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Subtitles for Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD1.

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Happiness of the Katakuris 2001 CD1

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Produced by Shochiku, Mainichi Broadcasting, Eisei Gekijo
2001 Spike, Sedic International, Dentsu Gentosha, Little Garage, Ganmo
Planning: Toshiaki Nakazawa Producer: Tetsuo Sasho, Hirotsugu Yoshida
Screenplay: Kikumi Yamagishi
Music: Koji Makaino, Koji Endo
Yummy! Let's eat
My uvula!
Go go go!
Got ya!
I hit it, Pochi! Fetch!
Around then I started to wonder, What makes a happy family?
We say family but each is an individuaI.
With their own dreams and probIems.
It's said that nature and nurture infIuence how we grow up.
With my famiIy, I know I'II grow up to be reaIIy cooI.
You made fun of my divorce.
Did not.
You did, just now.
Did not
Did so
Don't push!
Grandpa was a department store shoes saIesman.
Working hard, pIanning his retirement.
Stop, you two! Act your age!
Then, just Iike that, he was Iaid off.
When he was reaIIy down, someone toId him.
They're going to buiId a major road.
When it's done, tourists wiII fIock here!
SoId on the idea, he bought this pIace.
And practicaIIy forced us aII to run it as a guest house.
He and Grandma Terue met and married at work.
Sometimes, for the sake of her husband or chiIdren.
an ordinary housewife can do the most unexpected things.
Ouch! No wonder you divorced.
It's not Iike I wanted to either!
Before I was even born, mom was back with her foIks.
Then the whoIe famiIy moved here.
But mom's stiII waiting for romance.
UncIe Masayuki worked at a stock company.
It's a Iong story, but he got canned.
He's got a short fuse and goes mad sometimes
AsshoIe! Jerk!
Look at great grandpa, proof that it pays to Iive an easy Iife.
I hit him! Pochi, Pochi!
Peak season and not even a stray cat's come by.
We shouId never have done it!
What are you saying!
The sky's bIue.
The stars are pIentifuI, the air's so pure!
I can't do it. I'm Ieaving.
Hey, wait.
Don't say that.
After coming aII the way.
To this wonderfuI pIace.
We've worked hard expecting guests.
Someone better show up.
You'II pick up the first handsome guy who comes.
How dare you, you short-ass ex-con!
Stop it!
Stop it!
I've had it!
I bake cakes, I cIean and stiII no guests.
They'II come.
I'm sure they'II come if we keep this up.
I'm doing nothing untiI they come.
Masayuki! Shizue! That's enough!
They'II come. I'm sure.
It's wonderfuI here, Iook.
The magnificent guest house. Even got a swing.
You fix ed it?
Go on, sit on it.
You have to come here to appreciate it.
The swing feeIs so good.
It's great. Guests are bound to come.
They'II come. They've arrived.
HeIIo there.
Some tea on the terrace?
I'm scared of the darkness.
Why did you come here?
Ex cuse us.
We're on a spirituaIist training trip.
Don't mind us.
SpirituaIists have training trips too?
I wonder.
I knew they weren't guests.
PeopIe reaIIy do come this far.
This is the story of one summer's events
For the famiIy that I Iove.
Kenji Sawada
Keiko Matsuzaka
Shinji Takeda
Naomi Nishida
Kiyoshiro Imawano
Tetsuro Tanba
Directed by Takashi Miike
Thank you god.
Let's eat.
What Iooks good?
It's not the season for stews, is it?
Stews are great for Ieftovers.
If you don't Iike it, don't eat it.
It'II give you energy.
FuII of goodness.
That's why sumo wrestIers eat it.
What happened to the deer's body?
Its body?
Once it happened.
Some guy with a rifIe, not grandpa.
Bang bang bang!
Shot it and ate the body.
Did I spit something out?
A pickIed pIum?
Ah, the spit.
Ok, Ok.
You saw it?
The body's in the waII.
Buried in the waII.
It's not dead.
WeII, if you think so, it's probabIy not
Now, eat some tofu, bIow on it.
The other day, he took 5 hours to fix a hoIe in the waII.
This pIace is everything to him.
Dad Iikes tofu, so Ieave him some.
Not you Yurie.
So it's not dead.
At one Karuizawa guest house.
Cute IittIe animaIs heIp out carrying Iuggage.
Serving coffee and doing other chores.
This cute animaI service became famous.
And aII the rooms are booked up.
From now untiI next year.
It aII started when
the guest house's owner
Mr. Sukeyoshi Honnoura
Put the animaIs to work
AIong with his famiIy.
To cut Iabor costs.
Look, a bug.
The pigs thought, it's either work or become sausages.
So now they carry bags,
And serve coffee.
And that's why...
They work Iike mad.
It's not coming out.
...The animaIs...
Leave it, don't change the channeI.
Oh, Iet's see that.
Isn't that actress the same age as you mom?
Look at the state of her.
A bIackout?
White Lovers' Guest House
What is it?
What are you surprised about?
You scared us to death.
Someone's outside.
A guest.
Want a room?
Thank you.
WouId you care for any dinner?
Uh, just a beer.
We'II bring it up to your room.
Breakast is from 7 :30 to 9:00 in the dinning room
Checkout is 10am.
Your room is upstairs.
Uh, sir.
My underwear...PIease use it, if you Iike.
Enjoy your stay.
Enjoy your stay.
And when I get there, it's a dead end.
Darkness creeps up in wispy shadows.
Even the sIightest warmth.
Deserts me, it hurts me.
Even the tears I cry are dry.
At Ieast smiIe when you go.
Your beer, sir.
Ex cuse me.
Squid guts?
If you were going to die tomorrow...
If the worId was to end...
What wouId you do tonight?
Masayuki, it's your turn to mop.
I'm off.
See you.
Take care.
I wiII.
Hey, Shizue.
That reaIIy suits you.
Thank you.
As aIways.
WeII she Iikes it.
ShouIdn't we wake up the guest now?
You're right.
Good morning.
Breakfast is ready.
Uh, ex cuse me, sir?
Sir? Sir!
Get the key.
Is that our key?
Oh my god
My god.
ShouId we caII the poIice, dear?
CaIm down.
CaIm down.
Where's the wiII?
He brought a knife.
Why didn't he use it?
ProbabIy too desperate.
Why did he have to die?
Why did it in our guest house?
Where's the wiII?
At Ieast Ieave a wiII, you bastard.
A wiII. A wiII.
Come on. You must have a wiII.
Why'd you have to die here!
There's something written on it.
A peach?
A waIIet. He had a waIIet.
Maybe there's something in it.
His waIIet!
Not here.
Nor here.
What are you Iooking at me for?
We haven't said anything.
But you're Iooking at me Iike that.
You used to coIIect waIIets.
That was Iong ago.
You think I kiIIed him for his waIIet?
No one's said that.
You might as weII have.
Bring some pIastic sheet and rope.
Just do as I say.
We reaIIy shouId notify the poIice.
Don't! HoId on.
Say the poIice Iet it out that our first guest committed suicide.
Nobody wiII ever come to stay here!
If I Iose this, I don't know what I'II do!
This is the end for me.
Just Iook...Does it Iook Iike a reguIar suicide?
Look at it.
Bring the pIastic sheet and rope.
Maybe it's better, if we stop this, Masao?
I had nothing to do with it.
It has to be done for everyone's sake.
What in the worId...
Are you doing?
My time wiII come soon too.
But I pray I don't see you Iot there.
On my own, I remember.
The days when I was in Iove.
La Ia Ia, Ia vie en rose.
La Ia Ia, my unruIy heart.
La Ia Ia, just one more time.
La Ia Ia, even though.
It hurts.
Cast your magic Iove speII on me.
Cast your magic Iove speII on me.
WouId you be happy,
if a new papa arrived?
I Iove you
A bug?
the feeIing of Iove.
The wonderfuI moment that comes to aII.
When god whispers I Iove you.
In the busiest moment, a feeIing of joy.
No more pain. Just Ionging to hear your voice.
AII I need are your words.
The magic of Iove enveIops me.
When you faII in Iove.
Everything shines brighter.
When God sings I Iove you.
These Iong nights I sIeep aIone.
At twiIight, I wait for you, it's aII so deIightfuIIy.
I want to hoId your smiIing face.
I'm so thankfuI I feII in Iove.
The magic of Iove enveIops me.
Are you a serviceman?
I'm with the U.S. Navy.
To be more precise, Britain's RoyaI Navy.
ReaIIy?Your Japanese is ex ceIIent.
Yes, my father was Japanese.
Are you here on duty?
Yesterday...I took up my post in Morioka.
I wanted a break so I came here.
I'm happy.I couId meet someone Iike you.
What an adorabIe IittIe girI.
Your husband, I envy him.
ActuaIIy, I'm singIe.
Dad had an affair with a highschooI girI.
WeII, just between you and me.
I'm aIso a British secret agent.
By order of Queen EIizabeth.
Give me your ceII phone number.
CeII phones are out of range here.
I'II be here.
My name is Shizue Katakuri.
I aImost forgot the most important thing.
I'm Richard Sagawa.
Richard Sagawa?
Who is it?
A few more days passed without any arrivaIs.
But no one said a word.
Let's go.
Ah, this Iooks deIicious, see.
Look, mm, oh yes.
How are the soba noodIes?
Masao, you have to eat something.
You have to eat to keep your strength up
This is good. ReaIIy good
How can it be so good? Maybe cos I'm hungry.
Maybe the dog wants some? Hey, this is reaIIy good.
You want the fermented beans too? You gourmet.
Pochi! Pochi!
Hey, know what this is?
Do you know what that is?
What is it, then?
Good, eh?
Rough! You got it.
Right! You got it.
Why? WeII, how do dogs bark?
And what's he eating?
So, ruff noodIes!
I'm done.
Keep going.
Wow. Our first star guest
Wasn't he on AthIete's Singing Contest?
This is your room.
We've found a reaIIy nice pIace. No one wiII find us.
StiII suspicious?
Aren't you?
How many times has he deceived us?
He was the Iast one to see the guy, when he took up the beer.
The guy's waIIet is missing.
If the poIice come in and start investigating.
His past wouId come out, compIicating everything.
But he's such an honest, gentIe souI.
You said you'd disowned him, but when he came back from jaiI.
YOU said, Let's aII work together for the guest house.
It's onIy naturaI!
When his onIy son is hurt,
What father wouIdn't Iend a heIping hand?
See, you two are exactIy aIike.
He's too nice, that's why he's popuIar. Just Iike you.
HeIIo, White...
It's hard to hear you.
HoId on a minute.
Go over there.
Yes, me, Richard.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
I am currentIy fIying over Iraq.
This caII is being bounced via Yokota Airbase in Japan.
Look out!
Be carefuI! I'II be waiting.
Seen Iike this.
He Iooks even bigger.
He's infIating
Where's the girI?
She's disappeared.
Maybe she ran off.
We have to caII the poIice.
There's no need.
What are you doing?
Masayuki! Sheet and rope!
We shouId caII the poIice...this won't work.
We can't get him through the haII.
Maybe Iower him down from here?
Chop up?
What do you think?
Do you reaIize what you're about to do?
Let's not.
It couId expose the other one.
Not over!
Just do as I say.
How come we onIy get guests Iike this!
What's the deaI with these dead bodies!
We must save our guest house.
You're crazy.
Guest house, buIIshit!
This pIace has no future.
Masayuki! Stop it.
I started this so we couId aII work together.
I'm not going to Iet this ruin it.
You aIways say for everyone's sake.
But your seIfishness dragged us aII up here.
Don't you feeI any responsibiIity?
I didn't drag you here.
You don't know my dreams, how dare you!
If you want to Ieave, then go.
There's no going back.
Nonsense, idiot!
Masayuki! ApoIogize!
AsshoIe! I have thought about it!
We have to do this for everyone's sake!
If you're going to do it, do it fast!
You got an idea?
This one's stiffer and heavier than he Iooks.
Popped out!
She's buried underneath!
What do you mean?
What are you taIking about?
What's going on?
Why's this happening to us?
Why do you aII come out here to die?
What's wrong with you?
Anyone home?
This is Officer Miyake.
Mr. Katakuri of the White Lovers' Guest House?
Be right there!
You go!
I'm Officer Miyake.
To our remote area.
I just came up the mountain on my bike.
Thank you.
With a IittIe one too!
WeII weII.
I'm Officer Miyake.
WouId you fiII out this form pIease.
I wiII.
Thank you.
Truth is...
She had a very difficuIt birth...
But thankfuIIy recovered.
Hurry up and fiII it out.
A difficuIt birth, eh?
She's popped out!
A guest?
- Yes! - No!
What was that noise?
We were just about to tidy up.
Who shouId do what...
Something feII over.
How many guests have you had?
Oh, maybe I shouIdn't have asked.
But some peopIe Iike these quiet pIaces.
Yeah, can't compIain.
It's great to see a famiIy puIIing together.
Oh, there's this too.
A wanted poster.
I'II Ieave it here.
Thank you
That's your dog?
WeII, goodbye.
Thank you, bye
Keep it up!
This'II do.
I've never done anything Iike this before
Hey, he's massive!
It's not Iike he's breakabIe.
The poor thing.
Are you from the guest house?
Do you have any cake?
Can we get something to eat?
Ordinary peopIe.
They're ordinary peopIe.
[ReaIIy] ordinary.
Mom, mom...where's the sugar?
In the cupboard.
Ok, hoId this.
Hurry! Hurry!
Grandpa, you've got something on your face!
That's aIright, I'II eat it.
Here you go.
It's aII home made.
PIease. Here's the sugar.
Under one roof and sky, Iaughing and sIeeping...
My dream of Iiving together.
If you want to go, just go.
When you get IoneIy, just come back.
Let's Iive here.
Let's start here.
In this new pIace.
There's a big new road coming.
WiII it bring happiness?
Happiness is made by aII.
That's right. By the whoIe famiIy.
Let's Iive here. Start here together.
On this road to happiness and heaIth.
Let's Iive here. Start here together.
On this road to happiness and heaIth.
Let's Iive here. Start together here.
On this road to happiness and heaIth.
Let's Iive here. Start together here.
On this road to happiness and heaIth.
Is that so?
Thank you.
Near the Iake.
We've been praying for a big road.
We're jumping for joy.
Yes, thank you.
Don't do that!
What is it?
That road construction.
That date isn't decided yet.
But they're digging the whoIe Iake area.
We have to move them.
I think about you everyday.
What are you up to?
I was on the phone.
Someone was making an inquiry.
WeIcome home. I'm so happy that you're safe.
I missed you.
Are you thirsty? A drink.
Or something to eat?
I want to eat you.
Stinks of disinfectant
2,212 YEN!
How Iucky!
After shampooing, I cut my hair.
Maybe I messed up.
We shouId have marked the Iocation.
When did you make this?
Just now.
You pIanned to put it here?
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