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Subtitles for Happy Times.

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Happy Times

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The ones I saw before|were all too skinny.
Looked like kittens.
I told the matchmaker straight out,|no skinny women for me!
I like them fleshy, nice and warm!
What does a man my age need?
Somebody to keep me cozy!
I磛e been married twice.
I like a woman with experience!
I磛e also got two kids.
Two kids?
I love kids!
The more the merrier!
Shall we start planning|our wedding?
So you agree?
Let磗 make our wedding|a real event!
Of course!
We can磘 just go through the motions.
I agree.
Everyone knows me...
I can磘 be a cheapskate.
We磍l need 50 grand.
That磗 about right!
You磛e got 50 grand?
I shouldn磘 have a problem getting it.
I磍l fiigure it out.
No problem.
Old Zhao磗 back|to borrow money!
- How do you know?|- Look, he磗 coming.
He磗 trying to get hitched again.|This is the 18th time!
Hasn磘 worked out once!
He still owes me money!
I磛e gotta get out of here.|Tell him I磎 not home.
Fu! Stop pretending|you don磘 hear me!
Zhao, what磗 wrong?
Stop it! You saw me.
- I didn磘.|- Stop playing stupid!
You must know I need cash.
Engaged again?
I fiinally found one.
Look at her!
Big and round.
- Japanese?|- No, Chinese.
Don磘 you like skinny women?
But they never like me!
She does, she wants to get married.
- Really?|- She told me so.
- No strings?|- She said we need 50 grand.
50 grand! Did you say okay?
Of course.
If you haven磘 got it, why bullshit?
If I didn磘 bullshit,|I磀 be up the creek!
Find someone else to help.
Come on.
Help your old teacher.
You磖e the only one I can turn to.
I磛e got some money.
- Money!|- Where from?
From this?
Here磗 the woods|behind our factory...
...isn磘 there an old bus there?
For 7 or 8 years.
Every day, young lovers|stroll back there...
...with no place to unwind!
We磍l clean up that bus...
...the lovers can use the place.
We磍l charge them.
Me sell tickets?
I even have a name|for the place.
We provide a service for these kids.
We磍l call it the|''Happy Times Hut.创
Forget it!
This is a public area.
Who磀 pay for this?
Why not be rewarded|for our hard work?
What I磎 saying is...
...who in their right mind|would pay to go into an old bus?
You磖e just sitting|home anyway.
No matter what we charge,|it磗 money.
I磍l never get married this way.
You may get someone|who磀 pay...
...200 or 300 in one shot.
Who磀 do that?
You磀 have to be crazy!
Anyway I don磘 have the money.
If you don磘 like my idea,|my hands are tied!
You磖e using that color?
How come it reminds me of|a public toilet?
Stop painting!|Public bathrooms are this color.
You磖e right!
I found this paint in the dump.|It磗 all they had!
What do you expect for free?
Let磗 try this one.
It磗 so loud.|It磗 like ''all night long创 red.
That磗 it!
Keep them awake|long enough to pay.
Let磗 go with the ''all night long创 red.
''All night long创 it is!
All right!
Not bad at all.
A good fiix- up and it looks like new.
I still don磘 feel good about this.
There you go again.
We磛e got a good,|clean place here.
So people can unwind.
What are you worried about?
Remember why we磖e doing this.
- Wow!|- Who fiixed this place up?
What a romantic color!
It磗 even got a name:|''Happy Times Hut.创
Not bad?
Come in. Have a look.
You two did this?
There磗 a collection box?
Give what you want, you decide.
Have some water.
Don磘 worry.
We already checked.|You can磘 see in from outside.
Not a bad place to get out of the sun.
That磗 right!
Zhao! We磖e in business!
20 yuan!Just like that.
They paid you?
Isn磘 it a bit too easy?
That磗 the point.
And we didn磘 even|have to put out our own cash!
We paid for the water.
Peanuts!|They might not even drink it!
How come they closed the door?
They磖e young lovers. They paid.
So this is what they paid for?
- It磗 none of your business!|- I won磘 let this go on.
What are you knocking for?
I forgot to say|you can磘 close the door!
Why not?
It磗 the higher- ups rule.
What are you talking about?
- My boss rule!|- Screw your boss!
Open up!
You can磘 lock the door!
Stop knocking!
Open up!
What the hell are you doing?
I told you|we don磘 lock the door here.
Why not?
It was windy!
- It磗 not windy!|- It was a minute ago.
- Windy or not, you can磘 do it!|- Why not?
Don磘 get me wrong but... goes a man and a woman,|they close the door... tell me, how does it look?
What are you insinuating?
An old man like you!
Old pervert!
What did you just call me?
Don磘 just stand there!
Did you hear that?
How can you say that?
- Say what?|- Call me an old- -
Hey, let磗 work this out...
...he can be excused because|of his age, but how about you?
Give us back our money!
Didn磘 the two of you go inside?
- Inside where?|- Did you go in or not?
- We went in!|- Then no refund.
Why pound on the door?
Give her back the money!
Don磘 fiight over it!
Here磗 half.
Old pervert!
Give it here!|I don磘 want their money!
Call me an old pervert?|Take the rest!
Let磗 go.
What are you laughing at?
Don磘 blame them,|it was our fault!
How can you say that?
They paid fair and square.
Why bang on the door?
It doesn磘 matter who comes... locking the door.|That磗 the fiinal word.
So what about making money?
I磀 rather not make money.|I磀 rather not get...
...I have to get married.|But no locking the door!
Think about it.
Are we making money like this?
- No locking the door!|- You磖e throwing away easy money.
You磖e the one who still hasn磘 got it!
Why do I bother with you?
I磛e gotta take care of some things.
Think... How else are you going|to get what you need?
Nobody locks the door!
Excuse me, sir!
Did you fiix this place up?
What do you want?
Nothing, just wondering why?
What磗 inside?
Nothing. It磗 not mine.
C磎on, we just want to have a look.
It磗 mine. But I磎 off work.
Sir, let us take a look.
Just a peek.
You can磘 see a thing.
A collection box.
''Let your conscience be your guide.创|Pretty unique.
Sir, are you going to just sit there?
I always sit here.
Don磘 you want to get some fresh air?
Am I in your way?
What are you talking about?
What are you up to, then?
Trying to bribe me?
Your years are catching up with you,|old man.
Giving you ideas.
I just wanted you|to buy us some stuff.
A watermelon.
A big one.
A 100- yuan watermelon?
I don磘 have anything smaller.
Thanks for helping us out.
Sorry I haven磘 called,|I磛e been swamped with work.
At the hotel.
No, I opened it up with a few colleagues.
Why would I mention it|on our fiirst date?
It磗 the busy season.
Oh, yeah, it makes money!
No matter how much I磎 worth,|I won磘 forget you.
You磖e the reason I work so hard.
- Do you sell roses?|- 2 yuan each.
- How much?|- 2 yuan each.
Too expensive!
What other flowers|make a good gift?
That depends.
Women want roses.
It磗 a woman all right.
Then roses.
Anything cheaper?
Look at you, you磖e a disgrace!
We磀 be better off if you died!|Feeding you is a waste!
Mom, some grandpa is here!
So soon!
What do you mean grandpa?|Call him uncle.
Have a seat. Excuse me|while I change clothes.
How old are you?
Can you fiix my game?
No problem.|Was your mom yelling at you?
No, at her.
Your sister?
She磗 not my sister.|My mom didn磘 have her!
Whose is she?
Can磘 you hurry up, grandpa?
Don磘 call me grandpa.|Call me uncle.
So hurry up, uncle!
Okay, okay.
Roses for me?
- Must磛e been expensive.|- 2 yuan a dozen.
I mean, 2 yuan a stem.
Where should I put them?
When the party leaders|visit sick people on T.V...
...they put the flowers|beside the bed.
Good idea.
Okay, then.
Sorry you had to hear me|yelling at the kids.
My step- daughter really drives me nuts!
The day we got divorced,|her father flew the coop.
Took all my money too.
He agreed to pay child support.
I haven磘 seen a penny.
I do everything for her.
You have a kind heart.|If it were me...
...I磀 get her father to take her.
Turn her out?|How磀 that look?!
I磀 be known as,|''The wicked stepmother!创 ''Evil woman!创
Let them say what they want.
You磛e got to look out for yourself.
A strange thing|happened at work today.
A guest gave one of our employees|a 100- yuan tip.
Everyone is rich these days.
He said, ''I磍l be back soon!创
So your hotel is doing well?
It all comes down to the name.
I came up with it myself.
Just like the two of us|when we磖e together...
...I call it ''Happy Times.创
- Are you happy right now?|- Can磘 you tell?
Tell her it磗 dinnertime.
Why me again?
How else is she supposed to know?
Hurry up!
- So many dishes!|- I hope you like them.
Don磘 kick the door!
This kid needs some manners.
Please, help yourself.
- Here, have more.|- I磍l help myself.
- This is your Uncle Zhao.|- Hi.
Go on, eat up.
Try some vegetables.
- Eat up.|- It磗 good.
Don磘 be polite.
...always stealing from each other.
Stop playing. Eat!
We had a letter from Dad.
Why didn磘 I see it?
You weren磘 home.
Where磗 the letter?
Mom, I wasn磘 home either.|I played soccer.
You磖e a soccer player?
Excuse me while I read this.
What did my dad say?
Nothing, eat.
Tell me what he said.
Nothing. Eat your dinner.
You keep it.
You eat with your left hand?
Ever since I was a kid.
What about when you write?
I do everything else right- handed.
Chopsticks too?
Not really.
- Tough, isn磘 it?|- I still can.
Get some ice cream for uncle too.
- No, thanks.|- Hey, Mom, he doesn磘 want any!
He磗 too polite to ask.
Ice cream is for kids.
Why don磘 you give her a cup?
No way! Ice cream is expensive!
Mom bought it for me.
Who ever said that?|Each of you gets one.
You磖e getting so selfiish.
Go on, eat.
- Take care.|- Okay.
- Call me.|- I will.
Don磘 think just because we have|company, you can eat the good stuff!.
You磖e listening to TV too!
Go! Wash the dishes!
Shall we put him to bed?
Let him sleep.
Your leg will fall asleep.
It磗 not...convenient with him here.
I can磘 move him anyway.
I磍l help you.
- What磗 she doing?|- Going to the bathroom.
Like that?
Does she know I磎 here?
How could she know?
I should probably go.
Just be quiet.
Let me ask you...
How big is it?
When you say ''it创... you mean the hotel?
The hotel.
You want to bring us customers?
No need! Business is booming!
Don磘 worry about me.
I磎 not worried about you...
- ...what about us?|- What do you mean?
Having her around|isn磘 convenient.
Can you fiind her|a job at your hotel?
No, out of the question.
What磗 wrong with you?
I haven磘 even fiinished talking...
And all you say is ''no创!
I didn磘 mean anything by it... tell me, what can she do?
Nothing really.
Just give her some chores!
Let her clean the bathrooms, whatever.
You don磘 have to pay her.
Just give her some food.
No, I really...
Don磘 think that|I磎 dumping her off on you.
That磗 not my intention.
Take just now for instance...
...was it convenient when...
...she barged in on us like that?
The hotel is a joint investment.
I磍l talk it over with the other owners.
Aren磘 you the general manager?
Can磘 you decide things like this?
You磖e the one who came up with|''Happy Times.创
But I wrote, ''Hut,创 not ''Hotel!创
No sense arguing.
''Hut创 and ''Hotel创 are almost the same.
Anyway, help me fiind the girl a job!
Hey, she asked you, not me!
You磖e the big- shot manager.
Besides she can磘 work anywhere else.
What should I do?
What a mess!
Is this girl completely blind?
If she weren磘...
...she wouldn磘 need our help.
So she can磘 see a damn thing?
- It should be a snap then!|- How?
Her weakness can play|into your strength.
She磗 blind, you can|tell her whatever you want.
And my strength?
Being a good bullshitter!
Stop messing with me!
Everyone knows... talk out of|both sides of your mouth!
The only way to the altar|is to keep deceiving her!
Bring the girl to the old bus...
...tell her it磗 our hotel.
Beat- up places are|all the rage these days!
Say that our style is returning|to the simple life.
I don磘 think you should|be looking for work.
It磗 nice staying at home.
Why do you want a job?
I磎 talking to you!
Why should I stay there?
It磗 still your home.
It磗 not my home!
Then what are you doing|living there?
You should be grateful!
They磖e nice to you.
You all hate me!
Hate you?
If I hate you so much...
...why would I give you a job?
You磖e only doing it for her!
What a mouth on you!
I磎 over 50 years old, what磗 wrong|with doing something for a woman?
You wanted out|of that house anyway.
You should blame your father for this.
Would a real man ditch|his own daughter?
He never should have gotten married.
Leaving his child|for someone else to take care of!.
He doesn磘 pay child support!
You can磘 blame|your stepmother for- -
Hey, where are you going?
Why磀 you get off here?
What if that bike ran into you?
Hey, I磎 talking to you!
Don磘 touch your watch,|I know what time it is.
What磗 wrong with you?
- I磎 not going to your hotel.|- Why?
None of your business!
How磗 it none of my business?
- I promised your mom...|- She磗 not my mom!
Okay, my girlfriend then.
We agreed that I give you a job.
If you don磘 go, what do I tell her?
- You really don磘 want to go?|- No!
That磗 just fiine!
There磗 nothing great|about my hotel anyway.
But do me one favor,
Tell her the hotel was nice...
...but you didn磘 want the job.
- Can you do that?|- No!
Why not?
It磗 not that hard to do.
Then you tell her!
Stubborn kid!
Why are you so diffiicult?
You can磘 blame my dad!
I was wrong, okay?
Do you know how hard it is|for a man my age to fiind a wife?
By chance I met your mom and...
She磗 not my mom!
She trusted me to fiind you a job...
...and I end up screwing up the whole thing.
I beg you.
Come work at my hotel.
If you don磘 like it, leave.
That way, at least I did|what she asked me to.
All right?
What am I going to do with you?
Will you please go with me?
We磖e fiilling out an application for you.
All employees must fiill it out.
The guy talking to you is|Manager Fu.
He磗 in charge of daily operations.
From now on, call him Manager Fu.
- Okay, go ahead!|- Name?
Wu Ying.
- Wu Ying, that磗 spelled W- U.|- Got it.
Ying as in yellow.
How do you write that?
Like this!
Oh, okay, I磛e got it!
I磎 so used to the computer,|I forgot how to write!
- Age?|- 18.
You磖e 18?
Don磘 be suspicious.|18 is 18!
Elementary school,|but I didn磘 fiinish.
Was it a school for the blind?
No, I could still see then.
So you lost your sight later?
You have to put all this in?
We need to know all about you... give you a suitable job.
That磗 right!
Explain what happened to your eyes.
When I was little I had a brain tumor.
It swelled and put pressure|on my optic nerve.
At fiirst I had a headache... bad that I couldn磘 sleep.
Then, my face started to go numb...
...I lost all feeling...
...on one side of my body.
My vision started to go.
At fiirst I could still see colors|and light...
...but gradually I went completely blind.
Let磗 go on.
Tell us about your mother.
She磗 been gone a long time now.
When did you lose her?
Back when I could still see.
So we磍l write down|that she磗 deceased.
We磖e very interested... learning just when|your father and that...
...that woman got divorced?
Do you know...
...whose fault it was?
Now you磖e being nosey.
No, this is relevant information!
When we recruit new staff members...
...we need to know everything!
We can磘 ignore their background.
What if her family comes|and makes trouble?
Go ahead, tell us whose fault it was.
You should explain.
Just to clear this up.
Tell us exactly what happened|with your father.
They started arguing the day|we moved into her apartment.
They磀 argue all day and night.
Sometimes they got into fiights...
...and threw things all over the place.
No one could reconcile them.
Finally, my dad left.
- Did she ever hit him?|- Where磀 your father go?
Far away, to Shenzhen.
He said when he had enough money...
...he磀 come back for me|and cure my eyes.
This isn磘 the main building|of Happy Times Hotel.
This branch is in a secluded|wooded area.
Can you smell it?
Fresh air!
Can you tell?
The scenery is beautiful!
But the design isn磘 anything fancy.
It磗 made up of old buses.
The older the bus,|the higher the rate.
It磗 all about the simple life.
I got this idea listening to customers.
Rich people love it!
Your job is easy.
You just wait outside.
When the guests leave,|you tidy up.
Once you磖e done, you come|back out. That磗 all.
I磍l bring you lunch|from our employee cafeteria.
Wait a second!
Sir, how come you磖e|hauling that bus away?
- We磖e cleaning up this area.|- Who told you to do this?
The boss.
- Where are you taking the bus?|- No idea.
What are you going to do here?
Beautify the area.
What磗 wrong with you guys?
How many times do I have to tell you?
Keep me informed of everything.
Didn磘 we decide to start in 2 weeks?
So how come you磖e here?
Aren磘 I the boss around here?
I want a full report!
Now get back to work!
What a mess!
We were planning some renovations...
...but they showed up early.
You can磘 start work today.
Renovations will take a week or two... you磍l have to wait.
When you go back,|explain it all to her.
I磎 not explaining anything!
Just tell her what happened.
You tell her!
She磀 never believe me.
Why should she?|I don磘 even believe you.
Why don磘 you believe me?
It sure didn磘 sound like it.
- Like what?|- People doing renovations.
What do you know about renovations?
We磖e not putting up wallpaper here.
This is a huge job.
It磗 not your average hotel.
We磖e working with a group of buses.
We weren磘 happy with the location... that crane you heard was|moving the buses to a new one...
We are also planting flowers|and grass... liven up the area.
It will still take a month or two... know, for the grass to grow,|the flowers to bloom.
Explain all this to her.
I磎 not saying anything!
Then don磘!
But don磘 shoot your mouth off, either.
Excuse us!
Be careful!
How come you磖e back?
Hands off!. That磗 my piano!
Mom gave this room to me!
Get out! Scram!
Get out!
I don磘 have room for her.
Do I look like I have|a place to put her?
I replaced her old furniture|with new stuff.
You can磘 expect me|to change it back?
Of course not.
Now you磖e talking sense.
Come and check out my new place.
It磗 got a great vibe.|You磍l feel it.
Right now I can磘 feel a thing.
I磎 in one hell of a bind.
Do you have a massage room|at your hotel?
A massage room? What for?
Every hotel today|has a massage parlor.
She studied massage,|she磗 pretty good.
Open a massage parlor.
All you need is a room and a bed.
Who knows, she might|even bring a profiit.
No way. You don磘 know|what my hotel is like.
Listen, it磗 a good idea.|It磗 settled!
But nothing磗 set up.
- She磗 leaving!|- Leaving?
Well, go after her!
But don磘 bring her back to me!
What the hell are you doing?
What if you got hit?
Hold it right there!
What are you trying to pull?
How磀 you run so fast?
You scared the hell out of me!
Why were you standing out there?
What, are you sick of living?
If you want to kill yourself,|at least tell me fiirst!
How am I supposed to explain this?
What磗 wrong with you?
Standing in the middle of the street!
What if you got hit?
What were you thinking?
Say something!
Okay, you磖e right!
We leave in the morning and now... don磘 even have a place to stay!
She did go too far!
Don磘 cry!
Do you have any relatives here?
You can磘 go off to your father broke.
And he can磘 come get you right away.
Come with me, okay?
Come back with me.
I磍l set up a massage room.
So you can work.
I know you don磘 trust me...
...but I磎 different from her.
I磎 disappointed in her too.
What do you say?
Come back with me?
Don磘 cry.
This is your apartment?
Where磗 the refrigerator?
Don磘 have one.
A general manager would|have a refrigerator.
This is, uh, one of our|employee apartments.
Didn磘 you say this was yours?
My employees and I are one big family.
Their place is my place.
- So where do you live?|- I live... a luxury villa.
Most of my neighbors are foreigners.
I turned on the water heater.
When you磖e fiinished...
...turn this faucet.
Don磘 burn yourself.
I磛e got a guest staying with me.
Can you lend me a room?
Did you ask your buddies?
They磖e overcrowded themselves.
Isn磘 that offiice of ours empty?
That offiice is all sealed up.
Any others?
They磖e off- limits.
What should I do?
How about I stay at the workshop?
Nobody磗 working there.
Okay. It磗 going to be demolished|soon anyway.
- So you agree?|- Yes.
- I磎 approved?|- Sure.
What磗 the rush?
Why move this damn thing anyway?
Push! Harder!
Watch your fiingers!
Not bad...
...it磗 starting to look like a room.
Not bad.
- Okay, I磎 out of here.|- Wait!
Once the girl feels the sheet metal,|she磍l know it磗 a fake!
We have to fiigure out something.
Well, next...
...we probably should...
...make this place....
Have you ever been to|a massage parlor?
- Nope.|- You?
- Never in my life.|- And you two?
- Never.|- Me neither.
Then why waste time yapping?|Let磗 go look at a real one.
Forget this place, too high- class.
Too fancy for us.
- What磗 this?|- For breathing.
It磗 huge!
You said to make it|as big as a sink.
I said make it the size of a face.
Didn磘 you say sink?
No one can possibly|fall through the hole!
Not this side. It磗 too wide.
Feel with your eyes closed.
It磗 just like the real thing.
Not bad at all.
Something磗 not right.
What are we missing?
Our place is more spacious.
No, it磗 not that.
What磗 missing?
They had 2 beds- -
- We磖e missing sound.|- What?
Sound, noise!
It磗 too quiet here.
Why did the other place have|so much noise?
That place was located|right on the main street!
So, there磗 no sound.|What磗 the big deal?
Don磘 be ridiculous!
It磗 got to seem real.
If the girl is with a client|and it磗 dead- quiet...
...who will believe|it磗 a real massage parlor?
We can磘 move an entire street|over here!
Li, don磘 you have|a boom box at home?
Take it to a massage parlor|and record the street.
We磍l hit 'play,|and the problem will be solved!
On my wedding day...
...all of you will sit|at the head table with me.
Tomorrow when the clients come,|everything will go according to plan.
Oh, no.
Who is she going to massage tomorrow?
We don磘 have any clients lined up.
What are you laughing at?
I can磘 bring strangers|to this place.
If they say anything to the girl...
...our work is wasted.
You磖e my friends.|Come back tomorrow for a massage.
Come back tomorrow?
You don磘 have to work.
You get a free massage.
Won磘 she be able to feel it磗|the same people over and over again?
Tell the girl she磗 so good,|you磖e back for more.
Right. This massage stuff|gets addictive.
Why thank me?|It磗 all for us, isn磘 it?
She starts tomorrow.
She磗 staying at our employee dorm.
Nice place.
Anyway, I just hope you understand|why I磎 doing all this.
You know what|my feelings are for you.
I told you to record street noises.|What磗 this?
The street at the entrance|to the massage parlor.
This is the street?
Does this sound like|a street to you?
I recorded it on the street.
Where磀 you put the mike?
Here磗 the street|and here磗 the massage parlor...
...I put the box here.
You pointed the mike|in the wrong direction!
Then I磍l do it again.
Too late!|She磍l be here any minute.
Play it from the other side|of the workshop...
...we磍l see how it sounds.
Keep going!
That磗 good!
They磖e here.
Right now we磖e going|in the main entrance.
A steel gate, be careful!
We磖e in the hallway.
Feel this,|over here is an arched doorway.
They really fiixed the place up nice.
Feel this.
Linen wallpaper.
Turn here.
Once you come in,|you make 2 lefts.
This is the fiirst.
Feel here.
Left again,|we磖e at the end of the hallway.
Check it out...
...it磗 a really big room.
This is a cabinet.
- This massage room is huge.|- Well, our hotel is huge.
A real high- class joint.|This is the massage bed...
...it磗 a fiirst- rate bed.
The hole磗 so big.
Whatever we do...
...we do it big.
I磎 ready to start now.
I磍l wait here for the customers.
Relax! I磍l bring a customer|when one arrives.
Manager Zhao!
- How do I look?|- Pretty good.
This is my best outfiit.
I save it for special occasions.
I want to make a good impression.
Do you like it?
Yes. It磗 very pretty.
You go fiirst!
Let Li go fiirst!
What磗 there to be afraid of?|It磗 just a massage.
Then why don磘 you go!
I can磘. I work for|'Happy Times Hotel.
Neither Zhao nor I can go in.
You guys are the customers.
Then Li goes fiirst!
- You磖e fiirst.|- Let him go fiirst. He磗 shorter!
What does being short|have to do with this?
What磗 the big deal, anyway?|Are you afraid...
...this pretty thing|is gonna eat you up?
Okay, I磎 going.|I磎 not scared, but...
...I feel guilty making|this poor girl massage me.
Don磘 worry.
We磖e doing it for her.
- Wait, what about the tip?|- Who?
What do you mean, 'who?
I磎 talking about the tip.
Without it, you磍l blow everything.
You mean give her|some money afterwards.
Got any cash on you?
You want me to pay?
You磖e the one getting massaged.
The only reason I磎 getting|a massage is to help you get hitched.
We磖e doing you a favor.
You磖e getting massaged|so I can get married- -
If you磖e not paying, we磖e leaving!
Wait, I just need to fiigure this out.
You guys enjoy everything|while I foot the bill, is that fair?
Cough up your share!
How much?
10, 20 yuan will do.
How about 2 or 3?
Are you kidding?|At least 5!
Fork over the cash!
I磀 pay if I wanted to get married.
Keep it down! I磍l pay.
When it comes to money,|you all go nuts!
How can you expect them to pay?
You dropped some.
Don磘 keep it to buy|a bottle of soy sauce!
Little Wu, I磛e got a customer for you.
This is Professor Li|from the Teachers College.
A faithful customer.
Hello, Professor Li.
This is Little Wu.
She came to us highly recommended.
This is your tip.
Go ahead. I磍l be going.
I磎 sorry, Professor Li.
The hole磗 too big.|Your head must be uncomfortable.
Professor Li, you used to come|here often?
Who massaged you?|A man or a woman?
Am I rubbing too hard?
Just let me know.
How was it?
Keep it down!
I thought I磀 died|and gone to heaven.
You were right.|The hole should be as big as a face.
My head had nowhere to rest.
It fell right into the hole.
- You磖e really an idiot.|- Why?
You didn磘 act like a real client.
She asked you questions|but you didn磘 answer.
I didn磘 know what to say.
Tell her anything.
Don磘 tell me you don磘 know|how to make small talk?
Since you know everything,|you go next.
Yeah, Niu, you磖e next.
Zhao, you go in with me.
I磎 the general manager.|I磍l give it away if I go in every time.
Don磘 talk too much.|Pull yourself together!
You look like a bum,|not a restaurant manager!
Did you hear anything?
They didn磘 talk at all.
He磗 worse than me.
Since when has he ever|kept his mouth shut?
If you don磘 believe me,|look for yourself!.
Let磗 go look!
Keep it down!
Manager Zhao, is there|an ice cream shop around here?
You want ice cream?
I made money today.|I磍l treat you.
I can磘 let you pay.
There磗 a place.
I磍l go buy the ice cream.
Wait here.
Can I help you?
How much is the cheapest ice cream?
- 25 yuan.|- For how much?
One scoop.
- How big is it?|- About this big.
25 yuan for that?
That store was closed,|so I bought you a popsicle.
- Thank you.|- Eat fiirst, before we go.
Here, have a seat.
Is this Beida Street?
Yeah. It is.
Is it very crowded?
Oh, yeah.
What磗 everyone doing?
Some are going home,|others are taking their kids out...
...for a walk or going shopping.
What磗 on your mind?
Manager Zhao, it wasn磘 easy|for you to fiind me this job.
I promise I磍l work hard.
When I save some money,|I磍l fiind my dad.
We agreed that once he had enough|money, he磀 take me to cure my eyes.
You think I can be cured?
No question.
Guess what I want to see most|once I regain my sight.
Your dad, of course.
I want to see you too.
Why do you want to see me?
I want to see what you look like.
You磖e pulling my leg.
- No, really.|- I磎 not easy on the eyes.
What do you imagine|I look like?
Can I touch you?
Touch me?|Anyone can tell that way.
Here, little head, skinny bones.
I磍l try.|You tell me how close I am.
- Let磗 try. Should we stand up?|- Okay.
This is my head.
- Your hair is so short.|- Anyone could tell that.
- How come you磖e so short?|- Short?...How about now?
I wasn磘 standing up straight.
- You have thick eyebrows.|- Right.
Huge eyes!
Do I have bags under my eyes?
Naughty girl.
I磍l give you 40 yuan.
I paid over 500.
That set is worthless.
It works fiine.
If it doesn磘,|I won磘 pay you a penny.
40 yuan is a good deal.
- What color is this dress?|- It磗 a flower pattern.
What kind of flowers?
Well...the dress is red.|The flowers are...
...they磖e sunflowers.
- Are they golden yellow?|- Right, with white petals.
And what kind of red?
Deep red, like a big apple.
A big red apple.
- That磗 my favorite color.|- Well, that磗 exactly how it is.
- Are there a lot of flowers?|- Tons, too many to count.
Is it too flowery?
Oh, no, it looks great.
I was afraid it might be|too small.
I have a good eye after all.
- Thank you, Manager Zhao.|- No need to thank me.
I磍l cut back on coffee|and that磍l be that.
Come here!
It stopped playing.
What磗 wrong?
- How much do you need?|- A thousand or two.
Well, which is it?
Fill out this form.
Thank you.
I keep coming back...
...I just can磘 tell you|how much I appreciate your help.
- Will I get the money right away?|- There is no money.
No money!
You have to wait.
It磗 an emergency.
The union has money now?
Even the factory doesn磘 have funds.
So this form is useless.
How come nobody went in?
- We磖e waiting for you.|- What for?
To hand out the tip money.
To tell you the truth, I磎 broke.
Zhao, we just fiigured out... much all this|will cost you.
Pretty soon you磍l be in trouble.
Each of us gives her|5 yuan per tip... twice a day,|that磗 50 or 60 yuan.
In 10 days that adds up|to 5 or 6 hundred.
Over 1000 yuan a month.
Plus her salary...
...meals, and everything else.
You磍l end up at 2000 a month.
2000 yuan!
You can磘 afford her.
Guys, I need you to help me out here.
Can you spare any extra dough?
We can scrape together a little.
But it can磘 last forever.
You know we磖e all retired...
...and don磘 have money to spare.
She磗 a good kid.|We all like her...
...but there is nothing more|we can do.
Tell her the truth.
Sooner or later you磍l have to.
We磖e getting nowhere like this.
We can磘 stay all day long here.
Better to tell her now.
- Not a single person showed up today?|- Right.
I wonder what happened.
Little Wu?
We need to talk.
Manager Zhao,|I want to tell you something too.
Really? Go ahead.
I don磘 want to work here anymore.
You want to quit?
- Uh- huh.|- Why?
No reason.
Do you want to go back home?
Then where are you going to go?
I don磘 know yet.
Why suddenly decide to quit?
Manager Zhao,|please don磘 worry about me.
I just don磘 want this job anymore.
At least tell me|where you plan on going.
I haven磘 fiigured that out yet.
Just take me to the bus station.|I磍l leave by myself.
No way! You磖e our employee.
We磖e responsible for you.
You can磘 just up and leave.
We磍l have a meeting|to decide, okay?
Did we give ourselves away?
That磗 impossible!|We磛e been so careful.
Maybe she wants to go|to Shenzhen to look for her dad.
She needs money for that.|Shenzhen is pretty damn far.
Does she want to go home?
She said no.
If she wants to go, let her.
It磍l save us trouble|and save you money.
But if she leaves, will that hurt|your thing with Chunky Mama?
For sure.
But the point is whether something|might happen to the girl.
Do you think she might kill herself?
Kill herself?
Jump out of a building,|or run into traffiic.
- Nonsense!|- She磀 never do that!
Don磘 brush it off so lightly.
You never know|what she may be thinking.
Hey, that reminds me.
Two days ago I was at her home|when she suddenly lost her temper...
...and stormed downstairs.
I followed her.
Guess where I found her?
Standing... the middle of the street.|It was dark and cars were everywhere.
If I arrived a minute later,|she might have been hit.
We defiinitely can磘 let her go.
For sure.
If something happens...
...we磍l all be screwed.
He磗 100%right.
It磗 no longer just my business.
If the cops come fiishing around...
...they磍l question my girlfriend.
She磍l tell them the girl is here.
Then you磍l all be called in.
After all, this whole place|is a scam.
As soon as the police see it,|we磖e all screwed.
We can磘 let her leave.
But how can we keep her?
Where do we get the money|to pay her?
I have a new idea.
Since this concerns all of us... all should take responsibility|and put out some cash.
If everyone coughs up a little...
...we can keep things going.
We磍l see how things go and...
...decide what to do from there.
First things fiirst,|convince her to stay.
Go talk to her.
We can磘 let anything happen to her.
We discussed it.
Little Wu, you really can磘 go.
Everyone feels your work... top- notch.
They磖e reluctant to part with you.
Besides, all your customers are here.
They said if you leave,|they won磘 come back.
I磍l lose my customers.
Especially Professor Li.
The same goes for Mr. Niu.
They really like you.
They all do.
I like them, too.
If so, why leave?
You磛e got to stay.|See how things go.
If things aren磘 good, then go...
...but if everything|goes smoothly...
...there磗 no reason to leave,|am I right?
Zhao! Zhao!
- Who is it?|- It磗 me, Auntie Liu. Are you asleep?
How come you磖e here?
- Did they all pitch in?|- Take a look.
This must have been...
...a lot of trouble|to scrape together.
My God, what is this?
Close your eyes and feel it fiirst.
You can磘 tell it磗 fake.
You want to tip her with this?|Are you kidding?
Aren磘 you broke?
I know this is a hopeless plan...
...but it磍l work for now.
Try it fiirst.
We have no options.
Can you feel the difference?
I can磘.
The question is, can she?
If we can磘, how could she?
So we tip her with paper money.
Do you have a better idea?
We use this stuff from now on?
For the next few days.
I磍l switch it once I fiind|some real money.
Two bills per person, okay?
Who磗 fiirst?
It was her idea.
I have to go fiirst|because it was my idea?
You guys know|I can磘 keep a secret.
We can磘 risk sending her.
- Who went fiirst last time?|- Li.
Go on, Li!
I磎 not going fiirst!|Isn磘 this dishonest?
We磛e been lying to her|from the beginning.
We磍l be fiine if she thinks|it磗 real money.
And what if she can tell?
Tell her it磗 a mistake|and you磍l bring her tip tomorrow.
Crumple it up a little bit...
...otherwise it feels too new.
Did you tip her?
As soon as I went in.
We got up there too late.
Could she tell it wasn磘 real?
If she could,|she would磛e said something.
How did you give it to her?
As you said...
...I crumpled it up.
I put it in my pocket|and went in calmly.
You have to pretend|everything is normal.
Just slowly take it out|and put it in her hand.
- How many fake bills did you give me?|- Two.
Damn! I gave her|my own real money.
That money was|to buy milk for my kid.
Pay me back!
I磎 not the one|who made the mistake.
I have to get it back.
How could you be so cheap?
She gave you a massage,|let her keep it.
You made me go fiirst!
I磍l pay you back, all right?
That磗 for you. Your tip.
Thank you.
I watched her the whole time.
Keep it down!
She couldn磘 tell.
We saw it from up there.
Now we can relax.
We can support her|like this for years.
- What磗 going on?|- We磛e succeeded!
We did it!
Each of us went in twice...
...and gave her at least 3 bills.
He even gave her 5.
Didn磘 I only give you 2 each?
I went home|to get some more paper.
You磖e making a circus out of this!
You磍l blow our cover.
What磗 more,|if you keep going in like this...
...she磍l be able to tell.
The fiirst time, we all went in order.
The second,|we went in a different order.
She couldn磘 tell!
You think you磖e so smart.|You gave her your own money before!
You could ruin everything.
She may already know.
Little Wu, I heard you had|a lot of customers today.
I don磘 know why,|they just kept coming.
Good tips?
They gave a lot!
- No problems?|- Not at all!
- You put the money away?|- It磗 all here.
- How much do you think you made?|- Several hundred!
They were generous today!
This is the fiirst time|I磛e ever made so much money.
Now I can rest easy.
Just tell me when|you want to make extra money.
We have a great future ahead.
I want to take you|and Manager Fu to dinner.
But I won磘 let you pay.
It wasn磘 easy to make that money.
Save it!|Tonight is my treat!
Wouldn磘 it be great|if every day could be like today?
Don磘 worry!
Customers love you.
We haven磘 even advertised yet.
When we get the word out,|there will be even more.
We get along fiine like this.
Thanks to you,|we have a loyal clientele.
We take old customers|and turn away the rest.
Manager Zhao plans|everything out well.
He says it depends on you.
If you don磘 feel well,|we磍l send in fewer people.
But when you want|to make an extra buck...
...we磍l have them|lining up at the door!
We control the flow,|just give us the word!
Manager Zhao,|I want to fiigure something out.
If I make 500 a day,|how much can I make in a year?
Let磗 fiigure it out.
500 a day, 10 days, 5000.
30 days in a month, 3 x 5 is 15,|that磗 right.
So that磗 150,000.
- Fu, help me out here.|- 180,000 a year.
150,000 for 10 months, plus|another 2 months comes to 180,000!
For one year?
180,000!|How much money is that?
Are you sure you磖e right?
Have I ever made a mistake|when it comes to money?
Good heavens!
So much money!
You wouldn磘 even know|how to spend it.
What would you do with it?
I磀 go to Shenzhen|to fiind my dad.
So he could take me|to cure my eyes.
If they can磘 do it in Shenzhen,|we磍l go to Hong Kong.
If not in Hong Kong,|we磍l go to America.
They磍l be able to cure|my eyes in America, right?
No question!|What a place America is!
Enough with your blind worship|of America!
With 180,000,|doctors in Beijing will fiix your eyes.
And you want to go to America!
Here磗 to 180,000!
You磖e wrong again!
Let磗 drink to Little Wu|fiinding a cure!
Bottoms up!
- Here, the glass is over here.|- Raise your glass.
Kid, let磗 drink!
Manager Zhao, could you read|my father磗 letter to me?
- You saw it before.|- Yes.
I never trusted that woman.
- Do you trust me?|- Yes!
Let me have a look!
Since you trust me,|I磍l read you the letter.
''Of the 5,000 yuan|I borrowed from you...
...I lost almost 4,000...
...4,000 in the stock market.创
So there磗 over 1,000 left.
''Because of this...
...I can磘 return the money right now.
I put aside a portion of it|for my living expenses.
Things are expensive in Shenzhen.
But I磍l return that 5,000 yuan|to you soon.
Trust me, I磛e always been|a man of my word.创
That磗 it!
- What else did my dad say?|- That磗 it!
You heard it all. He borrowed|5,000 from my girlfriend.
And he lost it on stocks.
Only 1,000 yuan left.
He didn磘 mention me?
Are you sure?
Let me see.
There is a part about you.
On the back.
He wrote so small!
What did he say?
You read it.
- You want me to read it?|- See the back.
The characters are all squished.
I can磘 make heads or tails of it.
How about this...
...I磍l take it and read it|once I have my glasses.
Then I磍l tell you what he said...
...fiirst thing tomorrow morning, okay?
That磗 fiine.
Can I come see you?
No need?
You mean not ever?
You can磘 just change your mind.|What磗 going on?
Are you serious?
Then I磍l come right- -
It磗 Zhao.
So that磗 Zhao.
I磍l put away the flowers.|You two chat.
- Who磗 he?|- My boyfriend!
Then who am I?!
I told you over the phone.|We broke up!
We磛e been together for so long...
- How can you do this?|- Stop yelling!
- Who磗 that guy?|- Out. I磍l explain!
You really move too fast!
At least tell me why?
Why? Because you磖e nothing|but a liar!
You still deny it?|What are you still lying for?
I checked you out, mister!
You don磘 own any Happy Times Hotel!
You磛e been jiving me from day one!
For instance...
You磛e been wearing that same shirt|since the day we met.
Is this your only one?
And you call yourself a manager!
What garbage dump|did you dig those roses out of?
They were dead the next morning!
Let me explain.
You磖e right about|the Happy Times Hotel... was hauled away.
This is the only nice shirt I have,|but I wear it for you.
As for the flowers...
...I bought them for 2 yuan|and trimmed them myself.
But believe me, my intention|to marry you was sincere.
Do you know what I hate most?
Men that lie!
Have you ever said|an honest word to me?
If you磖e broke, just say so.
Who磀 marry you?|You磀 sell your wife for the cash.
How could I sell you off?
So there磗 no hope for us?
- Let me talk to him!|- No way!
- Hell, I was here before that guy.|- What do you mean?
I already married him.
We磖e protected by law now,|so give it up!
Don磘 call me again!
From now on, I don磘 know you!
You go your way, I磍l go mine!
By the way, bring that girl back.
She won磘 trouble you anymore.|My man can handle things.
Take my advice... honest and speak the truth!
So I磎 a liar, am I?
In the end I磎 nothing|but a no- good cheat!
I may be a cheater, but...
How could she do it?
Everything was going fiine!
If I hadn磘 gone over there,|I wouldn磘 even have known!
I show up...
...and she磗 kissing him!
I saw them kiss!
I wanted a chunky one|to keep me warm and toasty!
She磗 cold as a fiish!
And she has the gall|to look down on me?
Look at her fat ass!
A pig!
Look at yourself,|you big, chunky porkroll!
And you look down on me!
Look down at your fat ass!
What are you saying?
Let磗 go. He磗 drunk.
You got a problem?
Looking for a beating?
It磗 my own business!
I said that fatso is|a pathetic excuse for a person!
Excuse me.|Do you have a pen and paper?
Thank you.
Doctor!|Where磗 the guy just hit by a car?
You mean a truck?
- Right.|- Who are you?
- We work with him.|- He磗 in the emergency room.
- Doctor, how is he?|- Who?
The guy who got hit by a truck.
In the recovery room.
He磗 still unconscious.
Will he make it?
Any of you related to him?
We work together.
Where are his relatives?
He doesn磘 have any.
- Doesn磘 he have a daughter?|- No.
He磗 never even been married.
He must have a daughter.
This is a letter he wrote to her.
We found it in his pocket.
I know what happened.
Doctor, can we see him?
Across the hall.
Over there?
It磗 me, Fu.
We磛e all come to see you.
You were fiine yesterday,|How could this happen?
I know what you磀|want me to do.
First thing tomorrow morning,|I磍l read this to Little Wu.
Don磘 worry,|I磍l tell her it was from her father.
Little Wu! Little Wu!
- She磗 not here.|- Where did she go?
''Please listen to the tape.创|Hey! There磗 a tape here!
Look, isn磘 this hers?
Manager Zhao, by the time|you hear this recording, I'll be gone.
Don't look for me,|you'll never fiind me.
The past few days,|I wanted to leave.
It was a diffiicult decision.
But now I think it's for the best.|I won't trouble you anymore.
During our time together,|I know I've been a burden to you all.
But at the same time,|I experienced so much.
How should I put it?
Manager Zhao.
I suspected the massage room...
...was fake from the beginning.
I knew you were all acting... I played my part.
I didn't want to let you down.
I know you were all|trying to help me.
Even though you have no money.
You all tried so hard to hide the truth.
I never once felt deceived.
Instead, I felt happy.
Honest, those days with you...
...were the happiest of my life.
Those were our happy times together.
Manager Zhao...
...I knewthe money you gave me|towards the end was fake.
Maybe none of you could feel|the diffierence...
...but how could you expect me not to?
Even though the money was fake...
...your intentions were genuine.
I'll keep that paper money forever.
Manager Zhao...
...deep down I know... eyes will probably never be cured.
But don't worry...
...I'll never give up on life.
I'm sure many more diffiiculties|await me.
But when those times come...
...I will think of you|and I'll be able to pull through.
Good- bye, Manager Zhao...
This tape recorder is for you.
It's been with me for a long time.
Whenever I feel sad,|I listen to music.
If something makes you sad...
...listen to some music,|and you'll feel better.
Manager Zhao... the time you hear|this recording I'll be gone.
Don't look for me,|you'll never fiind me.
My dear daughter, how are you?
I磛e wanted to write you|for a long time.
Since I磛e been so busy at work,|trying to save money...
...I haven磘 had time.
I磎 sorry.|I hope you磍l forgive me.
Your dad really misses you.
I wonder how you磛e been doing.
Have you gained any weight?
I bet you磖e getting taller.
Everything in Shenzhen is going fiine,|except for a few problems.
Making money isn磘 easy.
But I磎 sure I磍l do well eventually.
I work so hard to make money|for one thing only... I can get your eyes fiixed.
No matter how diffiicult things|may be or how exhausted I am...
...I磍l fiind a way to cure your eyes.
When I have enough money,|I磍l bring you to Shenzhen.
If not Shenzhen...
...wherever they磛e got the best|hospitals, that磗 where we磍l go.
When your eyes are better,|you磍l see your daddy again.
You磍l see all the things you missed.
You磍l go back to school.
This is a promise.
Please believe in your dad...
...and in yourself too...
...believe your eyes will get better.
Wait for me to come get you.
No matter what happens,|keep your chin up...
...don't feel depressed.
A lot of things in life|don't go your way.
You may run into diffiiculties...
...and you may feel alone.
But none of this matters.
Don't ever lose confiidence|because of temporary setbacks.
Stay strong.
Have confiidence and keep going.
If you believe in yourself,|you can conquer any obstacle.
Trust your father who loves you.
Everything will get better,|it really will.
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