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Subtitles for Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD2.

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Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD2

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I think about you everyday.
What are you up to?
I was on the phone.
Someone was making an inquiry.
WeIcome home. I'm so happy that you're safe.
I missed you.
Are you thirsty? A drink.
Or something to eat?
I want to eat you.
Stinks of disinfectant
2,212 YEN!
How Iucky!
After shampooing, I cut my hair.
Maybe I messed up.
We shouId have marked the Iocation.
When did you make this?
Just now.
You pIanned to put it here?
Otherwise we'II forget where they are.
I thought we'd need this.
Everyone who comes by wiII see it.
Maybe not, then.
But then again, it is a work of art.
Uh, about here...
Over here wasn't it?
Where the road is?
PIease join us.
Everyone, sing aIong.
I got this far because of
your smiIing face.
No, I simpIy foIIowed you, ace.
Together, how far have we come?
Before I knew it, I was happy.
Before you knew it, that sounds snappy.
AII the hardships are Iong forgotten.
Dreams and joys and so much more.
But your gentIe,
True heart is my soIace.
Our true gentIe hearts are my soIace.
No promotion, no money,
aII I got is my heaIth.
Yes, you have energy and strength.
You aIways gave me a heIping hand.
Sometimes even a heIping kick.
I'd be hopeIess without it.
I have no regrets.
Dreams and joys and so much more.
But your gentIe true heart
is my soIace.
Our true gentIe hearts are our soIace.
Our true gentIe hearts are our soIace.
We have to dig them out.
We have to rebury them.
Your job is so demanding.
There's something I shouId teII you.
My mother is in fact...
Queen EIizabeth's youngest sister.
But, they're haIf sisters, so it's not officiaIIy admitted.
It's very tiring, the royaI famiIy.
The royaI famiIy!
But when I was IittIe,
I remember being cuddIed by Aunt EIizabeth.
Diana! If onIy I was there!
She often caIIed me for advice.
I said to CharIes.
''You must treasure your wife.''
The crash happened when I was away on duty.
So sad.
I can't forgive the paparazzi.
Mama came to Japan to study.
And feII in Iove with my father.
Papa was a student at Tokyo ImperiaI University.
That's amazing.
Not at aII.
Papa wanted to be a painter.
But as a doctor's son, he had to go study.
So that's where you get your artistic taIent.
I wanted to paint, too.
But Aunt EIizabeth objected.
Oh dear.
I'd Iike to paint you.
Shizue, you are very beautifuI.
Papa used to say Japanese women are wonderfuI.
Now I've met you, I reaIIy think so.
Neither Parisian girI nor a Russian baIIerina.
Is a match to Japanese woman.
I've never met anyone Iike you, Shizue.
I want to go to Paris.
And Iive there with you, painting pictures.
It's Iike a dream.
I must go to EngIand to expIain to Aunt EIizabeth.
But my funds are strictIy Iimited to officiaI duties.
If I return to EngIand...
It's so embarrassing.
If you just Iend me the airfare, I can come back rich!
But what am I saying!
Don't worry...
So that's his pIan.
...I'II take care.
Aren't the stars beautifuI?
Oh dear, your nose!
My nose isn't bIeeding because I'm horny.
The bIood is rushing to enhance my criticaI facuIties.
And as I have much more bIood than a Japanese.
It surges uncontroIIabIy.
Beyond aII reason.
Our ashtray?
You cheapskate asshoIe!
Come on then? Come on
HoId on.
Hit an oId man, wouId you, huh?
HoId it.
You bastard.
You oId fart.
What? Keep out of it.
I know, it hurts, I know.
Let's forget it.
Die, oId geezer.
Are you Ok, grandpa?
Stop it...
Look out!
You asshoIe!
That's our IittIe secret.
AII men are asshoIes.
Mom, why did you marry dad?
The first time you dad stayed with me. Next morning,
He got aII my shoes out of the cIoset.
And poIished them in his underwear.
At that moment I decided,
I want to cook for him forever.
I'm jeaIous.
Dad wouId probabIy eat poison if you cooked it.
He'd be easy to kiII.
Sachiko, I'm sorry, forgive me
Michiko, Yoshie, I never meant to make you unhappy.
It's aII my fauIt.
Kimiyo, Yuka, Kazue, forgive me.
Sachiko, Yuko,
Miyuki, sorry.
Shimizu Yoko!
Is he dead?
What's wrong now?
An actor?
He's a member of the British RoyaI famiIy.
And a piIot with the U.S. Navy.
No way.
The bastard! Look what he's hoIding!
Tissues from the diaI-a-date cIub at the station!
You think a reaI piIot wouId carry this?
What's this?
Shochiku FiIm Studio RentaI Costume
He's not a foreigner?
No way
Not another one.
Hey, Iook, hey.
A waIIet.
See. I toId you it wasn't me.
The bastard!
He even stoIe our ashtray, too.
But why did he have to die here?
And after faIIing down that guIIy so weII too, asshoIe!
Yes. Officer Miyake.
A dead body?
A typhoon is approaching, moving sIowIy, gaining intensity.
After midnight, the whoIe area...
Here you are.
Thank you.
The picture's gone funny.
It's the antenna.
Uh oh?
A guest?
What this time?
Do you have a room avaiIabIe?
WouId you Iike two rooms?
Just one, the cheapest
Thank you
WeIcome, this way pIease.
PIease, as you are.
Don't you have a bad feeIing about this?
Ex cuse me.
Do you have some strong cord I couId borrow?
I need some, if you have any.
I'II find some and bring it right up.
Maybe we shouId prepare ourseIves for the worst.
This wet ground.
ReaIIy gives me back ache.
What do you think, grandpa?
Oh, that'II do, that's fine.
I can hear something.
A fIute.
The cord.
What's the hoIe for?
It's for the garbage.
Good job.
Thanks for everything.
What's this?
What are you burying him for?
Look on the bright side. (OK!)
AIways be positive. (OK!)
Oh, you can Iook away.
You can even stop.
Go on, go on!
But aIways get moving again. (OK!)
Even if no one awaits you.
Looking good.
Let's go.
Let's go sIowIy.
With chins up high.
Are we Iosers Iooking back to the past?
Don't try too hard to forget.
In the end, it's just a memory.
Let's go together.
Take me with you!
Let's hoId hands.
Man is a puny, IoneIy thing. (that's true).
So untiI we finaIIy cIose our eyes.
Let's Iive to Iaugh and dance...
Where am I? Shit!
What the heII!
What is this! Damn.
Good morning!
What is it?
It can't be.
They found out?
What'II I do? What'II I do?
Look! Look at this! Shit!
Terue, Iook inside.
I shaII go.
Don't be stupid.
I did it.
I'm guiIty of...
Too incredibIe!
Don't think about it.
Masao, you did you best
I shaII go.
As Iong as you're here, the Katakuri famiIy wiII be aII right.
Don't worry.
I gave up my Iife once during the war.
Grandpa, wait, I'II go!
Masayuki, good for you.
Spoken Iike a reaI Japanese.
But it's times Iike these, when Iuck's run out,
That oId coots Iike me shouId go.
No, it shouId be me.
I suggested we bury them.
Fact is, I dragged everyone here.
I was wrong and I'm sorry.
That's not true.
That is true.
No it's not.
Yes it is.
What is happiness?
In aII these years, I Iearnt just one thing.
No one shouId die in a way that saddens anyone.
PeopIe shouId Iaugh at funeraIs, [He did weII to Iive this Iong!]
How you die is aII down to how you Iive.
Don't worry. God's kind to fooIs.
Shit! They foIIowed! Shit!
These are detectives with the county poIice.
Mr. Katakuri.
There's been a homicide.
Down at the foot of the mountain...
A woman was kiIIed at a guest house.
We beIieve her Iover's the cuIprit.
But we Iost track of him.
Had any suspicious guests IateIy?
This is grandpa's.
CouId we see your guest register?
And Iook in the grove out back?
Damn you!
Damn you!
It's coming! Coming!
A hit!
You bastard!
Damn you aII!
Let her go!
Don't come cIoser.
Shut up!
Shoot, go on and shoot.
Come on!
Shoot, damn you.
Ok, Ok, caIm down.
Let her go.
Let her go!
Don't come any cIoser.
CaIm down.
You kiIIed the woman down at the guest house!
You kiIIed your wife!
Shut up, bastard
It's Nobuko's fauIt. It's her fauIt.
Let go of her!
PIease stop.
Why did you do it!
Was it so unforgivabIe?
Or was it unforgivabIe because you Ioved her?
Shut up!
You noisy bastard!
Don't get ex cited.
I kiIIed her because I Ioved her
What do you know, you bastard?
How can you understand Nobuko and me?
Stand up!
Nobuko, I'm sorry.
Hey, hey
Did you Iove Nobuko so much?
Me too.
I Iove Terue more than anything in the worId.
I can understand your Iove.
So you can understand how I feeI too.
So pIease Iet her go.
I beg you.
The woman you are squeezing so strongIy now.
Isn't your wife.
She's my beIoved wife.
PIease understand.
I beg you.
Shut up!
Ok, then take me hostage instead.
Take me instead.
Shut up!
I beg you.
I beg you.
I beg you.
I beg you.
I beg you.
Let go, you asshoIe!
Be brave!
Our precious son!
Are you aIright?
I'm aIright.
I'm aIright here.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't a good son.
But I'm proud to be your son.
It hurts!
Be brave.
You're quite a babe.
So, keep trying.
Don't die!
Is that aII?
Hey, it's Iike this.
A graze?
This much?
Just a scratch!
That's good.
Hey, hey.
Where's Pochi?
Search for Pochi!
Where are you going?
Give me your paw.
Give dad your paw.
You OK?
Pochi, that was cIose.
Right, that's it, it's OK.
I won't do it any more. Sorry.
Here it comes.
Come on everyone.
Stick together.
Hands together.
HoId my hand tight, Yurie.
Mom, Pochi!
What is it?
HoId hands!
Go for it, everyone.
Grandpa's gone.
There's grandpa!
Grandpa Iaughed and said,
Never give up,
Saying that's Iife.
Anything can happen in Iife.
The human race has survived thousands and miIIions of years,
Living braveIy and tenaciousIy.
He's awake.
Hey, hey.
Can you see us?
You ok?
Thank god.
HoId on.
Look over here.
It's beautifuI.
So, Iet's go! Let's go!
The sun is watching with a smiIe.
Let's sing!
Like the birds, aim for the sky.
Let's Iaugh!
Leave your sadness to the wind.
Tomorrow wiII be fine, we're aII weII.
Let's Iaugh together, that's happiness!
Let's Iaugh.
Leave your sadness to the wind.
Tomorrow wiII be fine, we're aII weII.
Let's Iaugh together, that's happiness.
The foIIowing year
Grandpa Jinpei dropped dead.
Man is just one of Nature's creatures.
And one day mankind wiII probabIy
Lose the game of naturaI seIection.
But untiI that time,
Man goes on Iiving, earnestIy, touchingIy.
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