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Guns And Talks CD1

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Icame alone. There's no need to worry.
It's my first time,
so I don't know what to do.
I just really want to kill a person.
by any chance...
We're assassins.
If I tell people this,
nine out of ten laugh,
and one says I'm crazy and gets angry.
But what else is there to say.
Since we're really assassins.
The guy behind the wheel is Jae-young.
Due to his excellent marksmanship,
he works the fastest and with ease.
After work, he goes to the cathedral to see the priest,
but I don't know what they talk about.
This week my work wasn't much.
I killed about five people.
That's a whole basketball team.
Jung-woo has the worst temper in our group.
Even if he wasn't an assassin,
he would've killed people anyway.
Since his legs are strong, he was a great marathoner.
But he gave it up 'cause he kept getting lost.
He's our boss.
But unfortunately,
he's my brother.
Whenever he meets the clients,
he always takes a picture with them.
He's proud of them as if they were medals.
We're assassins.
People hire us to kill someone.
There are four of us, and we're all men.
So we're a quartet of male assassins.
I don't know why people are so eager to kill somebody.
But seeing so many people coming to us,
I'm sure that we're needed in this world now.
Tonight, we're going to kill four men.
They're useless.
I told that idiot they'll be junk bonds in a month.
That fool.
They're out.
I got one.
Kim Do-shin.
Jae-young, come up.
I miss one.
Kim Do-shin is in our hands.
Okay, we'll leave now.
He's too calm.
Son of a bitch.
What's the status?
Kim Do-shin will arrive in one hour, sir.
The account book has been retrieved also.
Go ahead.
Keep smiling.
Son of a bitch.
What happened?
- Are they cops? - Yeah.
Why are the cops after him?
Don't know.
Are you ready?
I'm ready.
- Hello? - Hello?
Excuse me,
but I just planted a bomb in your ceiling.
It hasn't exploded yet?
Who are you?
Which one is he?
Which one?
Kim Do-shin.
- Where's the account book? - What?
Account book?
Don't know what you're talking about.
In the middle with glasses!
You know Kim Do-shin, right?
Friends with him?
We're kind of like brothers.
Heard you two were close.
Kim Do-shin's dead.
He was murdered on his way here.
I couldn't protect him.
I really wanted to.
I'm really sorry.
I wanted to save him, and bring him here.
So that I could throw you into prison for life.
I'm really sorry.
I've got nothing to say.
Forget about it.
It doesn't affect Tak Mun-bae's arrest.
Add possession of illegal weapons,
and murder to his charges.
Bastard uses guns now?
I won't retire until he gets hanged.
And arrest all of his men.
But isn't it a little strange?
What is?
This isn't Mun-bae's style.
The car was speeding at 130km/h,
and just one bullet was shot
right into Do-shin's neck.
It would make sense if they used a sword or bat,
but it doesn't seem like his men.
Don't mention this at the meeting.
Keep drilling him.
If we handle this wrong,
Mun-bae will walk, and we'll look stupid.
That's Uncle Joo.
I heard he was my dad's friend when he was alive.
So maybe that's why I like him so much.
He may get spiteful for waking him up early,
but actually he likes us.
Did we come too early?
Go inside.
Uncle Joo provides us with weapons and equipment.
Most of them are imported illegally,
but he makes some by hand.
When I see the weird weapons he makes,
sometimes I think he's a great inventor and scientist.
Here's what you asked for.
It has to blow up the left hand?
He said the left hand, not the right one.
Weird bastards.
lsn't this too much for an old man like me?
You're not James Bond. So what's all these gadgets for?
Do it in a toll gate.
He'll stick out his left hand.
When you give him change, twist it and hand it to him.
lt'll blow up in three seconds.
Have some.
Okay. Thanks.
Don't like black coffee?
It's bitter. If there's no sugar.
Hey, mister.
Kill someone for me.
I really want to kill someone.
What are you talking about?
Aren't you an assassin?
Please do it for me.
Don't be nervous.
lt'll be over soon.
Come on, damn it. This is humiliating.
You're a pro, so finish it right.
Excuse me.
Wait a minute.
Have some rice cake.
I should've greeted you earlier.
I was so busy moving in.
You moved in.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Thank you.
I checked the plate, and chased it down.
The car stopped, and I stopped next to it.
Then I loaded the gun and aimed.
I was about to pull the trigger.
With the silencer on?
Of course, I did. It was a busy street.
So I was ready to pull the trigger.
The window wasn't open?
Of course, it was. I don't want my window broken.
So right as I aimed for the head.
Couldn't see inside her car?
Of course, it was night.
So that's why I aimed for her head.
- And then? - What's to worry about?
I was going to shoot,
but a motorcycle suddenly blocked me.
Hey, idiot. Can't you shoot past a motorcycle?
It was a cop's motorcycle.
So did you shoot?
In the end, I couldn't.
The light changed, so I was about to go,
but my car didn't work suddenly.
Don't break the schedule.
A big job is ahead of us.
But that girl.
She was pregnant.
Didn't you know?
Her belly was this big.
Wait. You could see her belly in her car?
Hey, man.
Thanks for the rice cake.
Thanks, it was delicious.
Are you here?
I understand what you're getting at,
but we're not what you think.
You've mistaken us somehow.
This is frustrating.
Where's the women's bathroom?
There isn't a separate one. Over there.
You'll have to put the seat down.
When did you meet her?
Who says we met?
But why did she bring your bag?
How could a teacher do that to a child like her?
What's young about a high school girl?
Don't tell her anything, okay?
We're not that kind of people.
In other words,
we don't do what people think we do.
I'll take care of it,
so don't say anything stupid.
Well, I thought over it.
I'll take care of it myself. I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm really sorry to hear what happened to you.
It makes us angry, too.
But we're not that kind of people.
He's right.
We're not people who kill for someone,
and we've never done it.
Yeah. We do what people think we don't do.
I'll handle it on my own. I'm sorry.
Don't do anything foolish,
and if you need advice, come over anytime.
'Cause our door is always open to you.
For assassins, we watch a lot of news.
We don't miss a day without watching it.
Even so, we don't know what's going on in the world.
The reason why we watch the news
is a bit different from others.
Tak Mun-bae, who was suspicious of selling drugs from Macao,
was set free today.
lsn't she pretty?
But she looks gloomy today.
Her gloomy face is even pretty.
It sure is.
We only watch the morning news.
That's for seeing anchor, Oh Young-lan.
She's so pretty.
The reason why we're clueless of the world
is because of her.
She was our beloved,
and she adored us in our imagination, too.
She always appeared in our dreams,
and we always called her name in them.
Oh Young-lan.
Oh Young-lan.
Oh~ Young-lan.
She always tells us how the world is,
and she always tells us to have a nice day.
Have a nice day.
Detective Kim!
Drive more carefully.
Do your job right instead of getting tickets. What is it now?
So what'll you do?
We'll see. The captain will get pissed.
If he learns you're getting tickets instead.
Hide it or you'll get transferred again.
That's right.
Thank you.
Take care.
You must be the cook.
- You're good at cooking? - What's it to you?
Fishes, I see. Gonna make fish soup?
Don't bother me.
I'm good at cooking.
Want me to cook for you?
Mind your own business.
Little twirp.
Is it bad?
This is terrible.
Did some fish die in spicy water?
Hey, what are you complaining for?
If it's bad, don't eat it.
Like me.
Don't try to cook for us.
Just buy food that's already made.
Is this all?
Yes. That's what was taken from eleven to midnight.
But there's so many cars at this hour.
How can we find anything?
Do you know him?
A security guard
never grows a beard, right?
Most of them don't.
A security guard
carries mace at most, right?
Please look up a license plate for me.
Where did you get this car?
- I borrowed it. - Pardon?
We took this from Tak Mun-bae.
It's less conspicuous for ambushes or tailing someone.
- Know how much it costs? - How much is it?
About 100 million won.
My salary for several years.
What a crazy world.
Should I ram it?
Jae-young, pack everything?
- Yeah. - Take your pills?
Did you lock the door?
Think that's all of them?
Take care of that car.
What about you?
Climb a wall for old time's sake.
Did you turn that girl down because of money?
It's one reason.
Just asking.
She just looked really desperate.
They all try to look desperate.
Don't make an illegal turn.
Come on. Why are you breaking the law?
Someone's tailing us.
Don't look back.
Is it a cop?
It's too nice to be a cop's car.
It's too luxurious to be a rent-a-car.
Seoul 65
NU 5846
- Who are you? - I'm with the police.
- Open the door. - Yes, sir.
Is he behind us?
A few cars back.
Should we lose him?
Hey, are we running away?
Watch your mouth.
I didn't know you were good at running.
- Watch it! - Wait here.
I'll ask him why he's tailing us.
- Ask him what? - Hey!
I'll be right back.
Hey, mister.
Open the window.
Open the window for a sec.
Jung-woo can't hold back his curiosity.
To ask why he was following us,
he chased that car with all his might.
If he didn't catch the red light,
he could've caught that car.
I don't know what my exact intentions are,
but I don't like to run away.
I'd rather chase after him.
All right, forget it.
Wanna get something to eat?
I'm not hungry.
Then go finish your job and come home.
Don't worry about it.
Jung-woo can't stand losing.
It could even be one of his mottos.
He's always proud of himself, and never...
He's always proud of himself, and never hesitated to...
When doing a narration,
nothing's worse than tripping on your words.
What I mean is that
he's always proud of himself,
and never...
Damn it.
Check if anything else is wrong.
Sang-yun. Come down for a sec.
Someone changed the screen saver.
Hey. Did you change it?
In our house,
nobody can write an English sentence this long.
Anything else?
Bullets are missing.
Eight of them.
I'm never Miss You?
I'm never Miss You?
Do you know any girl whose last name is "You"?
Could it be that high school girl?
It's done. Forget it.
Also, check the plate of that car that tailed us.
I'm starving. Let's eat dinner.
Oh, yeah.
Finish your mission?
Did they like it?
Yeah. They ate every bit of it.
They'll need to in that line of work.
We're really not who you think.
- You shoot, too? - Not yet.
Want me to make breakfast, too?
Don't. I'm dead, if they find out.
Don't you go to school?
Not as long as he's there.
Excuse me. You dropped this.
You're the new neighbor who gave me rice cakes.
Wait. When was it?
Two days ago.
That's right.
- Grocery shopping? - Yes.
I have some things to buy.
Nice to see you again.
What's this? Where's your handcuffs?
Didn't you see the news? I got out of jail yesterday.
I came to pay you a visit first.
lsn't it nice of me?
To pay my respects to the officer who arrested me.
That's how important you are to me.
Buy this for me?
I couldn't come empty-handed. Since I came to greet you.
Sergeant. lsn't this bribery?
It's possible.
Sorry. Can't accept it.
Sir. I'm innocent.
I just answered the questions they asked me.
And they said I'm not guilty.
Korea is a great country.
And congratulations.
For three years, I tried hard to put you in jail.
But you're not supportive.
Excuse me.
I think the worst is over now.
We took care of everything, so you can relax now.
What's that friend of yours like?
Shouldn't we buy him a drink?
He probably won't drink.
Why? He doesn't like to drink?
Then how about giving him money?
Or tell him to work under us.
He probably won't.
Please go inside.
I'm fine. Please go in first.
I'll go in after you.
I'm a gentleman.
Where's my key?
Where did I put it?
Did I lose it again?
Lost your key?
Right. I tend to lose things often.
Please go in.
I'll just wait here until my friend comes.
If it's okay, come wait inside, and have some tea.
No, it's okay. Please go inside.
No, it's okay.
I'm fine. Please go inside.
Your husband must be away.
I named my baby.
Hwa-yee? It's a pretty name.
- lsn't it? - Yes.
My name's Hwa-yee, too.
Where's the bathroom?
lsn't this a Dor-yun flower?
It's hard to care for, and it's rare.
But why is it in the bathroom?
Do you like it?
Pardon? Well.
Please take it. It's too hard to care for.
I couldn't.
Can you dance?
Pardon? Dance?
I'm not very good at it.
My baby likes to dance.
When I dance to this music,
my baby likes it, too.
He's the first among us who was in love.
he's got to know the truth that we couldn't possibly know.
... that the love comes along carring over music...
and that it comes along practicing a step.
- Hello? - It's tiring.
No, I'm okay.
I mean I'm tired.
lt'll be over soon. Wait a bit more.
Why do I always have to do this?
When can I shoot a gun?
Was there another between you and me?
- What does that mean? - I heard it from Uncle Joo.
Your name means "first", and my name means "third".
So there was a "second" between us.
A second brother?
That's a lie, idiot.
It's a lie?
What did Dad tell you before he died?
Any last words?
I told you before.
Have to be good at running?
That was all.
That men have to be good at simple things.
Especially, tough men.
Things like sprints, sit-ups,
chin-ups, hurdling, push-ups,
Aren't we waiting for a Mercedes?
Where did you get the gun?
- Jung-woo lent it. - That bastard.
Give it to me.
Who are you?
Yes. I'm a police officer.
That guy you just met.
Know him well?
- Why? - Excuse me.
Can you open this door first?
I can hear you well. Anything wrong?
Fine. I'll ask you one thing.
Is someone trying to kill you?
Please take it.
Thank you.
My baby. He wants it killed.
'Cause he hates my baby.
Don't worry.
We'll catch that guy.
And your baby's father will go to jail, too.
Anyway, that's our job to do so.
Go to my husband,
and ask him not to kill my baby.
The police
don't carry out favors like that.
We catch criminals, but never ask them not to commit one.
Please do it anyway.
Can't reach him?
- It's turned off. - Bastard.
Aren't you hungry?
- I'll get... - Hey.
Sorry I'm a little late.
You should've called us at least, idiot.
Think you're Leon with that?
What about the girl?
Right. It wasn't that easy.
- Since she's pregnant... - Where's your gun?
Where's my gun?
Let's see.
Where did I put it?
- Sang-yun. - Let go of me!
Get up, asshole!
You playing games?
Leaving your gun behind? Gonna let her live?
Get up, asshole!
Know how long it's been? I said how long?
Son of a bitch!
I can't do it, damn it.
She even named her baby.
It's the same name as hers.
So how can I kill her?
I danced with her like this,
and I felt the baby kicking in her belly!
How can I kill her?
- Could you kill her, too? - I can kill her, asshole!
Wanna see how?
I'll show you, asshole.
Stop it.
He doesn't quite figure out Jung-woo's heart.
Can't you see?
Jung-woo. He's fallen in love.
You'll never understand.
That's what love is.
That was the first time I laid my thoughts on my brother.
Love is bright,
and innocent.
With that innocence,
any envy, jealousy,
spite, or anger can be overcome.
To someone in love,
you can't blame them for it.
That is the great power of love.
My brother didn't say a word.
While Jung-woo and Jae-young listened,
they were moved and burst into tears.
Jung-woo is in love now.
is doing the greatest thing
a human being can do.
As they embraced my lesson on true love,
they couldn't say anything,
and our living room was a melting pot of emotions.
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