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You're going to die a dog's death!|God is not going to forgive you!
The curse of a prostitute|will kill you!
This is war against prostitutes|in a month's time
And our cops are fast asleep,|- Not asleep
They're hand-in-glove|with the criminals
''lf they wish, they can clean|the system in a minute''
Who knows which prostitute is going|to have her face disfigured next
''How much more|will you make me wait?''
''Take this for a night of reckoning|and come over''
''lf the lamp is extinguished,|you might regret it''
Patience, you whore''
The fruit of patience|is always sweet
''lf you're so restless,|take off your clothes''
My officer does not have the time
She sounds like one of those|poetic sorts... watch your step
''What trip is that, baby...?|Why haven't you stripped?''
You charge money for creating|the ambience with poetry?
Take off your clothes,|Get to work
Strip, baby, Strip''
''lf l strip, you're going|to regret it''
You could lose your|police uniform forever
Who are you?
''What is the matter,|A, C, P, Digvijay Pandey?''
Won't you disfigure my face|like the other whores?
What has stopped you...?|My face? Or is it my gun?
l wonder how the cops could have|someone mad like you on the force!
Are you out of your mind?|Are you crazy?
You're in the wrong business,|You ought to be in the movies....
not the police force, l conduct a|raid here and you hold a gun to me?
To your senior...?
Put that away
''That act won't work on me, A, C, P,|You're sick''
''You ought to be in a loonybin,|not the police force''
Now let's stop this hide-n-seek|because you've been caught red handed
Even if l believe for a moment that|this is all A, C, P, Pandey's doing...
l still can't take|any action against him
Because you conducted the operation|outside your jurisdiction
''lt's the police's duty to|prevent crime, wherever it occurs''
You needn't lecture me on the|functioning of the police department
Sir, l thought...''
l don't know what the truth is,|But l know Prabha wasn't lying
''lf you think she wasn't lying,|she ought to prove it, sir''
What else can l say to you?
My lotus from the police force|appears to be angry with me today
''lt isn't you, Uncle,|l'm angry at myself
Stay in the sunshine and|you're bound to get a tan
You join the police force and|look for peace in your job...?
''lt hurts, Uncle,|You gave me such a great tip off...''
''but what happened? Despite catching|him red-handed, nothing came of it''
l can now understand why a capable|constable like you...
quit the force after putting in|18 years of service
You must've been very hurt
The reason behind my quitting|the police force is a street...
''on which l've put|a ''no-entry'' board''
''But what should l be doing, Uncle?|l sometimes feel...''
that if we are to really|protect society...
we must first protect it|from its own saviours
l quit the police force to|overcome my helplessness...
and harassment by my seniors
''Now look, Prabha,|You can either change the world...''
or live with its rotten|and antiquated rules
A police uniform is something|everyone can wear
But not everyone is a police officer
''To play the saviour,|you have so much at stake''
''Your love, your home,|your family...''
and your life too
And not everyone is prepared|to do that
There is no one l can call my own,|As for my life...
it's always at stake, l'm not going|to let the system scare me
l'm going to change it
Madam, this is Constable Vijay''
Doctor Mahesh Mirchandani was|murdered this morning at his bungalow
''Please come soon,|- All right, l'm coming over''
When did it happen?|- Between 3 and 5 this morning
''When the cleaner came for the|car-keys at 6 a, m.....''
this is the state he found him in,|- Any clues?
''The best place on earth,|Your lndia''
Every joy is yours
Every sorrow is mine
''Madam, this syringe,|- Where did you find it?''
Beside the body
Send it to the lab, l want a report|on this with the post-mortem report
''Madam, who could the killer be?|- Get these flowers''
l want to see the cleaner
That'll tell us about the killer,|- The bulb?
lt's not a bulb,|- So what is it?
lt's called a surveillance camera
Let's see
Where will we find him?|- Come here
This is where you'll find him,|Mariam Florist
Does this man stay here?|- Yes, Upstairs, Room No 111
This way?|- That's right
Get the jeep ready!
l can't understand how|Aditya got caught
l think we'll have to move|elsewhere for some days
''What for, Parshuram?|So many of our men were caught...''
''but none of them opened their mouth,|despite being tortured by the police''
Our silence and our oath of celibacy|are our strongest weapons
Aditya is your right hand man,|That girl can't make him squeal
''No, Banjara, She's an honest woman,|And when the enemy is honest...''
you've got to be extra careful
You never know what|she might strike with
l'll have to meet Prabha Narayan
lt's a victory for|the entire department
Congratulations to you too
Pandey, what are you doing here?''
Prabha was amazing! She caught|Dr Mirchandani's killer in 12 hours
What is the matter, Mr Pandey?''
You don't seem to be happy|at Prabha's victory
''Mirchandani was|a friend of mine, sir''
Why do you think someone could have|killed a kind soul like Mirchandani?
''Sir, l can answer that question|in just 10 minutes''
Please entrust this case to me...|it's a request
lf l don't make him squeal|like a parrot...
you can treat me like a dog
This is exactly why l'm not|entrusting the case to you
''Remember, Pandey, l can't let any of|my officers use their position...''
to settle their personal scores,|Prabha's the one who'll handle this case
''She's a woman, sir,|What can she do?''
She got her hands on|the guy by fluke...
and the whole department|makes a heroine out of her
l don't know what your problem is
''lf you have a drinking problem,|get yourself treated, Pandey''
''lf you can't even do that,|please do me a favour''
''Till you sober down, just don't|wear this uniform, Okay? Go now''
''l don't drink, sir...|l gave it up three years ago''
l don't drink
''But you've giving that case to me, sir|- Go away''
The police accuses you|of homicide
At about 4 a, m, on February 12...
you are said to have slit the throat|of social-worker Mirchandani...
''thereby mercilessly killing him, for|which you will be tried in this court''
Do you confess to the crime?
Do you confess to the crime?
Answer me
Do you confess to the crime?
Pictures recorded on Dr Mirchandani's|surveillance camera amply prove...
that he's the one who|committed the murder
''ln the last 24 hours,|this man has not uttered a word''
Such behaviour is expected only from|a seasoned criminal or a terrorist
He has used his silence to withhold|the names of his accomplices...
and his own motives,|During his arrest...
he even launched a murderous attack|on senior lnspector Prabha Narayan
l request the court to accept the|police request for a 14 day remand...
so that they can get to|the bottom of this affair...
only after they make him talk
''You are not our enemy,|Your system is''
''Since you are a nice person|in the system...''
''you are only being given a warning,|Give up this case...''
''or else, you will be burnt down|along with your police station''
God has given you a nice face
You ought to have become a film star,|Why did you commit a murder?
Hey handsome... you're the one|l'm talking to
''You were being quite a smartass|in court, weren't you?''
''You couldn't bring yourself|about to speak, could you?''
You think you're very smart?
''You've heard of me, haven't you?|The name is Prabha Narayan''
The worst of criminals wet their pants|when they hear my name
Tell me your name... Go on
You think you're a big shot?
So what do l call you...?|A bastard? Or a sonofabitch?
Tell me your name, Quick
lf l get to work on you...
you'll forget the names of|your father and your forefathers
So tell me your name
You won't?
Gawde... are you guys all dead?
Let me see why you won't speak
You're forcing me to do something|l've been avoiding
''Gawde, get started,|He won't speak''
Think it over, This guy Gawde|carries a mean punch
Are you talking?
So you are not talking?
You act saintly and|give us murderous looks?
What's your trip?|Who are you?
You're not telling?
You won't talk?
Stop him!
He's a very dangerous man, Prabha''
Know why?
Because he isn't scared of|losing anything
Even if the whole of your police|department were to torture him...
they couldn't still make him|open his mouth
lt isn't about that, Uncle''
l know what is it about
lf you don't make him talk in the rest|of the 12 days of his remand...
this case will be entrusted|to Digvijay Pandey
And you won't be able to|bear the humiliation
''Prabha, man can somehow come|to terms with his own sorrow''
But it shatters him to see his|enemy rejoice, lsn't it?
Digvijay Pandey will have a|celebration at your failure
''The truth is that, despite|the best of my efforts...''
l can't stomach the fact that it was|the enemy who saved my life
The world thinks that l'm the one|who arrested him
''Whereas the truth is, he embraced|death to save my life''
Who is he? Why did he do that?|l want to find out
Love, you can't stop''
lt's a fire you can't start...
a fire you can't put out
You're drunk,|You're talking rubbish
l don't even know who he is
''That's what your brains say, Prabha,|And the values you have imbibed''
Your values compel you|to give death...
''to the one who gave|you life, isn't it?''
They want to send him|to the gallows
And your heart just won't|agree with that
''That's what you are|worried about, isnt it?''
Your heart is in conflict with your|mind and seeks something else
This body of yours...|it heeds your heart
There's another thing you must remember,|All is fair in love and war
There's another way of finishing|your enemy... befriend him
Give him all your love
Only your love can open|the seal on his mouth
What madness is this?
What is it that stirs my heart?
''What madness is this?|What is it that stirs my heart?''
''l wish time would freeze|in our love''
My love...
my love
What madness is this?
What is it that stirs my heart?
''l wish time would freeze|in our love''
My love...
my love
''l'm surrounded by a storm...|how will l find the shores?''
''Till my madness comes to my rescue,|my heart shall remain on fire''
Love is so difficult...
''Love is so difficult,|love is life...''
''l wish time would freeze|in our love''
My love, my love''
My love, my love''
''l know what pain|my heart holds''
''We're all mad at heart...|we just won't relent''
Hearts in love...
''Hearts in love,|lost in the haze...''
''how l wish time would freeze|in our love''
My love, my love''
My love, my love''
lt's 2 a, m,|Aren't you going home?
Your life's in danger, Prabha''
Who's this?
You forget your enemy's voice?
l'm worried about you,|Guess why
l've been told by an informer that|if l wish to save your life...
l must get to your house|right now
That chap in the murder case...|his group plans to bump you off tonight
l swear it on you... l'm willing|to spend the night with you
Let me see who touches you...|except me
l got to know that|the boy isn't talking
We'll get him to tell us which group|or gang he belongs to
''His remand gets over|in 48 hours, you see''
''lf he still doesn't sing,|we'll kill him in an encounter''
''Do l come over then?|- No, sir''
''Why must you take all the trouble|at this hour, for my sake?''
Do me a favour, Tell your informer|to spread the word...
that l'm keeping the doors|of my house open tonight
''Anyone can come over and|bump me off, if he has the guts''
''As for that boy,|l've made up my mind''
''Without as much as raising a finger,|l'll get him to tell me the truth''
What did she say?
She's going to take a beating...|from me
l'm beginning to get worried Prabha
May l know what progress|you have made?
What l must say is that|this man is an enigma
Remember the graffiti he scribbled|on Dr Mirchandani's walls?
''The best place on earth,|your lndia''
''Every joy is for you,|All sorrows are for us''
The graffiti clearly indicate how|angry he is with us and our system
''Whom and why he's angry with,|it's necessary to find out''
l'm taking you out somewhere
A place whose silence|even you will find unbearable
Cover his face
l've brought you to your own house
''The fires outside you can always|put out, firefighter Aditya Kashyap''
But how will you put out the fire|that rages in your heart?
By committing another murder?
What happened here?|What happened in this house...
to turn a life-saver like you|into a killer?
lt's not just my life,|You have saved many lives...
while you risked your own
You got these scars when|you saved 16 children...
''in a school on fire, isn't it?|You have committed a murder...''
but you are not a killer!|You can't even kill properly!
''Before killing the doctor, you|administered anesthesia to him''
''You can't see anyone|suffering, can you?''
You must've wept so much|after killing him
''Now look, Aditya, This is the|last house in the lane''
Your game of hide-n-seek is over
Now tell me clearly why|you committed this murder
Whose blood is that|on the walls?
Who was it whose death|killed the human being in you?
What happened here that turned|a saviour into a killer?
''Now look, Aditya, The trauma and|pain a man goes through...''
''after his first killing,|l very well understand''
A killing has taken place|at the hands of a saviour
Do you want to know my story?
You're afraid to tell me|about yourself
Maybe you will tell me of your pain|after you get to hear my story
l'm a whore's daughter,|l don't know who my father is
My childhood was a journey|through hell
''My child, go out, l want to discuss|something with the lnspector''
God Almighty!|What anger!
''Shalini, your daughter|is ready for it''
''Dilawar, sit inside,|Go on child... go outside and study''
''No, you take her bag|and go out today''
l want to talk to her in privacy,|- Don't get closer to my daughter!
l'm willing to pay you|four times the money
Don't you touch my daughter!|- You hold a policeman's collar?
''Don't touch my daughter, l say!|- Whore!''
Take that... and that!
You grab a policeman's collar?|You whore!
That rotten police officer's blood|haunts me in my dreams even today
lt will continue to haunt me till|l reform a killer like myself
No sin in the world is beyond pardon
Neither is a sin so insignificant|that it can be ignored
l had made up my mind in|the remand home itself...
''that as part of this society,|l would change the system''
l haven't become a police officer|just for the heck of it
''l will fight this battle,|till l die...''
so that l can integrate people|like you into the mainstream
Only by restoring your pride|and honour to you...
will l find my peace
But l won't be able to achieve|all that without your help
''l need your help, Aditya,|l need your help''
''Please help me, Aditya...|please help me''
''l gave away my heart to you|without even asking who are you''
''This is a decision|of the heart...''
''this is what my heart decides|without even asking who you are''
''l gave away my heart to you|without even asking who are you''
''My heart won't heed me...|who has ever controlled his heart?''
''l'm being drawn to you...|what strings pull me?''
''Something's gotten into you...|you are taking deep breaths''
''You are mad and you're|talking like a madman''
''Maybe l'm mad...|tell me who you are''
''l gave away my heart to you|without even asking who are you''
''This is a decision|of the heart...''
''this is what my heart decides|without even asking who you are''
''ln you, l have faith,|What trust is this?''
''Why's my heart so helpless?|What love is this?''
''l'm not restless without reason,|Not without reason do l pine...''
''l'm the one you always|dreamt of, believe me''
My eyes...
''my eyes look into yours|and l know who you are''
''l gave my heart away to you|without even asking who you are''
''This is a decision|of the heart...''
''this is what my heart decides|without even asking who you are''
lf l have caused you any pain|by telling you about my agony...
You're the first man l have|told my dirty past out
Maybe l find echoes of my past|in your silence
''When l told you about my past,|for the first time l realised...''
how a burden is relieved|when you share it with someone
You can have that peace|and that relief too...
if you could tell me|about your past
l say this not as a police officer,|l talk to you as a friend
l want to hear your voice
l can't stand your silence anymore,|Say something!
''Why don't you understand? This silence,|which you think is your strength...''
is taking you towards your death!
Please try to understand|what l'm saying
Your information is correct?|- Yes, He's Satyakam's son
''Get yourself on the case,|lf he tells Prabha, we're finished''
l've worked out a ploy, Wait
ls the boss up?|- He's expecting you for breakfast
What are you getting at?|- Something you don't care to hear
You didn't put me on Mirchandani's case|because you think that as his friend...
''l might get emotional, l might subvert|the law, l might take personal cause''
So you put your protege on the case|and what has she delivered?
She has turned the police station|into a brothel
Yesterday... excuse us...
yesterday she was dressed to kill|when she took the accused to his house
''Under pretext of investigations, for|2 hours they stayed behind closed doors''
''l didn't make it up,|l found out from the police station''
How much it has affected|our morale...
''how can l say it in as many words?|- Digvijay, in her techniques...''
Prabha has bettered you, She took him|out with my permission
This will end in a mess
l beg of you! For God's sake|let me handle this case
''Else, this whore's romance|will cost us dearly''
A whore's daughter... isn't she?
''When you can't do straight,|you get crooked''
When the foe starts behaving|like a friend...
something's wrong
We just want to tell you|that your ace goon...
who is also precious|for Prabha Narayan...
will be produced in court|secreted from the public eye
She's using Azad Road
Are you doubting me?
Why is a police informer|passing news to me?
Why this sudden affection for|a revolutionary? What's the ploy?
''What you do for the revolution,|we do for the money''
Give him money
Here's more,|Now get out
l think it's a police plot
Plot or ploy, risk we must take''
''Not risking it, will be more dangerous,|- You mean...?''
Meaning? Whatever was spoken|about Aditya and Prabha...
doesn't pierce your heart?|Doesn't it make you angry?
This is what l feared
She has seduced Aditya
if we don't free Aditya|from her clutches...
this will be the first case of|violation in our organisation
Which we shall never allow
l reasoned with you...
l spoke to you like a gentleman
''lf you won't give in,|here's a shootout''
Aditya, come out''
Aditya, come out''
Come out
Get him
''Wonder why l didn't shoot? Because,|once he saved my life, Score settled''
But how did Parshuram find out|which road we're using? Find out
Our crooked plot worked
Parshuram freed him
Right there on Azad Road
''Don't celebrate prematurely,|or you'll invite the evil eye''
''He's free,|but we still got to kill him''
Now the case will come to me,|And l will kill him...
in an encounter
Got screwed?
l told you, right here...''
''this is a mistake,|let me handle this case''
l got nothing against her,|She's... sister-like
You were right about equal gender|opportunities in the police department
''Noble thought, l appreciate it,|That isn't where the mistake happened''
''How do l put it? The methods,|experiments in handling criminals...''
is what is hurting the department,|- l know that...
my senior is pleased with my failure,|But right now...
we must put aside personal differences|considering the department's reputation
What's left for consideration?|Hauling in such criminals...
''extracting confessions,|remanding them to custody...''
it's all a waste of our time|and public money
They ought to be killed,|- This mentality...
''because of this, the common man thinks|that the police is criminal''
You can squabble over your differences|for the rest of your lives
Tell me, how to resolve this crisis?''
''Put this man's mug in the papers,|asking for information, Period''
''The media will ridicule us,|they will sensationalise this''
Better keep it under covers,|- Cover-ups isn't our job
Our job is to expose,|For the sake of reputation...
a policeman cannot endanger|the common man
Prabha, place the advertisement''
Pandey, you will handle this case''
lt was one of our informants who sold|news about the Azad Road diversion
Uncle gave you the tip?|- Yes
Bring him over, l'm coming
So it's you who has caused|this embarrassment
l lost a case because of you!|- How am l to blame?
''Just because Uncle says something,|l'm hauled in...?''
The last time you came here|were you pimping for your mother?
You think cops are suckers? You told|Parshuram, How did you find out?
What news?
Remember your Mummy's breast?|- Digvijay Pandey gave me the news
He told me to tell Parshuram,|He even paid me
Take him away,|- Come
''lf senior officers play politics...|- No, this isn't politics''
Digvijay is somehow connected|to Parshuram or Aditya
Not as plain as it seems
Find Uncle
Get out
My obeisances priest!|- Stay away
Then show me someplace|where your God isn't
Drunken driving or what?
Every joy... yours
And the woes... mine
The greatest place on earth
Your lndia
What's in your hands?
Show me, what are you hiding?''
How are you related to him?|What do you know about him?
Tell me what you know?|- l wronged him
Still can't wipe out that night|six years ago
''What are you writing, Mr Revolutionary?|- Must be something against me''
Our hard earned money goes into|doing good for the country
And these revolutionaries write crap|about me just to sell their papers
l write crap?
You put up the mineral water factory|on lands for welfare of tribals
''One minute...|- Pandey, let him talk''
Yes and so?|- You're making millions...
''selling water at 12 bucks a bottle,|but it actually belongs to tribals''
''ln return, what do the tribals get?|This...?''
You know why the water|is this colour?
Because it's adulterated|with toxic chemicals
''The poor tribals drink it,|the take ill, they die''
l'm going to expose this|at tomorrow's press
And l need your help
''Why do you need our help? You got|this guy helping you, what's his name?''
''Parshuram,|- The terrorist, right?''
What do you mean?|- On your say-so...
he blew up a factory worth 120 million,|- l know nothing of that
You don't?
You're lying
Why are you hitting me?|l might be against him
l'm also against terrorism|or any kind of violence
This weapon of mine is enough,|- What's your weapon?
My weapon is enough
What are you doing?|My papers...
Name your accomplices, Talk
Name your accomplices
Show him your weapon
Piss on him
Watch his weapon,|- What are you doing?
Piss on him
l'm not having this one
Pandey...|- Shut up
This is how l'm treated?|- Listen to me
lt's a fake whiskey!|- l've ordered an English whisky
''Sit, listen, Why get worked up?|l'll buy a nice whisky''
Even hardened criminals can't stand|a police beating, So talk
''Else, he's going to kill you|and l won't be able to do a thing''
lt's not death that l fear,|After l'm dead...
''if they find my son,|he's going to be dead''
He's a straight boy
l think you're a nice sort
''My son's photo is inside my pocket,|Hide the photo, please''
Hide the photo
Please, constable''
He talked or didn't he?|- Not a word
He will talk, he will''
l will
Maybe l would've been better off|as a dog wagging my tail...
talking your language,|You wouldn't waste a bullet
''Here Pandey, look|what the revolutionary writes''
''The greatest place on earth,|Your lndia''
Bastard! This isn't your lndia?
Not my lndia!|This isn't my lndia
Not my lndia! This isn't the lndia|my forefathers gave their lives for
''This lndia is the country you wolves|are raping, selling out every day''
l spit on you
Clean the mess
l recorded Satyakam's murder|as a police encounter
''Poor Aditya, we refused|to accept his complaint''
ln my helplessness|l killed a good man
Not helplessness, hypocrisy''
You expect me to empathise|with your helplessness?
l despise you! Now l understand|why the system lies in this state
''More than evil deeds by evil men,|the loss is made far greater...''
because of the silence|of the few good...
and the cowardice|of impotent policemen like you
ln my eyes you have fallen...
fallen from grace,|Now instead of pitying yourself...
''will you do something for your employer|of 18 years, Mr Madhusudan Gokhale?''
Or would you rather live the rest|of your life like vermin? Speak
l'll do what it takes to rise in esteem,|- Where can l find Aditya?
Talk, l must stop Aditya,|His next target is Digvijay Pandey
As long as l wear this uniform|l won't let him take another life
Tell me
''They're still operating from the same|place, 27 kilometres from Mumbai...''
the jungles on the outskirts
''is a never-ending battle,|a battle in which equations change''
Take yourself, The hunter is hunted,|Digvijay Pandey is looking
Wants to kill you, And now l know|why his informant sold us news...
about the digression
But l too have made my move,|l have sent information...
you will visit the mausoleum|of Shah Baba at midnight...
alone, unarmed''
l had to lay the bait|for the hunt
He will come to kill you,|But we will kill him, Not you
''Because, a lover can't pull a trigger,|lt takes guts to pull a trigger''
Takes guts, Not to pull a trigger,|Takes guts to throw the gun away
''Their miseries, their woes|are a veritable goldmine for you''
ln your business of terrorism|that's your capital
Your struggle will be recognised only|when it's a struggle for justice...
not for vendetta
''Aditya, l know what happened to your|father, for which l apologise''
Our department is tainted|for his murder
''Aditya, come with me,|l'll give you justice''
Ms Prabha, one minute''
Be under no wrong impression,|You are here...
because we let you come,|As for your fanciful logic...
we do not subscribe to it,|Our struggle might be the same...
but our ways are different,|What you insist on calling terrorism...
is our rebellion against|a corrupt society and men like Pandey
''Whom only bullets can eradicate,|Not your law, not your verdicts''
Give up the gun, lt didn't know a Gandhi|it doesn't recognise your mission
''Aditya, give me one chance, Spit on me|if l don't have Digvijay cashiered''
''For the first time, l have solid|evidence against Digvijay''
He cannot escape,|Think Aditya...
''using the gun, you will kill|only one Digvijay''
But take him to court and you expose|the system that fosters terrorism...
in the name of eradicating terrorism,|- She places her lover in a quandary
Between a rock and a hard on
Now where do you go? Knocking?|On the doors of the system...
that refused to lodge a complaint|about your father's disappearance?
Go over, To the policemen who pissed|on your father before they shot him
Where do you go?
Ask justice of this system that never|let you give your father his last rites?
Wag your tail?
Always remember one truth,|As long as you hold this...
you can make the mightiest dance
Don't shut on yourself the doors|to return to the folds of society
Enough Ms Prabha, Please do not|take advantage of our hospitality
''Until we're done,|my boys will look after you''
''Try as much we wish|to forget Him...''
we think of Him even more
''We try to forget Him,|- Yet we remember Him''
''We pour our hearts out|to Him''
''Yet we realise,|it's all our excuse''
''We try to forget Him,|- Yet we remember Him''
''Surrender to Him,|even if death be mine''
Then l am blessed
''We try to forget Him,|- Yet we remember Him''
ln a moment l am separated...
''from the One|l waited ages to meet''
''We try to forget Him,|- Yet we remember Him''
''Try as much we wish|to forget Him...''
we think of Him even more
''The more we try to forget Him...|- We remember Him''
Stop Aditya
Aditya has surrendered,|He was a fugitive
Prabha Narayan declares war|on the system...
plans to take on|top police officials
You realise...
this affidavit may lead to|your sentencing
You may even be given life,|- l have already served life
The last six years l have lived|inside a horrible dungeon
My truth...
will set me free...
makes life easier
ln light of the affidavits by|ex-head constable Madhusudan Gokhale...
the court orders an inquiry into|Satyakam Kashyap's death in encounter
Madhusudan Gokhale's deposition|may be treated as first information
The enquiry report may be submitted|to this court within six months
This court...
suspends Assistant Commissioner Pandey|and lnspector Patil and orders...
''that Messrs Pandey, Patil and Gokhale|may not leave this city...''
without lnspector Prabha Narayan|order in writing
Why are you crying?|ls someone dead?
Shut up
Shut up
Don't hit me! My wife has deserted me|the kids won't even talk to me
l've been cashiered!|- We'll get our jobs back
ls this|the first departmental enquiry?
Has any policeman or any politician|ever been jailed in our country?
You don't know?|Uneducated oaf
How can we be jailed?|Try to understand...
this enquiry will just go on and on,|Prabha Narayan won't last that long
''Prabha Narayan, l'll transfer you|out of life''
''You have made me so happy,|l don't mind dying''
''l'm full of hope, self-confident,|l'm on a new high, thanks to you''
l love you
l fell for you at first sight,|But it took me time to face the truth
''One needs courage to love,|particularly when you know...''
that you make no difference|to the object of your love
''l should be leaving,|l remembered something urgent''
''l know, l'm not your destiny,|Many Adityas like me need you''
What l feel about you|is quite something else
l have so little time,|This case is getting over
''Will l see you ever again? Let me|take a good look at you, please''
''You aren't going to hang, Because you|surrendered, because of your help...''
the court will be lenient,|lf you help me...
''to set your friends upon the right path,|you may be pardoned...''
you can start life anew,|- Will you be with me in my new life?
May l hope for your love?|lt's said...
''that a little place for you in the heart|of your loved one, makes you immortal''
Do you love me?
''When someone takes your heart,|loves you, makes you dream...''
then vanishes...
''all those true love stories|you believed in...''
are prayers gone unheard
Oh why did l dream of desire?
lt's heart-rending
Our distance, my helplessness...''
''it's all true,|yet l don't want to believe''
''Wet tears, upon empty paths,|we trail a caravan of memories''
''ln silence, l nurture my obsessions,|lt's heart-rending''
''Hopes, desires, l am nurturing,|where else can l send my dreams?''
''You never said some things,|l left things unsaid...''
why are we left wordless?
''What's come over me,|what have l lost?''
lt's heart-rending
''When someone takes your heart,|loves you, makes you dream...''
then vanishes...
''all those true love stories|you believed in...''
are prayers gone unheard
''Aditya, from the simplicity with which|you made your point...''
''it's clear that you have come|to a decision about your life''
''Even behind the bars,|l thought as if you're free''
''l'm the one who is in a quandary,|l've dedicated myself to policing''
''On the other hand, the urge|to end the loneliness in my life''
''For the first time l realise that|we haven't all the time in our lives...''
''to get whatever we wish|to say, do or achieve in life''
''l want to speak my heart to you,|l want to escape my loneliness...''
''l wish to soar|to touch the heavens''
Want to make heaven on earth?
Want to change the system?
l am the system! Change
Where are you going?
You're doing it for the boy!|How would you have him?
Has the hots?|Has he made you happy?
How did he do it?|Show me how he did it
''You want to ruin me,|so you can be?''
Whore's daughter
Get this...
you're dead
l'll become a commissioner
What are you saying?|- The truth
Digvijay Pandey attacked Prabha
''The doctors tried their best,|but she had lost so much blood...''
she died
''Once again, you must turn to stone,|First, get out of here''
''Parshuram has everything organised,|After all, you're one of us''
''Tomorrow, On Saturdays,|the garbage truck comes''
Just get inside the truck,|Parshuram will take care of the rest
You must find Digvijay|before the police find him
Look at the state you're in,|What if she was really dead?
lt was a false alarm,|- False alarm? Meaning...
Prabha is alive?|- Eye for eye
Limb for limb
And deceit for deceit
For the sake of the organisation|if we can set you free...
we can also kill you
Don't force me Parshuram,|l have given up violence
Get out of my way,|l must go to Prabha
''l'll send you to her!|Patience, Aditya...''
''we will send you to her,|for a reunion''
But not here
''Up there, First you, then she,|Have a honeymoon in heaven''
''But before l give you a farewell,|for the sake of the organisation...''
l must teach my boys a lesson,|ln our organisation...
how we treat lovers
''The man who fought oppression,|the man who demanded equality...''
holds a gun on an unarmed man? Am l not|to have a chance to fight for my life?
You will
Of course you will, One who wins|will run the organisation
Where is Prabha?
Where is Prabha?
Careful while l make a call
''Surrender to Him,|even if death be mine''
Then l am blessed
What are you doing?
24 hours
lf l can't find Digvijay Pandey|in 24 hours...
l'll set fire to|every police station in this city
''Don't worry, Time is evil's worst foe,|Someone will surely lead us to him''
Aditya, no...''
Madam! What happened?
Someone was here,|- No one
''Who came here?|- No one, madam''
Lie down,|- No
''My every pore tells me someone came,|it was Aditya''
''My body never lies to me,|- Yes, you are right''
Last night, He came,|He drugged my colleague and he escaped
''We must stop him,|else everything is ruined''
''No, stay in bed,|- l must stop him''
No madam...|- l must before it's all ruined
The car is here,|- You took your time
Picked up a customer on the way?
No takers for my looks
''Had to find a new guy, He wants|30,000 for a hike out of town''
That's when we pay him
Your tip
Remember? The lion spared the man|who drew the bone from his paw
And l spare you,|- You'll be queen of the Mumbai whores
Open the door,|- Yes
l'll slit this whore!|- Shoot! Don't bother about me
Kill this bastard
Kill!|- Drop the gun
Leave her, or l shoot your friend''
You won't?
You won't?|- Kill him
''l'll kill her!|- No, shoot''
Drop the gun,|- Shoot
Aditya, kill''
Drop the gun
Aditya, don't spare this bastard''
Run Digvijay run! Run as far as|you can! But l'll kill you
''You get me? l won't spare you,|l'll find you''
''lf l don't remind you of your|mother's milk, piss on my face''
''lf you get an ace for a win,|l'll use a queen for my kill''
''Yes Gawde?|- Talk here, please''
This is the limit!|Bitch! Your lust is too much
Your lover killed Patil
''ldealism is yours?|Then nab your lover, save me''
lt's your duty! Get it? Your duty is|to save me and that's my right
''My constitutional, fundamental right!|You must save me''
Put Gawde on the line
Give Gawde the phone
''First of all, arrest him|for the attempt on my life''
Then muster up extra forces, Anything|might happen tonight, l'm coming
''All right, madam,|- Terrorists and police, one of a kind''
Take him in,|- What is she saying?
She wants me locked up?|Organise dinner
l'm going to become commissioner
Take good care of me, bastards''
What's wrong with the telephone lines?|Go out and make a call... hurry...
Come out! He's here
''Careful, she's in a bad shape,|- Don't worry about me''
Drive faster, switch on the siren''
Blood...?|- Eyes on the road
Put your foot down, Race
My jacket
Come out
Aditya set the police station afire,|Both of them are inside
Rear entrance?|- None
Come out kid
Get in, that way''
Leave him
Save me
See Prabha?|This is God's justice
Begging of his life from the woman|whom he wanted to kill
No, leave him''
No Prabha! Don't fall for|what he says
He's a murderer! Sinner!|- And what are you?
What are you?
Some saint?
''lf he's my enemy,|l know his trait''
''You swore by love,|you'd give up violence''
What have you done?
''No other way l could get this devil!|He attacked you, he shot you''
l'm the one who was shot
lt was my blood
Who are you to avenge me?
Who are you to avenge?
''Prabha, go away,|Go away from here''
l am the protector, My lot is|l must protect anyone in my custody
''For the last time, leave him!|Else, l'll shoot you''
Leave him
Leave him
No sparing him {13319310}{13319351}Call an ambulance {13888831}{13888878}Get an ambulance {18109780}{18109896}''Look, this is what l've been given|for killing you'' {18487354}{18487386}Gold medal {18440974}{18441018}For killing my love {18630116}{18630272}Your friends have surrendered,|lt's a great victory {19765838}{19766008}l'm freed forever from the dream that|haunted me ever since l was a kid {20771532}{20771576}l have won, Aditya'' {21151284}{21151492}''lf l'm telling you now what l could|never tell you, then l also l regret it'' {21306772}{21306888}''Even in death,|you will be mine forever''
''Hopes, desires, l am nurturing,|where else can l send my dreams?''
''You never said some things,|l left things unsaid...''
why are we left wordless?
''What's come over me,|what have l lost?''
lt's heart-rending
''When someone takes your heart,|loves you, makes you dream...''
then vanishes...
'''all those true love stories|you believed in...'''
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