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Subtitles for Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD1.

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Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD1

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Stop the music!
What's up, duck? What's up?! I'll tell you what's up.
I'm taking charge here, that's what's up.
Fitty years of you hogging the spotlight is enough.
I am riding the shield from now on...
...because I, personally, have all the talent around here.
Okay, mac, let's take it trom the top.
Okay, far enough.
Now then. Camera! Music! Sound!
Very funny.
You may expect to hear trom my attorneys.
It I'm not gonna star in this cartoon, let's just start the movie.
Roll 'em!
Mr. Wing?
Daniel Clamp would like to speak to you.
Good morimg, Mr. Wig. Let's cut right to key issues, okay?
I'll imcrease my offer substamtially.
You're attached to your busiess. I appreciate that.
I'm attached to mime. I devehop the biggest buihdigs im New Yorhk.
Amd you sell...
...little thigs. That's fime. Tahke a hook.
"The Champ Chimatowm Cetre, where busimess gets Orieted."
You're the ohy holdout. Here's what I'hh do for you:
A ewsstad ad souveir cocessio im the atrium.
This buihdig wihh be moder...
...from voice activated elevators to sehf cleaimg ashtrays.
I'm reahhy excited about it, ad I'd hate to see you miss out.
Phease, let us kow whem you've made a decisio.
You kow, I behieve there's always am area of agreememt...
...that two people ca reach.
Yes. A man can always agree with others.
It is more difticult to agree with oneself.
That's very charming.
...or Bruce Lee?
I'm sorry. Please tell Mr. Clamp...
...that the answer is still no.
...keep the TV.
To survive a war, you gotta become war.
Television again.
An invention for tools!
I'm sorry that didn't work out. Mr. Clamp's ofter was generous.
Did you hear that cough? He's an antique.
We can wait.
I'm Damieh Clamp. No New York visit is comphete...
...without tourimg the worhd's most automated buihdig:
Champ Premiere Regecy Trade Cetre amd Retail Cocourse.
Headquarters of Clamp Eterprises...
...amd CCN, Champ Cable Networhk.
Mr. Wig's death removes the hast obstache... developer Daiel Champ's hog dehayed project.
This quait shop, which omce housed rare Orietah objects...
...ow mahkes way for the future, Damieh Clamp style.
Lewis, it's like I've always said:
"It you want to tind something weird, you have to go downtown."
The Futtermans come to town tomorrow.
Mr. Futterman must be better it he can travel.
His wite says he is better. He was just rattled.
Having monsters drive a snowplow through your house will do that.
Well, he was almost killed.
These people are so rude! Honey, what time is it?
God, we're late. There's a cab.
You going airport? No. Actually, I'm just
Atter all this time, I'm still in the same job.
It takes time, Billy.
In IKingston Falls, I'd have been promoted by now.
And you'd hate it.
At least we could atford a decent place to live. Get married.
Wehcome to the Clamp Etry matic...
...a revolutiom im revohvimg door precisiom ad efficiecy.
Phease be carefuh i steppig im ad out, amd have a powerfuh day.
That's the story of the Clamp Premiere Regency Centre...
...where one man's dream became a reality.
I hope you enjoyed today's tour. Don't torget:
Pick up Mr. Clamp's best selling book, I Toohk Mamhattam...
...on sale right here at our newsstand for only 19.95.
And in our gift store...
Don't let them get to you.
Billy, you're so good at your job. Sooner or later, they'll notice.
Maybe then we can get married. Okay, hon.
Bye. Bye.
Marla, the first plan The deadline's not my fault.
They make me miserable, so I make you miserable. It's a disaster.
They changed the specs and the deadline
See, this is your problem right here. You only see your little part ot it.
I need a complete situational, long term, overview perspective.
It's almost finished. I just have a tew adjustments
The courtyard looks cold. It'd be better with trees.
Will they plant trees? No. But draw them.
But the Elms.
But the shrubbery looks This attitude doesn't work for me.
Good morning, Mr. Forster.
It looks like somebody hasn't read his employee manual. Doesn't it, Mr...
Pehtzer. ...Peltzer?
Unauthorized potted plant. I told him about it weeks ago.
I talked to you! I know. I was gonna
Possible aphid intestation.
What's this? That's IKingston Falls. My hometown.
Do you know how much the Clamp organization has spent... provide its employees with art by recognized artists... this facility? Eye pleasing, color coordinated, authorized.
But it was just a little A little touch. I know.
Maybe everybody here wants to do a little touch.
Coftee mugs that say, "World's Greatest Lover."
The ashtray that reads, "Rest Your Butt Here." You'd like that, right?
Coming to work every day in a $ 200,000,000...
...flea market.
Billy, this is just what I don't need right now.
The department review's in three weeks. It's a nuclear meltdown disaster.
Marla, I am doing the best I can. Billy, do me a tavor.
Do better!
We've got a low corrosivity reading.
Give me a wave form on 10th power.
Mr. Forster, I have a potential violator, sir.
That's an unauthorized break period, triend. You don't work here anymore.
Do we have a problem communicating? You're gone. Terminated.
End of medical benetits, that's right. Clean out the desk, one hour.
And thanks so much.
Very nice, Frances.
Alert personnel. We have a career opportunity in level seven.
Clamp Centre is the most advanced smart building in America...
...with the latest in security, communications and climate control.
It's just one part of Mr. Clamp's worldwide business network...
...which includes construction, sports, finance...
...and a popular line of jams and jellies.
For those with cable TV at home...
...CCN is located right here in the building.
The Attachk of the Octopus Peophe.
That's tonight's movie. And, boy, is it scary.
It's so scary, it'll uncross your eyes.
It's a good thing that your Grandpa Fred is here to protect you.
Where's the moan? The what?
There's supposed to be a moan here trom the coftin.
Then I say, "Renfield, you want more tlies?"
And then I go over to the coftin and I...
Sorry, Fred.
Hey, Fred. Oh, hi, Billy.
I heard about your new time slot. They're making a big mistake.
Mistake? IKid, it's a disaster.
People who watch TV at 3:30 a.m. Don't tear the Woltman.
What scares them is getting sober and tinding work.
Look. Watch it with that thing.
Isn't that great? Sure.
You could use it on your show. Sure. Put it in the back, will you?
Frankly, kid...
...this isn't what I had in mind.
I went into broadcasting, I thought I was gonna do news...
...public aftairs...
...something meaningful.
I don't even have a gimmick.
No special eftects.
All I have is a cross eyed puppet named lgor.
The ehevator doors have opemed.
You should run classic horror movies like Frakemstei or Dracuha.
Great horror movies are in black and white. Mr. Clamp only likes color.
That guy's strange.
Have you seen him? Not in person.
Only on that cockamamie video they got all over.
Look at this building. You know what kind of tenants they have now?
There's a genetic research laboratory upstairs.
Fooling around with animals.
Last week, they took out a patent on a new kind of gerbil.
People think I'm creepy.
Can I help you? Yeah.
I got a delivery tor Dr. Catheter. I can sign for it.
What kind ot stutf do they do in there anyway?
We're not supposed to talk about it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Dr. Catheter, this just came tor you. Splendid. This must be my malaria.
Just rabies. I've got rabies. I'm supposed to get the tlu this week.
I think we have the tlu on back order.
Could I have that, Peggy? Oh, yes. Sure.
Thank you.
Back order. Back order. All a man wants is some tresh germs.
Casper, have this tissue analyzed.
I am calm ad cemtered. I emjoy givimg milhk.
Martin. Hello, doctor.
How's the cloning coming along? Really well.
Lewis. We got something for you to look at.
It's interesting. I found it downtown on my specimen scout.
It's some sort ot rodent, apparently. And it seems allergic to bright light.
Cute, isn't it? That may be genetic.
We're not sure yet. We're not sure.
Watch this, doctor.
He likes this music?
Yes. It's his tavorite.
Not so tast, my boy.
You nearly let him get away. Sorry, sir.
How do you plan to proceed? Cell samples tomorrow.
Tissue cultures Thursday. And then there's body structure.
And for that, my little friend...
...we'll just have to cut you.
I can't believe she told me to put trees on that drawing. It just
My light went out.
You sat stihh, so the buihdig thimhks you heft. Move.
Okay, hold on.
You're right, I need Hello? Hello?
Honey? Hello? IKate, are you there? IKate?
Nothing works around here.
Excuse me? Where'd you hear that?
What? That music. Where'd you hear it?
Isn't that by Sting? No. It's not by Sting. Think.
Oh, wait, I know. I was up in that laboratory. You know, on 51.
And somebody was humming it.
Hi, I hear your copier's down.
Oh, it is? Yeah.
It's back there. Thank you.
We're ready, doctor.
This is the most interesting bioelectrical work I've done.
Just think. Millions of rats in New York, and everyone hates them.
But if one ot them could power a portable radio for a month...
Gizmo, I'm here.
Watch this, doctor.
Detinite progress, gentlemen.
Be quiet.
It only we could make it safe to touch them.
Still, they'd be good in tlashlights, wouldn't they?
Where there's flashlights, there's dark.
And they like the dark.
Theodore! How'd you get out? Alvin, put down that DNA!
Mister, welcome to the me's room.
Hey, pah, I sure hope you washed those hads.
Hey, guy, how you doing?
Did you miss me?
Yeah. Me too.
So, what are you doing here? What were those guys doing to you?
Wow. That bad, huh?
You wanna come out? Come here. It's okay.
Come with me. I got you. I'll take care ot you.
Everything's gonna be fine.
What is this? A black armband? Armband.
Is that what happened to the man who took care of you?
You've got to be quiet. You don't want to go back to the laboratory, do you?
So do me a tavor. Get down there and don't say anything.
I'll come back and take you home as soon as possible.
Okay, that's a good boy. Bye bye.
It's him! He's here!
Oh, Giz, I'm so sorry. Are you okay? How's your hand?
Look, he's here. You have to get down.
I'm Marla Bloodstone, the department head here. It there's anything I can
That's okay. Everybody just relax.
Go on about what you'd be doing normally.
I know I haven't been here betore, but that'll change. I'll be more...
...hands on with these operations trom now on.
This is excellent! Isn't that territic?
You've captured the whole essence of the project.
Look at the kids with the kites. That's warmth. I like warmth.
What's your name? Billy. William Peltzer, sir.
Bill, huh? That's what we need here: People who produce.
Lose those trees, though. With elm, people think "Dutch," "disease."
Absolutely. Absolutely.
What's with that drawer?
It's automatic. It opens now and then in case you need something.
I didn't know about that.
Hey! What's that? Did you hear that?
"People who produce."
He called you Bill. This is very big.
This is a career opportunity advancement window. For both of us.
Do you really think so? Clearly. We can talk at dinner.
Great. Sometime next Tonight.
I can't. I have something too.
A brochure tor the Archery Channel.
It's a total suicide, red alert, deadline emergency.
You know what? I'm letting it go to have dinner with you.
I just can't leave on such short notice.
What is with that drawer, Billy?
You keeping a pet in there? I'm allergic to pets.
It's good Mr. Clamp likes you because Let me see.
Maybe tonight would be the best.
There's a chic new Canadian restaurant. They clean the tish at your table.
Really? That sounds territic. Just let me grab my bag.
Now, listen. I have to go.
I'll send someone to pick you up. So just stay put.
Billy. Yeah
Yeah. Sure, I'm ready.
We may see Woody. They say he eats there incessantly.
IKatie? Hi, honey. I'm almost ready.
I just gotta punch out. Hi.
I'm not able to go out with you tonight. I'm sorry.
I've got a meeting with some people. A meeting? Great.
Listen, I got a big tavor to ask of you.
Gizmo's here and he That furry thing?
Yeah. He's up in my desk drawer.
Don't do that. I hate it when you do that.
There's good news. You get to take him home.
Take him home? Our home? Yes.
No! Why not?
What if they start running around New York?
They won't, I promise. Just obey the rules.
The rules! Remember the first one?
Don't expose them to bright light because it kills them.
The second rule Don't let them get wet?
The third one is, don't let them eat atter midnight.
That's very good, honey. Wait!
Toight, om the Champ Cable Chassic Movie Chamel...'t miss Casablanca, mow i fuhh color with a happier edig.
With Clamp's annual salary, it he goes to the bathroom tor 30 seconds...
...the man's earning $375 while he stands there.
What can he do? Can he tix an elevator?
What does it cost the company tor me... get a drink of water, .0003 cents?
I tell you... A taste of the wrench tor you, my triend.
I said not to put new units in. They don't listen.
They listen to that guy they pay $375 to go to the bathroom.
I remember the Sip master Mark IV.
That was a tabulous drinking fountain. You could squirt it six months...
...and it'd still be shooting straight.
But those dancing days are done.
The hell with it.
I'm not being paranoid. The guy's atter my job.
That's how it is these days. All politics.
It's the law ot the jungle around here.
Young guys only care about one thing, okay? Power.
I'm talking about ruthless.
Gizmo, ca ca!
Will the ower of the car with licese mumber 1 AG401...
...phease remove it from the parhkimg garage? Your car is old amd dirty.
State your desired fhoor umber. Forty six, please.
The ehevator doors have opemed. Phease heave.
How'd you get up there?
Billy said to take you home, so I'm just
I'll put you in my purse until we're out of the building.
Here we go.
Gizmo, you're so hyper.
I guess New York does that to people.
Okay, here we go.
So did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
I always knew I liked to draw.
When I was a kid, I drew comics. I had this box ot crayons
I had crayons!
I used them to write memos to the other kids. Even then, I knew.
That's really something.
We're finally getting to know each other. You can't do that in an otfice.
It's all business. Exactly!
Let's talk about your relationship to Mr. Clamp. Your access.
I see a tuture. I see corner oftices, embossed letterhead.
I see us swallowing the publicity department.
Really? Wow...
Gosh. I'm teeling so vulnerable with you, Billy.
I've never talked about these feelings before.
When art and business join torces, anything can happen.
I definitely teel we should join...
This is a Canadian dessert, chocolate mousse.
Can I cut you an antler?
No, thank you.
You okay? You want another Molson?
No, thanks. Really, I'm tine.
I gotta go. I got this appointment. I'm in a hurry.
I'm sorry about your stocking. That's okay, Billy.
See you tomorrow. Yeah, great.
How about some horn?
Okay, Gizmo.
Billy said to feed you before midnight. He didn't say what you like.
I hope this is okay. It's chicken and mashed potatoes
Oh, God!
Try to be a little more careful around here, okay?
We don't have money to replace things.
There you go.
What are you? Bingo!
Who is it? Open up, honey. It's me.
Hey. Sorry I'm late. Hi.
It's okay.
What happened to you?
How was your meeting?
It was tine. Where's Gizmo?
He's in the kitchen. Great. Did you teed him?
Sort ot. Giz, guess who's...
Bulls eye! ...home.
Where'd you find him? Your otfice, where you said.
This is not Gizmo.
We have to go back. You said no more
There won't be, it they don't eat after midnight.
But look at him.
He's wired.
We have to take him with us.
Honey, get my bag! Okay.
Great. Who could that be? It's late.
Should I get it? You better get it.
If you wanna get out, be quiet. Who is it?
That's better.
Mr. And Mrs. Futterman! Weren't you coming tomorrow?
The guys in my old outfit changed the reunion date.
We had to get on a Greyhound. Thirty two hours.
Sorry tor coming so late. That's okay.
Can I get you coftee or tea?
Little piggers! Oh, yeah, the cake blew up.
Billy, this is some crazy city. We tried to get a cab.
You know they got Russians driving cabs?
What if someone got in with a brietcase full of atomic secrets?
Murray, remember what Dr. IKaplan said. We're going to be nice and calm.
He was a little distressed atter what happened with those
I'm tine. I'm fine.
I was jumpy tor a while, that's all. What was that?
It's all right, dear. I heard it too.
Of course you did!
The thing is, you can't stay tonight. I'd love it it you could.
It's just, the building is being...
...tumigated. Being renovated.
Mice and stutf. Rats.
No sweat. We'll book into a hotel.
You know, mice and bugs Hey, that's okay.
You can't be too caretul. There's all kinds ot toreign bugs.
Your mom baked you an apple pie.
Someone sat on it. I'm sure it'll taste okay.
Your dad's got some new inventions. Reversible toilet paper.
We'll call you tomorrow and have dinner.
Okay, great. Good! Marvelous.
Tomorrow. Bye. I'm sorry.
That's okay. Welcome to New York!
Okay, that's a IKona praline with kiwis and peanut butter cups?
Wait. Are the peanut butter cups all natural?
I'm not sure. Are the peanut butter cups all natural?
I know they're pesticide tree.
It's not the same. They put other things in.
It comes oft when they roast them.
Roasting is the worst.
Where they don't roast, they have 70% less death.
Sure that isn't pickling?
How can you work with this and not read studies?
It's a rat!
Oh, my God! What's going on?
Did she say there are rats? No rats.
That's not what she said.
The Clamp Etry matic doors are beig upgraded to serve you better.
Phease use the mamual doors for your eterimg amd exitig meeds.
A head came up, with big ears. There was a thing in the topping.
What kind of thing? A turry thing.
It's supposed to be health tood.
I want damages!
They've eaten after midnight. Come on.
Sorry I brought the wrong one home.
It's my tault. I shouldn't have lett Gizmo. We gotta find him.
It's along here.
There. That's where the water comes into the building.
Give me video.
At least we can keep them trom getting wet.
Hold it! Get the hell out ot there.
Move it! Come on, move!
Looks like I caught a terrorist. What's in the bag?
Nothing. Yeah? Let's look at that nothing.
I wouldn't do this if I were you. But you aren't me, are you?
We gotta tind him betore he eats. He already ate.
There are more of them. We gotta shut the building down.
We? We!
No, "we" gotta get the cops and put you in a rubber room.
I'm not crazy. They're dangerous.
I've dealt with them. They wreck things.
Ooh! They wreck things!
Remember this town, IKingston Falls? I remember the IKingston Trio.
Let's go, kids. We're home, let's go. This way. Over here.
How did you get me out? With next month's rent.
What time is it? Around 6:30.
They probably made their cocoons by now.
How long do they take to hatch? Not long enough. Come on.
Gizmo, ca ca!
Champ Cemtre is experiecig ihhumiatio system difficulties.
Phease try mot to otice.
The building is completely screwed up today.
I know, Fred.
Sure. You're young.
You know everything.
Bright light. We'll need some of these.
Con Ed.
Gizmo, zap, zap!
I have to go to systems control.
IKate, you're up. Good morning, Billy.
Oh, hi.
Last night was wonderful. We have to do it again.
Marla, this is IKate.
My goodness, I have to go right away. Hello.
Hi. Cute hat.
Honey, that's my boss. That's the woman I work with.
It we get through today alive, you're in big trouble.
But you don't think that
Peltzer! I need to speak with you.
You got arrested but you've come back. Miss us?
You gotta evacuate the building. Why?
There are creatures in it. They start out small and furry.
It they eat after midnight, they torm cocoons
You're having a psychotic episode. You gotta listen.
This is good. They're furry, then they have cocoons.
They eat, then cocoon.
Sure. You're going into a cocoon, you wanna eat tirst.
Now we're in the nerve center of Clamp Cable Network.
Mr. IKatsuji, please get back in line. Please.
It we're very quiet, we can watch a program being videotaped.
Right this way.
This week we have our special Sahute to Lucheom Meats.
Many ot you have written, asking how to zing up party appetizers.
I'm very excited about this recipe. It's so piquant with sherry.
Some people use a dash.
I use a lot.
So let's just plunge into our hors d'oeuvres, shall we?
You know, these bologna and bean dip roll ups...
...are so easy when triends drop over.
Okay, wait. What it one of them eats something at 11:00...
...but something sticks in his teeth? A caraway or a sesame seed.
And atter 12, it comes out. He didn't eat it atter midnight.
I didn't make the rules. Rules?
What if they're in an airplane and they cross a time zone?
It's always midnight somewhere.
Peltzer, is this...? Yes, sir.
Take this, in case it comes back. Right.
Before microwaves, this used to take forever.
But now, we can make the same...
...tuna noodle cheese product chowder surprise... just a tew minutes.
Now, let's just move down...
What's that?
What is that?
Must be a brownout.
We'll do an edit. Pick it up there.
Oh, well. The show must go on.
So let's ladle up some ot our chowder noodle
Run tor your lives! Monster!
You see what these monsters are doing?
They're throwing metal utensils into the microwave!
Stay here and die!
Wait. Wait! What is it? Wait!
Mr. IKatsuji! I need a Polaroid.
It's not part ot the program!
Something weird is going on in Studio D.
Punch it up on the stack.
I show brownouts in tive more locations.
Climate control malfunction, tloors 15 and 16.
What the hell?
The pest intestation monitor is reading critical.
What is that? That could be rats, right?
No, sir. I'm afraid it's not.
Whatever they are, they've gotta respect the chain ot command.
Gizmo, Gizmo, Gizmo, Gizmo!
Light bright! Light bright!
Please state your desired floor. Thirty eight.
Thirty eight.
Thirty eight! Thirty eight...
Going up!
Elevator, stop.
Sound alarm.
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Golden Voyage Of Sinbad The
Gone in 60 Seconds
Gone with the Wind 1939
Gone with the Wind CD1
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Good Advice
Good Boy
Good Boy 2003
Good Cop The
Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD1
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Good Morning Vietnam
Good Son The
Good Thief The (2002)
Good Work (1999)
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Gospel of John CD1
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Gothika 2003
Gotter der Pest 1970
Goutes d eau sur pierres brulantes 1999
Goya - Carlos Saura 1999
Goyokin - The gold of the Shogun 1969
Gozu (23976fps)
Graduation Day
Gran Vida La - (Living It Up) 2000
Grand Restaurant Le 1966
Grande Illusion La
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD1
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD2
Grapes of Death The
Grapes of Wrath The CD1
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Grave Of The Fireflies CD1
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Graveyard Of Honour
Grease 1978 CD1
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Grease 2
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Green Card
Green Dragon 2001
Green Fish (1997) CD1
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Gregorys Girl
Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD1
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Grifters The
Grinch The - Jim Carrey
Grind 2003
Gronne Slagtere De 2003
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD1
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Groundhog Day
Grudge The
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Guadalcanal Diary
Guarding Tess 1994
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD1
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Guest House Paradiso
Guilty As Sin 1993 25fps
Guilty By Association 2003
Guilty By Suspicion (2003)
Guinevere 1999
Gullivers Travels 1939
Gun Crazy - A Woman From Nowhere
Gun Crazy Vol 2 Beyond the Law
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