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Green Dragon 2001

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Why don't you go back? It's faster if I search alone.
The milk here is too bitter. She won't drink it.
I will ask for some sugar.
What are you kids doing here?
What have I told you about walking off by yourselves?
We are looking for our mom.
She promised to meet us here in America.
You're right.
She will meet us here.
But right now we need to go get lunch.
Afterwards, I will help you find her.
You promise? Cause if I don't find her,
no one will look out for her.
Don't worry. She is all right.
Where did you get that?
Let's go.
Hey Tai!
- How are you? - Fine.
For your piece of chicken, I bet you they are serving chicken.
How do you know?
I can see the long lines.
Where did you get the bike?
From one of the marines.
It's for my new business.
Whatever you want I can get.
I'm providing us with a taste of the dream.
Think about it.
What else are people going to do with all of that gold they brought over?
How did you get the items in?
I'll tell you a secret.
There is this cook Addie.
He's my middle man.
Hey Tung! I have the watch. Do you want it?
Come see me later!
Look at the document! Look at it!
Take a look. December of 1972.
- do you know her - no
Hey, Addie, my friend, you have the goods?
That's Addie.
He called me "my man." Do you understand what that means?
He's my friend. Don't be afraid.
Every chance you get,
practice English with a real American.
You're not going to be in here forever.
Please don't leave me here alone.
Take us with you.
Don't speak nonsense.
I've taken you this far,
why should I leave you?
We will notify you right away.
Could you please announce this?
Do you know if they have made it out of Vietnam?
I don't know.
We get many requests to announce names?
We'll do the best we can.
You can also write a letter
and we'll send it around to the different camps across America.
We have found many people that way.
- Thank you. - You are welcome.
Take a good look and tell me she can't have baby food.
I already told you lady,
she was born in 1972,
that makes her three-years-old.
December of '72.
That's twenty eight months! you want to give me the baby food,
or do you want me to make a scene?
I want baby food. For baby.
People like you are the reason why we are here?
What's your bet Tai?
Two dollars...
Hey, I tell you what, I've got a big dreams in this country.
Me too. I'm going to own a Cadillac.
You know what I heard?
That in America, the lowest they can pay you
is two dollars and ten cents an hour.
But what kind of degree would you need?
Anyone can wash windows.
I don't believe you.
It's the truth.
A man in our tent told us so.
He has a nephew who came here to study,
and he washes windows in the summer.
It doesn't matter.
My dream is going to be bigger than washing windows.
And what dreams are those?
I'm not sure.
But you guys see this mole?
It has got to bring me fortune sooner or later.
It has not brought me love.
Maybe I could start something called...
Little Saigon.
Imagine a little community with shops and restaurants.
A home away from home.
It sounds big and expensive. Such big plans!
How do you know we can even make it out of here?
What do we have to lose?
We lost everything already.
Duc's right.
I'll be happy washing windows.
Little Saigon needs Vietnamese people.
Out there, I'm not sure,
we'll ever see each other again.
They're spreading us across America.
Hey, guys, listen.
Why don't you turn that off?
Why do you keep listening to that? It's depressing.
What's depressing,
is that we could share the same fate.
Why did the Americans have to abandon us?
It's over. You ignorant child!
What do you know?
Did you ever fight in the war?
Do you still have loved ones left behind in Vietnam?
Do you ever feel guilty for being here?
Didn't you listen?
The Americans are already planning different evacuation plans.
With one directly from Saigon.
You know nothing.
Those are only precautions.
Our brothers will fight until the end.
We will win.
What do you think we are doing here?
Do you think they set this up.
Only to send us back?
What if I want to go back?
My mother, father, brothers and sisters are still left in Vietnam.
You are crazy.
I mean it!
I'm serious Tai.
Can the Americans send me back?
What about you wife and son?
You are all traitors!
America is very rich and it may have everything...
But I'll tell you what.
It doesn't have the taste of our blood.
Hien, what are you doing?
I'm begging you. Please stop it.
Let's all go see the movie.
I'm not going to be seen with that whore.
Why are you doing this?
A whore does not need clothes.
Be careful of what you say.
Are you protecting her?
You are being loud.
Where is your money to buy my silence?
What about her?
Too bad she doesn't know
that you are not the same rich man she married.
Everyone knows that you sneak out in the middle of the night to be with her.
People look at me with shame!
They look at your fancy clothes, your make-up.
Look around, do you see anyone else here like you?
You used to admire a woman with class.
That was before that country whore walked into your life.
Please hold down your voice.
She is my wife.
But I am your first!
I'm the mother of your first son.
And pregnant with your second child.
She is a country whore who used you to come here.
And you fell right into her trap.
And took her entire family over.
I have no one here!
Hien, you are six months pregnant.
I hope I lose the child you bastard!
I'm your wife!
She is just a country whore.
I'm not going to lose face.
Your second wife is a country whore.
If you get her pregnant she stays...
Where the hell are you going?
Or I'll stay with both your kids!
Do you understand me?
Did you find her?
I'll try again tomorrow.
There is a seat back here.
Are you alone tonight?
Yes, my sister is with my father.
Uncle, I want some condensed milk.
Hold on.
Would you like to take a walk?
Come on.
Come with me to get some milk for them.
All right.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
I don't even know you.
The other day I saw you at the food line.
Arguing with a man you were holding a baby.
That was a week ago.
I was babysitting.
I didn't mean to get so upset.
But he thought he was above us all.
How long have you been at camp?
Two weeks.
I came with my sister and father.
We weren't sure if we would get out.
But every night I would pray to the Virgin.
Now that she answered my prayers.
My father just wants to return.
And be buried next to my mother.
He still carries a picture of her in his pocket.
Why didn't he stay in Vietnam?
Because of me.
I wouldn't leave without him.
Only the children are oblivious to our pain and Ioneliness.
They all seem happier...
except for Minh.
He's my nephew.
All he does is search for his mother.
What will I do if she doesn't come over?
She will. Just keep praying.
All we have left is faith.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
I help as a seamstress at the sewing tent.
If you would let me.
I can make a body for your niece's doll.
Her name is Anh.
She would like that.
You listen to the BBC or Voice of America?
I try not to.
Have you thought about what life will be like in America?
I have no plans.
I'm still waiting for my sister and brother to arrive.
This can't be permanent.
The Americans must have a plan.
How can they lose?
Uncle, when can we go over the mountains?
But first we have to wait for your mom.
How come she's not here yet?
She will be, I promise.
Let's finish up.
Don't do that!
In America, fish is expensive.
Attention please...
mother is in vietnam.
mother is in vietnam.
My name is Minh.
You dare to not look at my face?
I dare to not fall in love with you again.
I met him a year ago in the city.
Our family was very poor and he came to the county.
And asked to marry me.
I thought about my family.
I thought about you.
When the war hit Duc Heu.
I married him and he took my whole family into Saigon.
He didn't tell me he had a wife.
Two months later, I officially became wife number two.
I didn't know you were married.
I had to take the ring off.
At camp, everyone thinks I'm his sister.
What about you?
Is your wife here with you?
I'm not married.
After you, I gave up on love.
I got into business and it took up all of my time.
Do you love him, your husband?
A country girl.
Is not taught to marry for love.
That's strange. There's nothing there.
These are the extra blankets you requested.
Please distribute them to those in your tent.
How are you?
Anything new?
I told you not to worry about it.
We're going to start tonight.
I need to go to camp four.
Some fisherman wants a T.V.
I'm fine. How are you?
Hey Duc!
Look at my jacket, it shrunk!
You said it was made in the USA!
Give me my money back!
Big brother, I'm talking to you!
Why must you lie to us?
We kept fighting just like you ordered us to.
While back in the city, people were fleeing.
You promised you would be with us till the end.
To fight for victory!
You are a coward for being here.
Before all of us.
Your brothers died fighting for freedom!
You are a coward.
And a disgrace to your country.
Why must you salute me.
When you shamed away at seeing my face?
You are still a General, sir.
Of what nation?
Back when I was a twenty-year-old idealist.
I joined the Anti-French Resistance.
But when the leadership declared themselves.
The Indochinese Communist Party.
I defected to the "Nationalists".
All my life, I've been committed to the goal of bringing freedom and democracy
to the Vietnamese people.
Alas, in the ending I have nothing but the feeling.
Of being betrayed twice.
Do you believe America betrayed us?
That is no longer of importance.
The result is the same.
Tell me young man.
You did not come to talk politics with me.
Anything else?
General, I need to know one thing.
My brother-in-law, Captain Pham Van Cuong.
Was under your command. Do you have any news of his status?
Yes. Captain Cuong.
He was a very brave soldier.
Unfortunately, I received news he lost his life.
Fighting for Xuan Loc city.
Tonight, I feet as useless as an uprooted old tree.
That cannot be replanted.
There is something I must tell you both.
I have news your father died in the war.
He was a very brave man.
It's all your fault!
You abandoned us!
Why did you have to abandon us?
I had no idea he was your father.
Miss, please give me some water.
Thank you.
I just met a lady.
Who left with my sister and brother.
I put in a request for the Red Cross.
To announce their names.
I'm afraid to be in my father's barrack.
I can have you and your sister move over to my barrack.
Is it possible for me to add you both as my family members?
You cannot do that.
Our past has been taken away.
There is nothing left.
When we leave here.
It's most important that we at least have each other.
My father would not approve.
We are not even married.
Can we get married then?
Let's go big sister.
I need to go sign off on my father's cremation.
I promise I will not fail you.
I've already made my decision.
Your time is wasted here.
Hai, you are making a mistake.
Your wife and son are here.
Give your family an opportunity.
My parents are still in Vietnam.
My brothers and sisters are still in Vietnam.
We are not going back.
- I'm not going back with you. - you shut up!
You go where I go and that is it!
We have been in this camp for three months.
If you stay, I will find you a sponsor.
Tai, I don't want to be a refugee.
You were a soldier.
They won't let you live your life as before.
It must be raining in Saigon this time of year.
You will never have a second chance.
Do you remember the rain?
Have you ever been to Dalat when it rains?
What if your parents are not there?
Dalat...a place for lovers.
That's where I met my wife.
How does that song go?
About Dalat and the rain?
Can you forget about the rain?
Try to save your own life!
I received my official approval today.
They found me a sponsor in Kansas.
I will be leaving in a few days.
Why don't you say something?
I'm pregnant.
Does he know?
No, I cannot.
Why not?
He is your husband.
But I'm his second wife.
And that means I'm nothing more than a servant and a whore.
If it wasn't for my family and me.
First wife would have found a sponsor by now.
I don't dare make things more complicated.
How things might be different.
If only I didn't go back to Saigon.
Don't blame yourself.
If it wasn't for you.
I may not be here.
There, you can look at yourself in the mirror.
Please don't judge me.
It is very important that my younger brother and sister succeed in America
My parents are too old and I'm without skills.
We are all the same.
Doctors, lawyers, teachers.
It all means nothing.
When I first arrived here.
I was so eager to leave this place.
But now...
I must go. My husband is waiting for me.
Come with me. Leave him and come with me.
Lucky for that old man taking his own life.
Otherwise I would have killed him myself.
I wish you the best of luck.
We are relying on you to build Little Saigon.
Take care of yourself.
Remember, you still owe me money.
Everything is going to be alright.
Let me help you with some of the workload.
You're busy enough sewing clothes for all the people.
Besides, the work takes my mind off things.
It's good to see him smiling again.
I am to blame if their mother does not arrive.
Don't say that.
I regret.
That I was allowed three seats on the plane.
I wanted one to be mine.
My sister never said a word.
She only asked.
If the other two seats could be for her children.
I don't know what I'll tell Minh.
I promised him that his mother would come.
Don't lose hope.
It's fading fast.
Maybe it's time we all leave the camp together.
What about your father?
It's been three months.
This will be best for Minh.
And when his mother arrives, they can notify us.
Please be sure.
I'm...if you still want to marry me.
Now that our son is born.
I want to leave here as soon as possible.
I will ask them for help.
Don't worry.
I need you.
I need you to help with the baby.
This is a new song that I've been working on.
It's about my memories of our country.
And our life in this new place.
Oh Saigon.
I have lost you in my life.
Oh Saigon.
My best time is far away.
What is left is some sad memory.
The dead smile on my lips, bitter tears in my eyes.
Oh Saigon, on the street, is the sun still shinning?
On our path, is the rain still falling?
In the park, is my lover still there?
Going under the trees? Smiling or crying Ionely?
Here, I am the bird losing her way.
Day by day, my time just passes by.
The life of an exile is painful.
What's happen?
What are you doing to me...
My sons!
I don't know when she's coming.
So stop asking me!
I will let you know when she gets here.
Are they going to come and take us away too?
Of course not.
We leave here when we want to.
No one is going to come and take us away.
It's not your fault that mom is lost.
Stay here. I'll be back soon.
I saw America today!
I mean the cars.
All the beautiful cars on the big open roads.
Did you see any Cadillacs?
Everywhere I turned.
Everyone own a car.
After that, I went to this market.
So big that I got lost in it.
They have everything.
And all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
But do t hey have "ot hiem" pepper?
But you can grow them here.
Afterwards, I went to a neighborhood that was so clean.
With big houses, perfectly aligned.
But you know what most impressed me?
I was in this restaurant drinking coffee.
And through the window I saw this young man.
He was maybe twenty-years-old.
He was washing cars in this new car lot.
I asked my friend.
If they cannot pay us less than two dollars and ten cents per hour.
Then we all can make it.
We no longer need to be afraid of what's our there.
I've seen it, and so much is true about America.
Stop being afraid.
We can make it.
We can make it.
I understand those tears.
I will never forget the day my husband brought you home.
You made me feel old and unattractive.
I knew time wasn't on my side.
So I tried desperately to give him another child.
But once I got pregnant, he lost interest in me.
He hasn't touched me since.
I forgot what it feels like to be touched, to be kissed.
You came and took my womanhood away from me.
Maybe this is meant to be.
Now that you cannot leave with us.
You said you needed me.
If we wait for your family.
It could take months.
I have no other choice.
Fate has always been cruel to me.
But like our country.
I will endure.
I told her not to go.
But she wanted to make sure.
As the boats were pulling out.
She jumped off and ran back to the city.
I had no choice, but to go after her.
A week after receiving news.
That her husband had died in battle.
We tried to escape one more time.
But now our sister had turned into a living ghost.
She had refused to eat...
And had lost all faith in God.
We shared this five meter boat with about a hundred people.
You couldn't bring anything along.
No food, not water.
Just the shirt on your back.
I gave her my hand to squeeze.
She would do it every so often.
Just to let me know that she was still with me.
A week later, people started to die.
The elders first, then the children.
People would wake up next to their loved ones.
And realize they had died in their sleep.
Our sister was turning pale.
A day later, she stopped squeezing my hand.
And in order for the boat to speed up.
We had no choice but to throw the dead overboard.
Minh, what did you do with the photo?
I pinned it on the wall.
So when mom comes, she'll know we were here.
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