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In South Vietnam,...
...communist groups from the North have made...
...their deepest penetration in the south,... far in the war.
The enemy used tanks in an ambush today...
...against some two hundred American air cavalry men...
...touching off a four hour battle near Keisung.
And this late dispatch from the US command in Vietnam:...
...allied troops have killed 243 more Vietcong... the vicinity of Saigon, in a battle that is still raging.
President Johnson told a pro-administration...
...labor convention in the nation´s capital,...
...that this country will stand firm in Vietnam,...
...and will continue to build better conditions in America.
It sort of took a fellow back to the days of Harry Truman,... hear his audience cheer him on with shouts of ´Give them hell!´,... the President defended his record.
Now, the America that we are building,...
...would be a threatened nation...
...if we let freedom and liberty die in Vietnam.
We will do what must be done, and we´ll do it both at home...
...and we´ll do it wherever our brave men...
...are called upon to send.
This is the America that we have faith in.
This is a nation that is building.
This is a wonderful country that is growing.
And I hope that you men...
...are determined to help us meet these problems.
I hope you men are determined to see our help give justice.
Not just for ourselves...
...but for all the people of this nation...
...and for all the people of the world.
And I sometimes wonder why we Americans enjoy...
...punishing ourselves so much,...
...with our own criticism.
This is a pretty good land.
I´m not saying you never had it so good.
But that is a fact, isn´t it?
Which one of you niggers is man enough just to take me on?
What happened to your face? -Holy cow!
Don´t touch it.
Oh, what happened?
I got stumped by some spades at 125th street.
Why? -What are you fighting spades for?
l´m trying to get out of my pre-induction physical, so...
...I tried to get my leg busted and... -You picked a fight with them?
Yeah. -Oh, man!
Well, I´ve got to get out of it somehow.
Oh well listen, be cool. I can get you out of it.
We´ll do the same thing for you... -How?
...that I did when I went down there a week ago.
Be cool, it´s very easy.
Take yourjacket off.
Those pants are ok, don´t you think? -Oh yeah, they´re good.
Tuck your shirt in. All the way around.
All the way.
Be sure to get it in there. -Now, pull your pants up.
Pull them way up. -High.
Oh, no.
Take this. -My peanuts man!
That´s it.
Get the belt.
Get it like this. -This is killing me man!
Now let it hang like that.
Got to get the flap down. -Is that too?
That´s too blatant. -Yeah.
That´s good. -Yeah, that´s good.
Right, now you need some black lace bikini panties.
Or silk. -Bikini panties for...
Silk. That´s real good. -...when you take pants off.
This is really important. -Fags, you see, are really...
Fags are really blatant.
I´m not a fag, man!
You don´t understand, we´re making you a fag.
For the induction.
It´s like ´self-pantsing´...? -Right.
I was wondering. It sounded pretty strange.
You want people to focus in on the ´crucial area´,...
To scope in on that zone down there.
Take some Kleenex or...
...a pair of socks! -Oh yeah.
Take a pair of socks and just stuff them in the silk panties.
Just so it bulges.
And then what you need is a kind of a fishnet shirt.
Oh, yeah, fishnet. -Real big net...
...and like a scarf.
Kind of a big, flowing, silk scarf.
If you´re gonna wear those net shirts,...´ll have to shave your chest.
And you have to shave under your arms.
Your whole body! -You better use nair!
So with the hand on the hip and the wrist.
Just sort of flop the wrist. Just walk right up to the Sergeant.
You walk right up and get as close as you can...
...and seduce him with your eyeballs and say...
Do that! -Hey fellas, get a load of this.
And when he talks to the fellas,... turn around and look at the fellas too.
And give them a little sort of, wink, a little...
Like that. You got that?
And then he´ll ask you...
What´s your name. -Ask him his name.
What´s your name? -Well, Joe Scho.
I got it! When he ask him what his name is.
This is what you say. -What´s your name, son?
Paul Gerald George, the fellas call me Jerry...
...but you can call me ´Geranium´.
Did you hear that, fellas?
What kind of a name is that? What kind of a name is that, son!
All my friends think I smell like a flower.
Yeah, just like that.
And then he´ll ask you where you live.
Ask me where I live.
This is very important!
Alright, where do you live, son? -Oh, I live around.
See, because you´ve got to make him believe...
...that you want to live around with him.
You want to live around with serge.
That´s really crucial!
And then he´ll turn around to the fellas, again,...
...when you say that. -Hey do you hear that, fellas?
And then every time that he turns around to the fellas,... turn around them and give them sort of a little... crinkle, with the nose and say...
... ´hi, fellas!´ -Hi, fellas.
Do that. Can you do that?
I can do all that.
When I get to the end can I say something like...
... ´hey, shall I take my clothes off now?´
That´s perfect! That´s fantastic!
Beautiful! -Good.
Really great! -It ain´t gonna work!
What? Ridiculous! -It ain´t gonna work!
Why not? -Because I can´t act like a fag!
Believe me... -It worked a week ago!
...they´ll stick me in the front lines with the rest of the fags!
They´re giving them... -They can´t do that!
Wait! Look, I´ve got an idea. I´ve got to go down next week.
I´ve got a very good idea. Something that I´m gonna do.
Hey Lloyd, you be the psychiatrist. -Sure, man.
Come in.
Reporting as ordered, sir.
Come on, tell me to sit down. -Sit down, son.
Thank you sir.
Now watch this:...
Request permission to speak, sir. -Go right ahead, son!
Well sir, I don´t know why l´m in here, sir.
The Sergeant out there, a very nice fellow,...
...told me to come in and see you.
And there is no reason why I don´t want to join the army.
I happen to have been doing some work on the outside... a secret organization,...
...of which I cannot divulge,...
...and that´s why I hadn´t joined sooner, sir.
It´s just routine procedures. -Oh, routine of course, sir.
But we have the same screening process in our organization, sir.
You´ve got to get that in, very important!
This is very important!
Sir, that´s no way to run an army out there,...´ve got niggers, you´ve got spicks, you´ve got Jews, sir!
Everyone knows about the Jews!
You´re not Jewish, are you sir?
Hey Paul! You try it, go ahead!
Now look straight ahead, real military!
Sir, request permission to speak sir. -That´s it!
Go right ahead, son.
I´m not exactly sure of why they sent me in here, sir.
Because I´m ready to be a fine soldier.
I´ll go out there and kill me a bunch of ´em little commies!
You got any personal problems you wanna talk about, son?
No, sir, I ain´t got no problems at all, sir!
That´s it! -He´s loud!
Now he´s going to ask you what you do, like where you work and stuff like that.
Ask me where I work. -Where do you work now, son?
Well sir, I work at a bookstore and this enables me, sir, to...
...look at all them and make sure that they read right books...
...and I always try and suggest masters of the seed and books like...
...The FBl Story, sir.
But I only do this in the day, to earn my meager earnings,... butter my bread and butter. But at night... true vocation comes out.
Now, here you go: you´ve heard of the NY bowling league, sir?
The New York...? You bowl a lot?
No. The New York bowling league, sir.
I´m afraid I don´t understand, son. -So now you look around the room.
It´s a secret organization, sir. -What do they do?
I don´t understand at all, son. -Well, sir...
...since it´s secret you probably don´t know much about it at all.
The CRPU, sir. -What´s the CRPU, son?
It´s the Civilian Reserve for the Protection of the Union, sir.
What does the ´Civilian Reserve for the Protection of the Union´ do?
We preserve the Union.
We´re setting up Communication and Weapon Centers...
...all over the country.
It´s a growing menace. Everyday there´s more...
...of ´em commie-rat-bastards, and niggers and all ´em...
...dirty, undernourished people. -Hello, man! That´s too real!
Like the Chinese restaurants, sir?
Well that´s just a plot, sir. You go in there and spend 50...
...and eat for an hour and a half,...
...and a half hour later you´re starving to death.
That´s a Chinese Communist plot... starve the United States.
And so I´m going to request...
...that you don´t put me in the front lines because as we know...
...there are a lot of Mexican Americans, a lot of niggers,...
...a lot of homosexuals, a lot of undesirable elements!
All of the undesirable elements of this country are there.
So I request, that you put me in the middle, sir.
So that when I´m shooting at the enemy...
...I won´t sort of, accidentally, let my rifle veer a bit to the left...
...and pick off a few of those cancerous elements,...
...and then a little to the right to pick off a few more.
You see what I mean? You see,...
...and then you say ´and sir, I just want to say that if one tenth...
...of the 500,000 men in Vietnam, do what I´m gonna do...
...well we could wipe out this yellow peril...
...within a matter of months, sir.
You must remember, sir, that...
...a few chinks a day, keep the Chinese away!
That´s great.
No, man! Look. You´re putting him to sleep!
Listen we kept him awake for two days, we´ve got to keep him going.
Wake up man!
I´ve got a story.
Listen, I´m gonna tell you a story...
I´m sorry! -...that´ll keep you awake...
...for another month!
So that when you go down there you´re going to be a wreck!
Hurry up! Hurry! -Common man, common!
I´m going to tell you a story that´s going to bug your eyes out.
I went to a mixer at Barnum College,... know, the girl´s college, attached to Columbia.
One of those deals where you pay your 75 cents to walk in.
Well, I walked in man.
I´ve never seen so many ugly girls in my entire life!
It was unbelievable!
So I walk up and say ´hi, my name´s Lloyd, what´s your name, baby?´
And she says ´Joanne´, just like that!
Unbelievable voice!
But, what the hell! I might as well give it a try!
So I say ´you wanna dance?´
And she says, ´sure, I´d love to´.
Just like that, man. Really unbelievable!
So we get out there and I´m doing my...
...I´m doing my funky Broadway.
I´m really working my show and she´s just standing there sort of...
... ´twitching´.
And I say to her ´listen, baby, I can´t take this anymore´.
Because I just couldn´t stand to look at her.
I just couldn´t stand to watch her doing that thing.
So I say ´common, lets go down to the west end and have a drink´.
She says ,´oh, I´m sorry, but I don´t drink´.
So I say, ´common baby, you can watch me drink!´
We went to the west end, you know the bar down there?
Double bourbon, man. Right down the hat!
I said, ´hey baby, what do you want?´
She says, ´Oh, I´d love a glass of milk´.
She really dug milk, man! Three glasses!
A buck and a half, I spent on milk!
You cats said anything to me?
Hey, come here!
Bring him over here!
After I saw her drink all this milk, I thought it was time to get out,...
...because I couldn´t stand it anymore.
I wanted to get her up to her apartment.
I wasn´t expecting much.
But, when you want to get into a chick...´ve got to be subtle, you can´t say...
...´common baby, lets go to your place and screw´.
You´ve gotta be subtle, you´ve gotta be cool...
You´ve gotta say ´I´d just love a cup of coffee,... you know how to make it?´.
´Hey, I´d love to make you some coffee,...
...lets go up to my apartment´.
So, we went up to her apartment, and...
...she made me this cup of coffee. It was mud, man!
It was the worst coffee l have ever had in my entire life!
I say, ´lets go into the living room and put on...
...a few tunes´. And she says, ´we can´t do that,...
...I don´t care about your room mate!´
So, we went in there, and there´s this chick, Ethel,...
...from Paravas, New Jersey.
Ugliest chick, I have ever seen in my entire life!
She´s sitting there reading.
So I say ´common, put on a few tunes´.
So she puts on a couple of tunes...
...and I sit down on the sofa,...
...and leave room for her to sit down next to me,...
...and, she doesn´t do that.
She goes over and sits next to Ethel...
...on the other side of the room.
And then she says, ´hey Ethel, come here,...
...I´ve something to tell you´.
And they had that whispering conference.
God! Shades of the past!
So, old Ethel, gets up and leaves the room, see.
And Joanne comes down and sits next to me.
So I figure, something is really happening now.
And Joanne comes back and she´s got this can of stuff...
...and she´s flipping it up and down.
And she starts turning out all the lights.
Well, I don´t know if this is scaring you away...
...but I´m going to be awake for the next month and a half!
Lets sit down.
So old Ethel,...
...she comes back and sits down, I mean, Joanne,...
...she goes to turn off the light. Look at this.
Look, listen!
She reaches across me to turn off the light.
And there´s her boob, right there.
Sitting right...
There it is! Right there!
She reaches off and turns off the light...
I mean she leaves it there,...
She didn´t back off!
Just leaves it!
Right there, man! And here l am...
I had a nipple and this boob.
I had a sight! And...
...Ethel sits down on the other side of me...
...and she´s got this can, it´s a can of whipped cream.
That Ready Whip stuff.
Sprayed whipped cream. Oh man it was unbelievable!
And old Joanne, with her boob, she just starts working on my chest.
She starts undoing the buttons.
What are you doing? -Well, she´s undoing my buttons!
Ethel gets down on the floor...
...and she starts taking my shoes off.
She takes off my shoes and my socks.
Ethel and Joanne is up here and she´s working away...
...and she takes my shirt off.
And then Ethel starts to go for the pants.
Old Ethel, boy, she just sucks right in there to my fly!
She unzips my fly.
Pulled down my pants! She pulled off my underwear.
Just pulled them right off!
Oh God! And then...
...they stood up and took off their clothes, see.
So, there were the three of us completely naked!
So I throw Ethel to the ground... Hey common listen to this!
I throw Ethel to the ground and I leap on top of her...
...and Joanne jumps on me.
And there I am, in the middle of this bob sandwich, just like a...
...and then old Joanne says ´hey, cut it, stop!´
And I can´t figure out what´s going on! We went through all this.
I take off my clothes and now you´re telling me to stop.
I can´t believe this!
So then they pull out the ol´ whipped cream.
They stretch me out,...
...and they cover me from head to foot with whipped cream.
Just spray it all over me and smooth it out.
And then they start to lick it off!
Just slobbering the whipped cream off my body.
And ol´ Joanne starts up at the neck and starts working down...
Ethel is down by the toes and she´s working up...
...and she´s getting higher. And they´re closing in on the D´s... the middle of the chest. And they´re getting in there,...
...and they´re getting closer and closer together!
And they get right down there and lick the whipped cream!
They lick it right off my crotch... God!
What´s that?
It´s a fake postcard that l...
...made for... -You made that? art magazine. -Can I see?
Superficially it´s like one of those...
...old fashioned postcards where you get a lot of views...
...inside the other one. -Oh, yeah.
You lift the flap and the others just fall out.
But that doesn´t look like anything.
Oh, I see!
That´s all the same thing, right? -I got interested in the idea that... a postcard of that sort... -Yeah.
...of that scale, it´s very difficult to identify any of the elements...
Yeah. the picture.
It´s almost a question of relating these marks to each other.
You can´t tell what anything is.
Yeah. -So somehow the...
...relationship of each mark to another, tells me that it´s people.
So you blew it up to see... -I made one or two paintings...
...on this theme, taking...
...large groups of people and then finding out...
...what kind of information there is in there, when you go into it in...
...suddenly see... -Say, you know what?
This is like the movie. Like ´Blow up´.
Like the huge pick, the way the guy blew it up...
So I´m told... -Yeah.
...but I did this about 18 months before.
Really? -I did it...
...18 months before. -That´s really groovy.
The painting is from this area here. -Yeah.
What interested me about that particular frame...
...was that, at the bottom of the frame.
Yeah. -You can tell...
...what the elements are. You can tell that this is a boy.
Although it´s just a smudge, it still remains...
A boy. -...human.
I can see that. -You can even tell the sex.
This you can even identify as a female and...
...the relationship of that figure to that figure...
...will let you know that this is a woman.
Yeah. -This must be the mother...
...of this figure. It´s like a family group.
The one is sitting in a deck chair. -Yeah.
That blob is a head. -Yeah.
When you blow it up and look a bit further... looks as it´s a dog.
You can´t tell what it is, but it´s just the relationship...
...of these marks to those marks...
...that´ll tell you what happens. -Fantastic!
I´m very interested in the Kennedy assassination.
I´ve got my whole room wallpapered, practically,...
...with photographs of the assassination scene and the...
...grassy knoll and stuff. And this is just like that...
...´cause they´re all blown up. And you stare and you stare...
When the picture is this big... can´t tell what´s going on. You get no information from it.
And then you blow it up like this, and you still can´t see anything.
It´s all like, it´s all there but it´s not really there.
You can´t really see what´s going on.
Hey! What happened?
Did you get out? -They said two weeks.
You don´t know yet?
What did the psychiatrist say?
Well, it came out kind of strange. -What happened?
What´d they say? -l don´t know if they believed me.
What´d they tell you? -Two weeks!
Two weeks and they tell me. -Oh, well man! You´re out then!
´Cause that´s what they told me.
What did the psychiatrist say? -Listen, it´s cool.
He didn´t say a lot. I don´t know... -Common lets go home.
l´m tired! -Lets go celebrate.
Look, this is...
...this thing I got from Life Magazine, see?
It´s a blow up and it´s the grassy knoll.
In Dallas, just a couple of seconds after the assassination.
Everybody is running towards the grassy knoll just after the shots were fired.
And they´re running right towards that guy, you see, right that...
Right next to the tree there, there´s a guy in a white shirt.
And they´re all running next to him. And you know who that is?
Who? -That´s Officer X.
And this is his buddy down here in the cop uniform...
...running up to help him, see? -That´s a white spot...
...that you can see through the tree. -No man! That´s Officer X.
l´m sure of it, see... Because all of this...
I know for a fact that the shots came from the front,...
And, what I want you to do is just... I´ve got the negative here.
You take this and you blow it up.
Take the photo and blow it up so that l see...
...that that is Officer X and that he´s got a gun,...
And that´ll crack this case right open!
You won´t see anything...
...but grains the size of golf balls! -No man!
I saw the blow up! l know how this turns out, you can´t see anything.
It´s been blown up so many times. -Well listen, Tina.
Will you just do it for me?
Please! -Ok.
Look, here´s the negative. lt´s number sixty nine, seventeen.
Alright? -Alright.
It´ll take me some minutes. -Alright.
Look, I used to go around...
...with that horrible Cindy Slater.
Yeah. -She was so ignorant!
Why? -Pushing her hair in her face,...
...and chewing gum all the time!
Just all of the time, she´s chewing gum!
It was just terrible trying to grow up with...
Right. Ok...
Wait, wait! There...
So what happened to her? -She ran off with your boyfriend.
Oh, no! Not my boyfriend. -Wasn´t it? Wasn´t he...
No, it was just an acquaintance. -l heard they became hippies...
Me a hippie! -Well, how come?
You want a cigarette? Alright.
This clearly shows that Officer X was in the front...
...and firing from the front with a Russian 6.76 millimeter rifle,...
...causing a neck wound in the President´s neck.
Seven eighths of an inch below the collar button.
The Warren Commission just...
...whitewashed it all over. Just smeared it all over!
But look! You can see he´s got a riffle there.
Look! See!
It´s right! See!
Fundamental attributes, they...
...add all these long words: general characteristics,...
...political view points...
They really run it down!
Physical appearance...
Do you think I´m unusually attractive orjust...
...regularly attractive?
I don´t know, man. Lie!
You know Eileen Roberts, the plump widow...
...that managed the house where Oswald was living...
...under the name of O.H. Lee. You get it? O.H. Lee!
Lee Harvey Oswald! Right?
I never thought about that much... -It´s like that.
Philosophy of life values?
Had I the ability I would like to do the work of...
They didn´t want to catch him. He just drove right off, like that.
lt is perhaps too far fetched to imagine...
...that they were giving Oswald some kind of signal...
...although it seems as plausible as any other explanation... this bizarre incident.
Yeah. -And then you see...
...after Mrs. Roberts testified in Dallas, in April of 1964...
...she was subjected to intensive police harassment.
Cops came around and bugged her... all hours of the night and day, and stuff like that.
And they called up her employers and told her employers...
...that she was the lady who ran the house where Oswald was.
She lost all these jobs, man! She lost...
...four housekeeping and nursing jobs... April, May and June of 1964 alone!
Hi, Barbara Miller? -Yeah?
Hi, I´m Paul Shaw.
I have a computer date. May I come in?
You´re Paul Shaw? -Yeah.
Oh my God, I don´t believe it!
What a nice house you have.
Any other rooms? -No.
Where do you sleep, on here?
What do you care where l sleep!
You walk in here and right away you wanna know where I sleep!
I should´ve known! You really want to get to know me!
All you care is where my bed is!
No, I care about other things!
Then, why´d you ask?
Oh, I just happened to... -You asked...
... ´cause that´s where your mind is!
It´s in the bed!
Aren´t you...
...worried about your car being double parked or something?
No. It´s not double parked...
I don´t have a car.
You don´t have a car? -No.
Then how do you expect to get anywhere?
Well, I walk, or take a subway or a bus...
A bus! -Sure.
What kind of bus do you know pulls up in front of El Morocco?
I don´t know where El Morocco is!
Then where do you expect to eat?
Don´t know I...
I ate. -You ate?
Yeah. -What do you mean you ate?
What kind of a date doesn´t go out to dinner?
I spend all day getting dressed and all you wanna do is... my clothes off! You´re all the same!
Walk in, off with the clothes and into the bed right away!
Look at this dress!
An original Arnold of Alexander´s!
All hand sequenced! Fifty nine, ninety five!
And the shoes...
Socialite! The shoe that starts the total look.
You see how they match the dress? -Yeah.
Agilon stockings...
Pastel tones to gamble in. Two fifty a pair!
And my Technique girdle, and matching bra.
Slant seam, to lift and mold!
And did you notice?
Living nails with Fabergé glaze.
Perfectly shaped and guaranteed chip free for a week!
And what the hell did you do? Throw on a sweater?
Hold on. Lloyd! No, hold on a second!
Listen to me, ok?
No, just listen a second.
Remember I was supposed to go on a computer date?
No she was great looking, yeah.
But she´s really not ready for me, and I´m not ready for her.
And, since you´re one of my best friends I figured...
...maybe she´d be ready for you or you´d be ready for her.
FBl exhibit sixty, slip and firm...
...President´s shirt and tie...
Seven eighths of an inch from...
Now, President´s head wound, President´s neck wounds!
The autopsy of the first Naval Hospital...
Hole was located approximately five and a half inches...
...from the tip of the right shoulderjoint.
Five and a half inches...
...from the right shoulder.
You´re such fun. Now the arch... Seventeen degrees...
The same distance...
...below the tip of the right mastoid process.
The bony point immediately behind the ear.
Right there!
lntersection in... Around the bullet hole.
The bullet hole!
The bullet went in...
Put the shirt on and line up the holes.
Five inches...
There, that´s right!
Here we go.
Put the shirt on...
The shirt...
Put the shirt on. Turn over again.
Common, roll over. Roll over...
Lets show the FBl the street grade and the angle.
Everything´s wrong!
The whole thing is a blatant falsification...
I´ll crack this case wide open!
FBl, Hoover, liars,...
...cheats, defraud the American public... their wit!
I know what goes on. The President was killed off.
Plots and lying!
And there´s no current stuff.
Man, nobody pulls a wool over my eyes!
Not the FBl! No sir, boy!
´Cause I´m gonna...
I´m gonna show them a thing or three.
Common, this is important!
Now five and three quarter inches below the...
Five and three quarter inches...
Bullet, right there.
Now the neck...
...bullet wound...
The holes don´t match!
The FBl falsified the Bethesda autopsy.
They said the bullet went in...
...five and three quarters inches below the top of the collar, but...
...Carico, a resident... Common this is important!
Carico who is a resident physician,... Parkway, said that the bullet went in below the...
...below the mastoid about five...
Right below the mastoid process there...
Now, if the FBl thinks that the bullet hole went in the back... the downward street grade, shot the bullet at...
...17 degrees, 30 minutes and 27 seconds...
...the President would´ve had to be standing on his head...
...for the bullet to go in here and come out here...
So that proves conclusively, beyond the shadow of a doubt,...
...the FBl was lying! They were covering up with...
Read the Rat! Read all about it!
Tells you where to get a gun, where to get an abortion,... to stay out of the army,... to desert the army if you´re already in it,... to sneak on to the subway,...
...where to steal food, how to go on welfare.
Free legal aid! Right here man!
Hey, ever see a Rat?
Rat in every room!
Scare the shit out of your neighbors!
Rats, right here!
New York´s new revolutionary newspaper!
Did you ever see The Rat?
It´s out of sight! Check it out!
Is this an ad? -Well they didn´t put it in.
But we´ve been inverting the ads.
We´ve been taking regular ads and turning them upside down.
Here I´ve got some more.
Check these, man! These are really out of sight!
See the closer you get, the better you look.
See, there´s the Meikong Channel close up.
People don´t even see this part in the ad at first.
These Vietnamese families drowning!
Introduced me to a unique idea in man´s shaving cologne...
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, catch a nigger by the toe...
That´s what they´re saying.
We´re just taking this ad and showing it the way it is.
And we put black guy in there...
...with a riffle, ´cause he´s gonna fight!
We´re gonna have a war right here!
Here? -Right here. A revolution!
D´you ever see the Empire State Building?
Empire State Building? -You ever see it?
It´s around the corner, the Colonial Theater.
Yeah. -Right across the street.
The Empire, something, Mercury dealer.
Empire, Colonial! -What´s wrong with that?
We live in an Empire! We have a colonialist system!
A Corporate Capitalist Power elite in the United States!
They´ve got it in every country.
No, General Motors, you see, runs the world!
We´ll put these on subways, the posters gonna scare the shit out of people.
Take one. lt´s a Rat!
Thank you. -Pick it up at the news stand.
lt´s fifteen cents!
Judy Cavendish? -No.
I must have the wrong apartment, sorry.
May I help you?
No, you can´t.
Where are your books of topical interests?
Topical? You mean like current events!
They´re right here.
Right in here.
You interested in the Kennedy assassination?
Oh, no!
Was that book that I was looking at about the...
...assassination? -Oh, yeah! Look it´s brand new.
The Kennedy assassination? -Yeah!
It´s got all this stuff about all the witnesses, that...
...died mysteriously.
Karate chopped and... -Really?
...murdered and stuff.
And it´s got about all the destroyed evidence, missing frames and...
...the Zapruder film, and the cut photographs and it´s got...´s got the new dope on Eileen Roberts! lt´s really nice!
Have you ever seen me before? -No, man!
Not unless you´ve been in here.
Did you ever wear a black shinny suit?
Ever been in Deeley plaza? -No man, but I´d really like to go...
New Orleans? -No, no man.
Who´s that woman?
I don´t know, she´s looking for a book. -Does she work here?
No, man, she´s just buying a book.
Why is she watching us?
She´s not, man! She´s looking at the book.
...come over here by the dirty books.
Can you get that out? My wallet. -Yeah.
Take a look at that.
You must be related to Eileen Roberts! -Yes!
Eileen Roberts is my aunt! My aunt Leenie.
You know all about this. -I was there!
I was there the day that Kennedy got shot!
Why aren´t you in the Warren Commission?
Because I was only there for one day.
Then I flew back to New York. Listen, l was there!
My aunt and I were sitting in the living room of her boarding house.
We were drinking a Dr. Pepper,...
...and all of a sudden, the news of the assassination...
...came on the TV!
We were watching. All of a sudden this guy,...
...who lives in my aunt´s boarding house,...
...under the name of O.H. Lee... -Yeah, l know about that!
He comes running up the front steps,... the door and up the stairs to his room.
The next thing that happens, about fifteen seconds later,...
...this cop car pulls up. Stops right outside the house.
And they honk the horn! -Right! Tit, tit!
Yeah, yeah! -Tit, tit.
Two times! And then they look out like they´re looking for something.
They look up at the building. 15 seconds passed, no more,...
...and they drive off! -Right.
The next thing that happens, about ten seconds later,...
...this O.H. Lee, comes down the stairs, out the door, on to the street.
He looks up and down. -Yeah.
Like he´s expecting somebody.
A signal! -Right?
Nobody´s there! He zips up his wind breaker,...
...he walks up to the bus stop and he stands there.
Yeah, it was a signal. -Yeah, listen, l saw the cops!
I know who they are.
I can identify them. -You can?
Yes! -Then you can crack this case!
Who´s that woman?
Did you see her before? -No.
She´s just... -She´s watching us!
No! -Do you know who she is?
No, I´ve never seen her before! -Listen, yes I can crack this case!
Of course I can crack this case! Five years!
What do you think I´ve been doing for five years?
Look at this...
Deeley plaza.
What is that? -It´s a plastic cast...
...of the pillow that was used to smother my aunt.
It´s unbelievable! -You see?
Why do you think I look so pale? -You do look...
Five years of this! Listen, now listen!
I´m on the verge of cracking this case, but I need that book!
That book, I think has the secret! -Well,...
...go ahead and buy it! -I can´t!
Cash register receipt! Finger prints, evidence...
You notice, I always wear gloves? -Oh yeah!
Listen, I can´t buy the book. -Well then, I´ll buy it!
No you can´t buy it! -Why not?
Because they´re watching us!
They watch me every minute of the day.
They´re watching you now.
I´m number seventeen.
You know about all the witnesses?
Sixteen witnesses killed!
Cody, with the karate chop to the neck.
And, that dancer. -Hung herself!
Right, with her pants in the prison cell.
They´re watching me, I´m number seventeen.
You´re number eighteen! -What?
Yes! You´re in this up to your neck buddy!
They´re watching us!
I´m not kidding! Listen, I need that book.
We can crack this case.
You steal the book. -What? I can´t steal it!
The manager is there. I´ll lose my job!
Steal the book for me! Who´s that woman?
I don´t know, she´s looking for a book.
You steal the book for me and then give it to me after work.
What time do you get off work? -17:30.
Where can we meet?
Ok, I´ll steal the book. -Right.
Be casual. -I´ll be casual.
This is terrific!
You got it?
Yeah. -Good!
Where can l meet you? -I´ll tell you what you´ve to do.
You´ve got to tell Garrison. -No!
You know what happened to Ferry! -Oh yeah!
Ferry, that´s it!
Meet me on the Statue of Liberty Ferry, Battery Park.
Tomorrow at 9 o´clock! -Yeah.
Great! -First ferry!
At the east end... -Right! What are you doing!
Hi, are you Cassandra Newton?
I´m Paul Shaw, your computer date.
You´re Paul? -Yeah.
Of course!
Come in, Paul.
You have a nice house, here.
Yeah, but, what do you know about anything?
You´re all over the place. Your mind is...
...flitting around in all different directions!
Close your eyes!
Feel the wall?
Where is it? -Here.
Oh no! The wall is in you!
You are the wall!
There´s no beginning, no end. lt´s all one.
But don´t look at me!
I want you to feel that. Can you feel it?
You, the wall, becoming one... -Oh yeah!
Yes, that´s good!
Oh no!
You´re jumping to the result!
We´ve got to start at the beginning.
The beginning of all energies.
The source!
Do you feel that? -Yeah.
That´s very good!
We´ve got to raise that energy up from that swamp...
...away from all those murky thoughts. All that lower force...
...better go upwards with my finger tips...
Do you feel it, moving upwards?
Branching out in all directions.
Raising up through the higher, ascendings,... the source of all life...
Let it open up, through and notice. Oh, do you feel that? It´s good.
You are all powerful! You can do anything!
No! I´m not ready!
Do you feel that? -Yeah.
Do you feel that throbbing? -Yeah.
Do you feel that rhythm? -Yeah.
We too must become one rhythm.
One music, one harmony...
We´re separate now. We´ve got to be one vibration.
One great musical rhythm! One magnificent scale!
Let it go through you and into me,...
...and through you and back.
Yes, yes, you´re feeling it now! You´re becoming wonderful!
Very good!
Very good! Yes, wonderful!
One mind!
One music!
Oh, lovely, lovely!
Very good, very good!
You´ve achieved the result.
I feel you know now.
We are one! One great beautiful energy.
Love will bring you forth.
Take you to the mother of all energies:...
...The Earth. Terracotta!
Let it take you down with it.
Let it bring you. Come. Yes, that´s good.
Oh, you´ve learned. Come! Let it bring you!
Let it bring you forth!
Oh, very good!
Your source!
What´s happened to your source?
´The ideal, of course, is to see an attractive female...
...engaged in some sort of sexual activity.
As a group, peepers are persevering optimists.
In this way, they remind one of our ardent fishermen,...
...undaunted by failure, and always hoping that the next time...
...their luck will be better.´
´Just as the fisherman will wait patiently for hours,... will the peeper wait patiently for a female to finish some...
...interminable minor chores before going to bed.
And then, like his notch, he may turn off the light before undressing.
Again, like the fisherman who keeps a list of areas where fishing... especially good, the peeper, not infrequently, has in mind...
...a number of particularly likely places... which he returns.´
Seventy six...
´Varieties of offenders...´
´A classic example is a man who...
...was in his mid-twenties when we interviewed him.
...and an overwhelming fear of being rejected,...
...kept him from seeking more heterosexual activity,...
...which he strongly desired.
His fear of rejection began in, so far as he knows,...
...with a traumatic event, shortly after he reached puberty,...
...and was experiencing the usual quick and intense sexual arousal... that period of life.
Circumstances forced him to share a bed with his married sister...
...and he became extremely aroused and desirous of coitus.
Unable to express his wish he simply showed her his erect penis.
She rejected him violently...
...and harangued him at length on how vile he was.
Ever since then he had felt extremely awkward and hesitant...
...about approaching females sexually...
...and every rebuff was excruciating.
He began peeping regularly.´
Hey. -Hey, how are you?
I´m sorry I´m late. -That´s alright.
I got held up. -We missed the bus but it´s ok.
Hey, I want to thank you for helping me out at the book store.
Oh, that´s ok. It´s alright.
I wanted to thank you for helping me. -You got me out of a fraud...
You helped me because l was doing...
Actually I was doing research at the bookstore.
You know so...
You don´t work at the bookstore? -No, I don´t...
I don´t work!
Actually, I´m working on a project.
I´m doing some research and l was watching you there.
That´s why I was on the mezzanine.
And I... -Yeah.
And I noticed you doing these things and... were so interesting to watch! -Oh yeah?
I´m studying people and I,...
...when you took the book and everything, it was amazing!
It was just beautiful!
It was what I call ´a private moment´.
I study people like this.
lt´s like...
...a moment where people are really with themselves...
...and doing things which are, a private moment.
A private moment? -Yeah.
What´s that? -Well...
Well, for example, have you ever been in...
Like in my apartment, when I walk around,... I look into the back yard. I don´t intentionally but...
...but there happen to be a lot of windows that are open there.
And I see, people doing different things.
Like a man walking around, or a woman,...
...or even a dog, doing different things.
As a matter of fact, I was just talking to Clifford James about it.
And Clifford agreed with me.
You know who Clifford James is, don´t you?
Oh, sure! -Yeah...
Clifford James, of the Whitney Museum, the curator.
Oh yeah! -You know who he is, sure.
Well, we were talking and,...
...Clifford´s going to build a two million dollar wing...
...of the Whitney, to house my show as a matter of fact.
And I want to show you what it is.
Now this is one of my main, main projects, here.
Now, lets see, where´s...
...where´s the switch?
You hold that like that. -It´s a projector!
Yeah. Ok, now just hold it like...
Hold it there. Hold it.
Now see what happens is...
...when this goes on, it goes through this window here,...
Yeah. -...and there´s a telescope...
...which someone looks through, and they see a private moment... this glazed glass window here. You see what l mean?
See, this is a hotel, right? And this is a loan-pawn shop.
It´s a very lonely place.
And a woman comes home...
...after working, she´s very lonely, she´s sad,...
...working for nothing.
Nothing to look forward to and...
The woman I was thinking of for this, was...
...was you!
I was thinking of you!
No kidding! -Yes!
And you know what the name of this is going to be...
You´ve heard of Pop Art? -Oh, yeah, sure.
Well this is called ´Peep Art´.
And the title of the whole show will be...
...will be called ´The peepers and the peeped´.
That´s great! -Yes.
So I would like to use you because I...
After watching you, you were so fantastic in... the bookstore! I just...
I´d like to use you. -Thank you very much!
And this is the camera I´m going to use, right here.
I´ve had movie experience. -You have?
Oh sure! I did a couple... -Oh good! You have experience.
...films on the beach and I saw them and they were very good!
Oh that´s very good! -And l also...
I was member of the National...
...Thespian Society in High School.
And I was recording secretary and I did lots of leads I did...
...King Lear in Lear. I did the King!
´Blow wind blow! Crack your cheeks...
Oh that´s great! -...and blow!´
Look, there´s a cab coming, we better go!
Lets get started, alright? -Ok!
Yeah. -Alright, now... that what a girl would do?
A woman alone would do, at that point in the room?
Well... -Would she get on...
Would she get on the bed with her coat on and her scarf?
Yeah, ´cause I´m alone, right? -Right, you´re alone now.
I´m tired and I´m alone. -That´s it now...
...maybe, don´t you think that you should take your scarf off...
...and your coat... -Oh yeah!
I´ll take my scarf off. -...before you go to bed?
Now take your coat off.
Throw your scarf on the floor and throw your coat on the floor too.
Just like this? -Right. You´re tired.
You´ve had a hard day! You don´t...
I don´t care if I hang it up or not.
You´re alone. It´s...
Remember where you are. Look...
Look out the window and you see the lonely pawn shop sign,...
...people, it´s raining... -It´s terrible pawn shop!
...and old man with a beard, and a beat up coat!
I mean, this is very sad. You´ve had a hard day.
That´s it! -It´s so sad!
No, don´t talk!
Remember, now! You´re thinking all these things. Now I know...
Remember this is a beautiful, private moment!
And I am someone who is...
...recording this for you and making you see it.
Remember what we were talking about?
Think all these things.
And l´m going to tell you all about this, after.
At the moment just think about these things and do them.
Now take off your coat and throw it on the floor!
That´s it!
That´s it!
Ah, that´s good!
Now, take your brush...
Do you have a brush? -Yes, l have one!
No, don´t talk to the camera! You see, don´t talk to the camera.
Don´t look at it!
Oh, I take my watch off, first. -Right! Take your watch off!
Well, here it is. -No that´s it! Take your watch.
Now listen, get your brush. -Yeah.
Now come and look out the window and...
...look quickly. -Here it is.
We´re running out of film! -I´m so alone!
Come and look out the window. -Oh, alright!
Get your brush.
Right. -I´ll take my shoes off.
Take off your shoes. That´s it.
That´s it!
Now kneel on the bed and look out the window.
And comb your hair.
That´s it! Look at the window.
Look at yourself in the window and pucker up your lips...
...and go like that.
Nice, that´s it! That´s it!
Ok, now, don´t you think you´re hot?
Don´t you want to go to bed now?
I´m tired! -Yes, you´re tired!
I´m tired and alone! -You want to sleep.
So you should take off your dress.
Sure. Take it off. -My dress?
Remember, this is a private moment,...
...and no one is watching. And you know this is... of the beautiful moments, so don´t worry about it.
Just take it off. No one cares!
l don´t care! I´m just recording...
...this beautiful moment to show to you later.
Go ahead! That´s all!
That´s it, take it off!
That´s it!
That´s it!
And when you take your dress off just throw it on the floor!
You´re tired, you wanna go to bed!
I have to unbutton it first. There´s a lot of buttons!
Yeah, that´s it!
That´s it!
Ok, now take it off!
That´s it, take it off and throw it on the bed.
Hurry up!
We´re running out of film! -I wouldn´t throw it on the bed.
Go ahead! What? -It would get wrinkled!
Hurry up! -Ok, I´m unbuttoned!
You shouldn´t talk though. -Oh, I´m sorry...
Throw it! That´s it.
Now, throw it wildly!
Wildly! That´s it!
Now lie down! -Lie down!
You´re so fatigued you can´t even take the rest of your clothes off.
I´m so tired! -That´s it!
No, lie down. That´s it. Lie down and close your eyes.
Hold it, we ran out of film! -Ok, I´m sorry!
Ok, so lets start again. -Alright!
Now, you´re very tired. You wanna go to sleep.
Now, is that the way you´d go to sleep, Linda?
You mean, is this the way I sleep?
No, right? That isn´t the way you sleep.
No, I don´t have anything on when I sleep.
Of course, you wouldn´t have clothes on, right?
Alright. -So?
Take them off. That´s alright. Remember...
You must remember that this is a beautiful moment.
Don´t feel ashamed in front of me. -Alright.
This is a recorded moment!
That´s it! That´s very good!
Very good!
Yes! -What do I do with the slip?
Just throw it away. Throw it away!
Now, lets do this a little faster. Yes, that´s it,...
Throw it away! Take off your stockings, that´s it!
That´s it!
Very good! Very, very, good! Very imaginative!
Thank you. -I can tell you have studied acting!
Ok, take that one off now. That´s it!
Yes! -My hip bone is sore...
Very, very good!
Now take off your panties. We have to hurry.
There´s not much film in the camera left.
Well, I´ll take off my...
...garter belt, first. -Alright, take that off! Yes!
That´s it, throw it away dramatically.
You´re tired, it´s lonely! -It´s late!
You have to get up early tomorrow morning... you wanna get to bed right away!
So you can start another dreary day at work!
Oh, it´s so late and l´m so alone! -That´s it!
Now take off your...
Yeah? -Now, yes, alright, go to sleep.
Now lie down, that´s it, go to sleep.
That´s it, sleep, dream. Dream.
What are you doing, coming in through my window?
It´s from the eye of a soldier...
...of why a person would chose the army as a career.
This was a captain of the First Cavalry Division.
...primarily, our idea for this story was to follow him...
...and his company, wherever they went.
And... was like playing soldiers.
It´s pretty rugged out there, and it´s hard!
A lot of the times, as far as photography is concerned,...
...which is my problem...
Exposure, if you decide to get something in a hurry,...
...sometimes you guess.
Sometimes, if the sun is out all the time,...´re just lucky if it´s mostly an even exposure.
There´s an incident later on in here.
Where we captured three Vietcong´s...
...and I think I had 7255 in the camera, at the time.
And when they went to search these prisoners...
...they brought them into an area of trees...
...and I said ´bring ´em out in the sun!´
Beautiful! It´s beautiful!
It´s beautiful and easy to get and everything.
Yeah? -Yeah!
How´d you get it? -In a cigarette package.
Really? -Yeah.
I mean like... -No, no! They...
Just go down to the corner and yell ´Papa San´.
´Papasange´? -Yeah.
No ´Papa San´. -What is ´Papa San´?
Everybody, all the guys are called ´Papa San´.
Yeah? -It´s just like ´hey man!´ in the US.
They say ´Hey Papa San´.
Even an old guy? -Anybody!
Anything that´s got...
...a male vital organ, you call ´Papa San´.
They´re stoned all the time! They don´t...
They keep the workers on pot.
No way! -They´re so happy!
They get high and they say, ´now this is Utopia!´
They smoke grass? -They chew nuts!
They smoke grass, they shoot heroin...
They get laid, they do everything!
What do you think? They´re people!
They eat, they drink...
They eat when they got...
They eat when they don´t got. They just go and steal it!
They´re wiped out so they´re corrupt!
Brake into army places and steal things.
Sell them to people that are shooting at them tomorrow in an ambush.
They sell them in Nam? -They sell them to the VC.
Bullets and stuff that they steal from us...
...who are there to fight for them, sell it to Charlie,...
...get money, go out and buy rice, and then tomorrow...
...the bullets come back at them, but they don´t care ´cause they´re all high!
Everybody´s all drugged with the fact...
...that they´re going out there again in a few more days.
Before you know it you´re gone anyway.
Besides that, all the cats are just wiping each other out...
Really? -Literally!
Literally? -Literally!
Do they do drugs? -Yeah, mostly pot.
There´s this one cat, I don´t even believe this.
He had his own private-owned pistol.
And he... -You can do that?
Oh yeah, you can...
...but you´ve got to register with the army and the whole thing.
You can leave the States and get over there and...
This chick wants to get laid. You can get yourself, on that one.
That´s the same one!
Oh yeah, the pistol!
So this...
...this guy came back in and...
...went to this company party. They had wacks there.
There´s a few wacks overseas, and...
...he was digging this broad and this broad was digging him...
...and along comes another cat.
And the other cat starts digging the broad and...
...this guy felt so possessive, that this was his woman,...
...that he went and got his pistol.
And he put it down like Wyatt Earp, tied it to his leg. No!
And he says to the other cat ´here I am´.
And the cat´s all ´yeah!´ He goes back and gets his pistol...
...and he ties it on. And then he stood there and went BOOM and got him!
Cat got it through the neck.
Paralyzed from the neck down and then five days later, he died.
They played Wyatt Earp. -You´re kidding!
Brought to you by Wheeties! -Did you see that?
Yeah, I saw it happen. There´s nothing I could do.
Why not? -´Cause I´m not gonna take...
...a shot through the neck for these guys.
I would never do that. But I was stoned anyway!
Beautiful girl!
I´ve seen you watching for the last few minutes...
You´ve got a good eye, I´ll say that much!
Do you like girls?
Sure, yeah.
Do you know her?
No, well not really. I...
As a matter of fact I met her at a party but I don´t...
I don´t really know her.
So you met her at a party and...? -Well I didn´t...
Actually, I didn´t really meet her. -You didn´t talk to her? Alright.
She´s looking good. -Yeah, I know, she´s really nice!
Very nice!
You´d like to bang her, huh?
You can´t kid me, I know!
Common, you´re a regular guy, l´m a regular guy...
Do you like her a lot? -Sure I like her.
You like things like that?
You know those things there?
That´s not easy to make, you know! -I know!
That takes years of experience, putting things on top of each other.
You gotta go to school for that. -I know!
It just doesn´t come! I know!
I happen to be an artist! -Oh, you are?
I mean in my own way I´m an artist.
What do you do? -I...
I do films. -Oh, really?
I make films and write the script...
Do you go to movies?
Sure I go to a lot of movies. -You do?
Yeah. -What do you do for a living?
Well actually, do you know what book master´s is?
On 64th street. -I´ve passed by there once or twice.
Are you kidding? That´s a very good thing.
They have a beautiful collection of books!
They have good books there. Beautiful books! I got a book there...
...a couple of months ago.
I was trying to get it for 6 months at another place but I couldn´t.
Which one? -It´s called Horny Head Bastard.
You know that book, right? By Richard P. Long.
No. -You´re kidding!
No. -Well, you should read it.
It´s beautiful, with tremendous insight...
Gorgeous looking girl. -Yeah.
I think she goes for you. What do you think of that?
How do you know? -Well I could just see.
She´s trying to avoid you, but there´s something... the look in her eyes, that leads me to believe that if you went to her...
Don´t be so shy!
You´ve got to go out, you´ve got to meet people!
Are you always that shy? -Well yeah.
You should go out.
You should go to the theatre, and to...
D´you go to movies? -Sure.
You do go to movies! That´s beautiful.
...I think they´re a very good expression, a good outlet,...
It´s beautiful this time of year! It´s my favorite weather... makes you want to go out!
What d´you make 75-80 a week? -I make even less.
Really? -Yeah...
I´ve got something for you. A picture called ´the Great Dane´.
It´s about this beautiful, black, Great Dane,...
...that jumps right on this beautiful, gorgeous blonde.
Eats her up alive! Gorgeous!
Screws her, folds her... Everything!
Such taste!
Beautiful taste! -Sure...
It´s not disgusting or anything like those...
Do you know what I mean? You do! You´re a regular guy!
But I´ve got this other one...
...I tell you, you´d forget about her.
See this other one is called ´The delivery boy...
...and the bored housewife´.
Well then, do I have to tell you anymore?
The delivery boy and the bored housewife!
I can´t even describe to you what happens!
Usually goes for a couple of hundred,...
...even three hundred.
That good! -Gorgeous, beautiful!
Five dollars.
Five dollars, ok?
I carry them around in Coke boxes.
´Things go better with...
...Coca-Cola.´ -Yeah.
There´s nothing that goes better with Coke than these, boy!
Five dollars a roll. You... -Five?
...sit down with a bottle of Coke and these...
...and you have yourself a time like you never had!
Good! -What d´you say?
´The great Dane and the bored housewife´...
Five bucks! -...five dollars a piece.
How good can it be? -How good can it...!
How good can it be?
I´ll tell you how good it can be!
Take a look at a couple of...
...just a couple of them.
Nobody´s looking. I´m looking!
Go on! Go on take a look!
Take a look, just take a look! Nobody´s looking.
I can´t see unless I put it to the light!
Let me put it to the light...
Wait, wait!
It´s very good!
It looks good... -It looks good!
What d´you mean? It is good!
What d´you mean...!
It´s perfect! Where could you get this for five bucks?
I mean five bucks... -Oh shit! Alright, look!
Here´s five dollars, give me the film...
Thank you!
Thank you. -Bye.
What are you doing here? You gonna be inducted?
Are you talking to me? -Yeah, I´m talking to you, son.
Would you like to sit back down on US property? Stand up!
Well l´m... -Attention! Stand and attention!
The cigarette out of your mouth!
Stand and attention! Alright, common! Attention!
Stand and attention! That´s it!
Put your hair back! Common put your hair back!
Back! That´s it!
Make a man out of you in the army.
Common, follow me! Hup two, three, four!
I went there as a right-winger and I...
...I thought I´d get out this way.
An extreme right-winger.
It´s like, I´d kill all these chinks and all this everyday...
Well you know...
I asked to see the psychiatrist and he told me,...
...he said: ´you´re just a little over zealous! That´s all!´
That´s what he told me! ´You´re over zealous´.
And I said, because, I told him terrible things,...
...I said I wanted to kill fifty Chinese a day.
Like, if I was over there, I´d kill as many as I could...
And started swearing, and...
...showed him an arm band of a secret organization,... organization that I belonged to, that I said I was the secretary of.
And he just, he didn´t say anything, he said, ´well...
...don´t worry about it´. He said ´we´ll´...
´Cause he probably thought...
...that they could swing me in the other direction.
Kind of moderate...
Sort of, even it out. Even me out!
That would even me out, alright!
So, take pictures of me, ´cause l...
...I need it for a passport, I´m trying to get out of the country.
I´m not gonna stay here and do any of this.
That way, a few...
...a few months, a few weeks would pass and...
You´re not feeling patriotic, huh? -No.
Well, why is that? -I don´t know.
Well listen, I´ll tell you what, I´ll take your picture because...
No, not when I´m working. -Oh, that´s good.
Do you want a... How would you like to wear a hat?
Would you like it?
How shall I take your picture if you don´t cooperate?
What is this? -Alright!
You have too much clothing...
I can´t take your picture!
You buttoned up your shirt collar, what is that?
Loosen the tie!
That´s it!
Alright you do that and I´ll take your picture.
I can see you´ve got possibilities! -What am l gonna do?
I go out for a couple of months before they catch up with me...
I think you´re terribly photogenic!
Oh, you do? -Yeah.
And I might be too, but I haven´t decided.
Listen, this is all too...
Oh yeah!
Listen, it´s not going to be as bad as all that over there.
l´d do just about anything for a boy in a uniform!
This is Raymond Tuttle, your Vietnam correspondent,...
...just off the dock train supply route.
The trucks you hear in the background are bringing...
...the US supplies to our troops just below the DMC.
Behind me,... a seemingly tranquil swamp,... hidden a highly seasoned squad of Vietcong snipers,...
...who´s mission it is to shoot American convoy drivers,... an attempt to halt the...
...smooth flow of supplies to our front lines.
To counteract this threat,...
...the US has deployed a highly trained tactical group,...
...who´s mission it is to seek and destroy this enemy.
I am with one of the members of this elite force, today.
Private Jon... -Jon Ruben, sir...
First Division Special Force of Secondary...
Well, what are you doing here, Private Ruben?
What am I doing here?
I don´t know! -I mean in this particular area.
In this particular... Search and destroy, sir!
You seek out the enemy...
...and destroy them, is that right? -Yes, sir. Yes.
For example, this whole area is...
...heavily infested with Vietcong and...
Vietcong? -Yes.
For example, I´m just looking at these...
...bushes over here.
The clump of trees and bushes... -I see.
I would say that there are at least ten VC there, except that...
Ten VC in those bushes there! -In those bushes, except...
...the only problem is you can´t shoot there...
I wouldn´t. I mean they tell you to,... shoot at anyone... -Shoot at anyone.
Any oriental. But I just can´t...
...´cause perhaps there might be allies,...
...our allies. You never know... -I see.
I see somebody over there. -You´re right!
Private Ruben has now got the Vietcong in sight...
...he´s got his finger on the trigger.
He´s sighted down his scope.
Hanging up a white piece of cloth. -On something...
It´s got to be kind of white...
...pants or something. -Go on!
Let me...
Private Ruben is advancing up on the enemy.
We´re going to follow.
Alright now, keep low. -Get down.
Be very quiet. Quiet, quiet! Keep the sound down.
Private Ruben has spotted...
...his enemy again, down the scope. -Oh wait!
Those aren´t just any pants, they´re women´s pants.
Private Ruben has just spotted a pair of women´s pants!
It is a woman!
lt´s not the Vietcong, it´s a woman! -Oh, it´s the VC,...
...except it´s a woman. -lt´s...
What do you do in a situation like that?
I´m going to have to kill her anyway.
It´s a VC, so his orders are to kill her anyway.
She´s in his sight and I...
...think Private Ruben is now going to shoot the VC.
What? She´s going to be out of his sight.
There might be more of them.
Right now, stay here. Everyone be very quiet.
Stay here, don´t make a sound. -Quiet!
Keep the camera on...
I said hi, up, up. Common up! Up!
Over here, stand here. Right here.
Here, up!
You´re in a room, do you speak English?
Speak English?
Do you speak French? Parlez-vous Français?
There´s a window, you know a window?
Smile... yes.
Pick this up like this.
Let me see.
Sit, sit!
Alright now, you´re sitting alone in your room.
You know, as if you´re alone.
Nobody´s watching. You take off your shoes first...
Take them off.
Smile, smile...
Smile! At the camera!
You yawn.
That´s it. Just undo it.
Take it off. That´s it!
Very good!
I´m not saying you never had it so good,...
...but that is a fact, isn´t it?
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