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Great Silence The

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I surrender!
Don't kill me, Silence!
I'm not going to hunt a bandit down again, even if bounty is high.
I swear it.
Goddammit! My hands! You've ruined my hands!
Let's move!
Even dead those damn bounty hunters do scare me.
You came right on time. Take this, you deserve it.
Those sons of bitches ambush us everytime, when we're going down to the valley to get some food.
They know, that we can't stay long here without food.
If we defend ourselves, the bounty get raised and we would have a massacre.
You could thank me at least. The guy has almost shot.
Your bullet was useless, believe me.
Without his thumb this bastard couldn't touch a gun anymore, not to mention to shoot with it.
That's why Silence didn't kill him. And it was self-defense against the others.
He knew, they waited for him, but he was quicker, as usual.
Why somebody else has got to defend us? We've got weapons.
Let's go to the city and show it to those damn bounty hunters.
We or them... This way things will come to an end.
Listen to me, friends: a lot of us aren't guilty of anything.
It's just unfair, to put a prize on our heads.
The new governor promised an amnesty.
- You have to resist that long. - I give up.
I go to the city. I'll better be caught.
I will surrender.
In jail it's warm...
Wait, I'll go with you.
I go too.
- They'll wait for their amnesty in jail! - If they'll come so far.
- Where's the lawyer, Mama? - There.
I couldn't stand anymore. But I haven't told anything to the others.
I followed your advice.
How wise of you to trust into laws.
I'm glad, that you help me.
No... what are you doing?
Miguel... my son!
You have to understand, that's how we earn our money.
I'll bring him directly to the sheriff.
What a luck, that his face isn't damaged. So he's still recognizable.
Come, let's go and collect the payments, Tigrero.
The reward is all yours, colleague, I was just nearby.
I'll catch the other two, no one wil be disappointed.
But be careful, they killed five of us.
The amnesty was the start for a massive manhunt.
The bountyhunting has to be put to an end immediately.
- Certainly, governor, but... - But?
Bounty hunters are people... who're acting following the law.
Besides it's not that easy, to stay in control of such a big area alone.
But for you it is, sheriff.
Are you the second best gunslinger in the state or not?
Certainly. But only, because I succesfully avoided the best one.
Keep on going. The electors have to believe into law and order again.
We have to put an end to "Wild West".
Bounty hunters, bandits and sheriffs will be united in a better world.
In a world, where...
The governor would even free the murder of his president before the elections.
What are you saying, sheriff? I don't understand you.
Nothing. I just think loud sometimes.
- A good soldier doesn't think. - Certainly. No thoughts, just orders.
Forwards to Snow Hill...
Enough! Stop!
Believe me, Tigrero, I don't know anything.
- Tell me first, where I can find him. - I don't know him.
You know him well, he was with you in the mountains.
I don't know, where he went. I beg you, let me go!
I don't know him.
Stop it!
Believe me, Tigrero!
I don't know anything! I don't know anything!
Don't lie to me. I'll find out, whatever you say.
In the mill,
outside the city,
where his wife is living. He's armed.
Thank you very much.
I'm ressurrection and I'm life.
Those, who believe in me, will never die. Amen.
If you're waiting for the stagecoach, you'll need patience.
Snow fell down in the mountains. It will delay.
You want some warm meal, while you're waiting?
Thank you, I'll serve it right away.
I know you, stranger.
You help the weak to their rights.
Your gun avenges the innocent.
My son was innocent too.
They killed him like many others.
I beg you to avenge him!
One of his murders has left, but the other one is still in the city.
I can only offer you Miguel's horse for the life of his murderer.
Kill him, avenge my son's death!
So you will save some another unfortunates from death.
Yes, I know.
Some of them collect bounties up to 5000 Dollar.
My friend Tigrero, for example, puts always...
some money away. But with all that snow...
you can easily freeze your ass off.
I eat the whole time and it's still cold.
The doctor...
told me, it could be the blood.
He wanted to analyze it,
but I don't let anybody on my blood.
You're right, Charly. That brings bad luck.
Shut the door, it's cold!
Shut it, I said! Or you'll getting cold too...
but forever. You heard me?
Shut the door or I'll kill you.
Calm down, Charly. To threat this one is dangerous.
I don't threat, sheriff, I shoot. Close the fucking door!
Close the...
- What now, are we going to arrest him? - No, Charly has drawn first.
The stranger shot as an act of self-defense.
This way the law can't convict him.
Maybe. But you have to draw quicker then the devil.
Maybe it was the devil himself.
You waste your time. My husband isn't here.
I know, but I don't risk my skin for 1000 Dollar.
When he'll see you, he'll stay calm. Bring me to him.
I won't do that, leave!
Come on, move it!
If you love your wife, then come out!
I want you alive.
I'll collect the bounty anyway.
So why are you afraid?
Come out and surrender!
You rotten piece of meat.
Throw away your gun and put the hands up!
Now go and cover your ex-husband with snow.
So he'll stay fresh on this cold.
He can't be buried, 'till I got my money.
Don't forget it, ok?
He was worth a lot.
What times are these!
A colored is worth more then a white.
My husband was murdered, help me!
Boss, hes's brought here.
Pauline... oh my God, poor thing!
- You have to be strong. - Don't cry!
You dirty racketeer! You keep yourself in warmth, eh?
While this hapless perished because of you!
That's you, damn rascal...
who makes benefits off bounties, set for people's heads.
This man was a criminal. He's got nothing, he didn't deserve.
It hasn't to take effects on Pauline. She can have anything from me.
You pig!
She'd rather have to do with a rabid dog then with you!
Move on!
Forwards, come on.
Move on!
Stupid brute!
I am the new sheriff.
I don't have any money.
Nada dinero!
If you're going to kill me, you all be hung.
If somebody moves, I'll shoot him.
You won't get me that easy.
Your rifle is frozen, sheriff.
We are experienced enough, to hold our weapons warm...
and know how to use them right.
One false move and I'll crush your head!
Have no fear, we don't want to kill you.
- What do you want then? - Your horse, sheriff.
What? You are so many, of what use one horse will be for you?
It'll fill our stomachs for one week.
- Move to my place, if you want to. - That won't help.
I just want one thing:
to take revenge, even if it'll cost my life.
There was a reward set for your husband and it's because of Pollicut.
When he didn't give him any work, he practically forced him to steal.
You might be right, but the real murder is Tigrero.
I want his life for my husband's.
There is a man, before whom even the bounty hunters shudder.
They call him Silence...
because Silence and Death accompany him.
We're late.
Hey! Stop!
There's somebody.
I'm a sheriff.
I have to leave here.
Doesn't matter where you're heading to, first you bring me to Snow Hill.
- We don't go there. - I don't care!
Bring me to Snow Hill! Immediately!
Excuse the detour, but I have to go to Snow Hill.
It's urgent.
I am the new sheriff.
As if it wouldn't be enough,
there's now this damn cold!
I know, what you think.
You think the administration is now sending out their people on own feet.
But... I didn't have to walk before.
The bandits took away my horse to eat it.
Unhitch the horses and replace them.
When the snowstorm starts, we'll be stuck.
Please, help me carrying. I'll buy a you a drink later.
I gonna take the bigger one.
How heavy he is!
Come, pull it!
Here it goes!
Hey, you!
You can't transport the dead like that. There are exact prescriptions for it.
I am the new sheriff of Snow Hill.
I noticed from your star. In fact you look like a rancher.
But with the star you look like a rancher, who plays sheriff.
Go on!
Who's the clown with a priest's hat and women's furcoat?
That's Tigrero. You better dispose of him quickly.
- Thanks. - No big deal.
I have to freshen up your memory a bit.
The dead are only allowed to be transported in wood- or metalcoffins.
Regulation's Article 15...
- These are no ordinary corpses. - They aren't?
What corpses are they then?
Two bandits, which I eliminated and bringing to Snow Hill.
I want to obtain the bounty finally, before they have rotten.
If you excuse me...
There are four on the posters. Which ones are the two on the roof?
The second and the third.
One is already in the city. He'll be buried, as soon as he'll be paid for.
The law wants them dead or alive. You prefer dead, it seems.
Alive they come expensive. That's why the law accepts alternative states.
Besides it'd be far too dangerous. These people act against God and the whole world,
against morale, law and order. They really belong to the graveyard.
Hold it, please!
What happened?
I have to load up another one.
- Help me, I wouldn't accomplish it alone. - What is he doing now?
Come here!
Lift him up, come on!
I took care of this one two days ago. The cold have got him conserved.
He's only worth 500 Dollar, but every little helps.
What do you want, money is money. You have to take precautions for the old age.
Who knows, if you'll live long enough to see it.
One day you're going to meet somebody, who draws faster then you.
That'll be a pleasureable day. Very pleasureable.
Come, the coach has arrived!
See you next time, my friend. I hope you'll be more talkative then.
Here is your saddle.
I pictured Snow Hill a bit bigger.
If it's going to continue snowing like it does, it'll be even smaller by tomorrow.
The man over there, with the horse...
- I want to know where he's heading. - Alright.
Don't let your capital lying on the street.
Bury it or take it home, got it?
If you pay me right now, they're yours.
Me? That's the last thing I needed.
You think, I'm the undertaker here?
I don't like neither your face or your manners.
So prepare, or you might end also like them.
Good evening, sheriff. Welcome to Snow Hill.
I'm delighted to see, that you can enforce respect.
And who the hell are you?
You couldn't guess? I'm Edwin Pollicut.
That's my store.
My name was surely mentioned, when you were sent here.
I'm sorry. Are you that important? What do you do apart from commercial business?
I'm the magistrate here. We will work together.
So let's finish the business? You pay me the bounty and it's done.
It's finished for me already.
Come tomorrow to my office and receive your payment.
Yes, that's mine. Come inside.
I pictured you different from what you look like.
It's not, like that's important...
Please, take a seat.
I asked you here, to kill a man.
How much do you want for it?
Answer me at least.
Can't you talk?
Forgive me.
I couldn't imagine...
"1000 Dollar. Who is it?"
Tomorrow or in two days at the latest I'll have the money.
I just need some time.
It's Tigrero, the bounty hunter. He was with you in the coach.
He killed my husband.
Also for 1000 Dollar.
No. If I have to kill him, you should put a reward on his head.
You should do it for free.
It's of your interest. He's an enemy of the bounty hunters.
I know him. A dreamer, who wanna change the world through a gun.
His methods are marvelous. He draws second...
but shoots first. But one day he'll bite the dust.
He wants to kill you.
Pauline ordered him here. He'll challenge you.
He won't do me any harm. Your thumbhunter...
won't kill me in self defense.
Maybe he's looking for you.
Get the negress to your bed quickly, you fool.
I got her husband out of your way, what do you want more?
If you're looking for a killer, why not to ask your footman.
Tomorrow some colleagues of mine will arrive.
You're going to stay here tonight.
So nobody will see you in here.
There is a bed by the staircase. Good night.
Proof your innocence. You can't kill them.
Do it for your son!
Gordon, come out. Sheriff speaks here. Resistance is futile.
You better go to jail
or we'll pump you up with lead.
There is a reward set on you. Surrender to the law.
Throw your gun away!
A good attorney might proof your innocence.
All right, sheriff, I surrender.
Mama! Mama!
The boy will betray us.
He'll never speak again.
First corpses, then money, that's the rule.
The law asks for irrefutable proof,
that's why Tigrero always present the corpses with the particular warrant.
Absolutely like the rules require.
That might be true, but why you interfere?
As a financier you only have to advance me the money, to pay him.
Certainly, but I claim commission of 25% interest from this money.
A little income, granted by the state.
Everything, like the law says.
As well as an immediate cash payment without formalities, or am I wrong?
For my part, pay him off and remove the corpses!
They stink.
That'd be...
500 two times...
and two for each 1000.
Altogether 3000.
Outside there are only three, why do you pay him for four?
- Why four rewards? - Because... there are four.
But here are just three.
I left the negro here, but his wife buried him already.
- Everybody here knows that. - Yes, that's true.
That's not right according to the regulations. Like you said before:
first corpses, then money, but it's not like that.
I'll take a closer look at this, so the money is confiscated for now.
I'll interrogate the widow and initiate an investigation.
Then I'm going to write a report to the governor.
He'll forward it to a competent position to be taken care of.
Isn't it what you had in mind?
"Everything, like the law says."
Pretty cold, isn't it?
If it'll continue the way it goes, you'll certainly return back to Africa.
I'm sorry, didn't mean it.
Ehmm... Pauline.
What can I do for you?
Do you want to buy anything?
I don't really want to buy, more like to sell.
- And what? - My house.
It's worth minimum 5000 dollars.
I give it away for 1000. I know, you like good deals.
Let's go over there.
- Take care of the store. - Alright, Chef.
- May I ask you, what the money is for? - No.
I can guess already, what the purpose is.
- Qualified killer are expensive. - That's my business.
Are you interested in my offer?
No, Pauline.
I am not like you think. I won't take advantage of your distress.
No... I want to help you.
Go to hell.
Not bad, my friend, but it could be better.
What do you say now?
Oh yes, I heard about it already.
Some kinda improved gun, but not a quite accurate tool.
Good power. Damn good.
I'm wondering, what a shooter like you, is looking here for.
Are you one of those dirty scumbags of bounty hunters?
Answer, when I ask you something. I'm the sheriff here.
Who are you? Where are you from?
How long you gonna stay?
If you think you can play the wiseguy, you're wrong.
Are you going to answer or not?
He can't answer, he's mute
Ehhh, you could have said something. I mean...
could have explained...
Tell me something.
I heard, that you buried your husband,
after a bounty hunter killed him.
- Is it true? - Yes.
- What was his name? - James Middleton.
- No, the bounty hunter's name. - Tigrero.
- I raise. - Pass.
- Cornerstraight. - Nice play.
Come, I want another chance! Let's double the bets.
Of course it's cold, the fire is off.
No false hopes, you won't make money out of me today.
Actually you've promised us "the big money" in Snow Hill.
In real here's not a shadow of a bandit.
Come on, Schulz.
Those thugs are cornered, soon hunger will drive them into the city.
There will be so many, that you'll get out of ammo.
Such a cold!
- You need a match? - Thank you.
May I introduce my friends?
It's not really of a big value to me...
to know your friends.
Here is the money.
Really nice, that you came all the way here to pay me.
I'm not nice, I want you to vanish as soon as possible.
But that's against my plans.
The air is very healthy, I like the perspective... and even the sheriff.
The perspective will change quickly.
And the air might become unbreathable for all of you.
I couldn't find the money. Anyhow I want my revenge.
That doesn't mean...
that you should do it for free.
There is somebody, who would pay me money immediately.
More then necessary. However he demands...
You can already imagine - this price would be too high.
But I'm ready to pay it to you.
Now, before, afterwards... Whenever.
I pass.
Always winning, Tigrero?
At the end your friends will sit around only in their pyjamas.
But be careful - you could get a pyjama yourself, but a wooden one.
In your dirty sector of business you should be prepared for everything.
Every profession has its own rules and its own risk.
And these rules will be followed, understood?
Otherwise I'll stitch you this wooden pyjamas.
You buy me a beer?
No, if I'm going to stay longer, I'll have to puke.
- Let's go out then. - OK.
- I start. - I go with.
- I raise to 300. - I stay.
Me too.
I hold.
Once again.
How many cards?
Two, please.
Give me three.
Two for me.
Two cards.
One here.
200 dollars.
- I quit. - Ditto.
300 and we'll play.
I pass.
Me too.
500 dollars.
Listen, mute, you hope, that I draw first, am I right?
That's your method, I know that.
But not with me. You won't trick me.
If somebody is going to draw first, it'll be you.
You can't count on me.
Far from it.
Because I don't want to take a risk...
Jack, take my belt off.
Actually I really think...
that today is a pleasure day for me.
Did I hurt you?
You're busted, Tigrero. Without me you would have fired.
- You can't imprison me. - Of course I can.
- And what if I pay the bailment? - It's 100 dollars.
My money is on the poker table. There are the 3000 Dollar from you.
It's not in your possession anymore. It's confiscated.
Give me the money. 2000 are in for you.
Very good, an attempted bribe. That rises the bailment to 5000 Dollar.
It bugs you, that I kill bandits. You are doing exactly the same.
That's something different. I do, what the law wants.
- And that means? - That's no murder, but punishment.
The death of a bandit shouldn't be a business, it should be a warning.
- Amen. - Shut up!
Sheriff, here are Tigrero's things. And this is the money, which was on the table.
Thank you. You are very mindful, Regine.
- You might... have a coffee with me? - I'd be glad, let me pour some for you.
A man like you should always be served by a woman like me.
You're really very kind.
It would be nice, if you could serve me coffee sometimes.
Regine serves usually another customers.
With her curves she could please a whole regiment of sheriffs.
Don't talk like that to a lady.
I'm so sorry!
I ask for an immediate discharge of this man.
And why?
It's a wish from the citizens of Snow Hill. These gentlemen are their representatives.
- And the bail money? - I advance it.
The freedom of this man means to you that much?
There are a lot of bandits in the mountains waiting for a unconstitutional amnesty.
The bounty hunters defend us from them.
- That's my responsibility. - But there's much more trouble.
Among the killed was Klaus Schulz.
His brother Bodo is the best gunshooter in whole Nevada.
He won't find peace, until he took revenge.
In short, sheriff:
If you're not going to release Tigrero, his friends will do,
and this all leads to... a serious trouble.
That's what you're saying... Listen to me everybody:
Nothing will happen.
These bandits, who you're so afraid of, are just some hungry beggars.
Put a wagon with food outside and they'll leave you alone.
And concerning Bodo Schulz...
If he wants to free Tigrero, then from the jail in Tonota.
That's where I'll bring him.
Boss! The bandits are coming and sheriff brings Tigrero away.
Our hero threatens us with the name of Bodo Schulz. This is all idle talk.
Bodo can't even know, that his brother was killed.
And the bandits? They're on the way here.
That's useless tattle. Do what I tell you and nothing bad will happen.
Put food on a wagon outside on the city entrance.
Thus, whose stomachs are full don't need to steal.
And you all stay in your homes, understood?
Let's go, forwards!
Unbelievable. Now we have to appease criminals with bread.
When wuill justice and reason return here again...
After you'll be hung.
Is this son of a bitch heavily wounded?
I think so. He must have lost a lot of blood.
I hope he'll perish soon.
- Where is he now? - In the negress's house.
We're coming forwards too slow.
Your silent friend can follow us and kill me from behind.
The mute is wounded and he wouldn't shoot in an ambush.
But I'm still worried. Let's ride on the other bank.
Whatever. The main thing is, that I'll deliver you in jail.
Look, sheriff.
The bandits! Take off my handcuffs, quickly!
The cuffs stay.
These people are just hungry. Smile, as if nothing has happened.
Goddamn murder!
Today my weapon is warm and as much as you can see, it works well.
Listen to me, friends.
Soon the amnesty will come. You all can go home then.
So don't make any trouble.
There is food waiting for you in the city.
Go to Snow Hill and fill your stomachs.
But spare our horses this time. They might be very indigestible for you.
- Is the food really there? - I give you my word.
Let's return, sheriff.
We'll wait and finish them at the food wagon.
Apart from each other they aren't very valuable, but taken altogether it's a good business.
Usually I don't beat up captives,
but if you keep going to talk like that, you force me to change my mind.
This proposal came from the heart.
You saved my skin, so I wanted to pay back.
Listen to me.
One more word, and I'll make it short!
My husband was a good man.
He was accused of theft, because he tried to care for us.
Pollicut put the reward on his head.
He hoped, I'd become his lover.
But he was mistaken.
We collect food for the bandits
Everybody should contribute. Can you spend something?
Let me see.
Good, but don't haste. And best greets to Silence...
Just take everything...
People like you aren't needed anymore.
- Do you want to abolish bounty hunting? - No, but the crimes.
Amerika has to be ruled by justice, not by violence.
You know, sheriff...
Your prophetic skill is worth some applause.
As soon as you dangle on the gallows, I am going to applaude.
- I have to take a short break. - Whatfor?
I have to take a shit. But the handcuffs...
Thank you, sheriff.
Go... and hurry up.
I couldn't really hold it back anymore.
I don't want to wait long, got it?
- So, Tigrero - are you done? - Please, excuse me.
We're very late.
I want to cross the ice before the dark - don't like to travel at night.
I'll regain some time.
Hands up, sheriff!
Tigrero, stop the bullshit! For murder of a sheriff you'll become a death sentence!
Only an idiot would! That's why you'll end under this ice,
and I'm going to continue to follow the good, old rule of the strongest.
Easy, friends. Since when wolfes eat each other?
Hey, Tigrero! Who put you on a chain?
The most likeable sheriff of this region.
Come, release me.
Ah yes... the sheriff of Snow Hill. A dirty braggart.
That's, what he was. Now he isn't dirty anymore.
I made him a nice bath - he didn't came up to the surface anymore.
He couldn't swim. May his soul rest in peace.
Now we are the law in Snow Hill.
We can work in peace again.
I know of a roaring trade, which is completely legal.
I encountered the bandites. They're on their way to the city.
That'd be enough to surprise them, and we'll become all at once.
And somebody waits for us in Snow Hill...
somebody you'd love to kill:
the mute,
who likes to shoot away thumbs.
If there's a dead sheriff behind this game, I prefer to hold off.
Dtd you already know, that the mute shot your brother?
He didn't even... had enough time to defend himself.
Come with me.
Leave me alone!
Look at this hand!
Do you remember?
It used to be a normal hand. Now it can't use a gun anymore.
But for what I have planned, I won't need a gun.
No! Help!
My darling!
Tigrero came to the city with five other men.
They're looking for Silence.
Have you herad? You must flee!
Bring yourself to a safe place! If they'll find you, they'll kill you.
But he's wounded. He can't move well.
- We've got to hide him. - I beseech you, help me!
The mute killed Pollicut. He's in negress's house.
Go there and kill him.
Take revenge.
Stand still, Tigrero! One more step and I shoot!
Throw away the gun, bitch, or I'll send you after your sheriff.
Sleazy coward, you killed him!
Have you seen, she shot first.
Search for the mute - he can't be far.
Come on, do it! You have to find him.
Not one soul is here.
Here neither.
We searched everything - the house is empty.
We're gonna find him.
The bandits are close! Not far away from the city.
Let's go then! We'll deal with the mute later!
I'm going to try to warn those people, before they'll be trapped.
You stay here hiding.
Come on, friends! The food is there, sheriff told the truth.
Don't shoot!
If we want the mute, we'll need them alive.
Give up! You're surrounded!
Throw the weapons away, or we'll kill you all!
Come on, move ya!
All men down! Back to the counter!
I want, that Silence comes...
for a payoff.
If he'll succeed to kill me...
you're all free.
My friends agreed.
My life for lifes of all others.
Tell him that! You know, where he is.
I came too late.
I tried, but... Tigrero has already overwhelmed them.
They're still alive, but bound like animals.
When I was returning, Tigrero caught up with me.
He said, if you won't come for a pay off, he'll kill the hostages.
you shouldn't go there. It's surely a trap.
You're wounded and they are six men.
Alone you're powerless...
against the violence.
Let's flee, move away together.
I don't want them to kill you, I love you.
Come on, what are you waiting for?
Let's finish the things up.
Kill us all. Silence won't come anyway.
Kill us, murderer!
He is here.
You coward!
No, have mercy! We don't want to die!
We have to gain our bounty money.
We'll collect it later.
Everything like law says.
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Gaslight 1940
Gate Keeper ep1
Gate Keeper ep2
Gathering Storm The
Gattaca (1997) CD1
Gattaca (1997) CD2
Gauyat Sandiu Haplui - Saviour of the Soul
Gaz Bar Blues CD1
Gaz Bar Blues CD2
Geboren In Absurdistan
Geisha A 1953
Geisha House The CD1
Geisha House The CD2
Gendai Yakuza (Kinji Fukasaku 1972)
Gendarme a New York Le
General The
Generals Daughter The
Generation X Cops
Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD1
Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD2
Gentlemans Agreement (Elia Kazan 1947) CD1
Gentlemans Agreement (Elia Kazan 1947) CD2
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
George Washington
George of the Jungle 2 2003
Gertrud CD1
Gertrud CD2
Get Carter 1971
Get Carter 2000
Get Real
Get Shorty
Getaway The 1972
Getting Any (Takeshi Kitano)
Geung si sin sang (1985) - Mr Vampire 23976fps
Ggot Seom (Flower Island)
Ghost Busters
Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai
Ghost In The Shell 2 - Innocence 2004
Ghost Ship
Ghost World
Ghost and the Darkness The
Ghost in the shell
Ghost of Kasane 1957
Ghostbusters 2
Ghosts Of Edendale The 2003
Ghosts Of Mars
Ghoul The
Ghoulies II
Giardino dei Finzi-Contini 1970
Gift The 2000
Gigi 1958
Ginger Snaps 2 Unleashed
Ginger Snaps Back 2004
Ginger and Cinnamon - Dillo con parole mie
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD1
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD2
Gioconda La
Girl Interrupted UK 25 FPS
Girl Next Door
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD1
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD2
Girl on the Bridge The
Gladiator 2000
Gleaners and I The
Glengarry Glen Ross CD1
Glengarry Glen Ross CD2
Gloire de mon pere La (1990 aka My Fathers Glory)
Gloomy Sunday
Gloria CD1
Gloria CD2
Go-Con! Japanese Love Culture 2000
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD1
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD2
Goalkeeper The (2000)
God Of Cookery The
God of gamblers 1989 CD1
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Godfather 3 The
Godfather The
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Godfather part 3
Godfathers Of Mondo The 2003
Gods Must Be Crazy The 1980
Gods and Generals CD1
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Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah 2001
Godzilla against mechagodzilla
Gohatto 1999
Going My Way CD1
Going My Way CD2
Gold Rush
Golden Child The CD1
Golden Child The CD2
Golden Voyage Of Sinbad The
Gone in 60 Seconds
Gone with the Wind 1939
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Gone with the Wind CD3
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Good Boy
Good Boy 2003
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Good Work (1999)
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Goodbye Mr Chips (1939)
Gospel of John CD1
Gospel of John CD2
Gothika 2003
Gotter der Pest 1970
Goutes d eau sur pierres brulantes 1999
Goya - Carlos Saura 1999
Goyokin - The gold of the Shogun 1969
Gozu (23976fps)
Graduation Day
Gran Vida La - (Living It Up) 2000
Grand Restaurant Le 1966
Grande Illusion La
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD1
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD2
Grapes of Death The
Grapes of Wrath The CD1
Grapes of Wrath The CD2
Grave Of The Fireflies CD1
Grave Of The Fireflies CD2
Graveyard Of Honour
Grease 1978 CD1
Grease 1978 CD2
Grease 2
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Great Escape The (1963) CD1
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Great Gatsby The (Jack Clayton 1974)
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Great Silence The
Great White Hope The 1970
Great Ziegfeld The CD1
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Green Card
Green Dragon 2001
Green Fish (1997) CD1
Green Fish (1997) CD2
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Gregorys Girl
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Grey Gardens (1975)
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Grifters The
Grinch The - Jim Carrey
Grind 2003
Gronne Slagtere De 2003
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD1
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD2
Groundhog Day
Grudge The
Grudge The CD1
Grudge The CD2
Guadalcanal Diary
Guarding Tess 1994
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD1
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD2
Guest House Paradiso
Guilty As Sin 1993 25fps
Guilty By Association 2003
Guilty By Suspicion (2003)
Guinevere 1999
Gullivers Travels 1939
Gun Crazy - A Woman From Nowhere
Gun Crazy Vol 2 Beyond the Law
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD1
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD2
Gung Ho
Guns And Talks CD1
Guns And Talks CD2
Guns Of Navarone The
Guru The
Guts Of A Beauty (1986)
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Guys And Dolls
Guys The
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD1
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