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Guns And Talks CD2

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And in this pot, my brother made up his mind.
He decided to meet the client.
We've never failed to complete our task.
But today, my brother will fail for the first time.
It could be an insult to his pride.
But he decided to endure it, and turn down the order.
Because that's the way it is.
That's what love is.
Bearing insults and suffering.
I'll go first. Come out after 20 minutes.
When can we go out together?
Wanna go out together? Holding hands?
Am I asking too much?
Is that what you think?
Wait a little longer.
After I get rid of some people in the way,
let's think about your wish.
Excuse me.
I'm the one who got your mail.
I'm the man who you hired.
Look here. What's the meaning of this?
I'm sorry.
I must decline due to unavoidable circumstances.
Here's the money and papers.
You bastards mocking me?
Hey. So you come here to put me in jeopardy?
Also. You can't?
Hey, assholes. You call yourselves assassins?
The baby. Don't try to kill it.
Don't kill the baby. I'm asking you a favor.
What's wrong with you people?
Do I look like an idiot?
I'm asking a favor, asshole!
A favor! A favor!
The code was easy to break.
The keyboard's format was changed,
and Korean sentences were typed with English alphabets.
When we retype it normally,
the words you see here appeared.
Hanhwa building.
The time, place, and method are all there.
As I expected, it's Tak Mun-bae.
Son of a bitch.
What is this?
When did you start tracking them?
Just a few days ago.
I thought reporting it was premature.
You wanna be a hero?
Are other officers idiots?
Sorry, sir.
Anyhow, screwing up is our specialty.
But what's this?
The play held at the Opera House this weekend?
Someone will probably get killed there.
'Cause that's their job.
So you mean,
they're some professional killers?
Yes, sir.
This is crazy.
Know who'll be there?
It's sponsored by the government.
The prime minister, mayor, assemblymen,
ministry officials,
and even the head sponsors.
Let's prevent a big scene.
Chase them down, and arrest all of them.
Know their whereabouts?
I'm sorry, sir.
I don't have their records,
and their location, either.
I don't care who they are.
Catch those bastards.
So we can hang Tak Mun-bae.
Know why I want him killed so much?
I just don't like him.
Just looking at his face makes me crazy.
I'll kill him myself.
If I don't, someone else will.
But I won't allow it. I'll kill him myself.
Mobilize everyone.
Dispatch them to the Opera House now!
Hey! Where are you going?
We're almost there.
Why are we here?
Do you have a night class?
I can speak English well.
Know why?
He's my English teacher.
Whenever he read to us in front of the blackboard,
his voice
was so soft.
I am sorry I really love you so...
how much painful I'm
I hope you to be happy
and congratulation at your marriage...
I once thought about killing you
and l... but I couldn't
I thought seeing you dead would be better than
seeing you become one's husband
but I'm sorry it's all my fault.
I think I can love someone else.
Now, I will forget all about your memories forever...
I got it. Stop crying.
I'll kill him for you.
I'll kill that bastard.
Give it careful thought.
lt'll go okay. If we prepare a few things.
But if you do this, it'll cause a big stir.
Better be ready.
By the way, who's the client?
I'll take care of it.
Are there usually that many?
Shit. It looks like a police station.
Hey. Call Sang-yun.
We have to do it here?
That's what the client wanted.
We can't postpone it, either?
You realize how dangerous this is?
That's how it's always been.
- Don't worry. - Sang-yun.
Didn't you see them?
See what?
There's more cops out there than usual.
Sure. We'll just shoot and leave.
It's that easy.
But how do we get out?
Cops are at every exit we planned on.
A lot of ways in, but no now way out.
We escape during the play?
That's too rude.
Or run after we shoot, and turn off the lights?
So we have to give up now? Give up?
Then it's two in a row.
You know. This is a trap.
That car, the monitor, and the missing bullets.
You know it's dangerous.
You wanna die?
Oh Young-lan.
What's Oh Young-lan?
It's Oh Young-lan.
I came alone. Don't be nervous.
This is my first time,
so I don't know what to do.
I just really want to kill a person.
Right. I see.
by any chance...
Oh my gosh.
I'm your fan.
So then,
you really met Oh Young-lan?
You talked to her, too?
that's all I need for paperwork.
But there's one thing.
It has to be done there on that day?
Is it difficult?
No, I mean that this location isn't easy,
and if we do it like you want,
we have to prepare more...
We'll handle it with no problem.
Please do it there.
In front of many people.
While many people are watching,
send him away.
You must've had a hard time.
lsn't it ironic?
When I was young,
I made up my mind to never fall for
a man with a B blood type.
Because they're hot-tempered and cranky.
What's worse is curly hair, and lefties.
He has every flaw I hate.
But I don't know why I fell in love with him.
In the end,
he hurt me,
and filled me with hate.
lsn't it funny? How I'm regretting now?
So then,
you're saying Oh Young-lan cried?
She cried.
So is she really that pretty?
Yeah, she sure is.
Let's go.
Why does Oh Young-lan want to kill someone?
The suspects have arrived. Everyone stand by.
They passed the lobby, and went to the ticket box.
We'll handle it from the control room now.
All positions stand by.
He doesn't have a weapon.
What art thou?
A man?
Or a ghost?
Like the majesty of buried Denmark. What art thou?
Are you a ghost? Or the spirit of his majesty?
If he killed a man, and disrupted the world,
it was an act of disgrace and savagery.
And now I will do it.
- If I can cut his throat... - Tearing off my heart...
- Oh, my precious sword! - I long for my life!
And for that I do this same villain,
and send to heaven. They bore him.
Barefaced on the bier
And in his grave rained many a tear
Fare you well, my dove
And will you not come again?
What has become of her?
Dear maid, kind sister, sweet Ophelia.
Is it possible
a young maid's wits be as mortal as an old man's life?
I must commune with your grief.
My revenge will come.
I will help thee.
In front of many people.
While many people are watching,
send him away.
- Where? - The parking lot, sir.
Who is it? Who was in the car?
It's empty, sir.
The suspects are gone.
Red alert.
Get a move!
- Here! - They're not here.
Are they upstairs?
- Clear! - Clear!
Hamlet is scant of breath.
Hamlet. I will savor your thirst.
For you, I will drink.
Do not drink!
- Hamlet thou art slain -
Hamlet, thou art slain by my hands,
but I will lie dead again in the heavens.
Forgive me, Hamlet!
Forgive me, Hamlet!
Please slain my life in heaven, Hamlet!
During "Hamlet" at the Opera House last night,
Park Ki-young, who played Hamlet's role, was murdered.
She looks brighter, huh?
But where's Sang-yun?
He has a date with Oh Young-lan next week,
so he went shopping.
Playing many roles in movies, TV, and theater,
Park was a celebrated star across the nation.
That was marvelous yesterday.
Probably your first time to get an applause for a murder.
I'm sorry.
But do I know you?
I see, you're a tax moocher.
There are two types who feed off of taxes.
A law official or a prisoner living in jail.
So then. Wanna mooch together with me?
Nope. Food at my house tastes much better.
My brother ran as fast as he could.
He hasn't ran that fast since runned in high school.
He thought about Dad's last words while running away.
The clients' faces also popped into his mind.
And the job he thought to be so proud of,
made him feel miserable for the first time.
He didn't tell us about it,
but I think he shed tears while running.
I know he didn't cry 'cause he was sad or scared.
My brother's tears
were similar to the tears of people
who at that moment, lost their reason to live on.
This is Jae-young.
Has Sang-yun called you?
This is strange. He has no schedule today.
This has never happened before.
Sure thing.
Talk to you later.
This is crazy.
Is that what you bought today?
Are you okay?
Wake up!
Who did this? What bastard did this?
He got shot. He lost too much blood.
What's his blood type?
Blood type? What's his blood type?
- I don't know. - Come on!
What's your blood type? Open your eyes.
He needs blood, or he'll die.
What's his blood type, idiots?
Er? Well, it's... it's...
It's B!
It's B, uncle!
It's B!
What a coincidence.
How could all of you have the same blood type?
Doesn't it look very familiar?
I know who did it.
You wrote down that license plate, right?
You sucked a lot of blood. Your temperature fell.
Don't overdo it, so open your eyes.
Uncle Joo.
The guy who shot me is a cop.
But that bastard,
didn't arrest me,
but just shot me and left.
Not in the mood, probably.
Looks like he just wanted to shoot you.
Then he wanted to kill me?
Probably not.
A cop wouldn't have missed at close range.
He gave you a break.
During a person's lifetime, they develop a desire
to hate or kill someone.
And if they can't do it themselves,
they contact us.
We're human beings, too. So we're the same.
Today, we're not hired to kill someone for the first time.
Detective Cho, that bastard.
How about calling those guys to have him killed?
I'll call them.
Hello. I called before on that Hanhwa building job.
I have urgent business,
so call me as soon as possible.
They'll respond very soon.
- Drive Carefully -
Who the hell are they?
I can't believe it. They're the guys I told you about.
That was fast. They even brought guns.
Hello? Hey, Uncle Joo.
Sang-yun disappeared.
Go to the police station.
Find him fast, or he'll die.
Too many criminals to catch.
Oh, boy. I should've shot a little lower.
Didn't know you'd walk so soon.
Ever been shot before?
Nope. Does it hurt?
It hurts. A hell of a lot.
I thought you'd cuff me, but you just shot me and left.
You some assassin?
It felt kind of good.
I came to give myself in. Have time to make my record?
I'm busy. Come later.
Don't need one now if I'm arrested, right?
Give me 50,000 won for the phone and just go.
Make it 350,000 won and go.
This time I'll shoot a person.
I know you won't shoot me unless you're hired to.
So please go. But fork over 350,000 won first.
If someone paid me to kill you,
I probably will.
I know.
But I'll kill you first.
Keep this in mind.
I'm gonna starve you to death.
Cover me if I'm short.
My brother walked out without anyone stopping him.
When I tell this story to people,
they say it's nonsense, and don't believe me.
Why didn't my brother shoot him?
Why didn't the cop arrest my brother?
What that cop meant,
I learned later when my brother told me.
If the day comes when people don't wanna kill someone,
my brother said we'll die starving.
But he said it'll never happen.
My brother assured us.
When spring is over, summer arrives.
This will never change.
At times, fall or winter may come after spring,
but mother nature always gave us summer after spring.
Some things will never change in this world.
Like the fact that people need us,
and that we can be happy with that.
The reason why people want to kill someone,
I still don't know.
Maybe, I'll never know.
But people in this world having some strong desire,
is something that it'll never change.
I guess it's too difficult for you.
No, not that it's difficult.
Never mind. We'll take care of it.
Who's turn is it? Who wants this?
Where are you going? Why are you all leaving?
Damn it.
Why do I always get stuck with this?
Come on, it's not that hard.
I can't kill him with lung cancer.
Just make him smoke a lot.
Think everyone dies from smoking?
Then you want me to buy him a carton?
You'll find a way.
I don't smoke, either.
Give it a try this time.
Come on, damn it!
These days, lung cancer can be treated with surgery.
They can't heal everyone.
My father died from lung cancer.
I thought he died in Vietnam.
No, he died from lung cancer.
Anyway, I can't.
That girlfriend of yours made you weak.
Then you do it.
Did you just order me around?
I never said such a thing.
- You just did. - No, I didn't.
Last time, I let it slide.
- Fuck, I didn't. - Fuck?
Did you just curse me out?
When did I say fuck to you?
You spit on my face!
I didn't spit on your face.
Look how big this is.
The ceiling is leaking.
This bastard is even lying to me.
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