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Subtitles for Graveyard Of Honour.

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Graveyard Of Honour

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Production:|Daiei, Toei video
The Boss did not bear the pain|and went to the dentist.
In the two hours of its absence|a Yakuza drove
to hell.
He, guard!
Can do I go dry my blanket?
I've sweated the whole night through.
Wait until wash day.
What if I have to go with pneumonia|in the hospital?
Then I will complain at the director about you.
I would tell you about a|good pecuniary resource.
lshimatsu. Come out.
what is it with the pecuniary resource?
So young!
Here.|- That is you.
What about the washing-up?
Quiet now!
He, you!
Not even twenty years old|and already drinking Sake with the Boss...
Stop moaning.
After all he saved
our bosses life.
This greenhorn
Shall we call him "uncle"?|- Can't change it.
*** Takashi MiiKe's ***|GRAVEYARD DF HONOR
What's up?
What do you want in the Office Sawada?
My name is Rikuo lshimatsu.
Where is someone responsible?
Excuse me, Sir!
You're welcome.
Come in.|- My apologies.
Uncle lshimatsu has arrived.
I'm Tomita,|Boss of the Yoshida department
To a good co-operation.
I'm are lshimatsu.
We both are responsible here|from today on.
Thank you.|- Kindly honour us again.
Thank you.|- Ah, thanks.
You are the prettiest one in here.
Pardon me.
Excuse me.
Mr. Ishimatsu requires your|company for the karaoke.
Would you join the|Club? Please!
Just two or three songs,|then might go you.
Thanks a lot.
Pardon me.
You must be hungry.
Have a seat.
Have a seat!
Eat something!
You're hungry, aren't you?
Here. Eat!
You're doing well.
Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat!
The guy, called Yamane,|is from the Joto-Syndicate.
There are rumours that|he blackbites the boss.
They say he's furious, because the|Boss drove in gambling debts from him.
You win.
Two of them.
What the hell do you want? - You are|Yamane of the Joto-Syndicate, right?
What sense!
Open up, I say. He!
Open up! What's the matter?
I'll go to prison for a while.
Come here.
Please leave.
I said: come here.
I don't want to.
What's the matter?
Now say something.
I'll give it back.
The money.
It's for your maintance.
Go buy some clothes.
What am I for you?
My wife.
you have to state,|that I didnt mean to kill him.
In case of an intention to kill|it is considered as tried murder.
otherwise only as bodily injury.
The measures of punishment|differs substantially!
Mr. lshimatsu,|you must give into that!
I won't tell that shit.|That's disgusting.
I'm a Yakuza,
Mr. Attorney!
The Boss will care for you.
He will offer you shelter.
So you two won't have to starve.
You, Hashida, and you, Masato.
What do you say, Hashida?
Well, I...
will wait alone.
Hiding... that|sounds somehow oppressing.
I'll wait alone for you.
No big deal!
Rikuo lshimatsu was convicted of|tried murder to five years detention.
and went to prison.
This garden here,
the boss put it up 20 years ago.
No wonder that he has|dirty hands. - What?
I'll will be free tomorrow.
Then we'll have a drink|together soon, outside.
This time it was fun to|be in prison.
I had a real brother in you.
The pleasure is all mine.
Fate was on our site.
Thank you, brother.
Looks like you started a career|working for our boss, Masato?
I owe it to you.
You're strenuous!
Thanks for your trouble!
He, brother.
You're looking good, brother!
Thank you, brother.
Masato, this is Imamura.|We did time together.
Imamura, of the Giyu-Syndicate.
My pleasure.
Kikkawa, of the House Sawada. Thanks|for coming personally.
Come on!
I could hardly bear the impatience!
You remind me of the Boss|in his early years.
Nonsense!|Never was I such a daredevil.
That's not what the people say, Boss.
You never left the house|without a blade in your hands.
Such a nonsense.
It is true, isn't it?|- Right.
I go pissing.
Nature calls!
What's happening?
Leave me alone!
Stop it, stop it! Help!
Welcome back.
The ice!
Eight years passed.
The speculation was going down.
Frosty times started.
Not easy to get over them.
Like there are lone wolves|amoung a pride,
there are also lone wolves|among Yakuzas.
Conflict within the Government.
Mori succeeded.
But he won't make it much longer.
It's not easy for politicians either.|They are attacked by their own people.
No difference to where we|come from, right?
What is it, lshimatsu?
What do you want?
Where is the elder one?
Where is the elder one?
He went to the hot founts with some|female accompany, right?
Not possible. - Not possibible?|You see that he's not around, don't you?
What shall that be, lshimatsu?
Stop it!
Sakai! How did that happen?
I don't get ot myself either.
They say Ishimatsu went nuts without reason.
Come on, tell us what happend.
Boss told us just for fun that the old|man would have gone to the hot founts.
Well, and then Ishimatsu went|totally nuts.
To the hot founts?
The boss suddenly had toothache|and went to the dentist!
That's what you were told as well!|- My water! - Sorry!
You should ask uncle lshimatsu|to wait! - I will.
They never liked one another,|lshimatsu and Mr. Yukawa.
Clean up, idiots!
What about the money?
With the ten million
It's definitely not for you.|Even if lshimatsu doesn't get it.
Thats not what I said!
Your coat.
The Boss did not bear the pain|and went to the dentist.
In the two hours of his absence
a yakuza was sent to hell.
Allow me.
Headquarter called.
They gathered some men to|invastigate Ishimatsus whereabout.
Now that's great!
He's probably in a bar,|getting drunk.
He will reappear all by himself.
Concerning Mr. Yukawa:
Skull fracture.|His condition is critical.
Takatsuki and Jo are heavily wounded,|but off mortal danger.
A broken head ...
Cold-blooded pack. The Boss as well.
what should that be?|Only because of ten million Yen?
Nonsense, Rikuo!
Sawada is not that kind of guy!
Something went wrong.
The Boss regrets that he promised|me so much money.
And therefore he hides himself|in any bathing resort.
Now hold it for a minute.
You're saying the Boss of the house|Sawada is a scrooge?
It's the first time in my life,|that I ask for something.
And this asshole lets me beg for it.
Now stop it, Rikuo!
You should try to limit the damage.
Take care to apologize personally|to Sawada as soon as possible.
Excuse me.
Boss!|- What?
Sawadas men are here.
He, Ishimatsu!
You wait!
who is responsible?
Are you uncle Narimura?|- Yes
Nishizaki, Yukawa department.
I'm looking for|lshimatsu and Hashida.
They're not here by coincidence?
lshimatsu are here.|- What?
If that is the case,|just hand him over.
This stupid ass...
Then must allow us, uncle,|that we get us in the door.
lshimatsu and Hashida are with me.
But you won't touch them in my house!
Are we clear? If they take one step|before the door, they belong to you.
But as long as they are in my house,|they will be my guests.
The headquarters send us! We|carry that for banner of the Sawada!
Good cause!
And I'm the leader of|the Narimura department.
If you want to pick up a fight with me,
have a try!
I'm ready.
Come on. Let's go.
Alright!|- Call the headquarters!
It's cold.
What would like you to eat?|- Only rice and tea.
Where are the two?
They left with uncle Fujii.|Through the back door.
You're in deep shit, uncle.
You blow the headquaters|and hit the bosses head.
This Yukawa pissed me off for|a long time already.
I beg you!
We're a part of the|House Sawada ourselves.
This history endangers|our good relations.
Then we break them off this evening,|those relations.
Gather some money, ok?
I will...
Just a moment.
Take it and strike off!
Make it an end, kill me!
Kill me!
He understood that he had gotten|the wrong button hole.
But the possibility of|opening and trying once more,
was not permitted in the |world of the Yakuza.
He, Chieko!
Isn't it time, that you|get yourelf persuaded by me?
I'll show you some beautiful things.
A commendable experience!
Oh, Mr. Komatsu...
"Am I good enough for you?"
You cause me worry,|speaking in such a way, Chieko.
I would like you younger!
A call for you.
Someone's calling you.
Not at all.
I'll be right back.
That's all?
I can ask Mummy-San.
So tell me,
did something happened?
Strain yourself.
That's enough.
Conversions like last month and...
I do my best!
He, brother!
You'recoming in the nick of time!
Come, have a seat!
Hurry!|- Whiskey!
One of the rare times my brothers |honours us, right?
Hurry up!
I killed my Boss.
The apartement belongs to a couple|that escaped. It's empty now.
Nobody will find you here.
Yes, hello?
Really? Thanks, Shigeo.
We will have a drink?
Yes, thanks.
The old Sawada has survived.
No important organe was hurt.
Now it will be a fragile thing.
Wether he dies or survives,|decides on heaven or hell.
That's the way it is.
He, brother.
Go get some beer and food.
Do you have money?
So what now?
Who raises his hand against the Boss,|is no more.
The Sawadas will search the whole place.
Ishimatsu is my brother.
I cannot let him down.
Today you are completely the man of|honour, like in old times.
It fits you.
And what do we do about the Sawadas?
Willy-nilly ...
fight, when they come.
I'm Imamura from the Giyu-Syndicate.
Blood pressure?|- Blood pressure 80 to 50, pulse 95.
Thanks for coming.
Was Ishimatsu with you as well|yesterday evening?
If you had thrown him it,|things wouldn't have come so far.
I mean: our boys were there.
So it was my fault?
I didn't say that.
Such things happening always|cause distrust.
What are you talking about?
The Boss granted much credit to|your department, didn't he?
Yes, so? What's with that?
One could think,
you would have let lshimatsu escape.
Cause if something happend to the Boss,|you would get rid of your debts.
Enough of that!
Some things shouldn't be spoken.
I understand...
You want Ishimatsu?
Just wait and see!
I'll get him to you! Out of my way!
lshimatsu was always|Narimura's favourite.
We drove a wedge between them.
I worked for uncle lshimatsu first.
Time to proof, small Kikkawa,
that you can distinguish|between good and evil.
What do you mean, boss?
We assemble a search troop.
You will lead it.
You're blaming me for |the Boss to be hurt?
Ask your conscience.
You belong to Narimura, don't you?|So what do you want here?
Hu?|- "Hu?" youself!
Get started!
You know, where lshimatsu it is, right?
You know where he is.
What about cutting your face in pieces?
What the hell are you doing here?
I know nothing.
Nothing at all.
As i said,|we did't see him.
He was seen with your boss
in a hostess club.
We don't have a clue of that.
Just bring him on once more,
this witnesses...
of the House Sawada.
lshimatsu was outlawed|on the same day.
Should he search shelter at your place,
we have a problem,
we and the Giyu-Syndicate.
Never mind.
Mr. lmamura, would you contact|the headquarters?
In case you see lshimatsu?
Of course.
I will.
Naomi! Money...
Did you get some money?
Is beer okay?
So, beer and an ashtray.|You smoke, don't you?
Yes. But what about the money?
You have it?
Hashida, you shitting chap!
Get up! Come on.
Come on, spit it out, Hashida.
Where is lshimatsu?
Where is he?
Where is he holing up?
We will kill you.
Now tell us.
Or you will die!
He, Hashida.
Open your mouth.|You will not survive that!
I don't know. Honsetly.
Where did you see him last?
In ... in a bar|near the Narimuras house.
What did he need|ten million Yen for?
Mummy-San of Chieko's bar|wants to settle down.
and give the shop to her.
What shall we do with the boy?
Cut his thumbs off.
Both of them.
Hold him tight!
The right one first.
So what?|- The shitty thing does not cut.
Hold him.
Nicely bright in here!
Unfortunately it's already cold.
I won't get the money.
Forget about about the bar.
It's you who wanted to buy it.|I don't care.
Whats happening?
Anybody needs this?
Who was that?
I fell.
You think I'm stupid?
He... He!
Get him!
Sit down. Hey, sit down.
You keep an eye on this place.|And beware you move.
How long?
Till you die.
Get started.
Telephone, man!
Pick up the phone!|Are you dumb or what?
Pick it up!
You got the wrong number.|This is a Soba restaurant.
Even Yakuzas
are born by mothers|and are human beings.
Human beings, no matter|which group they belong,
must at least respect|some basic rules.
To the one, who brakes thes rules, there|is nothing left but the way of a damon.
A Daemonen, which only breathes|to follow hollow impulses
and to drift towards death.
However... Those are my chips!
Bring the chips to me.
But...|You owe us already four million.
As long as you don't pay those...|- Hurry up.
Uncle! I cannot allow this.
By this you still owe|us one million!
Tezuka! What's the matter with the incomes?
Uncle lshimatsu|took three millions.
What did you say?
We have a problem here.
lshimatsu has come and schemed|the big spender...
Shut up!
Go home to your fuckin country!
He locked himself up with a|chick in some hotel.
Hello, Brother.
You came to amuse yourself,
You know very well,
that the casino and the hostess club belongs |to the boss.
What so you think that you've done?
You all.
For me.|- How dare you to say such things!
The Boss and me, we're doing|everything for your security.
So, what is it that you're done?
You locked me up in this hole...
and let me stew in my own juice.
That is heartless.
Does it suit to do that,
among brothers?
If I inconvenience, I leave.
You just have to say it.
Drive him home.
That one is completely fucked up.
Took some good portion of drugs.
And not just Speed.
That one is on the hard trip.
Know what, Hayashi,
I'll leave tomorrow
for the headquarters and talk to the Boss.
To talk? About what?
lshimatsu you are completely right.
I haven't done anything for him yet.
There nothing we can do about it.
He shot at his boss|and now he's outcasted.
If we offer him protection,|we raise even more trouble.
Imagine some guy came along|and insulted me.
Imamura, what would you do?
Well, he wouldn't survive it,
this along-run chap.
You would kill him, right?
Of course it would, Boss.|No matter, what cost.
So, where is the difference
between your attitude and the|one of the Sawada's men?
Hm, Imamura?
Let's assume the Boss interferes|into such a ticklish affair.
In either Case
we can be shure that we|burnes our fingers.
How do you want to take the |responsibility, Mr. lmamura?
A Yakuza, not understanding the |game, isn't any good.
There is no rescue For someone|like lshimatsu.
I'm bored.
I'm hungry!|- Oh, really?
Well, we go and have something to|eat then. Come on.
We go.|- What you would like?
Crokettes!|- Crokettes?
That's what you like?|Well, then it's crokettes.
This was backfiring.
I could I've been so stupid?
They just keep up honour.
You're the only one saying this.
So keep you head up.
We will ...
send him to the Philipines.
I will do that.
Something to eat!
Mr. Tereda, your table is ready.
Take care of them please.
Excuse me. You might want to|have a seat aside.
Could you park your car elsewhere please?
It's blocking the entrance.|- Excuse me, Mummy-san.
PLease...|- Shut up, old witch.
Old witch.
What are you saying? Infamy! What do...
You son of a bitch.|- Bang!
So, you got something to tell,|Mr. Oshita.
Cold, isn't it?
Yes indeed.
Mr. Aoyama,
Rikuo, ...
Are you interested in Rikuo Ishimatsu?
And what do you want for him?
Nothing at all.
Let's move in.
Stand back!
Bring him to me.
We're out of bullets!
All gone!
Not a single left.
We're out of bullet's, Chieko!
All gone.
He, Chieko, all ...
Today, for tried murder,
the former gang member
Rikuo Ishimatsu,
36 years old, was arrsted
in his hideout.
Ishimatsu, who
locked himself up with his wife,
was overpowered by the police forces|after a gun fight.
How did they find him?
Such news spread fast.|And the way he behaved...
The police is not stupid.
There is nothing I could do anymore.
This morning
Ishimatsu got arrested.
Forgive me, Boss,|I failed.
Excuse me.
Stay calm.|You'll stay here from today on.
When will you break the silence?
You shot at the old Sawada.
Is that correct?
Does the boss say so?
He would never tell,
this mighty boss,
who made him loose his face.
There are no witnesses
No, but...
We have so many indications,
that we're able to use them.
Then raise charge!
Even if you haven't got a confession.
Some cooperation would be nice.
Give me something for my protocol.
I will make it look good for you,|Ishimatsu.
tell me...
the name of the guy who betrayed me.
Imamura, right?
He was the only one knowing all.
Well, the direction was right...
And further...
I made her take the drugs.
You do believe me, right?
Let's try.
You have been lucky.|There are no charges raised.
You will manage it.
Help me!
Everything in order?|- Yes.
He, what are you doing?
Mr. Ishimatsu has arrived.
Move! Move!
Quite risky to make such a long|journey in his condition.
Will he make it?
I've done what I could.
Now anything depends on his strength.
Or his luck.
Take care that he survives.
Rikuo Ishimatsu is still on the run.
Probably heavily armed.
The police started the manhunt,
which is still without results.
Further news will follow.
How pathetic!
To snitch on me!
What are you talking about?
Shut up!
This bastard...
is supecting me now.
After all you've done for him.
Tezuka is dead.
Give me some stuff.|- Ishimatsu
Give it to me.
and canteen.
and a syringe!
What do you want here?
Stop it!
Everything went wrong...
Excuse me!
Ah, thanks!
Smoking is unhealthy.
Brother. Could you....
What's going on here?
He's threatening the manager.
This asshole wants 100 millions.
There was even a shot not long ago.
Don't move.
Finally Ishimatsu saved his life.
His soul had been long dead already.
Just his body denied to die.
I understand.
Ishimatsu killed himself.
This ungrateful guy...
He, Watanabe!
Go slower!
Such a car has to be driven|with honour!
Let's have a break.
I heard about Ishimatsu's dead
about two years later.
How funny!
Thirty years of
living hell.
Director: Takashi Miike
Screenplay: Shigenori Takechi
Story: Goro Fujita
Narimi Arimori
Shingo Yamashiro
Ryosuke Miki
Producers:|Shigeji Maeda, Kazuyuki Yokoyama
Produktion:|Daiei, Toei Video
Music: Koji Endo
Camera: Hideo Yamamoto
Cut: Yasush Shimamura
Art Direction: Toshiyuki Matsumiya
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