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- Upstairs! - What's going on?
Who are you?
Dade! Dade!
Knock it down.
The defendant, Dade Murphy,
who calls himself 'Zero Cool',
has repeatedly committed criminal acts of a malicious nature.
This defendant possesses a superior intelligence,
which he uses to a destructive and antisocial end.
His computer virus crashed 1 507 systems, including Wall Street trading systems,
single-handedly causing a seven-point drop in the New York stock market.
Dade Murphy, I hereby fine your family $45,000.
I sentence you to probation. You are forbidden to use a computer
or a touchtone telephone until the day of your 18th birthday.
- Dade? - Yeah, Mom?
What are you doing?
Taking over a TV network.
Finish up, honey. Go to sleep. And happy birthday.
Security, Norm...
Norman speaking.
Norman. This is Mr Eddie Vedder from Accounting.
I had a power surge here at home that wiped out a file I was working on.
I'm in big trouble. You know anything about computers?
My BLT drive on my computer just went AWOL,
and I have this big project due tomorrow for Mr Kawasaki.
If I screw up, he'll make me commit hari-kari.
You know these Japanese management techniques.
Could you read me the number on the modem?
It's a little boxy thing with switches on it.
It lets my computer talk to the one there.
555 4240.
So-called American lndians, Latinos, and blacks are genetically mediocre.
Yak, yak, yak.
Get a job.
You are about to experience the awe and mystery
which reaches from the inner mind
to... The Outer Limits.
No, wait.
A hacker.
Yeah, okay, Acid Burn. That's enough.
Shit on me!
Good morning. Did you unpack your stuff yet?
Up all night again?
Can this wait until both of my eyes are open?
Can I cut the electricity to his room so he'll get some sleep?
He's been playing with his computer all night for a week.
Yes, he could be playing with himself.
Yes, I'll ask. Dade,
you like girls, don't you?
Yeah. I just haven't found one as charming as you.
You haven't done anything stupid, right?
Right, Dade?
Right, Mom.
And I'm still a virgin.
You hooked it up to the phone, didn't you?
Dade, turn the shower off!
You screw up again and you won't get into college.
I'm sorry we had to move in your senior year.
I didn't want to sell the house but I had to take this job. You know that.
You'll love New York. It's the city that never sleeps.
I miss you, too, baby. Claro que si.
Excuse me.
Chill, man. I'm talking to Venezuela.
I'm sorry. Where's the principal's office?
I can't help you, kid.
Do you have your transfer forms?
It's a straightforward question.
Do you speak English?
Sorry, you wanted...
Transfer forms.
Are you coming?
The gym is through there and the cafeteria is through there.
Great. Cool.
What's your name?
Kate. Kate Libby.
Here's your class.
My class. I'm not in your class?
No, you're not in my class.
Give me time.
- You new? - Yeah.
Tell him about the pool, Kate.
There's an Olympic-size swimming pool on the roof.
Take the stairs over there.
Yeah. Sure.
Hey! Hold the door!
No pool.
Oh, my God. He found the pool.
I'm Mr Simpson.
I'm subbing for Ms Bayless, who was arrested at the anti-fur rally.
I know some ofyou kids got computers at home, but these are school property.
Chapter One. 'Designing Graphical lnterface'.
What's your interest in Kate Libby?
Academic, purely sexual?
What's up, man? I'm the Phreak.
The Fantom Phreak? The King of Nynex?
I know you play the game.
Phreak, Phreak, Phreak. Dude, dude, dude.
Joey! One more 'dude' and I'll slap the shit out of you.
You gotta stop letting your mama dress you, man. You're hopeless!
- Check it. - I need a handle.
I don't have an identity until I have a handle.
You're right about that. Check it. Friday.
Wait. How about The Master of Disaster?
You're utterly hopeless, man.
Ultra Laser... Doctor Doom!
Tell me what you need. Records? Tapes? Any kind offormat or disk.
Check this out, each of you. Compilation tapes of my own making.
I call this 'The Greatest Zukes Album',
featuring Hendrix, Joplin, Mama Cass, Belushi,
all great artists who asphyxiated on their own vomit!
You can't get this in stores!
Please deposit $5 for the first minute.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
That's a nice score for a girl.
Think you can do better?
I'll give it a shot.
Is this kid bothering you, Kate?
Could I get some room here?
Why don't you come up here?
He's good!
Well, it looks like I'm on top.
Congratulations. No-one's ever beat her before.
You just made an enemy for life.
Boy meets world. Let's go.
- Who's that? - Curtis.
What's he do?
You're looking at it. He looks slick all day.
What's up?
Oh, my God! You...?
Way cool!
You saw that?
What the hell is going on?
Pool on the roof must be leaking.
Oh, man. This is going to be good.
'God gave men brains larger than dogs
so they wouldn't hump women's legs at cocktail parties'.
Ruth Libby.
I'm not sure your mother qualifies as a significant 20th century author.
Her last book sold 2 million copies.
'Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection
'to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night'.
Nice. Very nice.
He's not in this class.
I said give me time.
He's not enrolled in this class.
Well, he's on my list.
'Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most'.
Ozzy Osbourne.
You. What is your name?
Emmanuel Goldstein, sir.
You, however, are not on my list.
This isn't wood shop class?
Class crashing. Come on.
Now get out.
Thank you, sir.
How was school?
- What did we learn in school today? - Revenge.
Ahh. Did we meet someone special?
No. No-one special.
I have to get back to work. Would you please try to fill these out?
Don't worry,
it's only the rest of your life.
Anything else? Want me to mow the lawn?
Oops, I forgot. New York, no grass.
And unpack.
You can sit at home and do absolutely nothing
and your name goes through 17 computers a day.
'1984'? Yeah, right. That's a typo.
Orwell's here and living large. We have no names, man. No names!
Can I score a fry?
Meet Cereal Killer.
As in Fruit Loops.
But he does know things.
Anyway, guys, listen.
I'm in this computer, right? I'm looking around...
You got those Crayola books?
Yeah, technicolour rainbow.
Green one.
What is that? Let me see?
- What are these? - International UNIX environments.
Luscious orange.
Computer security criteria... DOD standards.
The pink-shirt book... guide to IBM PCs.
So-called due to the nasty pink shirt the guy wears on the cover.
Devil book, the UNIX bible.
- What's that? - Dragon book, compiler design.
- What's that? - The Red book.
NSA-trusted networks.
Otherwise known as 'The Ugly Red Book That Won't Fit On A Shelf'.
Anyway, guys. Come on. I'm in this computer, right.
I'm looking around, throwing commands. I don't know what it does or anything.
It's choice.
It's beautiful. Four hours just messing around in there.
Finally, I figure out...
that it's a bank.
Okay, wait. It's a bank. So, this morning, I check the paper,
some cash machine in, like, Bumsville, ldaho, spits out $700 into the street.
- That's kinda cool. - That was me.
- I did that. - You did this from your house?
Are you stoned or stupid?
You don't hack a bank from your house! You get nailed by the FBl.
Are your brains in your ass?
Don't you know anything?
It's universally stupid, man.
I don't know things because you guys won't tell me anything. Right?
What are the three most used passwords?
'Love', 'Secret' and 'Sex'.
But not in that order, necessarily. Right?
Don't forget 'God'. System operators love to use 'God'. Male ego.
To be elite, you have to do a righteous hack, not this accidental shit.
Which means you score one of those Gibsons, man.
Those supercomputers they use to do physics and look for oil.
No way, man. Security is too tight.
Maybe. But if I wanted to hack some heavy metal,
I'd work my way in through some back door.
Oh, man. Wouldn't you just love to get one of those Gibsons?
Who ate all of my fries?
- Joey! - No, I didn't touch your fries.
- Cereal, man. You owe me a pack. - It was him.
- Lay off that shit, man. - I'm gonna hit you!
Yes! Home run, home run. Okay, okay.
You and me, Lucy.
We're gonna show them, baby.
Mr Belford?
My name is The Plague.
Mr The Plague, something weird is happening on the net.
As in what, you hapless techno-weenie?
One of the Gibsons is working really hard.
We got one person on-line but with the workload of 10 users.
I think we got a hacker.
Okay, we need proof that we were here.
Yeah. Garbage. Give me Garbage.
Never fear,
I is here.
- I located the activity to terminal 23. - Let's echo 23, see what's up.
God wouldn't be up this late.
Get me the switching control centre. I need to trace this call.
Hold on, Mom. Hold on one second.
- Open the door, Joseph. - Yeah, okay.
There you go.
Bed. Sleep.
Sweet dreams, Joseph.
He's gone.
Did you get a trace?
Yeah, we got him.
Nice place, huh?
You heard of a hacker called Acid Burn?
- You know who he is? - No. Don't know who he is.
Do you?
Nikon! Lord Nikon, this is...
Crash Override.
Never heard of you. You done anything?
Come on!
What? Your Mom buy you a 'puter for Christmas?
- Does he know anything? - Sure. He's elite.
Come in.
- Nikon, can I crash at your place tonight? - Again?
Yeah, sure.
Hackers penetrate and ravage
public and private computer systems, infecting them with viruses...
Who are these guys?
Richard Gill. Hacker enemy number one. Real boner.
Showtime. Showtime!
- What's going on? - Four,
three, two, one...
Welcome to our show!
Hack the Planet!
Hack the Planet!
For late night hacks, Jolt Cola, soft drink ofthe elite hacker.
- Who are these guys? - That's Razor and Blade.
Razor and Blade?
That's right. This is a pay-phone.
Don't ask.
As you can see, this isjust a simple micro-cassette recorder.
Hook it up to the phone, and drop in five bucks in quarters.
Record the tone the coins make, hang up, get your money back.
Never again pay for a service that would be cheap,
if it weren't run by profiteering gluttons.
Remember, hacking is more than just a crime. It's a survival trait.
I'm a real wild child, I'm a wild one
I'm a wild one
Thank you! Thank you very much!
Joey! Joey! Thank you!
- What? - Get out of there!
- Joey! - Get in there!
Sit down!
Where are you taking her?
- How's it going, Ray? - Looks good, sir.
We got an uncorrupted hard drive.
In English, please.
I didn't protect the President for ten years
to finish my career feeling like an idiot.
I'm sorry, sir. He didn't have time to erase his computer files.
Good. Let's finish up here. Take him in for interrogation.
Agent Gill, can you spare a moment?
Why, of course, Jennifer.
- Joey! - How dangerous are hackers?
Hackers penetrate and ravage public and private computer systems,
infecting them with viruses and stealing sensitive materials.
These people are terrorists.
Morning, gentlemen.
Please, be seated.
I see we're still dressing in the dark, Eugene.
Once again, don't call me Eugene.
Our recent intruder
penetrated using a superuser account, giving him access to our whole system.
Precisely what you're paid to prevent.
Someone didn't bother reading my memo on commonly used passwords.
As I meticulously pointed out, the foremost used passwords are...
'Love', 'Sex', 'Secret' and 'God'.
So would Your Holiness care to change her password?
A hacker planted the virus.
Yesterday, the ballast program for a supertanker training model
mistakenly thought the vessel was empty and flooded its tanks.
Excuse me?
The little boat flipped over.
A virus planted within the Gibson system claimed responsibility.
It left a note?
Unless $5 million is transferred to the following account in 7 days,
I will capsize five tankers in the Ellingson fleet.
- Is that...? - That is the virus.
Leonardo da Vinci.
We have 26 ships at sea and don't know which ones are infected.
Well, put the ship's ballast under manual control.
There's no such thing any more.
These ships are totally computerised.
They rely on satellite navigation
which links them to our network, and the virus, wherever they are.
What are we supposed to do?
Luckily, you have a gifted and talented security officer.
I traced the hacker's call. The Secret Service picked him up.
I'll search his files for the original virus code and eliminate it.
We expect you to get on this right away.
- How soon? - As fast as I can.
This is common in corporations as large as ours. Don't worry about it.
The Secret Service is helping us out, 100 percent.
We'll be in touch.
What the hell was that all about?
I had to move fast. The hacker copied my garbage file.
I created da Vinci so we could get the Secret Service
to arrest the hacker and seize the equipment, which we can't do alone.
- I don't want to go to jail for this. - Relax. Think about the $25 million.
But you created a virus that's going to cause a worldwide ecological disaster.
Just to arrest some hacker kid?
Basically, yes.
Jesus! You're sick, Eugene.
I'll take care of this.
I can cancel it any time. I don't need the code.
What better way to confiscate the disk
and find out how much of the garbage file was copied.
Get it!
Why did I ever trust you?
Get the file, otherwise you'll lose all your toys.
Did you find the virus program on the disks we confiscated?
No. He's either very smart or very stupid.
Then he stashed it somewhere, or he has an accomplice.
We'll release him. Keep tight surveillance and see if he leads us to your disk.
Unit 3, outside suspect Joey Pardella's apartment.
Suspect still grounded... by his mother.
Listen to this bullshit.
'This is our world now. The world of the electron and the switch,
'the beauty ofthe baud.
'We exist without nationality, skin colour or religious bias.
'You wage wars, murder, cheat, lie to us,
'and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.
'Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity.
'l am a hacker and this is my manifesto.'
Right? Manifesto?
'You may stop me,
'but you can't stop us all.'
That's cool.
- Cool? - Yeah, cool.
You think it's cool?
- It's cool. - It's not cool. It's commie bullshit.
Can I crash at your place tonight?
What's with him?
His parents missed Woodstock and he's been making up for it since.
You hear about Joey's bust?
Probably had something to do with that bank in ldaho.
You think he could hack a Gibson?
- Did you talk to him? - No. His mom says he's grounded
for his next three lifetimes. And no 'consorting with computer friends'.
The Secret Service is out to get him.
Want to go to a big party tonight?
It's at Kate's.
I thought so.
A little pelvis.
A little pelvis.
What the hell are you doing?
I think we got something.
Yuk!... Hard copy!
Dade Murphy.
- Secret Service! - Don't move!
What are you...?
Shut up!
What are you doing? Get off me!
Sit on the bed and keep your hands where we can see them.
The year was 1988.
A nasty virus crashed 1 ,500 systems in one day.
1 ,507.
It got you 7 years' probation.
No computer. No touchtone phones.
Must have been hell, huh, Zero Cool?
A virus has been planted in the Ellingson Mineral computer system.
You were our prime suspect.
Till we trashed your stuff and found no trace of it.
We believe that Joey Pardella is involved in this Ellingson virus.
He or his accomplice has a disk that Mr Belford needs to disable that virus.
We want you to help us find it.
I can't believe you were only 1 1 when you wrote this.
It's quite an impressive virus.
I know how you might feel about narking on your friends, but... we're hackers.
For us, there's no such thing as family and friends.
We're each our own country, with temporary allies and enemies.
Let's make a treaty.
I'm sorry. Who are you?
I'm the one who understands you.
Now, can we be allies?
Nah. I don't play well with others.
Shit! Come on!
Watch which friends you do play with.
With your record, you could land in jail or get expelled. No college. No future.
Exiled from everyone and everything you love.
I'll be in touch.
He's fine. Oh, and Dade,
- try to stay out of trouble, okay? - Blow me.
Thank you.
Her Mom makes big bucks writing books for women.
Stuff like 'Women Who Love Men Who Are Emotional Amoebae'.
That explains a lot.
Big man, stepping in. Coming through.
Big man, big boots. You look good, girl.
- Yo, what's up, Nikon? - In the house, man. Thanks.
Dade, man. You made it.
Houston, we have lift-off.
Three o'clock. Check it. Don't look right away!
Look at her, man.
Lisa Blair. 26 East 7th Street, apartment 16.
555 4817.
- How'd you know that? - I got a photographic memory.
It's a curse.
Oh! Look at that pooper, man. Spandex, it's a privilege, not a right.
Hi, my name's Vicki and I'm an addict.
Hi. My name's Hank and I'm an addict.
My name's Joey, but...
I'm not an addict.
No, really. Listen.
I got in trouble with my computer.
My lawyer told the judge I'm an addict, but I'm not addicted to my computer.
No, really.
I'm not an addict.
I'm not.
Can I get some more coffee?
Yo! Check this out. This is insanely great.
It's got a 28.8 bps modem.
- Yeah? Display? - Active matrix.
A million psychedelic colours.
This baby is sweet.
- I want it. - I want it to have my children.
- Bet it looks crispy in the dark. - Hit the light.
Come on. Get out.
- Was that her top? - One-handed.
Difficulty rating?
Wow!... Burn's wetware matches her software.
What are you doing here?
We're sorry! Just looking at your fly laptop.
It's hype, you know.
You're in the butter zone now, baby.
Yeah, it is.
I want to triple the RAM.
Leopard boy and the deceptor cons.
Kate! You're not going into that computer shit now, right?
Later, babe.
- Yeah, right. - The sensitive type.
What's he doing here?
He's my guest, Burn.
You're Acid Burn?!
You booted me out of OTV.
- What? - I'm Crash Override.
You're the moron who's been invading my turf?
Whoa, whoa! Crash...
and Burn!
Murphy kid turn you down?
I disguised myself as an Alabama State Trooper and penetrated the FBI NCIC.
What are you talking about?
The FBI computer holds files on 20 million Americans.
I just hacked into it.
I have access to every piece of data stored on Dade Murphy's parents.
His parents separated five years ago, reconciled, then divorced last year.
Custody battle.
Boy chose to go with his mother.
So, we get the mother, we get the boy.
What the hell are you doing?
It's cool, I'm just looking.
- It's too much machine for you. - Yeah?
I hope you don't screw like you type.
It has a killer refresh rate.
P6 chip. Triple the speed of the Pentium.
It's not just the chip. It has a PCI bus.
But... you knew that.
RISC architecture is going to change everything.
Yeah. RISC is good.
Sure this sweet machine's not going to waste?
Crash Override. What was it?
'Mess with the best, die like the rest'?
Are you challenging me?
Name your stakes.
If I win, you become my slave.
Your slave?
You wish.
You'll do shit work. Scan, crack copyrights, whatever I want.
Deal. And if I win?
Make it my first born.
- Make it our first date. - You won't win.
And you have to smile.
I don't do dates.
But I don't lose, either. So you're on.
Here's the deal, the chosen contest:
To hassle Secret Service Agent Richard Gill and get one back for Joey.
Our decisions are final by a vote oftwo to one. No appeals.
The duel will last until we declare a winner.
Use only the access codes and passwords in your collection.
No help from us.
Talkin' to me?
Any questions?
Yeah. Who's going to notify his next of kin?
He's in the personal ads.
'Disappointed white male, cross-dresser, looking for discreet friend
'to bring dreams to reality.
'Leather, lace and water sports. Transvestites welcome.'
I know where you can stick it.
Ijust want to lick your earlobes and your lips.
You want to lick something? Lick this!
That's why they call me Stallion.
That's disgusting!
My heart is steaming for you...
- ..spank you with... - I'll spank your ass!
- ..turn you over and... - Agghh!
Hey!... Hey! Do you know who I am?
Do you know who I am?
This is Accounting, sir. You inquired about Agent Richard Gill?
- Our records indicate he's deceased. - I'm what?
- Dead. - Dead?
Yeah. Like rigor mortis, habeas corpus.
- Very impressive. - Superhero-like, even.
Yeah, whatever.
What's the score?
Come on. Due to Mr Gill's untimely demise,
- you'll have to improvise the next round. - Right.
I win,
you wear a dress on our date.
And if I win,
so do you.
I didn't know your size, so... I guessed.
You will stick with the deal?
You wanted to know who I am, Zero Cool? Let me explain...
the new world order.
Governments and corporations need people like you...
and me.
We are the samurai, the keyboard cowboys.
And those otherpeople out there,
who have no idea what's going on, are the cattle.
I need your help. You need my help.
Let me help you earn your spurs.
Think about it.
Enjoy the laptop... Cool.
Tell me where the disk is.
You look pitiful.
Okay, you're not grounded any more.
- Yo, what's up? - I gotta talk to you, man. Listen.
- I copied a garbage file. - So? A garbage file has shit in it.
It's hot or something.
Joey, a garbage file holds odd data. Stuff that's been erased.
I copied it from Ellingson, okay?
They're asking me about it. Will you take a look for me?
Shit, Joey. You got a tail.
I am watching you.
Wake up.
Wake up. Ramon, it's time for school.
Come on.
Stick your hands up! Don't move!
Deja vu!
You're under arrest under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.
!La computadora de mierda!
!Que te dije de no estar jugando con esa
- computadora! - What are you waiting for? Arrest me!
You get one call.
Operator Services?
- I'm having trouble with a number. - What number, please?
555 4202.
- Just one moment. - Thank you.
- Hello? - It's me. I'm freaking.
Joey really hacked into Ellingson. He gave me the disk he copied
and now I'm injail for some serious shit!
Stuff I didn't even do, like inserting a virus called 'da Vinci'?
And they keep asking about you guys.
- Think they're gonna bust us? - Yeah.
You better figure out what's on that disk 'cause we're being framed.
It's in the place where I put that thing once.
Now I see what all the fuss is about.
You have company.
- Nice room. - We need your help.
Do my ears deceive me?
No, no. Truce, you guys. We got a higher purpose here.
A wake-up call for the Nintendo generation.
We demand free access to data.
Well, it comes with some responsibility.
'When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought as a child.
'But when I became a man, I put away childish things'.
What? It's Corinthians One,
Chapter 1 3, verse 1 1 , you know? Come on.
Phreak and Joey are being framed.
Can you help us find out what's on this disk?
I can't.
Everybody who touches that disk gets arrested. I can't risk arrest.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I should go to the bathroom.
What is it with you?
We're supposed to be on the same side and we really need your help.
I really need your help.
I'm sorry. I can't.
Could you copy the disk?
And just hide it in case we get busted so we have a copy for our lawyers.
Something that hasn't been tampered with.
You guys help yourself to anything in the fridge.
Cereal has.
Okay. I'll copy it.
Thank you.
The girl. The girl has the disk I need.
I told you. I don't play well with others.
Turn on your laptop.
Set it to receive a file.
Lauren Murphy is now a wanted felon in the state of Washington.
Forgery, embezzlement, two drug convictions
plus jumping parole. Once arrested, she will have no trial,
she will notpass 'Go', she will go directly tojail.
Then I change this file back to the original and your mom disappears.
That's bullshit.
What can I tell you? Computers never lie, kid.
Your mom will be arrested, handcuffed and later strip-searched.
You lay a finger on her and I'll kill you.
Kid, don't threaten me.
There are worse things than death... and I can do all of them.
Talk to me.
I got it. But Kate didn't know what's on it,
she came to me to figure it out.
She didn't plant the virus. You leave her alone.
Don't worry, kid. Ifshe's innocent,
she'll be fine.
Your mommy's safe now, okay?
Kate, Listen.
Hold on.
- I have to tell you something. - Hold on!
- It's so lean and clean. - Looks like a hacker wrote it.
Come here. Look at this.
This thing is tense.
That's ill, man.
It's incomplete.
This'll take forever to figure out. I'll make some coffee.
Tag, you're in.
- It's not a virus. It's a worm. - What's it eat?
It nibbles. You see all of this?
This is all of Ellingson's financial transactions.
From million dollar deals to $10 some guy pays for gas.
The worm eats a few cents from each transaction.
No-one's caught it because the money isn't really gone.
It's just data being shifted around.
And when the worm's ready, it zips out with the money and erases its tracks.
Joey got cut off before he got to that part. Check it out.
Here it's already running at twice the speed as when it started.
- At this rate, the run ends in... - ..two days.
- It's already eaten about... - ..21 .8 million bucks.
Whoever wrote this needs someone to take the fall.
That's Phreak and Joey and us.
We have to find out where the money's going before the worm disappears,
so we can find out who created it.
I know who wrote it!
This Ellingson security creep.
I gave him a copy of the disk you gave me.
You what?
I didn't know what was on it.
Oh, man! That's universally stupid, man.
Yo, man. You're an amateur.
Why did he come to you?
I've got a record.
I was Zero Cool.
Zero Cool crashed 1 ,507 systems in one day. Biggest crash in history.
Front page New York Times, August 10, 1988.
I thought you was black, man.
Yo, man, this is Zero Cool!
That's far out!
This is Zero Cool, man!
Yeah, that's great.
There goes MIT.
- I'll make it up! - How?
I'll hack the Gibson.
They'll trace you like that, man.
The cops will find you with a smoking gun.
Fucked if I care, man.
Even with the password, it'd take you ten minutes to get in,
then you'd have to find the files.
The cops would have you in five minutes.
Oh, wow! We are fried!
Never send a boy to do a woman's job.
With me, we can do it in seven.
I help, we do it in six.
I gotta save all your asses! I help, we do it in five minutes.
Okay. Let's go shopping.
You know,
if I didn't live by a strict code of honour, I might take advantage of this situation.
Erotically, as it were.
All right. Hold it right there.
My subway defence system.
He's way down there.
- Yo, brain-dead... the manual! - Oops!
Find it?
The phone's all right. The problem must be somewhere else.
They had a large chunk of the garbage file?
- How much do they know? - Enough to implicate us.
You said the worm was untraceable.
Yeah... to civilians. But they're hackers.
Don't worry. We just launch the da Vinci virus.
- Then they'll all be put away. - Launch the da Vinci virus?
- You can't do that. - No-one believes the guilty.
By the time they realise the truth, we'll be long gone with all our money.
Look, there is no right and wrong.
There is only fun... and boring.
A 30-year prison sentence sounds pretty dull to me.
Who do you prefer serves it?
Us... or them?
Unless $5 million is transferred to the following account in seven days,
I will capsize five Ellingson tankers.
The virus goes off tomorrow at 10.30AM,
and those hackers tried to get into our system again.
I insist you take more strenuous action
or Ellingson Mineral will hold the Secret Service responsible.
Get me arrest warrants on Kate Libby, alias Acid Burn,
Emmanuel Goldstein, alias Cereal Killer,
Dade Murphy, alias Crash Override, also known as
Zero Cool, and Paul Cook, alias Lord Nikon.
Pick them up tomorrow at 9.00AM.
Snoop on to them
as they snoop on to us.
- Yeah, it's Kate. - Hey, Burn. We got a little problem.
So, what've we got?
Well, 50 passwords, plus whatever Polaroid-head got inside Ellingson.
I got a lot, right?
I don't know how many, but...
my head hurts.
Yo, check this out.
- What's a da Vinci virus? - What?
It's a memo about how they'll deal with the oil spills that happened on the 14th.
What oil spills?
- Brain-dead. Today's the 1 3th. - Well, this hasn't happened yet.
The 14th is the day the worm ends it run.
Isn't the da Vinci virus what Phreak's being charged with?
Look. 'lnfecting ballast programs of Ellingson tankers'.
They blame hackers!
A worm and a virus?
The plot thickens.
Whoa, whoa! Where are you going?
I got an idea.
We got a few hours until we're arrested.
Stay low. I'm going to get help.
I'll beep you.
Are you coming?
May the Force be with you, man.
There they are!
Razor and Blade?! They're flakes!
They're elite! Let's get 'em.
Get off the stage, man! Get off!
I lost them!
Where were you?
I don't like this.
I definitely don't like this.
What do you want?
We come in peace.
We need your help, if you're up to it.
She's buff. Ballsy.
Let's keep her.
Waste the dude.
A virus called da Vinci will cause oil spills tomorrow at 10.30AM.
It's somehow connected to that worm.
We need you to overload the Gibson so we can kill da Vinci and copy the worm.
She's rabid... but cute.
See, we're very busy.
A TV network that wishes to remain nameless is interested in our show.
Let's go, Kate.
Nobody said no.
But you will need more than just two media icons like us.
You need an army.
That's it. An electronic army. If I were us,
I'd get on the lnternet, send out a major distress signal.
Hackers of the world, unite!
How will you take care of the cops?
I'm blowing up!
It's Kate. Grand Central. Let's hit it!
You're the man!
You're the man!
Joey, you made it!
Okay. Use your best viruses to buy us some time.
We must get in and copy the worm.
I had to do that to break the tension.
- Cereal. Go fix the phones. - Roger.
Joey, take his place.
- Me? - Take his place. Do it.
You can do it.
Let's boot up.
- What is it? What's wrong? - Nothing. Just a minor glitch.
A minor glitch with you seems to turn into a major catastrophe.
There's a new virus in the database.
What's happening?
It's eating memory. What do I do?
Type 'cookie', you idiot.
I'll head them off at the pass.
We have a bug attacking all log-in files.
Run anti-virus. Give me a systems display.
Die, dickweeds!
A rabbit's in the system.
Send a flu shot.
Rabbit? Flu shot? Someone talk to me.
A rabbit replicates till it overloads a file then spreads like cancer.
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.
Whoa! Falling off!
It's a Gibson, it's finding us too fast.
There's too many garbage files. I need more time.
They're at Grand Central station, lower level. Don't screw up.
Get out of here!
Everyone, let's move! Move it!
Get the hell out of the way! Come on!
Grand Central!
Game's over. Last chance to get out of this without a prison sentence.
You're not good enough to beat me.
Maybe I'm not. But we are,
- you asshole! - Give it up!
Just give it up.
Are we fashionably late?
Okay, let's go!
We have massive infection. Multiple GPI viruses...
..from remote nodes.
- They're going for the kernel. - Colonel who?
The command processor. The brain!
Cancer, brain. Brain cancer!
What's going on?
In short, Duke, a shitstorm.
Move! Go!
I found it!
I found it!
This is the end, my friend.
Thank you for calling.
He got me!
Joey's gettin' stupid busy.
Joey, go after the worm. You're the closest.
It's root, slash, period, 'workspace',
slash, period, 'garbage', period.
Out of the way!
Out of the way! Freeze!
Come on!
All right! Wow!
Kill the Gibson!
Roger that.
Come on, you son of a bitch. Is that all you got?
Come on! Let's see what else you can do.
You talking to me, huh? Are you nuts? Come at me!
They're in the kernel.
Help me!
The tankers have stopped capsizing.
Ballast tanks emptying.
Should be okay.
Little pissant!
Let's get outta here!
They're trashing our rights, man.
They're trashing the flow of data.
Hack the planet!
- Hack the planet! - Shut up and get in!
Hack the planet!
Hack the planet!
- Hello. - We caught them.
- Good. - Red-handed.
You won't be having any more trouble from them.
Me, all right? I did it. She knows shit about computers.
She's just my girlfriend.
I suggest you modify your attitude,
because you are floating
and I am about to flush your ass.
Mrs Murphy is here to see you, sir.
- Are you crazy? What are you doing? - Trying to help you.
- Dade. - What?
Thanks for your help.
Your son is in big trouble.
He violated his probation and has engaged in criminal activities.
My son happens to be a genius.
He understands things that you won't comprehend if you live to be 100.
He would never use his knowledge to harm others.
The news crew you requested is here.
Good. I have some things to tell them.
Your son is facing 30 felony counts in an ongoing investigation.
You face arrest if you do that.
I don't care if I face certain death.
Mrs Murphy stays right here.
Wow. She's great.
..and attacked the Ellingson network.
Is this the last we've seen of this kind ofespionage?
No. Hackers are a grave threat to the national security.
This incident just proves that we need
- increased funding to stop... - We're getting interference.
Hola, boys and girls. It is l, Cereal Killer,
making my first worldwide global television appearance.
Yes, that's right.
I'm here to tell you about this heinous scheme hatched within Ellingson Mineral.
But for what?
World domination? Nay.
Something far more tacky.
A virus called da Vinci, that would cause Ellingson tankers to capsize,
was to be blamed on innocent hackers. This virus was really a smokescreen.
What could be so important to protect that someone would create such a nasty,
anti-social, uncool virus program?
But why?
Could it be to cover the tracks of this worm program?
A worm that was to steal 25 million bucks.
The password for this worm belongs to Margo Wallace,
- head ofPublic Relations at Ellingson. - Oh, my God!
And Eugene Belford,
- computer security officer. - Son of a bitch!
What's this? The account in the Bahamas where the money was to be stashed?
I think so.
I kinda feel like God.
I don't even know how to work the VCR let alone a computer. Get off!
Listen, I'll make a deal. Eugene Belford. I know where his mother is.
Get off me! I need a lawyer!
Here you are, Mr Babbage.
Flight time to Tokyo is 14 hours. Can I get you anything else?
Just a pillow, please.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What's going on? Let go of me! Stewardess!
I'll never fly this airline again!
You look good in a dress.
You would have looked better.
Wanna go for a swim?
I can't believe they decided you won.
They didn't. The guys felt it was the only way I'd get a date.
you're pretty good.
You're elite.
If you'd said that at the start, you would have avoided a lot of trouble.
Beat that!
You know,
- I've been having these weird... - ..dreams.
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