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Subtitles for Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD1.

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Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD1

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OK... Corral
OK... Corral
There the outlaw band made their final stand
OK... Corral
Oh, my dearest, one must die, lay down my gun
Or take the chance of losing you forever
Duty calls, my back's against the wall
Have you no kind word to say before I ride away?
Your love... your love
I need... your love
Keep the flame, let it burn
Until I return from the gunfight at OK Corral
lf the Lord is my friend
We'll meet at the end of the gunfight at OK Corral
Gunfight at OK Corral
OK... Corral
OK... Corral
There the outlaw band
Made their final stand
OK... Corral
Oh, my dearest, one must die
Lay down my gun
And take the chance
Of losing you forever
Duty calls
My back's against the wall
Have you no kind word to say before I ride away?
Boot Hill
Boot Hill, Boot Hill, Boot Hill
Boot Hill
In the air, there's a chill, there's a chill
So cold
Mighty cold, mighty cold, mighty cold
So still
Mighty still, mighty still, mighty still
There they lay, side by side,
The killers that died in the gunfight at OK Corral
OK... Corral
Gunfight at OK Corral.
Hello, Ed.
Where's Doc Holliday?
Over at the hotel, more than likely.
He's been expecting you...
Get word over there I知 waiting for him.
No need to do that, Ed.
The whole town knows you're waiting for him by now.
Before there's another killing...
You just go on serving your watered-down liquor
and keep out of my business, Shanssey.
Your brother came in here stinking drunk,
spoiling for a fight.
He drew a gun on Holliday.
Over there!
Have it your way, Ed.
Check your guns, if you want to stay here.
Leave the bottle!
You don't stand a chance, Doc.
Bailey brought two men with him.
Oh, come on, honey,
let's cut out of here while there's still time.
The whole town, including that no-good marshal,
is laying for you.
Right or wrong, they're going to hang you for another killing.
You know it.
Oh, you ain't even listening to me.
Now, Kate, Mr. Bailey came all the way from Fort Worth
to see me on a gentleman's matter.
It wouldn't be hospitable
for me to leave town, now, would it?
Don't start that gentleman business with me again.
Well, it's a pure case of ethics, but...
Well, that's something
a person like you wouldn't understand.
Why do you always have to treat me like I知 dirt?
You ain't no better than me!
That's debatable.
Oh, is it?
You and that magnolia drippin'.
Well, let me tell you something, Doc Holliday.
All them fancy clothes and that smart talk
don't make you no gentleman!
You are dirt, just like me.
And I知 tired of hearing about that...
Georgia plantation
and all them lily-white friends of yours.
They're all gone now!
They're all gone!
Yes, they are...
and here I am with you.
Your family scraped the barrel after the war wiped them out
just to send you through dental school.
You sure turned out fine.
They'd be real proud of you.
Don't you ever mention my family again.
Doc, please...
Doc, please.
Forget about Bailey.
Let's get out of here while there's still time.
Maybe we could even go to Laredo
like you... you said
and do something about that cough of yours.
It's getting worse all the time.
Your concern over my health touches me deeply.
You know how I feel about you.
I know exactly how you feel.
I don't know...
I don't know what I'd do
if anything happened to you.
You'd lose your meal ticket, wouldn't you?
That ain't nice to say to me, Doc.
I致e been good to you, ain't l?
Why don't you think about me once in a while?
All right, get over to Shanssey's
and tell him I値l be there later.
Please, don't go there.
Do as I tell you.
I need some money.
Hello, Wyatt.
Cotton Wilson.
It痴 been a long time.
Man, I知 plain worn out.
Hope you got some good news for me.
Ike Clanton rode through here three days ago, heading east.
Waco, I think.
Johnny Ringo was with him.
Rode through, heading east?
You didn't get my telegram.
I got it.
Well, why didn't you hold him?
I had no quarrel with Ike Clanton.
Nothing to hold him for.
Nothing to hold him for?
Why, man, he's got a dozen charges against him.
I played this whole thing so he'd be forced into Griffin.
I figured if there was one man in Texas who could stop him,
you'd be the man.
Now, don't go getting your blood heated up, Wyatt.
Cotton, it's Wyatt Earp you're talking to.
Ten years ago, I watched you walk single-handed
into a saloon in Oklahoma City,
and knock out three of the fastest guns in the territory.
Ten years is a long time ago.
Getting old, I guess.
Anybody ever told me that Cotton Wilson had gone yellow,
I would have called them a liar.
You have no right to say that to me, Wyatt.
I致e bucked heads with the toughest gangs on the frontier.
Then why didn't you stop Ringo and Clanton?
Well, why didn't you?!
lf you can't handle it anymore, turn in your badge!
Turn in my badge.
I致e been a lawman for 25 years.
Worked every hellhole in the territory.
You know what I got to show for it?
A $1 2-a-month room in the back of a cruddy boardinghouse,
and a tin star.
Think I like winding up in a place like this?
It痴 the end of the line for me, Wyatt.
It'll happen to you someday.
Just like it happens to all of us.
Where is that yellow-livered skunk?
Slow down, Ed.
Holliday's only trying to rile you.
What do you figure's keeping Holliday?
Doc's going to make 'em dangle a little.
Wyatt Earp.
Why, you old son of a gun.
Why didn't you let us know you was riding into town?
Good to see you, John.
Hi, Marshal.
Come on, sit down.
I値l be a son of a gun.
You've sure come a long ways
since the railroading days in Cheyenne.
Ellsworth, Wichita, now Dodge City.
Funny, I never figured you for a lawman.
You was always pretty reckless and wild.
Never figured myself for a lawman, either.
Fix a nice steak for Mr. Earp.
Yes, sir.
My personal stock.
How are the brothers?
Fine. Virgil and Morgan are married.
Virgil and Morgan married?
What do you know.
John, I need some help.
Anything I can do for you.
Ike Clanton and Johnny Ringo
rode through here three days ago.
They got a dozen counts against them.
I telegraphed Cotton to hold them,
but he crossed me up.
Cotton's skidded a long way.
You know anything?
Wish I did, but...
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Doc Holliday played poker with them.
Maybe he heard something.
Let's have some decent whiskey around here!
Ed Bailey.
Doc Holliday killed his brother.
The guy was begging for it.
He came in drunk, cheated at cards.
He pulled a gun on Doc.
Did you ever meet Holliday?
We crossed trails once.
He was a dentist then.
You know, I致e yet to see the guy pick a fight.
Trouble just naturally seems to find him.
It痴 gotten so every would-be gunman on the frontier
wants the honor of putting him in Boot Hill.
You know how it is when a man gets a reputation.
I sure do.
Where is Holliday?
I better get to him while the getting's good.
He's at the hotel.
Keep that steak warm, I値l be back.
You ain't missing much; it's longhorn.
Sit down, make yourself at home,
just like you were invited.
I don't know if you remember me...
I remember you-- Wyatt Earp.
Pulled a tooth for you ten years ago.
lf I knew when I had you in the chair
what you were going to turn out to be, l...
I hear you've taken up a new occupation.
It痴 too bad; you were a good dentist.
My patients didn't like my coughing.
I壇 like some information.
The name of this game is solitaire.
I知 in a position to do a little horse trading.
Good evening, Mr. Earp.
I know something that would interest you.
You don't know a thing that would interest me.
Suppose I was to tell you that Ed Bailey...
has a small derringer hidden in his boot.
Left or right?
I壇 say that was good information--
Bailey's left-handed.
Ike Clanton and Johnny Ringo
rode through here three days ago.
You played cards with them.
Which way were they heading?
Beats me.
I thought we were making a deal.
That's what you said.
I didn't make any deals.
But you know where they went, don't you?
Look, you're interrupting my game.
You've got a real big hate for the law, haven't you?
Is there any reason why I shouldn't?
Your brother, Morgan,
ran me out of Deadwood last year
and impounded $1 0,000 of my money.
As a matter of fact, you've got brothers
marshaling all over the frontier, haven't you?
I値l see you again, Holliday.
lf you're around.
What did you find out?
Not a thing.
It痴 my hunch they're headed for Tombstone.
Ike's old man has a big ranch there.
But I can't be sure.
Isn't your brother Virgil a marshal at Tombstone?
That's right.
I sent him a telegram, asking him to be
on the lookout for him, just in case.
What are you going to do?
There's nothing I can do.
The trail's ice cold.
I知 heading back for Dodge City in the morning.
Mr. Holliday.
Would you care to settle up your bill now?
Well, uh...
What I mean, sir, is
we didn't know whether you were checking out or not.
You'll have word in 1 5 minutes.
Doc, you're walking into a stacked deck.
lf Bailey don't get you, the marshal will.
You'd be smart to get out while you can.
You act as if you want to get killed.
Maybe I do.
let's check your gun.
Good evening, Harry.
The usual.
Yes, sir.
I understand there's a gentleman
in from Fort Worth to see me.
This gentleman should have taught his brother better
than to deal with a marked deck.
Well, if you happen to see this, uh... gentleman,
tell him I値l be waiting for him at Boot Hill.
He'll have only one direction to travel from there--
Come to think of it...
he's no gentleman at all.
He's a son of a yellow-bellied sow.
All right, Doc, let's go.
Right on cue.
What's the charge?
We'll think of one.
I知 sure you will.
Thanks, Harry.
All right, get him out of here.
It痴 all over, folks.
Break it up.
Come on, step up to the bar.
Free drinks, on the house.
Come on, give me some beer, bartender.
Ah, it's always a mess after a killing.
Looks like Doc spoiled everybody's fun.
He's crazy, but he's got nerve, though--
plenty of nerve.
Shanssey, Mr. Earp, what are you going to about this?
You saw what happened.
They had no right to take Doc off.
They're going to do something to him, I know it.
Kate Fisher, friend of Doc's.
He's going to be framed.
You saw it-- Bailey pulled a gun on him.
Wait a minute, Miss Fisher, take it easy.
Why don't you just relax and let the law handle this.
There ain't no law in this town.
I never saw a man beg more to get his brains blown out.
Please, you've got to help him.
Doc Holliday's none of my business.
Please, Mr. Earp.
I don't want any part of him.
I don't even like him.
I知 sorry.
Good night.
Kate, I can have a pair of saddle horses
put round back of the hotel.
That's as much as I can do.
With the feeling against Doc,
I wouldn't stay in business ten minutes
if they knew I壇 helped him.
Ten, please.
Wilson live here?
Why, no, sir.
They're just holding Doc Holliday
upstairs in his room.
Mr. Earp.
Look, Miss Fisher, I told you this is none of my business.
I don't care what you think of me and Doc.
There's a lynch mob starting across the street.
That's your business, ain't it?
Don't make no difference whether Doc is right or wrong.
He don't deserve to be hung by a pack of animals.
You're getting out of here.
Since when have you taken
to rescuing gamblers in distress?
Don't take it personal, Doc.
I just don't like lynchings.
What are we waiting for?
Not yet.
I壇 say now is a very good time.
Hey, Sturges' barn!
That's it.
Get going down the back stairs.
Much obliged, Marshal.
I値l see you in Dodge City and thank you properly.
You can thank me properly by staying out of Dodge City.
More water! More water!
...Boot Hill
Boot Hill, Boot Hill, Boot Hill
Boot Hill
In the air, there's a chill, there's a chill
So cold
Mighty cold, mighty cold, mighty cold
So still
Mighty still, mighty still, mighty still
Wyatt Earp, they say, saved Doc Holliday
From old Boot Hill...
Boot Hill
Boot Hill, Boot Hill, Boot Hill
Boot Hill
Over there, there's a chill, there's a chill
So cold
Mighty cold, mighty cold, mighty cold
So still
Mighty still, mighty still, mighty still
Wyatt roamed the West, and though he fought the best
By nature he preferred it nice and peaceful
Sort of slow
And sort of easy-go
But he was quick on the draw
And Wyatt's word was law
Was law, was law...
How about that?
A little out of place for Dodge City,
wouldn't you say?
That's strictly big-city stuff.
Looks like she's going to stay a while.
Got a trunk.
I got to go on a posse.
That's what I came to see you about.
Chief Dullknife is on a rampage again.
I知 going to have to borrow your deputies.
You're always short of men.
Who's the girl?
Yeah, who's the girl?
Girl? What girl?
Oh. I was too busy finding out
that Doc Holliday and his lady friend have just checked in
at the Dodge House.
Doc Holliday?
I told him to keep out of Dodge City.
I壇 better get over there before he unpacks.
You going to lend me your deputies?
Well, all right,
but I have to keep Charlie here with me.
You can have the rest of the boys.
And don't forget to get back before those cattle drives.
You know how business picks up when the cowpokes hit town.
Mario, go on out and get some fresh air.
The mayor's welcoming committee, eh?
I thought I told you to stay out of Dodge City.
I like a sharp razor, don't you?
Care for a shave?
There's a stage for Abilene in the morning.
I want you to be on it.
The marshal of Abilene sent me here.
As a matter of fact,
I wish someone would write you fellas a new speech.
I致e had the same one in the last five towns.
All right, you'll stay in your hotel room, then,
till day after tomorrow.
I値l personally escort you to the westbound train.
Wyatt, you've got to face a hard fact.
I知 in a state of complete financial collapse.
I don't even have the price of a ticket.
Shanssey told me you had quite a bankroll
back there in Griffin.
Shanssey ought to know.
He had $1 0,000 of mine in his safe.
You know what that son of a gun did?
You'll recall I had to leave town rather hastily.
Those two horses in back of the hotel
cost me $5,000 apiece.
Now, how about that?
Towel, please.
Oh, thank you.
Everyone puts such an outlandish value
on my life.
Say, Wyatt...
how much do you earn?
About $1 00 a month and two dollars an arrest?
You trying to bribe me?
Oh, no.
Not you.
I feel compelled to offer you an honest business proposition.
That's not bad.
You got any money saved?
Going to buy a small ranch or a country store someday, huh?
Well, I値l make it easier for you.
You stake me to a thousand dollars
and I値l split my winnings.
The cowboys are coming and the stakes will be big.
Fifty-fifty, huh?
Now actually, any number of people
would be glad to back me for ten percent, but...
I like you, Wyatt Earp.
I like your cut.
Why so generous with the split?
Look, a barber needs this.
You're a lawman, you need a gun.
I知 a gambler.
Money's just a tool of my trade.
Of course, you will guarantee you won't lose.
I never lose.
You see, poker's played by desperate men
who cherish money.
I don't lose because I have nothing to lose,
including my life.
Is it a deal?
Of all the low-down gall.
Ah, well...
You're just going to have to stake me
to a railroad ticket.
Holliday, I致e done
some foolish things in my life.
I知 about to do another.
I知 going to let you stay in town.
Why so generous?
Let's say I like your cut.
You can stay and you can play on one condition:
No knives, no guns and no killings.
No knives, no guns, no killings.
That's it.
You have my word as a gentleman.
Just one more thing.
You ought to treat that woman decent or leave her.
Yes, poor old Kate.
She stands for everything I hate in Doc Holliday.
Oh, leave two bits for the barber, will you?
Well, I found out all about your lady fair.
Hey, where'd you get the new gun?
Buntline made it for me special.
What lady fair?
It痴 sure beautiful--
isn't that barrel too long?
No, good balance, just right.
What's beautiful?
Hand-tooled, too, huh?
What are you talking about?
Well, that girl that came in
on the stage day before yesterday.
Oh, yeah, I remember; what about her?
Well, she's staying over at Mrs. D's place.
They tell me she's got a trunkful
of the most elegant clothes you've ever seen.
Some of them dresses clean from Paris, France.
She's five-foot six,
weighs 1 20 pounds,
red hair, green eyes...
What is she doing here?
Very funny.
Well, if you think that's funny,
why don't you take a little walk
over to the Longbranch Saloon.
You'll die laughing.
Hello, Wyatt.
What's the trouble?
I think I知 going to have to break up that game.
Can't do that, Wyatt.
There's no law against women gambling.
I know, but every time there's a woman at the tables,
there's trouble, you know that.
Sorry, game's over.
Wyatt, this is Laura Denbow.
Kelly, you're the mayor of this town.
We agreed there'd be
no women gambling on the north side.
Miss Denbow's marker is respected
for $1 0,000 anywhere in the West.
We all consider her an exception.
Not in Dodge City, she isn't.
So you're the famous Wyatt Earp.
Lawman, judge and jury.
That's right, Miss Gambler-- start with you
and we'll have every tramp on the south side over here.
Who's a tramp?
Shut up and keep out of this, cowboy.
You're talking to a lady!
It appears the marshal hasn't met a lady before.
You're in a saloon, playing a man's game.
Why should you be treated like a lady?
And you ain't no gentleman.
That's all for tonight, Miss Denbow.
Take your hands off her.
Hold it, Charlie.
I知 tired of you pushing people around.
Now, go for your gun.
I知 going to kill you!
I don't have a gun, cowboy.
I知 unarmed.
Stay where you are!
You're drunk.
You don't know what you're doing.
Now, give me that gun before you get into real trouble.
I don't stand for nobody talking
like that to no lady.
You stand real still.
And just give me that gun.
I ain't no gunman.
I couldn't kill anybody.
I know that, cowboy.
You were just trying to impress the lady.
take him down and sober him up
and get him out of town.
You're under arrest.
For what, Mr. Earp?
You just saw it-- disturbing the peace.
Wait a minute, Wyatt.
It痴 all right, Mayor Kelly.
The marshal's only trying to save
the good name of Dodge City.
Besides, I might like to see the inside of a jail.
Don't you think you better wait for a few of your deputies?
I might be desperate.
I値l let you go, if you promise
to do your gambling south of the deadline.
South of the deadline?
No, I think I値l stay.
Perhaps the judge isn't as righteous as the marshal.
Well, aren't you going to open the door?
Oh, l, uh...
won't be needing these while I知 here.
Why don't you buy yourself a new halo?
The one you're wearing's too tight.
Close the door, Marshal.
Locked her up?
That's right, disturbing the peace.
I could get her out.
$500 says you can't.
Make it the $1 ,000 I owe you.
Double or nothing.
It痴 a bet.
I値l be back in 30 minutes.
Good evening, Charlie.
Oh, hiya, Doc.
Man, this 1 2 on and 1 2 off is sure ruining my homework.
I spend half my life on that dern paperwork.
Care for a nip?
Doc, you know why I don't like drinking on duty.
What's the occasion?
I壇 like to bail out Miss Denbow.
Hit me.
I got 1 9.
Can't do it, Doc.
She's got to appear in court tomorrow.
No bail's been set yet.
Think I値l stand on these.
Oh, I値l wait for Wyatt.
I sure hope Bat gets back with our deputies
before them cowboys hit town.
I got one, too.
You know, Doc, if we was playing for real,
I壇 just be compelled to have a look at that deck.
Oh, I壇 be compelled to ask you to try it.
Use mine, huh?
Good thing Wyatt don't let us
go around drawing these things.
Somebody might get hurt.
Well... I got to go have a look
at the prisoners and horses.
Watch the office for me, will you, Doc?
Sure thing, Charlie.
I never could get the hang of these things.
What are you doing here?
Wyatt, I壇 like to bail out Miss Denbow.
She happens to be a lady.
No favors, Holliday.
Let's say you release her
in exchange for some information.
You don't know a thing that would interest me.
Uh, suppose l were to tell you
that Shanghai Pierce is bringing his herd here.
Shanghai Pierce, huh?
I take it you've had some run-ins with him.
I had to bat him over the head
once or twice, when he got drunk and tried to shoot up Wichita.
Not a bad guy, just forgot to grow up.
Well, he's aiming to shoot up Dodge City,
and he's hired Ringo to make sure you don't spoil his fun.
Oh, and what's more, he, uh...
He's put a price of $1 ,000 on your head, dead.
What else is new?
Well, l, I thought it was kind of amusing,
a price on a lawman's head.
Look, Holliday,
as long as I知 the law here,
not one of those cowpokes
is going to cross that deadline with a gun.
I don't care if his name is Shanghai Pierce.
Well spoken.
I値l repeat those words at your funeral.
How about releasing Miss Denbow?
Nothing doing.
Look, you made a deal.
You made the deal.
I didn't agree to a thing, remember?
Charlie, you're working for a crook.
Oh, yeah?
Go on home, Charlie, and turn in.
I値l finish these reports.
Thanks. Everything's quiet.
Good night.
Wyatt, you ought to turn her loose.
She's got no business behind bars.
I think Charlie's right.
Let her out.
Maybe I like her.
Tell Kelly
she's to play in the side room.
I don't want her gambling on the main floor.
Good evening, Miss Denbow.
Good evening.
Come on, Laura, we've got business to take care of.
Thank you.
Good evening, Mr. Earp.
Good evening, Miss Denbow.
Good evening, Mr. Earp.
Pair of deuces.
I値l check to the lady.
I値l stay.
Too steep for me.
I知 in.
$50, and I値l make it $50 more.
I知 in for the $50.
Queen of clubs.
It痴 almost morning.
Jack of spades, three tens.
You didn't answer me.
I値l make it $1 00.
Go buy yourself a drink.
And I値l raise you $1 00.
Too much for me.
$200 to me.
I値l call you.
I値l go along with the lady.
Four deuces.
Gentlemen, we've been out-classed.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I think I値l call it a night.
Will you cash me in, Frank?
Good night.
Good night, Mayor Kelly.
May I see you home?
No, thank you, Doc.
Good night.
Good night.
How about a little draw, boys?
All right.
I値l get my ante in there.
Good night.
Johnny, I need Luke Short.
Richie Bell and two of his boys
held up the bank at Salina.
They killed the cashier.
They're heading this way.
I sent Luke to Abilene, Wyatt.
I知 sorry.
How soon do you have to pull out?
Right away, if I expect to pick up their trail.
Doggone it, Luke's the only one in town
who can handle a gun.
What about Charlie Bassett?
Somebody's got to mind the town.
Want a gunhand?
No, thanks.
I do handle one pretty well.
The only trouble is
those best able to testify to my aim
aren't around for comment.
I値l take care of it alone.
Suit yourself.
Hold up your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear to uphold...
Oh, this is ridiculous!
You're deputized.
Grab some gear, I値l get the horses.
Now, wait a minute, don't I get to wear a tin star?
Not on your life!
For a smart gambler, you sure play sucker odds.
You're going to be dead inside of a year.
What do you know about odds, preacher?
This kind of cough doesn't go away.
Why don't you get out of those stinking saloons?
Pack up and go live in the mountains.
Not me.
You're just ornery enough to live to a ripe old age.
No, I知 not going to let it drain me out slow.
Play it hard and fast.
Listen, Wyatt,
the only thing I知 really scared of
is dying in bed.
I don't want to go little by little.
Someday, somebody's got to out-shoot me,
and it'll be over with real quick.
Earp, I didn't come along to hear you preach a sermon.
You know, I致e been wondering about that.
Why did you come?
Well, if I stick around long enough,
sooner or later you've gotto put your head in a noose.
I知 going to bail you out.
I致e only got one debt in this world,
and I don't like owing it to you.
You don't owe me a thing.
I致e never needed anybody in my life,
and I sure don't need Doc Holliday.
You're pretty positive about that.
As far as I知 concerned,
you can get on your horse and keep riding.
No, thanks.
I think I値l stay.
You know, Wyatt, you and l are pretty much alike, actually.
Both of us live with a gun.
The only differenceis that badge.
What's the matter, preacher?
Don't you like being preached at?
Shut up and go to sleep.
Richie Bell won't be robbing any more banks.
I thought you were asleep.
No, it figured.
Let's head back to Dodge.
I want to get in a bed.
What for?
They're not going any place.
Neither are we.
I知 getting some sleep.
Get out of those stinking saloons.
Pack up, live in the mountains.
I値l go in and fix up a coroner's report.
Thanks a lot, Doc.
You and I are even.
Not yet.
Not until the debt's paid in full, Marshal.
I hear you did some pretty fancy shooting, Doc.
Well, it's...
all in a day's work for a deputy.
You all right?
Find Kate and tell her
to come up to the hotel right away, will you?
Kate hasn't been around for a while, Doc.
What do you mean?
I mean nobody's seen her on this side of town
since you rode out.
Should I get a doctor?
Good morning, Laura.
Well, I never thought I壇 be glad to see you.
Something wrong?
My horse has gone lame.
Right forefoot.
Hoof's split.
Better not ride him in.
Leave him here, he won't go far.
I値l send the blacksmith out.
Nice you happened along.
I didn't happen along.
I know you ride out this way every day.
Come on, I値l give you a ride into town.
Unless you'd rather walk six miles.
Better hold on tight.
Doc, what are you doing up this time of day?
It痴 only 3:00.
I知 on a health bender.
Up before noon, take a 20-yard walk.
What's the action here?
Uh, picking up the hardware as soon as the cowboys hit town.
Sure don't look like Bat's going to get back
with our deputies soon enough.
Where's Kate?
Where is she, Charlie?
Well, it's... kind of touchy, Doc.
l... l...
You promised Wyatt
there wouldn't be any gunplay, Doc.
Now, you can't...
Where is she, Charlie?
Wally's Hotel.
Ringo blew into town, and Kate's taken up with him.
Sure is a lot of beef coming in here.
This is just the beginning.
Wait till the...
Look, Doc, a gunfight right now
could cause Wyatt a lot of trouble.
A lot of trouble.
Sure is a mess of cattle here.
Get out and stay out, you no-good tramp!
And don't come back!
Widened my mind...
My mind is to marry, love, and leave you behind.
So you got homesick.
Well, well.
lf it ain't the little deputy.
You've been gone for three days.
I didn't think you'd notice.
You've been gallivanting all over the country
with Mr. Virtue.
I was sick, Kate.
I needed you.
Why don't you put a rope around my neck and...
and pull on it when you want me?
Can't stay away.
Just can't stay away, can you?
Oh, leave me alone, Doc.
Always got to crawl back to your gutter.
Maybe I wouldn't
if you ever noticed I was alive!
What difference does it make to you
where I go or who I take up with?
Shut up!
Get your things together, you're leaving.
She's staying here.
Keep out of this, Ringo.
You got no right to come busting in here.
I知 talking to Kate.
Take a walk.
Anything you got to say, you can say in front of him.
You slut.
Wait a minute, Holliday.
You don't talk to my woman like that.
''Your woman.''
Anybody's woman.
I知 going to blast you apart.
I don't have a gun, Ringo.
You got one now.
I知 not fighting.
He won't fight.
He promised Wyatt Earp
he'd be a good little boy.
I heard you made your reputation
against a bunch of drunks.
Go on, reach.
I知 not fighting.
Well, have a drink, then.
Oh, Doc.
It was a lovely dance.
I知 sorry I have to leave so soon.
You're breaking a lot of hearts.
Good night, Mayor Kelly.
Good night, Miss Denbow.
May I take you somewhere?
No, thank you, it's just a short way.
It痴 early, and I have to ride up to the bluffs.
Oh, it is lovely here.
I知 glad I came.
You've lost your poker face.
You look like a scared little girl.
I知 not scared.
And I知 certainly not a little girl.
Why did you come out here with me?
I wish I could answer that.
I don't know.
I値l tell you why you came.
Frisky bunch, eh, Ringo?
This ought to learn 'em once and for all
who owns the cow towns!
Shanghai Pierce is in town.
His men are hoo-hawing Front Street.
Now, see if you find Wyatt, quick as you can
and get some help.
I値l try to hold them off.
I don't want anybody out there on the streets!
Pierce, call off your men before somebody gets hurt.
Tell your boss I知 waiting for his personal invitation.
You're under arrest, Pierce.
You hear that, Ringo?
I知 under arrest.
I heard.
Sure are noisy.
Sure are.
Let's quit.
I want to get out of here.
You just keep dealing.
I知 not breaking this run.
Hit me.
Doc, please.
Well... what have we here?
A dance.
Now, ain't that nice?
You folks going to invite us in?
Ain't very hospitable, are they, Boss?
You better get that scum of yours south of the deadline.
You hear that, boys?
These are respectable folks.
They're good enough to take our money.
I say my men are good enough to dance with your women.
My boys want to dance!
Piano player, make some music!
Make it lively!
Hello, Shanghai.
Now my day is complete.
You and me are going to settle
for this scar you gave me in Wichita.
Unbuckle your guns, boys,
and come on down to the calaboose with me.
You better start praying, Earp.
You pulled your last bluff.
Start thinking straight, Shanghai,
before you get into too much trouble
and you can't get out of it.
Let's work him over, Boss.
That's a real good idea.
Maybe your friends would like to see
how tough you really are.
I壇 like to see you do a dance, Marshal.
That's mighty brave talk, Shanghai,
with 20 men behind you.
Let's you and me step out into the street, alone.
Oh, no, you don't sucker me into that!
Can't bluff your way out, huh?
All right, boys, take this skunk.
You gentlemen made such a racket,
Frank Loving was too scared to deal.
You busted my winning streak.
Fun's over, boys.
Unbuckle 'em.
Let's shoot it out.
All right, Shanghai?
Go ahead, draw, all of you.
But you get it first, Shanghai.
And you second, Ringo.
Well, call the play.
I値l give you five seconds to unbuckle your guns.
We had enough fun, boys.
Unbuckle 'em.
Harry, Jackson, get the hardware.
Get moving.
Anybody else want to try their luck?
Get moving.
Come on, keep moving!
All of you!
All right, Doc, we ain't finished yet.
You would have been,
but I feel in a charitable mood tonight.
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