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Subtitles for Hard Rain (1998).

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Hard Rain (1998)

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Whoa! Hey, hey! Whoa!
Doggone it! Get this piece of junk out|of here, unless you're prepared to drown!
(man) Officer, I'm trying. It's stalled.
Put your vehicle in neutral.|Turn your wheel left.
It's a friggin' mess down here.
So, are we all gonna die?
Yeah, we're all gonna die. Just not yet.
But I am gonna have to let out more.
My worst was sweet 16. I had mono.
What was your worst birthday, Wayne?
Are you kiddin'? Could I possibly|have had a birthday worse than this?
- What kind of loser do you think I am?|- Don't answer that, Phil.
Hank's gonna open a gate. We expect|another surge. Let's move these cars.
(car horn)
Well, hello, gentlemen!|Hey, Wayne. Happy birthday.
Mike, what you're doin'...|I don't know if I'd be here, considerin'.
You would if you wanted the last two|paychecks some bastard owed ya.
I want you to know, I think|the people here made a big mistake.
The people?|You're the one who screwed him.
Mr Mayor, as much as I'd like to stand|here talkin' about how great I am,...
..if you don't move,|I'll have to haul your ass off to jail.
OK, OK. I'm goin'.
Keep up the good work, boys.|It's appreciated.
What do you say we torch that son of|a bitch's house and blame it on looters?
Or how about puttin' a dead cow|in his living room?
He comes back after it's been in water|a couple of days... Hello!
You know the best way to get revenge|on the mayor and his boys?
You do exactly what we're doin'...|you protect the town.
- Think you could go a little faster, pal?|- I'm goin' as fast as I can.
Hey, wait!
- Excuse me?|- You forgot to sign.
Stay dry, now.
Watch your back.
For Christ's sake!
Charlie, it's a flood.|You're gonna get a little wet. Take it easy.
- Dispatch, this is 31.|- Go ahead, 31.
We're leavin' Huntingburg.|We'll be back in an hour.
- Ten-four. Get outta there.|- We're gone. Over and out.
- Your ear.|- What about my ear?
- You got major hair growth in there.|- Shut up.
I'm serious. Somebody should get in there|with a weed whacker, clean that mess up.
You're givin' me one of your doughnuts? I|don't know what to say. I'm gettin' misty.
Shut your mouth and you can have 'em all.
I start eatin' these,|I'll never get out of this truck.
I just love how you think|you're better than all this.
What's not to like, Charlie?
The dashing polyester outfit|or the solid, three-figure income?
I don't believe you!|You ungrateful little shit.
Relax. I was kidding.
So that's all you think I've done, huh?|Just wasted my life away.
- I didn't say that.|- Yeah, yeah.
Buildin' a home, raisin' a family...
- That's just stupid.|- I didn't say that either.
You know what, Tom?|I don't give a rat's ass what you say.
"Thus saith the Lord: 'Behold,...
..waters shall rise up out of the north|and be an overflowing flood,...
..and all the inhabitants|of the land shall howl."'
Yes, sir. Jeremiah, Chapter 47, Verse 2.
You're gonna be able to afford|a hell of a lot of Bibles, Ray.
Me? First thing I'm gonna do|is to get my brother a lawyer,...
..the best that money can buy.
- What's he facin'?|- Thirty in.
- He must've capped a cop or somethin'.|- No. Security guard, in the commission.
He's got some piece of shit PD...
Kenny, take a look at 26 across.
- Shit, Jim. I don't do crosswords.|- Just look at it.
- Let me take a look at it.|- Never mind, Mr Mehlor. Kenny can read.
26 across.
(Kenny) "Mention money again and I'll..."
(cash register)
Did I get it right?
Yeah, Jim, you got it right.
What a dope.
(alarm buzzes)
- Jerk.|- Jackass.
- Come on. Give us a kiss, huh?|- Get outta here! Get out, ya...
- You really are a touchy old fart.|- I'm sorry.
What was that about? I'm sittin' there|and all of a sudden you go postal on me.
I dunno. I...
It's just this weather.
I just wanna get back.
I do appreciate what you've done for me.|This is a good job.
No, it's not. It stinks.
Puttin' your ass on the line|for somebody else's money.
- Where the hell's the road?|- It's there... somewhere.
Look, Tom, I don't care|what you end up doing.
Aw, Jesus, here we go.
I just think that, whatever you do,|it's time you did some heavy lifting.
- Stop.|- No, you gotta hear this.
- Stop the truck. We're goin' downhill!|- Oh, Jesus!
All right, back up.
Slow, slow, slow.
(engine fails)
Goddamn it!
- There's a dip in the road up there.|- I knew this would happen.
I'll go see if there's anybody around|to give us a lift.
Dispatch? Dispatch, this is 31.
31 calling Dispatch.
We're stuck outside of Huntingburg.
Right by a sign...
..saying "Welcome to Huntingburg".
The town's been evacuated.|We won't get help from there.
Dispatch can't get anyone out.
They are aware we're carrying|a shitload of money?
They called the National Guard.
- They'll be here in a couple of hours.|- Couple of hours?
I saw ya. Come on out.
Henry! I'm not leavin'|till you come out.
He's not comin' out.
(woman) Henry, close the door. Don't go|out there, Henry. Get back in here.
Why are you two still here?|Need some help?
- No, we're just...|- We're setting traps.
That's illegal, Doreen.
You gonna arrest us, Sheriff?.
Hell, are you even sheriff any more,|Sheriff?. Didn't you lose an election?
I sure as hell know|I didn't vote for you.
- Neither did Henry.|- Doreen!
Look, you don't need to set traps.
That's what they said in '73.|What the bastards didn't steal,...
..they broke, just for the hell of it.
That's not happening this time.
- Damn right it's not!|- Look, you can't stay.
- We're goin' to my sister's now.|- Good.
As soon as we finish|setting the traps.
(Doreen) Well, I'm sure glad one of us|has a backbone. Leave it up to you and...
God'll understand if you have to drown her|in the basement, Henry.
- We gotta get outta here.|- What about the money?
The money's safe, we're not.|The water rose a foot in 20 minutes.
The National Guard won't be here|any time soon. You do the math.
- Hello!|- Hello!
- You all right? Are you stuck?|- Yeah!
OK! We're gonna try and help you get out.|All right?
Looks like we're gonna|get outta here.
- Why'd they do that?|- Uh... Probably just to see us better.
So we can't see at all.
Now listen up. This is my retirement fund.|Don't anybody screw it up.
You hear me, Kenny? Kenny!
- Get your head outta your ass.|- Yup.
Only Dispatch and the National Guard|know we're here.
Come on. Anybody with a scanner from|RadioShack could've picked up our signal.
- Could you turn down those lights?|- Yeah! We'll bring you some rope!
(Tom) We're goin' blind!|Turn down those lights!
- We're coming right over!|- Turn down your lights!
Tom! Take it easy!
Jim? Jim?
Get in the truck, Charlie.
- Kenny, what are you doin'? !|- Oh, shit!
- What did I tell you?|- He went for his gun!
Stop shooting!
Stop shooting!
Stop shooting!
Goddammit, Kenny!
Everybody all right down there?
(whispers) Sorry, Tom.
Jesus. Oh, God.
Damn. Damn!
Look, we just want the money!
You guys...
You guys walk away!
We won't kill ya! OK? How's that?
You got 30 seconds!
Walk away!
Come on, guys, the clock is tickin'!|What's it gonna be?
Son of a bitch. Ray...
Your father would be real proud, Kenny.
- He was goin' for his gun!|- Shut up.
Mr Mehlor, I think we're gonna need|your science project.
You teach your students|how to make things like that?
Been in a high school lately? My students|taught me how to make them.
Come on, come on.
I'll be damned! Damn!
Now, why would he do that?
- He's tryin' to stay alive.|- What?
Figures as long as we don't know|where the money is, we won't kill him.
There could be another possibility.
He could be thinkin' about|keepin' that money for himself.
That is a possibility. Either way,|we're dealing with a slippery one.
(Kenny) Jim, what are we gonna do now?
Pretty soon this water will be|too deep for him to run in.
But it'll be just deep enough for us.
Mr Mehlor.
(Kenny) Whoo-hoo!
We should take a car too, huh?
Hey, Jim, what about|this big bad boy here, huh?
- It's got a big canopy.|- Nah, this is all we need.
We're stealin', Jim.|Can't we just take anything we want?
Water's not very deep yet. We need|something with a shallow draught.
Mr Mehlor, find us some gas.
Oh. Jim. Jim!
(Kenny whoops)
There he is!
(glass smashes)
(jet ski revs)
Jim, over here!
The window. The window's broken.
Let's get in and get him out.
But whatever you do,|don't shoot him!
Not till we find out|where that money is!
Did you see that? !
Where'd you go?
Where'd you go?
Come back here!
- Ramming speed!|- Watch your step.
Low tide, sailor.
Yo! You see him?
- What the...? He's over here!|- Shit.
Hey, Jim! Jim!
He's over this way!
Nice driving, butt-wipe!
- Serves you right for takin' my jacket!|- Get off me, man!
I'm glad you're enjoyin' yourself. But|if he's dead how do we find the money?
Oh, I wouldn't worry.
He's still alive.
Ray, I'm gonna need|a little inspiration, son.
"With the raging flood, He makes an end|of those who oppose Him...
..and He pursues His enemies|into darkness."
- That's from a more obscure...|- I don't mean to interrupt Bible study,...
..but has anybody realised|how screwed we are?
We should be back in the motel room|right now, countin' our money... Argh!
(Jim) Nobody likes this particular|turn of events, Kenny.
But we have a choice.|We can deal with it or we can walk away.
It's a lot of money,|so I choose to deal with it.
You wanna go? Fine. Start swimming.
You wanna stay? That's fine too.
But stop your goddamn whining!
(pop music in distance)
(music stops)
- (sheriff) Why are you here?|- (woman) I was setting the pumps.
- I don't get what you see in that church.|- (woman) I don't expect you to, Wayne.
Karen, did you think the order was|for everyone but you to evacuate?
No. I was gonna go|as soon as I filled the pumps.
But the next thing I know,|I got a looter on my hands and...
Maybe I'm crazy, but I was expecting|a little... I don't know... gratitude?
- I think it's great, what you did, Karen.|- That'll get you into her pants, Phil.
That's not what I meant, Wayne.
All right, all right!
What if he'd had a gun, Karen?|A lot of looters carry guns.
I'm not a looter.
- Jim, he may not even be in this school.|- Keep lookin'.
You're wasting ammo. Use this.
Kenny! If you're not dead, get up and help.
- Why were you at the church?|- I told you. He was looting it.
I just said I'm not a looter.
You're the one who nailed me,|aren't you?
- What the helI'd you hit me with?|- It was a crucifix.
What? That was all that was there.
Great. People will come around the world|to see the face of Jesus on my forehead.
- Son, what were you doin' in the church?|- I was looking for a place to hide.
From what? Swamp Thing?
From the guys who killed my partner.
I work for Armoured Transports. They|must've picked up our call to Dispatch.
They knew exactly where we were.|Then all hell broke loose.
- How much money did you have?|- A little over three million.
The bank had us cleaning out branches|up and down the river.
- They stole three million dollars?|- No, I don't think so.
You took the money, didn't you?
Yeah, I hid it in the cemetery. Tied it|to a crypt for some guy named... Portman.
- What the helI'd you do that for?|- I don't like to carry that much cash.
Wayne, use your head for something|besides wearing your hat.
If he hadn't hid the money,|they'd have killed him too.
Get out two shotguns and a rifle.
- You got any ID?|- Uh, no. I left it in the truck.
Colour me surprised(!)
- Do you believe him?|- Well, yes, Wayne, I do.
And even if I didn't,...
..I'd say we sure as hell have an obligation|to check it out. Don't you think?
- I'll go with you, show you where it is.|- I think you'd better stay put.
- That was a smart move...|- Yeah.
We don't need|no armoured-car guy's help. Ow!
Wayne, what's the worst thing|that's ever happened to you on this job?
When old Mrs Dugan went after you|with a paint scraper?
This man just got shot at.
Phil, Wayne and I|will check out the cemetery.
Escort Slugger here out of town. Get her|to some high ground, then come on back.
Um... I really have to|fill those pumps.
Not any more you don't.
He could still be lyin'.
Sheriff, they killed my partner|without any warning.
And they're gonna regret that.
- Phil, you take Karen in her boat.|- You got it, Sheriff.
You can do it, Phil. The men|of Huntingburg are countin' on ya!
- Bite me, Wayne.|- (Wayne cackles)
Just perfect(!)
Phil, I don't know if you noticed|those stained-glass windows,...
..but do you know how much work|I've put into them? Do you know?
Please! It'll take five minutes|to fill those pumps!
Look, Karen. You know I'd do|just about anything for you.
But the sheriff told me to take you outta|town. I'm sorry. It's for your own good.
- What are you doing?|- If you won't take me, I'll have to swim.
- Nobody's swimming. Karen, sit down.|- Wait a minute. This is my boat.
You swim!
Goddammit! Come on!
Sheriff, come in.
Sheriff, a lot of water|is comin' your way!
Oh... God!
Hey! Look out!
Oh, no!
(lapping water)
Hang on, Ray.
Kenny! Get that jet ski!
Come on. Come on. Come on, come on!
Oh, yeah.
Perfect. I can drive outta here.
Wayne, you locked him in.
Come here!
(Tom coughs and gasps for breath)
- Are you OK?|- Yeah, never better.
- Thank you.|- You're welcome.
- What happened?|- I don't know.
- Another levee must have broken.|- Ah. Great.
Let's get outta here.
It's them. Let's go!
Kenny! Go that way!
All right!
Come on!
I'm gonna get your little punk ass!
Come on! Where are you?
- Tell them where the money is.|- I can't.
- Well, I can!|- Listen to me. Listen!
If they know where it is, they'll kill us.
- (Kenny) Whooh!|- Down!
- So what do we do now?|- Just drive around till we run outta gas?
I spent months restoring that church.|I left it to save your ass.
So spare me, OK?
All right.
We'll go down here|till we find a place for you to lay low.
I'll go back to the truck and wait for the|National Guard. They should be here soon.
- You all right?|- Yeah, I'm fine.
I think the heater just kicked in.
- At least we're out of the rain, right?|- Oh, yeah. This is real cosy. (chuckles)
Is he dead?
- Is he dead?|- No. Somebody must've gotten him out.
- Who?|- I dunno.
- Maybe Karen?|- Karen?
How the hell could she have?|You took her outta town.
- Well, yeah, I...|- Let's hear it, Phil.
Well, it happened real fast. OK?
Have you ever been robbed before?
No. I've only been doin' this|a couple of months.
Yeah, I used to... uh...
..sell construction machinery.
I was doin' all right. It just, uh...|didn't really seem right any more.
So how'd you end up doin' this?
My Uncle Charlie did me a favour|and got me in.
Nice favour(!)
So what's he gonna say after tonight?
He was my partner in the truck.
Does she know karate or something, Phil?
Maybe kung fu!
I just can't see how else|she could overpower the likes of you.
- Just shut up, Wayne.|- Shut up, both of you.
Let's go find Karen|and see if she's got him.
I wonder whose car this is.
Whoever it is,|they like Pat Benatar, Eddie Money and...
Oh. The soundtrack to Footloose.
Oh, my God.|This is my car from high school.
Maybe we should get outta here, huh?
(electrical buzz)
Get your feet out of the water.
- Oh, shit. This thing's metal.|- Oh, God.
Let's get off!
- I got him!|- No!
- I got him!|- Listen. We gotta get...
(electrical buzz)
Get out of the water!
Come on, get out!
Get out of the water!
- The transformer's gonna blow!|- (Karen) Hurry! It's gonna blow up!
Hurry up! Come on over here!
No, no, no! Over here!
Get off of that thing! It's metal!
Come on! Give me your hand!
Give me your hand!
(Kenny yells in agony)
(Mehlor) Jim, down here.
(Jim) What the hell is goin' on?
Careful. Watch your step.
(Doreen) You so much as breathe funny...
..and your head goes out that window|without you.
Jim! Jesus... Kenny!
Hold on. Jesus Christ!
- Kenny!|- (Kenny groans)
Jim! Kenny.
- Come on, Kenny.|- Jesus Christ!
(Doreen) Now put your hands up real slow.
Like you were in a big jar of molasses.
- That's it.|- Doreen, haven't killed anybody, have ya?
I've got everything under control, Henry.|Go back to sleep.
Jesus, Doreen!
You caught a whole gang!
Smells like somethin' died in there.
- Well?|- They're not there.
Where in the hell could they go?|They don't have a boat.
I don't know.|And, frankly, I don't care.
- It hurts.|- You're gonna be all right, Kenny.
Mr Mehlor knows about these things|and he thinks so.
Ain't that right, Mr Mehlor? Don't you|think Kenny's gonna be all right?
Yeah. Yeah, Kenny,|you're gonna be just fine.
I know that you...|you didn't want me to come, Jim.
What are you talkin' about? We couldn't|have done anything without you.
The pain... is goin' away.|The pain is goin' away. I'm OK.
Ah. See? What did I tell ya?
When you said|that I was gonna be all right,...
..I thought you were shittin' me.
I wouldn't shit you, kid.|I wouldn't shit you.
- See? You... just gotta...|- (Kenny gasps)
You just gotta... me.
Well, isn't that just wonderful(!)
Now those bastards|are gonna want to kill us too.
- Why did you have to pick this house?|- We thought it was empty.
You know what?|The house next door is empty.
What do you say we go back downstairs|and you two keep moving?
We're not sending them out to the wolves!
Oh, we're not, are we? Well,|what's your plan, General Schwarzkopf(? )
- I just don't think...|- I have to go anyway.
The National Guard will be|at the truck soon. I should meet them.
- He can use our boat.|- Henry!
- Well, he can't swim that far.|- Henry, they are not taking our boat!
Oh, fine, then!|Why don't you give them the TV set too?
And what about the china? Or our silver?
- I'm Tom.|- Watch yourself, Tom.
I don't wanna have to|save your life again.
(Doreen) Henry! Don't you ignore me!|You get right back up here this min...
Here you go.
You give away our only boat|in the middle of a flood.
You are a genius, Henry.|A regular Einstein!
You wanna come with me?
Jesus, Henry! What are you waiting for...|a kiss goodbye? Get in here!
- Thanks.|- (Doreen) Look at my curtains!
- Put that window down now!|- All right, all right.
Pow! Pow!
Why don't we just get him now?
Nah. If our resourceful young friend|hears us comin',...
..he'll electrocute us or sink us.
Or one of you knot-heads will shoot him.
Besides, I know where he's going.
What I'd like to know|is where he came from.
Agh! Ugh!
Now, I know it's your job|to protect that money, son.
But before you try anything tricky,|there's something I want you to see.
Aw, shit.
You may be foolish enough|to give your life to protect that money.
The question is,|are you willing to give theirs?
I'll show you where the money is,|but you gotta let them go.
- Nah. It's better if we all stick together.|- That's the deal.
You say all you want's the money.|Prove it. Let 'em go.
We could be safe in our home|instead of out here in this boat...
..with these lowlife scumbags!
- Let 'em go.|- Thank you. Thank you.
- Right this way, please.|- Out of the water.
Watch your step.
- How about Karen?|- In the attic. They never saw her.
Faster, Henry! The bastards|might change their minds!
Come on! Stop lily-dipping! Move it!
What are you doing?
I'm going to row back there|and see if he will shoot you.
Or me. It's fine either way.
- Do you want me to get us outta here?|- Yes, of course.
Then shut the fuck up!
Sheriff, there she is!
- What the hell is goin' on?|- This happened in a flood in Georgia.
The ground gets soggy.|The caskets are airtight.
Anybody who hasn't been planted too long|just pops up.
You teach your students stuff like that,|no wonder they kicked you out.
All right, where is it?
It's kinda hard to tell now|with the water so deep.
All right, all right. It's over that way.
(Jim) They're not coming, son.
- The National Guard. They're not coming.|- I don't know what you're talkin' about.
I know you're stalling us, waiting for the|National Guard, but they're not coming.
Did you intercept Charlie's call?|Call them off?.
Didn't have to call them off.|They never were coming.
We didn't intercept Charlie's call.
Charlie called us.
Sheriff, I'd love to help you out,|but I can't leave.
Water comes over the top again,|it's bye-bye dam, bye-bye town.
Hell, I could use|a little help here myself.
Hank! Remember when Jack Finch|was holed up in Mike Crane's barn...
..and said he'd burn it down?
Yeah! I got the dumb son of a bitch|to come out.
Right. And before you went in,|I deputised you, you dumb son of a bitch.
So this is not a request, it's an order:|you get down here now!
- I won't need you for long.|- Yes, sir.
Bring your gun.
We were gonna hit you|just before you got to the interstate.
- But you got stuck so we changed plan.|- Bullshit. This is bullshit!
I knew Charlie from when we both worked|for the Johnstown Company.
His middle name is McCarthy: his parents|liked Charlie McCarthy on the radio.
His wife Mary died a year ago|of a heart attack.
He had a son and a daughter,|both grown with...
Son of a bitch! That was the plan, huh?|Kill Charlie, keep his share of the money?
That was an accident.
Kenny killed Charlie cos he didn't know|Charlie was on my side.
I never told him.
Kenny liked to talk.|Shouldn't even have been there.
But his father asked me to look after him.|Guess I didn't do too good a job of that.
Excuse me, Jim! I hate to interrupt,|but can we just find the money...
..and get the hell outta here?
All right. Now listen.|I'm gonna ask you one more time.
And before you start|bullshittin' me again, think of this.
I've had a very frustrating night.
While I may not find the money|if I kill you,...
..I'm at the point now|where I just don't care.
All right, I'll tell you where it is but...|I don't think it's gonna do you much good.
Go on, get it.
"At night we'd go down to the river,|and into the river we'd dive."
That's Springsteen, man. "The River."|I'm all out of Bible quotes.
- Looks like somebody beat you to it.|- What? !
Son of a bitch!
Stop! You'll hit Tom!
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
I know you'd like nothing better|than to shoot me!
But, in order to do that, you're gonna|have to shoot through young Tom here!
(gunfire continues)
That's who you thought|was comin' to rescue you? !
Watch your head!
(gun clicks)
Somebody mind tellin' me|what the hell's goin' on?
Why, hello, Hank.
You know that money I told you about|from the armoured truck?
Well... we're gonna keep it.
Three million dollars, four ways.
750 apiece. You OK with that?
- Are you OK with that?|- 750 thousand dollars?
You damn straight I'm OK with that!
I don't see what we need him for.
I guess you ain't never|been huntin' with Hank.
OK! We got two behind that crypt.|Go get 'em!
Maybe I'm not OK with it.
- Come on now, Phil.|- You're gonna kill people?
They're looters, Phil. They come and steal|from an armoured truck in our town.
What about Tom and Karen?|They're not looters.
No... They're witnesses.
Look at it.
- Some of these bags will be yours, Phil.|- But you're the sheriff!
- For 20 years you've looked out for...|- For 20 years, I've eaten shit,...
..breakfast, lunch and dinner!|Well, tonight I'm changin' the menu.
From now on, everything I eat|is gonna be shit-free.
Can I make it any clearer, Phil?|You want me to draw you a picture?
- I can't let you do it.|- Oh, for...
OK, Phil. Here's how it's gonna go.
I'm gonna hear one of two things|come outta you.
Either I'm gonna hear you say|that you're in with us,...
..or I'm gonna hear a bullet|come outta that gun and go into me.
750 thousand dollars, or you kill me.|Your choice.
There we go.
Tom! Grab the boat!
We're goin' too slow.
Take the wheel.
Whoa! Watch it!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
(Hank) There you are!
Whoa, boy! Where you goin', huh?
Son of a bitch!
(Hank) Son of a bitch!|You're pissin' me off!
- Does that hurt?|- Yeah.
Hank, go get some empty bottles.|We'll smoke 'em out.
- You got it.|- Wait. What about the dam?
- It'll be fine.|- If it goes, it'll wipe out the whole town.
Screw the town.
I'll probably get hepatitis or something.
Hepatitis? Nah.|That's the least of your problems.
- Where you going?|- There's a room back here.
- I'll look for something to put on this.|- You been here before?
Oh, yeah.
I saw Jesus!
Did Charlie have cancer or something?
You mean, why did he get into this?
No, no cancer.
Didn't you ever think about|takin' the money?
- No.|- No? Hah!
- I'm happy to disappoint you.|- Yeah.
- What are you gonna do with it?|- As little as possible.
- Belize.|- What?
Belize. It's a small country|in Central America on the Atlantic side.
I know where Belize is.|What about it?
They speak English,|dollar goes a long way,...
..beautiful beaches, friendly people,...
..liberal banking laws,...
..very liberal banking laws.
Nah. You never once|thought about takin' that money.
You can't ride in that truck|and not think about it.
Reckon that's how it started with Charlie.
(motor starts)
- What are you doin'?|- Too many bodies with bullets in 'em.
I'll take her to her house,|make it look like she drowned.
Don't you do it, Wayne!
Saving her life might've|actually gotten you laid, Phil.
Don't you touch her!
(Phil) Get back here!
For Christ's sake,|just dump her here, Wayne!
I'm gonna kill you, Bryce!
Shit. Where the hell's he takin' her?
Where do you think you're going?|You won't help matters by gettin' shot.
- They're gone. You don't know where.|- The sheriff knows. I'll ask him.
You'd be dead|before you cross the sandbags.
They'll come for us.|Ask 'em when they get here.
- What if they don't come?|- I wouldn't worry about that.
Sorry, Karen.
Wayne, what are you doing?
"Dear Penthouse,|I always thought your letters were fake...
..until the wildest thing happened to me."
- They're not comin' out.|- Fire's not catchin'.
We gotta get 'em outta there.
"Her name was Karen, and ever since|she come back from college,...
..she made it clear|that she was too good for us local folk."
"Now here she was in handcuffs."
"I said 'What the heck|is goin' on here, ma'am? "'
"And she said..."
- "And she said..."|- Get off, you psycho!
You really think I'll play your sick game?
Why not?
Well, that won't do.
You'll, uh... excuse me?
You wait right there, now.
Well, I got the candle.
Mood lighting.
"It was cold and rainy that night."
"All I really wanted was|to get someplace warm and dry."
Are you in the mood yet?
(Karen screams)
(boat motor)
Oh, my God!
Come on... Come on!
Phil! Cover that side!
(boat motor starts up)
Shit. Shit!
(Hank) Kill him!
Kill him, Phil!
(gun clicks)
Where's Karen?
Come on! Where the hell is she?
They, uh...|They went back to her house.
Where is her house?
What the hell is that?
- Hank?|- The dam. It's topped out!
(siren continues)
- How much time we got?|- Not long. It's an old dam.
Then I guess you boys|better drop your guns.
That's the deal.
You let me and Hank go|with a few of these bags.
Just a couple. I'm not greedy.
- And I'll tell you where to find Karen.|- Get out of the boat.
Hold on.
- Hold on?|- Yeah.
- It's the only way you're gonna find her.|- No.
- It's only a couple of bags.|- No!
- What do you mean, no?|- I mean no!
I told you. I'm here for the money|and that's it!
(Phil) Boyd Street.
She lives on Boyd Street.
Three over.
It's a two-storey with blue siding.
Get out of the boat.
(alarm buzzes)
(sheriff) What are you gonna do?
You're just gonna leave us here?
I oughta shoot you.
Lord knows I ought to.
- (glass smashes)|- Tom?
I'm handcuffed.
Yeah, you're handcuffed. Oh, boy.
There's a saw in the kitchen,|in the cupboard next to the sink.
- (siren stops)|- Is that good or bad?
That's very bad.
You should've just killed me.
The dam's gone. You gotta go.
(Phil) No!
Go faster.
We gotta go faster!
Yeah... You're right.
Oh, God!
- Well, that didn't work.|- Oh, God!
Wait. The gun.
- What gun?|- Wayne's gun.
- Where is it?|- Try the porch.
Come on, Henry!
Forget about going to the light.
Come back to me. You're all I've got.
Oh, Henry. Thank God.
The next time I say|"Let's evacuate",...
..let's evacuate!
Whatever you say, honey.
It's the end of the line, kid!
No, you don't.
You all right?
I'm really tired.
But I guess I'll live.
Thanks for comin' after us.
You never learn, do you?
I came for the money.
(gun clicks)
You OK?
(over loud-hailer) This is the State Police.|Cease fire and put down your weapons.
You better get outta here.
What about the money?
- Gonna turn it in?|- Gotta turn it in.
(boat approaches)
- Do you know if my church survived?|- Ah, your church.
Last I saw there was... a little bit of|flood damage on the inside, but...
But what?
I'll give you the good news.
The water from the dam|probably put the fire out.
What fire?
Listen. I had nothin' to do with it.|The sheriff started it.
This is the State Police. Put your hands|behind your head and remain in view.
- Was it a bad fire?|- Bad fire?
No, no. It was a little fire.
Some roof damage.
They probably felt it safe to drive their|boats through the stained-glass windows.
[m] Rain, rain, on my face
[m] Hasn't stopped raining for days
[m] My world is a flood
[m] But slowly I become
[m] At one with the mud
[m] But if I can't swim after 40 days
[m] And my mind is crushed|by the crashing waves
[m] Lift me up so high that I cannot fall
[m] Lift me, oh-oh
[m] Lift me up
[m] When I'm falling
[m] Lift me up
[m] I'm weak and I'm dying
[m] Lift me up
[m] I need you to hold me
[m] Lift me up
[m] Keep me from drowning again
[m] Lift me, oh-oh
[m] When I'm falling
[m] Lift me, oh-oh
[m] I'm weak and I'm dying
[m] Lift me, oh-oh
[m] I need you to hold me
[m] Lift me, oh-oh
[m] Keep me from drowning again
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