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Subtitles for Halalabad Blues 2002.

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Halalabad Blues 2002

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What are you listening to?
It's Turkish.
What is he singing?
I flee from myself My beloved is a sharp knife
Do I have the heart to give up my beloved?
That's rather moving.
It's not quite Aqua's "Barbie Girl".
You know what...
I'm a photographer. I'm doing a book of portraits.
Copenhagen has become so motley.
I wanted to ask if I could take your picture.
- What? - There's no money in it.
It's just if you think it would be fun.
I take good pictures. It will be a good book.
Call if you want, and we can talk about it.
Try between 9-10 in the morning.
Dear Merete, my very independent 16 year old expects me to do everything.
I feel like her maid. Her boyfriend is older than me, and I can't manage.
He's nice, and I'd like him if I was her-
- But it's so awkward, and I don't know what to do. Inger.
- Damn it. - She should take him herself.
Then she can write, "I stole my daughter's boyfriend".
Hans came back yesterday. Suddenly I'm good enough again.
And this pseudo-projection, letterbox job is driving me crazy.
Then try my job photographing diets, knitting and twist of fate stories.
Sorry. Let's just make up another 2-3 and I'll have enough for weeks.
I'll kill you! I will. I'll split you open.
- Why? - You stuffed it with prunes.
Lower the duck please, good. Open your mouth. Now look scared.
- Gudrun made you. - You liked it last time.
- Damn, that duck stinks. - Let's take a break.
I don't know... I've never killed anyone before.
- You did fine. - Thanks.
When we start back up, could you -
- Splash some water under your arms to look sweaty?
Lower the shield... the duck.
Move your arm so we can see the sweat.
I don't want duck. I want pork roast.
No, I want Ham! Ham! Ham!
- You're crazy! Stop it! - Ham! Ham! Ham!
If they put the headline there:
My husband tried to kill me, but the duck saved me.
Just not over the knife.
I think Picture 2 shows more natural terror in her eyes.
But look at the knife. Page two forward.
It's got both the knife and the fist.
It will be more dramatic if we highlight the knife.
- That would be cool. - Anything else you'd like, Ma'am?
Not right now.
Not right now.
- Bye. - Have a nice day.
- Hi. - Hi.
Thanks for inviting me. It looks really nice.
- But there will be customers. - One would hope so.
I'll take pictures, and you just do what you normally do.
Unless I ask for something else.
- You use two cameras? - One has black and white film in it.
Isn't there something you need to be doing?
It's hard.
What would you have done if I wasn't here?
- Sat down. - Okay. Then sit down.
I was thinking -
- Could you walk over to those crates over there -
- And do what you have to do?
What are you doing?
I'm moving them around so what has to be sold first goes on top.
- Remember that next time you shop. - Thanks for the tip.
- Hi. - Hi.
- We've got fresh figs. - I hate fresh figs.
We've got dried ones too, the best you can buy.
I'd rather try a date.
- Doing a fashion shoot? - Was there anything else?
- Nah. - What about the dates?
- Not today thanks. - Fresh tadziki?
- No thanks. How much? - 10 Kroner.
- Thanks. See you. - You betcha.
Those kind of customers are eating me out of my shop.
A flame of life Leaps
A beam of light Light
The silk wind calls me
Caresses itself under my skin
A spark of eternity
I call out to you
I call out to you
- Hello, Uncle. - Hello.
This is the woman I told you wanted to photograph me and the shop.
- This is my uncle. - Hello, Kari.
Thanks for letting me intrude. What a nice shop.
You're welcome. Thank you.
- Where is Tufan? - He said he would be here.
- Where is he then? - He'll probably turn up soon.
- Taken care ofJens? - Yeah, sure.
I think I've got enough now.
- Can I have one of the pictures? - Of course.
I'll send a couple once I've developed them. I'll send them here.
- Thanks. - I hope you can use them.
I'm the one who should thank you.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye, you're welcome.
You can't leave my shop without flowers.
Thanks. I'll send you a couple of pictures.
My friend at the tax authorities had this grocer in for an audit.
My friend at the tax authorities had this grocer in for an audit.
He didn't bring any paperwork at all.
So Peter asked him, Ali, where's your paperwork?
He says, "I don't know. I carry box out to car".
I go in to get coat and I come out, box on fire.
I not know what happen. Ashes, all flying ashes.
- We sleep. They laugh. - You're accusing them of stealing?
They have such a hard time being heard in the first place.
- Yes, and we crap on them too. - They're doing fine.
- No one demands anything of them. - That's not true.
They have to learn Danish and...
No one comes to this ice cold country for fun.
- Let's drop the subject... - They come here for the money.
If I acted that way in Kuwait, Dubai or Iran, I wouldn't be able to work there.
Break the rules there and you get whipped.
You want it to be like that in Denmark?
That's not what I'm saying. I just want some respect.
If someone comes to your country, it's like they come to your house.
You can't have guests moving the furniture without asking.
It's just plain courtesy.
Lots of immigrants want halal food on the supermarket shelves.
You want to decide that too?
Other Danes can buy what they need. Organic food is popular, for example.
What we're asking for is just as important to us.
- But can't you just... - It's another form of discrimination.
We're just as good as the other customers.
Isn't it hypersensitivity? Special demands require special shops.
It's racism. Why must we go to certain neighborhoods -
- When you go to the supermarket?
That son of a donkey. He can't hear what he's saying.
He'll put us out of business. I'll fuck your mother, you mongrel.
You're disgusting, Dad.
How big a problem is it really for New Danes?
- Isn't it just a matter of tiny details? - We live in a multicultural society.
It's high time people realize what it means.
Let's stick to halal.
We cry when we're sad and we laugh when we're happy.
- Let's stick to halal. - We are.
- We've talked to some who disagree. - One interview isn't the whole story.
I'd like you to watch this.
I not need supermarkets. Can they do halal correct?
- Oh, Özcan darling. - Dad, you look really good.
You should have shaved for the TV. And where's your nice jacket?
I told you I didn't know they were coming, Mom.
We like our butchers. There we know what we get.
I don't know. I don't care. As long as it doesn't cost more.
I've shopped here for ages. It's cheap, they're nice.
They make great sausages.
We have to help them, instead of accusing them of things.
First it was seals, then the homeless, and now immigrants.
Let all of Africa come your house.
Then there won't be room for parakeets and hamsters.
Can we change the subject?
What's happening? I can't believe I'm hearing this.
- You've even lived there, Ole. - Maybe you need to.
In Morocco, their hospitality amid their poverty nearly made me weep.
- We could learn from them. - I went to Egypt once.
They were so kind. I was cheated constantly.
- I've never gotten so much attention. - Whooper Swan.
I can't stand being with people who -
- Pardon me for putting it bluntly, are racists.
I said that to the last black guy I had sex with. Sorry, I'm a racist.
- Lise. - Partridge.
- Lise, what's the matter? - It's got nothing to do with you.
And you made such a nice dinner.
I've got to go. The rest of the evening is ruined.
- No, don't leave now. - I must.
Sit down, and we'll have a drink. The conversation is over.
I don't care how it started, but I don't want the evening spoiled by it.
Drink, damn it.
Ready for the next one.
Damn it.
Wow, sorry about that.
I've been so busy.
Yes, they're ready. I think they're really good.
No, don't do that. I'll send them to you.
No, you don't have to. Isn't that too much?
Well, okay.
- Great apartment. - It's okay.
- Lots of room. - Yeah.
No one's ever taken such good pictures of me before.
Would you like a glass of wine? I'm a little busy, but...
Yes, please.
What's this?
That's how I make my living.
This too.
But this...
This is what I really care about.
- You live here by yourself? - Yes.
You don't have a man?
They're have been a few.
You need someone to take care of you.
- You shouldn't be alone. - No, but I take good care of myself.
You need a man to be good to you.
Someone to give you warmth and love.
Someone to pamper you and sing for you.
Who takes care of you? Do you have anyone?
- I'm married. - Of course you are.
She's not here right now. She's in Turkey.
She went home with my Dad when he got sick, to take care of him.
So she's there with the kids.
So when is she coming back?
- It's not that simple. - No, I'm sure it isn't.
Thanks for letting me photograph you -
- And thanks for coming to pick up the pictures.
- Wait. - What are you doing?
- I think about you all the time. - We're going nowhere.
- Don't worry, my love. - What?
- Don't worry, my love. - Sure, fine.
I can make you happy, your body happy.
We're present to each other. We can speak any language.
You're so lovely.
There's a reason behind this. Can't you see?
- We didn't meet by accident. - Listen...
You are a song
That will last a whole lifetime
From my lips
It will never fall
So a year and a half ago, my Dad got sick.
He got tired of hospital and wanted to go home.
We sold the apartment, and I moved to my uncle's when she left.
We're too different. She came straight from the country.
I'm too Danish to live with a peasant girl.
Why not get divorced? You will be eventually.
I know it's hard to understand.
How does she feel? It must be strange for her, or hard.
She's fine. She knows I'm taking care of her and our sons.
She's part of my family. We don't live just for ourselves, the two of us.
We live for each other. We live for the family. That's how we are.
And then there's the market.
I wish I didn't have to do anything right now.
- No, not that. It's bound to go wrong. - He isn't like Güzel. I'm not like you.
Thank goodness, or I couldn't stand you.
- But he is, and he's married. - Take it easy.
- How many kids was it? 2? 3? 8? - I'm not marrying him, damn it.
Güzel got me to believe he was the victim of a forced marriage.
- I never heard such love talk... - Güzel was a jerk.
He's married, Kari. He'll stay married.
Thanks for the advice from someone who's tried it all.
- So I know what I'm talking about. - I'm not braindead.
Fuck the brain. You don't use it for this.
But wait. Guess who I met? My old classmate Rikke.
Even then she was a lump of dough, and just as clever.
And there she came, uglier than ever, with the most beautiful black man -
- With that blob of fat.
Bad skin, bad hair, ugly teeth, ugly clothes -
- And they were on their way to get married.
How can such a slum loser score such a stud?
He can't love anything that ugly. Because he can use her.
I'm going to throw up.
Thanks, you're always there for me when I need you.
Dear Merete, I met a guy while on vacation in Turkey.
- Unfortunately, he's married... - Thanks.
Don't mind me. As long as you're happy. Got a picture?
- Not here. - But I can just imagine.
Does he have hair on his back and on his ears?
Is she a cold-blooded Dane?
Does she have big tits?
Hi. Abi, does she have big tits?
As big as those watermelons. Two in front and two in back.
- Come on, Abi. Tell me. - It's none of your business.
What! You really like her! Get it over with.
- Is she rich? - A pack of cigarettes, please.
She's not poor. She's got a great apartment.
- Can I meet her? - Perhaps.
Is she ugly? That'll be 93 Kroner.
Just shut up.
- Thanks. - Bye.
Hi, Tufan. What's up?
I've had some problems.
But I've got 2,000, 2,100. You'll get the rest tomorrow.
- The deal was 4,000. Right, Tufan? - You'll get the rest tomorrow.
- Trust me, man. - No, Tufan.
- You can trust me. - When you don't keep your word?
I'll wait here and see if you can't find the money right now.
Of course my cousin keeps his word. I'll pay you. Now.
They cost 14 Kroner.
It's Turk water, right? You buy it for 2.50 and sell it for 7.
That's a profit of more than 100%. You must make a lot of money.
- Here's 4,000. - Thanks.
And don't come back, okay.
Then you need to teach your cousin to keep his word, brother.
It's been nice. See you, Tufan.
- What are you up to? - I know him from the gym.
He sells sports medications.
Everyone uses it. I bought it because someone at the club needed some.
- I haven't gotten all my money yet. - You're so cocky.
You know what? He's got a lovely sister.
You know what? He's got a lovely sister.
Sobia, I've waited so long
- Hi, Uncle. - My precious.
Dad, the money.
It is a heavenly honor to see you.
My dear aunt. Hello.
- How are you? - Fine, and you are like a lion.
Hi, Grandma.
Hi, Mom.
- Where's Erol? - He's showering.
They turned off the water in Berlin?
Look at that. Here comes the tea. Thank you, my girl.
Cengiz. Your parents kiss your eyes. Your mother is well.
Thank you, Uncle. How is my father?
Poorly. Your wife helps a lot.
She is a very good woman. She gave me a packet for you.
Thank you.
Let me see them, for heaven's sake.
Look. Praise the Lord, they've grown so much.
Yasemin is there too. Lovely, lovely.
- Won't you read the letter for me? - Later, Grandma, later.
Read it. I want to know if she has missed you in bed.
- Mother. - Yasemin is such a clever girl.
God bless her hands. Thank heavens for such a good girl.
She knitted it so nicely. Wear it proudly.
Yes, nice, very nice.
Very nice.
What's that? Check out the buttons.
- Is there a label? - Show some respect, man.
- Show us the pictures, Dilek. - What pictures?
There's no hope in the girl.
Very odd. Where are the pictures?
You're really going to score in that. I'm just jealous.
Cengiz. Look my son, isn't he handsome?
- Definitely. Who's the kid? - Dilek's fiancé. He's so handsome.
He's very sweet. They own half of Germany...
...And you own the other half... ...restaurants in Berlin, Frankfurt.
They own an import business. Your uncle is his very close friend.
Everything we eat and drink comes the same way.
Why don't you marry him if he's so wonderful?
I'm married to your uncle.
She's being precious. Strange girl.
- Hey, Mr. Erol. - Hi, Erol.
- You've grown as big as a horse. - Lion, what's up?
- Fine, and you? - What's this?
- Don't touch it. - Let me touch.
- Dilek, where are the towels? - Come, I'll show you.
- She better not get too busy. - Let her be.
- She better not get too busy. - Let her be.
- Could you check them out? - Sure. When will I see you next?
- I'll call Monday. - Okay.
Eyes that speak
Juices that sing
Ears that taste
Fingers that listen
Talk to me
Talk to me My blood can hear
Talk to me
Talk to me My skin can see
No man ever made me feel so desired, so feminine.
And the way he looks at me and speaks to me.
What do you talk about?
Stop already. We talk about a lot of things.
But this, this is so...
It's so unreserved. It's beautiful.
I know it sounds like pure Barbara Cartland, but it is.
- And don't think he's an idiot. - No, but he's a Turk.
- Listen to yourself. - Let's start. I've got a deadline.
Dear Merete, my friend's met a lovely boyfriend -
- And I'm jealous because I don't have one.
How about this one?
My wife wants a new car, which is okay-
- But we'll have to expand the garage and I don't want to lose my rosebed.
- Pull yourself together, it stinks. - It's true. It's my brother-in-law.
Reality is the worst of all. It's what we're trying to avoid.
Reality is the worst of all. It's what we're trying to avoid.
You look too good in this.
You look good enough to eat.
- This must have been expensive. - I can't remember.
I just thought I'd buy it when I saw it.
I could just see you in it.
- Don't you like my clothes? - Sure, I just thought it was nice.
No, this is too much. You shouldn't have.
Oh, come on. What's the matter?
I can't accept such a gift from a woman. They'd look down on me.
I'd have to lie at home. It would be hell.
You don't understand it, but that's how it is.
But I just wanted to...
Then we'll keep it here. You can use when we go out.
I'm tired of Yilmaz. He's too expensive.
And if there are bugs in any of this, I'll kick his ass.
You know Dad and Yilmaz's business.
But it's irritating to have to check the idiot's goods all the time.
What the hell are you doing?
- Do the mother and father know? - What do I need the mother for?
I need the daughter. Brother, I'm lost. You should see her eyes.
- She's a beautiful girl. - Who is this girl?
It doesn't matter. The bum is in love.
How cool, Kari. Damn.
It's impossible not to get in the mood
On an evening like this
On an evening like this I fell in love
I fell in love I fell in love
I fell in love I fell in love
- Hi. - Hi, Cengiz. Welcome.
You've had your adventure. Now end it.
I can handle it, Uncle.
Uncle's right. You're forgetting your wife.
My Cengiz is a good boy.
Stay out of it. Cengiz is making sorrow and division in the family.
His great grandfather, my father, had four wives at once.
Each lived in their own village.
He did nothing but go from one village to the next.
He must have been a very busy man.
- Look down here. - It's dirty.
- Two wives. - It's got nothing to do with wives.
- You'll live to 60-65. - That's a scar from a nail.
The line fades out here. Be serious.
- He had a nosebleed when I left. - Did you hit him?
No, I wrote a letter that I answered. About you guys and Danish girls.
They can't see a Danish girl without thinking free pussy.
And if they can't manage their meat sausage, they can have it cut off.
Not quite that bluntly, but I wanted to try a direct style.
The job's driving me crazy. The man agreed with me.
But he wouldn't print, or the magazine would be called racist.
Then I called him a hypocrite and a fraud -
- And what's a man doing editing a woman's magazine?
Then he grabbed my arm and said, "This conversation is over."
I must have pulled my arm away. He had a nosebleed when I left.
So I've been fired, which is great, but I'm totally shaky. Fired!
God! I can work for you in Halalabad. I could run introduction courses.
No, now I'm a racist.
- Yes, Merete, we're listening to you. - A real 1st generation racist.
That's what it's called when you're like me.
I need a cigarette, or I'll eat the nicotine patch.
Thanks, you're an angel.
- Don't eat that. It's hot. - I'm sorry, I know I'm awful.
Yes, you are awful.
Halal, it's grooving.
- Cheers and down the hatch. - Get a grip.
Why do you say halal to everything?
It's got nothing to do with butchering. It means good, clean, honest.
But those who make the most noise about honesty, often cheat the most.
And most halal butchers here just sell meat from wholesalers.
How interesting. How little we know.
0ow I can see the kiosk isn't a halal kiosk because, God, they cheat.
There will be cake later and it's halal butchered.
I butchered it myself.
I've got to tell you something about Merete's firing.
One of the things that has gone all wrong between you and us -
- Is the many, many immigrant men who stare at us women.
On the beach, when we're just wearing our panties...
- Can't you see it's very unpleasant? - It's not all of us, is it?
- But lots. - Maybe those that just came.
- But it's natural. You're naked. - It's a shame they keep coming.
- You've got to stop. - Can't you see it's unpleasant.
- Danish men look too. - They don't stare.
- All men look. - Not that way.
- Listen to me. - If we can't look, why do take it off?
To get a tan.
Merete, I'm off to the beach to tan my tits. Should I leave them at home?
You're right, Cengiz. It's their own fault. They could wear ladies' tents.
When you see a pretty girl, you look. It's how men are.
Don't get mad.
- When she's naked, what do you do? - Listen.
They come from countries where women aren't as provocative.
And no one's ever died of being looked at.
I wasn't saying they did. But it's the way they look.
- You are ridiculous! - Don't be mad. We're just talking.
You're all the same: pale, ugly and no class.
You're peasants. You're self-satisfied egotists.
No one respects you. You're finished...
- Merete, your mother. can suck my dick.
Do you want more food? I'll pick the chair up.
- Hi, Mom. - Damn, some cool boyfriend...
- Cengiz, damn it. - You can just stay.
Cengiz, don't mind us.
I'm getting my things and we're leaving.
No, I'm leaving and you're staying.
They're singing "Happy Birthday", Mom.
I've got to go. Bye.
You're drunk.
That's right.
I've been drinking.
Is she always like that?
She was a little wound up today, right?
Wound up? Damn, she was gross. Gross and rude.
- I was her guest, right? - You didn't hold back either.
Do you think that about us too?
That we stare at you on the beach?
You're pretty busy with us too.
- Women can't wear headscarves... ...Designer garbage...
...we're all criminals and violent and cheats...
You guys do have a really short fuse.
You came to our country, so you have to adapt to our ways, right?
It's like we can't ask that. That's why people are mad.
Now you're doing it too. "You and yours", "yours and you".
As though we're all the same.
Now even you say "we, you".
That Merete she's full of prejudice all the way up to here.
Listen. You don't understand her and you're not trying.
- You don't try to understand us. - We don't?
- You don't try or want to. - We don't?
We do nothing but try to understand you.
What do you think it's like when people sneer at you on the street?
Talk bad about you, while you hear shit everwyhere.
I couldn't say no to coming here when I was 3 with my mother.
Is it my fault maybe? And now you're start too?
You throw black stones at me.
Cengiz, damn it.
Why do you wallow in all that shit?
Come to the Salvation Army Meeting Just as stinking drunk as you are
You'll get coffee, you'll get tea You'll see funny films for free
My life.
You can't get away from those God banished mongrel spawn.
Why the hell isn't the alarm set? It's a waste of money.
It was set.
This time it was the radio, the tape recorder, and the neck supporters.
They ripped off the antenna and the side mirror too.
The Arab dogspawn.
There's something wrong with the rear door lock too.
Of course there is. They commit all the crime.
It must have been them last month too. I know who it is.
One should beat them up so they crawl back to their holes.
No one understands they must be taken care of with their methods.
- Of course, Uncle. - No, you can't beat people here.
But it's the only thing they understand.
They should be sent back to their thieving homeland.
I will shit in their mouths with a water canon.
If I beat them, they'll go to the police, or pull a knife.
There's no law and order here. They praise the criminals here.
They have no respect.
- Sobia. - You can't talk to them!
They're flooding the country! Refugees! They're gangs!
It's enough! It's enough!
What the hell are you doing? Sleeping? Those donkey's sons!
We've got many more boxes to bring in. Hurry, hurry.
I've been robbed from my own car.
We'll hurry over to Ahmet's so it's fixed sooner.
What are you staring at?
Oh God, how am I going to get through this?
Is this why I left my rose-covered country?
What have I done to deserve this, my God?
- Are you done? - I'll finish it in the morning.
Let's go. Damned Arab mongrels! I shit in your mouth.
What are you putting me through, Lord? What is it? It's enough.
What the hell are you thinking?
They could destroy the whole store and slaughter us alive.
You always talk like my Dad. What about you? You've got one too.
I'm tired of all the old-fashioned shit. I'll decide for myself.
Decide yourself? Are you crazy, man?
What the hell are you going to do when they find out?
You homo. Sobia, Sobia. You are my Spring
They won't find out.
- Hi. - Hi.
How's it going?
I'm working on a project, so I'm buying a displacement activity.
I could help her.
You need the elastic in your underwear tightened.
Yours is loose too. What about all your girls?
- Ours is love. - So is ours. And she wants to.
She can get sewn up. 3,000 Kroner. I'll pay.
Do what you want.
- You're going to have a nice time. - That should last a few hours.
- Was there anything else? - No thanks.
That'll be 68.50... 60 Kroner.
- Take care. - Thanks, you too.
See you.
But it's been hard sometimes too. He's broken up a couple of times.
But now he's come back, right?
- What about you? - I take it easy. I know he'll be back.
I've hoped he could get divorced.
He'd like to, but it's hard.
He's married to his 2nd cousin. She's a real harpy. She was born angry.
- Have you met her? - No. But I saw her at the store.
He's often been miserable about it. He's often cried at my place.
He's so nice. He gives me so much.
And I can get a hold of him on his cellphone.
I called his house once and got her on the phone. He was furious.
- Oh my God, does she know? - No, she doesn't know.
His dad and his brothers know. But not her.
But she must know.
It's hard to tell.
He can do what he wants, right?
As long as it doesn't affect her and the kids.
We've been on vacation together to Turkey.
He visited his family in their village and we met afterwards in lzmir.
We had 2 weeks together. It was so lovely.
It was like really being together.
He usually goes home late at night when he's with me.
- How are you, darling? - Fine, darling.
- You speak Turkish? - A little.
Bettina is really good at it. It's a shame she couldn't come tonight.
Come on! Come on!
I go out with her now and then, but I can't every night, can I?
I'm not talking about you. They're just asking if I take you out. I do.
It's like being a guest in your own house. It's a Turk nest.
- You make your own bed. - And they talk Turkish all the time.
They bring their bimbos too. I've got to go to work in the morning.
- Why don't you say anything? - He can have his friends over.
They're nice enough. But damn it...
This is nothing compared to the North Sea.
This is nothing compared to the North Sea.
I don't see it much any more. I miss it.
Summer and winter and autumn and spring -
- It doesn't matter when you go, it's fantastic.
Tomorrow I'll leave you. My Father has gotten much worse.
- We think he'll die soon. - God.
I don't know how long I'll be gone, but you'll travel with me.
I'll think of you all the time.
I'll talk to my family, because I want a divorce now.
But Cengiz, it's a very big decision.
- Aren't you happy? - Yes, yes, but...
Are you sure?
I don't want to be the cause of a family tragedy at your house.
You will be my joy, Kari. We'll be each other's joy.
Try and stop a second. Don't act hastily. What about her and the kids?
But, God, we'll have it taken care of.
I think this is heavy.
Listen, your father is dying. Shouldn't we take one thing at a time?
- Don't you want me? - I wouldn't be with you otherwise.
Just like his father.
Lion, lion.
Father, his father.
Dear Mother, my only dear Mother.
Why are you doing this, my son? Don't, my darling, don't.
I beg you, my child, my son. Don't, my child.
- Dear Mother. - My dear, don't.
I've got to say, this is such high quality...
...that I can only see the basis of a good relationship.
And a good book, a really good book.
How wonderful.
And that, that's my favorite picture.
Funny, that's one I really...
You know what? I'm looking forward to it.
- Me too. I'm happy. - Cheers.
I've been shot. I've been shot.
What are you staring at? Can't you help?
- I'm keeping you company. - What? Who? How?
I'm tired of you. I do everything myself.
- Is it that hard? - I've been here for 7 months.
- Your humanity is down to zero. - I'm taking care of your father.
- One can't be so unmerciful. - Where the hell are you?
Then take this if it's so easy. You're just going to leave.
Run off to your Danish whore.
What are you staring at your stupid father for?
Try standing still.
- Forgive what he owes you. - He is forgiven.
Oh my God, stay here.
Stay here, stay here. Take me with you.
- I want to come too. - Stop, Mother. I'm with you.
Light of my eyes.
Light of my eyes.
I have thought so much about you.
Maybe you shouldn't have come. I mean... why?
I don't know what to do, Kari.
I feel awful. All I know is that I've missed you the whole time.
Cengiz, Cengiz.
- What is it, Aunt? - My Cengiz, your wife called.
She wants you to call. It's very important.
- Has something happened? - Call and find out.
My lion son. Your sperm is strong, my son.
Happy? It's wonderful news. Maybe you'll have a girl this time.
- Yes, a girl. Name her after me. - I made baklava for dessert.
So far no one in the family has given my name to their children.
But you will, won't you, my lion son.
You are my hope.
Cengiz, come my son.
That's how it is, my son. Your father went to God.
It is God's will. We all die. Your father worked for you.
If you don't want his bones to freeze in the grave, do as I say.
You are the family's man now. You must take care of your business.
Yilmaz found an apartment for Hasan.
There's a woman at the housing authority.
She can't resist gold. She's a witch. Difficult to deal with.
"Everyone has to wait in line, for several years".
Yilmaz slipped a gold chain out of his pocket and played with it.
Her eyes almost popped out. Suddenly she was very friendly.
I spoke to the woman today. We've got a meeting tomorrow.
- Uncle worked hard for you today. - You've helped me a lot. Thanks.
My son, everything ends up in the same stomach.
I am glad your things will be in order. We are all happy now.
You are my brother's only gift to me.
- Do you want a cigarette? - Thank you, Uncle.
- Now all my worries are over. - Cengiz is a good lad.
Give me a cigarette. Thank you.
What now? He invited me. Isn't he Uncle's son?
If only he looked like a man.
Don't walk off when I talk to you.
The girl's crazy. She wants to visit Erol in Berlin.
That self-satisfied peacock! What will people say?
We don't know what will happen. He hasn't a drop of decency in him.
With his silly hair and affected manners. What man looks like that?
Erol does, and he's invited me.
You're too interested in your cousin Erol, he's a useless man.
- It's our family. Aren't they proper? - Not with such a clown for a son.
I'm leaving no matter what.
You'll go nowhere. Is this the thanks we get for all we've done?
She can't tell good from bad, decency from smut.
- I'm going on a family visit! - That's not family, it's rabble.
Cabbage thinks it's honey when it gets in the pot.
No wonder their offspring look like eunuchs and dancing girls.
- That's enough, woman! - My sons were always good.
Then why did your son have such a daughter?
Dilek, my daughter. Listen to your mother.
You're going nowhere. You're staying here, my girl.
I'll decide what I do. I'm in charge of myself.
You'll decide nothing. You're not from here. You mustn't be like them.
Damn their traditions and morality. You're my flesh and blood.
I gave birth to you and raised you in pain and blood.
- God curse the day we came here. - I want to go. I want to go.
Curse the day we came to this heathen country.
- I'm going to do it! - Don't let my eyes see you, whore!
I've got a headache thinking of how you want that eunuch.
I don't think he looked like a eunuch, but what the hell.
- For God's sake, shut your jaw. - Talk properly to my mother!
You couldn't raise the girl properly. There's always fighting. Poor me!
I experience nothing but arguing, my God.
- Of course she's going to Berlin. - What!
- You have no faith in Dilek. - I decide in here. How dare you!
- Curse the day I let you in house. - I fed a snake at my breast.
Shut your jaw, woman!
If your name wasn't Cengiz, I'd kill you, man!
Soft as Roses
Distant as the Moon
Soft, wild kid
Warm mare
Beautiful as the Lily
Created for me
The night's
Great gift
To a man
My tongue glows against your soft loin
Creamy white
Cedar dark hind
My royal sword stands upright for you
Let me
Take you
You are for me
Me alone
- What happened? - It's nothing, Abi.
- What the hell have you done? - It's Kabir and his pig, damn it.
I thought you stopped with his sister.
It's not that. I sold some sports medications to people -
- He thought were his customers, but they weren't. The fucking Paki.
- They were my customers. - Why are you fucking up all the time?
I'm sleeping in the cellar tonight, okay?
Just tell my father I just got in a fight.
- Careful. - But you know what?
I'm fucking his sister.
That girl will be your death.
It's a good thing you came. I can't get this shit to fit together.
I bought this perverse garbage, right? It's driving me crazy.
There's broken dowel here and there aren't any more.
There's nothing in the instructions about what to do next.
It doesn't say go to the park and whittle a stick.
Remember to sharpen the knife.
I could glue some matches together and stick it in there.
My wife is coming up here.
- But it won't mean anything. - What?
It's not that simple. You wanted to get divorced, but you didn't.
But you didn't want me either.
- Oh, and you know all about that? - Yes, I do. And you do too.
Then what was all that divorce talk about?
I love you. And so one dreams, right?
Well then we'll call it that. I call it lies.
If I left my wife, would you take care of me forever?
Would you wash my corpse?
What? You'd sign a contract with an insurance company.
None of us know how we'll feel in 20 years. Good grief, man.
You get married, have big weddings and promise to stay together forever.
But it means nothing to you. You split up as soon as there are problems.
We don't "just" split up, but it's not the Middle Ages.
How can you love someone you barely know and then marry?
You only believe in love. You're heathens.
I take responsibility.
And she's pregnant.
You went there to get divorced, so of course she's pregnant.
- What do you think? She's my wife. - And she means nothing?
- What am I then? - She's my wife.
She's the mother of my children. I love her.
- But it's got nothing to do with us. - What the hell do you want?
For me to be your harem woman?
It must be the closest you get to "Arabian Nights" today.
- You've got things on the side too. - Not like that, but now we're clear.
You always knew I had a wife.
But you acted like it didn't matter, but it does.
Even when you don't want me, when it gets down to it. What do you want?
How clearly you've seen the light.
How convenient.
You're like all the rest. You never say what you believe.
You wrap it up and talk and talk. You're weak.
Then why the hell are you here if you think we're so stupid.
Why are you here? Money. Is that honorable?
You're so consumed with honor...
...and all your other garbage. - It's nothing I decided.
How stupid can you get? You know why I'm here.
How sad. You're always the victim. One big bitch and moan.
- You can't see past your own noses. - You want us to be just like you.
But why should we be? Our culture is as good as yours.
But now you're here and you want to change everything.
- You fear the foreign. - And we're racists and up my ass.
An invasion of welfare clients.
A tidal wave of exotic peoples from poor countries.
You're completely egotistical people.
You can't give to each other.
Just giving a cigarette is almost a major event.
You buy them for 2 Kroner from your friends.
Imagine a province in your country-
- Suddenly with a quarter more inhabitants and it's us.
We want hotdog carts and churches with bells -
- And we get drunk and run around with our tits out and bare legs -
- Kissing in public holding a beer.
We fuck those we want to and keep pigs and Christmas trees -
- And dogs in our apartments and demand our rights to everything.
You've got to give us work and translate and everything and pay.
Or else it's discrimination and racism. Would you clap for that?
Mr. And Mrs. Arab out shopping. Her walking behind him.
It's unpractical. She has to shout to him.
Those are the rules they play by. We're no happier than they are.
If someone had arranged just one of my marriages, it might have lasted.
I don't get it. How can you spout so much love, and still be cold?
If a Danish man reached those heights, which he wouldn't -
- You'd have a lapdog for life.
But what the hell.
Every rollercoaster ride ends. Go cold turkey.
I don't get it. I don't have the code. What have I been part of?
The role of the princess is an Oriental fantasy.
What have I gotten myself mixed up in? I've got a new job.
As an industrial psychologist at Gecco Shoes.
When employees say management is stupid, I tell them it isn't.
Smoking policies, headscarves, drinking at work, work environment -
- So it's nice to be there.
There's a set work schedule, it'll never work out.
You're not listening. You can always find another one.
There are plenty, and you know the conditions now.
What about him. He's cute.
Hi, Tufan. Hi, Cengiz. I need to ask you something.
Since you never planned to leave your wife and kids -
- I just wanted to know what meaning I've had to your life.
- We've talked about it. - Can't he hear?
- I thought you shared everything. - Kari, stop. We've been over it.
Then I didn't get it.
"I love you as a man loves a woman, and my wife as one loves family"
Was that funny? Do you talk to your women like that?
They're just there to get fucked, right?
The wife's livestock and we're whores, right?
- Did you come to insult us? - I understand nothing.
- More bullshit about ethnic victims? - I won't argue with you here.
- Let's go outside. - I'm not going to be alone with you.
- Hi. - Hi.
A simple question.
- What do I mean to you? - I love you! But it wasn't enough.
What a shame. But then why did you come back to me -
- After getting your wife pregnant in Turkey?
That's enough. You've got to go! Leave!
Running away? Just like you always do when life's tough? You're pathetic.
What's going on here, man?
- What's going on, man? - Nothing, Uncle.
- How convenient to switch languages. - Now that's enough.
Can I get waited on? I don't have time for all this romance.
What number in line am I? How many do you have?
Stay away from men, little darling. They're nothing but shit.
Damn, you're right. They're nothing but shit.
"Light of my eyes". Shit of my eyes!
I not know what happen. You can't disturb my customers.
The only thing integrated about you is your dick.
It's your dick.
Goodbye, goodbye.
The way I see it, you've haven't clearly shown what genre you're in.
What do you mean? It's a book of pictures.
We don't need to talk about that now. I just want you to think about it.
But you knew from the beginning.
I talked to Hans Bukbjerg. He's really good.
If one can divide the pictures into sections, by subject of course -
- Morning, noon, evening, you'll figure it out.
If one could get Hans to make some words that fit with your...
...some beautiful words that fit your beautiful pictures.
But from the start, I've said it's without any words.
Like we did with Lise Nielsen's book that's in its 3rd edition.
I've planned a meeting with Hans for next Thursday at...
...whatever, they know out front, 4 O'clock. I know you'll like him.
How many cooks do we need to stir the pot?
Don't be paranoid. You'll be happy.
I've got to go.
Stay where you are, there are some papers that need signing.
Have some chocolate. Would you like some gum?
- No. - Keep the pack. See you Thursday.
- Yes? - It's Cengiz. I've got to talk to you.
- About what? - I've got problems. Can you help me?
Can you let me in, Kari?
Kari? Kari?
Hi, I'm sorry.
It's Tufan.
Kabir found out about him and Sobia.
Now they're after him and he's got to go to Turkey.
But he's got to hide while we take care of the tickets and money.
- I need to get mixed up in this? - No, no. Not at all.
But they won't look for him here.
Here? You want me to keep him here?
- You're not that sad about it. - It's just a few days.
- This is heavy. - They're hunting for him.
Well, then okay.
Thank you.
You're a great woman.
- I'll get him. - Here and now?
Yes, he's out on the stairs.
I don't want to be alone with him. I'm too scared.
I don't dare if it's something dangerous.
I can't stay here until he leaves.
There's a thousand things to do and I have to be at home.
It's Uncle and the women, in case something happens there.
Then I don't dare. Find somewhere else. That's that.
- I can stay now. - Yes.
- Thank you, Kari. - What the hell, Tufan.
I thought you knew you had to keep your hands off the immigrant women.
Damn it, man.
I've got to go.
I've got to go.
- Now? - Yes.
I've got to go to the market. Tufan's here.
I've got to go home first.
I don't like being away in case something happens there.
See you.
Yes, Abi. No, nothing has happened.
It's okay... Yes.
But I've got no clothes, damn it.
Abi, can you bring my jacket with you?
- Tufan, I need to talk to you. - Yes, Dad.
Why must we go through this for you? You've ruined our lives.
- Don't you feel any shame? - Forgive me, dear father.
Is she worth it? Couldn't we find one for you from home?
- Weren't you thinking? - I know I made a mistake.
Should my grandchildren be foreigners? God, must we suffer so?
Your grandmother, your mother are all crying.
You want to take us all with you to your grave?
- Aren't you ashamed? - I am ashamed, Father.
Why must we have so much pain?
God must help you now, my son. Goodbye.
I've hurt my family a lot with this.
I need some clothes. Cengiz is bringing some to the store later.
Could you get it?
It's too dangerous for him to come here. If they're watching.
I can see that. Okay. I'll do it when I get a break.
Thank you.
- You're a great friend, Kari. - Yes, I think so too.
Bye, Tufan.
- Hi, Cengiz. - Hi.
- That was that? - Yes, great.
So, let's see...
That will be 29, thanks.
- It's getting cold again. - Yes, that's what they say.
- Here's 1 Kroner change. - Thanks.
Thanks. Bye.
See you.
How are you doing?
Come on. Go to your mother.
Come on, son.
Take the boy out back.
The clothes.
Get out! Get out of here!
I want nothing to do with this any more. Out!
- But I can't. Where should I go? - You'll figure it out.
I've had enough of your shit. Understand? Get out!
- What the hell did I do? - You didn't know his wife was here?
- Sure. - And no one told me.
Who do you think I am? What the hell am I helping you do?
- Get out! - I can't just do that, damn it.
Abi, she's throwing me out, man.
She's sick, man. What the hell should I do?
- Yes? - Listen. You can't...
What can't I do? Why didn't you say anything?
- I didn't know how... - Because you needed to use me.
Come and get him now. Now!
- I'm tired of your bullshit. Pick him up. - Relax, damn it.
Hi, Abi.
- It took you long enough. - I couldn't just leave.
Kari, damn it. Relax.
Don't you have another woman you can leave him with?
- Now you're being low. - Low?
What is it when you want some pussy before going home to your wife?
- I didn't want to stay. You made me. - It didn't take long.
- We both wanted to. - Come on, Abi, let's just go.
- Get lost. - You kept me so he could stay here.
Why did it have to be here? Can you tell me?
You'll figure something out. You're experts at it. Get lost.
We'll go to Bjarne's.
- Where's the car parked? - Further down.
Kari, open the door!
Kari, damn it!
- Move. - Abi.
- Stay cool, okay? - Move.
Lower the gun, okay?
- You can't do it. - Move.
We can talk this over.
- Abi. - Cengiz.
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