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Subtitles for He Got Game CD2.

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He Got Game CD2

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Within one week, a truck came and|moved you and your kid sister out.
I ever bring that up?
Never a word out of me.|Always there for you.
Am I lying? Come on, kid.
Come on, please, will you?
I'm not asking you to commit a homicide|here. I'm asking you to just give me...
a little bit of information.|I need something-- anything.
I ain't got nothing|to say, Coach.
When I was a kid, my mother used to|go, "Arthur, you're a capo tost."
- You know what a "capo tost" is?|- Naw.
It means you got a head|like concrete.
I think me and you, we suffer from|the same affliction. I swear to God.
Kid, on the court, you're the most|coachable kid I ever had.
I never had a boy|that could respond like you.
Off the court,|I can't tell you a damn thing.
This is your money.|Hey, this is yours.
- I don't need that money, Coach.|- Tell me something.
- [ Bell Rings ]|- I got Calculus.
You forgot something.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Calliope Music ]
[ People Screaming ]
[ Squeals ]
[ Groaning, Sighing ]
- [ Velcro Rips ]|- Ahh!
Mm, right there.
- [ Laughing ]|- [ Velcro Rips ]
[ Laughs ]
- [ Panting, Sighing ]|- Oh, yeah.
[ Car Door Beeping ]
- Mr. Shuttlesworth, how are you?|- I'm fine. How are you?
- Dom Pagnotti. Pleasure to meet you.|- Nice to meet you.
- Hello, Lala.|- Hello.
- D'Andre, what's up?|- How you doing?
- Why don't we go inside?|I'll show you my house.|- We'd love to.
- Wow. This a phat crib.|- Ain't it?
- What do you think?|- You have a really nice home.
Thank you. I just did it.|Built it from scratch.
- It's gorgeous.|- Thank you.
Why don't you and Lala make|yourself at home and let me|and Jesus discuss some business.
This right here|is a 355 Ferrari Spider, $130,000.
You're looking at|a 12-cylinder Mercedes, 600 SL--
Now, if you want the best,|Jesus, you come right this way.
A quarter-million-dollar|Lamborghini Diablo.
- Take a look inside, Jesus.|- You can get a house|with a quarter million dollars.
Not the house|I'm going to get you.
- You like music?|- I love music.
- Has a $30,000 stereo system.|State of the art.|- $30,000?
30,000. That's a small trailer home|in North Carolina...
you got playing music|for you right there.
Now, Jesus,|I know you like Lala.
Whatever may be may be.|But you can look like Buddy Hackett...
and drive down a street with this|and have 40 girls chasing you.
[ Dom ]|I want to show you my court.
Oh, so you just got the court|built inside the house, huh?
- Of course.|- Let's go one-on-one.
- Let's see what you got.|- What I got?
- Let's see what you got.|- I got--
So you in the Mafia.|Down with Gotti, huh?
Mafia? Gotti?
Just because I'm an ltalian American|doesn't mean I'm involved with the mob.
I'm the best at what I do.|I'm a sports agent.
Now, I don't know|if you realize this,
but several NBA teams|are interested in you right now.
At this point in time,|I can't tell you who,
but I will tell you|they are contenders.
Now, I know you've considered|jumping straight to the pros.
The money is there.
I have the contacts.|So apply for the NBA draft now.
Right here, Jesus,|is a contract.
This makes me your agent.
This allows me|to represent you.
I will take you to the top.
I can't do that right now.|I have to weigh my options.
- How much does your watch cost?|- 89.95.
89.95. Right here...
is a platinum|and diamond Rolex.
The best you can buy.
Gold? Forget about it.|Silver? Forget about it.
You have platinum and diamonds. That's|like having speed and power in the NBA.
And, Jesus, that watch is a gift|from Dom Pagnotti to you.
- Keep it.|- Oh, I bet there's strings|attached, too, huh?
There's no strings, no rubber bands.|There's nothing attached at all.
That's a $36,000 watch. That's like|having a Corvette on your wrist.
- You keep that.|- I can't take this.
- Why not?|- It's illegal. I can't take it.
I don't see anyone here.|Just me and you.
- There's nobody here,|but it's still illegal.|- You know what, Jesus?
I'll keep it. The money|you and I gonna make together,
you could buy 20 of them|if you want.
Yeah, that's all good|and everything, but when I'm ready,
- I'm thinking about hiring|a brother to represent me.|- Yeah? Why's that?
I just feel comfortable|with a brother.
All right, Jesus,|let me ask you a question.
- What color is this?|- It's green.
You're black, I'm white,|this is green.
When making a business decision,|the only color that matters is green.
Now, do you consider yourself|a man or a boy?
- Of course I consider myself a man.|- Okay.
Because men make decisions|with their mind.
Boys make decisions|with their heart, Jesus.
- My partner D'Andre, he's black.|- No!
So it really doesn't matter.
You have the best|of both worlds.
You need to sign with me,|and you need to sign with me now.
-You talk a great game.|-Jesus, this isn't a game. This is life.
I can bring you|to the Promised Land,
but what you need to do, Jesus,|is give me the opportunity...
to show you how good I am.
[ Mom's Voice ] Dear Jesus,|your daddy and I hope you're fine.
"l thought it might be|a little hard for you...
"being away from home for--|for the first time.
I had no idea that--"
I didn't even know|they had basketball camps.
Thank God I got you out of Coney lsland|for at least a week this summer.
"You're really serious|about this basketball,
and that's good."
[ Voices lntermingling ]|However, I do wonder sometimes...
whether it's you or your father|that wants to pursue this.
I know he drives you|too hard.
That's right. Come on,|come on. Work, baby.
You got to work harder|than the next man, right?
It's the will of the man;|it ain't the skill of the man.
He can't play you.|He can't do nothing with you!
We the only two people up. Me, you and|Michael Jordan. That's the only people.
Everybody else in the world is asleep.
What you think Jordan doing right now?|He lifting weights right now.
We out the projects, baby.|We out the projects.
Where we gonna live at, son? Where|we living at, yo? Where we living at?
Huh? We living on East Side.|Where we at?
We're up on the Upper West Side?|Central Park West somewhere?
- Where we gonna be at, huh?|What you gonna buy Mama, son?|- House.
Come on.|A big house, right?
How many bedrooms?|How many bedrooms?
- How many she want?|- As many as she wants.
Don't never let them see you weak.|Let me tell you something.
- Don't never let them see you weak.|- This is for everything.
You miss, you know|you givin' me ten pushups, right?
You know if you miss, you|give me ten pushups, right?
- All right, show me what you got.|- [ Pants ]
- Concentrate.|- [ Panting ]
Four... three... two--
That's what I'm talking about. That's|what I'm talking about. Are you tired?
Jesus Shuttlesworth, he got game.|He don't get tired.
- Are you tired? You tired?|- Uh-huh.
"But, son, your father|does love you dearly."
- You should have seen your boy today.|- What did he do?
- What'd you get them for, son?|- About 34 points.
- Thirty-four.|- Thirty-four points?
You got 34, but one time|he went up, I was like, "Oh, my boy."
- I thought he was gonna dunk.|He just kept going.|- Really?
He kept going. He's almost getting the|rim now, or the net, anyway-- the net.
- That's my baby.|- That's right. My boy.
"Have fun at the camp,|and remember--"
Use basketball as a tool.
"Love, Mommy."
"P.S.-- Your sister|misses you badly."
[ Mom ] And when you get home,|please be nice to her.
Big brothers have to protect|their little sisters.
[ Basketball Pounding|Continues ]
- [ Dakota ] Come on, baby.|- [ Man Grunting ]
- Don't hold back, baby.|- Oh, oh, yeah, oh.
- [ Grunting ]|- No, baby, come on. Don't hold back.
Come on, baby.
Oh, yeah, baby.|Fuck me now.
Fuck me. Oh, yeah.
- [ Grunting Continues ]|- [ Dakota ] Yeah. Come on, baby.
- [ Grunting Grows Louder ]|- [ Pounding Grows Louder ]
[ Dakota ] Come on, baby, come on.|Fuck me, baby.
Where them elbows at?|Give me the elbows. Make me pay for it.
Make me pay if I get too close.|Make me pay!
Y es. All right,|good shoot! Oh!
- [ Man ] All right.|- All right, that's two.
- Two-zip.|- Two-zip.
[ Jake ]|I'll give you ten.
He's cheating, Jesus.
Come on now. Play ball.
Just 'cause a man bigger than you,|don't mean he better than you.
Play some "D" now.
[ Man ]|Get up on him, Jesus.
Money.|What's that, baby?
- Ask Goose.|- What was that, ten-one?
- Ten-two? Butter.|- Luck.
You ain't ready for me.
Come on, Jesus.|Get up on him, Jesus.
- Check it out.|- Check 'em.
- Don't push me.|- So what I push you? So what?
You're gonna get mad|when you get pushed?
What, you wanna quit|when you get pushed?
- Oh!|- Take your shot.
I could take you out|your game that easy, huh?
So somebody gets up on you.|So what?
- Stop pushing him, man.|- You got to deal with that, son.
You mad? That's all the players got|to do to you, is make you mad, huh?
All they gotta do is make you mad|and you'll give up, won't you?
'Cause when you get mad,|you can't play.
'Cause when you get mad,|you can't make a shot.
Come get it now.|I ain't taking it easy on you.
I told you I ain't taking it easy|on you. Where you at, boy?
J-J, come on,|give the guy a break, man.
Come on,|go strong, Jesus.
- Why you cheating, man?|- How did I cheat?
- Don't tell me how to raise my son.|- Stop pushing me.
So I'm pushing you. So what?|Show me what you got.
Stop pushing me.
- Take it! Take it!|- Go strong, baby.
- Like nobody's better than you!|- I'm supposed to be scared?
Yes. That's what|I'm talking about.
No matter what I say to you, I ain't|got nothing to do with your game.
It's between you|and the rim.
Don't be afraid of nobody.|That's right.
Elbow me if--|Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- Go strong.|- Get out of here.
Go get it, the ball.|Go get it.
- Whoa, whoa.|- Get up.
- Foul, man!|- All right, you got foul. No harm.
Respect my call. Besides, that wasn't|a foul. That was attempted murder!
What you mean, respect your call?|Ain't nobody even hardly touch you.
- What you trying to prove?|- Just get up, boy, and stop|crying. Give me the ball.
- Give me the ball, man.|- What you doing?
- Check it out--|- Hey, respect my call.
- Besides, that wasn't a foul--|- Don't start yelling at me, boy.
No harm. No foul.|Are you hurt? You bleeding?
What you think? I want to see|you get pushed like that. Ow!
- You gonna cry now or something?|- Why you got to push-- Whoa!
- Take the ball out. Huh?|- Man, I quit, man.
- Man, I quit!|- You quit?
- What?|- I quit. I'm out of here.
Oh, you out of here now. You're|gonna quit like a little bitch, huh?
Big bitch!|[ Spits ]
You better go|and get my ball!
- I ain't getting a damn thing!|- Jesus!
- Daddy, leave me alone!|- Jake, that's some wrong shit, man.
I'm out of here, man.
Fuck, that's why|he ain't gonna make it.
That's why he|ain't gonna make it.
Damn, I can't believe he threw|that shit over the fence.
What's the matter, baby?|You don't like the food.
The food is fine.|Just not hungry.
- Where's your daddy?|- I don't know, and I don't care.
Uncle Jake must have beat him|in basketball again. Ow!
- Stop hitting on him.|- Tell him to stop then. He|always getting on my nerves.
No, I'm not going|to tell him to shut up,
and these basketball wars between|you and your father have got to stop.
[ Door Slams ]
I just asked your son|where you were.
Don't they feed you|at home, Booger?
How you doing, baby?
Your food was getting cold,|so I put it in the oven.
You know, when you threw that ball|over the fence, it got lost.
You know that, right?
Paid my hard-earned money for that|basketball. You know that, don't you?
We can always buy|a new basketball.
Yeah, we don't need|a new ball, okay?
We had a ball already.
Besides, you need to learn how|to respect other people's property.
Ball belonged to me,|not to him.
- Mommy, can I be excused?|- No, you cannot. Sit your ass down.
- I'm finished!|- Y eah, well, you ain't excused though.
- He's done, Jake.|- I ain't done. Sit your black ass down.
And it's time for you to go.|And put the bread back down.
- Trying to sneak bread all the time.|- Bye, Jesus!
I said sit down. I'm your daddy|and you're gonna do what I tell you.
Don't raise your voice.
Do what I tell you to do,|and I'm telling you to sit down.
- So? I'm finished.|- What?
- You hear what I say to you, huh?|- Jake!
- Boy, when I tell you to sit down--|- Get off me!
- When I tell you to sit down--|- Jake, get off him!
- Get up off me!|- Get off him! What's wrong with you?
Are you out of your mind?
Stop it! Please!
[ Groans ]
- [ Jesus ] Mommy? Mommy?|- Baby?
- Get up. Get up.|- Wake up, baby.
Baby, wake up.|Call 9-1-1, son.
Call 9-1-1. Go ahead.|Call 9-1-1. Go, go.
[ Surf Breaking ]
- [ People Squealing ]|- [ Sea Gulls Calling ]
[ Sighs ]
Come on, let's walk.
I knew you was going to come though.|I appreciate it, though, son.
Y eah, I appreciate you for coming|to meet me and everything like that.
I got this for Mary here. You know,|I thought she might like these here.
[ Chuckles ]
My all-time favorite ballplayer|was Earl Monroe.
Earl the Pearl.
Yeah, he was nice. See, everybody|remember him from the Knicks,
you know, when he helped win|that second championship.
I'm talking about when he was with the|Bullets down at Winston-Salem Stadium...
before that game, with 42 points|a game the whole season.
the whole season.
But the Knicks, they put the shackles on|him, man, you know, on his whole game.
They locked him up,|like in a straitjacket or something.
When he was in the streets of Philly,|the playgrounds, [ Grunting ]
he was like--|[ Laughing ]
- You know what they called him?|- What?
Jesus. That's what they called him--|Jesus. 'Cause he was the truth.
Then the white media got a hold of it.|Then they got to call him Black Jesus.
He can't just be Jesus.|He got to be Black Jesus.
You know, but still...|he was the truth.
So that's the real reason|why you got your name.
You named me Jesus after Earl Monroe,|and not Jesus in the Bible?
Not Jesus of the Bible,|Jesus of North Philadelphia.
Jesus of the playgrounds.|That's the truth, son.
The way he dished, the way|he, you know, he spinned.
You know how you do,|coming off and all that. Taw!
I want you to go|to Big State, son.
That's the real reason|why I'm out here.
That's the reason|they let me out.
You find it in your heart to go|to Big State, and, uh...
they may let me out|on an early parole.
-So that's what this is all about, huh?|-That's a part of it.
- Jake, you just like everybody else.|- I ain't like everybody else.
I ain't like everybody else.|Everybody else ain't your father.
Everybody else ain't|bring you in this world.
Everybody else don't care|about you, son.
Like that girl you running with.|You know her, Lay-- Layla?
- Lala!|- Lala. You know her?
- Y eah, I know her.|- Y eah, she know you like a book too.
Many a great man, son,|their downfall was 'cause of a woman.
- You talking about Samson and Delilah.|- Y eah, that's right.
Him too. Him too.|You see I don't cut my hair, right?
So you do know|your Bible, huh?
Look, son, just be careful.|That's all I'm saying to you, all right?
All right?
Do you know if you're|gonna go to Big State?
I mean, is that like a finalist,|or the final four for you?
- They are in my top ten.|- In your top ten?
All right. That's good.|One out of ten, that's--
I can live with them odds.
- What's up, Booger?|- Hi, Uncle Jake.
All right, I'm, uh--
Just give that to Mary.
- What's up, Booger?|- What's up?
[ Girl ]|She knows it's only a treat.
She doesn't get it all the time.|Just once in a while.
[ Baby Cooing ]
- Here you go.|- Thank you.
- Man, thank God it's Friday.|- Friday?
You better thank God|you're here, man.
I'm just glad you was able|to make it, man.
Sorry it was|so last-minute though.
Man, don't be crazy, man.|I know all the schools sweating you.
- How many you visit?|- Four.
You gonna take the extra|ten they gave you?
- You know I don't need no ten visits.|- Y eah, right.
[ Girl ]|Hi, Chick.
- That was my last one.|- Y eah?
Who was that?|She was sweating you.
You like this?|You like this, don't you?
- Y eah, it's really nice.|- Y eah, I could tell.
This ain't the projects, man. We got|like grass and trees, and fresh air.
This is Morgan.|This is Monty.
- How you doing?|- How you doing, Jesus?
- We'll check you later.|- Later on. Them boys can play, man.
[ Girl ]|What's up, Chick? Hey, Chick.
Hey, girls, how you doing?
- Hey.|- Oh, man.
Goodness. I know the both|of y'all know Jesus Shuttlesworth.
- Oh, my God!|- Oh, my God!
[ Girl ] That's not right, Chick.|That's not right, Chick.
Hey, how about Sunday?|Take y'all out of church?
- Wait. You're Jesus of Coney lsland?|- Y eah, that's me.
Look, you've got to come|to this school.
With you and Chick, we'll|definitely go to the Final Four.
- Go? We'll win the whole thing.|- That's you, dog.
- You are going to go here, aren't you?|- Well, we hope so.
It's my job to convince him.
And this is his last|visit to any schools.
- Jesus, Tech-U is a really cool place.|You will love it here.|- Really?
- I mean, we really know how to party.|- Oh, you do?
- Uh-oh.|- It's, uh, really cool.
- I hope I see you around.|- All right.
- Bye.|- Bye.
- Bye, Chick.|- Bye, Chick.
Come on. Let's go meet|Coach Billy Sunday, man.
- Forget Billy Sunday.|We need to follow them.|- Man, he's a cool white boy.
[ Chick ] Now this is what I'm|talking about. Tech dome, baby!
- Wow!|- Thousands of seats. Crowded, yo.
When they get in here,|they tear the roof off, yo.
See those seats|down there, man?
- Yeah?|- The ones in the front.
That's where all the alumni sit,|with all the money, man.
- Where? Right here?|- Yeah, man. I even got|my favorite seat, right here.
Wait. You can sit on mine.|I'm gonna warm this one up.
Feel that?|Feel the difference?
[ Announcer ]|Now, introducing-- Number 34!
From Coney lsland,|Brooklyn, New York--
Jee-suuus Shuttlesworth!
- [ "Fanfare For The Common Man" ]|- [ Crowd Cheering ]
[ Thunderclap ]
Hello, son.|This is for you.
Coach Sunday.
I hope that Chick here|has been a gracious host.
Oh, Chick has been great.
Good. 'Cause we really know how|to treat our student athletes right.
- lsn't that right, Chick?|- Y eah, oh, yeah.
Coach is telling|the truth, man.
I hope you don't think we're too forward|or aggressive with the highlight film...
- or the jersey.|- No way.
- That's the way we are here|at Tech U. We show love.|- Much love. Much love.
Why beat around the bush?
We scouted you since you were|in junior high school.
We know all about you.|We love you.
You're a great kid. Not only a|great ballplayer, a great student,
but a beautiful human being.
When I read about how you've been|raising your sister all by yourself,
it made me want to cry.
I said to myself,|"That's the kind of young man...
"that will be the backbone|of this great country,
- not just the Tech University|basketball team."|- Tell it.
-You understand what I'm trying to say?|-Y es, sir.
When I heard...|that you were coming to visit,
I got down...|on my hands and knees...
and I prayed to God.
- [ Whispering ] Chick.|- Right here.
- Dear Lord, please...|- Please.
deliver Jesus to us.
I got down on my knees,|and I asked God...
to let Tech University|be the throne of Jesus.
As you already know, this will be|the most important decision...
of your life|that you'll ever make.
Son... don't blow it.
- Hi, Chick. How you doing?|- Hey, what's up, Molly?
- Hey, Chick.|- What's up, Liz?
- This is Jesus Shuttlesworth.|- [ Girls ] Hi, Jesus.
- We're glad you're here.|- We're having a little talk.
Let us finish, and then we can|get up with y'all later. All right?
[ Girls ] Okay. All right.|Nice meeting you.
- Bye.|- Nice seeing y'all.
[ Girls Chattering ]
Lovely, huh?|Travel in packs too.
- [ Chuckles ]|- You hit those?
- About 50% from the field.|- You lying.
You can have the rest.|I swear. Look, man.
We got some serious freaks|up here in this piece, man.
- Oh, Jesus.|- Oh, Jesus.
I was into my black bag|also, man.
Yo, I was keeping beautiful,|fine dark sisters.
Nubian sisters. Africa.|The whole nine. I'm telling you, man.
Well, you know,|I got a lady back in Brooklyn.
- Her name is Lala. We in love.|- I got a lady too.
She at home,|and she ain't here.
And I ain't talking about no love.|I'm talking about...
these white freaks|here at Tech U, man.
They love some ball-playing|brothers, man.
- Let you get your swerve on, man.|- I hear all that, but--
- What about the sisters?|- What about them?
I love them, but they|make you work too hard, man.
Them white girls over there, man,|they do your dirty drawers.
Wash 'em.|Cook for you.
- Give you money, man.|- Nuh-uh!
- Let you drive the Benz|their daddy bought.|- Oh, hell, no!
- They go the extra mile, man.|- You lying.
You see Molly|over there, man?
You can call her up at 4:00|in the morning, man.
"Bitch, get over here.|Let me spank you."
Man, before you hang the phone up,|she beating on the door.
- You don't even got|to kick your own bed out.|- Man, you lying.
- Buck!|- What's up, Buck?
- Peace, bro! Peace.|- What's up, man?
- We need to stay out in the hallway.|- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Everybody in the hallway.|- This is a party. It's a long hallway.
You're good. Hey, where|the hell you at last night?
Always messin' around.|That's why I can't mess with y'all, man.
- We need to be out here.|- Don't worry about that.
I want you meeting|the assistant coaches.
- What are the assistant coaches|doing in the hallway?|- Y eah. Right here, man.
Lines and choruses|Days full of Doris's
Jesus, say hello|to Buffy and Suzie.
- Don't worry about the names.|- What's up?
Boy. I know you'll|take care of business.
Brooklyn is in the house.
Boy, keep it real.|Keep it real. It's up to you.
- Do what a black man gotta do.|- Where you goin'?
- Be right out here.|- You leavin'?
Holler if you need me, man.
Hey there.
- Sit down. Relax.|- Hi.
- Yeah. Sit down right here.|- Don't be nervous.
Beats in the game of rap, put my soul|in it, care less about the gold in it
Boom the shottie|Got the motherfuckin' paparazzi
- How're you doin'?|- I'm doin' fine.
- Y eah?|- Y eah. How are you?
-Good. How do you like your stay so far?|-It's been wonderful.
He's so nervous.|[ Giggling ]
He's so tense. Very sexy.
I know. Just can't wait till next|season when you're going to school here.
- Can you?|- I can't wait.
- I know. Hmm.|- I can't wait.
Oh, Jesus!
- Yes!|- [ Buffy, Suzie Moaning ]
- [ Moaning Continues ]|- [ Continues ]
Yes, Jesus! Oh!
Eat it!
- [ Buffy Screaming ]|- [ Groans ]
- [ Stops ]|- [ Car Horn Honks ]
[ People Chattering ]
[ Lala ] This guy, he's leaving me now.|He's right there.
And I'm just gonna...|you know, do whatever.
I'll call you later. I'll call|you later. All right. See you. Bye.
Hey, how you doin'? I'm Jake|Shuttlesworth. I'm Jesus's father.
Yeah, how are you?
- May I ask you a question,|talk to you about something?|- About what?
Well, number one, my son, he loves you|very much. You know that, right?
- Yeah. I feel the same way.|- Do you? That's good. That's lovely.
You haven't talked to him today?|Seen him, nothin' like that?
I was talkin' to him last night. He told|me that he was heading outta town today.
I don't remember where he was sayin'|he was goin' 'cause I was half-asleep.
- Nah, I haven't seen him.|- You sure?
- I haven't seen him.|- Okay.
Okay. He's waitin' for you?
- He's my big brother.|- He's your big brother?
Oh, okay. Yeah.|Yeah, I can see the resemblance.
- What are y'all? Dominican? Cuban?|- No.
- Borinquen, baby, thank you.|- Borinquen. Yeah, whatever.
- So, like, listen, Layla--|- Lala.
- Whatever.|- That's my name.
Whatever they payin' you,|I can do better than that.
Pay whom what? You ain't got|no real money anyway anyhow.
You ain't got to say that to me.|School's out. You know what I'm sayin'?
Here's what I'm sayin'.|We can help each other, all right?
You ain't got to play games with me.|Just listen to me for a second.
We can help each other.
If we work together, we can both get|what we want. You know what I'm sayin'?
Look, I don't know who you|been talking to or who you think I am,
but I'm the only one here who really,|really cares about Jesus.
- Is that right?|- Y es.
- Why don't you help me then,|since you really care about him?|- No.
What you need to do is let go of my arm.|Let go of my arm!
- No disrespect. No disrespect.|- Thank you.
I think you heard|what she's saying.
Look, son, why don't you--|What you got there, a Range Rover?
- "Son"?|- Why don't you get in your Range Rover.
- You ain't my pops.|- Don't be trying to blow up the spot!
I'm not trying|to disrespect you--
- [ Chokes, Coughs ]|- Huh? I didn't hear what you said.
- What you say?|- D'Andre!
- You can't talk now, huh?|- [ D'Andre Coughing ]
- Are you okay?|- [ People Gasping, Murmuring ]
- D'And-- D'Andre?|- [ Coughing Continues ]
What do you want, what do you need|What will you find
Don't be afraid, don't fall asleep|Open your mind
I hope this rhyme gets you in time|in space, come to a different place
Will you hear spiritual lyrical|knowledge in your face to face
Like welfare In these rappers' lyrics|they need health care
Does KRS represent heaven|Hell, yeah
Let me take you elsewhere where|you stand is a curse there for sure
Unless you're mature, grow up
If you're immature|then you live in sinister
- Booger. Booger, what's happenin'?|- Hey, hey.
- How you doin', man? You all right?|- Yeah, I'm all right.
- Everything's good?|- Ah, you know, it's all right.
- Yeah. Seen my son?|- No, I ain't seen him.
- You ain't seen him?|- I ain't seen him.
Lyin' motherfucker.|You've seen him. Where he at?
- You're lyin', nigger. Where's he at?|- I'm not lyin', Uncle Jake.
Yeah, all the times you ever been|up eatin' in my motherfuckin' house.
- Where is he at?|- I talked to him yesterday.
- Where'd he say he was goin'?|- Yo, yo! Balloons. Two for a dollar.
- Get the fuck outta here.|- Let go. You're hurting my--
All right. I'm sorry.|You want some of this here?
My bad. It's my bad.|You all right? You straight?
- You got some money?|- No. No.
Public Enemy on the disk|Unstoppable
- Runnin' the game Chuck and Kris |- [ Glass Shatters ]
- These are good!|- Mm-hmm.
-I can eat 20 of these.|-Unstoppable Public Enemy on the disk
Unstoppable|You don't wanna take the risk
- Hey, Jake.|- Hey.
- How's it goin', my man?|- Oh, good, good.
That's good.|You want a hot dog?
Uh, naw, naw. Y o, uh, Borinquen,|give me one of them orange joints.
- [ Man ] Okay, you got it.|- Y eah, it's, uh--
Not as fast as I expected, but it's|all gonna work out; I feel that.
When's your son|comin' back into town?
Y'all heard about that?
[ Crudup ] Oh, yeah,|the whole world heard about that.
- Look, I need some money.|- [ Crudup ] Mm-hmm.
You know, an advance or something|like that? I'm broke.
I hope you're not lookin' to buy no|plane, train or bus ticket outta here.
-Naw, nothin' like that.|-You're tryin' to pull a fast one on us?
- It's just I met a friend.|- Female friend?
A female friend, and I'd like to take|her someplace other than Nathan's.
Invite her up for one of them grilled|cheese sandwiches and orange soda.
Now, I know you haven't fell...
for that broken-down 'ho|you been messin' around with.
- What is a "'ho"?|Is that like a gardening tool?|- 'Ho, man. Whore.
Bitch that sells pussy.|Right, Jake?
She ain't no bitch and she ain't no 'ho.|The lady's name is Dakota. Dakota.
All right, Jake.|You don't have to get defensive.
We know you've been locked up|five and a half years. Pussy is pussy.
[ Spivey ] That's some|hard shit, my man, you know?
No poontang|in five and a half years.
I know you ain't been out|messin' around with them little boys.
- I ain't messin' with no little boys.|- Nobody tossed your salad?
Ain't nobody did|a motherfuckin' thing.
- I read in prison...|- I didn't engage in no|homosexual activities.
- that the guy who's doin' it--|- Y'all gonna give me the money?
Not the guy who's gettin' it up the|old kazoo, but the guy who's doin' it,
he doesn't consider himself|to be a faggot.
- Crudup.|- [ Crudup ] You think that's true?
Crudup. Just make sure|she's clean, my man.
That could be some dirty-ass pussy.|Go and knock yourself out.
- [ Siren Wails ]|- [ Spivey ] Thank you.
[ Sweetness ] It's all the film thing,|baby. It's all the film thing.
You see what I'm sayin'?|Lights, camera, action!
[ Whore #1 ] All right, Sweetness.|Here we go, baby.
- I'm makin' you some money tonight.|- Hey, baby.
[ John #1 ] How much for a blow job?|You wanna go for a ride?
[ Whore #2 ]|You wanna have some fun?
- [ John #2 ] I wanna get my swerve on.|- [ Whore #3 ] Wanna go out?
[ Chatter Fades ]
[ John #3 ] Hey, baby,|you wanna party with me tonight?
[ John #4 ]|This is my last 20 bucks.
[ Dakota ] You take that $20|back to your wife, honey.
This is your mama you're talkin' to.|Come here, baby.
- Dakota.|- What about you?
- [ Shouts ] What?|- Let's get outta here.
- Will you beat it. Damn!|- Let's get outta here.
- You are bad for business, okay?|- I got money, all right?
Let's get outta here.
Hey! What's|in the bag, all right?
[ Dakota Laughing ]
- Take a seat right there.|- [ Laughing ]
Yeah, huh?|Come on. Sit down.
[ Clears Throat ]
Some of this right there.
For the lady...
and for the man.
- Mm, thanks.|- And for the boys upstate.
- [ Laughs ] Hey, don't waste it.|- Shit, they need it.
- Cheers.|- Cheers.
Ahh! [ Sniffs ]
[ Clears Throat ]|So, um...
I like talking to you and all,|but don't let that fool you, you know.
There's no free pussy|around here, no freebies.
Sweetness will have my ass.
[ Sniffs ]|How much?
How much you wanna spend?
The whole shot.
How long have you|been locked up?
2,213 days.
That's six years,|23 days...
in the State.
[ Whispers ]|Wow.
How many tricks you turn|in that time?
- All I count is the money.|- Y eah?
Why don't you|just pretend like--
Iike you mean it|or something?
- I'm a good actress. [ Clicks Tongue ]|- Are you?
Why don't you|take that wig off...
and be real for a minute.
I guess that's a requirement|of the job, huh? Right?
To be a good actress?
Act like it|means something?
- [ Clears Throat ]|- Hmm?
Stand up.
Naw, wait, wait, wait,|wait, wait, wait.
Go slow.
It's a long time,|you know?
Two thousand.
Oh, damn.
Hey, look, why don't we|take this on over there.
[ Grunts ]
[ Clears Throat ]
[ Moans ]
- [ Grunting ]|- [ Grunts ]
[ Grunting Continues ]
[ Dakota Moans ]
It's okay.
- It's okay.|- Sorry, l--
No. Nothin'|to be sorry about.
It's been a long time.
Anyway, we got all night.
I'm turning the meter off.
[ Radio: Rap ]
How was your trip, son?
Good.|Whose car is this?
- What, this brand-new Lexus?|- Y eah.
Well, technically,|it's mine.
It's registered in my name,|but it's for you.
- For me?|- How you like it?
Look at that.|Power moon roof.
Got that, uh,|vehicle theft deterrent.
That's to deter them Coney lsland|Puerto Ricans from stealing your shit.
I never asked for a car.|Did I ever ask for a car?
- I asked for you.|- You must be outta your mojo mind.
If anybody sees me in this car,|that's my ass.
The way it was explained to me, as long|as it's in my name, it's all good.
This shit|is all fucked up.
You gotta take it back,|give it back, do what you gotta do.
I don't even wanna know|who you got it from either.
You don't like the color?|What you want? Blue, black, white?
- You take it back.|- Sh--
- Mm, so how was your trip?|- My trip? Oh, I had a great trip.
Best one, so far?|You think?
I don't know. I mean,|they're all the same,
but you just have a good time|with all of them.
We all do the same things-- go partyin',|meet all the guys, go to classes.
I mean, it was just--|It's off the hook.
- Did you miss me, Jesus?|- Of course I missed you.
That's all I did|was talk about Lala.
Did you meet any women at the parties,|in the dorms and stuff like that?
Did I meet any women?
There were women at this college.|There are women all over the place.
I mean, there's women on the floor,|in the dorms, women in the classroom.
There's a women's basketball team,|track team. Women all over the place.
Of course I met women.|I got introduced to everybody.
I said hello. That's about it.
- So did you fuck anybody|while you were out there?|- Hell, no!
Don't think I haven't heard stories|about these white college bitches.
Me with a white bitch?
They got 'em all lined up,|waitin' to suck your dick.
If my mother ever saw me with|a white bitch, she'd spin in her grave.
Then she's spinning.|She's turnin' over and over and over.
Don't be talking about my mother,|all right? Please.
All right.
-D'Andre and Dom need to know something.|-[ Laughs ]
Goddamn.|I should've known.
- What?|- This whole world is bugged.
And you're in it with 'em.|You're in cahoots with D'Andre and Dom.
Don't even lie.|Tell me the truth.
I knew that ever since|I left that house.
Ever since I walked in the house,|as a matter of fact.
And why shouldn't|I get paid, huh?
Why shouldn't Lala get something|outta this? Everybody else is.
[ Sighs ] I can't believe this.|I really can't.
Well, you believe it.|I believed you when you said...
that you would never|leave me, Jesus.
And I believed you when you asked me|to get that abortion.
When you begged me|to get that abortion, I believed you.
- We both agreed on that.|- I wanted that child.
- I wanted to know|what you think because it's--|- What I think?
A baby's gonna hurt|my chance of going to college.
I mean, the top schools,|they're gonna be scared away. Damn!
I'm too young. You're too young.|We ain't ready for nothin' like this.
How did we get pregnant anyway?|Let's talk about that.
Are you sure?
I'm not getting pregnant|now, papi.
[ Sighs ] I just wanna|feel you inside of me...
[ Both Sighing ]
without a jimmy.
"l can't get pregnant, papi.
I wanna feel you|inside of me, papi."
- lsn't that what you said?|- Lala has to look out for herself.
Lala played herself,|that's what she did.
And don't think I don't know about|that D'Andre kid either.
- Did you fuck him?|- So what?
At least I can admit it.
- Oh, so it makes it all right|that you admit it--|- I'm not saying it's all right.
I'm just saying that there's a reason|and I can at least admit it.
- That don't mean shit.|- That don't mean shit?
- Go fuck all of Coney lsland.|- Well, you know what?
If it don't matter,|then why are you stressing?
- You're gonna wake up a whole|bunch of angry black folk.|- I don't give a fuck!
You know|you're gonna leave me.
This is gonna last while you're off|to college for a year?
You want me to live in Lala-land?|Is that what it is?
How do you know?|Tell me how you know.
- I know 'cause I ain't stupid.|- You went to a fortune teller?
You don't know shit.|You don't know what's gonna happen.
Jesus, I have read|all about...
those high school sweethearts|who get left behind.
I have seen that movie|many a time.
I told 'em nobody can tell Jesus|what to do, but they fucking insisted.
If they were stupid enough|to give me money...
to use some kind of influence|over you that I never possessed,
so be it.
They put the money in my hand|with the promise of more to come.
Just like|everybody else.
Jesus, you have|no problems.
Your life is set.|You got no worries.
- I have nothing.|- Yeah, right.
You're gonna honestly lie|dead to my face and tell me...
that it was gonna be forever|and you were gonna take care of me...
and that I had no problems|or no worries?
- That wasn't hard for me.|- Oh, my God.
Come here.|That's it. Come here!
Good riddance.
What's up, son?
So, this is it, yo?|Judgment day?
Father and son?|Jake and Jesus?
So you ain't gonna|say nothin' to me. Okay.
I ain't got no more time to be tryin'|to beg your forgiveness or nothin',
so I'll make this|real simple.
This right here,|it's a letter of intent...
for you to sign|to go to Big State.
Right there.
I'll play you,|one-on-one, to 11.
I win, you sign.
You win, you do what you wanna do.|Tear it up, whatever.
I go back to Attica, 'cause I know|that's what you really want. Right?
- You wanna play me one-on-one?|- One-on-one.
-lf I win, you get the hell outta here?|-I ain't stuttered, son.
- The hell outta my life?|- Forever.
- I'll take the bet. You're on.|- Bet.
You wanna take them shines off,|that gold?
You gonna take|that LoJack off?
It don't come off, son.
That's one.
- That's the only basket|you gettin' all game.|- Check.
I can count.|That's one.
[ Grunts ]|Two.
Two-one. That's somethin'|you taught me.
That's right.|I taught you well, son.
A lot of things you learned from me.|This your ball?
- What you stallin' for?|- Everything you got you got from me.
Everything you got.
- Let me show you what you taught me.|- Yeah, show me. Show me!
Show me!
I didn't teach you that,|though, did l?
That's somethin'|I didn't teach you.
- That was luck.|- That's somethin' you gotta|learn on your own.
Give it up. Give it up.
Oh, why you do--
Oh, yeah!
Who taught you that one?
I think I'll go around again.
- [ Panting ] Y eah!|- It's your ball.
[ Grunts ]|Mmm, I feel refreshed.
[ Sniffs ] Ahh!
[ Jesus Grunts ]|You better shoot it. That's a brick.
All right, we gon' cut out|all that lucky shit.
- What's that?|- That's three.
- You gon' play me?|- Yeah. I'm just warmin' up, baby.
I give you that.
- You better play some defense.|- I give you that.
Don't give me too many.
Yeah. Where you at, baby?|That's my rock.
Yeah, that was luck, anyway.
That's luck too, baby.
- Just call me the leprechaun.|- That's your last basket.
Yeah. I'm a lucky Negro.
You ready?
All right.
Oh, I forgot.
[ Grunts ]
[ Spits ]
Payback is a bitch, huh?
[ Onlookers Murmuring ]
Oh, don't get mad. You're the one|that taught me to be a good sportsman.
Ball up.
What you want,|the jump shot dunk?
- Bottoms.|- What's that?
- Seven to a lucky five.|- Seven to a lucky five.
- Eight-five.|- Eight-five.
I'm about to send you|down there with them.
- Nine-five.|- You quittin'?
- I can take a loss.|- You just gon' give up, huh?
- I ain't givin' up.|- You just gon' give up.
I'm teachin', brother. I'm teachin',|son, like I always taught you.
Oh, you tired?
[ Jesus ]|Get that outta here.
You're earnin' these two.
[ Grunting ]
I thought you lifted weights|in Attica, in the joint. Huh?
Point game.|Just play the game.
Just play the game?
I learned that from you.
You better "D" up, Jake.
Point game.
This is your last chance.
Come on, move away.
[ Both Grunting ]
Game time.
[ Groans ]
What you lookin' around for?
That's game-- 11-5.
Somebody call a stretcher.
Stick a fork in 'im.|He's done.
Take your old ass|back to Attica.
All right.
Make you feel like a man now?|Huh?
Maybe you could stop hatin' me.
Is that gonna bring|your mother back?
- Maybe we could start bein'|father and son again.|- You ain't my father.
[ Vehicle Approaching ]
Let me tell you somethin'.
You look out for yourself.|You look out for your sister.
You ain't got to worry|about me no more.
But you get that hatred|out your heart, boy,
or you gon' end up|just another nigger,
Iike your father.
It's your ball.
Well, Jake, I think it's time|for all of us to go back home.
- Okay.|- No. No, Jake.
Turn around.
[ Handcuffs Ratcheting ]
Let's go.
Let him go. Huh?
[ Mom's Voice ]|Jesus.
- Jesus!|- [ Engine Starts ]
I'm gonna read a, uh,|prepared statement from Jesus.
"I'm sorry for not bein'|with you this morning,
"but under the circumstances my family|and I have chosen to be alone.
"This past week has been|a very difficult week for me.
"I've done a lot of praying|and have asked for guidance from above.
"And I do believe that God|has shown me the way.
"My sister Mary|will be coming with me.
"She will attend seventh grade|at a neighboring junior high school.
[ Coach ] "This September I will|be enrolled at Big State University...
- on a full--"|- on a full athletic scholarship."
- Y es!|- Bullshit!
- Later!|- [ Murmuring, Crowd Cheering ]
This shit is bogus.|The boy did not go for the bucks.
Hold on.|"This is the right place for me.
"ln closing, my family and I send|our prayers out to my father.
"May God bless him.
Yours, truly,|Jesus Shuttlesworth."
"Jake Shuttlesworth...
- "a... convict--|- Convicted.
- convicted mur... der..."|- Murderer.
Gimme the paper, man.|You're irking me with that shit.
About to graduate,|you can't even read, dumb ass.
Can too read. Miss Janus says|I got problems readin' out loud.
- He's just nervous.|- Man, fuck that, Sip. Finish readin'.
Gladly.|[ Clears Throat ]
"The father of the number-one basketball|prospect Jesus Shuttlesworth...
"was captured last night in the Coney|lsland section of Brooklyn, New Y ork...
- "after a week-long manhunt.|- What?
"He had escaped the maximum security|Attica State Penitentiary...
"seven days before.
No official word yet|on how he escaped."
How could Uncle Jake have escaped when|they let him walk out the front gate?
There's gotta be some truth|to it if it's in the papers.
Oh, come on, man!
Y o, Shuttlesworth.
Warden wants to see you now.
He say what this is about?
Things didn't work out|exactly as we planned,
but the governor got|what he wanted.
I'm happy for him.|Why do you think my son did it?
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting|your son as yet. I can't speculate.
- Maybe someday you'll get|to ask him that in person.|- Someday.
And when will that be,|Warden?
The governor|has yet to inform me.
For your information,|technically...
you did not get your son|to sign the letter of intent.
Hopefully that's not gonna|make a difference.
- We need some time.|- Well, I got that, huh?
Dear Jesus, ever since you was born|I been pushin' you,
tryin' to make you the best ball player|that you could possibly be,
tryin' to make you the ball player|that I never was.
I finally came|to the realization...
that I was pushin' you|further and further away from me also.
I believe that things|gon' work out for the best for you,
- Jesus was a name.|- for Mary.
You got the game.
Sip, sip, sip on this.
Your great-grandfather always used to|tell me that you keep tryin' on shoes,
sooner or later you gon'|find a pair that fit you.
The... farmhouse...
Well, I'm here to testify|that I found a pair.
House. O-U-sss...
They hurt like hell, son.
- I love you.|- "l love you, son."
Your father,|Jake Shuttlesworth.
[ Jesus ]|Five, four, three, two, one.
And the crowd goes wild.
[ lmitates Crowd Cheering ]
Uh-oh. He's heatin' up.
You can't stop him.|You can only hope to contain him.
Jake, stop!
[ Guard ]|Stop right there!
Turn around!|Do it now, or you're a dead man!
Turn around and back up!
[ Flava Flav ] Yeah, that's right,|this cut goes out to all y'all...
that's been missin' us for mad years.
One love, yo. Hey, that's right.|He's got game.
P.E., 1998.
[ Chuck D ] If man is the father|the son is the center of the earth
In the middle|of the universe
Then why is this verse|comin' six times rehearsed
Don't freestyle much|but I write 'em like such
Amongst the themes|controlled by the screens
What does it all mean|All this shit I'm seein'
Human bein's|screamin' vocal javelins
Sign of a local nigga|unravelin'
- Uh-huh |- My wanderin' got my ass wonderin'
Where Christ is|in all this crisis
Hatin' Satan|never knew what nice is
Check the papers|Well, I bet on ices
More than your eyes can see|and ears can hear
Year by year|all the sense disappears
Nonsense perseveres|Prayers laced with fear
- Beware Two-triple 0 is near |- It might feel good
It might sound|a little somethin'
But damn the game|if it don't mean nothin'
What is game, who got game|Where's the game in life
Behind|the game behind the game
I got game, she got game, we got game|they got game, he got game
It might feel good|It might sound a little somethin'
- But fuck the game|if it ain't sayin' nothin' |- Damn
Was it somethin' I said
Pretend you don't see|so you turn your head
Race scared of his shadow|Does it matter
The thought of reparation's got him|playin' with the population
Nothin' to lose|Everything approved
People use|Even murders excused
White men in suits|don't have to jump
Still 1,001 ways|to lose with the shoes
God takes care|of old folks and fools
While the devil takes care|of makin' all the rules
Folks don't even|own themselves
Payin' mental rent|to corporate presidents
- My man, my man |- One out of one million residents
Be a dissident|who ain't kissin' it
The politics|of chains and whips
Got the six missing chips|and all the championships
What's love got to do|with what you got
Don't let a win get to your head|or a loss to your heart
- Word |- Nonsense perseveres|Prayers laced with fear
Beware|Two-triple 0 is near
It might feel good|It might sound a little somethin'
But damn the game|if it don't mean nothin'
What is game, who got game|Where's the game in life
Behind|the game behind the game
I got game, she got game, we got game|they got game, he got game
It might feel good|It might sound a little somethin'
But fuck the game|if it ain't sayin' nothin'
[ Flava Flav ] Y eah, that's right.|Everybody got game.
But we just here to let you all know|that P.E. is in full effect...
from right now|till the year 2000.
Hey, yo, my man, sing it.
[ Stephen Stills ]|There's something happening here
- Yeah, yeah.|- What it is
Ain't exactly clear
There's a man
- With a gun over there |- Yeah, that's right. Ha-ha!
Tellin' me|I got to beware
It's time we stopped, children|What's that sound
Everybody look|what's goin' down
Hey, yo, I don't think|they heard you, Stephen.|Kick it to 'em again one more time.
It's time we stopped, children|What's that sound
Everybody look|what's goin' down
[ Chuck D ] Thought of that millennium|just be killin' 'em
And that's scary|Like lies buried in a library
I ain't even gotta ask it
And who's underpaid that|got fouled at the basket
I can't blame the M.V. who be|gettin' all the Benjies
And takin' them grants|for granted
Last I checked pyramids|wasn't built like projects
Or on them|government checks, uhh
Modern-day thugs|ain't got no guts
Pardon the expression|And the governor nuts
Last time in a church|be the last time in a church
Dead pledge allegiance|to CDs and movies
Leavin' reality|Believe in fantasy
Bleedin' fatalities|Too many formalities
Prayers laced with fear|Beware
Two-triple 0 is here
It might feel good|It might sound a little somethin'
But damn the game|if it don't mean nothin'
What is game, who got game|Where is the game in life
Behind|the game behind the game
I got game, she got game, we got game|they got game, he got game
It might feel good|It might sound a little somethin'
But fuck the game|if it ain't sayin' nothin'
[ Chorus ]|Ahh, ohh, what's that sound
- I got game, she got game |- Everybody knows
- We got game, they got game|he got game |- What's going down
[ Chorus ]|Ahh, ohh, what's that sound
- I got game, she got game |- Everybody knows
- We got game, they got game|he got game |- What's going down
[ Chorus ]|Ahh, ohh, what's that sound
- I got game, she got game |- Everybody knows
- We got game, they got game|he got game |- What's going down
[ Chorus ]|Ahh, ohh, what's that sound
- I got game, she got game |- Everybody knows
- We got game, they got game|he got game |- What's going down
[ Chorus ]|Ahh, ohh, what's that sound
Everybody knows|what's going down
Ahh, ohh|What's that sound
Everybody knows|what's going down
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Hamam - The Turkish Bath (1997) 29
Hamilton CD1
Hamilton CD2
Hamlet 1990
Hamlet CD1
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Hamnstad - Port of Call (1948 Ingmar Bergman)
Hana-bi (Takeshi Kitano)
Hana bi (Fireworks 1997)
Hand That Rocks The Cradle The 1992 23976fps CD1
Hand That Rocks The Cradle The 1992 23976fps CD2
Hang Em High
Hanging Garden The
Hanging Offense 2003
Hanging Up
Hannah and her Sisters CD1
Hannah and her Sisters CD2
Hannibal CD1
Hannibal CD2
Hanover Street CD1
Hanover Street CD2
Hans Staden (1999)
Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD1
Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD2
Happy Accidents 2000 CD1
Happy Accidents 2000 CD2
Happy Erotic Christmas (2003)
Happy Gilmore
Happy Times
Hard Boiled
Hard Days Night A
Hard Eight
Hard Rain (1998)
Hard Target
Hard Times
Hard Way The
Hard Word The (2002)
Hard to Kill
Harder They Come The
Harder They Fall The 1956
Harlem Nights
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 2004
Harold and Maude CD1
Harold and Maude CD2
Harriet the Spy
Harry Potter
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) CD1
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone CD1
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Harte Jungs - Ants In The Pants 2000
Harts War (2002) CD1
Harts War (2002) CD2
Harts war CD1
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Hatuna Meuheret
Haunted Mansion The
Haunting The
Haute Tension
Hawaii Oslo (2004) CD1
Hawaii Oslo (2004) CD2
He Got Game CD1
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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
He Walked By Night (1948)
He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD1
He ni zai yi qi - Together - Kaige Chen 2002 - CD2
Head Above Water (1996)
Head Of State
Head Over Heels 2001
Head in the Clouds
Heart Of Me The (2002)
Heart of Glass
Heart of a Dog
Heartbreak Ridge (1986)
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Heat Team 2004
Heaven 2002
Heaven And Earth (1993) CD1
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Heaven Can Wait 1978
Heaven Fell That Night (Roger Vadim 1957)
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Heavy Metal - Gerald Potterton 1981
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Henry V
Henry and June (1990)
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Hercules in the Haunted World
Herencia (2001)
Herencia (Inheritance) 2001 (23976)
Hero (2002)
Hero (2002 Extended Cut)
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Hero The
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Heroic Duo (2003)
Heroic Trio The
Hi Mom 1970
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Higanbana - Equinox Flower - Yasujiro Ozu 1958
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High Plains Drifter
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Hijo de la Novia El
Hijo de la Novia El 2001
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Hill The
Hillside Strangler The 2004
Himalaya - lenfance dun chef
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Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959
Hiroyuki Sanada - Twilight Samurai 2002 CD1
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His Secret Life
His brother 2003
Histoire D O (1975)
Histoire de Pen
Historias Minimas (2002)
History of the World The - Part I
Hitcher II - I have been waiting
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Hollow The (2004)
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Holy Matrimony (1994)
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Homolka a Tobolka
Honest 2000
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Hororr hotline (2001)
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Hostile Waters 1997
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House of 1000 Corpses
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House of the Dead
House of the Flying Daggers
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How High
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
How to Keep My Love 2004
How to Murder Your Wife 1965
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How to Steal a Million CD2
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Hum Kaun Hai
Hum Tum
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
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Hunchback of Notre Dame The
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