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Subtitles for Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD2.

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Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD2

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Button your coat.
Ingrates! You take the bread out of that man's mouth and spit it in his face.
As the good Lord says, "Good riddance to bad rubbish."
Give 'em the tickets. They were sluffin' the act anyway.
Okay. Okay.
Thanks, Herbie. We'd also like Joe's ticket.
Joe's leaving, too?
That leaves us just with Jerry.
Well, not exactly. Jerry's already gone. On his own.
Where you been?
Where's the baby? You didn't let her stay for the second show?
- No, we didn't go to the show. - What?
I've been looking for the baby all over the place.
I finally went to the hotel and the room clerk gave me this note for you.
- What's she writing me for? - I don't know.
- What's in it? - I'll read it to you.
I can read my own letters, thank you.
"...l've had a dream. Me.
"My dream was like a nightmare.
"I dreamed I was a very old lady, but I was still Dainty June...
"...still doin' the same old act.
"I was so ashamed of myself, I ran away, Mama...
"...from the act, from you, from your dreams...
"...because they only made you happy.
"And if I want a dream of my own, my very own, I have to be like you, Mama.
"I have to fight for it.
"I started toward my dream three weeks ago in between shows.
"I married Jerry.
"Please don't worry about me, Mama.
"Maybe I'm enough like you to make my dream come true...
" grow up and be a real actress.
"I'll always love you and Louise, Mama...
"...and I'll always be grateful to Herbie.
When did they leave? Did she tell you where they were going?
No. Nothing, honest.
I'll call the cops. They'll find 'em, Rose, and bring 'em back. Don't you worry.
You shouldn't call the cops. They'll scare June.
It's gotta be against the law for a 13-year-old to be marryin'.
Rose, she must have lied about her age.
I'm gonna call the police.
I'd better get her ammonia. I think it's in her valise.
Can I use your phone? I've gotta call the police.
This little girl, underage, who married a boy...
- How old are they, mister? - The girl's 13. The boy is 17, 18.
There's nothing illegal about that in this state.
It's legal for a girl of 12 and legal for a boy at 16.
This is pioneer country and we've never changed the law.
I still want to call the cops.
Come on in.
You won't hear any different from them than me.
Can we have the tickets now? We gotta get movin'.
Police department.
- I fixed up an act of my own... - Get moving.
Don't be sore, Herbie. It ain't our fault the act's washed up.
Goodbye, Herbie.
Hey, fellas...
...good luck.
- Thanks, Herbie. - Thanks. Good luck to you, too, Herbie.
Good luck, Louise.
Come on, Yonkers.
Goodbye, Louise.
You mean you're all going away?
Yeah, all of us. Gee, I'm sick about it, but I gotta think of my future.
Why didn't you tell me, Tulsa?
Like you once said, Louise, it's in my palm. I keep secrets the way you do.
Listen, I would've loved June to be my partner.
I know.
You'll find another one.
What will you do?
I don't know.
Well, I hope we run into each other again. Maybe we'll even play on the same bill.
Yeah. Maybe.
You're a great girl. You're the cat's whiskers.
That's what we all say. You're just like one of the boys.
Yeah, that's me all right. "One of the boys."
Thanks, Tulsa.
I just talked to the authorities. There's no way we can get June back.
What're we gonna do?
Rose. Honey, listen.
I'm still in the candy business. It's steady, 52 weeks a year, every year.
I'll be a district manager. We can stay put, have a home of our own.
Louise can go to school.
Rose, you still got Herbie.
You can marry me and I promise you won't have one single worry...
...for the rest of your life. Don't you want that?
Yes. Oh, Mama, say yes.
You read palms, I read minds. It's okay. It's all gonna be fine now, honey.
Everything happens for the best. Okay, so the act is finished.
But you and me and our daughter...
...we're gonna have a home of our own. We even got a cow for the backyard.
We're gonna be the best damned homebodies you ever saw.
The boys walked because they think the act's finished.
They think we're nothin'.
Well, let 'em walk. Let 'em all walk. I don't need any of 'em.
They needed me.
I'm used to people walkin' out.
When my own mother did it, I cried for a week. Your father did it.
Then the man I married after him did it.
Well, this time I'm not cryin'.
Because I don't need any of 'em.
I'm the electricity.
I was always the electricity. Who do you think made the act?
I made it! And I can make it again. And I will, I swear I will.
This time I'm gonna do it for you.
This time I'm gonna make you a star, baby.
We're gonna have all new costumes, all new people, all new everything.
It's like bein' born all over again. We got everything ahead of us.
Take a look at our new star.
Look at her, Herbie. Look at her. You're right.
This is today and everything else is yesterday's mashed potatoes.
Finished? Why, we're just beginning. And this time nothing's gonna stop us.
"I had a dream
"A dream about you, baby
"It's gonna come true, baby
"They think that we're through
"But, baby
"You'll be swell, you'll be great
"Gonna have the whole world on a plate
"Startin' here, startin' now
"Honey, everything's comin' up roses
"Clear the decks, clear the tracks
"You got nothin' to do but relax
"Blow a kiss, take a bow
"Honey, everything's comin' up roses
"Now's your inning
"Stand the world on its ear
"Set it spinning
"That'll be just the beginning
"Curtain up, light the lights
"You've got nothin' to hit but the heights
"You'll be swell, you'll be great
"I can tell, just you wait
"That lucky star I talk about is due
"Honey, everything's comin' up roses
"For me and for you
"You can do it
"All you need is a hand
"We can do it
"Mama is gonna see to it!
"Curtain up, light the lights
"We got nothin' to hit but the heights
"I can tell, wait and see
"There's the bell, follow me
"And nothin's gonna stop us till we're through
"Honey, everything's coming up roses and daffodils
"Everything's comin' up sunshine and Santa Claus
"Everything's gonna be bright lights and lollipops
"Everything's comin' up roses
"For me and for you!"
No, no, no.
That's not right.
Sing out, Louise, sing out.
Let Mr. Ziegfeld hear you.
I got it! I got it!
I had another dream.
Instead of boys we'll use girls. And you know the cow in the act?
It's not gonna be a cow anymore. It's gonna be a bull.
So, it's gonna be a bull.
It's a good idea.
And you're gonna be the bullfighter. And you know what?
We're callin' the act Madame Rose's Toreadorables.
All we need is the girls.
Yes, Mother.
All we need is the girls.
How're we gonna get 'em?
We'll get 'em...
...Uncle Jocko.
Herbie did the Uncle Jocko bit again and got us six girls for the act, semi-talented.
I didn't like the dough goin' out for hotels, so I discovered the Army and Navy stores.
Surplus tents, for instance.
Ready, Louise?
Yes, Mama.
- Ready, girls? - Yes, Madam Rose.
Remember, you mustn't be discouraged by the past.
You're artists of the theater.
Madam Rose's Toreadorables.
"Extra, extra!
"Hey, look at the headlines Historical news is being made"
Sing out!
"Extra, extra!
"They're drawing a red line Around the biggest scoop of the decade
"In the decade
"A barrel of charm A fabulous thrill
"The biggest little headline in vaudeville
"Presenting in person
- "That 5-foot-3 bundle of dynamite" - Sell it! Sell it, girls!
"Senorita Louise"
Well, come on, Louise, come on!
Olé, everybody! My name's Louise. What's yours?
Well, it's comin' along.
...l'm just no good at it.
Now don't be silly. All right, girls, let's try the finish.
They'll forgive you anything if you've got a strong finish.
You're late. Now, girls, let's make it stirring!
Pick up your feet, Louise! Pick 'em up! Up, up!
I guess they're tired.
All right, girls, over to your tents. Get ready for bed.
- Good night, Louise. - Good night, Mama.
- But it's still light, Madam Rose. - Don't argue, go to bed.
And don't forget to write your mothers...
...for money.
How'd it go in town?
Not even a benefit.
They're too un-American down here, that's what.
We better talk about goin' back up north as soon as I tell the girls a bedtime story.
Why do you make Louise wear that wig in the act?
It makes her look more like...
...a star.
Why do you keep the cow?
Herbie, if that cow goes, I go.
The act can be fixed.
If I was doin' it for her sister I'd have it all set.
But you're not.
And I'm not my sister.
She doesn't expect you to be.
...I love you so much and I've tried hard as I could...
...but the act is rotten and I'm rotten in it.
How do you like that? Typical of a kid.
Mama, I've been wanting to say this...
- Always impatient. - Mama...
- A few break-in dates don't go so good... - I'm not a blonde.
And I'm not my sister, and I just can't do what she did.
She's not asking you to.
Maybe you want show business...
Maybe? Why, it's our whole lives!
It's what we've been working for since you were born.
Honey, maybe I have been on the wrong track about your material...
...but I'll find out what you do best.
The good Lord says, "You gotta take the rough with the smooth."
And you're lucky. You were born lucky, because you're not alone, see?
- Right, Herbie? - Right.
You know, we could get a nice refund on this if we'd ever paid for it.
How about getting a gallon of peroxide and a carton of toothbrushes?
What for, Herbie?
Make 'em all blondes.
I was only jokin'.
So was I, honey.
But why not do it?
- Louise, they're just children. - They're young girls, Mama.
As blondes they could be pretty young girls.
With some imagination it might work.
It'd jazz up the act, make it easier to sell.
We could call it, Madam Rose and her Blonde Babies.
Baby Blondes.
No, nothing with babies.
- Hollywood Blondes. - Yes!
All blondes except you, 'cause you're the star.
If I'm the star...
...then it should be Louise and Her Hollywood Blondes.
Rose Louise and her Hollywood Blondes!
Well, I told you everything would come up lollipops.
Herbie got us a two-week date.
And we were paid minimum plus, guaranteed in advance... the Wichita Opera House.
We were on our way up again.
Nothin' can stop Rose. Nothin'.
Okay, okay. Kill the traveler.
That's right, trim it. Okay.
That's right.
It's a real live theater!
With a real live stage!
Don't you love it?
Louise, look!
A real live theater.
Just like opening day rehearsals used to be.
Mama's gonna love it.
- Will you kill them floods? - Will you shut your face?
- She isn't gonna love that. - Or that!
Slave, my fiddle.
What the hay?
What kind of an act is that?
Okay, jailbait, you the Hollywood Blondes?
- Yes. I'm... - You're late.
- Our car broke down and... - Skip it.
Some of you can use that dressing room. The rest of you, over there.
The first one you share with Tessie Tura, the Texas Twirler.
The second with Mazeppa, Revolutions in Dance.
Now shake it up, will you?
So...'re the act that's supposed to keep the cops out, huh?
Boy, you must be lousy.
It's a real live theater, all right.
He reminds me of my brother.
Don't start sniveling.
Take the cow and anything else you can carry into the first dressing room.
Marjorie May, take the other girls into that second room and start unpacking.
I want to go home.
Look at this!
That Tessie Tura must be a very fancy lady.
She must also be a pig.
In here, Mama.
Let me help you.
Baby, we're back in the theater.
We're back in a real live theater.
I really think we ought to talk to Herbie.
He went up front to check on our billing. Good morning. Good morning, I...
It ain't weighted right.
It scratches the devil out of me and it just don't bump when I do.
Maybe there's somethin' wrong with your bumper.
Big joke!
I'm out there bumpin' my brains off with no action and she's bein' witty.
Hey, you with the neck.
I paid six bucks for that costume. Now back where you found it.
Yes, ma'am.
Get the bags, get the cow, get the props!
You don't know what kind of theater this is.
Yes, I do. It's a house of burlesque.
A house of burlesque. And you know what that is? Filth!
- When your friend Herbie shows his face... - I'm sure he didn't know.
Not much, he didn't. Agnes!
He got the booking over the telephone.
We were all so happy.
My name is Amanda.
Your name is Agnes and I want you and the others out of here in two seconds.
- But, Madam Rose... - March! March! Go!
Wait a minute. Wait in the other dressing room.
You take the rear end of the cow, I'll take the front.
And what bags we can't carry, your friend Herbie can pick up and carry himself.
Listen to me. Just because you think Herbie can do no wrong...
- This has nothing to do with him. - You don't know what burlesque is.
- Yes, I do. - No, you don't!
No daughter of mine will work in a burlesque house.
And no daughter of any woman I know.
Where are we gonna work?
Vaudevillians won't even live in the same hotel as burlesque people.
Mama, how much money do we have?
Including what's left of their allowances, how much money do we have?
Somethin' will turn up.
It has turned up and this is it!
Mama, we're flat broke. We've gotta take this job.
Even if you wanted to quit and go home, we'd have to take it.
I had a dream.
- Mama... - You're gonna like this one.
I had it over a week ago, only I didn't want to tell you.
The cow came into my room.
But she wasn't dancin', smilin' this time.
She was wheezin' and kind of sad-like.
She came over to my bed and looked at me, and she said:
"Rose, move over."
I'm sorry, Mama.
Why? She didn't ask you to move over.
I mean, I'm sorry I'm not good enough in the act.
It's the act that isn't good enough, baby...
...or somethin'.
In here.
Look, I didn't know. Louise. Rose, I didn't know, believe me.
I do, honey.
Oh, what's the difference? The money is good.
It's only two weeks and maybe by that time somethin' will turn up. Right?
You're a nice girl, Rose. Thank you.
- That's show business. - One good thing: I bet we get top billing.
Actually, you see, they had us kinda lost in the middle.
I thought last would be better, so that it reads:
"And Rose Louise and Her Hollywood Blondes."
They'll use plenty of pictures and put a box around it.
Forget the box, Herbie, and the pictures.
You don't know what they say in the business, but Herbie does.
When a vaudeville act plays burlesque it means it's all washed up.
Herbie, nothin' is gonna turn up for us, is it?
It is a pretty rotten act.
Honey, it's not the act.
It's like I been tellin' you, vaudeville is dead, stone-cold dead!
- We sure tried though, didn't we? - We sure did.
I better get the cues ready.
Hey, Rose Louise, where's your music? And your light cues?
I'll be right with you.
- You Rose Louise? - Yeah, I'm Rose Louise.
Oh, Herbie.
Things are lookin' up.
I got a show to open, Rose Louise, so move your butt.
Now listen, you little punk!
For the next two weeks you're gonna speak like a Sunday school teacher.
You got something in this theater you probably never saw before: A lady.
Take a look.
That is a lady.
And that is also a lady.
And every girl in this act is a lady and don't you forget it. Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Now get out there on that stage and I'll give you the cues when I'm ready.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me...'am.
Sir, won't you give me your protection? I'm a lady, too.
Just let me by, lady, and there won't be any casualties.
Say, you're cute.
How about you and me goin' for a ride after the show?
All my seats are reserved.
The thing worked, thanks to you.
- Well, if you ladies will excuse me. - We're very busy.
- In my dressing room? - In your dress...
You heard me.
And I don't like sharin' it any more than you do.
Particularly with a troupe from the Virgin Islands.
Now don't start up on us, understand? We're headliners from the Orpheum Circuit.
We were booked into this theater by mistake.
Weren't we all?
Say, who made that?
I did. I make all our costumes.
My, look at them ladylike little stitches.
That miserable broad who's been makin' my gowns must be usin' a fish hook.
What do you pay her?
- $25 a gown and I provide the material. - $30.
- She's new in the business. - $30.
- Are you her mother? - Yes.
I'll get the material after the matinee.
It's a deal. Louise, where's your toreador costume?
The girls must have it in the other dressing room with them.
Heaven knows what else they've got in their dressing room.
From the way that dame walks...
...she would've made a real good stripper in her day.
Tessie, I'm short a talking woman.
Tough. "T, U, F." Tough.
The new comic won't use a chorus girl.
Then let him use Mazeppa. Everybody else has.
Now you know Mazeppa's got her Gladiator Ballet just before his spot.
Let them cut the ballet. It stinks anyway.
Be a sport. I'm in a bind.
You're always in a bind in this flea-bitten trap.
I'm a strip woman, slob. I don't do no scenes. Now blow.
Have you ever heard of a first-class strip woman playin' scenes?
When you play stock in a dump like this, I guess you gotta expect to get insulted.
The work is steady, isn't it?
But you bring a new star in for each show, don't ya?
Tessie, it's just a few lines.
Fat boy, save your bad breath.
- I'll give you $10 extra. - No.
I can read lines.
Who are you?
Rose Louise, of Rose Louise and Her Hollywood Blondes.
Just a minute. What kind of lines?
- You in her act? - Not exactly.
- Shut up! How are your legs? - Great! And I'll learn her the scenes.
Okay, $10.
It's money, Mama.
What kind of lines will she read out on that stage?
The same burlesque junk that's been said since the year 1.
- Say, where've you been all your life? - Playin' vaudeville.
Where? In the Louvre?
You name any town in the United States and we've played it.
My grandpa says we've covered the country like gypsies.
Well, you may be a gypsy, Rose Louise, but you're...
Say, that ain't a bad name if you ever take up strippin'.
She won't.
No, but you'll let her feed lines to a bum comic...
...for a lousy $10 a week.
That's trainin'. She's gonna be a headliner. This is only temporary.
Just as soon as we finish here she's goin' right back to vaudeville.
I better talk to Herbie about this.
We never do anything without consulting our artists' representative.
I'd like to consult your artists' representative.
That's a man.
He and Mama are gonna be married.
She better grab him or she's dumber than she looks.
Don't you start calling my mother dumb. She's a lot smarter than any of you.
Listen, we gotta share a dressing room.
Let's smoke a peace pipe, okay?
I'm willing.
I hope so.
Sharin' a dressing room is like sleepin' together, and if you don't get along...
I'll thank you not to give the boss any notion that I would ever play scenes.
And one more disparaging remark about my ballet...
...will find this bugle right in your eye.
There's a lady present.
Open your eyes instead of your mouth.
Gypsy, meet Miss Mazeppa, Miss Electra.
Say, you're even younger than I was when I started strippin'.
I'm not gonna strip.
Somethin' wrong with strippin'?
No, I just meant I don't have any talent.
You think they have?
I, myself, of course, was a ballerina.
But take it from me, to be a stripper all you need to have is no talent.
You'll pardon me...
...but to have no talent is not enough.
What you need to have is an idea that makes your strip special.
"You can pull all the stops out
"Till they call the cops out
"Grind till you're fined or you're banned
"But you gotta get a gimmick
"If you wanna get a hand
"You can sacrifice your sacro
"Workin' in the back row
"Bump in a dump till you're dead
"Kid, you gotta get a gimmick
"If you wanna get ahead
"You can uh
"You can uh You can uh, uh, uh
"That's how burlesque was born
"So I uh And I uh
"And I uh, uh, uh
"But I do it with a horn
"Once I was a schlepper
"Now I'm Miss Mazeppa
"With my revolution in dance
"You gotta have a gimmick
"If you wanna have a chance
"She can m'm, She can m'm
"She can m'm, m'm, m'm
"They'll never make her rich
"Me, I uh And I uh
"And I uh, uh, uh
"But I do it with a switch
"I'm electrifyin'
"And I'm not even tryin'
"I never have to sweat to get paid
"'Cause if you got a gimmick
"Gypsy girl, you got it made
"All them m'm And them m'm
"And them m'm, m'm, m'm
"Ain't gonna spell success
"Me, I m'm And I m'm
"And I m'm, m'm, m'm
"But I do it with finesse
"Dressy Tessie Tura
"Is so much more demure
"Then all them other ladies because
"You gotta get a gimmick
"If you wanna get applause
"Do something special
"Anything that's fresh'll
"Earn you a big fat cigar
"You're more than just a mimic
"When you got a gimmick
"Take a look at how different we are
"If you wanna make it
"Twinkle while you shake it
"If you wanna grind it
"Wait tell you've refined it
"If you wanna bump it
"Bump it with a trumpet
"So get yourself a gimmick
"And you, too
"Can be a star"
- Hello, Herbie. - Hello, Rose.
You win.
We've come to the end.
Guess we'd better make some new plans.
How about marryin' me?
Sure. Sure!
I love you, you know.
Yeah, I do.
Let's do it today.
Not while we're still in burlesque.
- The day we close. - It's a deal.
Oh, Herbie.
I do, I do!
So do I, Rose.
Come in.
I'll bet you thought I forgot, huh?
Not Herbie!
I remember everything, including the wedding bouquet, the finest in Wichita.
Thanks, Herbie.
They're knockouts, aren't they?
They sure are knockouts, Herbie.
Hey, stop packing and talk to me!
Gosh, this is the great day!
I can't help it. I'm nervous. Why aren't you?
- I've never been so nervous. - You've never been married before.
You've never been married before like you'll be married this time.
She's a little sad, too. You know, about the girls.
Rose, honey, I know what you're feelin'.
It ain't easy to give this up after all these years, but you'll never regret it.
I ought to shut up, but I can't help it.
I'm finally getting everything I ever wanted.
Including a fancy ceremony and bridesmaids.
What the minister will say when he sees all that Hollywood blonde hair...
...I don't know. I don't know.
Let's hope he's colorblind. What difference does it make?
All he has to ask in exactly one hour is:
"Do you, Rose, take him, Herbie?"
And you know what I'm gonna answer? "I, Rose, take you, Herbie."
Thank you.
- I better get the bags in the car. - I don't know why I stay in this business!
- Lf it ain't one headache, it's another! - They'll hear you out front.
It's my theater, ain't it? Last week, no talkin' woman.
The week before, no second banana.
If you knew that crazy broad wasn't here why'd you start the performance?
She don't go on till next to closin'.
She said she was only goin' to the drugstore.
- What'd they arrest her for? - Shoplifting.
Cut the spot.
Rose, can we invite the minister for a drink afterwards?
It's the star strip!
Cut it!
Mama, we could hang the cow's head over the mantelpiece.
They'll yell "murder" if it's the same bags they've seen the last eight weeks.
- The star's the novelty. - Pastey, what do you expect me to do?
- Let you strip? - No.
- My daughter can do it. - What?
- Rose Louise. - Since when?
Since she's seen how easy it is.
- She didn't look bad in the scenes. - She'll look great when I fix her up!
- What's the gimmick? - She's young and you got any better ideas?
She'd better get ready now.
It's the star spot.
- That means star salary. - Lf we keep her.
You will. She's gonna be wonderful.
I knew somethin' would turn up.
Where's the dress you were making for Tessie?
Lt'll work perfect for you. Get into your makeup.
There isn't much time.
Silly, you aren't really gonna strip.
All you're gonna do is walk around the stage in time to the music...
...and drop a shoulder strap at the end. You're a lady, like Herbie says.
You'll parade so grand they'll think it's a favor if you even show 'em your knee.
Louise, it's the star spot.
I always promised my daughter we'd be a star.
Not like this.
You can't do it, Rose.
Herbie, it's all right to walk out when they want ya...
...but we can't walk out when after all these years we're still a flop.
That's quittin'. We can't quit because we're still a flop.
Please, do this. Then we can leave proud because we made it.
Maybe only in burlesque.
Maybe only in second-rate burlesque at that, but...
Let's walk away a star.
No time to finish that dress.
I'll get everything ready.
Get the junk off this dress, the Tessie trim.
Herbie, see what the house is like.
Sure, why not?
Didn't I always tell you, you were born lucky, Louise?
Not too much makeup, baby. Young and girlish, pure.
Don't smear that junk on your face the way the others do!
Just leave your mouth the way the good Lord made it.
Not too much rouge. No beauty marks.
You'll be a lady: Grand, elegant, with a classy ladylike walk.
Ye gods, shoes! We can use the black ones.
The old ones that we borrowed from Tessie.
They'll have to do. If they're too big, stuff 'em with paper.
Your hair's all wrong. You can't just let it hang there like spaghetti.
Get it up, dear! And puff it out on top. It's gotta be classy.
Thank God the Lord gave us good color and that you washed it this morning.
Do you think we should use a few feathers in it?
No, that's what they all do. Jewelry!
No, let Tessie and the others wear all this vulgar junk. Come in.
- She ready? - She'll be there.
She's on in seven minutes.
She'll be there. Come on, Louise. Get in the dress.
Come dear, come.
You're gonna be just wonderful, darling.
Go along, dear. Here's your dress.
Keep a lot of pins in your hair. Get it tight so it won't fall down.
- Will you get out of here! - Six and a half minutes.
I know, I know.
Say, whose are these?
My wedding present from Tessie.
Good for a lady. She can wear 'em. Now what else? Music. Music.
Spanish. Military. Cow.
Maybe she can do the Let Me Entertain You number.
Baby, you can do the Let me Entertain You number.
I'll mark it for the conductor to repeat two choruses slow.
No, two and a half. And sing out, Louise!
Just walk and dip.
Remember, you're a lady.
Make 'em beg for more and then don't give it to 'em.
Did I forget anything?
Is that you, honey? How is the audience?
It don't matter.
The car is outside and the girls are in it.
I'm just gonna put these bags in the car and then we're going.
You, Louise and me, we're gonna get married.
- This is our farewell to show business. - Herbie, don't talk dumb.
Two performances, a lot of dollars, and she'll always remember she was a star.
You want your daughter to take off her clothes in front of a lot of hooting savages?
You really want her to be ogled and leered at?
When a star's onstage there's an invisible wall...
...between her and the audience. She's an artist.
An artist can keep her audience away and leave them smiling.
Listen, I'm getting sick to my stomach again.
Herbie, don't you see that I have to do this?
No, I don't see that you have to do this!
All I see is what I have to do.
- I'm leaving. - I apologize.
No, let me!
For my resemblance to a mouse. No, a worm!
The way I've crawled after you. No more, Rose. No more, I won't!
I wanted to crawl away from you because my stomach turned over... think of coming back to tell you we're finished!
- Tell me after we're married. - We'll never be.
- We certainly are. - No, no! No, never!
Not even if you got down on your knees and begged.
Now look, I still love you, Rose.
But all the vows from here to doomsday couldn't make you a wife.
I want a wife, Rose!
I'm gonna be a man if it kills me.
- So you're killin' me. - Nobody can kill you.
You think I got a bulletproof vest? You're jealous, that's what you are.
Of my girls, 'cause they're always first.
They always did and they always will. And Louise is gonna be a star!
She's gonna be a star if it kills you and her. She's gonna be a star someplace!
While she's gonna be a star, where are you gonna be?
Where will you be when she gets married?
She won't get married for years. She's just a baby.
- Anyway, her career'll always come first. - That's right.
That is right.
Why does everybody walk out?
Maybe Louise won't.
Don't leave, Herbie.
I need you.
What for?
A million things.
Just one would be better.
Goodbye, honey.
Be a good girl.
You go to the devil!
Get her music to the conductor...
...and you better stand by me for the light cues.
I just hope you know what you're doin'.
"You're a man who likes children
"That's an important sign
"I'm a woman with children
"Small and funny"
I'll get the music to the leader.
Remember...'re a lady.
And you are going to be a star!
...l'm pretty.
I'm a pretty girl, Mama.
Come on, come on.
You look beautiful.
- Just for luck, honey. - Are you nervous, baby?
- What? - I said, "Are you nervous?"
No, Mother.
Wichita's one and only burlesque theater presents:
Gypsy Rose Lee!
Her name's Louise.
It ain't anymore. Go on, kid.
"Let me entertain you
"Let me make you smile"
Sing out, Louise!
Sing out!
"Let me do a few tricks
"Some old and then some new tricks
"I'm very versatile
"And if you're real good
"I'll make you feel good
"I want your spirits to climb
"So let me entertain you
"And we'll have a real good time Yes, sir!
"We'll have a real good time"
Don't just walk, do something!
Dip! Just dip!
Take somethin' off!
"Let me entertain you"
A glove! Give 'em a glove!
"And we'll have a real good time. Yes, sir!
"We'll have...
"...a real good time!"
The Alhambra Theater of Detroit is happy to present...
...that lovely newcomer, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee!
Philadelphia's Diamond Burlesque takes pleasure in presenting...
...that lovely new star...
...Miss Gypsy Rose Lee.
Hello everybody. My name's Gypsy.
What's yours?
Minsky's world famous burlesque takes great pride and pleasure... presenting the queen of the striptease...
...the incomparable Miss Gypsy Rose Lee... our salute to the new year.
"Let me entertain you
"Let me make you smile
"Let me entertain you
"We'll have a real good
"And if you're real good
"I'll make you feel good
"I want your spirits to climb
"Let me entertain you
"And we'll have a real good time Yes, sir!
"We'll have...
"...a real good time!"
- Good evening, Mrs. Hovick. - Good evening.
Glad to see you.
If you are, you're the only one. Who put that sign up on the blackboard?
I do not know, madame. I think it was probably a pleasantry.
I don't think it's a very pleasant pleasantry.
A cow! What's that for?
That's a souvenir to remind some people where they came from...
...which it wouldn't do any harm.
Renee, that comes down.
You need something to remind you your goal was to be a great actress...
...not a cheap stripper.
My sister's the actress, Mother. And I'm not a cheap stripper.
I'm the highest paid in the business.
You won't be ready for vaudeville when it comes back.
No, I'll be dead.
- Renee, would you take this tray, please? - I'll do it.
Mother, please. And bring my press agent in as soon as he comes.
Oui, madame.
Since when do you fix your face before you have your bath?
A photographer is coming.
Where's he going to photograph you, in the tub?
Mother, it's for a very chic fashion magazine.
Do you think I oughta freshen up?
They only want me in the tub.
I'll get it.
No, it's...
...difficult right now.
I'm not leaving.
Let's meet at the party.
Yes, I promise.
A bientôt.
A bien what?
I guess I am being a little much...
...but, Mama, I love it.
Who's givin' the party?
Some friends.
In the old days, I used to be asked first.
I wouldn't go even if I did have somethin' to wear.
I got more important things to do.
Like thinkin' up an idea for a new strip for us.
We're still stuck with that wind machine you bought to blow my clothes off.
Actually, I'm putting in a new number on Saturday.
What is it?
You'll see.
I'll see!
Mama, let me surprise you.
You're just one big surprise after another these days, aren't you?
We'd better go shopping tomorrow for the material for your dress.
I have a French lesson tomorrow.
Well, I'll go alone. You got any color in mind?
Mother, I've already started to make the dress.
Well, I'll run your bath for you.
Mama, you don't have to. That's what I have a maid for.
Let me do somethin', damn it!
What, Mother?
A million things. I'm not a baby.
Neither am I!
Don't take that tone with me, young lady.
- Your sister... - I am not my sister!
- You're not Louise either! - Neither are you!
Yes, I am! More than you, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee...
...with your maids and press agents and fancy friends with their fancy parties.
Your loudmouth mother isn't invited to those high-tone parties. They laugh at her.
- They don't! - They do.
Don't think I don't know that's one reason you don't want me backstage.
So I won't hear 'em laugh. It's them you ought to keep out, not me!
Because they're laughin' at you, too.
The burlesque queen who speaks lousy French...
...and reads book reviews like they was books!
Turn it off, Mother!
You know what you are to them? A circus freak.
This year's novelty act. And when the bill is changed you'll...
I said, turn it off!
Nobody laughs at me!
Because I laugh first. At me!
Me, from Seattle! Me, with no education.
Me, with no talent, as you kept reminding me my whole life!
Well, Mama, look at me now.
I'm a star!
Look! Look how I live! Look at my friends!
Look where I'm going! I'm not staying in burlesque!
I'm moving, maybe up, maybe down!
But wherever it is, I'm enjoying it.
I'm having the time of my life! Because for the first time, it is my life!
And I love it. I love every second of it!
And I'll be damned if you're gonna take it away from me!
I am Gypsy Rose Lee!
And I love her!
And if you don't, you can just clear out now!
Your press agent is here with the photographer.
All right, tell him I'll be ready in a minute.
Mama, we can't go shouting seven performances of this a week.
The whole family shouts.
It comes from our living so near the railroad tracks.
- I'm getting an ulcer. - You think I'm not?
Yes, I think you're not!
If you want an ulcer, get one of your own, 'cause you can't have mine!
Let's forget it.
No, let's finish it.
I should go feed Chowsie.
Mama, you fought your whole life. I wish you could just relax now.
- You need more mascara on your left eye. - Mama, you've got to let go of me!
Let go?
I'll give you anything you want.
You need me.
A house, a farm, a school.
A dramatic school for kids.
You were always great with kids.
I'm a pro.
I'm not an old work horse you can turn out to pasture...
...just because you think you're riding high on your own.
Mama, no kid does it all on his own.
I'm not a kid anymore.
And from now on, even if I flop...
...I flop on my own.
Hey, Gyp, what do you say?
"So long, Rose." That's what she says. "Don't slam the door as you leave."
Hi, Rose. Gyps, baby, may I present Monsieur Bougeron-Cochet.
- Enchantée, monsieur. - Enchanté, mademoiselle.
Let's make with the oiseau, kiddies. One before you take the plunge, Gyps.
Get ready now.
All right, miss, but just one thing I wanna know.
All the pushing and workin' and fenaglin'...
...all the scrimpin' and the schemin' and lyin' awake nights figurin':
How do we get from one town to the next?
How do we all eat on a buck?
How do I make an act out of nothin'?
What did I do it for? You said I fought all my life.
I fought all your life.
So now, tell me, what did I do it for?
I thought you did it for me, Mama.
Come on smile, Gyps.
Show us your talent.
That's it.
"I thought you did it for me, Mama."
"I thought you did it for me, Mama."
I thought you made a no-talent ox into a star because... like doin' things the hard way, Mama.
And you have no talent.
Not what I call talent, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee.
I made you.
I made you!
And you wanna know why?
You wanna know what I did it for?
Because I was born too soon and started too late, that's why.
What I got in me...
I could've been better than any of you.
What I got in me...
...what I've been holdin' down inside of me...
...if I ever let it go...
...there wouldn't have been signs big enough.
There wouldn't have been lights bright enough.
Here she is, boys!
Here she is, world!
Here's Rose!
"Curtain up
"Light the lights
"Play it, boys
"You either got it or you ain't
"And, boys, I got it
"You like it?
"Well, I got it
"Some people got it and make it pay
"Some people can't even give it away
"This people's got it
"And this people's spreadin' it around
"You either have it, or you've had it"
Hello, everybody.
My name's Rose. What's yours?
How do you like them egg rolls, Mr. Goldstone?
"Hold your hats and hallelujah Mama's gonna show it to you
"Ready or not Here comes Mama
"Mama's talkin' loud Mama's doin' fine
"Mama's gettin' hot Mama's goin' strong
"Mama's movin' on Mama's all alone
"Mama doesn't care Mama's lettin' loose
"Mama's got the stuff Mama's lettin' go
"Mama, Mama
"Mama's got the stuff Mama's gotta move
"Mama's gotta go
"Mama, Mama
"Mama's gotta let go
"Why did I do it?
"What did it get me?
"Scrapbooks full of me in the background
"Give 'em love and what does it get you?
"What does it get you? One quick look as each of 'em leaves you
"All your life and what does it get you?
"Thanks a lot And out with the garbage
"They take bows And you're battin' zero
"I had a dream
"I dreamed it for you, June
"It wasn't for me, Herbie
"And if it wasn't for me
"Just where would you be
"Miss Gypsy Rose Lee?
"Well, someone tell me When is it my turn?
"Don't I get a dream for myself?
"Startin' now, it's gonna be my turn
"Gangway, world, Get off of my runway
"Startin' now, I bat a thousand
"This time, boys, I'm takin' the bows
"And everything's comin' up Rose
"Everything's comin' up roses
"Everything's comin' up roses
"This time for me
"For me
"For me"
Just tryin' out a few ideas I thought you might wanna use.
You'd really have been something, Mother.
Think so?
If you had had someone to push you like I did.
If I could have been, I would have been. That's show business.
About that school for kids, like you said.
I could open one, but... grow up.
Anyway, I guess I did it for myself.
Why, Mother?
Just wanted to be noticed.
Like I wanted you to notice me.
I still do, Mama.
Okay, Mama.
Okay, Rose.
Say, you look like you should speak French.
You're coming to that party with me.
Come on.
Like this?
Here, you can wear my mink. I've got a stole in the car.
...only for an hour or two.
...this looks better on me than on you. Funny how we can wear the same size.
Especially in mink.
You know, I had a dream last night.
It was a big poster of a mother and daughter.
You know, like the cover of that ladies' magazine.
Yes, Mother.
Only it was you and me, wearing exactly the same gown.
It was an ad for Minsky and the headline said:
"Madame Rose...
"...and her daughter Gypsy!"
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