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Hannibal CD1

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Dr. Lecter and I would talk when things got quiet enough...
about the science courses I was taking, and--
Some kind of mail-order courses in psychology, Nurse Barney?
Some kind of mail-order courses in psychology, Nurse Barney?
No, sir.
See, I don't consider psychology a science...
and neither did Dr. Lecter.
Now, Barney, while you were working at the asylum...
you observed Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter interacting.
you observed Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter interacting.
Talking to one another.
Yes. It seemed to me that they--
I see you're eager to justify your consulting fee...
but why don't we start with what you saw...
not what you thought about what you saw?
Cordell, don't be like that.
Barney can give us his opinion.
Barney, give us your opinion of what you saw.
What was it between them?
Most of the time...
Dr. Lecter didn't respond at all to visitors.
He'd just, for instance...
open his eyes long enough to insult some academic...
who was there to look over him.
With Starling, he answered her questions.
She interested him.
She intrigued him.
He thought she was charming and amusing.
Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter...
became friendly?
Inside a kind of formal structure, yes.
And he was fond of her?
Thank you, Barney.
Thank you very much for your candor.
And keep all those wonderful items...
from your personal Lecter treasure trove coming.
I've enjoyed them immensely.
Mr. Verger.
I almost forgot.
I might be able to get a cookie down.
What do you say, Cordell?
I think it would kill you.
How much?
cut a check for $250,000.
How can she sleep at a time like this?
She was on a jump-out squad all night.
She's saving her strength.
No problem, sir.
We got some guy named Bolton from the D.C. Police.
All right, everyone, pay attention.
Here's the layout.
Excuse me. I'm Officer Bolton, D.C. Police.
I see that from your badge. How do you do?
I'm in charge here.
Officer Bolton, I'm Special Agent Starling.
So we don't get off on the wrong foot...
Iet me explain why we're all here.
I'm here because I know Evelda Drumgo.
I've arrested her twice on RICO warrants.
DEA and ATF, in addition to backing me up...
are here for the drugs and the weapons.
You're here because our mayor wants to appear tough on drugs--
especially after his own cocaine conviction--
and hopes he can accomplish that by having you join us today.
You got a smart mouth, lady.
Officer, if you wouldn't mind...
I'd appreciate it if you'd let me continue.
All right, take a look.
Fish market-- back's on the water.
Across the street, ground floor, is the meth lab.
Evelda Drumgo is HIV positive.
She will spit and bite if she's cornered, so watch it.
If you happen to be the one who puts her in a patrol car...
in front of the news cameras, Officer Bolton...
you don't want to push her head down.
She'll likely have a needle in her hair.
We want to take her inside, not out in the street.
We can get closest with the van.
If it looks good, on my signal...
we hit the front, DEA hits the back...
D.C.P.D. backing them up.
She'll have her watchers out at least three blocks around.
They've tipped her before in time...
so let's not make spectacles of ourselves.
-Pretty busy today. -I agree.
Can I please get a cup of coffee?
-Did you see that? -That's a roger.
What's up, man?
God damn it. It's her--
with three guys. They're all packing.
She's carrying something.
She's got a baby.
Hey, Brigham, it's too crowded.
There are too many people.
I say we call it off. What do you say?
I agree.
All units, stand down.
-Whiskey Team copies. -Burke copy.
This is Bolton. Stay on target.
I said all units stand down, Bolton, right now.
-Too late. We're moving in. -Bolton, it's off.
Stand down now.
She's carrying a baby.
All units stand down.
Keep that gun down, Bolton.
Dude got a piece. Light his ass up.
It's a go. FBl!
Hold it!
Hold your fire!
Evelda, get out of the car!
Starling, is that you?
Step away from the car!
Show me your hands, Evelda.
show me your hands.
How have you been?
Don't do this.
Do what?
It's all right. It's OK.
I know, I know.
Baby, I know. It's OK.
Friends, family, and co-workers gathered here this morning...
at Arlington National Cemetery...
to bury BATF agent John Brigham...
shot and killed in the line of duty Friday.
He was forty years old.
This ill-fated drug raid that claimed his life and 5 others...
is the latest in a seemingly endless series of incidents...
beginning with Waco, Texas...
in which the Justice Department and the FBl...
have been questioned about their use of firepower...
rather than judgment.
This time, it was FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling...
heading up the calamitous strike force.
Starling attained some measure of celebrity ten years ago...
when she was given information...
by Dr. Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter...
which led to the rescue of Catherine Martin...
daughter of the former U.S. senator from Tennessee.
However, when she returns to work later this week...
she won't be so celebrated.
Attorney Telford Higgins...
representing one of the families of those slain...
says he will file a wrongful death suit.
Yes, sir.
Get me the Justice Department.
Agent Starling?
This is John Eldridge from DEA.
Assistant Director Noonan, of course, you know.
Larkin Wayne from our Office of Professional Responsibility.
Bob Sneed, ATF.
Benny Holcombe, assistant to the mayor...
and Paul Krendler. You know Paul.
Paul's come over from Justice unofficially as a favor to us.
Paul's come over from Justice unofficially as a favor to us.
In other words, he's here, and he's not here.
You've seen the coverage in the papers and on television?
I have nothing to do with the news, Mr. Krendler.
The woman had a baby in her arms.
There are pictures.
You can see the problem, I would think.
Not in her arms.
In a carrier across her chest.
In her arms, she had a MAC-10.
Look, we're here to help you, Starling.
It's going to be harder to do with a combative attitude.
Can I speak freely, Mr. Pearsall?
Your agency called this office...
to get me assigned to help you on this raid.
I tried to do that.
I clearly expressed my judgment and was ignored...
and now a good agent and friend is dead.
You shot and killed five people out there, Agent Starling.
Is that how you define good judgment?
This raid was an ugly mess.
I ended up in a position where I had a choice of dying...
or shooting a woman carrying a child.
I chose.
I shot her.
I killed a mother holding her child...
And I regret it. I resent myself for it.
Gentlemen, I'm going to halt this meeting...
and get back to you individually by phone.
Waste of time.
You have a secret admirer, Starling.
Isn't much to look at, but he has friends in high places.
Remember Mason Verger?
Lecter's fourth victim--
the rich one.
The only one that survived.
He has new Lecter information. He'll only share it with you.
What do you mean, only share it with me?
You want it, seize it.
We'd rather not.
I wasn't speaking to you, Mr. Krendler.
When I speak to you, I'll look at you.
Why would we rather not?
The last time he called...
was when we took Lecter off the Ten Most Wanted List.
He was upset about that. We said, "Hey, that's life."
He said, "Hey, this is a senate oversight committee...
"to make your life miserable."
His family's political contributions...
may not be enough to buy a senator...
but they are enough to rent them from time to time.
There's no reason to go through that again...
if he really does have something new.
It's a good deal for you, Starling.
You can't pretend it isn't.
You get to go back on a celebrated case.
I'll take care of the media for your Drumgo killing.
Everyone's going to be happy.
I'm not happy.
Well, maybe you're incapable of being happy.
Mr. Krendler...
when you're out on the street...
you know you might take a bullet in the line of duty.
You accept it, or you get out.
You live with it.
What you don't expect or accept...
is taking one in the back in your boss' office...
for doing your job exactly as they've taught you.
That makes you unhappy.
Of course, you're right, Starling...
but it doesn't really change anything.
It changes everything. It changes me.
I'm Cordell Doemling, Mr. Verger's private physician.
How do you do?
If you'd be so kind as to park down at the end.
One's eyes adjust to the darkness.
Six to eight versus an estimate of sixteen.
Dylan, they're saying sales have slowed down.
Seems like a recurring theme here.
Perhaps corporate spending on a slowdown.
Mr. Verger, Agent Starling is here.
Good morning, Mr. Verger.
-Was that a Mustang I heard? -Yes, it was.
A five liter?
Cordell, I think you can leave us now.
I thought I might stay. Perhaps I could be useful.
You could be useful seeing about my lunch.
I'd like to attach this microphone...
to your clothing or your pillow, if you're comfortable with that.
By all means.
Here. This should make it easier.
You know, I thank God for what happened.
It was my salvation.
Have you accepted Jesus, Agent Starling?
Do you have faith?
I was raised Lutheran.
That's not what I asked.
This is Special Agent Clarice Starling...
deposing Mason R. Verger on March 20, sworn and attested.
I want to tell you about summer camp.
-It was a wonderful childhood-- -We can get to that later.
We can get to it now.
It all comes to bear.
It was a Christian camp my father founded...
for poor, unfortunate, castoff little boys and girls...
who would do anything for a candy bar.
Mr. Verger, I don't need to know about the sex offenses.
It's all right.
I have immunity from the U.S. Attorney...
and I have immunity from the Risen Jesus.
And nobody beats the Riz.
Had you ever seen Dr. Lecter...
before the court assigned you to him for therapy?
What do you mean?
That is what I mean.
Yes, if you don't mind talking about it.
-Not at all. I'm not ashamed. -I didn't say you should be.
No. We met conventionally-- as doctor and patient.
How did he end up at your house?
I invited him, of course.
To my pied--terre.
I came to the door in my nicest "come hither" outfit.
I was concerned he'd be afraid of me...
but he didn't seem to be afraid of me.
That's almost funny now.
I showed him my toys--
my noose setup, among other things.
It's a way you sort of hang yourself, but not really.
It feels good while you...
Well, you know.
Anyway, he said, "Mason..."
Mason, would you like a popper?
And I said, "Would l?"
And, wow...
once that kicked in, I was flying.
He said, "Mason...
"show me how you smile...
"to gain the confidence of a child."
When I smiled...
he said, "I see how you do it."
The good doctor approached me with a piece of broken mirror.
"Try this."
Try peeling off your face.
"And feeding it to the dogs."
I can still see it.
Try again.
No, I'm afraid not.
That's entertainment
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Mr. Verger, you indicated to me...
that you'd received some new information.
Where did this come from?
Buenos Aires. I received it two weeks ago.
Where is the package it came in?
Good question.
There was nothing written on it of interest.
Cordell, did we throw it out?
I'm afraid we did.
Oh, dear.
You think it'll help?
I hope so.
I hope it'll help you catch him...
to help cleanse the stigma of your recent dishonor.
Thank you. I think that's all I need.
Did you find some rapport with Dr. Lecter...
in your talks at the asylum?
I know I did while I was peeling.
We exchanged information in a civil way.
But always through the glass?
Isn't it funny?
What's that?
You can look at my face...
but you shied when I said the name of God.
Finding what you want?
Are you sure this is all of it?
That's all there is now. There was more...
but it's been picked over little by little over the years.
This stuff's worth lots of money in certain circles.
It's kind of like the cocaine that disappears around here...
Iittle by little.
Let me go!
Hey, Barney.
Remember me?
Would you agree for the record, Agent Starling...
that I've not been read my rights?
I have not Mirandized Barney.
He is unaware of his rights.
When you turned Dr. Lecter over to the Tennessee Police--
They weren't civil to him, and they're all dead now.
They only survived his company three days.
You survived him six years at the asylum.
How'd you do that? It wasn't just being civil.
Yes, it was.
You ever think after he escaped he might come after you?
He once told me that whenever feasible...
he preferred to eat the rude.
"Free-range rude," he called them.
What about you? You ever think he might come after you?
You ever think about him at all?
At least thirty seconds of every day.
I can't help it.
He's always with me, like a bad habit.
Do you know what happened to his stuff?
His books, papers, drawings--
Everything got thrown away when the place closed--
Barney, I just found out...
that Dr. Lecter's signed copy of "The Joy of Cooking"...
was sold to a private collector for $16,000.
It was probably a fake.
The seller's affidavit of ownership...
was signed Karen Phlox.
Do you know Karen Phlox? You should.
She filled out your employment application...
only at the bottom, she signed it "Barney."
Same thing on your tax returns.
You want the book?
Maybe I can get it back.
I want the X-ray they shot after you broke Lecter's arm...
during the attack on that nurse.
And everything else you got.
We used to talk about a lot of things at night.
After the screaming finally died down...
We talked about you sometimes.
You want to know what he said?
Go get the X-ray.
-I'm not a bad guy. -I didn't say you were.
Dr. Chilton was a bad guy.
After your first visit...
he started taping your conversations with Lecter.
These...are valuable.
Go on, now.
You've grieved long enough.
And what'd he say?
What'd he say about me late at night?
He was talking about inherited, hard-wired behavior.
He used genetics in roller pigeons as an example.
They fly way up in the air...
roll backwards in a display, falling toward the ground.
There are shallow rollers, and there are deep rollers.
You can't breed two deep rollers...
or their young, their offspring, will roll all the way down...
hit and die.
Agent Starling is a deep roller, Barney.
Let us hope one of her parents was not.
Surely, the odd confluence of events...
hasn't escaped you, Clarice.
Jack Crawford dangles you in front of me...
then I give you a bit of help.
Do you think it's because I like to look at you...
and imagine how good you would taste...
I don't know. Is it?
I've been in this room for eight years now, Clarice.
I know they will never, ever let me out while I'm alive.
What I want is a view.
I want a window where I can see a tree...or even water.
I want to be in a Federal institution...
far away from Dr. Chilton.
far away from Dr. Chilton.
The Capponi Correspondence goes back to the 13th Century.
Dr. Fell might hold in his hand, his non-ltalian hand...
a note from Dante Alighieri himself...
but would he recognize it? I think not.
Gentlemen, you have examined him in Medieval ltalian...
and I will not deny that his language is admirable...
for a straniero, but...
is he acquainted with the personalities...
of the pre-Renaissance Firenze?
I think not.
What if he came upon a note in the Capponi Library...
say from Guido de Cavalcanti?
Would he recognize that?
I think not.
They're still arguing.
The Capponi Correspondence goes back to the 13th Century.
Sogliato wants the job for his nephew.
But the scholars seem satisfied...
with the temporary guy they appointed.
If he's such an expert on Dante...
Iet him lecture on Dante to the Studiolo.
Let him face them if he can.
I look forward to it. Let's set a date.
Very well. On the 14th.
Dr. Fell?
Chief lnspector Rinaldo Pazzi of the Questura.
Commendatore. How can I be of service?
I'm sorry. I'm investigating the disappearance...
of your predecessor...
Signore de Bonaventura. I was wondering if--
"Predecessor" implies I have the job.
Unfortunately, I don't. Not yet.
Though I am hopeful.
They are letting me look after the library.
For a stipend.
The officers who first checked...
didn't find any sort of farewell or suicide note.
I was wondering if you--
If I come across anything in the Capponi Library...
stuffed in a drawer or book... I'll call you at once.
Thank you.
You've been reassigned.
You were on the Il Mostro case, I'm sure I read.
Yes, that's right.
Now you're on this.
This is much less grand a case, I would think.
Well, if I thought of my work in those terms...
yes, I guess I'd agree.
A missing person.
Were you unfairly dismissed from the grander case or...
did you deserve it?
Regarding this one, Dr. Fell...
are the signore's personal effects...
still at the palazzo?
Packed neatly in four cases with an inventory. note.
I'll send someone over to pick them up.
Thank you for your help.
How's it goin'? Any leads?
Yeah, they're all leads. They just don't lead to him.
I don't know how you live with this stuff.
Oh, God.
This is from "The Guinness Book of World Records"...
congratulating me on being "The Female FBI Agent...
"Who Has Shot and Killed the Most People."
Geoffrey, would you excuse me, please?
Dear Clarice...
I have followed with enthusiasm...
the course of your disgrace and public shaming.
My own never bothered me...
except for the inconvenience of being incarcerated.
But you may lack perspective.
In our discussions down in the dungeon...
it was apparent to me that your father...
the dead night watchman...
figures largely in your value system.
I think your success in putting an end...
to Jame Gumb's career as a couturier...
pleased you most...
because you could imagine your father being pleased.
But now, alas, you're in bad odor with the FBl.
Do you imagine your daddy being shamed by your disgrace?
Do you see him in his plain pine box...
crushed by your failure?
The sorry, petty end of a promising career?
What is worst about this humiliation, Clarice?
Is it how your failure...
will reflect on your mommy and daddy?
Is your worst fear that people will now and forever...
believe they were indeed...
just good old trailer camp, tornado-bait, white trash?
And that perhaps you are, too?
By the way, I couldn't help noticing...
on the FBl's rather dull public website...
that I have been hoisted...
from the Bureau's archives of the common criminal...
and elevated to the more prestigious...
Ten Most Wanted List.
Is this coincidence, or are you back on the case?
If so, goody goody.
I need to come out of retirement and return to public life.
I imagine you sitting in a dark basement room...
bent over papers and computer screens.
Is that accurate?
Please tell me truly, Special Agent Starling.
Regards, your old pal, Hannibal Lecter, M.D.
Clearly this new assignment is not your choice.
Rather, I suppose it is part of the bargain...
but you accepted it, Clarice.
Your job is to craft my doom.
So I am not sure how well I should wish you...
but I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun.
Ta-ta. "H."
On the letter...
there's one partial fingerprint, here.
Not enough to hold up in court, but--
I know it's him.
Where he was when he wrote it is what I need.
The paper isn't gonna help.
And, yes, it's linen fiber and on the expensive side...
but, no, it isn't so rare that you won't find it...
in a thousand different stationary stores...
throughout the world.
It's the same with the ink.
And the same with the wax.
And your Las Vegas postmark, well, you can check it out...
but I'll bet you a dollar it came from a remailing service.
No, Las Vegas would be the last place he'd be.
It'd be an assault on his sense of taste.
Don't you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice?
I hardly see how you couldn't.
And don't your eyes move over the things you want?
All right, then, tell me how.
No. It's your turn to tell me, Clarice.
You have no more vacations to sell on Anthrax lsland.
Quid pro quo, Clarice.
I tell you things, you tell me things.
Not about this case. About yourself.
Quid pro quo.
Yes or no, Clarice?
Hand cream.
Raw ambergris base.
Tennessee lavender.
Trace of something else.
What's ambergris?
Ambergris is a whale product.
Alas, much as we'd like to, we can't import it.
Endangered Species Act.
Where isn't it illegal?
Japan, of course. Couple of places in Europe.
You'd almost certainly find it somewhere in Paris...
Rome, Amsterdam.
Maybe London.
This bouquet was hand engineered to someone's specifications.
Is there any way of knowing which shops?
Of course. We'll give you a list.
It'll be short.
I need opera tickets.
I don't think I got any on me.
It's sold out, whatever it's called.
It's the pretty, young wife with the ever-open beak...
who needs opera tickets.
Rewind it.
I can't rewind it.
I'm making a copy. I'm recording.
What is this?
Camera from a perfume shop on Via Della Scala.
FBI through lnterpol requested a copy.
-Why? -They didn't say.
They didn't say?
No. It was actually kind of weird...
Iike they were making a point not to say.
Are we going to the opera?
Yes, we are going.
You got tickets.
No, but I will.
In fact, I was just about to look here.
Please not the back row.
I would like to see it this time.
Nowhere near the back row.
No matter what the cost.
Tell me, Clarice, would you want to harm those...
who've forced you to consider it, though?
It's perfectly OKto feel this.
It's perfectly au naturel to want to taste the enemy.
It just feels so good. Tell me, Clarice...
what is your worst memory of childhood?
-Jesus, Starling! -Can I help you, Mr. Krendler?
What you doing sitting in the dark?
Thinking about cannibalism.
People in Justice are thinking, too.
You know that?
They're thinking, "What exactly is she doing about Lecter?"
Aren't you curious why he dines on his victims?
And what's the point of that?
Are you writing a book or you catching a crook?
To show his contempt for those who exasperate him.
Or sometimes to perform a public service.
In the case of the flutist, Benjamin Raspail...
he did it to improve the sound...
of the Baltimore Philharmonic Orchestra...
serving the not-so-talented flute player's sweetbreads...
to the Board...
with a nice Montrachet at $700 a bottle.
That meal began with green oysters...
from the Gironde...
followed by the sweetbreads...
a sorbet...
and then you can read here in "Gourmet Cuisine":
"A notable dark and glossy ragout...
"the constituents never determined."
I always figured him for a queer.
Why would you say that, Paul?
Well, all this artsy-fartsy stuff.
Chamber music, tea party food.
Not that I mean anything personal...
if you've got a lot of sympathy for those people.
What I came here to impress upon you, Starling...
is I better see cooperation.
There are no little fiefdoms here.
I want to be copied on every 3-0-2, understand?
If you work with me...
then your so-called career here might improve.
If you don't, then all I have to do...
is draw a line through your name rather than under it...
and it's over.
Paul, what is it with you?
I told you to go home to your wife. That was wrong?
Don't flatter yourself, Starling.
That was a long time ago.
Why would I hold that against you?
And besides, this town is full of corn-pone country pussy.
That said, I wouldn't mind having a go with you now...
if you want to reconsider.
In the gym, anytime.
No pads.
Is it possible it went out with the regular mail?
No, I overnighted it to you. I filled out the slip myself.
This was the day after your request.
I did it right away.
I don't understand what happened.
You should have it by now.
I don't. Can you send me another one?
Sure. I will make another copy especially for you...
Is that right? Can I call you Clarice?
Agent Starling.
I'd appreciate it.
What's your name?
My name is Franco Benetti. Agent Franco Benetti.
Thank you very much, Agent Benetti.
-I'll send you tomorrow? -All right.
Nothin', huh?
Nothin' yet.
Still waitin' on Florence and London.
The number you have dialed is not in service at this time.
Please check the numb--
I have information about Hannibal Lecter.
Have you shared your information with the police, sir?
I'm required to encourage you to do so.
Is the reward payable under special circumstances?
May I suggest you contact an attorney...
before taking any possibly illegal action?
There's one in Geneva who is excellent in these matters.
May I give you his toll-free number?
The number is 0-0-4-1-2-3-3-1-7.
Thank you for calling.
I was just speaking with someone--
There's a $100,000 advance.
To qualify for the advance...
a fingerprint must be provided, in situ, on an object.
Once the print has been positively identified...
the balance of the money will be placed in escrow...
at Geneve Credit Suisse...
and may be viewed at any time...
subject to 24-hour prior notification.
To repeat the message in French, press two.
In Spanish, press three.
In German--
Buon giorno.
Dr. Fell? It's lnspector Pazzi.
Yes, I can see you.
Come on up.
I should have encouraged you to bring someone along.
The cases, I'm afraid, are on the heavy side.
Maybe you could help me with them.
Just down the stairs, I mean.
Yeah. This way.
Here we are.
Is that the inventory?
May I see it?
Of course.
You are a Pazzi of the...
Pazzi family, I think.
Wasn't it at the Palazzo Vecchio your ancestor was hanged?
Francesco de Pazzi?
Yes, thrown naked...
with a noose around his neck from a window...
writhing and kicking alongside the archbishop...
against the cold stone wall.
In fact, I found a very nice rendering of it here in the...
Iibrary the other day.
If you like, perhaps I could...
sneak it out for you.
I would think that might jeopardize your chances...
for permanent appointment to the curatorship.
Only if you told.
Remind me, what was his crime?
He was accused of killing Giuliano de Medici.
No. I don't think so.
Then he wasn't just accused. He did it, he was guilty.
I think that would make living in Florence...
with the name Pazzi uncomfortable...
even 500 years later.
Not really.
In fact, I can't remember the last time...
before today... someone brought it up.
People don't always tell you what they're thinking.
They just see to it you don't...
advance in life.
I'm sorry, Commendatore.
I too often say what I'm thinking.
I'll be right back to help you.
The room you're standing in was built in the 15th Century.
It's beautiful.
Yes, it is.
Unfortunately I think the heating system...
was installed about the same time.
That's a pity.
Okey-dokey, let's drag these down.
They must be as heavy as bodies.
And the set?
Eight thousand.
-How much is this? -50,000.
I'll take it.
Scusi, signor.
Well done.
When you go for his wallet, he'll catch you by the wrist.
I have done this a few times, lnspector.
Not like this.
If there isn't a clean print on the bracelet...
you'll spend the summer in a cell at the Collicciano.
Give me the bracelet.
Wash your fucking hands.
He's coming.
I got it.
He grabbed me just right.
Tried to hit me in the balls.
But he missed.
Let me help you.
No. Don't.
Sixteen point match, Mr. Verger.
Ciao, bello. Come stai?
Very well. Well.
Am I coming to see you?
Yes. Soon, I hope.
first, I need you to pack off the boys.
-Now? -Yes, I know.
The day you never thought would arrive has.
Cordell will fax the veterinary forms...
directly to Animal and Plant Health...
but you need to get the vet affidavits from Sardinia.
Va bene?
Bene, bene.
How are they?
They are big, Mason-- very big.
Say again?
They are big, Mason-- really big.
Maybe 270 kilos.
Can you hear?
They sound fantastic.
The full balance of the money...
is payable upon receipt of the doctor alive.
Of course, you won't have to seize him yourself...
rather just point him out.
In fact, it's preferable to all concerned...
if that's the extent of your involvement...
from this point.
I prefer to stay involved-- to make sure things go right.
Professionals will see to that.
I am a professional.
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