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Subtitles for Hans Staden (1999).

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Hans Staden (1999)

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I made two journeys to the New World.
On the first, in 1548...
I went to the Brazilian Northeast.
On the second, in 1550...
I crossed the Ocean again.
We were shipwrecked off the coast of Santa Catarina...
southern Brazil.
After two years, I managed to arrive in São Vicente...
a Portuguese village.
The Portuguese employed me as an artilleryman...
at Fort Bertioga, next to São Vicente.
I had spent two years at the fort.
I was going to return to Europe in a few days...
to be rewarded by the King of Portugal...
for services rendered in the colony.
Let's see if you escape now...
you damned black native!
y ou're going to die, bastard!
In January of 1554...
I was looking for my slave, an Indian called Guará-miri...
who had gone hunting and had not returned.
Soon I spotted a cross, our sign...
to talk to the Indians of the region...
the Tupiniquins, who were our allies.
Being close to the fort...
I decided to inquire about my slave Guará-miri.
SeiZe the Portuguese. SeiZe him!
Let's kill him and share out the meat.
I touched him first.
He's mine. He's going to my village.
He'll go to Ubatuba.
First the women must play with him.
Have a good trip.
Speak, food!
Speak, food!
I'm arriving, me, your food.
I'm arriving, me, your food!
Here comes our food, hopping.
Let's eat the Portuguese!
Let's eat the Portuguese!
Nha'epepó-ûasu and Alkindar-miri were my owners.
They said I was going to be a gift for Ipirú-guaçú...
who had given them an enemy as a present...
as proof of friendship.
The two brothers had promised to give him...
the first enemy they would capture.
I was the first enemy.
Shis land is ours!
She maracás told us that we would catch a Portuguese.
Shese objects have no power. Shey lie.
Shey lie about me being Portuguese.
It is you who is lying!
I am a friend of the French and my country is Hesse.
y ou were among the Portuguese, sworn enemies of the French.
She French always come and bring us goods.
Shey are our friends.
It is different with the Portuguese.
Shey became friends of the S upiniquins, our major enemies.
Ever since then, they have captured our people for barter.
Our friends went aboard as we still do with the French.
She Portuguese tied them up and...
gave them to the S upiniquins, who devoured them.
Shey came with the S upiniquins...
to battle against us and make us their slaves.
She Portuguese shot off our father's arm, and he died.
We are going to revenge his death on you.
y ou can't take revenge on me. I'm not Portuguese.
I came with the Spaniards to Sço Vicente.
We were shipwrecked. So I stayed with the Portuguese.
My son, tell your story.
Some time ago, I was in a village...
attacked by the S upiniquins.
Shey devoured the elders...
and gave some of the younger Indians.
I was bought by a Portuguese from Bertioga.
I lived among them until I was captured again.
Shis time by the S upinambás. I wasn't eaten...
and now I'm here.
Do you know this man?
I met him when I lived in Bertioga.
-ls he a Frenchman? -I don't know.
Is it true that he arrived in Sço Vicente?
A ship arrived in Sço Vicente.
Shey were the Spaniards, friends of the Portuguese.
I know nothing else about him.
I'm a friend of the French.
Shey always come to barter with you.
I heard you have a Frenchman...
living among you picking peppers.
When the Frenchman comes here...
he'll be able to identify me.
y ou must not kill me.
y ou'd better pray to your God.
Almighty God, Lord of Heaven and Earth, who...
from the beginning hath listened to men.
Have mercy upon me.
Show me that thou art with me.
Show these wild pagans who know nothing, my God...
that thou hath heard my prayer.
Am I going to die now?
No, not yet.
I want to die with my beard.
y ou aren't going to die yet.
Do you think he likes to play?
What's it like to play with all this hair?
Let's play in the hammock?
Let's play in the hammock?
Do you want to play with me?
y ou and me in the hammock?
Oh! y ou don't know how much we missed you!
Do you know that little baby I had?
He died, and he suffered so much!
Now we are happy because you have returned.
It's good knowing how much you like us.
-y ou have arrived. -I have arrived in peace.
Karuatá-ûara is our friend.
y es, I am a friend of the S upinambás.
Come with me.
Who are you? y ou say that you are a Frenchman.
Can you speak our language, or are you an impostor?
Answer and you will be considered a Frenchman.
Do you speak our language? Are you French?
Who is our King?
Where do we anchor our ships in France?
y ou can kill and eat this man.
He is a Portuguese, your enemy and mine.
I'm not Portuguese. I'm from Hesse.
S ell them that we are friends.
S ell them not to eat me.
Shey want to eat you.
Wretched is he who believes in men.
He is a real Portuguese.
See how he screams. Faced with death, he is afraid.
Why don't you eat?
My tooth hurts very much.
Open your mouth and I'll pull your tooth.
It doesn't hurt anymore, it doesn't hurt anymore.
If you don't eat, you'll become ill.
So we'll have to kill you before your time is due.
She S upiniquim witch doctor has arrived. Let's see him.
If he is a S upiniquim, he is an enemy of the S upinambás.
A great witch doctor has no enemies.
Open your mouth.
Now put this on the tooth.
Bite the leaves with your teeth.
Stay like that.
y ou came from far away bringing misfortune to our people.
We are going to die.
And because of that, our spirits will want revenge.
Great witch doctor, let us go back to the village.
Prepare a present for lurupari, Alkindar-miri.
lurupari wants food.
-Where are we going? -y ou'll see.
Here's the slave, the Portuguese.
Have you come as an enemy?
I come, but not as an enemy.
Drink the cauim.
Are you Kunhambeba? y ou are still alive!
y es, I'm still alive.
I've heard the Portuguese say your name.
y ou are famous.
Let's drink.
I want to know when our enemies, the Portuguese...
and the S upiniquins are going to attack our people.
y our true enemies, the S upiniquins...
are preparing their canoes to attack you.
y ou are Portuguese and you lie about being French.
I am French.
Shen why did you fire your cannon...
against us in Bertioga?
My ship sank in Sço Vicente.
I was sent to Bertioga by the Portuguese to do it.
y ou lie when you say you are French.
y ou are Portuguese.
Karuatá-ûara said that you didn't know his language.
I have forgotten it. I have been away from France...
for a long time.
I have captured and eaten many Portuguese.
All of them weep and say that they are French...
because they are afraid to die.
What else do the Portuguese say about me?
Shey talk about the terrible wars you lead against them.
But now Bertioga is fortified.
We are going to capture them all, just like we caught you.
I'm going to kill many of my enemies...
many Portuguese...
and eat them.
Let's drink some more.
Are you going to run away?
Are you going to run away?
Who are you?
I want you to come with me.
I can help you to escape.
Shere is a path that goes by the mountain.
Shen, show me the way.
Come with me!
S ake good care of him, lpirú-guaçú.
He is in my hands.
We want to eat the Portuguese
and drink in lpirú-guaçú's cabin.
She S upiniquins are coming!
She S upiniquins are coming!
Quiet. Quiet.
Stay here... Stay here.
Be careful!
Be careful!
He has been here for a while.
She next moon, we will kill the Portuguese and celebrate.
He dies on the next moon.
Why do you keep staring at the moon?
I see that it is angry.
With whom is the moon furious?
It is looking at your cabin.
It's a lie. It's a lie. y ou are a liar!
No, it's not your cabin.
It is looking further away.
It is furious with the Carijós.
May misfortune fall upon them!
May misfortune fall upon them.
The morning after the Council of Chiefs...
an Indian came from the village of Mambukaba.
The Tupiniquins had not attacked us, but...
they had attacked the village of Mambukaba.
They had taken one prisoner, but destroyed the village.
Nha'epepó-ûasu had relatives in Mambukaba...
and decided to go and help his relatives...
to rebuild the village.
He was going to bring manioc and meal to the feast...
in which I would be killed.
My death-hour was arriving.
On that day, I heard shouts...
coming from Nha'epepó-ûasu's cabin.
The Tupinambás used to shout to greet...
someone who was ariving.
Nha'epepó-ûasu should have arrived bringing...
roots and meal for the feast of my death.
Nha'epepó-ûasu's brother has arrived.
Did Nha'epepó-ûasu bring everything for my feast?
I know that you'll be sad.
y ou'll have to wait longer.
Nha'epepó-ûasu's brother said that...
everyone is sick in Mambukaba.
I am Nha'epepó-ûasu's brother.
My village is Mambukaba.
Everyone is sick there.
My brother Nha'epepó-ûasu, my mother...
my brother's children... all of them are very sick.
Nha'epepó-ûasu thinks that your God is angry.
My God is angry because your brother wants to devour me.
And I am not Portuguese.
Go and tell your brother...
to come back to his hut.
I will beg my God to save him.
Shey are too sick to return to Ubatuba.
Nha'epepó-ûasu must come back soon.
Only here he will get completely cured.
We got the white man's disease. y ou already knew...
when you said that the moon was looking...
at my hut.
It is true.
Everyone got sick because you wanted to kill me...
even though I'm not your enemy.
Shis is the reason for your misfortune.
No one will mistreat you nor will anyone mock you anymore.
y ou have to cure all of us, or we will die.
It was a difficult period.
Nha'epepó-ûasu's relatives had died in the village.
First to die was a child, then another one...
and later, his mother.
I kept watching the Tupinambás who...
used to weep copiously when a relative or a friend died.
Nairá brought me food.
But I wasn't hungry. I didn't eat anything.
I kept watching Nha'epepó-ûasu's cabin.
Each body in the hammock took a part of my life with it.
Then, his brother, who had brought...
the news of the sickness, died.
Nha'epepó-ûasu had me called to his cabin.
S ell your God to ease up on his wrath.
S ell him to spare...
my women's life and mine.
Don't be afraid, Nha'epepó-ûasu.
But when you get better, don't you dare touch me.
No one will mistreat you anymore.
From now on, you shall be left in peace.
y ou appeared in my dream and...
told me that I was going to die.
If you don't kill me, you will not die.
If those who captured you don't kill you...
I won't do you any harm either.
If they kill you, I won't eat your flesh.
y our dream was only a warning.
In my dream, I ate so much of your flesh that I got sick.
If you don't eat human flesh, you'll be out of harm's way.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
y ou are not Portuguese.
Sheir God doesn't get as angry as yours.
Let's play.
Let's play.
Come on!
So, you are still alive?
y es, Karuatá-ûara.
I'm alive.
Shanks to the good Lord.
y ou seem to be getting on well with them.
I'm not Portuguese... I'm from Hesse.
I was shipwrecked with the Spaniards...
and ended up with the Portuguese.
I was almost killed because of you.
y ou aren't Portuguese, but I thought that you were.
And we hang the lot of them. Shey are our sworn enemies.
Shen tell the Indians.
S ell them that I'm not Portuguese.
S ake me with you to the French ships.
I was wrong the first time... He is not Portuguese.
He is from the land called Hesse.
Shey are friends of the French.
What do you mean by that?
He is a friend of the French.
I want to take him to our ships.
No, he can't leave here.
His father and brothers must bring us many presents.
Mirrors, scissors, axes, knives, combs.
We caught him in enemy territory. He is ours.
S ake good care of him.
y ou must not kill him.
His brothers will come...
with a ship full of provisions to get him.
He is your countryman...
What did Karuatá-ûara give you?
He gave me nothing.
Why didn't he give you a knife...
so that you could give it to me?
y es, liar!
Stop! Stop!
He's black.
He's black.
My God painted them black.
Why did he paint them?
For your people not to see them at night.
Are you running away?
Kill me.
Where are you from?
From Sço Vicente... I'm tired, master.
We will not harm you.
Follow this path through the woods.
y ou will find another path there.
Shank ya, master... Shank ya.
If you shoot him, my God will get angry.
Now he looks like a Frenchman.
It's all the same.
Shey're like the Portuguese.
It's all the same.
Shey're like the Portuguese.
Are you French? What's your name?
My name is Jacó. I'm a French Jew.
And you are the Portuguese...
who was captured in Bertioga. I have heard about you.
-I'm not Portuguese. -Are you a S upinambá, then?
No, I'm from Hesse...
and I came with the Spaniards.
I don't know who you are. I don't care.
I can't do anything for you.
S ake me to your ships.
Shese Indians can kill me anytime.
Shere is nothing I can do for you.
She S upinambás are our allies.
y ou are their prisoner.
When can I count on you?
y ou never know.
Are you prepared to die?
y es, I'm well prepared.
But this rope is not long enough nor is it any good.
We maracajás have much better ropes.
What about you?
Are you ready to die?
y ou'd better prepare yourself...
because I've heard that your party is next.
I'm a prisoner like yourself.
I didn't come to eat your flesh.
My masters brought me.
I know that you don't eat human flesh.
Have faith.
Shey can only eat your flesh...
your spirit shall be united with God.
I've never seen God.
y ou shall see him in the next life.
Aren't you staying for the feast?
No, I've already been to other feasts.
Shey devoured Portuguese.
Shat's what they want to do to me.
Shey do that to the Portuguese and their allies.
I've told you. I'm not Portuguese.
Shere's nothing I can do. Bye.
God sees everything.
Now, let's kill and eat our enemy.
It is we who break the bird's neck.
He wouldn't escape by flying...
even if he were...
a parrot.
Ibirapema is going to break the enemy's head.
What about the Portuguese? When will his feast be?
Soon. y ou are going to be invited.
Soon... Soon.
I want to eat his flesh.
I was the first to touch him in Bertioga.
Soon. His feast will be soon.
Here I am. I will kill you.
y our people killed and devoured my friends.
My friends will avenge me.
Did you see what we do with our enemies?
y es, I did.
Eating the flesh of an enemy is ghastly.
It's our custom.
We do the same with the Portuguese.
Be careful with the fire.
She witch doctor had told me...
to give food to lurupari...
for him to leave me in peace.
I didn't do that.
So lurupari punished me.
y ou are going to be cured.
Ask your God... to help me see again.
My God doesn't want you to harm me.
From now on, I won't do you any harm.
I want to talk to them.
y ou may say that we will attack Bertioga.
No, I want them to speak to our father...
so that he'll come with a shipload of goods.
-Paragûá! -Let's go.
God be with you. Only one of you speak to me.
We came because of you.
I am alive... Shanks to God.
She commander Brás Cubas wants to rescue you.
Will the S upinambás sell you?
No, they won't sell me... I'm a Frenchman.
I want a lot of hooks and knives.
I'm French, understand?
No, I didn't understand, but never mind.
I'll do what you want.
Be prepared in Bertioga.
We are prepared.
Now there's nothing we can do to help you.
Pray God to get me out of this tribulation.
My French brother gave me all these things.
What did you talk about?
He said that he will go to our land...
and come back with a ship full of goods for you.
He must be a Frenchman.
My captain asked me to bring him an animal...
and a bag of peppers.
He sent this to you.
But why don't you take me to your ship?
y ou are not going to the ship.
We want to trade you for merchandise.
If you take me to the ship...
my friends will give you many goods.
Shey are not your friends.
If they were your friends...
they would have given you a shirt.
Shey didn't even talk to you.
If I go to their ship...
they are going to give me many clothes.
No, the ship is going to stay here for some time yet.
First let's go to war.
When we come back, we will go to the boat.
Jacó, why don't you take me to your ship?
Hey, give me a comb or a mirror...
and I'll let my parrot talk to you.
Speak to me. I want to hear you. Speak.
What do you want for the parrot?
Stop it... Stop it!
What do you want for it?
Many cannons.
He's coming back.
y ou thought I wanted to run away.
I went to tell them to bring...
axes, scissors, combs, knives, hooks...
all of these things for when we come back from war.
Later, the S upinambás took me with them...
to attack Bertioga.
They brought two prisoners...
Diogo and Domingos de Braga...
the same Portuguese that had tried to help me escape.
When I entered the village...
I saw that they had destroyed my cross.
My God is furious with you.
y ou shall be punished. y ou shall be punished!
God be with you.
-Are they going to kill us? -God only knows.
I've been here for eight months. I'm still alive.
Have more confidence.
Shere's something important that you must know...
-Guará-miri... -What's that, Diogo?
He was hung by Jorge and Jerônimo.
He was going to escape.
Bastards! Why did they do that?
Guará-miri would never escape.
She two bastards...
It's because of them that I'm so miserable.
It's being raining for a long time.
It's almost too late too plant.
His God is angry.
Let's go.
Ask your God to make it stop raining.
My God is furious. y ou tore the cross down.
Now I can't speak to him.
Put up the cross.
We are going to the S akuarusutyba village.
y ou are coming with us too.
What am I going to do there?
y ou'll know when you get there.
But first I want to talk to the two Portuguese.
y ou must escape.
y ou must follow this path through the forest.
Shere is another path along the mountain.
y ou'll be free.
I can't say anything else. I'm being watched.
What will become of you?
Don't worry about me. God is protecting me...
Save yourselves.
God bless you, Staden. Shank you very much.
Let's go.
When we arrived in Takuarusutyba...
I discovered that I was to be given away as a present.
My masters told them not to do me...
any harm because...
my God used to revenge himself on those who did me wrong.
They had seen it when I was among them.
They said that my French brothers would arrive...
with a shipload of goods for Abati-posanga.
My son... I... old Abati-posanga...
will take care of you...
and I will take you hunting.
y our God is very powerful.
y ou should remember our people.
We will remember you.
Shat woman has to go away.
Here in the village you will have...
to choose another woman.
I know that this is the custom of your people.
Shat woman is called Nairá.
According to my custom, that woman has to stay.
Shen, she stays.
But if a woman here in the village chooses you...
she will also be able to stay with you.
Shen let it be, Abati-posanga.
Let's go.
The Indians of Takuarusutyba...
liked me and always talked to me.
One day, they told me...
that a French ship, in which I wanted to return on...
had been loaded with Brazilwood...
cotton, peppers and feathers...
and had left for France.
This ship took the Frenchman Karuatá-ûara and Jacó too.
The ship had got lost on the voyage...
and I felt avenged.
y our friend, the Frenchman, wants to see you.
y ou came?
What do you want with me?
We came because of you.
We have orders to take you on board.
-What's your name? -Pérot.
y ou have been living with the S upinambás for nine months.
S ell them that my French brothers are on the ship...
and they have a lot of goods for Abati-posanga.
Have you ever been on such a big canoe before?
No, I've never been, but lpirú-guaçú's wife has.
Where are our goods?
We have to return to the village.
She captain is preparing a lot of goods.
Shat's why he's taking so long.
I don't like it.
We are going to return to our village tomorrow.
She S upinambás want to return...
with me and the goods tomorrow.
Keep talking to Abati-posanga...
until our ship is loaded.
What if he wants to take me back with him?
y ou must keep negotiating with him.
We have a plan to rescue him.
Listen... We have a plan to rescue you.
Our ship is loaded and we are going to sail.
Shis is why I brought everyone together here.
Abati-posanga... my old friend...
I'm happy because you haven't killed our friend...
even though he was captured...
in enemy territory.
Shis is why I want to give you a present...
for having taken such good care...
of your prisoner.
Big chief Abati-posanga...
Shese are Hans Staden's brothers.
Shey do not want him to stay on land.
Sheir old father has to see Staden...
one more time before he dies.
Shey want to take him back to his land.
He must come back with us to the village.
I would also like him to go back to your village.
But he has many brothers, and I am only one.
I can't do anything against them.
My good chief Abati-posanga...
I want to return to the village...
but my brothers don't want me to.
My father is very old.
He needs to see me before he dies.
I treated you like a son...
and now you are betraying me.
y ou want to go away from our village.
I treated you like my own son.
I will never forget this, Abati-posanga.
I will never forget.
Shen, you must come back on the next ship...
and stay in our village.
I will come back in the next ship.
I promise... I will come back.
S o stay here with us.
She merchandise.
When I am far away...
I will remember everyone.
I want to cross the big water.
I will cry a lot when I go back to my village.
Let us go... Now.
In 1554... on the last day of October...
after nine months of captivity by the Tupinambás...
I managed to return to Europe.
Excellent winds made our ship arrive in France...
on the 20th of February 1555.
Then... in Hesse, I decided to tell...
my story to the world.
She same year, 1555...
a smallpox epidemic brought over by the Europeans...
killed more than thirty thousand S upinambás.
Nobody escaped death on the seventeenth century.
All of them died due to the contagious diseases...
brought over from Europe or...
trough wars with the Portuguese and their allies.
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