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Subtitles for Hamilton CD2.

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Hamilton CD2

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Excuse me? He likes your apartment.

I'm a KGB officer. You have no right to interrogate me!

Okay, Mr. Major. Go.
Go, go.
Get out!
Go, I tell you!
Go on I said!
What if I tell? Tell them everything?

Could you tell me where to find Mordavins office?
Down there and to the left? Thanks.

What's wrong?
Get a hold of the coroner too.

He died of a heart attack. Have a look at this.
Oh my god.

They wont pay to anyone but Hawkins.
Only Hawkins can wind up deal.
The swedes have him. We have to send someone else.
No. It's only the american who knows where the tritium is.
You have Barabanov to thank for that stupidity.
It must be Hawkins. Damn it.
Make sure that he gets the bomb. Very well. And Hamilton?
Hamilton should have been killed several years ago.

Any problems? He's one hot-headed little bastard.

It's absurd letting Hawkins dictate us the conditions.
I think we should meet all his demands.
In that far out belief he can stay and enjoy the lovely Swedish house.
Meanwhile the CIA locate the missile and disarm it.
The government agrees Carl. As the situation is at the moment, it's all about...
Hello? Can you...? Carl?
I can't... Can you hear me?
Fix it.
What's going on?
What the hell is going on? Who are you?!
What do we do now, Sam? What's the next move?
It's no longer our problem. USA has taken over.
6. fleet has set course towards Libya.
CIA is tailing Hawkins and expect to find the bomb.
That's what USA have been hoping for.
Bombing Libya to pieces in their hunt for a nuclear missile.
And if they get a direct hit...
For Sweden the case is closed.
Go home and sleep. That's an order.
There has been put a lid on, right? Nobody can hear about it.
600. Russian, who after a weak start came 3rd after Torrence and Ottey.
I can't keep up. It's going to fast.
You take it.
No. Forget it. No, I'm taking it.
It's Stenhamra. Hey, Åke. It has been a while.
It's Åke.
Could he call you back?
Yes. Yes.
Okay. Give my regards to Anna. Okay. Bye bye.
What was it about?
Hawkins escaped the CIA in London.
What else did he say? If you want to talk to him, call him.
For gods sake... Anna can forgive him. I can forgive him.
An intire World can, but not his best friend.
What do you forgive? I don't know.
No, but it sounds great. What can't you forgive him for?
Something you will never be able to understand.
I can't explain it, but it's...
It's an entire other world.
Another universe. Something you can't even begin to grasp.
How do you know? What could he have done that's so...
... unforgiveable, that you would let it destroy our love?
I gave an order, for 12 men to be executed.
Before we burned the bodies we cut them up with a chainsaw.
I cut them up with a chainsaw.
It's best parting the limbs from the body. They burn better that way.
Nothing kept me back.
One of... the bodies I cut up...
... was... He...
Strange enough he was alive. He was trembling. The entire body was quivering.
I had to get out my gun. I didn't know where the heck it was.
I dropped it in the snow.
It was sticky from the blod.
Then I put a bullet through his brains.
Officially it was an assignment that never took place.
We had to eliminate a terroristgroup inside Russia.
We couldn't leave any clues. No witnesses.
Åke knew about it too.
Everything was planned. Gone through every little detail.
But still...
... he lets one of them run.
By that he threatened not only me, but the entire group. He broked a deal...
... and put everyone in danger.
The problem is, how do I convince anyone that...
... it was wrong letting one live. That it was a failure to disobey an order.
Who are you Carl?
Who would do that? Can't you grasp, that such a man would explode?
I don't know them and don't know if they deserve...
Who would deserve something like that?
It's totally uncomprehensible. We were given an order.
If one of your superiors, told you to murder me...
... would you then do it?

What are you doing, Carl? Excuse me?
Orders from the highest place. Your leaving for Tunis.
Yes sir... Tunis.
I don't know whether to be irritated or impressed? Why are you doing it?
Oh yes, there was one more thing.
This means you'll be working closely together with USA.
You know, PLO shoots the head of me, if they think that.
Then make sure they don't think that. All contact with USA is through me.
Untill the bomb is located. After that you're on your own.
"You"? What?
You said "You". Yes, you're not going alone.
And it's not up for discussion.
Sam? Therapy.
Good luck.

He wants to know if we can help. Else anything can happen.
Can we trust him?

Excuse me? No.
May I call you back? Exactly.
Yes? I've gone through the equipment.
Everything is as we wanted, except these transmitters, I found.
PLO has accepted. It's tommorrow morning at 05.00.

From here we cross the desert to the base, where the bomb is... There!

What the hell is this?
Hey! Hold on.
I'm allergic.
To horses, yes. These are camels. You'll take the white thing.

Carl, take a look at these. This can only mean one thing.

Stop! On the ground!
Sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
They forced me to it. They're gonna kill me.
I trusted you! Sorry. Sorry.
Please forgive me.

That's Carl. No it has to be Åke.
No Åke is in the back. The one with the lover.
71 or 82? Take the 82.
Oh, it's third time this week!
Stop it, Brännström! I didn't know you were here, I'm sorry!
I'm going home now. Yes... Sorry.
The light is on out there. Check the gate. It's probably the fox.
Ulfsson. The alarm has gone off out on Stenhamra.
Everything is clear. False Alarm. Again?
I think, I applied for five different jobs at once.
It was probably more... I guess I'm longing for one at all...
Wake up. It's bedtime. I didn't hear the last part.

This is their camp. We go in when the night comes.
This is where the bomb is. It has to be disarmed.

Gør nøjagtig, hvad de siger, Tessie. Jeg elsker dig.
Anna er her også, Carl.

I can handle it. Are you sure?
Else I wouldn't say so. Wouldn't you?
What the hell do you mean?! You know damn well what I mean!

Yes there.
Yes, Ulfsson here. Yes.
It's me, Sam. Listen like you've never listened before, Sam.

15 minutes... nu!

After him!

Everything alright? Yes damnit.
You've got four minutes.
Nothing is right. Hawkins must have modified the bomb.

That counts for you also.
Not with that hand! Get out of here now!
It's an order!

Didn't you hear what I said? You know I never obey orders.
Danish Subtitles by Rosa ReenbergTranslated by B**e* for Team EPiC
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