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Great Escape The (1963) CD2

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Forward march!
- What is it? - They're celebrating the revolution.
It's the 4th of July.
What the devil's this?
Gentlemen, you're invited for free drinks.
- A little present from the colonials. - Down the British.
- Quite right too. - And a little drink to Tom.
And to getting home.
Very well. We accept.
- Up the rebels! - Down the British!
Gentlemen, follow us.
About face!
Company, halt!
All right, let's line up down here!
All right, grab a cup!
Line it up! Here we go.
That explains what happened to the potatoes.
No harm in closing down Tom for one day, Roger.
I suppose it'll do us all good to let off a bit of steam.
There's only 14 feet to go, sir, and you can feel it throughout the whole camp.
- I think that calls for a drink. - Hear, hear.
- Drink it up! - What is this stuff, Hilts?
Moonshine. American moonshine. Moonshine.
Make my moustache grow. Cheers.
Keep it moving.
Hello, Eric. Don't spill any of that.
- There you go. - Down with the British.
All right, old cobber. Keep it mo...
- Don't get any on your clothes. - Cheers!
- Don't spill any of that. - Before your morning tea?
Keep it moving.
Don't get any on your clothes, sir.
American moonshine. Don't smoke right after you drink it.
No smoking. No smoking while you're drinking.
Get good and stoned, my friend.
Keep it going. Keep it...
No taxation without representation.
Keep it going, boys. Keep it...
Keep it going, fellas. Enjoy yourselves.
Well, let's drink to Tom.
To Tom.
In the three years, seven months and two weeks that I've been in the bag,
that's the most extraordinary stuff I've ever tasted.
- It's shattering. - Well, I think it's rather good.
Well, with your permission, sir, I think I'll all on kive.
Call on Ives.
Cheers, Hendley!
You know what that is?
I'll tell you what it isn't.
It isn't Napoleon brandy.
How do you like it, sir?
Well, it's...
To the colonies.
How are you managing over there without us? Getting along all right, are you?
We seem to be getting along all right, shir... sir.
Yes, well, it's...
It's good stuff, Hilts.
Thank you, sir.
Danny! Here's to...
Roger, goons in 105.
- Who? - Strachwitz.
We have to ignore it. If we pay attention, the goons'll know the hut's important.
Here's to going home.
Come on, Danny. They've searched it a hundred times.
Anyway, I'm glad we've got you in the tunnel with us. To Tom, eh?
Och, never mind. You'll be walking down Argyle Street in a couple of weeks.
To Tom. You know, Sandy, I'm just beginning to realise that myself.
Why shouldn't you, man? We're nearly at the trees, boy.
We're nearly at the trees, eh?
Herr Hauptfeldwebel!
Herr Hauptfeldwebel!
Oh, my God! They've found Tom.
It's the tunnel.
Sir, let me know the exact information you need.
- I'm going out tonight. - Right.
Open up Harry.
We dig. Around the clock.
- Cooler. - Right.
Well, I didn't think they'd catch him so soon.
He wasn't caught.
Hilts, welcome home.
Are you all right, Danny?
All right.
All right. Bring some shovels. I'm all right.
For God's sake, you've left out a whole eagle.
That's impossible.
Four days' work up the bloody spout!
I'm sorry, Colin.
It's all right, Smithy.
It's getting late. You push off to bed. I'll pack up here.
All right.
- Good night, Colin. - Good night, Smithy.
I can't see a bloody thing.
- Your German's very good. - Thanks, Mac. I've put in a lot of...
Watch it. That's the easiest way to trip up a suspect. Don't fall for that old gag.
- I'm sorry, Mac. - OK. But remember, German always.
One, two, three, four, five.
No, it's me.
How do you like the old escape suit?
Fine, fine.
How do you like mine?
It looks splendid.
Where are you going? You'll get yourself shot.
- What's the matter with you? - I'm going out through that fence.
Danny, we're getting out through the tunnel. We're almost clear.
Please, Willie, let me alone.
I can't go in that tunnel any more.
So I'm going out through the wire.
Danny, think. We're getting out, but not through the wire.
We're getting out through the tunnel. It's finished.
- I go out now. - No.
Danny, you go through that wire and you'll get killed.
Don't do that.
Since I was a boy,
I hate and feared little rooms,
closets, caves.
Danny, you've dug 17 tunnels. Over 17 tunnels.
Because I must get out.
I hide the fear, and I dig.
But tomorrow night in the tunnel with all those men,
I'm afraid maybe this time I will lose my head
and ruin the escape for everybody.
So I go now.
Danny, I'll see you through the tunnel.
I'll look after you. I'll stick with you all the way.
All right.
- Good evening. - Hello, Roger.
Well, how do you think we look?
It's as bad as all that?
Colin, I want first of all to say that without you, we would not have been ready.
That's all right. I had lots of help. Lots of very good help.
What's the matter, Roger?
You can't go.
- What do you mean? - I can't allow it.
You can't see your hand in front of your face.
You'd be caught before you got 10 yards.
That's ridiculous.
That's ridiculous. Never heard anything so absurd in my life.
I can see perfectly. I can see perfectly!
I can see... that pin down there.
- Does that satisfy you? - What pin? Where?
Colin, do you see the foot of the door?
Yes, of course.
Put the pin down there, will you?
All right.
All right. Come on.
Come on. Sit down.
Sit down. It was a good try.
I hate these last-minute letdowns, but I've only just been told.
- It's too risky for you. - Don't you think that's Colin's decision?
- No, I don't. - Come on, Roger.
We all know the score here. Well, at least, most of us do.
Your idea of this escape is to start another front,
to foul up the Germans behind the lines. All right, that's fine.
But once we get past that wire and have them looking all over Germany for us,
that mission is accomplished.
Afterwards, we have some ideas of our own.
You mean getting home?
- Back to your family? - That's right.
Do you really believe I haven't thought about that too?
I'm sure you have.
I know Colin has.
And, Roger, I have too.
We think we can make it all the way.
Not Colin. He'd be an appalling hazard to the escape. That must be my decision.
Let's talk about hazard. Let's talk about you.
You're the biggest hazard we have. The Gestapo has you marked.
No one has said you can't go.
That's true.
I have thought about the Gestapo.
But if you're asking me how far a commanding officer is allowed to go,
or dare go,
or should be permitted to play God,
I can't answer you.
But I can tell you
a blind man is an unnecessary hazard to himself and the whole plan,
and must therefore be eliminated from the operation.
Colin's not a blind man as long as he's with me, and he's going with me.
It's all right with you, Colin?
Oh, yes. Quite.
Very well. I'll arrange for your escape numbers to be altered accordingly.
Good night, gentlemen.
he's quite right.
He's completely right.
I really shouldn't go at all.
My eyes have been getting worse and worse lately.
I think they call it progressive myopia.
I can see things up here. Close to.
I can see to work, but...
you're just a blur.
I know.
Oh, hell. We'll make it in great shape.
Colin, do you have any tea?
- Yes, of course. - Then let's have some.
Hi, Hilts.
Hey, Mac.
Tonight. We thought they'd never let you out.
Me, too. Let's get at it.
- Bartlett's waiting for you. - I'll be there.
What time?
Only eight minutes now, Danny.
You OK?
Griff, down there.
Goff, there.
Smith, Foles, third on the right.
Blythe, Hendley, third on the left.
There are the lights.
Right on the tick, Danny.
Look down the tunnel, Danny. It's lovely.
It's just like Blackpool at the height of the season.
You ever been to Blackpool, Danny?
I don't know.
It's time, Roger.
Bartlett, MacDonald, Ashley-Pitt.
It's all clear, sir.
All set, Roger.
Good luck.
They're coming down the shaft now, Danny.
And then they'll be coming right up the tunnel.
I can't wait. I must get out.
Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny!
What is it, Danny? What's the matter? Danny! Come here!
Roger? Danny and I'll go later. We'll take another place.
Danny, tell me what this is and tell me quickly!
This tunnel is mine as much as anybody. I dug it. I built it.
I was buried many times. I go when I want.
Let me out. Let me out.
Take him out, Willie. Take him out.
Danny? What is it?
Danny, what's going on?
It's all right, Sedgwick. It's all right. We're going later.
Danny, it's all right. It's all right.
We can take another place in the line. It's all right.
All right, Colin. Down you go.
Sit down. Feel the top rung of the ladder with your right foot. Got it?
Down you go.
Danny cut out, huh?
Willie took him up top. Hilts, l...
- Remember, keep your head down. - Right.
All right?
- Hold on to yourself. You're 20 feet short. - What do you mean?
20 feet short of the woods. The hole is in the open.
The guard is between us and the lights.
How could that happen?
What the hell difference does it make? It's happened.
- Roger... - Damn it, Mac! I'm trying to think!
We could postpone it.
All the documents are dated today. It's now or never.
One chance. When the guard goes to the far end, you might be able to move out.
I think I can make it to the woods, set up a signal when you're clear.
What about the towers?
They're gonna be watching the compound, not the woods.
Mac, pass the word. Send down 30 feet of rope.
Send down 30 feet of rope!
Send down 30 feet of rope.
Send down 30 feet of rope!
- What? - 30 feet of rope!
- What do they want that for? - How should I know? Get the rope.
- How's it going? Have you heard? - Some kind of foul-up, I think, sir.
- Haven't they moved into the tunnel yet? - I don't think so, sir.
He's over there.
Right. You go first, Eric.
I'm staying here till we get moving.
- See you in Piccadilly. - Scott's Bar.
Thank you.
- Good luck. - Right.
We're moving.
Danny, they're moving through the tunnel now. They're getting out.
When Warsaw fell, you escaped and came to England because you're a flier.
You came because you wanted to fly with us and fight the Germans.
We can get out now. We can get back to England.
If you don't go through that tunnel,
everything you've done will have been for nothing - nothing!
- Blythe's behind, Mac. - Right.
In here, Colin.
Sit down.
You're up, Sedgwick. I'll take over.
- What have you got in here? A piano? - That's very funny, mate.
- You won't get this thing through. - I'll cope.
- Was that Sedgwick with his trunk? - Who else?
I wish he was home with his kangaroos.
- We're 20 feet short. - How the hell...?
Hilts is on the other end of that rope in the woods.
As soon as you feel a couple of tugs, off you go, but keep Colin low.
- Good luck, Colin. - Thanks, Mac.
What's that?
- It's an air raid. - Oh, God! No!
The goons'll pull the switches. We'll lose the lights in the tunnel.
Come on, Colin. We can get out when the lights go down.
It's an air raid. Searchlights are out. Come on!
Get 'em out.
- It's gonna give! - Danny.
Danny. Danny, it's all right. Danny, it's the lights.
Light the lamps down there!
There's been an air raid and they've cut the lights.
Danny, it's all right. Listen to me!
Danny, look.
Come on, fellas. Move! Move! We can get dozens out in this darkness.
What the hell's going on?
- You go. - No. Danny.
- What is this, Willie? - Danny.
- Is he stuck in there? - He's all right.
Get him out fast.
Come on.
Come on, Danny, move.
Up you go.
Give me your bag.
We're on the rope!
You and I had better get out, or we won't have a chance of any of the trains.
It's moving. We'll just have to pass the instructions from man to man.
- Right. - I'll be right behind you.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
- Hey! - Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Get off! We're coming back!
Oh, boy. There's a hell of a lot of shooting going on up there.
Think they've been shooting them as they came out?
We would've heard the shots before.
Wait for me.
- How many did he say? - 76.
- 76. - 76.
- Dismissed. - Ten hut!
Half the guys who missed their trains are piled up here.
Ashley-Pitt, Roger, MacDonald, Nimmo.
Makes quite a group.
- What do we do? - Wait for the train.
- Are the police on the train? - The Gestapo are with them. Let's jump.
All right.
- I'll tell you when. - I'd prefer you just to give me a firm push.
- Are you all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
That's quite exciting.
- It isn't stopping. - No, we're all right.
- Where were you going, Cavendish? - I... I hadn't quite decided.
What information were you to collect on the way?
What sabotage directions did you receive?
What have you done with your papers?
- Papers? - Forged papers and identity cards.
Don't be so stupid. What did you do with them?
All I did was escape from a prison camp.
You'd do the same if you'd been locked up for three years.
- I wanted to get home. - I don't think you'll see your wife again.
You've got the wrong man. I'm not even married.
You're wearing civilian clothes.
You're a spy. Spies are being shot.
This is my uniform. I had to recut it when I lost weight.
I dyed it with boot polish to cover some oil smears
I picked up when I was shot down.
And you lost your insignia over the years?
That's right.
- Look... - That's all, Cavendish.
Hello, boys.
- Hello, Haynes. - Hello, Cavendish.
I wish I could say I was happy to see you again.
- Just picked up? - Yes, this morning.
There's a trainer out there I can fly.
- Any sentries? - Yeah, it's gonna be a problem.
Colin, when I say go, crank this clockwise.
When the engine catches, don't move, or you'll get a mouth full of propeller.
Next stop, Switzerland!
The Alps.
Over this range, then 20 more minutes and we've got it made.
- What is it? Petrol? - I don't know. We're losing power.
Go that way! I'll follow.
Stop! Don't shoot! Please!
Colin, I'm sorry I fouled things up.
That's all right.
Thank you for...
getting me out.
Café Suzette.
You are English?
I'm Australian.
- You can speak English. I understand. - Bloody good. I'm a British officer.
I've just escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp in Germany.
I'm trying to make my way into Spain. You understand me?
Can you help me?
- I know someone who can. - Bloody good.
Good luck.
Thank you.
You are English.
Herr Bartlett?
Your German is good.
And I hear also your French.
Your arms... up!
Herr Bartlett.
And Herr MacDonald.
We are together again.
You are going to wish you had never put us to so much trouble.
- What's troubling you, Roger? - I'm just a little surprised.
I expected either a long stay or a very short trip.
I have to admit, I'm a little worried, though.
I hope to God I haven't blotted 70-odd ledgers.
Och, no, no.
We're all over 21 , footloose and fancy-free.
We'd never have got as far as we did without you, Roger.
For what it's worth, I think you did a damn good job.
- I think we all do. - Yes.
All right. You can get out now. Stretch your legs for five minutes.
It will take hours before you reach the camp.
You know, Mac, all this - the organisation, tunnelling, Tom and Harry -
kept me alive.
And even though we...
I've never been happier.
You know, Mac...
1 1 of your men are being returned today.
Oh, who?
I do not have that information.
I am directed by a higher authority to inform you that...
50 of your officers were shot while escaping.
Their... personal effects will be returned.
How many of them were wounded?
Here are the names... of the dead.
How many of the 50 were wounded?
They - the higher authority -
only directs me to inform you that...
that 50 men were...
I see.
Addison, John.
Alladale, Peter.
Bancroft, Edward.
Bartlett, Roger.
Cavendish, Dennis.
Eldridge, David.
Felton, William.
Fanshaw, Arthur.
I am your guide, se?or.
- Glad to see you're all safe. - Thank you, sir.
- How many have been brought back? - You're the first.
- Do you know how many got away? - Not yet.
What happened to Blythe?
He didn't make it, sir.
Roger was right about that.
I'm afraid Roger didn't make it, either.
I've just posted the list. They shot... 50.
The Gestapo murdered them.
MacDonald, Ashley-Pitt?
Danny and Willie?
No, they're not on the list.
- Haynes? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
Roger's idea was to get back at the enemy the hardest way he could.
Mess up the works.
From what we've heard here, I think he did exactly that.
Do you think it was worth the price?
That depends on your point of view, Hendley.
Yes, sir.
He is not to be saluted. He's no longer in command.
The job just didn't work out, huh?
- You were lucky, Hilts. - Lucky? Because I didn't...
How many?
It looks, after all, as if you will see Berlin before I do.
Hey, Hilts!
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