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Subtitles for Grave Of The Fireflies CD2.

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Grave Of The Fireflies CD2

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Bad manners, Seita.
Doesn't matter. We can sit any way we want.
Rice for two.
That's it?
Next ration will be in July.
Let me!
Like it?
It's all different tastes!
Grape, strawberry, melon, mint. All in there.
Drink it all.
All gone.
Great... Left the dishes for me to do.
So selfish...
Honestly! Those brats are two of the worst!
Not again!
Mama! Mama!
Seita, my daughter and that man work for our nation!
We can't have her crying keep them awake.
We've enough trouble getting sleep with the air raids!
Report from Central Military Division.
Several waves of enemy bombers are approaching.
Going to the shelter again, Seita?
You're old enough to help fight the fires, aren't you?
I want to go home. I hate living with her!
We don't have a house to go back to.
With a great big streamer shaped like a carp...
...and longer than a house.
The big one's the Papa, the little ones the kids.
Stop it! Don't you realize there's a war going on?!
You two are nothing but trouble for me!
A couple of pests, that's what you are!
You're no help at all during the raids.
You could just go and LIVE in that shelter for all I care!
That's it.
We'll live here.
No one uses it. It's sturdy. We can live like we want!
Can we really live here?!
We've bothered you long enough. We're leaving now.
Leaving...? For where?
Haven't really decided yet.
Well, take care of yourselves. Bye-bye, Setsuko!
This'll be the kitchen!
This'll be the front door!
Where's the bathroom?
That can be anywhere. Wanna go somewhere with me?
Thanks for the wagon.
Just leave it there.
Do you think you can sell us some food and straw?
I guess. Not much left, though.
My mouth's watering!
Man, am I hungry.
Well, we can always eat frogs.
They're great.
You'd better get under the mosquito net.
What's wrong?
I forgot my toothbrush.
One night without it won't matter.
It's getting buggy. You'd better get under the net.
It's dark in there. I'm scared.
I have to take a leak. How about you?
A kamikaze.
It looks like a firefly.
Let's catch some.
Okay, get in.
I can see you!
I can see you, too.
A hair clip.
Okay, let's get as many as we can!
I went to a naval review, once. Before you were born.
Naval review...?
Uh-huh. Dad's cruiser, the "Maya", was in formation with the fleet.
Mighty fortresses floating on the seas...
Defending our homeland from invaders near and far.
Enemy plane!
I wonder where Dad is fighting now...
Get off me, Seita!
Whatcha doing?
Making a grave. Mama's in a grave too.
Auntie told me.
She said Mama died, and she's in a grave now.
We'll visit her grave sometime.
Do you remember the graveyard, the one near Nunobiki?
That's where she is. Under a big camphor tree...
Why do fireflies have to die so soon?
Hey, it looks like somebody's living here.
Probably lost their house.
Maybe it's some crazy hermit.
It's a swing.
A kid lives here. What's this?
Rest in Peace!
Wish it was real food.
It says "Setsuko".
Look! Dried frogs!
Who'd wanna eat that?!
Nobody I know would ever eat this stuff!
Ground soybeans! And I thought the food I got was bad!
A ghost!
I've traded everything for rice. Even my Mom's kimono.
There's nothing left to trade.
Please, I can pay you money for the rice...
Sorry. I can't trade or sell anything to you.
I'm a farmer, but even I don't have any rice to share.
Don't you have other relatives?
I can't contact them.
Then take my advice and go back to that woman.
Everything's rationed now.
You can't survive outside of the system.
Just swallow your pride and apologize to her.
Thanks anyway. I'll ask someone else.
You're a navy man's son, right? Try to be brave.
Should we?
It doesn't matter if you like it or not. You have to eat!
You need to, so you can grow up!
I- I feel funny.
Are you cold?
I've been having diarrhea...
Why you...!
I'm sorry!
Sir, forgive me! I didn't mean to.
My sister's sick. I just wanted to get her some sugar!
Yeah, sure! Stealing food's a serious crime in wartime!
You god damned...! Come back here!
What the hell...?! Potatoes too?!
So YOU'RE the one who's been stealing around here!
I'm sorry! I'll never do it again, I swear!
Tell it to the cops! I'll take you there myself!
Now walk! I hope they lock you up!
Please, she's sick! She needs me!
The nature of the crime is fairly clear, I think.
Thank you, I'll handle this. You may go.
But officer...
You've knocked this poor kid around enough.
I'm even tempted to call it... ASSAULT!
I... er... Thank you officer!
They hit Fukui tonight.
Would you like a glass of water?
Where does it hurt? Should I get a doctor?
Seita, I have to go to the bathroom.
Can it wait?
Hop on.
Brother's gone to the mountain to bring back some firewood...
Setsuko. Dinner.
This pumpkin's great. Tastes just like sweet bean jelly.
Don't like that stuff.
Look, if you don't eat, Dad'll blame ME for it.
Come on, I'll even help you. Now cheer up and eat!
Once you get better, I'll take you to the beach again.
Now I'll really get you something good to eat, Setsuko!
These were your mother's? Don't make me laugh!
Don't try to pawn off this garbage on me!
Seita... Water...
Breathe in.
And out.
She's been having diarrhea for a while now.
Prickly heat... Rashes... And salt water hurts her skin.
Weakening from malnutrition. Probably due to the diarrhea.
Can you give her medicine? A shot?
Don't wanna shot.
Please doctor, help her!
Medicine... All this child needs is food.
What's wrong?
Where do I GET food?!
Boy am I hungry. What do you want to eat?
Tempura... Sashimi... Jelly...
Anything else?
Ice cream... And also...
I want fruit drops...
Drops... Okay!
I'll withdraw the money and buy you all the food you need.
Don't want anything... You can have it...
Don't go! Stay with me! Don't leave me alone!
Don't worry, Setsuko.
I'll buy you some good, nourishing food.
And I'll never leave you again. Never, ever again.
I promise.
3000 yen.
There's a typhoon coming?
Great, we get our "divine wind" AFTER we surrender. Figures...
Surrender...? We've lost the war?!
Haven't you heard?
Japan's lost? The Great Japanese Empire?
Yeah... Surrendered unconditionally.
What about the fleet?
All gone.
Sent to the bottom. Not one left afloat.
Was my Dad's ship sunk too?! Is that why he hasn't written?!
How should I know? Crazy kid...
Damn him!
I'm so hungry...
Now Dad's gone too... He's dead too...
Sorry I'm so late. I'll make you some rice.
Up they go...
And down again...
Oh... Firefly's stopped...
I bought us some chicken and eggs.
And also...
Setsuko, what's in your mouth?!
This is a marble. It isn't a drop!
I brought you something I know you like.
Seita... Have one...
Setsuko... What's...?
Rice balls...
I made them for you...
Here... Have one...
You don't want them...?
Look, it's a watermelon. I didn't steal it, either.
Here, eat it.
It's good...
Hold on, I'll make you some rice gruel with eggs.
I'll leave the melon here for you.
Seita... Thank you...
She never woke up.
There. Charcoal for the cremation.
Since it's a child, you should do it at a temple.
The body should be lightly dressed. Use beanstalks for a good fire.
Beautiful day, in spite of it all.
It hasn't changed a bit. It's good to be home!
Look! The old phonograph...
I've missed this view.
Come back soon!
The next morning, I put some of Setsuko's ashes into...
... the candy tin, and then climbed down the hill.
I never went back to the shelter.
Time for bed. Okay?
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