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Subtitles for Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone CD1.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone CD1

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I should have known you'd be here
Professor McGonagall
Good evening professor Dumbledore
Are the rumours true?
I'm afraid so professor
The good and the bad
And the boy?
Hagrid's bringing him
Do you think it's wise to trust Hagrid with
something as important as this?
I'd trust Hagrid with my life
Professor Dumbledore sir
Professor McGonagall
No problem I trust Hagrid?
No sir
The little tight fell asleep just as| we were flying over Bristol
Here you go
Do you really think it's safe leaving him|with these people?
I 've watched them all day...|They 're the worst sort of muggles..imaginable
The only family he has
This boy'll be famous
He'll not just leave his name
He's far better off growing up|away from the...
Until he is ready
Hangrid... It's not really good bye after all
Good luck Harry Potter
Get up
Wake up cousin|we're going to the zoo
Here he comes the birthday boy
Happy birthday son
Why don't you just bake some breakfast
And try not to burn anything
I want everything to be perfect
For my Dudley's special day
Hurry up
Bring my coffee boy
Yes uncle
Aren't they wonderful darling?
How many all there?
36. Count it myself.
Iast year it was 37
Some of them are bigger than last year's
I don't care how big they are
This is what we're going to do
We're going to buy you two new presents
I'm warning you now boy
Any funny business...|any at all
You won't have any meals for a week
Get it?
Make it move
He's asleep
He's boring
Sorry about him
He doesn't understand what's like
Iying there day after day
Watching people's ugly faces|Passing in on you
Can you hear me?
I've never talked to a snake before
Do you talk to people often?
You're from Burma aren't you?
Was it nice there?|Do you miss your family?
I see that's me as well
I never knew my parents either
Dad, come here
You won't believe what this snake is doing
Mummy help
How'd you get in there?
What happened?
I swear I don't know
The glass fell it was like magic
There's no such thing as magic
Harry got a letter
Give it back it's mine
Who'd be writing to you?
No more mail through this letter box
Happy day at the office dear
Fine day Sunday
In my opinion best day of the week
Why's that Dudley?
Cos there's no post on Sundays?
Right you are Harry
No post on Sunday
No blasted letters today
No one single bloody letter...not one
No one blasted letter...
Give me that letter
Get off
They're my letters let go off of me
That's it!. We're going away|...far away from this...
Daddy's gone mad hasn't he?
Make a wish Harry
Sorry about that
I demand that you leave at once
You're breaking an entry
Haven't seen you since you were a baby
You're a bit longer than I expected
Particularly in the middle not Harry
I am
Well of course you are
Got something for you
A little more tasteful as you think
Thank you
It's not every day that a young|man turns eleven, is it?
Excuse me
Who are you?
Rubeus Hagrid
Keeper of keys and grains at Hogwarts
Of course you know a bit of Hogwarts
Sorry no
Didn't you wonder how your mum|and dad learned it all?
Not more
You're a wizard
I'm what?
A wizard
And you need to be trained a little
You made a mistake
I mean I can't...
Be a wizard
I'm just... Harry
Well just Harry
Did you ever make anything happen?
Anything you couldn't explain when|You're angry or scared
Daer Mr. Potter we're here to inform you
You've been accepted by Hogwarts|School of witchcraft and wizardry
You're going there
We'll put a stop to this rubbish
All along you never told me
How could we not
What my sister, who she was
My mother and father were so proud|when she brought her letters
We have a witch in the family|which is wonderful
I was the only one to see her for|what she was...a FREAK!
As she had you I knew you'd be the same
Just as strange and as abnormal
She went blowing up
You told me my parents died in a car crash
A car crash killed Lily and James Potter?
It's an outrage and scandal
He'll not be going
I guess you're not going|to stop it. Are you?
This boy has a name ever|since he was born
You'll be in the finest school of witchcraft
And be under the finest headmaster
As Hogwarts' ever seen
Albus Dumbledore
I'll not pay that to teach Potter|that magic crap
Never insult Albus Dumbledore|in front of me
I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone
A bit behind schedule i'll be off
Unless you'd rather stay of course
All students must be equipped with
One standard size of equal coal
And either an owl a cat or a told
Can we find all these in London?
If you know where to go
As usual I presume
I'm on Hogwarts' serious business
Just helping young Harry here
He is Harry Potter
Welcome back Mr. Potter
I can't believe I'm meeting you at last
Can't tell you how pleased I am to meet you
Hello professor I didn't see you there
Harry this is professor Quirrel
He'll be your defending teacher
Nice to meet you
Fearfully fascinating subject
Must be going now
Iots to buy
You're famous
Why am I famous?
All these people back there how is it|that they know who I am?
I'm not sure if I'm the right|Person to tell you that
Iook at it the new Nimbus 2000
It's the fastest motor yet
How am I going to pay for this?
I haven't any money
There's your money
Gringotts the wizard bank
What exactly are these things?
They are goblins
But not the most friendly ones
Mr. Harry wish to make a withdrawal
Does Mr. Harry have his key?
Wait a minute got it here somewhere
Here it is little devil
And something else
Professor Dumbledore gave me this
It's a bag you know what in forth|You know which
Very well
Vault 687
Iamp please
Key please
Didn't think your mum and dad'd|leave you nothing, did you?
Vault 713
What is in there
Can't tell you
Hogwarts business very secret
Stand back
Iet's not mention this to anyone Harry
I still need a wand
A wand? That's oilivanders
There's no place better
Why don't you go in there and wait
I wondered when I'd be seeing you
Seems only yesterday that your mother and|father were in here buying their first ones
Here we are
Give it a wave
Apparently not
No no definitely not
No matter...
I wonder
Curius...Very curious!
Sorry but what is curious?
I remember every one I ever sold
It so happens
But the thing is whose tail feather|design that's in your wand
Gave another feather
Just one other
It's curious that you'd be destined|for this one
When its brother gave you that scar...
And who owned that one?
We do not speak his name
The one chooses wizards
Is not always clear why
But I think it's clear
That we can expect great things from you
After all he who must not be named
Did great things
But great
Happy birthday
You're right
He seems very quiet
He killed my parents didn't he?
The one who gave me this?
You know Hagrid
I know you do
First I understand this cause it's very important
Not all wizards are good
Some of them go bad
A few years ago there's one wizard|Who went bad as he can go
And his name was...
His name was...
Maybe if you wrote it down
I can't spell it
They were dark times Harry
Voldemont studied and gathered followers
Brought them over to the dark side
Anyone who stood up ended up dead
Your parents fought against him
Nobody lived to see the killer
Nobody except you
Voldemont tried to... Kill me?
Then he left a cut on your forehead
A mark like that only comes from being|touched by an evil curse like that
What happened to him?
Some say he died
I reckon he's still out there
Too tired to carry on
But one thing's absolutely certain
Something about you stumped|Him that night
That's why you're famous
That 's why everybody knows your name
You're the boy who lived
What are you looking at?
Is that the time?
I have to leave you
Your train leaves in 10 minutes
Here's your ticket
Stick to your ticket
It's very important
There must be a mistake
This is platform 9 and 3/4
There's no such thing
Is there?
Excuse me
Can you tell me where I can find|platform 9 and 3/4
You don't think it's damn funny do you?
Come on platform 9 and 3/4 this way
Pantsy you first
Fred you're next
He is not Fred I am
Honestly we're equal ourselves mother
Sorry George
I'm only joking I'm Fred
Excuse me
Could you tell me how to...
How to get onto the platform?
It's not really that difficult
It's just the first time to hop|Into a wall as well
All you got to do is walk|straight at the wall
Between platform 9 and 10
Iet's do a bit of a running if you're nervous
Good luck
Excuse me
Do you mind...
Everywhere else is full
Not at all
I'm Ron by the way
I'm Harry Potter
So it's true
I mean do you really have the...
The what?
Anything of the trolley dear?
No thanks I'm all set
We'll take the lot
There're chocolate and peppermint
These aren't real frogs are they?
It's just the spell
Beside each pack got a famous wizard
Watch it
We got only a good one to jump with
I got Dumbleore
I got 6 of him
He is gone
You can't expect him to ride around|All day can you?
First I can give it a spell and|Turn him yellow
Wanna see?
Hasn't anyone seen a toad?
A boy name Neville lost on
You're doing magic
Iet's see then
Sunshine daisy butter melon
Turns this yellow
Are you sure that's a real spell
It's not very good is it?
I've tired this simple one myself
It'll work for me
That's better isn't it?
You're Harry Potter?
I am Hermione Granger
And you are?
Ron Wesley
You two best change into robes
Expect we'll be arriving soon
You got dirt on your nose by the way
Did you know just there
This way please
Come on hurry up
This way to the boats. Follow me.
Welcome to Hogwarts
In a few moments you'll pass|through this door
And join your classmates
Before you can take your seats
You must be sorted into your houses
There Griffindor, Afapath,|Ravanclaw and Slytherin
While you're here your house|will be like your family
Your triumphs'll earn you points
Any rule breaking and you'll lose point
At the end of the year
The house with the most points|will win the house cup
The sorting ceremony'll begin momentarily
It's true then
What we were saying on the train
Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts
This is Crab and Goil
And I'm Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
You think my name is funny do you?
Haven't asked yours
Red hair and a handdown robe
You must be Weasley
You don't want to make your friend|the wrong sort
I can help you that
I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself
We're ready for you now follow me
The ceiling is just the witch to make|it look like night sky
I read about Hogwarts history
Will you wait along here please
Before we begin
Professor Dumbledor'd like|to say a few words
I have a few notices I wish to announce
The first year the dark forest is|strictly forbidden to all students
Also our caretaker Mr. Flich asked|me to remind you
The 3th floor corridor on the right hand side
Is out or bounds to everyone who does not|wish to die of the most painful death
Thank you
When I call your name you shall come forth
I'll place the sorting hat on your head
And you'll be sorted into your houses
Hermione Granger
Mental that one I'm telling you
Right then right ok
Draco Malfoy
Harry what is it?
Nothing I'm fine
Ronald Weasley
Another Weasley
I know just what to do with you
Harry potter
Very difficult
Plenty of courage I see
And not a bad mind either there's talent
And a thirst to prove yourself
But where to put you
Not Slytherin are you sure?
You'll great to know
It's all here in your head
And Slytherin'll help you to greatness
There's no doubt about that
Better be Griffindor
Your attention please
Iet the feast begin
Who's that teacher beside professor Quirrel
That 's professor Snipe head of|Slytherin house
What's he teach?
Potion as we know it's the dark cast he fancies
Hello how are you
Welcome to Griffindor
Have a nice summer
Once again my request to join the|Headless hunters's been denied
I know you
I prefer sir Nicholas if you don't mind
How can you be nearly headless?
Iike this
Griffindors follow me please
This is the most direct part of the dormitory
Keep up please and follow me
Come on
The picture's moving
Welcome to Hogwarts
Pass word
Follow me everyone
Keep up quickly come on
Gather around here
Welcome to the Griffindor common room
Boys' room's upstairs to your left
You'll find your belongings.They have already been broughrt up.
Can you imagine the look on McGonagall's|face if we were late?
That was bloody brilliant.
Thank you for that assessment,|Mr. Weasley.
Perhaps it would be more useful
If I transfer you or Mr. Potter|Into a pocket watch?
Then maybe one of you|Would be on time.
We got lost.
Then perhaps some maps.
I trust you don't need one to find your seats.
There'll be no foolish wand waving|or silly incantation in this class.
As such, I don't expect many of you
Do appreciate the science and art|Of this potions making.
How about for those select few
Who possess the predict positions.
I can teach you how to bewitch|the mind and ensnare the senses.
I can tell you how to bottle fame,|brew glory,
And even put a stopper in death.
Then again, maybe some of you|have come to Hogwarts
In possession of ability so firm|that you feel confident enough not pay attention!
Mr. Potter.
Our new celebrity.
Tell me what would I get if I powdered root|Of Arsedel into a fusion?
You don't know?
Let's try again.
Where will you look at if|I ask you to find me a bezel?
I don't know, sir.
What is the difference between|Monkey wood and wolf beam?
I don't know, sir.
Clearly, fame isn't everything,|is it, Mr. Potter?
Eye rabbit, haltering hom.|Turn this water into rum.
What is Gregory doing|To that glass of water?
Turn it to rum.
Actually he managed to do it|Yesterday, before...
Mails' here.
Can I borrow this?
Look, Neville has got a Remembro.
I've read about it.
When the smoke turns red,|it means you've forgotten something.
The only problem is,|I can't remember what've I forgotten.
Hey, Ron.|Somebody broke into Gringotts.
Believed to be the work of|Dark wizard or witches unknown,
Gringotts goblins while|acknowledges the breach,
Insists nothing was taken.
The vault no. 713 had in fact been|empty earlier that very same day.
That's the vault Hagrid and I went to.
Good afternoon, class.|Good afternoon, Madam Hooch.
Good afternoon, Amanda.
Welcome to your first flying lesson.
What are you waiting for?
Everyone step up to the|left side of broom stick.
Come on now, hurry up.
Stick your right hand over the broom.
And say, up.
With feel.
Stop, Harry.
Now, once you got hold of your|broom, I want you to mount it.
Grab it tight.
You don't want to be sliding of it.
When I blow my whistle,
I want each of you to kick off|from the ground hard.
Keep your broom steady,|hover for a moment,
Then lean forward slightly,|and touch back down.
On my whistle, 3, 2, 1.
Mr. Longbottom.
Mr. Longbottom !
Come back down here instant!
Mr. Longbottom !
Everyone out of the way!
Dear, it's a broken wrist.
Come on now, up you go.
Everyone keeps their feet|Firmly on the ground.
While I take Mr. Longbottom|To the hospital wing. Understand?
If I see a single broom in the air,|the one riding it
Will find himself out of Hogwarts|before they can say quit it.
Did you see his face?
Maybe the fat limb can give it a squeeze
Who can't remember this for hours.
Give it back now, Malfoy.
I think i'll hide it somewhere|for Longbottom to find.
How about a roof?
What's the matter, Potter?|It's beyond your reach?
Harry, no. Wait.|You heard what Madam Hooch said.
Besides, you don't even know how to fly.
What an idiot.
Give it here now or i'll|knock you off your broom.
Is that so?
How about your way, then?
Harry Potter!
Follow me.
You wait here.
Professor Quirrell, excuse me.|Could I borrow Wood for a moment, please?
Yes, of course.
Potter, this is Oliver Wood.
Wood, i've found you a seeker.
Have you heard Harry Potter|is the new Griffindor's seeker?
I always knew he do well.
But first year never make the house team.
You must be the youngest|Quidditch player in a century.
According to McGonagall.
Well done, Harry. Wood just told us.
Fred and George are in the team too.|Beaters.
Our job is to make sure that|you don't get beat up too bad.
Rough game, Quidditch.
Brutal. But no one dies in years.
Someone move out occasionally,|but they'll turn up in a month or two.
Go on, Harry.|Quidditch is great.
You'll be great too.
But I never play quidditch.|What if I make a fool of myself?
No, you won't make a fool of|yourself. It's in your blood.
Harry, you never told me|your father was a seeker too.
I didn't know.
I'm telling you, it's spooky.
She knows more about you than you do.
Who doesn't?
What's happening?
The staircases change.|Remember?
Let's go this way.|Before the staircase moves again.
Does anybody feel like|we shouldn't be here?
We're not supposed to be here.|This is the third floor. It's forbidden.
Let's go.
It's Filch's cat.|Run.
Quick.|Let's hide through that door.
It's locked!|That's it.
Move over!
Come in.
Standard book of spells, chapter 7.
Is anyone here?
Come on.
Filch's gone.|I thought the door was locked.
It was locked.|And for good reason.
What do they think the are doing?
Keeping a thing like that|locked up in a store.
You don't use your eyes, do you?
Didn't you see what it was standing on?
I wasn't looking at its feet.|I was looking at its heads.
Maybe you didn't notice, there are three!
It was standing on a trapdoor, which|means it wasn't there by accident.
It was guarding something.
Guarding something?|That's right.
Now, if you two don't mind,|I'm going to bed.
Before either of you come up with another|clever idea to get us killed.
Or worse, expelled.
She needs to sort out her priorities.
Quidditch, is easy enough to understand.
Each team has 7 players.
3 chasers, 2 beaters, 1 keeper,|and a seeker. That's you.
There're 3 kinds of balls.
This one called the Quaffer.
The chasers handle the Quaffer and try to|put it through one of those 3 hoops.
The keeper, that's me, defends the hoops.
Question so far?
I think so.
What are those?
You better take this.
Careful now, it's coming back.
Not bad, Potter.|You can be a fair beater.
What's that?
Nasty little Blugger.
But you're a seeker.
The only thing I want you|to worry about is this.
The golden snitch.
I like this ball.
You like it now, just wait.
It's so fast that it's impossible to see.
What do I do with it?
You catch it, before the other team's seeker.
You catch this, the game is over.
You catch this, Potter, and we win.
Wonderful wizard spells elementary skills.
It's levitation.
The ability to make objects fly.
Do you have your feathers?|Good.
Don't forget the nice grace|movement we've been practicing.
Just switch and flick. Everyone.
Switch and flick.
Off you go then.
Stop, stop, stop.
You're going to take someone's eye out.
Besides, you said it wrong.
It's le-vio-sa, Not le-vio-sar
You do it if you're so clever.|Go on.
Well done. See it, everyone?|This girl has done it! Splendid!
Well done, dear.
I think we need another feather, professor.
It's le-vio-sa, Not le-vio-sar!
She's a nightmare, honestly.|No wonder she hasn't got any friend.
I think she heard you.
Where's Hermione?
I heard one of the girl said she won't|come out of the girls' bathroom.
She said that she's been in|There all afternoon, crying.
Trog is in the dungeon!
Thought you'd know.
Everyone, please do not panic.
Prefects would lead the houses|back to the dormitories.
Teachers would follow me to the dungeon.
Griffindors, keep up please and stay alert!
How'll trog get in?
Trog are really stupid.|Probably people plays a joke.
What?|Hermione, she doesn't know!
I thought the trog left the dungeon.
It's going to the girls' bathroom.
Hermione, move!
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