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At the end of 1999,
the Serbian Army abandoned| the Balkan Province of Kosovo,
clearing the way for multi-national| forces whose primary objective
was to keep the peace,| reconstruct the province
and disarm the local guerrillas.
The Spanish army dispatched a| contingent of professional soldiers
to the Serbian border,
an area known as| ĄThe Exclusion ZoneĒ.
This strip of neutral land
was the scene of violent incursions| by Serbian paramilitaries
against the Kosovar population.
It was also referred to as:| ĄThe Shadow ZoneĒ.
Ladies, you can't be in here.| It's dangerous.
Please Leave.
Did you see that?
It's not our business.| You heard Rubio.
Come on, Lucas.
Let's get this over with.
We haven't got all day.
Sergeant Rubio!
Sergeant, sir!
Would you shut up already?
Sir, a group of men entered| the village.
There's something odd about them.
You should be finished by now.
-Why odd?|-They beat a man trying to escape.
Look, Vidal. Just cut it out.
Save it for later.
-But Sergeant...|-Back to work.
Don't do it.
He didn't understand me.| They're going to kill a civilian.
Private Vidal!
World War III.
What are you doing?
You'll get us all in trouble.
Nobody move!
Get back against the wall!| Go on!
-Careful.|-Nobody move!
-Don't move!|-Come on!
Search this one.
Are you stupid?
Search them.
Go on, search them.
Balbuena, do it!
See if they're armed.
Get the police.
Come on, shit!
You! Spread your feet!
Get back. Back!
Are you okay?
Are you?
What happened?
There was nothing I could do.
Let's go.
Look me in the eye.| Show me who I'm talking to.
You want some water?
No, thank you, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant, sir.
Disciplinary action for
inappropriate intervention.
They think we're stupid.
Look, Vidal.
On the base, in action,| anywhere...
We have to look each other| in the eye.
We're a unit.
No exceptions.
Just want to do right, sir.
Do what right?
Be a good soldier.
Help these people.
Obey orders.
That's all you have to do.
Point number two:
your platoon.
They depend on you.
How will they take this?
Your duty is to fit in.
I'm trying to, sir.
You're trying to stand out.| To be liked.
-I've been watching you.|-What if we'd saved those men?
Even one of them?
You endangered your platoon.
I know, I'm sorry.
So why are we here?
To work.
You think things| should be done differently?
Your way?
I like the army, sir.
There's a place for everyone here.| But not individually.
Yes, Lieutenant.
I want my men tight.
Everyone happy,
everyone equal.
No social climbers.
I won't stand for them.
I'm not a social climber.
-Yes, sir.|-Dismissed.
The rules say| he should be sent home.
He disobeyed my order.
He's not going anywhere.
That's what he wants.
I'm not finished with him.
Hurry up, I'm hungry.
Vidal, help them load.
Yes, sir.
I'll just finish with this...
We're late because of you.
So drop the fucking stone| and let's go.
Yes, sir.
You asshole!
Stop it, damn it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
What the fuck?
What are you trying to prove?
Get in the truck.
Dear father...
Iím still all right.
Iím learning as l go.| l screwed up today.
I almost got sent home today.| l was lucky.
My problems arenít important here.
Iím just trying to help| these poor people.
It isnít easy.
Theyíve been killing each other| the whole time.
We canít always save| the civilians.
But if we can manage to save one,| itís worth it.
It doesnít always work.
At least l know Iím trying to help| a country in need.
So near, yet living
in another age,| as if suspended in time.
Good morning.
We're leaving in 20 minutes.| Everyone get up. Come on.
What's up, Vidal?| Are you sleeping in?
-Shit, sir. We only slept 4 hours.|-More than me. Get up.
Ballesteros, |outside in 10 minutes.
-Had a fight with your girlfriend?|-Leave me alone.
Farm workers get to sleep later.| Right, Gomez?
At ease.
Ten, hut!
About face!
Good morning.
Fall out and get in the vehicle.
Fall out!
Raise ramp!
Got a problem, Balbuena?
Did you hear me?
I can't hear anything.
Then stay alert.
Yes, sir.
Where'd you learn how to drive?
Fuck off.
I don't like your breath.| Could you stop breathing?
The damaged station is here.| In Ruica.
That's the exclusion zone.
There could be Serbian| paramilitary activity.
Intelligence says it's dormant.
There's nothing to fear.
We'll restore electricity and| make up for yesterday's mess.
That's what we'll do.
We should have left Vidal| at the base, sir.
For everyone's sake.
Vidal is just another member| of this platoon.
He receives no special treatment.
-You're right, sir.|-Don't patronize me.
I know you disagree,| so don't kiss my ass.
This is the list of those| who requested an advance.
You're all on it.
I don't know care how| you spend your money.
But I want this list| to remain intact.
-Understood?|-Yes, Lieutenant.
Understood by everyone?
Yes, Lieutenant!
Our job is to be ready at all times,| and that means now.
Excuse me, sir.
Are we headed for the border?
To restore electricity| to an entire valley.
Not to be indiscreet, sir.
But many of us haven't slept.
Have you had your diapers changed?
And you, Vidal?
Remember our little chat?
Yes, Lieutenant.
What about it?
Put it into practice.
I already am, sir.
Nothing escapes me, Vidal.
I see everything.
I've got eyes in the back| of my head.
I can even see out my asshole.
It was an accident.
Shake his hand.
Sergeant, sir.
I want to apologize.
Don't fuck with me.
I'm serious.
I want to show that...
That you're not a total asshole?
The lieutenant's right.
I know.
Even Ballesteros will end up| kissing your ass.
I hope not.
Balbuena, inform on our position.| We're entering the shadow zone.
The exclusion zone| lies beyond this town,
and behind that the Serbs| are going nuts.
Nowadays the military provides| ''crisis management''.
Like one company working| for another, called ''Europe''.
Balbuena, inform the base.| Last checkpoint, no news.
Stay left. Watch the civilians.
The last Serbs in the zone.
The Albanians burned everything.
Shouldn't they have an escort?
We're close to the border.
Only to the Italian checkpoint.
Son of a bitch!
Are you all right?
-I'm okay.|-Get down! inside, both of you!
It's all right.| They're only rocks.
-Who's throwing rocks?|-The Serbs.
Looks like that's it.| Clean this up.
All right, Gomez.
The Italians should escort them| to the fucking border!
The Spanish are terrified.
Theyíre all shitting themselves.
Now what?
Your fellow countrymen,| eh, Monica?
Just give me a machine gun...
Where the fuck are we?
Would you shut up?
Can't they throw rocks| at goats or something?
They're not my countrymen.
I'm Spanish.
But your parents are from here.
So what?
I'm not talking to you.
We're here to protect them.
To protect who?
The Serbs or the Albanians?
Maybe they don't know that.
That's why you're here.| To translate.
That's enough.
I'm doing my fucking job.
So am I. I came to have fun,| and this fucking sucks.
How's that going?
Fine, Sergeant.
They're Albanians.| Why are they here?
Monica, come with me.
Are we there yet, sir?
Stay put and be alert.
What's going on?
Get inside.
One zero November,| come in.
Stay alert.
Grab your rifles and get outside.
Disarm them.
Disarm them!
Drop your weapons!
Come on!
Go on!
-Are you okay?|-Get going!
-We left the lieutenant!|-Shut up!
We have to help the lieutenant.
Stay still, Vidal!
Close it!
What the fuck?
Come on, get in!
Fire at will! We're leaving!
Back it up!
We left the French behind!
No, we're leaving!
I can't see anything, sir.
They shot Gomez!
-We're going to die!|-Calm down!
We're getting out of here.| One by one, out the back.
If we go out they'll kill us.
Help me with Gomez.
Get Gomez out.| Come on, Balbuena!
Up there.
Come on, quickly!
-Come on! Jump!|-I can't!
Get down!
Come on, Gomez.
Come on, Lieutenant!
Where's Gomez?
Can you walk?
Check weapons and ammo.
Rifle, two magazines.
Rifle, one magazine.
Let's go!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Come on, Lucas!
Vidal. Balbuena.
Get down.
-I need a tourniquet.|-Come on, Lucas.
Not so tight!
Not so tight.
That's better.
Off the road!| Take cover in the trees!
Come on, run!
Don't move!
Let go of me! Don't touch me!
Don't touch me.
There's nothing you can do| for her.
They left.
We'll have to follow the road| to a safe place.
They weren't after us.| Why did you fire?
Shut up.
This is all your fault.
We have to get back to the road.
The field's full of mines.
It may be a trap.| They could be waiting for us.
We can't stay here.
I'm okay.
What did he say?
Eight kilometers.
The town's 8 kilometers away.
I'm not climbing.
We have to go back to the road| and wait.
That's enough.
Shut the fuck up already.
Let me think.
The French guy's right.
We have to get to the town| and report back.
You have to decide, sir.
What about Monica?
Forget her.
There's nothing we can do for her.
We have to get out of here.
The sergeant's losing blood.
We have to get Monica.
Vidal's right.
I won't leave anyone behind.
We can't carry two.
See how she's doing.
I'll go.
Not you.
I won't risk
my life for a dead girl.
We're fucking up.
This makes no sense.
Vidal will go.
Go see how she is.
If she's alive, bring her.
If not...
Go on.
Yes, Lieutenant.
We have to follow procedure.|Otherwise we're lost.
Let's stop a while.
Check Rubio's foot.
Balbuena, secure the perimeter.
We've had enough surprises.
You hear me?
Sorry I acted that way.
I can't stop thinking about her.
Neither can I.
Was she dead?
What do you mean?
Let's just stick together.
The lieutenant is clueless.
He'll get us killed.
Stop fucking around, Ballesteros.
You should take charge.
My sister doesn't even know| I'm here.
Nobody knows we're here.
That's what I mean.
Why not?
Help me with this.
The town's right there.
About 5 kilometers downhill.
What if the guerrillas| are down there?
We don't even know which side| of the border we're on.
We're useless here.
Who put you in charge?
going down there| could endanger the platoon.
Say something.
You're learning to make| eye-contact.
That's how I know who you are.
Stay together.
Remember, we're neutral.
No funny stuff.
Don't shoot!
Vidal, Balbuena,| one on each side!
Take cover!
Get her out of there.
Are you okay?
Balbuena. You okay?
Lower your weapon!
Lower your weapon!| Lower your weapon!
Don't move!
Vidal, do as I say.| Lower your weapon.
Vidal, lower your weapon!
Lower your fucking weapon!
That's an order!
Let me go, you bastards!
Don't worry,| they won't do anything to us.
Don't worry.
It's okay.
You motherfucker.
Hold him down.
I saw our BMR.
They're using it to invade| the town.
If we can get it back...
Wait till they stop killing.| We'll leave the way we came.
We're not leaving without| Alonso and Ballesteros.
No one gets left behind.
-Sergeant.|-Not now, Vidal.
Let them cool off.| And you, too.
We'll leave at dawn.
They'll kill us.
They just want our help.
We'll help them.
No one else gets killed.
Trust me.
Lucas, Gomez, Monica.
Where are the others?
I don't give a shit| whose electricity I restore.
I don't give a shit about this war.
I want to go home.
What did he say?
They'll let us go.
Come on.
This is still a mission.
Get out of the way!
Anyone see you?
I don't know.
Let's go.
This way.
Get down!
Now what?
We'll get the BMR.| It's in there.
Let's go.
Stay calm.
It's fixed.
We're going home.
Listen to him.
Let's go.
Tell Vidal to lower his gun.
We've completed the mission.
We're leaving.
That's it, Vidal.
It's over.
You did it.| Give me the gun.
Look me in the eye.
It's over.
What do I say if they ask me?
>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisůw <<<<<<<<
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