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Subtitles for Gullivers Travels 1939.

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Gullivers Travels 1939

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Limol. Gelefu
I'm telling my adVenture story in the south sea
with my sincere heart
at the fifth of NoVember,1699
reached the longitude 30,
latitude 3,the south sea
the storm was attacked
King, there's a guest
You are in a hurry to sign the engagement
aren't you?
I found a great man in the beach
I... l...
Your Majesty, please sign here
Thank you, Your Majesty
Liperte's king Li
at the fifth of NoVember,1699
annouced that his princess, Gorroria
married Prince DaVid
King Longbo's sun
king of Goloske
King... Longbo
We become relatiVes
We really become relatiVes
We really become relatiVes
Let them giVe birth to more babies for us
Your Majesty
Princess' marriage portion is ready
and waiting outside
I found a great man in the beach...
Get rid of me!
Get rid of me! There is a great man in the beach...
Very good!
Very brilliant
Graceful and dear
It's really hard to see
It consists of chrysanthemums
This is really a special gift
Your Majesty
Very beautiful chrysanthemums!
Really beautiful
Can I?
Of course!
Please, please...
Well done...
It's Vanilla...
My poor daughter
I'll lost her forever
Don't be sad
You haVen't lost your daughter
and you haVen't got a sun
My son...
Very great rhythm!
We all like this sincere song
It is Little Lipote's work
It will be performed in the wedding tomorrow
Of course! Of course!
Oh, what are you saying
Oh, no, no...
it's a oVerlasting song
The songs belonging to Geloske
can be performed in the wedding
But, Longbo
Sincere songs
always are sang in the wedding
It is our tradition
What's more, its rhythm is beautiful
It's wll-known that the song is Very beautiful
But it seems it isn't suitable
to sing at the wedding
But oVerlasting song
is Very suitable for this situation
Oh? We'll sing the sincere song
No, we must perform the oVerlasting song
Sincere song
OVerlasting song
Sincere song
OVerlasting song
Sincere song
If you don't sing the oVerlasting song
you don't hold the wedding
But these cakes
and these beautiful flowers...
They are...
Oh... Longbo
You will like the sincere song
Shit, I'll dig up the hatchet to you
I found a great man in the beach
I'll dig up the hatchet to you
Why? Why is me?
I find a mountain, Your Majesty
I really find a mountain, Your Majesty
It's oVer there!
A little man...
I really find it
He is a big, big...
EVerything turns out to be so beautiful
It's a big, big...
Very big...
Your Majesty...
Longbo cannot frighten me
You speak!
I think you like a dummy
I want to tell you
there's a great man in the beach
Wait I...
Be careful
But, Gloria
My poor daughter
Don't spread it out
Now, it's time for battle
The battle is going to break out
Your Majesty, I want to tell you...
What's the matter?
I really want to tell you
there's a great man in the beach
there's a great man in the beach
Dubi, for the sake of your old friend
Don't make fun of me, do you?
Don't you see me I'm thinking something?
You go first
Your Majesty, don't you think...
I can be a spy?
Oh, don't you test...
my endurance?
You say spy... who is the spy?
There's a great man in the beach!
Great man? Great man?
Why don't you tell me early?
So importang thing, you didn't tell me
What are you doing?
Why do stand there?
Get up
There's a great man in the beach
Get up
There's a great man in the beach
Get up
Get up
There's a great man in the beach
Get up
There's a great man in the beach
Get up
Get up
There's a great man in the beach
Great man?
Where is the great man?
Great man
The great man is coming
EVerybody, everybody
Please listen to me
I found a great man in the beach today
There is a great man lying on the beach
He is Very big, Very big
Very big...
Do you want to see it with me?
Follow me... be quick
Let's go
Be quiet
We almost reach there
Where? Where is the great man?
I don't know
But he was here just now
Right? Where is the great man?
I don't understand
But he was here just now
He was here
I didn't cheat you
You make us run here at the mid-night
Yes, you are Very egregious
Dubi maybe are dreaming here
Maybe his great man are flying in the sky
Maybe he can fire
Where is your great man?
Maybe he really saw a great man
You look, Do I resembe it?
You look
Great man
I'm a great man
I haVe told you...
There is a great man on the beach
There is a great man, he is there...
He said there's a great man on the beach
We don't waste our time
We should cooperate
Bind his hands, when he wakes up
and his arms
his jaw
Let me deal with it
I'll be responsible for it
Be quiet
Be quiet, be quiet
Be quiet
Be quick, be quick! This way, this way!
And there
He pressed me
Draw me out!
Be quick, be quick!
What are you waiting for?
Tie him up quickly
Be quick, be quick!
GiVe me the wheels
Be quick...
and screw driVe
GiVe me all quickly
GiVe me all of the tools quickly
Are you ready? Ok...
Get up!
Get up!
Get up again!
Be stable, come!
Speed up!
Work hard!
Work hard!
Are you ready? Begin!
Lay down him!
The down is tied up
Set out!
Walk before seeing
Don't be so fast!
Don't be so fast!
You go quickly
Let the wheels rotate quickly
I don't know what you are doing!
Be quick, be quick
Your... your... your Majesty
I take the great man here
Great man, Oh!
Right, great man
Take him in
Take him in
Ok, ok
Right, Your Majesty
I don't think he can come in
What's this mean, he cannot come in
Then he now...
Where is he?
Outside, your majesty
It's not good enough
Where is he?
AboVe the place you are standing
Gathering the soldiers
NaVy, army
the old, the young go here all together
I'll meet you latter
Check first
Maybe there are some arms in his body
Your majesty, let me in
Let me in
Let me in
Your majesty, open the door
Open the door, let me in
Your majesty
Please let me in
Open the door
I don't like this
Get rid of me
Get rid of me
Get rid of me
I don't want to die
Let me down
Look what I found
Don't eat me
Don't eat me
I'm not fat enough
Don't eat me
Small man
There is a small man here, get rid of me...
I haVe a wife and some children
I haVe thousands of children
Let me down
Don't worry, nobody harms you
Let me down
Please you...
Let him down
Let him down
There is another man
Who are you?
Who am I?
I'm the king here
Soldiers... soldiers
gather on the roof
Take your bows and arrows and besiege the great man
You'll pay for it
Be ready...
Wait a minute
Wait a minute...
Aim at
Do you like this?
Want more?
Taste my flyling bullet
Continue to attack!
We are attacked
Be quick, what should we do?
Go into the city and do battle with them
Don't run, don't run
Come back to your position
I'll come back to my position
My god... I
EVerybody is disappearing
It's not good to treat the guests like this
Dubi, we win
Dubi, Dubi
You look, they run away
They disappeared
Don't worry
Don't let stature frighten you
How are you, your majesty
You certainly won't be afraid of me, right?
Then let me introduce myself to you
My name is Gelefu, your majesty
Limol. Gelefu
I'm a sailor
I'm willing to listen to your assignment
Welcome Limol's coming
Mr. Gelefu
Mr. Gelefu
Do you know how to do battle?
Of course, your majesty
I can beat
anybody who is as big as me
Very good!
Very good!
I think Longbo...
won't make trouble for me
Of course...
You should go with us
Won't anymore
He is on our side, Dubi
He is on our side
Don't worry again
Be quick, be quick
Prepare the hot water quickly
Prepare the hot water, be quick!
Throw the hot towel up!
You take it
Be careful
Be careful
Be quick...
EVen if he has a great man
he can bear away my success
Now I depend on your taking the imformation
to me
In the spies of that country
HaVe luck
On the way quickly
Your majesty
I regret my princess...
didn't haVe lunch with us
It seems that she has too many excitements this day
(Dear spies get rid of the great man, or... king Longbo)
Gelefu's light manufactur machine
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
I know you like the ship Very much
I haVe a ship too
Very beautiful ship
It's the same size...
with your shoes
My god!
My god!
I used to sail
but I went home on time
Tell me how do you anchorage
Very simple...
I climb to a Very high mountain and look...
It's too high to see the top
Where... am I now?
Where am I?
On the Lipote island
Although my life rythmn is slow
they hope I can become
a member of them
I still like the life of sailing
Ok, I'll go to work
God! God!
Put the ball here
Let it rolling here
then draw this thing
Wa! Perfect!
Will it roll out, won't it?
Great man...
go there
Hi! Somebody in?
There's nobody except us
It's the song produced the battle
Ready to do battle
Ready to do battle
Do battle
Soldiers... soldiers
Do battle! Do battle!
Where did they run to?
Where did the soldiers run to?
It's obVious that they are spies
and the spies for battle
It's much worse!
You needn't do battle
I remind you
Your father will know the thing
King Longbo
The great man becomes a dead duck now
Dead duck?
We mentioned its body
A song broke up a pair of loVers
It's incredible
Wait a minute
I haVe an idea
Maybe it can make the tragedy become a comedy
Making the sincere song and the oVerlasting song together
become a song
The great man becomes a dead duck now
Ha... my spy
has some achievement
Dear spy...
get rid of
The letter informs you...
I'll attack at dawn
What are you doing?
Attack at dawn
Attack at dawn
Soldiers, soldiers
Longbo will attack
Longbo will attack
Longbo will attack
Longbo will attack at dawn
EVerybody... soldier
Longbo will attack
Longbo will attack
Longbo will attack
EVerybody be ready
EVerybody, notice!
Go to the beach
Be ready to set out
Longbo will attack
Go to the beach
Gathering on the beach
EVerybody, notice!
Longbo will attack
EVerybody goes to the beach to gather
Longbo will attack
Where are you?
Help me quickly
Put me down
Where haVe you gone ? your lazy boy
The enemy is going to attack
HaVe their bodies smashed to pieces
Let them not to get up forever
Go quickly
Go, Gelefu are depending on you
Only you can defeat them
Yes, obey
Wait for me
Gelefu, wait for me
Wait for me
No letter!
Where do you put the letter?
Hand it out quickly
Hand it out quickly
Wait for me
Let of me
Let of me
Let of me
Let me go
Let's go
Wait a minute
We can solVe it peaceably
Listen to me
Don't fire at first
I haVe something to say
Longbo, command your men not to fire
If you don't listen to me
DaVid, you look
It's Gelefu's light manufacture machine
Gelouli, wait for me here
Draw, draw quickly
Draw quickly
Poor, stupid small men
I continue to do battle for the song
You harm Gelouli's heart
King Lite
Because of your selfishness and ignorance
And you
King Longbo's braVe soldiers
You are too incorrigible
You make your Pure Land to the war field
Your sorrow and disappointment
maybe can let you quiet
Listen to the song which your son wants to sing
As for the appreciation of Litepu
and Gelouske's people
We name the ship
for Gelefu...
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