fireworks)
Come on, Rickie!
Never mind, darling. We'll get you another one.
- l'm home! - Hello, Mummy!
(Betty) Good gracious, like a herd of elephants!
Mr Masters will be late home, Betty. There's a shareholders' meeting.
Come on, Mummy, l want to show you something.
(Dinah) ''Let us agree to give up love,
And root up the lnfernal Grove;
Then shall we return and see
The worlds of happy Eternity.
And throughout all Eternity
l forgive you, you forgive me.
As our dear Redeemer said:
'This the Wine
and this the Bread.'''
(Dinah pants)
(both laugh)
(Dinah laughs)
(Dinah moans)
Watch out,... overboard!
- (laughs) - Oh...
- Shh-shh-shh! - (distant banging)
(whispers) lt's Bridie!
- l think she's infatuated with you. - No, it's us.
She thinks it's terribly glamorous.
- ls she jealous? - She certainly should be.
l'm happy, you're happy.
l'm more than happy.
l'm in a state of hope.
Oh! Ow!
You're going to have to keep a razor here.
l'm sorry, darling.
''And throughout all Eternity
l forgive you,
you forgive me.''
Could you say that?
- What? - l could.
l forgive you... everything.
ln advance.
- ..l've the most fantastic surprise. - Hm...
Don't know how l've kept it a secret so long.
l'm pregnant.
- We've it all worked out. - We're going away. Not far.
- The south coast. - Stop the tongues wagging in town.
Bridie's lots of experience. She's the eldest of nine.
Look, you'll come when you can, like a god bearing gifts.
l'll take good care of her.
- Dinah, people don't do this. - But we're not ''people''.
Dinah, it'll become known that you've had a child.
Mother will come round.
Madeleine will assume he's the result of some sordid casual encounter.
- Dinah, please! - No.
lf you're worried about him looking too much like you,...
..if you think a resemblance to his delicious daddy will scupper us,...
- lt's not that, really. - can stop,...
..because l see him very clearly,...
..and he looks exactly like himself.
He's a beautiful child, Rickie.
Our child.
l see him very clearly.
(door closes)
- Good evening, Sarah. - Good evening, Mr Masters.
- Hello, darling. - Rickie?
- Yes? - We have to talk.
About Dinah.
This woman she's sharing with.
Well, she's not right.
Oh, she's... she's not that bad, surely, is she?
Dinah's gonna get a reputation.
Right, l see.
What part of this is amusing?
(rain pours)
Should l go after her?
(chickens cluck)
(dog whines)
Oh, Gwilym!
Silly boy!
(dog barks)
(bell rings)
l suppose you'd better come in.
Why don't you just bring him in?
Oh, l... l wouldn't like him to spoil anything.
(Gwilym barks)
l want to say thank you... for being in touch.
l promised Mother.
l was afraid you might change your mind...
..after her funeral.
As l said, l promised. Sit down, l'll put the lunch on.
(breathes heavily)
(Dinah) This is a treat.
l don't ordinarily get a proper lunch.
Just take a sandwich into work.
- l wanted to get a job in the War. - Oh?
Rickie didn't like the idea.
- How's the bookshop? - Fine, thanks.
Pay all right?
Erm, things are easier with the money from Mother.
l feel badly about it, Madeleine. lf you'd take half...
Oh, God, no. l'm glad she left it to you.
She knew Rickie left me fairly set up.
- Yes. - Not that it's been a bed of roses.
Life hasn't been any easier for me than for you.
Not that it's a competition.
- Don't start, Dinah. - l wasn't.
l'm sorry.
(Rickie) ''My dear best beloved girl,...
..l wonder what you're up to now. ''
''Remember to rest, will you,...
- ..heart of my heart?'' - (retching)
l thought this was supposed to be over by now.
Let me get your hair.
Oh, God! Most beautiful prospect on the south coast...
..and l can't even look at it.
l thought l was going to be terribly good at this.
- So did l. - (laughs)
(sea birds cry)
(Dinah) ''Rickie, greetings to you from the land of sea and sky. ''
''l have to report that the weather's turned Arctic. ''
''But Bridie's knitted booties to kit out a centipede,... our golden child won't need to fear for his toes. ''
''And we'll be gone soon enough to the south of France,... our precious boy can be raised on sunshine. ''
''We long for the sun now,...
..and for you,...
..and for an end to the waiting. ''
''l'm so ready to be happy. ''
( # choir. ln The Bleak Midwinter)
# Our God, heaven cannot hold Him
(Rickie) ''Dinah,...
..l'm caught up here in the city,...
..but my head is full of salt sea air...
..and my hands ache for the touch of you. ''
# Heaven and earth shall flee...
''Dinah, my darling,... my love, my life,...
..l'll be seeing you soon,...
..but not soon enough. ''
- Can l make you a drink? - No, thanks, l won't.
- You barely touched dinner. - l know, l'm a bit out of sorts.
You should see Drysdale.
Shall l make you an appointment?
(scoffs) No.
Just had to bolt lunch, that's all it is.
Wish you weren't going away.
Won't be for long.
lf only we knew when.
l don't see why the French can't set a date.
Well, darling, because, erm,...
..they're very important clients.
l'll only be in Dover.
lt's got me on edge.
- l shan't sleep. - Madeleine...
Come here.
Telegram, Mr Masters.
Thank you.
(gasps) Oh...
l'm going to get the doctor.
But we said we'd go when Rickie... gets here.
But he'll be hours, Dinah!
Don't lose your nerve now, Bridie.
This is what we've been looking forward to.
- l really should go. - No need just yet. Stay with me.
(Dinah cries out)
Was that another one?
Well done.
That's it.
(groans) l wonder when he'll come.
(cries out)
Where's Rickie?
(cries out)
He'll be here.
(tyres squeal)
- (baby cries) - You're nearly there.
- (crying stops) - lt's a girl!
(murmurs) lt's a girl.
(slaps baby)
- lt's a girl. - (Bridie slaps baby repeatedly)
Your wife's lost a lot of blood.
We're doing everything we can.
(baby cries in distance)
No-one could have saved your daughter.
The heart failed in transit.
l'm afraid it's one of those things.
Thank you.
(Dinah grunts)
What a balls-up.
What a balls-up!
Now, the sooner you're in the sun,...
..the better.
You leave at two.
l thought that would give you plenty of time to get up to town.
The crossing takes three hours.
l got everything from the cottage, but if there's anything you need...
Can you get rid of that bag?
Yes, of course, l'll drop it back at the flat.
Just... get rid of it.
Listen, darling,...
- ..l'll come as soon as l can. - Don't come.
lt's just difficult with Christmas.
l don't want you.
Can't you see that?
Can't you see?
lt's over.
- She doesn't mean it. - l think she does.
She needs you. You know that.
Bridie, what l know... that none of this is any of your business.
Now, l have a train to catch.
What kind of man are you?
Open that bag.
Open it!
One and ninepence, please, guv'nor.
Thank you.
Daddy's home!
(Rickie sighs)
He lost control.
Before he knew it, he was upside down in a ditch. Thank you, Betty.
He's shocked, l should think,...
..after something like that.
We're waiting to see if the car can be repaired.
(clock strikes the hour)
Suppose we'll have to find someone to drive it up to town.
So, what's the verdict?
Well, the bruises are more a blow to your vanity than your health.
Thank you, Drysdale.
The ulcer's more serious.
You've been under pressure at work.
- Yes. - Madeleine told me.
She spoke to you?
l am her doctor.
ls she all right?
Fine, absolutely. But concerned about you.
Rickie, you really are going to have to take things easy for a while.
There was some talk of my having to travel.
Put it off, can you?
(geese cry)
Morning, darling.
- (laughs) - Oh, Daddy!
Morning, Mummy.
Come on, Betty, l want you to see my aeroplane.
- But it's your... - l'll be waiting upstairs.
That's me, l'm off.
- Shouldn't be late. - Are you in a terrible hurry?
Only it might be as well if you spared a moment to read this.
lt's from Dinah's friend.
lt seems to imply that you and Dinah have been having an affair...
..for quite a long time.
Which couldn't make sense.
Or could it?
One's own sister.
Does seem a little...
..out of the ordinary.
l haven't seen her for some time.
Well, she's been abroad.
South of France, apparently.
Yes, that's right.
And now she's back.
ls she?
ls she? l didn't know.
And you pick up where you left off, is that the idea?
No, there is no idea.
Do you know what the very best thing about all this is?
l knew, didn't l?
Really? Well, then, why didn't you do something to stop it?
(Madeleine sobs quietly)
l should get along to the office.
- ls that all you have to say? - Madeleine, what can l say?
Nothing she wouldn't make you take back in a moment!
What did she tell you, Rickie?
That nothing else mattered?
No, being alive, that's the important thing. ls that what she said to you?
She's a devil.
She's a devil!
She always meant to ruin my life and now she has.
Madeleine, what...
Don't touch me!
- Go away! Don't touch me! - Daddy!
- Go away, please! - lt's all right, Anthony.
Mummy's just upset, all right?
- Now, you come with me. - Go away, l said! Go, please...
Morning, Rickie.
Morning, Jim.
You ought to be in bed.
(Madeleine sobs)
(Rickie) We ought to get out like this more often.
Especially now the weather's improved.
Have you been in touch with Dinah?
She doesn't contact you at work?
- Do we have to discuss this? - l need to know, Rickie.
No. She doesn't call, no.
- All right, boys? - Yes, Daddy.
You must promise me you won't see her.
Madeleine, l haven't, and l won't.
Why do you rake it up?
Because you still have feelings for her.
l'm not blind.
lt's only natural, l suppose.
But this isn't about feelings, it's about a decision.
For your sake as well as ours.
lt's the only way we'll any of us have any peace.
l'm slightly concerned about the large amount on these bills.
Well, bear in mind that we can only do a hundred thousand.
(whispers) Come on.
Listen, can we discuss this at the Wednesday meeting?
- Thank you, goodbye. - There you are, Mr Masters.
Ever felt so well you thought you might burst into flames?
(laughs) Let's discuss it over lunch.
- We'll be at, erm... - Cenzo's.
Her name's Georgie Worthington. lt's short for Georgina.
- l could have worked that one out. - l met her at a party,...
..which l almost didn't go to.
lmagine if l hadn't gone and she had, or vice versa.
To think l might have missed my chance!
She's a real crackerjack, Rickie.
- (woman) Rickie! - Out of my league, l'd have thought.
- You know Jack. - (Jack) Of course.
Well, what a surprise, bumping into you like this, Rickie.
Absolutely, isn't it?
Listen, er, Jack and l are late for our table, can l call you?
Well, l'm absolutely ravenous, so why don't l just come to lunch?
lf that's all right with you, Jack.
- My usual. - Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
So, how do l look?
Terribly well.
You know, l feel well. Got my energy back.
You see, Jack, l've had an eventful year.
l died and was brought back to life.
Oh, really?
Pulled out of my grave, and l've no idea why.
l've been wanting to talk to Rickie about it,...
..but you probably knew that, didn't you?
You've probably tried to call,...
..but l'm never at home. Hm?
Well, have you,...
Have you been trying to call?
Oh, forgive me, Rickie, Charlie Burdett has just come in.
And you've prettier company than l'd have been.
Bye, old chap.
..have you?
We can't be here together.
Let's go somewhere else, then.
l can't.
So, l'm to see you neither one way or the other, is that it?
l don't know.
l want another drink.
- l think you've had enough. - (gasps)
Sorry, Rickie. l'm sorry!
- Come on, let's get you home. - No. (whimpers)
- Go home, l'll call you. - No, please come with me, please!
- Let's get you a cab. Taxi! - l didn't mean to make a scene.
- l'll call you. - No, come with me.
- l can't, l need to think. - Oh, please, Rickie, l beg you.
- l've tried so hard to be strong. - Dinah, Dinah, don't.
Just talk to me, please!
- l'm so alone! - l'll call you.
You loved me!
- Herbrand Street, please. - (sobs) Help me!
Here are the contracts.
Thank you.
- Darling. - (whispers) Rickie!
All right. lt's all right.
All right.
- (sobs) - Shh, shh, shh. All right.
You realise you'll never see Anthony again?
l'm not sure how good that would be for him.
Growing up without a father didn't do much for me.
lt hardly becomes you to compare yourself with a casualty of war.
Now, look, you'll want to get on with divorcing me.
l shan't be divorcing you.
You're not under the impression the law allows you to marry Dinah?
We'll be in the wilderness, we know that.
Social pariahs, what a thrill. We'll see how long you enjoy that.
She can twist you round her little finger!
So can you.
lt's a weakness.
l never gave myself credit for it.
l'll be settling all the money on you and Anthony.
Given the circumstances, l'm sure our friends will be sympathetic.
l don't want sympathy!
l want my life back! l love you!
Madeleine, l think if that were true,... would've said it sooner.
(church bell chimes)
- ls that St Botolph's? - No.
St Swithin's, in the park.
- Do you go? - No.
After Anthony was killed l tried, but...
..l seem to be tone-deaf to the Almighty.
- Madeleine, l wish... - What?
l wish l could have been some help to you.
- l loved Anthony. - Did you?
You know l did.
Not in a way that was much use to him.
- Think what you put him through. - Please, don't say that.
You say sorry and imagine it wipes the slate clean.
So there's to be no end to it?
l wonder what you come here for, Dinah.
l wonder what you want.
My sister.
..l always was.
Do you have to do that just now?
Look, l'm...
l understand you're angry.
You have every right to be.
l'm not angry.
What are you, then?
l'm afraid.
You're always so full of purpose, Dinah.
All your life, no effort put to waste.
So why are you here now, l wonder?
You asked me.
And what made me do that?
- Mother... - No.
No, not Mother, you.
There at the funeral, standing at the back like the little orphan.
l didn't want to impose myself.
You've always been able to reel me in.
What for, though, this time?
One last twist in the game?
There never was a game, Madeleine!
ln any case, what's left to play for?
Rickie's dead.
# (Dinah) Look at me lt's got me loving you madly
# That little kiss you stole
# Held all my heart
# And... soul #
Do you find it a bit pokey here sometimes after Montagu Square?
No, l feel cosy and safe.
- l've been thinking... - Oh, steady on!
l think l should buy you a ring.
To put at the end of my nose?
All right, a necklace, then.
Ahh. A collar.
No leash?
- (laughs) - (laughs)
(singsong) You need to get up, you're going to be late.
- You have to wake up. - Mm, mm, mm...
You are going to get up.
l'm going to make you some tea.
- Darling, where's my kiss? - Coming.
(chuckles) l love you.
- Have a good day. - You, too.
''And throughout all Eternity
l forgive you, you forgive me.''
- Yes. - Around the inside of the bracelet?
- That's right. - Strikes a very original note, sir.
Thank you. lt's, er...
..William Blake.
lt's an un-wedding gift.
- Everything all right, sir? - Yes.
Yes, l think so.
- Good evening. - Good evening, sir.
(cries out)
- Anything l can do, old man? - Get an ambulance.
(# Heart And Soul on gramophone)
(Dinah) # The way a fool would do, madly...
- Oh, no. - (music continues)
# Heart and soul... #
(vehicle drives off)
(footsteps on stairs)
Madeleine was called at once, of course.
- Yes, of course. - Don't be smart, Dinah.
How a man of his code and a girl of your upbringing could...
Well, l shall never understand.
But we must think about the future.
About what's best for Rickie.
(door opens)
He came round a little while ago, but the anaesthetic left him groggy.
lt's all right.
lt's all right, darling.
Where is she?
- She knows. - Where's Dinah?
She knows.
Now then, old man, lie back.
- lf you could just... - Lie back. There, lie back.
There, that's better.
- There we are. - (murmurs)
(nurse) Er, sorry.
- Sorry, visiting's over. - Oh...
- Oh, yes, l know, erm... - Are you family?
- No... Yes. - l'll take care of this.
Oh, Dr Drysdale.
- Erm, l was worried, l just... - Rickie's sleeping.
l wouldn't wake him.
Dinah, he needs his rest.
Well,... thank you.
All dressed up?
- l've got a surprise for you. - (door opens, closes)
Please forgive my not standing up.
Off you go, Madeleine.
Leave Rickie and me to our own devices.
lt's very kind of you to visit.
You look better than l dared hope.
l dare say that makes it less of an ordeal for Madeleine.
She has to stand guard all day.
Well, she need do so no longer.
Rickie, it's as well you know this.
Dinah's gone away.
- No. - Yes.
That's why she's not been to see you.
- Where? - South of France, it seems.
Apparently, she met someone out there last year,...
..and now that things haven't gone so well for her here...
- No, that isn't true. - She wrote and asked me to tell you.
- l think it's for the best. - lt's impossible.
That's Dinah, l'm afraid.
No, it isn't.
ls it? l ca...
l'm sorry, Rickie.
l think l should prefer it if we did not discuss this any further.
Forgive me, forgive me.
..Dinah is gone.
..l brought something to cheer you up.
lt'll help to pass the time.
- (Dinah) Who is it? - lt's me.
Something's happened?
Oh, no, nothing.
Oh, l... thought perhaps you were a widow.
Do push that up. l feel at a disadvantage.
(door closes)
You've lost weight.
l wish you wouldn't beat about the bush.
Rickie's ready to come home.
So l'll send somebody round to collect his things.
Your key, l believe.
He's still very weak.
All he wants is to be with his family.
And if you care for him at all, you'll stay away.
- (loud knock on door) - Yes?
Oh. Sorry, dearie.
- Didn't realise you had company. - Quite all right.
lt's, erm, just that matter we discussed.
Yes... Erm, perhaps later?
- lt's a week behind already. - Yes, l know.
- So when will l get my money? - l'm sorry, would you mind awfully?
..later, then.
(dog yaps)
- Come on. - (Dinah) Thank you.
l do apologise. She's ghastly.
l can see that.
l should be going.
Yes, you probably should.
lf there's anything l can do...
Actually, could l touch you for a quid?
- Er, l'm stony-broke. - Oh...
Can you spare all that?
- Of course l can. - Thank you.
You've brought all this down on your own head.
l'd like you to leave.
(door closes, footsteps on stairs)
l thought you'd like your own room.
l'm not entirely without...
Can l get you anything?
Your wallet and things are on the desk.
(disconnected tone)
Clarissa always wanted this room.
Rickie's room.
Oh, she's beautiful.
She takes after you.
Very much her father's daughter.
- She must miss him. - Yes.
She'll be all right, though.
He adored her, so others will.
l think that's how it goes, don't you, with fathers and daughters?
l've never really thought about it.
Does she know about me?
Know l... exist?
She thinks you live abroad.
Auntie Dinah who lives abroad.
They look... happy together.
He was a different man, Dinah, after the illness.
l know a lot of people thought he and l might not make a go of things.
But then along came Clarissa.
And he got me through, of course, when we found out about Anthony.
Yes, l...
l can imagine.
Can you?
Yes, l can...
l can try.
lt's not the things one knows, however bad.
We got a letter from his CO.
He was seen to fall,...
..shot in the head,...
..though whether killed outright or finished off later,...
..we never found out.
But l would like to know that he wasn't alone.
He didn't like to be alone.
He used to cry out in the night.
Yes, l remember.
l remember.
Such nightmares.
l sometimes wonder if he knew what was coming.
''l dreamt you'd lost me,'' he'd say.
He'd say that when l went in to him: ''l... l dreamt you'd lost me.''
So you see, Dinah,...
..l know you've had your difficult times.
But to lose a child is something different.
(sobs loudly)
(phone rings)
lt's your sister-in-law, Mr Masters.
Put her through.
(engine runs)
(knock on door)
Can't be too long, l have a cab waiting.
Well, it's all straightforward enough, l think. Erm...
Gas and electric... overdue, l'm afraid.
Um, then there's the wine people.
Well, l ought to settle that myself.
Both keys.
l don't know about the furniture.
Perhaps you could sell it. lt isn't much anyway.
Oh, there's... there's these.
l'm afraid l held them back when they took everything else.
l hope you haven't missed them.
So, you're well?
Perfectly. And yourself?
l wouldn't say perfectly, like yourself, but...
No, l get along.
Well, you said you were in a hurry.
Are you going abroad again?
l'm sorry?
No. Why do you ask that?
l don't know, Dinah, erm...
You seem to have been so keen to get back to France this summer.
Your mother told me.
She said that, erm...
She said...?
No, l've just been here.
l cry in my sleep.
Puts people off.
But l telephoned.
lt was cut off.
See, l thought that...
..thought that meant that you... had gone away.
(horn toots)
Well, your cab...
- No. - Dinah!
No, don't let's start up again.
- Where are you going? - No, it would be off your beat.
For God's sake, let me drop you somewhere.
D'you think l'm going to leave you in the street with these bloody bags?
l'll get out well before the front door.
After that, it's at your service.
(taxi draws to halt)
- Wherever the lady wants to go. - Sir.
(Madeleine) What have you lost?
Oh, l see, you're in another one of your funks.
- Lord, what an ugly woman you are. - Rickie!
Am l ugly too, Madeleine?
Look at me.
Do you see... anything that you want?
Because this,...
..this is what you fought so hard to hold on to.
Rickie, have you gone quite mad?
Rickie, stop this!
What are you doing?
lt's just you and me now, Madeleine.
- Dinah's gone. - l don't know what you mean.
- You're hurting me! - Just the two of us,... the end of this dead-end street.
(sobs quietly)
(Anthony) Merry Christmas, Grandma.
(lively chatter)
Mrs Burkett,...
..your car is here.
No, please,...
..please, sit down. Merry Christmas to you all.
- Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.
Just say goodbye to the mother-in-law.
Rickie, there's no-one with the guests.
l'm sure they'd rather have you dance attendance than me.
- l'm seeing Mother off. - Go along, Madeleine.
Rickie and l have hardly said two words all night.
And where are you off to?
l have an appointment.
How is she?
Dinah's well. She's taken a job.
l gather she's very good at it.
Has she forgiven you?
l did what l did to ensure that a tragedy be prevented.
My only hope now is that Madeleine and Dinah should forgive each other.
(door closes)
- Dinah. - Ma.
- How are you? - Pleased to see you.
- l bet(!) - Don't be cynical, Dinah.
lt doesn't suit you. And contrary to what everyone seems to imagine,...
..l do not take it upon myself to judge any of you.
- Madam? - l leave that to God. What's that?
- Cherry brandy. - Two, please.
- Have you seen them? - The house looks lovely.
l saw this wonderful thing for Anthony in the toy shop...
..Madeleine's expecting a baby.
l didn't want you to hear from a stranger.
No. l thank you.
They'll have a happy Christmas, then.
l didn't come to upset you.
l just wanted to apologise.
The dog's getting restless,... l thought l'd better...
Thanks for lunch.
- Come on, Gwilym, come on. - (dog barks)
Thought l'd, erm, get some fresh air.
(dog barks)
''And throughout all Eternity
l forgive you, you forgive me.''
You know it, of course.
One of my favourite poems.
Rickie was having it engraved on a bracelet.
That's what he was trying to collect from the jeweller's the day he died.
l always assumed the bracelet was for me.
l never understood how he got caught like that,...
- ..out in the street in an air raid. - No.
He was ill again by then, of course.
Drysdale told him he'd be lucky to last the year.
Mother told me you'd dreamt of him the night he died.
- She shouldn't have said that. - Why ever not?
Well, it makes it sound as though, l don't know, as if...
..he were thinking of me at the end.
l think a dying man might well remember the woman he loved.
Come on. Got something to show you.
(MP) Steady, boys, steady.
Stay behind the barriers, please!
Come on, come on, come on.
The building's not safe, sir.
- There was a jeweller's... - Till last night.
l wanted to collect something overdue.
Missed your chance, l'm afraid, sir. Behind the barriers!
Go on, stay back, this is not a safe area!
The building could come down any time. Go on, stay back.
(air-raid siren)
(Dinah) ''And throughout all Eternity
l forgive you, you forgive me. ''
(Dinah) Look at her go!
What would you give to be a girl again?
(Dinah) She's marvellous.
(Nanny) Oh, just a minute, dear. Here, l've got it.
You two really ought to meet.
You've a great deal in common.
(Clarissa giggles)
(air-raid siren, car horn)
(explosion, glass shatters)
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