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Great Dictator The CD1

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At the end of the World War|Tomainia weakened,
Revolution had broken out,|her diplomats sued for peace
while Tomainia's army fought on,
confident its war machine|would smash the enemy's lines,
Big Bertha,|able to fire 100 miles,
was to make its appearance|on the Western Front,
and strike terror into the enemy,
75 miles away was her target:|the cathedral of Notre-Dame,
Range: 95,452.
Stand clear!
Stand by your trigger!
Range correction: 95,455.
Breach secured.
Stand clear.
Ready... Fire!
Defective shell. We'll examine it.
Check the fuse.
Yes, the fuse.
Look out! Run!
What's that?
- Air raid.|- After Big Bertha.
The anti-aircraft gun!
To the gun!
HaVe you gone crazy?
Come down!
What do you think you're doing?|HaVe you gone crazy?
Sir, the enemy have broken through.|EVery man to the front.
Muster the gun crew!
Get your hand grenades, soldiers.
Where's your hand grenade?
Give him one.
Keep moving. Come along, hurry up!
Pardon me, but to work this...
Pull the pin,|count to ten and throw it!
Let them have it!
This is no time to scratch.
Pull yourself together.
Take this.
Fall in!
Hey you, come on!
Order arms!
Prepare to attack.
There you are.
The enemy!|Come on, let's get him!
May I come in, sir?
- Who is it?|- Friend.
- What division?|- 21st artillery, sir.
Take this and keep firing.|I'll be back.
Comrade! Help!
What is it?
I'm exhausted.|Quick, help me to my plane.
Thank you. I'll see you get|the Tomainian Cross for this.
Only too willing to oblige, sir.
You saved my life. Thank you.
I'll strap you in.
I can't make it alone.|You'll have to stay with me.
Can you fly?
I can try.
Lift my hand to the stick.|I haVen't the strength.
Take charge of that gun!
The enemy!|Quick, lift my hand to the throttle.
We'll fool 'em!
Hold on to these dispatches.
If we get them|to General Schmelloffel,
Tomainia may yet win.
I'm going to faint.
Don't say that.
Where am I?
Don't you know me?
Yes, I feel better now.
The blood's returning to my head.
What's below?
The sun?
Shining upwards.
Strange. How's the gas?
Kept me awake all night.
No, the gasoline in the tank!
Almost empty.
We must be nearly there.|What time is it?
Approximately one minute to twelve.
We seem to be defying|the laws of gravity.
Water. Quick, I'm going to faint.
Wait a while.
We'll get into trouble|if you faint any more.
Just hold it.
I think I... Now...
Take it!
Something's wrong.
I can't reach it.
It's all gone.
What's the matter?
Belt too tight.
Loosen it.
I'm trying to!
We're upside down.
I know it!
The stick!
There it goes. We're out of gas.
Well, I suppose this is the end.|Cigarette?
Not now!
I shan't need this any more.
What month is it?
April. Spring in Tomainia.
Hilda will be in the garden,
tending the daffodils.
How she loves daffodils!
She'd neVer cut them|for fear of hurting them.
It was like taking a life|to cut a daffodil.
Sweet, gentle Hilda.
A beautiful soul.
She loved animals,|and little children, too.
We've landed! Dispatches!
Comrade, where are you?
The dispatches... Where are they?
- Are you hurt?|- Take me to General Schmelloffel.
If we don't deliver these,|we're defeated.
- The war's oVer.|- What?
We lost.
Hynkel takes power,|The Jewish soldier
suffered a loss of memory|and remained in hospital for years,
ignorant of the change in Tomainia,
Hynkel ruled the nation|with an iron fist,
Under the double-cross emblem|liberty was banished,
Only the voice of Hynkel|was heard,
Adenoid Hynkel said,
"Tomainia was down|but today has risen,"
"Democracy is fragrant,"
"Liberty is odious,"
"Freedom of speech|is objectionable,"
"Tomainia has the greatest army,"
"The greatest navy,"
"But to remain great|we must sacrifice,"
"We must tighten our belts,"
He now speaks to Field Marshal|Herring, Minister of War,
Now Herr Garbitsch,|Minister of the Interior,
He remembers his early struggles,
shared by his two loyal comrades,
A reference to the Jewish people,
The Phooey remarks|that for the world
he has peace in his heart
We now pause|for station identification,
This is the Pari-Mutual network,|bringing you
Hynkel's address to the children|of the double-cross,
The interpreter
is Hynkel's personal translator,
reading from a prepared manuscript,
Stand by for further commentary,|Go ahead, Tomainia,
His Excellency|is about to descend the stairs,
Your Excellency, are you hurt?
Ride in the other car.
His Excellency
seems pleased as he is greeted|by Tomainian children,
He pauses before a woman|with a child,
Even the baby is thrilled
and seems all smiles|at the attention,
His Excellency leaves the scene
and will return|along Hynkelstrasse,
where he'll pass Tomainia's|modern masterpieces:
the Venus of Today|and the Thinker of Tomorrow,
- How was it?|- The speech?
Very good.
Your reference to the Jews|might have been more violent.
To arouse the people's anger.
Violence against the Jews might make|the people forget their stomach.
You're right. Things have been quiet|in the ghetto lately.
Good morning, Mr Jaeckel.
What's good about it?
Conditions could be worse.
If you think so,|you have a great imagination.
You heard Hynkel's speech.
I heard nothing.|I'Ve got my own troubles.
You're better off|than a lot of people.
What about the barber?
Still in hospital.
He's been there since the war.
Why not rent|his barbershop for him?
He won't let me. EVery few weeks|he writes to say he's coming back.
A pity it should be idle|all these years.
Why worry?
The goVernment|will soon take it from him.
Perhaps you're right.|Not such a good morning after all.
Now you said it.
On the mantelpiece is my tobacco|pouch. Will you get it?
Everyone is full of troubles.
Yeah, eVeryone.|Look at Hannah, poor girl.
A hard worker, can't get a job.
Father was killed in the war,|mother died last year.
Can't earn enough to pay her rent.
What can I do?|I can't throw her out.
You need some more.
- Where are you going?|- Mrs Shoemaker's laundry.
You'd better take the key.|Mrs Jaeckel and I are going out.
I'm locking up
in case the storm troopers|start their monkey business again.
Aryan! We're Aryans!
And we go marching by!
Look, fellows!|Tomatoes and potatoes.
I'll take a box home.
Hey, the lorry.
Hold it there, will you?
You have no right!
Just charge it to my account!
Nice ripe tomatoes.
Why don't some of you|do something?
If I were a man I'd show you.
What would you do, pretty?
Not one of you has the guts|to stand up alone and fight!
Is the lorry|in case someone hits back?
Shut up!
Come and take me.|You'll get medals for it.
You pick on women|and rob defenceless people.
Don't rob the poor girl, boys.|Give her back her tomatoes.
I'll have to do it again.
- Patient 33!|- Yes, sir,
An interesting case: amnesia.
Jewish soldier.|Been here since the war.
He thinks it's only been weeks.
Does he knows what's happened?
No. His one interest|seems to be in his barbershop,
which he believes he left|a few weeks ago.
He'll have many surprises.
I'm afraid so.
- Yes?|- Number 33 is gone,
He was to be examined.
But he's disappeared,
Let him go.|It isn't a serious case.
There's little we can do for him.
Come on, get out of here!
What are you doing?
I don't know.
LeaVe that alone.
- Don't be silly.|- I'm not silly!
I appreciate that.
When you talk to me, "Hail Hynkel"!
Who are you?
I'll show you who I am!|Come down to headquarters!
That's my shop.
I don't care if it is or not.
Going to put up a fight, are you?|Come to headquarters.
Let me tell you something.
Policeman?|Arrest that man for assault.
- Come here, you!|- LeaVe me alone.
Attacking a storm trooper!
You'll hear from my lawyer.
He bit my finger!
Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you.
I enjoyed that.
But you'd better beat it.
- I'll call a policeman.|- No!
- Why not?|- Are you crazy?
More are coming!
- More what?|- Wait!
Come in here.
What's wrong with you?|Don't be foolhardy.
What's this? Who hit you?
I think it was a gang.
You'd better get fixed up.|We'll investigate later.
What time is it?
All right, they've gone.
Thanks, mister.|That did me a lot of good.
You'Ve sure got some nerve.
We should all fight back.
We can't fight alone,|but we can lick 'em together.
We didn't do so bad.
You're the barber,|who was in hospital!
Mr Jaeckel has talked about you.
We didn't think you'd come back.
The storm troopers|will be after you.
You'd better hide.|I'll get the key to the cellar.
- Is this the man?|- That's him.
Hail Hynkel!
Who's he?
Don't fool with me. Hail Hynkel!
Your hands.
Just a moment. Not here.|Bring him outside.
First you'll finish this.|Here.
Go on, paint that!
Wait a minute, boys.|I've got a bright idea.
Commander Schultz!
First in command.
Second in command.
Oh, never mind. You!
Who told you|to hang people from lampposts?
What was the trouble?
A Jew attacking storm troopers.
- Where is he?|- There.
Break ranks.
So there you are. Stand him up.
Get up.
You?|Don't you remember me?
- You saved my life.|- Me?
Strange. And I always thought|of you as an Aryan.
I'm a vegetarian.
Don't you remember?|We got away in my plane.
Then we crashed.
Now I remember.
Well, how are you?
What's my friend done?
He resisted my men|painting his windows.
Any brave man would resist.
I'm sorry for this.
No harm.
In future you will not|be molested again.
If you or your friends|eVer need help...
Who did that?
One of my friends.
Hynkel's palace was the centre
of the world's|greatest war machine,
Behind it|was the dynamic Adenoid Hynkel,
whose genius ran the nation,
whose ceaseless activity kept him|occupied every moment of the day,
Marshal Herring is waiting,
I believe we've got something now.
A bulletproof uniform.|The material is as light as silk.
I've arranged for a demonstration.|It will only take two minutes.
I can spare one.
Professor Herr Kibitzen.
Actions speak louder than words.|A bulletproof uniform.
One hundred percent perfect.
Far from perfect.
- Where's my secretary?|- In the outer office.
Call her.
Take a letter.
Herring here in the tower room,|We've got something marvellous,
I shall be up.
A parachute.|The most compact in the world.
Worn like a hat.
It will open in 25 feet.
Demonstrate, professor.
Herring,|why do you waste my time like this?
Send Garbitsch here.
Herr Garbitsch is waiting,
What's the meaning of this?
25 million for prison camps?|We need to manufacture munitions.
- We'Ve made a few arrests.|- How many?
Five or ten thousand...
a day.
- A day?|- Just a few dissenters.
Dissenting about?
Working hours, wage cuts,
the synthetic food, the quality|of the sawdust in the bread.
What more do they want?|It's from the finest lumber!
NeVertheless, the people|are overworked. They need diversion.
The people, bah!
We might go further with the Jews.|Burn some of their houses.
An assault on the ghetto.
Something more dramatic. When can|we be ready to invade Osterlich?
Three months.
I can't wait.|Napaloni's army might invade first.
We must strike now.
We'll require foreign capital.
Borrow it!
The bankers haVe refused.
One man|might make us a loan: Epstein.
- Epstein? He's a Jew, isn't he?|- Yes.
Well, let's be big about it.|We'll borrow from Epstein.
It might be difficult in view|of our policy towards his people.
Then we'll change our policy.
Tell Schultz all persecution|of the Jews must cease.
At least|till we've negotiated this loan.
I don't understand it.|The whole ghetto is so quiet.
You can't imagine|what was going on.
This Hynkel business.
You weren't here, you were|in the hospital, unconscious.
You don't appreciate|what a good time you were having.
If things get worse|we can go to Osterlich.
That's still free.
Sooner or later we'll haVe to go.
Anyway, it's nice to see you back.
It's like the old days again, eh?
How's business?
Very slow.
The men are in concentration camp.
You should fix up the women.
The beauty parlour business.
Know anything about it?
You can learn.|You can practise on Hannah.
Hannah, get in that chair,|we'll make you look beautiful.
What for?
He's going to practise on you.
Not with mud on my face?
No, we'll take some off.
Make me look beautiful?
Sure.|He can't make you look any worse!
Mrs Shoemaker's laundry!
I'll give it to her.|You sit here and enjoy yourself.
I know.|I've seen you making eyes.
Don't pay any attention to him.
I like your shop|since it's fixed up.
I wish I had a business like this.|There's no future in housework.
Maybe if I save my money|I can haVe a barbershop some day.
But I can neVer saVe.|Money slips through my fingers.
I've always lived|up to eVery penny I'Ve earned.
Why shouldn't I? You're here today|and gone tomorrow.
Do you believe in God?
I do. But if there wasn't one,|would you live any different?
I wouldn't.
Life could be wonderful|if people'd leave you alone.
Things are looking brighter now.
Maybe because of you saving Schultz.
Funny how they'Ve left us alone.
Too good to be true.
Do you eVer daydream?|I do.
That's the only time|I'm really happy: dreaming.
Sometimes I get so carried away|I don't know what I'm doing.
Aren't you like that?
We're very much alike.
- Both absent-minded.|- You think so?
I like absent-minded people.
Like the man who put his watch|in boiling water and held the egg!
All great men are absent-minded.|It's a sign you're smart.
My folks didn't think so.
You haVe an excuse.|You were injured in the war.
I was born that way.
I wonder|why women never grow whiskers.
Isn't that foolish of me?
I could kick myself in the shins,|I could...
I'll give you a shampoo.
Ain't I cute?
How did you do it?
You should try it on yourself.
Fixed up, you'd look handsome.
Four pecks a pound, new potatoes!
The potato man! I haVe to go.
Take it easy there.
Did you hurt yourself?
- Careful next time.|- Here's another one.
How do you do?
Something's happened.|The storm troopers helped me up.
How wonderful|if they stopped hating us,
if they let us go about our business|like we used to.
How wonderful if we didn't have|to go to another country.
I don't want to go.
With all the persecution,|I still love it here.
Perhaps we don't haVe to go.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they'd|let us live and be happy again?
Full stop.
Nothing works!|Not even a sharp pencil.
I'm surrounded by incompetent,|stupid, sterile stenographers.
I'll get you a pen.
Don't bother! I won't send it.
Get out, get out!
We've just discovered|the most wonderful poison gas.
It will kill everybody...
All right. Later.
B76 to see Herr Herring,
A lady. My secret agent.
Your secret agent?|Tell her to come here.
Have B76 come right in.
Any news from Epstein?
Our agent reports that all|the board of directors are Aryans.
- The loan's bound to go through.|- Good.
A strike at the arms factory.
- The leader?|- Five of them.
- HaVe them shot.|- They were.
How many were going to strike?
Three thousand of them.
HaVe them all shot.|I don't want dissatisfied workers.
These men are skilled craftsmen.
Let's train others first,|then shoot them!
Cannot afford to be lenient.
The rhythm of production|will be affected.
Rhythm...|All right, have your rhythm.
Spare the strikers and permit them|to return to work.
But mark them for future reference.
That's my department.|I'll attend to that. This way.
The strike leaders are all|brunettes. Not one blond.
Troublemakers!|Worse than Jews.
- Then wipe them out!|- "Doucement".
We'll get rid of the Jews first,|then concentrate on the brunettes.
We shall neVer haVe peace|till we have a pure Aryan race.
How wonderful! Tomainia,|a nation of blue-eyed blonds.
Why not|a blond Europe, Asia, America?
- And a brunette dictator.|- Of the world!
Why not?
Aut Caesar aut nullus. The world's|effete, worn out, afraid.
No nation would dare oppose you.
Dictator of the World!
It's your destiny. We'll kill off|the Jews, wipe out the brunettes,
then will come forth|a pure Aryan race.
Beautiful blond Aryans.
They will love you,|they will worship you as a god.
No, you mustn't say it.
You make me afraid of myself.
Dictator of the World!
We'll invade Osterlich first.|After that we can bluff.
The nations will capitulate.
The world will be under your thumb.
LeaVe me! I want to be alone.
Aut Caesar aut nullus,
Emperor of the World!
My world.
The happy hour programme,
Work with the rhythm of music,
Our next selection: Brahms'|Hungarian Dance number five,
Fifteen cents, please.
Happy hour signing off,
At six, Adenoid Hynkel will address
the children of the double-cross,
It seems like the old days again.
How long is it going to last?
In the papers
it's rumoured that Hynkel's going|to give the Jews back their rights.
What do you want?
Business is much better.|Nobody interferes with us any more.
Doesn't that make you feel good?
The trouble, Mr Jaeckel,
is you're so used to bad times,|you're unhappy without them.
Get my Sunday shoes.|They're on the windowsill.
I can't find the shawl.
I'Ve got a shawl.
What's going on?
They're dressing Hannah up|to go out.
Is that so?
She's got a beau.
- Who is it?|- The barber.
Now, turn around.
- My dear! Those hands!|- What's the matter with them?
Those calluses. They're so rough.
Maybe I better not go.
Don't be foolish.|He knows you do housework.
Wait! I'll get a pair of mittens.
See if he's ready.
Not yet. He's polishing|a bald man's head.
Bad news. The invasion of Osterlich|will have to be delayed.
- What?|- Epstein refuses to lend the money.
Epstein refuses, eh?
Send for Schultz.
Epstein refuses.
What did he say?
He complained of the persecution
and said he wouldn't have any|dealings with a mediaeval maniac.
He'll deal with a mediaeval maniac|more than he thinks!
First I shall deal with his people.
- Your Excellency?|- Call out the storm troopers.
A little mediaeval entertainment|in the ghetto!
At such a time|I think it ill-advised.
Such demonstrations|demoralise the country.
Since when|do you care about the ghetto?
I speak in the interests of our party|and the cause of humanity.
You need a holiday.
Fresh air.
A little outdoor exercise.
I'll send you|to a concentration camp.
Place Schultz under arrest.
Very well, but remember my words.|Your cause is doomed to failure
because it is built on the stupid|persecution of innocent people.
Your policy is worse than a crime.|It's a tragic blunder.
Traitor! Traitor!
You're a double-dyed democrat!
Schultz, why haVe you forsaken me?
Excellency,|here are the notes for your speech.
I'll not need them.
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