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Gung Ho

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- Morning. - Hiya.
- You look great. - Thanks.
- Are you ready? - Hey, I was born ready.
- Who knows that better than you? - I hope no one.
You know, the amazing thing is, I' m not even nervous.
You just put your garbage in my car.
Hey, hunt. Today is the big day. Give 'em hell, boy.
- I' ll give it to 'em. - We're counting on you.
Mrs barnyak, this face is on the case.
- God bless. - Thank you.
If I screw this up, this town is dead meat.
- But you're not nervous. - No. I' m not.
Oh, god.
You are all weak.
That is why you have been sent here.
Your bosses find you lazy and without confidence.
Hold on, hunt, my man. On his way to japan!
- Hey, hunt! - Next stop japan, buddy.
Take a taxi.
You look real good.
I' m glad they sent you, not some city council gumhead.
Yeah. And, hunt, don't eat any raw shit, ok?
- Wish me luck. - Go get 'em.
I need assan motors.
Assan motors. Like I' m driving.
So I get on the train, and here I am.
Guy says to me, "get on the bullet train." So, I get on the bullet train...
...l'm in a rice-field.
...the guy said, "go that way." Then the other guy said, "go that way."
Now I don't know. Should I go that way?
Thank you very much for everything. I have learned a lot.
I was a bad executive. I' ll be a good one.
I have three children and a wife to support.
Please, let me pass.
You are not ready.
You will stay two more weeks.
Excuse me. Yo, whoa, baby.
Jeez. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you.
I' m looking for assan motors.
Anybody know where that is? I' m really lost.
I don't have a clue where I am. Am I still in japan?
- You must want executive building. - Right.
You are in the wrong place.
Ok, where's the right place?
One block over.
Ooh, guess who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?
- Nice ribbons. - Those are ribbons of shame!
I' d wear 'em on the inside if I was you. Thanks a lot.
Excuse me, you got spit right here. On the corner of your mouth.
Get the other... it's on the other...
thanks a lot.
Hiya, fellas.
Or, as you say...
...hunt stevenson, right here...
ok. Hey, where do I put the screen? I got a screen here.
Whoa! Let me just set this down over here.
Don't really need it, after I lugged it about 14,000 miles.
Don't worry about it.
I am crazy for your country. I mean, I love it.
My dad was here with the army, I guess it was 1940...
did you decorate this place yourselves? 'Cause it's damn nice.
It's... real oriental kind of a feel to it.
- Do you speak english? I' m just curious. - We all speak english. Continue, please.
We may as well get started, I know you guys have...
...a long day of... staring ahead of you.
Where are the lights?
Jesus. Ok, here we go.
This is hadleyville.
There's the factory. It's been there 35 years.
It's been closed down the past nine months,
but two years ago, it was completely retooled. I tell you, it is in great shape.
Whoa, how did that get in there? Yikes! Whoops!
That's hazel lockwash.
Hazel's unit was responsible for putting out over...
...a hundred thousand car engines in one year.
And I think the key word here is "put out".
Putting out. Ok.
This is... that's...
can you turn the lights on?
Look, here's the deal.
Two years ago, the underwear factory closed down in hadleyville.
This was a bummer because you could get underwear there really cheap,
good underwear, too, not the kind where the elastic comes out and rubs your butt.
That leaves the auto factory.
The auto factory, then, employed everybody in town.
Everybody owed their living, in some way, to that factory.
These people worked really hard.
Then the factory closed.
If you come and open up that factory, these people will work harder for you.
I tell you, this is a great town, these are great people,
and I' m willing to do anything I have to do to get that town back on its feet.
That's my story. I' m sure you have a lot of questions.
So, go crazy.
I know you don't want to be first 'cause everybody laughs at you. Don't worry.
Come on.
There he is! Hi, daddy!
I went by your house every day and fed your fish, and...
here's all your mail.
Oh, my god. Baby, please, I' m trying to drive.
- I missed you. - Yeah, I can tell.
No, I mean, I really missed you.
- Really? - Yeah.
That's nice.
- Hey, the pizza shop's closed. - Yeah, yesterday.
And next week the barbershop, the record store.
The only one doing well is the guy who rents u-hauls.
A lot of people are moving.
You haven't said anything about the japanese. How did it go?
Remember the first time I met your dad? He came after me with a power sander?
- Yeah. - It didn't go quite that well.
They should've sent somebody else.
Mr douglas? Hunt stevenson. I used to work for you, remember?
I understand you're plant manager up there now. Congratulations.
I really liked working for you when you were here.
Yeah. Hey, how's mrs douglas doing?
So, you never hear from her, then?
Oh... termite man, huh?
Yeah. Well, I' ll tell you the reason I' m calling.
I' m toying with the idea of relocating.
And I was...
yeah, so... I' d go through the local union up there, huh?
Ok. Hey, how's that dog of yours, rusty? That frisky little...
steam-rollered, huh?
Hunt stevenson, yeah. No, stevenson.
Yeah, you know me.
We were at the kindergarten together.
No, not you and me, me and your cousin hector.
He used to talk about you all the time at nap time.
That's right.
Listen, ed, here's why I' m calling. I' m the foreman up here in hadleyville.
I understand you're doing some hiring down in the galveston plant.
Hey, I can jump in a car right now and be down there in 29 hours.
Come on, hunt, forget about it.
You did the best you could. You did.
Check this out. Guys, look at this. Look who's coming.
Heather distefano!
- Who's that guy? - What? You like him?
No, I don't like him!
- Hi, boys. - Hello, heather.
- Hi, hunt. - Hi, heather.
- God, hunt, she says hello to you? - She always says hI to me.
She likes me.
In high school, I kept her picture in my locker.
I kept one in my pants, pal.
We've rearranged the produce.
Now, when people are broke, they don't buy meat.
Crackers here, cookies down here.
- Where the kids can see them. - Gotcha.
Sweetie, you know I enjoy your company, but... you really think it's a good idea to follow me around all day?
Can we talk about this over by the milk?
Hunt, come here! This is great, I can't believe it. Come here!
- My eggs. - Your eggs?
- You ok? - Yeah. Great news! You did it!
I did? Great! What'd I do?
- They're coming, next week. - Who?
Do you want me to get the fire hose?
Now, line up and get ready to bow.
Greetings from hadleyville.
I' m the mayor, conrad zwart.
Sorry. That always happens when I say my name too fast.
Right up here, please.
Thank you for this surprising greeting.
We have many plans.
I' m sorry, I' m not good a speaker as man you sent us.
- Where is mr stevenson? - Right over there.
Mr stevenson's presentation is a big reason why we are here.
Anybody home?
- Ah, mr stevenson. What a pleasure. - How ya doin'?
The door was open, you said two o'clock.
My name is takahara kazihiro, corporate managing director.
Thank you.
Anybody have any subaru or suzukis? No, ok, go fish.
Now I got it. I' m trying to remember how I know this guy. Now I know: Tokyo.
Right? I saw you in tokyo. You were screaming and foaming at the mouth.
Yes, I remember.
What was the deal? You guys were going crazy.
- Management training programme. - For executives who are failing.
- Mr stevenson. - Yeah.
We would like to offer you a new position.
We would like for you to be employee liaison.
Are you shittin' me? That's great!
This is outline of our company's labour policy.
You're to introduce it to your fellow workers.
Why can't we just run the plant the way we did before? We did pretty good.
- If you did pretty good, why...? - Present our ideas.
Do not be influenced by the fact that we are giving you an executive position
with a very big raise in pay.
No... why would i?
Don't... no, I won't be influenced by that. This is great.
- Assuming the factory does open. - Right. Well, I already assumed that.
We did not.
Can we count on you?
Fellas... a frog's ass watertight?
Yes, we believe it is.
Work! Work! Work!
I know. I know you want to work.
But, please, let's go over the terms of employment.
May I have your attention, please?
Would you please sit down? Everyone, sit down.
My name is crandall. The union sent me 'cause we're concerned about you.
When you walk in without a contract, you are no longer a union.
That's a whole new set of ground rules.
The starting salary is only $8.75 per hour.
- We've been gettin' $11.50! - We've been gettin' nothing!
- I wanna work! - All right, work with a contract.
Think they'll give us one?
- I think they will... - wait! I' m not asking you.
Time out. I' m not asking you.
You don't live here. Looks like you got a job.
I' m asking hunt. He's one of us. He knows 'em.
What do you think, hunt?
Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!
I think, um...
I think, er...
who remembers that high school basketball game at pittsburgh?
Remember that guard for roosevelt, brickhouse?
He averaged 37 points a game.
And, if you'll recall, I was our best defensive player.
Anyway, the coach puts three other guys on him.
He rotates these other three. He doesn't put me on.
The last quarter, down five, these guys have all fouled out,
and brickhouse has 32 points or something ridiculous.
Now, coach pulls me aside, looks me in the eye and says,
"now's the time. He's yours, take him."
So I took him.
Remember what he scored in the fourth quarter? Nothing. Zip. Zilch.
Point is, you gotta pick your spot.
Now look, we're very lucky to have the japanese over here.
We just gotta know how to play 'em. Let 'em make some shots.
Then we make our move.
The game, boys, is won in the fourth quarter.
- Hey, hunt! - Whoa. Yo.
Come the fourth quarter, can you take these guys like you took brickhouse?
Yeah, I can take 'em.
Let me go in with experienced negotiators.
Hey, hunt, how ya doing? You look great, really good.
- Hey, I' m off welfare. - Don't you know it.
Good morning. Welcome to your first day with assan motors.
We must build spirit, we must be a team.
One, with one purpose only, everyone thinking only of company.
We'll begin with morning exercises.
Jumping jack.
- Begin! - No!
Mr stevenson. We're not having a good beginning.
They're not used to getting up in the morning.
I do not blame you.
Even though you are their leader.
Ok. Sit tight.
- Hunt, take a look at these guys. - Muchachos.
- I say we do it. - Bullshit, man.
- Come on. Why not? - We never exercise.
This is like the first week in high school. If you wore jeans you got in trouble.
By october, they didn't care if you wore pants. Which you didn't sometimes.
One time, ok. Anyway, do it a couple of days, they'll forget it.
Duck hop.
- Duck hop. - Ok.
Knee twist.
Hey, come on, don't...
- hey! - I' m sorry, but no music, no cigar.
Just work.
Here, here, here, here!
- Not here, here... - what's the difference?
I once did 75 bodies in an hour. You're jerking us all around here.
Hey, hunt. Would you get mr moto here off my back?
- He refuses to learn proper... pro... - the guy can't even say it!
They're moving us all around. Why can't we do what we know?
Every man learns every job, then we are a team. No man is special.
Ah, yeah, I got the problem. Come here.
See, here's the deal on that.
You're in america now, and americans really like to feel special.
- Even him? - It's go time!
Whoa, wait a minute. Easy.
- Let's put everybody where they belong. - He belongs in japan.
There is one way to run this factory. One way.
Is that so? I got your one way.
Relax, would you? Will you take it easy?
You wanna let go of that now?
That's the dealer's problem. Every car can't be perfect.
In japan, if there is defect, worker is ashamed.
He stays night to fix. In japan, goal is zero per cent defect.
How'd you slip by?
- Gooseman, what's the matter? - He took my paper.
So what? You'll give it back, right?
Wrong. He said we can't take papers into the head.
Can he have the paper back? See, we encourage googie to read.
Hunt! We gotta talk.
Wait, willie, I' m in the middle of something.
- I gave you the afternoon off. - I cleared it with you, right?
- Will you give me a second? - We're talking here.
- So, I' m going out and they stop me. - Who?
The rice-a-ronI patrol. They say if I leave, it'll count against me.
My kid is getting his tonsils out, he's scared.
- I promised him I' d be there. - Ok.
- You're reading, good. So, what about it? - Hold on.
Thanks. We'll talk about this later.
- No newspaper. - Yeah, well, ok. We'll talk about it.
I' ll go to the office, talk to number one san.
- A lot of guys have been complaining. - Hey, hey, hey. Go see your kid.
American car.
Hey, wild bunch!
- Hey, sugar-puss, what's cooking? - No cooking, typing.
Ok, where's your boss?
Today not a good day to see boss-man.
He between a rock and a hard-on.
No shit. Whoa, I gotta see this.
- Hi, boss. - Ah, mr stevenson.
Hey, please, hunt, ok? Or the hunter, if you like.
- Can I help you? - You probably can.
- How does your family like america? - I didn't ask.
Speaking of your family - and I really can't wait to meet them -
- any of your kids ever have any surgery? - What?
You know my friend willie, guy that works downstairs?
His kid's going to have his tonsils out.
Willie'd really like to be there 'cause he's this superdad or something.
- He lives for his kids. - But work suffers.
Let's talk about work. I think I can help out.
You know this zero-defect deal?
- No? - Nah. Work, work, you'll go nuts.
I had a cousin, mary elizabeth, checked out of reality, never to return.
She worked. That's gonna happen to you guys. It's just cars, not brain surgery.
I see what you are saying.
Hey, there we go. Got that settled. Good. A load off my mind.
A few more things and I' ll get out of your hair,
which looks good, I mean that.
Oh, thank you. My brother's a barber, and before I left japan...
that's interesting. Anyway, you know your number two, saito?
This guy doesn't work and play well with others, if you ask me.
- What is this stuff? - Seaweed.
Mr saito is not a typical japanese.
I' ll tell you something.
I' d dump him. Really, if it was me, I' d lose him. Outta there.
He's the nephew of my boss.
Whoa, that could be tough, huh?
Then just get him to lighten up, he's a real pain in the ass.
We have our own way of making cars. Let the guys do what they do best.
- I see what you are saying. - Great! We're cooking.
You know what? You're a guy I can talk to.
How often?
- You guys don't play softball, do you? - We play baseball. I' ve heard of softball.
We need a practice game saturday, wanna come play?
- What time? - Two.
- If we're not busy. - Ok. We just play for beer.
- So do we. - And afterwards, we piss for distance.
For us, it's accuracy.
The kazmonaut.
Oh, man. They look like the yankees. I hate 'em already.
Mr stevenson.
Kaz-man. Here you go, babe.
- You look good. - Thank you. We just need to warm up.
- Sure. Hey, nice glove. - It's a haseo makasakI model.
- Oh. I' ve got a merv griffin model here. - That's good.
What is this crap? Boys, play ball.
I' m gonna put a stop to this crap.
Here we go. Let's see a little bunt now.
Come on, whale killer. Let's see a bunt.
Last inning, hunt. Two runs from winning.
Bases loaded, hunt. Come on now. Give it some stick. Two runs, we win.
All right. See the ball, hunt.
- See the ball. - Hit it on the ground.
All right! Two runs scored, we win!
The guy should've faced that.
- You ok? - Yeah.
It was a good game. We had fun.
Look, I' m really sorry, man.
He's fine.
All over the base, man.
- Showed him, huh? - Yeah, you showed him.
- Practise your english. - Tomorrow is the boy's birthday.
- I bought him a bicycle. - Fine.
At sears, where america shops.
I cannot put it together. Here are the instructions.
- Not tonight. - I want him to see it when he wakes up.
- Kazihiro. - I' m working! I have no time.
Why do american fathers have time?
Why? Because their work sucks.
You leave my mother out of this!
It's your boss, mr sakamoto.
No sir, I did not raise production.
It is down another 3˝ per cent this month.
Yes, I' m very sorry, sir.
Hey, look who's back.
Hey, pea-brain, what's going on?
- Tony, where'd they put you? - Right here.
- On these guns? - On this spot.
They're gonna reassign you, they told me to tell you.
Hunt, I bet I' m getting your old job.
- Foreman, right? - Bet that's it.
Hear that, you fartheads? I' m getting off the line here.
- Mr... - hershiser. Mr hershiser!
- Yo. - We have a new position for you.
Ah, yeah. That's what I heard.
We are understaffed in the, ah, custodial department.
We are transferring you there. Your pay will be the same.
Please continue.
Hey, yo, made-ln-japan. What am I supposed to do with this?
That should be obvious. We expect you to sweep.
Hey, come here.
He knocks you down, so you make him sweep up?
No. Not personal. He has more defects than any other worker in the factory.
It was kazihiro's decision. A very good one.
- Oh, yeah? Defects, is that it? - Wait. Hold on.
You're doing a great job. We're shit on their shoes.
This is just for a while. Just hang in there.
I' m going to kazihiro's for dinner this weekend.
- Dinner, sounds great. - No, no. I' m gonna lay down the law.
- I' m quitting. - How can you quit?
I' ll kick the japanese crap out of him.
- Wait, you've got two kids. - I' m not taking this.
You gotta take it.
Everybody's looking at me. What am I supposed to do?
You're supposed to take care of your family.
That's what you're supposed to do.
Let 'em look. It doesn't matter what they think.
Let's go. Let's go, get back to work.
This is delicious.
- What do you call this? - Meatloaf.
You could not tell?
Well, you know, I' m thinking to myself,
"this tastes a little bit like meatloaf, but it's too delicious to be meatloaf."
In fact, audrey leaned over and said to me, "honey, can I have some of yours?"
What, am I gonna say no? I love her, I' m gonna give it to her.
There you are. Whoops!
- Thanks. - Sure.
- Are we ready for dessert? - Oh, boy, I know I am.
In a few minutes. Right now, we have some business to discuss.
- Hey, audrey. - What?
Why don't you... you know... leave?
Actually, I' m interested in what's going on at the plant.
Nobody minds if I stay, right?
Mr stevenson... hunt.
How do you think things are going at the factory?
- Honestly, kaz? - Yes, please.
Not too well.
See, you're stateside now.
But you still act like yokohama mamas. No offence.
- None taken. - Can I be frank for a second?
I' ve heard a lot of talk about how good the japanese businessmen are.
Frankly... I' m sorry, I don't get it.
I don't see it, I' m not impressed. Not one iota.
- You're fired. - What?
You can't fire me!
You'll go back on the line with the others.
Wait a minute. Explain this to me. Why?
I do not understand american workers. They arrive late, they leave early,
stay home when they are sick.
They put themselves above company. You seem to feel the same way.
Ok, but explain something to me.
When this was an american factory, production was 10% higher than now.
Ten per cent?
In japan, production in same size factory is 40% higher.
With superior quality.
- Impossible. How can you work so fast? - Japanese worker is very loyal.
He's very proud when company does well.
- He's ashamed when it does poorly. - Like now.
In japan, when production lags, worker stays longer in factory.
Ok, overtime. Time-and-a-half is standard.
They do not do it for pay. They do it for company.
Yeah, but that's there, this is here.
Gentlemen, this is an american factory. They won't go for that.
Is that how you feel, that they'll never go for it?
There's one guy who can get 'em to go for it, and you're looking at him.
You can change their attitude?
- If I can't, nobody can. - Nobody can.
Hey, would you shut up?
Ok. You guys have a problem, right?
I' m the answer man.
I can work this out and make everybody happy, I always have.
Come on, you gotta give me a shot.
All right. We make no more changes for now.
There you go. Yeah.
Hey, hon...
wanna stop off and get some ice cream? Haagen-dazs.
Eat shit and die.
- You having your period? - Stop the car.
How could you do that to me?
Telling me to shut up in front of all those people!
I' m dealing with a delicate situation.
- So, what are you trying to do? - I' m trying to save jobs.
The only job I heard being threatened was yours.
They picked me for this job. I didn't ask for it. They need me.
They need to know where things stand.
They don't need a guy who's trying to do it all by himself.
It'd be pretty nice to have a girlfriend who's supportive of me.
Supportive? You mean some chick who'll go along with everything you say.
- A parrot with tits. - How can you bring heather into this?
I wasn't thinking of heather. But apparently you were.
Oh, audrey, come on.
Come on, audrey!
- Morning! - Where did you come from?
I' ve been swimming down below you the whole time.
- Is there anyone else down there? - There might be.
You know, boys, now I' ve got you all together,
I' ve been thinking it over.
You know what we need? An incentive programme.
We don't need an incentive programme. We need faster workers.
We need a fish to bite your pecker off.
What's the most cars you guys ever turned out in one month in japan?
Fifteen thousand.
All right, my men will make 15,000 cars next month.
But when they do, you give them their old salaries
and you guarantee 'em full employment. We got a deal?
- I' m not sure if... - what have you got to lose?
All right. We strike a deal.
Fifteen thousand cars, not any less.
One less than fifteen thousand, no raise, nothing.
I' m starting to like this ritual.
You know, this is really hard for me to say,
but I got to tell you something, man.
The american worker is really second best, I' m sorry.
The japanese can do everything better, faster and longer.
You don't like to hear that, do you?
Neither do i, 'cause it's bullshit.
- Who's better than us? - Nobody!
- Who? - Nobody!
You bet your red, white and blue ass.
When they told me no americans could ever match
the amount of cars made by the japanese in one month... took about a dozen guys to hold my ass down.
I said, "not only will we make more cars than you, when we break your record,
"I expect full employment here."
I' m talking about 200 more of our union brothers and sisters back to work.
And like I told you months ago, at $11.50 an hour.
Hey, hunt, how many cars for the record? How many?
How many? Fifteen thousand cars in one month.
That's 15,000 in a month.
Did you say 15,000? Are you joking, or what?
No, I' m not kidding. Come on, we can do that.
Can't we?
Are you saying the japanese are better than us?
- But 15,000, that's a lot of work. - What if we come in just under 15,000?
We get nothing for all that work.
What kind of deal is that?
Excuse me, fellas, but the man's not an idiot. He wouldn't let that happen.
Hey, of course not.
Even if we just come close, we get something, right?
- All right. - Like half a raise for 13,000?
For 13,000, yeah.
Why didn't you tell us that from the beginning?
'Cause I just thought of it.
'Cause I just thought...
I thought it'd be better to concentrate on the full fifteen
and that way get the whole raise.
Let's not even think about 13,000. Let's not even talk about it.
Let's pretend I just made this crazy thing up about 13,000 cars.
That way, we just go for the full fifteen.
I say we can do it. Let's do it and do it our way.
- Can we do it? - Yeah!
- Oh, come on, man. Can we do it? - Yeah!
Can we do it? Yes, yes, yes!
It won't be easy. We gotta do what the japanese do.
If they fall behind, they stay after hours.
They work late.
They show up early.
- Hey! - Morning.
Sometimes the workers ask for the line to be speeded up.
They cut down on lunch hours and breaks.
They save time any way they can.
If they can do it, we can do it.
Tony, do you need two hands to scratch your ass? Let's work.
- We gotta talk. - Not now, we'll fall behind.
Two bumpers on a car, not one.
- Hunt, listen. - What?
We got it. We're gonna get the raise!
There you go!
I figured it out, 13,000 cars.
All we do is work the rest of the month eight hours a day like always.
13,000? That's good. But, see, you can't think like that,
'cause then we don't make the 15,000.
- We ain't gonna make that anyway. - Then we gotta work harder.
- This is sunday! - Ok.
I haven't seen my kids in two weeks, how can you say that?
- I know, but... - we're gonna make the 13,000.
We're gonna make the raise and a lot of us are satisfied with that.
Do you believe that guy?
- Excuse me. - You're excused.
- Hey, buster, what's going on? - Just doin' some shopping.
- Mr stevenson. - Hi.
Want something from here?
She wants something, but she's not having much luck getting it. Here you go.
Hey, look...
I know you're drunk and things aren't going well, but why don't you lighten up?
Why don't you just kiss her ass like you do her husband every day?
Mommy, mommy!
Clean up in aisle three.
Sorry, man.
My wife told me what had happened and I am grateful.
Oh, gee. Hey, do me a favour,
don't fire the guy. He's really been very unhappy lately.
I will not fire him. You are good friend to him.
Yeah. You didn't see him sprawled out across the cheese puffs.
Still, you are his friend.
In japan I have many friends.
We only talk about cars or do exercises.
But sometimes we go see a sumo game.
But that's in japan.
- Well, once again, thank you very much. - Ok.
Hey, wanna go get a beer?
Right there, what's that?
- I don't know. - That's two men walking a breast!
I got one for you.
This is a one-eared elephant.
Wait a minute, there's a church league here. Reverend...
one-eared elephant.
Put him back in the zoo. We're going to jail before the night's over.
- What a laugh we're having, huh? - Yeah, good raughs.
I guess I' ve got things running pretty well at the factory, right?
Mr saito is major fuckhead.
I beg your pardon.
He calls japan and tells them that I am losing control here.
- One more failure and I am ruined. - What do you mean, one more?
Remember when you first saw me?
Yeah, at the screaming academy. You were enrolled there, I think.
The place for failures.
- I am not a good leader. - You are.
No, I am not.
I used to worry that men were working too hard, missing their families.
I worried that they were not getting personal satisfaction from their work.
You animal.
- You make jokes. - No, I' m not.
I had to make a shimatsusho for workers.
- You had to cook for those guys? - No, an apology.
I had to apologise to the workers for letting their production fall behind.
I begged for their forgiveness.
They were all humiliated because of me.
The only measure of a worker's value is the work.
The company is everything. Team!
That is what has raised us from a conquered nation to an economic power.
- We are one, with one purpose. - You guys are doing great, I admit it.
He'll be back. There's a midnight show.
One more failure and I' m ruined.
I got troubles, bud.
You think you have troubles.
I have troubles with hair on 'em.
Listen, I told the guys there might be a partial raise
if we made 13,000 cars this month.
- You told them that? - I know.
You shouldn't drink if you find that funny. I find it totally depressing.
You're right. You're right!
I am? Hey!
- Are you shittin' me? - No. You are in more trouble than me.
I feel much better.
It's jammed, goog. Call maintenance.
- No good, I say two hours. - Good, I could use a break.
You could? You've had five months break, you should be pretty rested.
I' m getting very sick of you.
What do you want from us? We eat, sleep and piss on the line!
- Shut off the line! - Shut that goddamn line off!
- You ok? - I tried to unjam it.
I didn't want us to lose time.
Back off, will you, hunt? This is your fault to begin with.
- Bad timing, huh? - Bad for you.
What happened? Why have they stopped?
One of the workers had an accident.
Why are the others not working?
Back to work.
Back to work!
A man has been hurt. You may be next.
Excuse me.
This is for mr googleman. How is he?
- He's fine. We're going in to see him. - I' m happy.
That's the main thing, as long as you're happy.
He's happy they only have to give us half the raise.
- Half the raise? - For making 13,000 cars in a month.
That is not so. It was 15,000 or no raise.
We just talked to that guy lto. We found out there's no raise for 13,000 cars.
I' m calling all the guys and we're coming over to get you.
Oh, shit!
get in there, you ungrateful little... get in!
- No raise for 13,000 cars. - You going somewhere?
- No. - Let's get this over with.
You hear what I said? There is no raise for 13,000 cars.
All right. Look, fellas... now, listen...
- here's what happened. - We know what happened.
They made a deal with you, then they broke it.
Those sons of bitches!
They did make that deal, didn't they?
Yeah, they made a deal with me! The sons of bitches.
Union meeting, tomorrow. But first, we're going up to see that...
- what's his name? - Kazihiro.
...katzihiro on our lunch hour. - Come with us, call him a liar.
I' ll do better than that, I' ll get there before you.
I' ll have this settled before you arrive.
That's what separates us from the japanese.
- We got you looking out for us. - Hey, fellas, I' m just doing...
- let's go get a couple of brewskis. - I' m buyin'.
- Hey, I' m sorry... - no, it was me.
Can I talk to you for a minute? I got kind of a...
come for a few beers. Let's talk about it there.
No, you go ahead, i...
come on, come on.
I ought to stay. I' ll talk to you later.
All right.
Don't feed anabelle.
No more mtv. No more twisted sister.
Read a book!
More jimmy dean pure pork sausage?
No! No more jimmy dean, no more hawaiian punch.
No more green giant frozen niblets.
Who the hell can that be?
May we come in?
Yes. Please... come in.
Sit. Please sit...
- can I get you anything? - No.
GI joe!
That is neighbour's child.
Everything is all right here?
Yes. Fine, great!
Well, have a nice trip back.
I will come to the factory tomorrow morning.
- Tomorrow is not good day. - Why not?
Factory is locked and we can't find key.
Bullshit-o! The men are having a big union meeting tomorrow night.
Is this true?
- Yes. - This does not make me very happy.
You have let me down.
Come, nephew. I am tired.
Uncle... you can stay at my place.
- Is your wife with you? - Yes.
Ramada inn.
- We gotta talk. - You're telling me, brother.
My men are expecting a raise, I gotta get 'em one.
- You shouldn't have lied. - I thought we'd make the quota.
And I figured if we didn't, you'd be man enough to give them something.
We're a thousand lousy cars short.
Impossible. Tell them not to form a union or mr sakamoto will be displeased.
Good idea. I should've thought of that.
I' ll go down and talk to the guys and say,
"we shouldn't form a union, 'cause that would displease mr sakamoto."
You said you could control your men. You put me in very bad situation.
I bailed your ass out I don't know how many times.
What do you think kept them going this long? Your charm?
It was me. I backed you, I handed you 14,000 cars,
and now I' m gonna look like shit. Give my men a raise!
If I do, mr sakamoto will have a baby.
Working conditions must stay as they are. Tell them that.
- Now who's nuts? - Not us. We know what we're doing.
I see now why they gave me ribbons of shame.
- I was thinking like an american. - Don't flatter yourself, ace.
It's true. Everybody here thinks they are special.
Nobody works for the team. They're too busy getting personalised licence plates.
You wouldn't last two days in management training programme.
We wouldn't be stupid enough to stay two days.
Because you are selfish, it's what makes you weak.
I' m weak? You don't have the guts to stand up to your boss.
You're a real millie, you know that?
I am no millie!
Get out of here! You're fired!
- You don't work here any more! - I' m fired? That's great.
Fine with me. You think you're so hot. This factory's running like shit.
It's run our way! The way we know how! This is the way!
Oh, yeah? If you're so great, how come you lost the big one?
- Come on. - Whoa, break it up, hunt.
- He's nuts. - Take it easy.
- We'll work it out at the meeting. - I don't need any meeting.
I' m through right now.
- Anybody else need a meeting? - No!
All right, let's walk.
Welcome to the hadleyville fourth of july picnic.
Lots of fun for everybody, and don't forget the big fireworks show tonight.
Gotta give it to you, hunt. You said you'd handle 'em in the fourth quarter.
They lied to you, but you didn't let 'em get away with it. That was great.
Top notch, hunt.
Good evening. May I have your attention, please?
Is hunt stevenson here? Hunt stevenson?
Come on up here, son.
The man who saved hadleyville.
We'll stay out till we get the raise!
Have I got a piece of news for you.
I just got official word from assan motors.
The factory is closed.
- A lockout? - No bright boy, not a lockout, a pull-out.
A close-down, an adiós, a "sayonara, round-eyes".
They said the workers, and especially their leadership,
were too difficult to deal with.
So they're closing the factory and going back to japan.
The man who saved hadleyville.
You're the man who killed hadleyville, and I' m gonna kill you!
Wait a minute. Why are you blaming hunt?
He tried like hell, then they made a deal and weaselled out.
Let me tell you something. We are behind you, hunt. 100%.
If you buy that, you all stay here and starve with him.
Fuck you!
Your friend hunt's trying to speak.
Go ahead, hunt.
First of all, I think you all should know something.
gee, I don't know, I figure we made fifteen... you know...
if we made 13,000 cars, we'd be so close to 15,000, right?
- That if we... - hunt.
- What are you trying to tell us? - Yeah!
- I lied. - My god.
Yeah, there was no...
there was no deal for 13,000 cars.
We walked out on a lie?
I never in a million years thought it could lead to this, I swear.
- You should've told us the truth. - The truth?
You don't want the truth.
You want to hear that americans are better than anybody else.
They're kicking our butts, that ain't luck.
There's your truth.
Sure, the great old american do-or-die spirit.
Yeah, it's alive. But they've got it. I tell you, we'd better get it back.
We'd better get it back damn fast.
Instead, we're strutting around telling ourselves how great we are.
I guess if I was really a leader, I would've told you this months ago.
Instead, I was telling you basketball stories.
I put myself in front of the town and I' m really sorry.
I swear to you, man, I' m really sorry.
Ito-san's wife is in labour. He would like to go.
You want to leave?
No, sir. I want to stay and work.
This is looney tunes.
Looney tunes?
That's all, folks!
- We are insane! - Why are you talking american?
Because I have american idea.
We work too damn hard.
This is not our lives. This is a factory.
Our friends, our families should be our lives.
We are killing ourselves. We are millies.
Many of you are troubled by the same things as me, huh?
Tell him.
Tell him that we have things we can learn from americans.
Need any help?
I went by your house. How come you're still out here?
Couldn't go home. Somebody filled my car with horse manure.
- Who would do that? - I don't know.
I don't think it was a horse.
Hunt, i...
I came to tell you you were great tonight.
It took a lot of guts to say what you said, and...
...I was really proud of you.
Do you think I could possibly have a hug?
Oh, god.
Right on this bridge is where I first kissed you.
That's kazihiro. What's he doing here?
You look good.
- Did you join a health club? - I came out here to be alone.
In japan, you're never alone. You put on your pants, there's someone in there.
It's almost that bad here.
Yeah, I need this.
I' m ruined. I destroyed my career.
You're ruined?
There's 1,200 families in this town that are ruined... you jag-off.
I let down myself, I let down my men.
I wiped out your town.
I can't stand it any more.
Nice talkin' to you.
Hey, are you nuts?
If you're gonna drown yourself, at least take off your watch.
I' m not drowning myself, I' m just freaking out!
Are you guys ok?
Yeah, we're all right.
Kazmania here was trying to swim back to japan.
Ok. I' ll wait for you up here.
- You ok? - Yes.
Come on.
You're a maniac.
- Last night, I told my boss off. - Oh, yeah.
Good for you. Was he awake?
Are you kidding? I was on him good.
I was on him like hair on a gorilla.
- Where do you get these expressions? - Tv.
You're coming around, kazmonaut. Took you long enough.
Yes, we screwed this up good.
Ah, dammit.
You know...
...when you think of all the shit we did wrong, and it's an impressive amount,
we were this close to pulling this thing off. This close to doing it.
Well, look. I made some big mistakes.
Is it just me, or do you hate the way wet shorts feel?
- I actually kind of like it. - Really?
What a waste.
- This could've been big. - That's what kills me.
Yes, I feel like you.
I' d love another chance. I know we could do better.
Get outta here.
- Where do you think you're going? - I' m going to work.
Hey, hey. What work?
They shut down. Why are you with him?
Kaz? He's going back to work with me.
- Aren't you in enough trouble? - Where's your uncle?
Ramada inn coffee shop, eating pancakes.
Tell him we made a deal with these men.
By 7.30 tomorrow, there will be 15,000 cars.
If he's a man of honour,
he'll keep his promise and give these men their raises.
Certainly. I will tell him you said that.
My wife had baby girl!
We still got 1,000 cars to build, thought we'd go knock 'em off.
- 1,000 cars. Two of you. - We're gonna skip lunch.
This shouldn't be too bad.
Hell, these at the end of the line here are almost done.
- Well, what are they doing? - They're building a car.
Hey, hunt.
This whole thing is an insult to my intelligence, man.
- Is that possible? - Really, I' m serious. All right, ha, ha.
He thinks if we see him working, we'll rush in and help.
Ok. There's one.
- What'd that take us, twenty minutes? - Four hours.
Why? Just tell me, why is he doing it?
He wants to look good for the japs. He's covering his ass.
- I don't buy that. - Give me another reason.
I tell you what, maybe he's just trying to save this town.
Hey, hunt.
We're here.
No, no, no. Not everywhere. Here, here, here and here. Got it?
We could use another man on the wipers.
Hunt, sakamoto-san is here. How are things going?
- Ito says we're short. - It's close.
We're going so fast, it's hard to keep count. But we look short.
Ok. By seven-thirty, he's going to start counting cars.
- While he counts the cars... - we keep building. Good idea.
Boys, on the last few, we may have to cut a few corners. All right?
Just little things like... engines.
Maybe I will not take the trouble to count.
I understand you question my honour.
I did not question it, I counted on it.
Human forklift comin' through.
Get this one down off the jack.
No, one bolt, not four bolts.
Don't count this one.
Pat, don't bolt 'em on, just stick 'em on. We'll do that tomorrow.
That's all.
That's not enough.
Wait a minute.
We still have cars inside.
Why didn't you bring them out?
Good question. Let's go find out.
He's coming!
Hey! Where you fellas been?
We've been standing around here for a couple of hours...
...waiting for you cowboys.
There you go!
Well, there they are. More than enough.
Drinks are on me.
Safety glass.
Ow! My head!
I' ll make a list of everything that is wrong with these cars.
Hey, wait a minute. Are you leaving?
- Yes. - Just like that?
You were six cars short.
Oh, ok. Six cars short. Ok.
I tell you, you're making a big mistake.
Why did you say that?
Why do I say that?
- Let's talk about the pittsburgh game. - Oh, my god!
We're down 16 points going into the 4th quarter.
People got up and left.
They missed the greatest comeback in the history of that tournament.
- Do you get my point? - Not at all.
If you walk out that door, you're going to miss a great comeback.
We're ready to roll here, jack.
This will never be like a japanese factory, jack.
Oh, yeah?
You're right. You know what else? So what?
You failed.
You know what? I got one of the first cars ever made here.
The first car. I don't think I want it any more.
As a matter of fact, here, why don't you take the keys?
I' d rather have one of those cars.
I' d rather have one of these cars we made together by hand.
Your guys and my guys, together.
You know why? 'Cause those cars stand for something.
Those cars stand for something pretty great.
I' m proud of those cars. I' m taking one.
Gentlemen... I' m going home in my new car.
I thought it handled great.
Here, uncle, here is everything that is substandard on all these cars.
That's some list!
Good team.
Good men.
You will fix those before they leave the factory.
I will. I will?
I like you. You make me laugh.
I don't see anything wrong with these cars.
Are you crazy?
Fifteen thousand cars.
Good luck in your new job.
Let's rock.
Subtitles by: Marcel de jong
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