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Subtitles for Guilty By Association 2003.

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Guilty By Association 2003

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[Man Narrating] Each year, murder affects our lives.
Yet none are more devastating than the loss of innocent souls.
[No Audible Dialogue]
[No Dialogue]
[Helicopter Whirring]
####[Rap, Indistinct]
## [Rap Continues]
## [Continues]
## [Continues]
[Young Man Narrating] That's my city. Washington, D.C.
Any big decisions made before they're okayed...
they come through here... and they're either approved or they're vetoed...
by the biggest pimp himself.
Whatever kind of people you know stick to their lies so hard...
they convince themselves it's the truth.
Even our mayor was smokin'crack.
Make y'all wonder where our tax dollars was goin', huh?
Everybody take down for it.
- Know what I'm sayin'? - [Chattering, Indistinct]
That's Yuck Mouth. He grew up around the way with us.
But he done smoked so much weed...
and listened to so much reggae, he done turned Jamaican.
But I know one thing: : Yuck always keep the bomb smoke.
You just never know where he gonna pull it from.
Cuz! Y'all wanna buy my bud? It's live, cuz.
[Man] That's Dumb Donald right there.
The neighborhood flunky.
The mos'backwards hustler on the block.
Ifhe wasn't so dumb, he'd have been rich.
'Cause he hustles for anybody.
And all he want is 50 cents off each bud sack.
When he was born, his twin brother Po's umbilical cord...
was wrapped around his neck.
That's how he got brain damage.
And I think Po blame hisself for that.
- That's Po right there. - [Female Officer On Police Radio]
Donald's twin brother. He the head of thejumpout squad for the sixth district.
- [Engine Clattering] - And I'm tellin'you, he be off with no gang.
He hated every last one of them.
- [Chattering] - I guess 'cause we be flunkin'Donald from them.
- You want my bud? - Respect here.
Y'all suck, man.
- That's Officer Snyder. - Hey!
- He was the first round draft pick for the Redskins in '91. - What you boy's doin' over here?
But he messed his leg up doin' the Happy Feet at the Metro Club.
After he messed his leg up, hejoined the police force.
Been walkin'the beat for five years.
- [Growling] - Just gettin'promoted to bicycle detail.
And he been lunchin'ever since he got that damn bike.
You ain't stealin' no car! You ain't sellin' no damn drugs, are you?
What are you talkin' about? Ain't nobody doin' nothin'.
- Well, answer me! - [Laughing]
You better pay attention when an officer of the goddamn law is talkin' to you, boy!
Man, ain't nobody doin' shit out here, man.
[Jamaican Accent] Yo, mon, we not doin' nothin' but smokin' the good chronic out here.
What? Boy, bring your ass here!
Breaker, breaker! I need backup out here.
- [Laughing] - That's right. I need backup out here!
- I'm tired of that big-ass rent-a-cop. - That's bullshit.
- Old-ass motherfucker... - Likely be drunk, man.
He gotta be trippin'. Drunk or I don't know what.
- Damn, man. It's 6:30. - [Man, Narrating] That's Tee-Tee. That's my man.
Wejive came up together. All the way from chumpin'bamas up in high school...
to runnin'up in bama splats on missions, riskin'our lives.
Not even just for the money though, butjust for the thrill.
Got to give my baby my man six.
- 6:30, dog. You're late. - Oh, I'm late as a motherfucker!
[Phone Ringing]
- Grandma. How long has it been? - Yeah?
- Oh, about 15, 20 minutes. [Laughing] - [Ringing Continues]
[Scoffs] Why you ain't paged me?
What? Boy, let me tell you something.
I ain't your damn maid, okay? That's yo'business.
- [Woman Chattering On TV] - [Ringing]
I'm sick of this shit, man.
- Hello? - [Woman's Recorded Voice] This is the Metropolitan...
home detention monitoring system.
- Please state your name at the tone. - [Buzzing]
- Rick Brown. - Please connect your monitoring system now.
- Your I.D. number has been confirmed. - [Sighs]
[Hanging Up Receiver]
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? - ["Live" Woman] Hello?
- Oh, it's you. - Yes, it's me.
Your court hearing is 9:00 A.M., but I'll see you at 11:00.
Rick, please don't be late.
Yeah, all right. Whatever. Okay. I'll be there.
[Man On P.A., Indistinct]
Yes. Right. I want you to serve him the papers. I can't imagine.
- We don't need to go over this. Just issue the papers. - [Knocking]
- [Clicks Fingers] - Come here.
Look, I can't talk anymore about it. I have a client in front of me.
Just a second. Okay? I'll be right with you.
Okay. I'll call you back at 2:00. Sounds good.
So. Where is that? Oh, here it is.
- How have you been doin'? - Pretty good, I guess.
That's good. Did they take the monitor off?
Yeah, they came and got it this morning.
You know, I hope this experience has changed your life in some way.
Rick, you are facing 20 years.
Twenty big ones.
But bein' the person I am, I pulled some strings so they would go easy on you.
I mean, I don't know what you're thinkin' about.
I mean, you're a young black man. You have a lot of potential.
You don't deserve to be locked in some cage like an animal.
No black man deserves that. That's what they want.
You can't take this stuff for granted.
[Sighs Deeply]
I put my name on the line for you today.
So when you go out there in that free world...
and you're not worryin' about time passin' by...
or checking in, you just remember Mrs. Martin.
You remember. I was the one who kept you out of prison.
And you know what, Rick?
If you just think about getting in any trouble...
I'll put you back in there.
- I will. Read my lips. - [Phone Ringing]
I... will... do it.
[Ringing Continues]
[Sighs] Just gotta believe in yourself.
I do. You wouldn't believe how much I do, Mrs. Martin.
And I know it's hard when I come here every day with the same attitude...
like I don't appreciate nothin'.
I appreciate everything you've done for me.
I know if it weren't for you, I probably would have been...
violated this probation, or I'd still be in the streets doin'the same old things.
Just wanted to let you know I'm very thankful.
And also, goin'back tojail, that's the last thing I got on my mind.
You can count on that.
You know, that's just what I wanted to hear.
I mean, that just makes me so proud.
Well, good luck.
- Thanks, Mrs. Martin. - Thank you.
[Rick Narrating] That's my man D-Mo.
He ain't come from around my way. He from uptown.
He a small-town hustler.
But his mouth always been bigger than his pocket.
But he cool folk though.
- Ain't nothin', man. - How you doin', man?
I just came from Baltimore last week, man. Nigga just cut out, man.
- What? - Word up. Claim I'm two-timin' his head.
Don't tell me he ain't got my money.
- Oh. - For real, though, it was only a "G".
- A "G"? I think I'd have hit that nigga too. - Still, man.
- What's goin' on, man? - I'm just chillin'.
But look, man. I been wantin' to holler at you anyway, right?
- Mm-hmm. - Look, man.
I'm ready to step my game up.
I'm tired of slingin' these sixty-twos and these eighties.
That shit just ain't doin' enough for me.
I'm ready to make me some real money.
Mm. Yo. You know that's a whole 'nother gig, man.
- I hear you. - Man, you see this little street shit we used to...
- back in the days, man, you know? - Mm-hmm.
Gotta have your clientele, man, you gotta know how to move it, you gotta be smart about it.
And besides, you can't do this shit by yourself.
Look, man.
I got uptown on lock. My man Drama runs Southeast.
Together, we could lock this whole city down.
Look, all we need is the starter keys, baby, and that's it.
That's all from there. That's it.
A'ight. Tell you what I'm gonna do then.
You know you my man. Your shit always been tight all the time.
We'll go up top. Go check my piece.
If everything a'ight up there when I get back...
I come back here in about a week or two. We'll come check you.
- We could rock. That's cool? - All right.
- That's cool. - All right, man.
[D-Mo, Narrating] Now all I had to do...
was convince Drama into hustling...
and bring all that bullshit I just told Kenny to life.
Drama ain't really no hustler, but all I really needed...
was another face, to make Kenny feel a li'l bit more confident.
Huh. I told Kenny Drama had Southeast on the lock.
Man, that was some bullshit.
Drama straight outta Northeast. Lincoln Heights.
He don't even know how to hustle.
The little money he do get come from stickin'up crap games.
Or breakin'in nigga's cars at the Go-Go.
Stealin'they guns. Sellin' 'em to other dudes.
But if I could get him to follow my lead...
[Chuckles] the young 'un would be down with the program.
What's up?
Look, right? I don't even like bein' here. I wanna make this quick.
Look, I know you and your moms kinda been hurtin' for money, right?
- Yeah. - But I was hollerin' at my man from Houston last night.
He talkin' about puttin' us on, helpin' us make some real money.
- Some real money, man. - I ain't about sellin' no drugs.
Ain't no drug dealer, I'm a thug, nigga.
It's better than this robbin' and stealin' you doin'.
- It pay my bills. - You ain't makin' no real money.
You can't honestly tell me you happy with the way you livin'. Look at this, man.
Come on. Look.
Your moms still on ya, bro.
[Rick, "Drama"] This bama right. I'm fucked up in the game.
'Cause I don't have no money. And money rule all this shit.
If I don't have no cash, I can't make no moves.
If I can't make no moves, Mama gonna smoke her life away.
Still wearin' the same clothes you had on last year.
You ain't never got no money.
Don't no women want nobody that ain't never got no money.
- I ain't worried about that. - Yeah. Well, look.
You need to worry about this: You owe me money.
- How much money do you owe me, Drama? - I don't remember owin'nothin'.
Yeah, you owe me. Look. I needs mine. You need your own money. What's up?
- What you gonna do? - [Sighs] Man...
I just got off two years' probation, dog.
- I don't know, man. - Look, man. Look.
It ain't hard. This shit is easy, man.
Look, man, I...
- All I can say is, I'll try, man. - That's all I'm askin'.
- A'ight, I'm down for whatever, dog. - A'ight, bad.
####[Rap, Indistinct]
- What's up, bro? Ain't nothin', man. - What's up, boy?
- How ya doin'? - Chillin'.
- A'ight, ready to handle all this? - Yeah, I got ya, man.
- A'ight. Who dat? - That's my man Drama.
- The man you was talkin' about before? - Yeah. Yeah.
- All right. Cool, man. - I'm 'a holler at you later, okay?
- A'ight. Careful. - A'ight.
- Hey, yo. D-Mo? - Yo.
One thing, man. You in the big league now.
Don't fuck up. You're my man and everything, yo?
Yo, you fuck with my money, man, you're a dead black-ass nigga.
Hold up, man. Look. You ain't gotta threaten me. I can handle my business.
- I'll holler at you later. - A'ight.
[Dumb Donald] I went to the Met last night.
[Continues, Indistinct]
No, that ain't no bitch. Seriously, Joe.
She's about 350. Bang her, too, Joe.
- Her ass is just like... Damn! - Tryin'to fuck 350 you be bangin', Donald?
- That bitch big as shit, man. - It's where you put it.
That butt was like, bang, its own stretch marks... Its stretch marks looked good.
[Drama] Bein'as though I was new to the dope game.
To me? Man, I had to add my own little touch to it.
Everybody knew, but they would have never figured out.
I was moving keys in a matter of days.
In a big duffel bag, with my hammer, on a bike.
Clientele was slow at first, but D-Mo...
was sendin'dudes to me from his side of town...
and after a while, it's like itjust started gettin'out of control.
[D-Mo] Now, you already know Drama wasn't really no hustler.
On this job, he caught on real quick.
And pretty soon, we had the whole city on lock.
That's when things really started movin'.
I went from meetin'with Kenny once a week...
to twice a week.
And every time we met, we got more and more work.
And the more we got, the cheaper the number.
So I started makin'power moves.
Ayoung black man ownin'business.
I got three barber shops, and I'm still maintainin'on these streets.
Kenny put us on. Kenny put us all the way on.
- [Woman] Stacy, come on. - [Alarm Chirps]
[Chuckles] Excuse me. Sorry.
- Nikki? - D-Mo!
- Hi, baby! - [Laughing]
- How you doin'? - Oh, my goodness. How long's it been?
It's been a long time. Last time I seen, you were havin' a baby.
- [Chuckles] - Oh. - [Child] Mama, mama.
I want some candy.
- This is Stacy. - Hi.
- Hi. Good. - Hey, Stacy. How're you doin'?
There you are. Got big.
But, uh... Where's Black?
Uh, he's been locked up for about a year and a half now.
- Oh, yeah? - Didn't even leave me a dime to help take care of her.
I got my act together. I'm at college, gettin' my degree.
I didn't want my baby growin' up like I did, you know.
That's good. You always said you were gonna do it.
- Hmm. - And you did. Still lookin' good too, baby.
- [Laughs] - Still got that fat ass. What's up with that?
- But Mommy, I want some candy. - No.
- But for real, I'm proud of you, baby. - Thank you.
From the looks of it, looks like you're takin' care of business too.
[Scoffs] I'm tryin' a li'l somethin' somethin'. Know what I'm sayin'?
But what's up? Still at the same place?
- Yeah, you remember where my mother lives? - Yeah.
- I'll stop by later, all right? - Do that.
- A'ight, bye. Good to see you, baby. - Mm. It's good to see you!
- [Laughing] - Yo, Nikki! All right, baby.
- I'll see you. Bye. - See you later, all right? Bye.
[D-Mo Narrating] Me and Nikki back together again.
Man, this couldn't have came at a better time...
when my life is finally comin'together.
Finally comin'back together.
####[Rap, Indistinct]
[Drama] I be rockin'this block all day, every day.
It's like overnight I was livin' like a ghetto superstar.
But I always said, "If I could at least get my nose above the water...
"I would never forget where I came from.
I'm givin'back. "
It wasn't much, butjust to see them kids smile...
made a brother feel like he was really doin'somethin'.
Snyder wasn't too much to worry about, 'cause he couldn't run...
due to his bum leg.
But as far as creepin', I gotta give him the utmost respect.
But at the same time...
he only was gung ho about his job when he was tweakin'.
- [Woman On Police Radio] - 'Cause when he'd get to tweakin'...
cuz be puttin'the press on all of'em.
And I swear he must have oiled that bike down from the handlebars to the pedals.
'Cause thatJoe ain't never make a sound.
By the time you look around to see where he at...
this bama right up in yo'face.
I really ain't never had too many problems with the Feds...
especially ol' "Bum-Leg"Snyder.
And he really ain't make a lot of arrests.
It used to seem like he was all about free weed or something.
Catch a bama sleepin', he'll just take the bama weed and let him go.
Yuck Mouth used to fall victim on the daily.
[Drama] I ain't hardly ever see D-Mo no more.
Not unless it involved money.
He got strung out off of Nikki again.
And her daughter Stacy.
Ifhe wasn't hustlin', gettin'money...
he was somewhere with you-know-who.
Like that was his secondjob or something.
When he got back in good with her, you know he had it good.
'Cause even Stacy liked him.
She started callin'the man "Daddy"and everything.
You know what? I think that gave that man...
even more reason to keep on hustlin'.
Come on, dog.
####[Rap, Indistinct]
[Chattering, Indistinct]
The Macombo is considered a neutral zone.
When Snyder off duty, everybody know where he at.
My plan was to take these broads home.
So I put a little bug in their ear.
How much for both of ya?
- [No Audible Dialogue] - She said 3500.
So after that, y'all know a nigga was quittin'thejob.
[Siren Whooping]
Po caught Donald hangin'with me again.
Man, he was pissed. Snatched out of the club and everything.
Look, man. Word at the station...
you down in Lincoln Heights sellin' that shit.
How the fuck you think that's gonna make me look?
How the fuck you think that make me look, dog?
Huh? Niggas at the station talkin' 'bout my twin brother...
sellin' that shit.
Look. You need to stop what the fuck you doin'.
Them niggas don't give a fuck about you 'round here.
Them niggas... Them niggas show me love.
They love you? They love you?
- Love. - Mama ain't raised no drug dealers, man.
Look, you stay the fuck away from Tee-Tee and Drama...
'cause I don't want you in that shit when it go down.
You hear me?
You listenin'?
Man, you don't understand, man. I'm doin' this for Dad.
All them times he gave me stuff?
- I was wanting to give it back. - Dad?
Dad's been dead for five years. Cut the dumb shit, Donald.
Look, man.
Go home, man. You stay the fuck away from Drama and Tee-Tee.
And I ain't got no money. And Tee-Tee drivin'.
You catch a motherfuckin' bus, you catch a cab.
Don't go the fuck back in there.
Go the fuck home. Go home!
[Engine Rewing, Very Fast]
####[Rap, Indistinct]
[Drama] I always heard money was the root of all evil.
But when I started gettin' money, that wasn't evil at all.
[Chuckles] As a matter of fact, that was kind of nice.
I never been one for trickin'...
but I must say my 35 was well spent.
'Cause for real, I was like, I ain't even trippin'.
I could make that back in a day.
Yeah. 'Cause I was a-gittin'.
- You like it? - Yeah.
- [Laughing] - Stop teasing.
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? - [Woman] You have a collect call from an inmate...
at D.C. Correctional Center.
To accept, press one.
To deny, press two or hang up now.
- Who was that? - [D-Mo Narrating] I had an idea who it was on the phone.
- [Banging Receiver] - It was probably Black...
Stacy's father.
Me and that nigga ain't never get along. I had to knock him out once.
Right before Nikki found out she was pregnant.
When she found out, she left me.
She said it was the right thing to do, since he was Stacy's father and all.
####[Rap, Indistinct]
I bought a Benz. But I didn't drive it too much...
only every once in a while.
If you shine too much in this city...
you mess around and get found duct-taped in your trunk.
Dead. [Scoffs] Dead on arrival.
####[Rap, Indistinct]
- You seen D-Mo? - No.
What's up, dog?
What's up, cuz?
- What's up with ya, babe? - What's up, man?
- You'rejust the man I wanted to see. - [D-Mo] This is my man Nut.
He from out Cali. Nicholson Gardens, or Compton or something like that.
He was into that gang-bangin' back in the day.
But now, he's strictly 'bout them birds.
He must have did a lot of dirt where he from...
'cause he don't never go back there.
But hejive like a cool dude.
Yeah, he a'ight.
- Hey, you lookin'good today. - Yeah, I'm tryin' to, baby, tryin' to.
- What you up to? - Man, they lovin' that white shit you gave me, right?
Look, man, the last time half white, half doo-doo brown.
- What? Me? - That brown shit slow my roll up, Nut.
Look, I ain'tjust gettin'one bird no more, I'm at least gettin'eight.
You need to show me some love on them prices, man.
Every time I come around, there's some more of it.
You talkin' the same old bullshit on some low numbers, dog.
Lecture time right around the corner, cuz.
Can't be takin' no more shorts, man.
- There you go. - Tell you what I do though.
- You buy 20 of them things... - Hot damn.
And I'll knock a "G"off every one of them things.
But it got to be C.O. D... Cash in sight get you a low-ass price.
- You know that, right. - Twenty, huh?
Yeah, that's what I said, nigga, 20.
A'ight, look. I got some money on the streets, right?
- Oh, yeah? - I handle my business. I'm gonna hit your greedy ass tonight.
That's what I came here for, little dog. You need to get with me, right?
For real. 'Cause Tuesday we're rollin'to Texas.
We can't stay in one spot too long, baby.
I told you I'm gonna hit you tonight, man.
- A'ight? A'ight. - A'ight, dog.
- Peace out. - Hold it down. Damn.
[D-Mo Narrating] Nutjust made me a offer I can't refuse.
Twenty birds? Huh.
But for the same price Kenny gave me 15 for.
Ol'greedy bama.
But Kenny ain't comin'back to town for a couple days.
With the money I owe him, plus the money I made off this flip, Joe...
it oughta just be enough to get them 20.
And I'm thinkin', the way me and Drama been rollin'...
I figured I could flip Kenny's money before he even gets back.
If not, I just have to duck him for a couple days.
I need to talk to you on something.
Hey, what the fuck are you talkin' about?
[All Chattering Together]
Get the fuck outta here!
Get the fuck outta here.
Drama was messin'with them broads too much.
It was throwin'his hustle off. Way off.
- Hey, Drama. - Niggas around the way say he was doin'dumb shit.
Lettin'everybody know his business.
Layin'up with freaks. Sleepin'through money.
- Man, me and Drama need to talk. - [Knocking]
[Scoffs] Where Drama at?
[Scoffs] Wait a minute.
These sorry-ass niggas, man.
[Drama, Narrating] Don't know why this bama came over here lookin'all crazy.
You know what? I'm glad he came.
Hejust saved me a trip.
We need to talk. Right now, in private. We need to talk right now.
[Drama] Come on in here. I got something I need to say to you too.
What's up with you, man? What's all this about, man?
What's all what about?
What? What, my dogs can't come chill with me now?
Look, I'm not even talkin' about them. I'm talkin' about the police, man.
- Look, you makin' us hot, man! - I'm makin' us hot?
You makin' us hot. They just sent a crackhead into my shop.
- I don't come in your shop! - You need to get these sorry-ass niggas out your house, man.
You need to calm down, comin' in here all hype.
I don't even know what you're talkin' about. Ain't nobody snoopin' around my shit.
- [Scoffs] They see you. - Nobody see me do shit.
- They see you. - Don't nobody know what I be doin'.
Oh, they don't know? They see you ridin' around, givin' out money to all these kids.
Look, man. People talk.
The same people you givin' money to, talk.
You need to quit all this Robin Hood shit and get back to the game plan.
- Hold up, man. - That's what you need to do.
I'm gonna look out for these kids around here because I used to be one.
- Me too. - But you ain't gotta worry about that.
- I already know what I need to do. - Handle your business, man.
- Yeah, I-I am. - Just handle your business. All right. All right.
You bet. All right.
My man Kenny comin' in town Thursday. I need you to meet him.
- You need me to meet with him? - Yeah. Meet with him.
Kenny your man. I ain't been goin' to see Kenny. What you gotta do so important...
- you can't go see him? - I got some business to take care of for my shops.
[Scoffs] I'm a businessman nowadays, man, you know that.
For the shops, huh?
I guess you think I don't know about the dudes you meetin' with Thursday.
- What you talkin' about? - You can't hide nothin' from me, nigga.
- I'm out here just like you is. - Ain' gotta hide nothin' from you. What is you talkin' about?
[Sighs] Look man, don't be mad. I got hear shit from niggas...
that ain't even affiliated with us.
Don't matter. Fuck you, though, nigga. Doin' my own thing now.
Me and my cousin outta Detroit 'bout to have all this shit locked down.
Yeah. Check this out. If you handle things with your cousin...
the way you handle this right here, I hope your cousin don't rat you out...
when they go down for dinner with a punk-ass nigga like you.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
- Yo, bitch, look... - You got what?
You put that down! Is you crazy?
Look, we put this together, me and you.
I had to make deals to keep us goin'.
For the times you came up short 'cause of some bitch.
Look, man. I love you like a brother, man.
- You got a gun in my face. - [Scoffs]
- [Drama] After D-Mo pulled a gun on me... - I don't care about the money.
- I knew things would never be the same between us. - Spend all the money you want.
But I couldn't let him know that.
- Just don't fuck up the connect, man. - [Drama] Notjust yet.
- [Continues] - [Drama] Ain't never had a nigga pull a gun on me.
I ain't goin'out like that.
Look, man, you don't understand. I ain't never had money like this.
I know I probably let it get to my head and all that.
I apologize for that, dog. But I'm gonna handle Kenny.
You handle your business. I got your back.
- Just like old times, dog. - Just like the first day, man.
- Just like the first day. - All right.
- You know how we do. - Holler at you later.
What's up, Kenny?
Yo, where D-Mo?
- Had some other business to take care of. - Other business?
More important than my money?
I got your money right here. That's what I'm here for.
[Chuckles] Niggas been tellin' me you a hot-ass nigga, man.
I know one thing though: My money better be in there.
Hold up. What the fuck is you talkin'about, Kenny?
Why you actin' all funny, man?
- What's up? - I'm cool.
So, where you say D-Mo was again, man?
I didn't, man. What the fuck is all the questions for, Kenny?
Gimme what I came to get and let's roll, man.
- Where the money, man? - Breaker, breaker.
This is Officer Snyder. I got a 22-46 in progress.
What the fu...
Wake up, man. Wake up, Joe.
In the 47 th Street alleyway.
- I need backup! - Snyder, man.
- What the fuck? - [Receiver Buzzing]
What the fuck was that?
- What the fuck is goin' on, yo? - You tell me.
- Tryin' to set me up, yo? - Oh, you a damn motherfucker.
- Hey! Stop right there! - That fuckin' nut. Keep straight, make a left.
Tee-Tee, hold this shit.
[Siren Wailing]
Shit! Fuck it!
- Where the shit? Where the bag at? - I ain't got shit.
- Where the motherfuckin' bag? - I don't have no fuckin' bag!
[Woman On Police Radio]
Man, just one more motherfuckin' time. Where the bag?
- I got no fuckin' bag, man. - Put him in the back.
It's about damn time somebody listen to their radio out here.
- You fucked it up, Snyder. - Snyder, where Kenny at, man?
- You fucked it up! - What you got in the car?
- Yeah, man. - He gone, man.
Why don't you make it easy on me man, and tell me where it's at?
Should have my lawyers though.
Got no product, man. I got no product, no money, no nothing, man.
- You gotta let him go. - Aw, fuck that. - You ain't got nothin' on me.
- Let me go. - Down the motherfuckin' drain. Snyder.
- You fuck everything up. - [Siren Wailing]
[Woman Chattering On Police Radio]
[D-Mo] When Drama told me about his run-in with the Feds?
Yeah. It seems like they were everywhere.
They was on me like O.J.
Hello? Not now, all right. Not now!
Baby, can we talk? Look, uh, I'm on my way up there, okay?
Be about 7:00, all right?
I love you. [Kissing Sound] Bye-bye.
[Voices On TV] Amateur.
[Tires Squealing]
- Ow, Candice. That hurt! - You right.
- Just a minute! - [Knocking Continues]
D-Mo, you're not dressed!
D-Mo, I thought we were goin'out tonight.!
- Don't tell me I done got a baby-sitter for nothin'. - Look, baby. We can't.
Look, they everywhere. They been following me all day.
Go, go, go. Go. Go!
- [Man On TV, Loud] - D-Mo.
I can't do this. I can't take this shit anymore.
- Shh! - I can't do this shit!
Look, I... Not now. Come on. Not now.
Look, it's all right. Look, baby, look. I got a plan.
All we have to do is just wait a little while longer.
- Just a little while longer. - We? What's this we shit?
D-Mo, I can't wait on you. I'm not 16 anymore. And I got a five-year-old daughter...
to take care of, in case you forgot!
I'm not gonna let no man stand in the way of my child's happiness.
[Chuckles] Come on, look. You know I love you.
You know I love you. Look.
Look, baby, look. I don't want this life either.
Ever since you came back into my life, you've shown me what life is all about.
Look, I need you in my life.
- I need you and Stacy in my life, baby. - D-Mo, I love you too.
- I need you, baby. - I can't! I just can't!
I need you to leave. Leave, D-Mo!
- Oh, it's like that now? It's like that. - It's like that.
D-Mo, get your shit together!
I love you, but I need to feel safe!
A'ight. A'ight, I'll leave.
- A'ight. - [Crying]
No. Uh-uh.
Look, I love you. I'm gonna straighten my life out...
and we gonna be together.
Can you promise me that me, you and Stacy be a family?
- Can you promise me that we'll be together, Nikki? - D-Mo.
- Can you promise me that, baby? - Get your life together.
[D-Mo] Man, after this shit went down with Kenny and Drama...
I knew I couldn't trust Kenny no more.
And I could tell in his voice he didn't trust me either.
I ain't come here to kill the man...
but the way he was talkin'...
I knew it was either him or me.
- So I did what I had to do. - [Gunshots]
I ain't tell Drama. It's not a thing for everybody to know.
So much shit happened to me within the last 24 hours.
Man, shit was gettin'crazy.
I called Drama and I told him we had to talk.
- [Loud Beeping] - What the fuck is this now, man?
- What's up, cuz? - I'm lunchin' on ya, man.
- It's all right, man. - What's up, man?
[Laughing] What's up with you, bro?
- Ah, shit, Joe. - Look like shit, man.
Joe, look. Joe. Feel like it, man.
Po been followin'me all week, man.
You know they got my other connect yesterday, right?
- Word. - I even got the I.R.S. Breathin'down my neck.
Look, I got a plan.
- It's where you come in at. - It's where I come in?
- Yeah. - [Children Playing]
Look, man, look. No bullshit?
Since that happened between me and Kenny, I been thinkin' twice about all this.
I got a second chance. I can't mess this up. I got 20 years on my head, man.
Look, I'm happy for ya.
But I want out this too.
Look, I got a lot to lose, man.
I got three shops. I'm not tryin' to lose them.
Look, I owe the I.R.S. $30,000 in taxes.
- I gotta do what I gotta do. I ain't got no choice. - I feel you, man.
- Why didn't you get that shit from Kenny? - [Scoffs]
No, fuck Kenny, man. I don't even deal with him no more.
Look. I was there for you when you needed me.
- The guilt trip jumper. - I gave you money when you needed it.
- Oh, man! - All I need you to do is hold something for me till tomorrow.
You ain't never got to worry about D-Mo again. Ever.
Just till tomorrow. That's it. That's it.
Look, dog. I'll do it... I'll hold it till tomorrow, Joe. No later than that.
- After that, I ain't touchin' nothin'. - That's all I'm askin'.
[Officer Po] I been waitin' on this moment so long...
feel like I hadjust hit a lottery or somethin'.
[Sniffs] They so dumb theyjust proved me right.
Ain't no such thing as a smart hustler.
- Man, I ain't touchin' nothin', dog. - That's all I'm asking.
See you tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow, all right?
- A'ight. - A'ight.
####[Rap, Indistinct]
[Drama] Can this be a coincidence?
The same night he give me some shit to hold for him...
the same night the D.E.A. Come runnin'up in my house.
[No Audible Dialogue]
- That's him? - Yeah, that's him.
- [Scoffs] They gonna love him upstate. - Damn, boy.
You got more records than MichaelJackson.
Four keys. Four motherfuckin' keys.
Oh, we got you now.
Possession, distribution. Possession of a firearm.
Not to mention your parole. What the fuck do you think your P.O. had to say about that?
What the fuck... what the fuck... you think he gonna have to say about all that?
- I ain't got nothin' to say... - You hear me? Huh?
I don't got nothin' to say until I see my lawyer.
- Fuck your lawyer! - You can't afford a lawyer now.
And the public defenders work for us!
- You start talkin'. Who's your connect? - What?
You heard him. Where you gettin'yo'shit?
- If I tell you all that, I'm a dead man. - And if you don't...
you're gonna die in jail.
- Jail, boy. - Cut the bullshit! I ain't got all day.
- What's it gonna be? - I ain't goin' back to jail.
- I ain't goin' back to jail. - Say somethin'. You ain't got nothin'but one choice.
- You goin' back. - I can't. - Start talkin'.
You better talk or use your finger. Now cut the bullshit!
- Who is he? - [Pants, Groans]
- Start pointin'. - If I tell y'all, I'm out of here today?
Use your fuckin' finger, now.!
[Sighs] That's D-Mo did it.
Told you he would snitch. Gimme my five dollars.
Man, you want to stay free? You work for us.
Who else you know? Who else you know?
[Detectives Chattering]
- Look, we ain't got no more games, man. - Get it over, dog.
We ain't got time for games.
[Telephone Ringing]
Do some more pointin'.!
Man, who else involved in this shit?
- Yo. Son. What's up? You know your homeboy Drama? - What's up?
- What's up? What? - Well, he up here snitchin'.
- Word. Come on, I know what he look like. - What?
- It's him, dog. - You sure?
A'ight. I gotta go.
- A'ight. Peace. - [D-Mo] Huh. Damn.
- Can't believe my dog goin'out like that. - [Beeps]
Huh. Oh, it's on now.
Mommy, I want to go outside.
Sweetie, I already told you. I don't want you out there.
- It's dangerous out there. - Please!
But Miss Candice is out there.
All right. But I don't want you goin' in the street.
- Do you hear me? Gimme a kiss. - Yes.
[Kissing Sounds]
[Children Shouting]
- We niggas heard you, snitch. - Snitch? No.
- What's up with that? You snitch? - Look, man...
What you fuckin'come 'round here for? Snitch-ass nigga.
You fuckin'snitch. I don't fuckin' want you 'round me.
- Ain't no snitches out here. - You're a bitch, man.
Bitch-ass nigga. What's up with that?
Yeah. You ain't got too much longer out here. Fuckin'snitch.
[All Shouting]
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Grandma] Remember all them days when we were goin'...
Hold it.! This boy's gone crazy. Wait a minute.
- What's wrong with you? - Grandma, I need you to go to Auntie's house.
- Is that a gun you got there? - Grandma, please.
Give me the gun, Rick. Give me the gun!
Give me the gun! What are you doing with that gun?
What are you doin', boy? Give me the gun! I don't want to go...
- [Pounding On Door] - Open this door.! Rick.! I'm gonna call the cops.!
- Rick.! Open this door.! Rick.! - [Knocking Continues]
Okay. Po? Take this area here.
Midnight? Take the street.
[People Chattering]
That's just the way it goes sometimes.
Brothers always tryin' to act bad.
And they caught up in the aftermath and they mowed down.
Nine millimeter. Had to hurt her.
##See the reaper, I'm sleepin' I'm still grinnin'##
# She was a loser in this game It ain't no winner #
#And if we die, don't really care whatever's comin' ## Shit.
What you got, Midnight?
235-45-17 s. Michelin tires.
It's gotta be a Benz. Oh, and a straw.
- A straw? - Damn!
Whoo! What the...
- What you get over there? - Nine-millimeter shell casing. And a baby doll.
- Baby doll? - Baby doll.
Get these people out of the way. Po, talk to me.
Got some evidence right here. Got a female gunshot victim.
About six or seven years old. She was on the slide, on top.
She slid down. Way I see it, she made it halfway.
Took a stray.
- [Helicopter Whirring] - [Whistling Through Teeth]
[Flies Buzzing]
- We gotta get on this one. Fast. - I'm on it.
[Thinking] Bein' a police officer over the years, it had its benefits.
- [No Audible Dialogue] - But it got its bad side too.
The worst part of this job was havin' to call somebody's family...
and tellin' them we think somebody in their family is in the morgue.
[No Audio]
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? - Hello. Is this Nikki?
- Yes? Yes. - Nikki Davis?
- Hello, this is Officer Montana... - Yes?
- From the Metropolitan Police Department. - What?
A little girl's been killed, and we think it could be your daughter.
- Are you sure? - We're sendin' someone to pick you up.
- We need you to identify the body. - No.
[Sobs] Oh, God!
Oh... Oh, God! [Sobbing] Oh, God, no! No!
No! Oh, God!
[Midnight's Voice] 235-45-17 s.
Michelin tires. It's gotta be a Benz.
[Female Officer] You know your homeboy Drama? He up in here snitchin'.
[D-Mo] Look, man. I love you like a brother, man.
[Drama] You got a gun in my face.
[Nikki] D-Mo, I can't wait on you. I'm not 16 anymore.
And I got a five-year old daughter to take care of, in case you forgot.
- [Midnight] Oh, and a straw. - [Po] A straw?
[D-Mo] I need you and Stacy in my life, baby.
- [Nikki] D-Mo, I love you too. - [D-Mo] I need you, baby.
[Nikki] I can't, I just can't.
[Po] Nine-millimeter shell casings.
[D-Mo] Look, we put this together. Me and you.
[Po] Got your evidence right here. Got a female gunshot victim.
About six or seven years old. She was on the slide, the top.
- Get over there.! - Slid down. Baby doll.
[Midnight] Baby doll?
[Po] Baby doll.
[Lieutenant, Narrating] Each year, murder affects our lives.
Yet none are more devastating than the loss of innocent souls.
That her?
[Loud Voices On Television]
Drama? Drama, this is Lieutenant Redding...
Metropolitan Police.
I want to talk to you.
We are at the home of narcotics suspect Rick Brown...
alias "Drama."
Drama is said to be alone in the apartment, but he is distraught.
Police have no idea when they could get into the apartment.
We can end this if we can just talk.
Drama, I'm coming up.
Wait, it looks like Lt. Redding is moving into the apartment.
It's Lt. Redding again.
Listen. We can talk about this.
Talk about what?
We can talk this over. Okay?
I already said enough.
Listen to me, Rick.
I'm coming in.
- [Gunshot] - [Woman On Police Radio, Indistinct]
- [D-Mo Narrating] Damn. I messed up. - Oh, damn. Stacy!
- I messed up bad. - Stacy.
Couldn't go to none of my usual spots.
So I ran to my place, Sister Buttercup's.
- [Whimpering] - That's one of my hideouts.
Oh, Stacy.
[Man] We're live in Northeast for a special report.
[Woman] Yes. John, it is confirmed. Rick Brown is dead.
I repeat, Rick Brown, alias Drama, has shot himself.
The standoff is officially over.
- Lieutenant Redding has left the scene. - Damn, Drama.
- Damn. - The police aren't releasing any other information at this time.
Thank you, John.
Can I have Lieutenant Redding, please?
Lieu- Lieutenant Re- Yeah, Redding. Yes. Yes.
Um, could you tell him... Yeah. Could you tell him it's D-Mo?
I think he's looking for me.
Yes. D-Mo.
Thank you.
I thought about running...
leaving the country.
True enough, I could run from the police...
for a couple of years.
Or maybe even more.
But I couldn't run from my own conscience...
not even for a couple of minutes.
I was wrong.
My whole way of thinking was wrong.
Now I'm gonna make things right.
I wish I could have realized before it came to this.
[Bells Tolling]
# Never forsake you #
# God is #
##Still on ##
#The cross #
##Never leave you ##
You know...
##Never forsake you ##
## God is ##
##Still on ##
You know, this is the third one of my children...
they've put away like this.
Rick, baby...
I never thought it would be you.
But it's all right. It's all right, baby.
They'll never hurt you again.
It's all right, baby.
## God is ##
- Oh, my baby. - It's gonna be okay.
Oh, God. My baby.
Damn. Why you had to die on me, Joe?
Damn, man.
##Never leave you ##
Naw, dog.
- ##Never forsake you ## - Naw, dog!
## God is ##
- ##Still on ## - Damn, dog.
## The cross ##
I know that you're crying warm tears at midnight.
And I know that you're going through things right now that you don't understand.
But we came to let you know that God will make it all right...
if you just stay strong.
I wish I had a witness tonight.
He'll make it all right, but you gotta stay strong.
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy...
[Chuckles] is gonna come in the morning time.
I wish I had a witness out there.
It doesn't matter what's going on or what's going wrong in your life.
God will make it all right...
if you just stay strong.
Come here, Bucky. I want you to sing this thing for them.
For the people. Minister to them. Right there.
# Hold on #
- Tell them trouble don't last. - #Trouble don't last always #
Now something about the trials that we face in life.
#These trials in your life #
- They're just a test. - #Just a test of your faith #
####[Choir Vocalizing]
Ain't no more crime where you're at, babe.
[Kisses] Make it stop.
Hey. Sorry for what happened.
Everyone in the hood sends their regrets too.
Hey. Shit happens.
Hey, Ross, Fessbar, Crusher.
- Bro, you better come squash it. - Need assistance in section eight.
When you get in there, don't get to thinking, man.
- Just stick that nigga. - I got this. I got this.
- That nigga hit your daughter, man. - This is personal right here.
Let's get that nigga.
What now, big nigga?
I always knew I was going to pay for my actions.
I just didn't know how...
or where.
I watched my whole life crumble right before my very own eyes.
Hmm. I lost everything.
I lost my girl.
She lost her daughter.
I lost my best friend.
But most of all...
I lost what I cherished the most.
I lost my life.
I suffered the repercussions.
Subtitled By Captions, Inc. Los Angeles
####[Rap, Indistinct]
[No Audible Dialogue]
####[Rap Continues]
[No Audible Dialogue]
####[Rap, Indistinct]
####[Rap Continues]
Damn, boy. You got more records than MichaelJackson.
Four mother... [Beep] keys. We got you now.
Not to mention your parole.
- You know your homeboy, Drama? - Yeah. What's up?
- Oh, he up in here snitchin'. Word. - What?
The [Beep] your P.O. Is gonna have to say about that?
Huh? What the [Beep]... What the [Beep] you think he gonna say about all that?
- You ain't got nothing... - Do you hear me, punk?
Cut the bull... [Beep]!
Who is it?
[Man] Man, you want to stay free? You work for us.
[Tires Screech]
[Glass Shatters]
[Metal Rattles]
[Doll Laughing]
I want to talk to you.
- [Woman] We're at the home of Rick Brown, alias Drama. - [Redding] We can end this.
- Drama is said to be alone in the apartment, but he is distraught. - Drama...
- Police have no idea how to get into the apartment. - I'm coming up.
- [Knocking] - Drama?
I'm coming in.
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