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Great Dictator The CD2

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What I say will not be directed|to the children of the double-cross
but to the children of Israel!
That Hynkel isn't such a bad fellow|after all.
Most amusing.
Get a Hynkel badge!|A Hynkel badge!
A fine photo on each!
- We'd better go home.|- Yeah.
Let's hurry.
Wait a minute.
What's that?
Turn off the radio.
The storm troopers!
- Bar that door!|- Get some water!
Get the women and children upstairs.|Lock all the doors.
You men, stay right here.
We'Ve got to make a stand.
We might as well die|as live like this.
Wait a minute.|We have a social call to make here.
Wait a minute!
Schultz gave strict orders|not to molest anyone in this court.
These Jews attacked us.
I don't care.
Orders were to keep out.
You saw that!
I can't help it. Schultz's orders.
Let's get going.
Orders or not,|I'm going to get that girl.
Schultz arrested!
Hear that?|He's arrested Commander Schultz.
- A Jew corrupted our commander.|- Let's kill the louse!
Schultz is accused of treason,|and you know why.
Schultz was a friend of that barber.
Let's get the barber!|We want the barber!
It's the storm troopers!
- Get on the roof.|- No.
- They'll kill you!|- I'll fight.
Don't be a fool, you'll|be murdered. Get on the roof.
All right, here we are.|Smash in the door!
Come on,|we'll give the barber a haircut!
Where are the bombs?
There goes the barbershop!
Never mind. We can start again.
We can go to Osterlich.|That's still free.
Mr Jaeckel says it's beautiful.
Wonderful green fields,|and they grow apples and grapes.
His brother's got a vineyard.
Mr Jaeckel|said he'd take me with him.
Now we can all go together.
It'll be wonderful|living in the country,
much better than a smoky old city.
And if we work hard and|don't eat much, we can saVe money
and buy a chicken farm.
There's money|to be made in chickens.
Look at that star!
Isn't it beautiful!
Hynkel with all his power|can neVer touch that.
All right, the coast is clear.
Commander Schultz escaped.|He's hiding in my cellar.
He's holding a meeting at midnight|and he wants you to be there.
Hannah, you come and help|Mrs Jaeckel with the supper.
All right, I'll be down.
I don't understand it.|This crazy midnight supper...
What does this Schultz want of us?
- He wants us to blow up the palace.|- What?
We Jewish people shouldn't|get mixed up in such a business.
I know it but Schultz|has them all hypnotised.
- I knew he was up to some mischief.|- Sure he is.
I found him putting a coin|in one of your puddings.
Don't worry, I've fixed everything.|Wait and see.
Gentlemen, may I claim|your indulgence for a moment?
We are here tonight|to rid the country of a tyrant.
In order to carry this out|one of us must die.
In ancient times the Aryan tribe|of the Langobardians
made human sacrifice|to the god Thor.
At a feast|by lottery the victim was chosen.
Tonight, at this feast,|one of you will be chosen.
Each man will receive a pudding.
Concealed in one of these is a coin.
Whoever gets it|must give up his life
but he will join the long line|of history's noble martyrs
and will rid his country|of a tyrant.
I know that it is the wish|of all of us
to be chosen this night|to die for Tomainia.
Much as I should like to participate|in this ordeal, I cannot...
Don't you understand?|He's too well known.
It must be somebody like us.
I can't see it like that.
It is a question of my honour.|It is very embarrassing.
Commander Schultz,|I apologise for my friend.
Let me say, on behalf|of myself and the others,
that we consider it a great|privilege to die for our country.
Very well, then.
Gentlemen, I shall now retire|until fate has chosen the liberator.
Until then... Hail Hynk...
What am I saying?
Gentlemen,|we haVe pledged our honour.
Gentlemen, the coin is here!
What's the meaning of this?
Somebody made a fool of us.
- I did.|- What?
I put a coin in every pudding.
Blowing up palaces|and wanting to kill people!
We're in enough trouble!
Hannah's right.|We've all been foolish.
Our place is at home,|looking after our own affairs.
The papers say|Schultz may be in the ghetto.
Here, read it for yourself.
Hannah, read that.
"Mystery surrounds the disappearance|of ex-Commander Schultz.
"At police HQ it was believed|he may be hiding in the ghetto.
"A certain Jewish barber,|reported to be a friend of Schultz,
"is wanted for questioning."
Only for questioning.|Not too serious.
Meyerberg was only wanted for|questioning. We never saw him again.
- Who is it?|- It's me, Mr Mann.
Did you hear what they're saying|about Schultz hiding in the ghetto?
I know, I know.
Don't you think it's serious|if they find him in the house?
Don't you realise
there are spies everywhere!
What's the matter?
He's wanted for questioning.
Where's the Commander?
In the next room.
If Commander Schultz|is found in this house,
we'll all go|to a concentration camp
and haVe our heads cut off, too!
Am I arguing?
Then get rid of him.
You can't throw him out.
Of course not.
But I'd like to know how long|he's going to stay here.
Your breakfast is on the table.
Thank you. I haVe breakfast|waiting at home.
Search eVery house.
- What now?|- They're looking for Schultz.
He's in one of these houses.
They're always looking|for somebody.
It's me. Let me in.
The storm troopers|are searching every house.
Tell the Commander.
- Did you tell him?|- Yes.
- What is it?|- The storm troopers.
- What?|- You'd both better get on the roof.
We can't leave all these things.
All of you, pack my cases.
You pack that.
Clear this shelf.
Pack this and this.
This mustn't be found.
Open the door.
They're here! Get up on the roof.
Nothing left behind!
- My golf clubs!|- The hatbox!
- Take this.|- Come on, let's hurry!
- Where are you going?|- With him.
You'll see him later.
- I'll meet you tonight.|- All right.
Take this.
Open in the name of Hynkel!
Look where you are!
I can't see, wait a moment.
My bag!
It's right here. Here it is.
Don't drop the other one.
My golf clubs, not my golf clubs!
Come here. They'll see you.
Quick, this way!
Woah, steady!
- Now be careful.|- Yes, sir.
Lucky you didn't break your neck.
You'll pardon me.
I'm sorry.
You guard the back. Wait a minute!
I'll have to bother you again.
There he is.
How are you?
Here's your friend.
Your silence will be appreciated.
Take him to the wagon.
Where are you going?
Smoking room.
Come on, this way!
I am pleased to announce|that we are at last
ready to march on Osterlich.
This was made possible by the genius|of Field Marshal Herring,
upon whom I shall now pin|a token of my regard.
Turn around. No!
To Field Marshal Herring!
To the invasion of Osterlich!
Napaloni's army|is on the Osterlich front.
60,000 men are on the border.
To take Osterlich!
I can't believe it.
You can't believe it!
You let him steal a march on us.
I had the ground coVered.
Declare war on Napaloni!
Mobilise every division|of the army and air force.
Attack Bacteria at once!
- But...|- Do as I tell you!
- Madness.|- Shut up!
Will you sign this?
What is it?
A declaration of war.
Yes. A pen!
I'll sign it.
A pen!
I'll sign it! Napaloni...
- It's Napaloni.|- Wait a minute.
You talk to him.
What'll I say?
Be nice, affable, pleasant.
Well, well, how are you?
No, he hasn't been playing much.
You went round in 92?
His Excellency?
Just now he's a little hoarse.
No, I mean he can't talk.
May I take a message?
He says no doubt you'Ve heard|about Osterlich.
He wants to discuss it.
Ask him to come here.
His Excellency invites you|to Tomainia to discuss the matter.
Very well.|I'll make the arrangements.
He's coming.
We'll put on the greatest military|show the world has eVer known.
Napaloni will leave|the invasion of Osterlich to me.
And this?
- What is it?|- Your declaration of war.
Peace is declared!
2,975,000 eager citizens|are massed in the station square
awaiting Benzino Napaloni,
Entering the station is our Phooey,|ready to greet his guest,
This will cement the friendship
between our Phooey|and the Dictator of Bacteria,
His Excellency is about to greet|the Bacterian ambassador,
How do you do?
See about the photography.
Tell the press to see that|our Phooey is well photographed.
- Not the back of his head!|- Yes, sir.
Napaloni's train|is coming into the station,
From a pink and white carriage
Napaloni and his wife will step out
and Adenoid Hynkel will deliver|his address of welcome,
What's all this mix-up-a?
They'Ve gone too far.
At ease!
Bring the carpet.
Why can't-a we get out here?
No-a carpet.
Who cares?
Me, Napaloni, I never get out|without a carpet.
Lay it down here. Quick.
- It's going back.|- What?
Let's get out while it's stopping.
Shut up!
Take it away!
Stay here|until they've made up their minds.
You got-a da carpet. Put it down!
Here he is.
- My friend!|- Napaloni!
This is indeed a pleasure.|Welcome to Tomainia. This way.
Sure. Salute!
Another, please.
This is a pleasure,|my friend Hynkel.
You want another?
Where's-a my ambassador?|Hello, Spook.
How do you feel?|Look after mamma.
Hynky, did you meet-a my wife?
That's her. Let's go.
Tomainia... very nice, very nice.
Your clock is-a slow.
This way.
It's-a very nice people.
The people are very nice.
Thank you.
He's my husband!
You make a mistake!|You make a big-a mistake!
Napaloni's army shall not invade|Osterlich. It belongs to me!
We shall not discuss|the Osterlich situation.
This interview is to impress on him|the force of your personality.
To make him feel your superiority.
Napaloni|is aggressive, domineering.
We must put him in his place.
But how?
By means of psychology.
By making him feel inferior.
This can be done subtly.
For instance,
I haVe arranged|that he'll be looking up at you,
you looking down at him.
His position will be inferior.
Then again we shall seat him|here beside your bust
so that if you relax|that will always be glaring at him.
Where is he now?
I have arranged that he will enter|from the far end of the room.
Another psychological triumph.
He will have the embarrassment|of walking the entire floor.
Signor Napaloni|is now leaving his room,
He's coming.|Quick, give me a flower.
At all times|be above him, before him.
Entering or leaving|you must be first.
Hello, Hynky!
How are you feel?
My brother dictate!
You're a nice-a little man.|I'm so glad to see you again.
And my friend the Garbitsch!
This is a lovely place.
I feel-a fine.
I just had a nice cold shower.|When you have the plumbing fixed
it'll be in good shape.
Won't you sit down?
Well, Hynky,|my dictator friend, you.
I must be a-growing!
What do they give me? A baby stool?
This is not for me.|I like it better upstairs.
Garbitsch, this is a lovely country.|Very nice-a people.
I thought the public enthusiastic.
Sure. They like to see new faces.
I'm sorry for the mishap|that occurred to Madam Napaloni.
What's that?
I'm sorry for the Napaloni|that occurred at the... at...
Madam Napaloni at the station.
She's not used to public life.|She can't take it.
I'm sorry...
Don't apologise. I find-a one.
I'm simply crazy about this palace.
IVory and gold.|A lovely combination.
Gets away|from that gingerbread idea.
Tell me something, Garbitsch,|what's on the programme?
The grand ball this evening.
And a review of the army.
That won't take-a long!
I'm afraid it will.
So you got a big army, huh?
Modesty forbids.
Seems I've heard about it.
I think I'll get me a shave.
We haVe a barbershop.
Is that so?
You look blue under the gills.|What do you say we go together?
- Delighted.|- Good!
Very well, this way.
This is it. I can-a smell 'em.
This is-a very sweet.
It was the library.
A good barbershop.
- Too old-fashioned.|- Is that so?
When I get shaVed|I like something to look at.
So I'm putting in glass walls.
This way, I shall have a view|of the mountains.
And this,|a view through the glass ceiling.
- What's aboVe?|- The ballroom.
In my summer palace|I haVe a barbershop.
Is that so?
Also with glass walls.
You don't tell me!
With goldfish inside.
Goldfish swimming inside the walls?|How do you feed them?
You can't, they're all dead.|That's why I'm building a new one.
- Very interesting!|- You like it?
The Hynkel stadium,|Before half a million spectators
the greatest ever display of arms|marches by in review,
Our beloVed Phooey|and I'll-Dig-a-Ditchy are seated,
thrilled by this historic event,
Nothing. I'm just chewing.
Some peanuts?
- I'Ve had some.|- Good shape.
Here you are, Spook.
Now passing,|Tomainia's heavy artillery,
It's all right.
I want to show you my new bombing|planes. They're coming over.
- Where from?|- Aroma.
Aroma? That's 400 miles away.
Right.|I don't know what's detaining them.
Now passing,|Tomainia's light artillery,
Very light!
And here come the armoured tanks,|the pride of Tomainia's army,
The latest design, the last word
in modern warfare,
Where's the propellers?|For going under the water!
Under water?
You neVer heard of tanks that go|under the water and fly up-a stairs?
- What's that?|- Under the water and in the air.
Obsolete now! We're concentrating|on flying dreadnoughts.
- What's that?|- My planes!
Now passing, Hynkel's|flying division number 34,
Our planes!
You're right. They're yours.
Garbitsch!|The invasion of Osterlich.
Our troops, tanks and guns|will be hidden along the border.
To disarm suspicion,|you will go hunting.
Then you will show up|at Pretzelburg,
meet the army, step into a car|and cross over into Osterlich.
Herring and I|will be waiting at the capital.
First Napaloni must remove|his troops.
To be decided tonight.
Where is Napaloni?
I'll look for him.
It might be advisable for you|to dance with Madam Napaloni.
It'll carry weight.
You mean I will!
You find him!|And let me know at once.
- Madam Napaloni...|- Your Excellency!
Why so triste?
Because I no speak.
No? May I haVe the pleasure?
Allow me.
Madam, your dancing was superb.
Very good.
- My dear Adenoid.|- Benzino!
I've been looking for you.
Let's go to some quiet place
where we can talk-a things over.
- As you wish.|- An excellent idea. To the buffet!
Of course, this way.
There's a Tomainian proverb...
Funny. I wish I understand it.
Now about the border.
Yes. No problem.
It should be no trouble.
- What's the matter?|- Wait.
You, too. Out!
- So... the border question.|- Yes.
It's just a matter of detail.|Formalities.
- Have you any English mustard?|- English mustard.
- That's da hot-a stuff?|- Very hot.
Good shape.
Hynky, I'm going to make this|very simple.
You agree not to invade Osterlich,
I agree not to invade Osterlich.
We sign, then I remove|my troops from the border.
When your troops|are gone, I sign.
That's-a right.
Just a minute,|you don't understand.
First we sign,|then I remoVe-a da troops.
- Precisely. I sign after.|- Just a minute.
Hey, Spook, treaty.
Hold-a dis.
Now, look, you sign-a|dis treaty first.
Then I remoVe my troops after.
Why are we arguing?
You said I remove first.
I can't sign while they're there.
- I won't remove them till you sign.|- Why not?
- Why should I?|- Osterlich is a free country!
Your soldiers are there.
And they'll stay until you sign.
I'll blow them off.
This won't get us anywhere.
To quote an old Latin phrase...
Where's-a my sandwich?|Another one!
I don't get this treatment|in my own joint!
Can't we discuss this|without passion?
I'm not-a passionate. I'm just...
I want him to sign the treaty.
What would my people think,|signing such a treaty
when your soldiers|are on the border?
I won't move until you sign!
Not until you clear the border|will I sign!
Then they remain.
Then I kick them off.
One move from you and my artillery|will blow you to pieces!
And my aeroplanes will bomb|your artillery like that!
You want-a start a world war?
You and the world|I'll throw in the ocean!
Your Excellency, we haVe...
I got-a my guns here in the pass
and I'll blow him to pieces.
What's the matter? What ails you?
This isn't like you.
Hey, Garbitsch, come here.
What's with Hynky?
Mustard on his strawberries.
What else can you expect|from Hynky?
My little bambino!
The Bacterian...
You cannot treat Bacteria this way.
I'll take the Bacterian people|and tear them apart, like this!
Look what he's doing!|It's an insult to my people!
He's-a tearing spaghetti!
He sign-a the treaty|or we haVe a war!
Give me a-something!|Quick, give me a-something!
- I have an appointment.|- What's this?
Press.|How's the conference progressing?
Very successfully.|How did you get in?
How did he get here?
You know the regulations|about reporters.
No one is to enter the palace|under any circumstances, understand?
There are minor details|to be cleaned up...
Excuse me, we're busy.
The whole world|will know we're fighting!
- So what?|- Can't we come to an agreement?
When he signs.
I sign nothing.
I must speak to you alone.|Do you mind?
Mind? I don't mind!
Sign! Sign!
He'll haVe the adVantage.
It's a mere scrap of paper.
When his troops are off the border,|we can move in.
I'll sign.
What? Hold-a this.
Ah, my little Hynky!|My dictator brother!
I knew we haVe-a no trouble.
Two prisoners|escaped in officers' uniforms.
Sound the alarm!|Two prisoners escaped.
The planes are searching for us.
The woods.
No, the open.|The border's that way.
The invasion of Osterlich.
Now or neVer.
Did you hear that?
It came from oVer there.
A yodeller.|Where did you get that outfit?
- What?|- Don't answer back!
Where's Schultz?|You won't talk, eh?
- He will when we get him to camp.|- Come on.
There it is.|The village of Pretzelburg.
If we can pass through there|we're safe.
Through the woods?
They're swarming with soldiers.|They'd suspect us at once.
If you see anyone,|don't look right or left.
We must bluff our way through.
Here they come.
Can you see what they're doing?
- Looking this way.|- Keep going!
They're following us. Shall we run?
Certainly not.
Just a little bit?
Keep walking!
We could walk faster.
Make up your mind.
Slow down?
- No!|- There's no hurry.
He's here!
Sound assembly!
Present arms!
Turn back?
No, keep going!
Hail Hynkel!
Your Excellency,|everything is under control.
- Good.|- Good.
I have been in communication|with Marshal Herring in Osterlich.
The route is well guarded. Behind us|are 200 tanks, 50 armoured cars
and 500 machine-guns.
- Good.|- Good.
Are we ready to start?
- Yes.|- Yes.
Schultz,|I'm happy you're with us again.
Thank you.
Where are we going?
You're invading Osterlich.
They're coming.
Your Excellency.
The world awaits your words.
What's happened?|He looks strange.
What's Schultz doing here?
Pardoned, I suppose.
His Excellency Herr Garbitsch,
Secretary of the Interior,|Minister of Propaganda...
Corona veniet delectis,
Victory shall come to the worthy.
Today, democracy, liberty|and equality
are words to fool the people.
No nation|can progress with such ideas.
They stand in the way of action.|Therefore, we abolish them.
In the future, each man will serve|the state with absolute obedience.
Let him who refuses beware!
Citizenship will be taken away|from all Jews and non-Aryans.
They are inferior and therefore|enemies of the state.
It is the duty of all true Aryans|to hate and despise them.
This nation|is annexed to the Tomainian Empire,
and the people will obey the laws|bestowed on us by our great leader,
the Dictator of Tomainia,|the conqueror of Osterlich,
the future Emperor of the World!
You must speak.
I can't.
You must. It's our only hope.
I'm sorry|but I don't want to be an emperor.
That's not my business.
I don't want to rule|or conquer anyone.
I should like to help everyone:
Jew, gentile, black man, white.
We all want to help one another.|Human beings are like that.
We want to live by each other's|happiness, not misery.
We don't want to hate one another.
In this world,
the good earth is rich|and can provide for everyone.
The way of life can be free|and beautiful
but we haVe lost the way.
Greed has poisoned men's souls,
has barricaded the world with hate,
has goose-stepped us into bloodshed.
We haVe deVeloped speed|but have shut ourselves in.
Machinery has left us in want.
Our knowledge has made us cynical,|our cleverness, hard and unkind.
We think too much|and feel too little.
More than machinery|we need humanity.
More than cleVerness|we need kindness and gentleness.
Without these qualities, life will|be violent and all will be lost...
The aeroplane and radio|haVe brought us closer.
These inventions cry out|for the goodness in man,
cry out for universal brotherhood,|for the unity of us all.
EVen now|my voice is reaching millions,
millions of despairing men,|women and children,
victims of a system|that makes men torture
and imprison innocent people.
To those who can hear me I say,|do not despair.
The misery upon us|is but the passing of greed,
the bitterness of men who fear|the way of human progress.
The hate of men will pass,|and dictators die,
and the power they took|will return to the people.
So long as men die|liberty will never perish.
Soldiers,|don't give yourselves to brutes,
men who despise you, enslave you,
regiment your lives,|tell you what to think and feel,
who drill you, treat you like cattle|and use you as cannon fodder.
Don't give yourselves to these men,
machine men with machine minds|and machine hearts.
You are not machines,|you are not cattle, you are men!
You haVe|the love of humanity in you.
Don't hate. Only the unloVed|and the unnatural hate.
Soldiers, don't fight for slavery,|fight for liberty!
St Luke says, "The Kingdom of God|is within man."
Not in one man nor a group of men,|but in all men. In you!
You haVe the power|to create machines,
the power to create happiness.
You haVe the power to make|this life free and beautiful,
to make this life|a wonderful adVenture.
In the name of democracy,|let us use that power.
Let us all unite,|let us fight for a new world,
a world|that will give men a chance to work,
that will give youth a future|and old age security.
Promising these things,|brutes have risen.
But they lie! They do not fulfil|that promise. They never will!
Dictators free themselves|but they enslaVe the people.
Now let us fight|to fulfil that promise!
Let us fight to free the world,|to do away with national barriers,
to do away with greed,|with hate and intolerance.
Let us fight for a world of reason,
a world where science and progress|will lead to the happiness of all.
Soldiers, in the name of democracy,
let us unite!
can you hear me?
WhereVer you are, look up, Hannah.
The clouds are lifting,|the sun is breaking through.
We are coming out of the darkness
into a new world,
a kindlier world,
where men will rise|above their hate, their greed
and their brutality.
Look up, Hannah.
The soul of man|has been given wings.
He is flying into the rainbow,
into the light of hope,|into the future,
the glorious future|that belongs to you,
to me and to all of us.
Look up, Hannah. Look up!
Did you hear that?
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Ghoulies II
Giardino dei Finzi-Contini 1970
Gift The 2000
Gigi 1958
Ginger Snaps 2 Unleashed
Ginger Snaps Back 2004
Ginger and Cinnamon - Dillo con parole mie
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD1
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD2
Gioconda La
Girl Interrupted UK 25 FPS
Girl Next Door
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD1
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD2
Girl on the Bridge The
Gladiator 2000
Gleaners and I The
Glengarry Glen Ross CD1
Glengarry Glen Ross CD2
Gloire de mon pere La (1990 aka My Fathers Glory)
Gloomy Sunday
Gloria CD1
Gloria CD2
Go-Con! Japanese Love Culture 2000
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD1
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD2
Goalkeeper The (2000)
God Of Cookery The
God of gamblers 1989 CD1
God of gamblers 1989 CD2
Godfather 2 The
Godfather 3 The
Godfather The
Godfather The Part 1 CD1
Godfather The Part 1 CD2
Godfather The Part 2 CD1
Godfather The Part 2 CD2
Godfather part 3
Godfathers Of Mondo The 2003
Gods Must Be Crazy The 1980
Gods and Generals CD1
Gods and Generals CD2
Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah 2001
Godzilla against mechagodzilla
Gohatto 1999
Going My Way CD1
Going My Way CD2
Gold Rush
Golden Child The CD1
Golden Child The CD2
Golden Voyage Of Sinbad The
Gone in 60 Seconds
Gone with the Wind 1939
Gone with the Wind CD1
Gone with the Wind CD3
Gone with the Wind CD4
Good Advice
Good Boy
Good Boy 2003
Good Cop The
Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD1
Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD2
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Son The
Good Thief The (2002)
Good Work (1999)
Good bye Lenin 2003
Good the Bad and the Ugly The
Goodbye Girl The
Goodbye Mr Chips (1939)
Gospel of John CD1
Gospel of John CD2
Gothika 2003
Gotter der Pest 1970
Goutes d eau sur pierres brulantes 1999
Goya - Carlos Saura 1999
Goyokin - The gold of the Shogun 1969
Gozu (23976fps)
Graduation Day
Gran Vida La - (Living It Up) 2000
Grand Restaurant Le 1966
Grande Illusion La
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD1
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD2
Grapes of Death The
Grapes of Wrath The CD1
Grapes of Wrath The CD2
Grave Of The Fireflies CD1
Grave Of The Fireflies CD2
Graveyard Of Honour
Grease 1978 CD1
Grease 1978 CD2
Grease 2
Great Dictator The CD1
Great Dictator The CD2
Great Escape The (1963) CD1
Great Escape The (1963) CD2
Great Expectations 1998
Great Gatsby The (Jack Clayton 1974)
Great Race The
Great Silence The
Great White Hope The 1970
Great Ziegfeld The CD1
Great Ziegfeld The CD2
Green Card
Green Dragon 2001
Green Fish (1997) CD1
Green Fish (1997) CD2
Green Mile The
Gregorys Girl
Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD1
Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD2
Grey Gardens (1975)
Grey Zone The
Greystoke The Legend of Tanzan CD1
Greystoke The Legend of Tanzan CD2
Grifters The
Grinch The - Jim Carrey
Grind 2003
Gronne Slagtere De 2003
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD1
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD2
Groundhog Day
Grudge The
Grudge The CD1
Grudge The CD2
Guadalcanal Diary
Guarding Tess 1994
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD1
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD2
Guest House Paradiso
Guilty As Sin 1993 25fps
Guilty By Association 2003
Guilty By Suspicion (2003)
Guinevere 1999
Gullivers Travels 1939
Gun Crazy - A Woman From Nowhere
Gun Crazy Vol 2 Beyond the Law
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD1
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD2
Gung Ho
Guns And Talks CD1
Guns And Talks CD2
Guns Of Navarone The
Guru The
Guts Of A Beauty (1986)
Guy Thing A
Guys And Dolls
Guys The
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD1
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD2