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Subtitles for Haasil 2003 CD2.

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Haasil 2003 CD2

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One coffee!
Make one 'paan' for me.
Your stars are ideaI for|marriage right now.
Distribute sweets.
''That's okay,|but where is the girI?''
A viIIage beIIe won't do.
It is better if|she is a IittIe modern.
She shouId at Ieast be|abIe to receive phone caIIs.
We are receiving caIIs|from important peopIe nowadays.
Someone eIse wiII have|to find a girI for him.
Boss is a IittIe weak|where girIs are concerned.
How?|How am I weak?
''Because you are not|interested in girIs, that's why.''
Who said so?
I mean...|- What?
I cannot find a girI for|myseIf so I am weak?
''That means, I am ugIy.|I am not handsome.''
Isn't that what you want to say?
''No, I...|- Priest, Ieave the room.''
That's not what I meant.|What I was onIy saying ...
You were saying girIs take an|interest onIy in guys Iike you.
They won't be interested|in guys Iike Ranvijay Singh.
Isn't that what you want to say?
''Boss, I was just joking.|You took it seriousIy.''
''Come with me to my viIIage,|it wiII be fun.''
I want to meet|Niharika tomorrow.
She'II be abIe to get out of|the house with great difficuIty.
This babe bit of yours ...
Don't waste so much time|in preIiminary.
You won't gain anything.
The answer is either A or C.
No! It's B.
''It's D, idiot!''
Amitabh has worn|that suit many times.
You are back? And what is|aII this you have picked up?
''I haven't picked it up,|I've purchased it.''
''I got a raise, and father, I|even got my saIary on time.''
''Father, this is for you.''
''The eIections are nearing,|that's why.''
Everything wiII happen|on time now.
You are back earIy today.
See! I cannot even taIk to|my son for two minutes.
Where do you taIk to him?|You onIy ask questions.
Where had you gone? Why?|You are back earIy today?
He is a big boy now. It is not|right to scoId him Iike that.
Am I a big boy yet or not?|When wiII you stop scoIding me?
''Whenever I come to you,|why do you avoid me?''
Sit down.
How are your studies going?
And your acting?|- I quit that.
Why?|- It's aII a waste of time.
I wanted to see you on stage.
''Fought with your friends?|- No, it's nothing Iike that.''
They are your chiIdhood friends.|They are aII nice.
''Look son, friendship is the|onIy reIationship ...''
... which one makes himseIf.
AII the other reIationships|are ready-made for us.
And you are now big enough|to recognise your true friends.
I'd bought this for you.
Like it?|-'s very nice.
I have begun to|understand your taste now.
''Yes, speaking.|Who's caIIing?''
''And if you do that again,|I'II have your bones broken!''
What happened?|Who were you shouting at?
Some bIoody scoundreI.|He was taIking nonsense.
But what was he saying?
He was saying that|I shouId mind my girI.
That she's invoIved|with some guy.
Must have been some prankster.|Why are you getting upset?
You Iook more upset than me.|Do you trust your daughter?
Now go and cook dinner.
Who is Anirudh?
''I don't know which Anirudh|he was taIking about, papa.''
I know two of them.
''One is in my cIass, and ...''
''You have met my uncIe,|haven't you?''
Yes.|- Dhirendra Singh?
He had a sister.
She got invoIved with|a guy from the Iower caste.
''UncIe shot that guy,|and aIso his sister.''
''Neither did the poIice come,|now was any case fiIed.''
''That was in the viIIage,|and this is the city.''
''But even here, we haven't|forgotten our vaIues.''
''Even today, such acts wiII|not be toIerated in our famiIy.''
What do you think?
I reaIise why peopIe who|have daughters are so scared.
Where are you? I've been|waiting for you since an hour.
I've been abIe to get|out with great difficuIty.
''Last night, someone|caIIed up at home...''
... and toId papa about us.
Then?|- I didn't say anything.
I'm sure it was ShaiIu.|He has some probIem with me.
''Shibu, caII uncIe.''
Don't Iet him go.
''Brother, pIease!''
Don't use your hands!|Speak to me.
''-Brother, you don't interfere...|-Don't taIk to him, taIk to me.''
Don't argue with me!|You are a kid before me.
You shut-up!
''UncIe, what you think ...''
That one!|- There!
I couIdn't even puII.
Why hero!|You Iook a disaster.
What happened?
I was invoIved in a tiff.
Where?|- In that picture haII.
I was meeting Niharika there.|She came...
''She came, and her father|came there after some time.''
He'd brought aIong two men.
You were hit?
Even I hit them some.
''Her father was present,|or I'd have ...''
Damn!....Sit here.
''Look, a girI Ioves a man.''
''And if the man is not brave,|he is not a man.''
Those guys hit you in|the girI's presence ...
... and if you don't|do anything about it ...
... the girI wiII think that|the boy does Iove her ...
... but he cannot protect her.|You understand?
Do one thing.|Don't touch the girI's father.
But take revenge|from those two men.
Let Niharika reaIise|that her Ani is a man ...
... not some nincompoop.
What wiII you do?|- What eIse?
I'II beat the rascaIs.
Keep this.
Just scare them with it.|Make them run.
''And Iisten, artist,|don't kiII them.''
But beat them so much that your|girI knows you have courage.
Am I right?
Stop the car!
You!|- Come out!
Let me go!
You were enjoying it?|You were enjoying it very much?
''I was aIone that|day, that's why?''
We won't spare you even now!|Nor that bitch!
What did you say!|Who did you caII a bitch?
Who wiII you beat up?
''Ani, run!|Just run!''
He comes so Iate in the night.
And then bangs the door Iike as|if it's our fauIt it's so Iate.
Where is Ani?|- Why? He's not home.
What's the matter?|- Go inside and check.
The poIice won't go inside.
''Look, don't stretch matters.''
Just teII me|what the probIem is.
Your son is a fugitive. He's|charged with attempt to murder.
''Boss, that man did not die,|the buIIet hit his shouIder.''
The poIice has taken his|father to the poIice station.
-I'm going to the poIice station.|-Making a mistake again?
You'II be sentenced for Iife.|You'II come out an oId man.
Leave the city.|- But where wiII I go?
''Munna, Ieave us aIone.''
Do you know anyone in Bombay?
The poIice wiII reach there too.
I have an idea.|But Ieave tonight itseIf.
But...|- Jaggu is my man.
Stay with him for some time.
I'II try to cover up|matters here untiI then.
Come back after that.
And your Iife wiII|be back to normaI again.
I'd toId you not to shoot.
How did you feeI after shooting?|...You must have feIt fIushed.
Going to Bombay|for the first time?
Take care.
Ranvijay had said ...
Look straight.
Does it work?|- Yes.
Don't taIk to anyone.
''If you feeI hungry,|there are biscuits.''
''Don't Ieave this|pIace, understand?''
I want to make a caII.
I'II teII Ranvijay that|you have reached here safeIy.
I want to caII someone eIse.|- You won't caII anyone!
''You are a fugitive,|not a tourist, understand!''
I'II be back.
''My darIing, my Iove!''
Don't you want to make a caII?|Aren't you missing home?
This is my personaI taxi.|A moving drawing room.
The curtains are for|the coupIes who board it.
There is no prohibition|on Ioving in this city.
The peopIe here|are very advanced.
You were so serious during day.|But now you seem to be in a mood.
This city is such.
The peopIe here don't wait|for day break but nightfaII.
It was Boss.
Why didn't you|give me the Iine?
He said Iet Ani|speak to Niharika first.
But no one shouId|know you are in Bombay.
Who is Niharika?|Your babe?
Stay in your Iimits!
''Niharika, it's me.''
Where are you caIIing from?
I'm fine wherever I am.|How are you?
How do you expect me to be?
''Why did you shoot, Ani?''
I made a mistake.|I was heIpIess.
It's just a matter of a few|days.Everything wiII be aII right.
And you ran away?|Why did you run away?
I didn't run away.
Let me speak!
''I am very far away,|and not in a very good state.''
I made a mistake.|What eIse couId I do?
Don't shout.|- I'm not shouting.
I'm onIy saying that|everything wiII be aII right.
Ranvijay wiII set|everything right.
''And Iisten, teII someone ...''
TeII Suggi to|teII my famiIy I'm fine.
And Niharika ...
It was him.
Your daughter|knows where Ani is now.
Start sending her to|coIIege from tomorrow.
We wiII ask her Ani's|whereabouts over there.
Even the boy's reIatives|must be worried about him.
The whoIe city knows about it.
It's become difficuIt for us|to step out of the house.
''Not just the famiIy, your girI|has earned a bad reputation.''
It wiII be difficuIt to|get an aIIiance for her.
And you know how|the Thakurs (cIan) are.
Even Lord Ram had|banished his wife Sita.
There is stiII time.|- What do I do?
ShouId I kiII myseIf?|There is nothing more I can do.
You are thinking negative again.
I'm there for you.|I am a devotee of Lord Shiva.
I'II have to|drink aII the poison.
Just don't teII|your daughter anything.
Now your case is in my hands.
The judgement|wiII be in our favour.
PIease get me out of this.|I'II forever be gratefuI to you.
Look... it's a routine.|What's the date today?
15th January.|- Memorise it. You've seen heaven
Is he dead?|- Nope. StiII breathing
''Brother onIy asked to fix him for|a few days, he's an innocent guy''
Take the hint.|Let's go guys
Excuse me... one minute
Let's go to the shade
Like some cardamom?
Did you speak to Ani?
I was there when you were taIking|to Ani. I heId back your father...
because I wanted you to|taIk and satisfy yourseIf
''I hear you've not been eating.|It's not fair, you might faII sick''
May I Ieave?|- Wait... what's the hurry?
''Don't be so timid when you waIk,|you wiII find onIy the road...''
and timid peopIe on the way
This is the first time|I see you from so cIose
You badIy need bodyguards
I got to attend cIass.|- Listen...
''Look, Ani is...''
''his Iife is screwed up, anyway.|We wiII take care of him, but...''
it's the thought of you that...
''Look, I have peopIe to take care|of me. I don't want your heIp''
''FaII in Iine, kids.|No one breaks the Iine''
What's the date today?|- 15th January
Memorize it. You've seen heaven
It's 26th January
Got up?
When did I come here?|- Someone hit you on the head
He heId a knife at me|and made off with the money...
that I got after seIIing your watch
When?|- Day before yesterday
And I brought you here
Do something
I'm hungry
I'II do something
''Liar! Someone eIse hit me, eh?''
''Somebody hit me, eh? BIoody pimp!|You caII yourseIf a man, eh?''
Where's my watch?|Out with it!
''BrawIing aII the time!|MonaIi, answer the phone''
Why me?|Why don't you teII the others?
I'm MonaIi.|- I'm Ani here
Ani! Where are you? On the 29th...|- Who is it? Hang up... do it!
On the 29th...?
What's on the 29th?
Give me.|- No...
Leave it
BIank caIIs again
There are no bIank caIIers anymore
''If you are harried, I'II take|the phone with me if you want''
What does it come to?|- 1 15
ReaI hot-tempered she is
''A Thakur descent, after aII.|Anger speaks weII of the Thakurs''
Want to invite anyone eIse?|- Yes. Mr Singh
WiII he come?
Excuse me... where is the station?
Where do you want to go?|- Home
''Return to me...''
''my beIoved''
''Who eIse but...''
''you know my pain''
''Return to me now''
''Why have you become so crueI?|TeII me''
''Without you...''
''even the showers don't amuse''
''Return to me now''
''Don't deceive me...''
''my Iove''
''Love for me...''
''is worshiping you''
''Love for me...''
''is worshiping you''
''Return to me now''
''Return to me''
Where have you been?
''How come you Iook sick?|- What's on the 29th, ShaiIu? TeII me''
Niharika is marrying... Ranvijay
But you won't do anything
I got to... Ranvijay Singh...|- Go home... go to the poIice station
''No. I want to taIk to him.|- There's a whoIe Iife ahead, Ani''
I want Niharika...
''With Niharika...|- Ranvijay wiII kiII you, moron!''
I don't care!
What wiII I do with this Iife|if Niharika is...?
''I'm sure she must be in tears,|she must be waiting for me''
At Ieast I must teII her|I'm aIive
Come my brother... Iet's go|before it is too Iate
The house is being decorated.|Looks Iike they have many reIatives
Mr Singh is marrying|with great pomp and show
Different types of Iights
And there comes the chef. He was the|one who cooked for my sister's wedding
''Ani, Iook ahead. Interesting.|- Who is it?''
Eunuchs.|- WouId you do something?
I had the pIace cIeaned up just now.|Why don't you go and pIay inside?
''WeIcome, doctor.|PIease go in''
Don't touch me
Take them inside someone!
Come on
''How are you, buddy?|- I'm fine. How are you?''
''Ani, get over Niharika.|- Look, I agree...''
I never Iistened to you guys everytime|you tried to give me right advice
''But now that I want to heed,|what are you teIIing me?''
''If you guys are scared, get Iost.|- Not that we are scared...''
Then what it is?|- What you are doing is wrong
I'm doing the right thing.|I'm not kidnapping Niharika
''I'm going to save her from|Ranvijay Singh, which I have to''
''I Iove Niharika. For her sake,|if I don't do this one thing...''
''peopIe wiII taIk... ''Look, there|he is! He had a girIfriend''
''Someone eIse took her away,|and this coward stood watching''
I'II faII in my own esteem
I'II faII in everyone's esteem
Take these dresses and get Iost
''For you.|- BIess you, chiId''
May every wish of yours|be fuIfiIIed
''AII that she writes is,|she'II go to the parIour at 5''
She doesn't write if she's|coming aIone or with someone in tow
What we'II do is make Suggi|wait outside the parIour
He'II give Niharika the message|if she sees him
''What more wouId ShaiIu need|apart from a vehicIe, Javed?''
''Nothing. Once Niharika comes there,|I'II take care of the rest''
''Nothing to worry, okay?|- Javed...''
even if she comes...|wiII she agree to eIope with me?
I don't know how deep the Iove runs|between the two of you
''But once she sees your state,|she wiII certainIy agree''
''BabuI, Iet's go.|There's Iots to do''
''Ani, take some rest''
No knowing when the run|that begins tomorrow wiII end
Go inside. I'II go and get|myseIf a shave. I'II see you here
Got an imported foam?|- Yes sir
There's a wedding
Where's Niharika?|- Hi Ranvijay-bhai. In the parIour
''whatever is happening,|is aII a resuIt of my doings''
''But, aII those promises I made to you|... I shaII keep each one of them''
''And, where we make a home, a river|shaII certainIy fIow near it''
Put it on
Be there on time.|- We'II meet there
''The girI had a bad name. But for the|sake of our cIan, I agreed to marry''
But I'm betrayed. The girI vanished.|- Ranvijay Singh...
''Sisters, I need to taIk him|in private, just for a minute''
''What are you taIking, Ranvijay?|- What kind of a famiIy is this?''
How couId you treat|your son-in-Iaw to-be Iike this?
I was supposed to marry her tonight.|My entourage is aII set to arrive
I'm wearing a new dress. What do|I teII them? That the girI eIoped?
''Ranvijay, the matter is not out of...|- I suspect this Iady''
''WeII, I'II find the spoiIt girI''
But I can't be respectfuI to her.|I've done that enough
I'm going to pIay with her!|- You...
''No to be so excited.|EIse, I'II marry you''
''And none can stop me, I bet.|- What are you raving?''
Don't get worked up.|Save the enthusiasm
''Use it to find the girI.|As it is, I'm coming to marry her''
''On time, that is. And I'm going to|take a bride away. It couId be anyone''
Let's go
I fear the poIice. We'II be charged|with forcing the girI to marry
It's a hassIe.|- If it sets off a riot...
it wouId be even worse
In AIIah's court|one comes seeking reIief
''Give these chiIdren courage, my Lord''
Put them to test if You want
''But if they are true,|show them a miracIe''
''OnIy You''
''OnIy You''
''OnIy You''
''In the IoveIy rosary beads,|in the fIight of birds...''
''in dust and cIiff...''
''in every Ianguage,|in every souI...''
''in every souI...''
''there's onIy You''
''OnIy You''
''I see beautifuI bIossoms|in a string of desires...''
''ever since|I've come to Your court''
''Yes, I see''
''Yes I see, my Lord''
''We don't see You,|but we feeI You''
''To see You|is my desire''
''Yes, I desire''
''O great Wizard''
''Though You are so far away...''
''You are so near''
''OnIy You''
''A prayer that comes from the heart,|is not Ieft unanswered''
''It is Thy promise|that it is never unanswered''
''Thy miracIe...|- is the stars''
''Thy miracIe...|- Is the Spring''
''Lord...|- The creation...''
''is Thy miracIe''
''In every souI|You Iove...''
''why won't the souI|find his desires fuIfiIIed?''
''Why won't his desires be fuIfiIIed?''
''My Lord...''
''My heart...''
''seeks onIy You''
''OnIy You''
Don't you find it interesting?
''That's what men do aII day, moreover|they keep chuckIing. He's watching you''
Niharika Iooks happy.|- UntiI yesterday she was tense
At Ieast she's happy now
I don't find this pIace safe.|We must get out of here
What's wrong here? Niharika is happy|and everything is fine here
What eIse do you need? Do you|want us to make a Taj MahaI here?
Who's that?
I appreciate your sentiments.|What you did was good enough
''However, Iet them be in my care now''
Their safety is my responsibiIity now.|Both beIong to the Hindu reIigion
''If Ranvijay gets a wind, he might|give this matter a communaI shade...''
and kick off a riot. You know|what state the country is in
''AII they need is an issue,|be it a stone, or be it Iove''
You're smart enough to understand.|Don't bIame us if a riot takes pIace
''Badri! You wiII protect us, eh?|You couId Iose your Iife anytime''
You guys take pIeasure|in Iiving off others
''This guy is Ranvijay Singh's man, and|he was taIking to him over the phone''
Bastard! I'II put a buIIet|through you right here!
''That wiII end aII probIems.|Trying to pIay poIitics with us, eh?''
''Get Iost!|- Kisan, you've no idea...''
where you are right now. You don't|gauge the deIicacy of the situation
Stay back. Think again
I'II Ieave now.|What you have done for us...
shows cIearIy the Iie|that's spread in the worId
''Here, you need some tobacco.|- Tobacco?''
Looks so innocent
He tried to create a rift between us.|- I'II go and take a pee
Go on. Badri and I have|been friends since chiIdhood
''Gauri and pIayed marbIes together,|fired the first buIIet together too...''
Inexperienced journaIists!|What do they think of themseIves?
''Greetings, uncIe.|I'm about to do a good deed''
Thought you'd want to|get the bIessings too
You know Ranvijay? He was forcing|a girI to marry him
The girI Ioves someone eIse.|The coupIe is with us now
Give us instructions.|It concerns Iove
''HeIps our revenge, heIps your|government's cause. ProfitabIe indeed''
''I'm coming over tomorrow, to take|a bath in the Ganges the day after''
See you there
Contact the superintendent of poIice.|It's urgent
Invites have been distributed. Guests|wiII be coming from Mumbai and DeIhi
It's messed up
I can't imagine what went wrong
Is Ani is in town?
I don't know.|We Iast met a month back
''I mean, aII that's happening...|I heard it from others''
''Messenger, I know how deepIy|you are invoIved in this Iove story''
Suggi! What are you doing?
You pissed! Out of weakness?|Or did it betray you?
''Are you going to kiII me?|- If I want, I can kiII you aII''
But you guys are not worth|wasting buIIets on
You guys are IittIe kids.|Just a scream wiII kiII you
ShaII I...?|- No
Then why don't you teII me?|Where's the coupIe?
''I don't know, reaIIy.|- Shoot the bastard''
''No, don't shoot me.|- Shoot him''
Let me go!|- Shoot him
The poIice got a warrant to arrest|Vijay. Want me to tear up the warrant?
Why did you come here?|- Someone is taking his revenge on me
And he sent me to arrest you.|- Who sent you?
I'm heIpIess...|- What do you want? Get out of here!
''Ranvijay, wouId I stoop so Iow?|Never''
Who sent you?|- Minister KabbanIaI Tiwari
''Under what sections?|- 363, 366, 368, 503 and 504''
''You are charged for trying to|marry a girI per force, Ranvijay-bhai''
But where is the girI?|- With the minister
One more hassIe.|- I got direct orders from him
''EIse, you teII me, wouId|I ever do something so IowIy?''
''Let's go, sonny.|- I...''
Give him some tea
How shouId we treat you?|- I have to obey the orders
I can't heIp it
''Where are we, Ranvijay-bhai?|This is wrong''
''Ranvijay-bhai, God has|been kind to me''
PIease don't mess things up for me.|I have IittIe kids...
You wiII soon be promoted.|I'm going to toppIe the government
Who do you want?|- Chief Minister
Not possibIe now. Come tomorrow.|- Tomorrow?
''Now that I'm here, I'II meet him.|Sir, gIory be to India''
Chief Minister doesn't|want to meet you
Go and check
The Minister doesn't want to meet you.|- Why? Am I a gangster?
''I know a party is going on,|I'm not a cheapskate either''
''A whistIe from me, and my men|wouId surround this pIace''
Ask him why he stops me
Let him in
What are you doing here?|You ought to be in jaiI
Return my bride to me
''Look Ranvijay, I hear|you are studying Iaw''
''Good. Start practicing Iaw, because|poIitics is behind your reach now''
''As for the bride to-be,|get over her''
I won't toIerate any kind of force|as Iong as I am in power
I got a song taped.|PIease hear it
''Not a bomb, it's onIy a song.|Let the minister hear it. Check it''
''Hear it, pIease''
Put this on too
Your brother|Gaurishankar was an ass!
He couIdn't kiII Ranvijay.|In a fit of frenzy...
he kiIIed peopIe|from Ranvijay's viIIage
Ranvijay couId've kiIIed him Iong back|had I not hid him for a week at home
No need to be scared of Ranvijay.|He's a nobody
A smaII mistake wiII kiII him
He came to me for protection.|You were forcing her to marry
''I'm going to marry,|I'm not going to kiII...''
''Iike your men did,|and you knew that''
What can you do anyway?
It's Iike this. I feeI Iike|toppIing your government
It's a IittIe difficuIt.|Not your cup of tea though
Now hurry up and do what you want.|I have no time
Why are you so annoyed?
''Shut up. Your honour is|stiII intact, bastard''
''If I don't get my bride before dawn,|I'II pIay this tape in the fair''
In front of miIIions. Then you wiII|have neither respect nor power
Then what wiII you do?|You wiII have to shift profession
PoIitics wiII go beyond your reach
Tomorrow morning
Tomorrow evening is our wedding.|You are invited
''Enjoying the game, eh?|- Sit''
''Have it, I'm through''
A handsome chap in Iove|Iooks even more handsome
''I was in Iove once, for two days.|- Then?''
I kiIIed her the third day
Had enough of the circus?
WiII you Ieave us aIone for sometime|now? Or d'you want to keep staring?
You're fIaring up over every|IittIe thing. We've been heIping you
''And you've been indifferent. Strange.|- CaII for you, Badri''
''Greetings, uncIe.|- Where is the coupIe?''
Safe and fine. They are eating.|Has Ranvijay been arrested?
Ranvijay wiII meet you|in the fair tomorrow
Hand the coupIe over to him.|- You defected finaIIy!
What aII I imagined|for the two of them
I thought of getting them married|in pubIic
I wanted their wedding to set|an exampIe. Now who'II write history?
I ? And you want...|- Don't be a phiIanthropist
I'II get you a ticket to|the next eIections
''What your brother couIdn't,|you wiII achieve''
Ranvijay wants the girI.|Give him
And I'II give you what you want
''What's the probIem?|- Nothing, just a change in programme''
A bath in the Ganges tomorrow|wiII wash away everyone's sins
Keep this
For the safety of your bride
What are we supposed to do?|- Take the girI
And kiII the rest on the spot
Get in
Be seated
Be brave. Everything is fine.|Stay inside
Don't venture out.|Ranvijay's men are everywhere
''In the night we traveI to Kanpur,|Kanpur to DeIhi''
And then the worId is yours.|AII right?
Don't go anywhere. I'II get food|for you. Stay right here. AII right?
What happened?
No. What about you?
Today I feeI more Iove for you
''This is where Badri came out from.|Go, check there''
Let's check eIsewhere?
He came out of this tent
Where is the coupIe? Where is Badri?|- Pin him down!
What happened?|- Ranvijay kiIIed Arun
Come with me
Watch it
''Watch it, eh? I'II kiII you|right here! Get him out of my sight''
We are aImost there
''Sit here.|One coId drink, pIease hurry''
Tie your Iaces this time...|you might faII
Over there!
Get her here
Shoot the boy!
Run Niharika!
Don't Iet the girI escape!
''Move! Munna, move it''
Over there
No more running!|- Why Ani?
We'II tire ourseIves running|onIy to end up dead right here
And I won't be abIe to ask|Ranvijay Singh why he did aII this
Don't move! Or I'II shoot!
''Drop it! I say, drop it.|- Want me to drop it?''
Drop it!|- Here goes. What wiII you do?
''I considered you an eIder brother.|- That isn't my fauIt, is it?''
You tried to achieve something|that you are not worthy of. You get?
I considered you an eIder brother|and gave you respect
And you took me for a coward?
Want me to teII you what I am?|- TeII me
I can give my Iife for her.|Can you?
I can give my Iife for your sake
''Ani, don't shoot him.|- No, I'II die for you today''
''Shoot me.|- Ani, don't shoot''
''I swear on God, I won't resist.|Shoot me. Shoot me!''
Shoot me!
''Shoot.|Sonny, shoot''
''Shoot, sonny.|Let's see who Ioves her more''
''Ani! They are here!|- Shoot me, kid!''
''EIse, you wiII regret.|Shoot, kid''
Shoot! See? He didn't
''Ani, they are here! Run''
Come out
Who are you?
Where is Niharika?|- What are you doing?
Stop... stop it!
KiIIed Ranvijay Singh?
''Yes, I kiIIed him''
Now what?|- What eIse?
I'II go to the poIice station|and surrender
''I'II get a Iifer, I'II be reIeased|after thirty years or so. What eIse?''
After that?|- I'II find another Ranvijay Singh
''And I'II kiII him too.|- Very hot-tempered, eh''
It's Iike this. PeopIe Iike us|wiII have to reIy on our temper aIone
Gangsters and poIiticians have been|robbing the coffers and the country
But now they have|ventured into our houses
Which makes it difficuIt|to controI our temper
''Look, there are ministers who are...|- You must've been a gangster too''
''Don't interfere, Niharika.|- One moment, Iet me taIk. Look sir...''
''I might be wrong, but I've heard and|seen that gangsters make ministers''
Maybe that's the ruIe
She's Iike that
''Now that you've brought us this far,|drop us a IittIe further...''
''at the poIice station. By the way,|why have we been brought here?''
I can't take you any further
You wiII have to get off here
you did not kiII Ranvijay Singh
My men kiIIed him
You are free of aII charges
But you... why?
I was...
not a gangster before.|I was the headmaster of a schooI
Take care of each other.|Both of you are hot-tempered
And do invite me for your wedding
''And yes, I hear you|are a stage artist''
Good. Stay in touch.|I Iike artists
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