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Subtitles for Grapes of Wrath The CD2.

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Grapes of Wrath The CD2

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Well, you don't say!
All right! All right!|Let's don't go into it.
What I got to tell ya|is this.
Don't try to park in town tonight.|Just go right on out to that camp.
If I catch ya in town after dark,|I got to lock ya up.
- But-But what we gonna do?|- Well, Pop, that just ain't up to me.
I don't mind tellin' you,|the guy they ought to lock up...
is the guy that sent|them things out.
How many, folks?
Sure don't look|none too prosperous.
Want to go|somewhere's else?
On a gallon of gas?
Let's set up the tent,|and maybe I can fix some stew.
I could break up some brush|if you want me, ma'am.
You want to be asked|to eat, don't ya?
- Yes, ma'am.|- Didn't ya have no breakfast?
No, ma'am.|There ain't no work hereabouts.
Pa's in tryin' to sell some stuff|to get gas so's we can get along.
Didn't none of these|have no breakfast?
I did.|Me and my brother did.
- We et good.|- Well, you ain't hungry then, are ya?
We et good.
Well, I'm glad|some of ya ain't hungry...
because there won't|be enough to go around.
Aw, he was braggin'.|Know what he done?
Last night, come out and say|they got chicken to eat.
Well, sir, I looked in|whilst they was a-eatin'...
and it was fried dough|just like everybody else.
Ma, how 'bout it?
Well, I don't know|what to do.
I've got to feed the family, and what|am I gonna do about all of these here?
Give this to Ruthie.
There you are, John.
Here, Tom.|You take it. I ain't hungry.
- What do ya mean? You ain't et today.|- I know.
But I got a stomachache.|I ain't hungry.
- Take that plate in the tent, and you eat it.|- Wouldn't be no use.
I'd still see them|in the tent.
You git.|Go on now, git!
You ain't doin'no good.|They ain't enough for youse anyway.
Go on... now.
We can't send 'em away.
Here.|Take your plates and go inside.
Now, look,|all you little fellers.
You each go and get ya|a nice flat stick...
and I'll put|what's left for ya, huh?
Now, git!
I don't know whether|I'm doin' right or not.
Get inside!|Get inside everybody, and stay inside.
Lady's gonna feed us!|Get yourself a tin can!
Aw, you're takin'too much.
You men want to work?
Sure, we want to work.|Where's it at?
Tavares County.|Fruit's openin' up.
- Need a lot of fruit pickers.|- You doin' the hirin'?
Well,|I'm contractin' the land.
- What ya payin'?|- Well, can't tell exactly yet.
- About 30 cents, I guess.|- Why can't you tell?
- You took the contract, didn't you?|- That's true.
But it's keyed to the price. Might be|a little more, might be a little less.
All right, mister.|I'll go.
You just show us your|license to contract...
then you make out a order... where and|when and how much you gonna pay...
- and you sign it, and we'll go.|- Now, listen, smart guy.
I'll run my business|my own way.
I got work. If you|want to take it, okay.
If not, just sit here, that's all.
Twice now,|I fell for that line.
Maybe he needs|a thousand men.
So he get's 5,000 there,|and he'll pay 15 cents an hour.
And you guys'll have to take it,|because you'll be hungry.
If he wants to hire men, let him write it out|and say what he's gonna pay.
Ask to see his license.
He ain't allowed by law|to contract men without a license.
Hey, Joe.
Ever see|this guy before?
Seems like I have.
Seems like I seen him hangin' around|that used car lot that was busted into.
Yep, that's the fella.|Get in this car.
- You got nothin' on him.|- Open your trap again, and you'll go too.
Now, you fellas don't want|to listen to troublemakers.
You better pack up|and come on up to Tavares County.
Come on, you.
Gimme that gun.
Now get out of here.|Go down in the willows and wait.
- I ain't gonna run.|- Why, the-the sheriff, he's seen ya, Tom!
You want to be fingerprinted? Do you want|to get sent back for breakin' parole?
- I guess you're right.|- Hide in the willows.
If it's all right for you to come back,|I'll give you four high whistles.
- What's going on here?|- Oh, this man of yours,|he got tough, so I hit him.
Then he started shootin'...|hit a woman there... so I hit him again.
Well, what did you do|in the first place?
I talked back.
This the fella|that hit you?
- Well, it looked like him.|- Oh, it was me, all right.
You just got smart|with the wrong fella.
Get in that car!
This lady's bleeding to death.
Boy, what a mess|them.45s make.
Better get the doc.
- Al?|- You can come in now, Tom.
- You got to get out of here right away.|- What's the matter?
Guy down in the willows was tellin' me|some of them poolroom fellas...
figurin' on burnin'|the whole camp out tonight.
We got to get|the truck loaded.
Ma? Pa?
What you doin' with|the jack handle, Ma?
- Oh, she just got sassy, that's all.|- Al was fixin' to run away.
Well, we'll sort that out later.|Right now we got to hustle.
- Where's Connie?|- Well, Tom, he's gone.
He lit out this evenin'. Said he|didn't know it was gonna be like this.
Glad to get shed of him.|Never was no good and never will be.
- Pa! Shh!|- How come I got to shh?|Run out on us, didn't he?
Cut it out, Pa.|Help Al with the truck.
Some of the fellas in town are|gonna burn out the camp tonight.
Aw, don't fret, honey.|You'll be all right.
Tom, I just don't feel|like nothin' at all.
Without him,|I just don't want to live.
Aw, he'll be back.
We'll leave word for him.|Just don't you worry.
Get up there...
Ma. Maybe...
Maybe Connie gone to get some books|to study up with.
He gonna be a radio expert,|ya know.
Maybe he figured|to surprise us.
Maybe that's|just what he done.
- Ma, they comes a time when a man gets mad.|- You told me...
- You promised me you wasn't like that, Tom.|- Ma. I'm a-tryin' to.
If it was the law they was workin' with,|maybe we could take it. But it ain't the law!
They're workin' away at our spirits.|They're tryin' to make us cringe and crawl...
- workin' on our decency.|- You promised, Tom.
I know. I'm a-tryin' to, Ma.|Honest I am.
You gotta keep clear.|The family's a-breakin' up.
- You've got to keep clear!|- What's that, a detour?
Tom don't!|Please!
Just where do you think you're goin'?
Well, we're strangers|here, mister.
We heard about there was work|in a place called Tavares.
Yeah? Well, you're headin'|the wrong way!
What's more, we don't want|no more Okies in this town!
There ain't enough work here|for them that's already here!
- Which way is it at, mister?|- You turn right around and head north.
And don't you come back until|the cotton's ready. You understand?
Pa, let's try|that other tire.
- You got another flat tire, Tom?|- What, another one?
- Pa, get that cheviot from back there.|- All right.
Ma, will you get the hell off there?|It's gonna be heavy enough.
All right.
I tell ya, somethin's|got to happen soon.
We're down to our last day|of grease and...
two days of flour|and... ten potatoes.
And Rosasharn.
We got to remember,|she's gonna be due soon.
- Morning!|- Good morning.|- Morning.
You folks|lookin' for work?
Mister, we're lookin'|even under boards for work.
- Can you pick peaches?|- We can pick anything.
Well, there's plenty of work for you about|40 miles up here, just this side of Pixley.
You turn east on 32.|Look for the Keene Ranch.
- Tell 'em Spencer sent you.|- Mister, we sure thank ya!
Yeah.|Thank you.
Come on, Ma!
What is it, a wreck?
- Where you think you're going?|- Fella named Spencer sent us.
- Said there was work pickin' peaches.|- Oh, you wanna work, huh?
- Sure do.|- All right. Just pull up in line there.
Okay for this one!|Take him through!
- What's the matter? What happened?|- A little trouble up there...
but you'll|get through all right.
- Go ahead!|- Move it right there.
What do you think it is,|a washout?
I don't know what these cops|got to do with it, but I don't like it.
And these are our own people too,|all of'em.
- I don't like this.|- Get goin'. Stay in line.
Go on ahead.
What are ya, tryin' to do,|be a scab?
Go on!|Hurry up!
Come on,|come on, come on.
Go on.
Up the street there.
Keep in line.|Up the street.
Hold it, bud.
- Want to work?|- Sure, but what is this?
None of your business.|Name.
- Joad.|- How many men?
- Four.|- Women?
- Two.|- Kids?
- Two.|- Can you all work?
- Sure, I guess so.|- Okay. House 63.
Wages, five cents a box.|No bruised fruit.
Move along.|You go to work right away.
Come on, honey.|That's right.
- Name.|- Joad.
- Say, what is all this here?|- Joad? Not here.
- License?|- Oklahoma. EL-204.
It don't check.
Now, you look here.|We don't want no trouble with you.
Just do your own work and mind|your business, and you'll be all right.
Sure do want to make you|feel at home here, all right.
We gonna live here, Ma?
Why, sure. This won't be so bad|once we get her washed out.
I like the tent better.
Why,|this is got a floor!
Won't leak|when it rains.
Here.|This might come in handy.
- Name?|- It's stillJoad.
- How many?|- Six. You all go on.
Rosasharn and me|will unload the truck.
- Any more of them hamburgers, Ma?|- No, there ain't.
- You made a dollar, and that's a dollar's worth.|- Dollar's worth? That?
Well, they charge extra at that company|store, and there ain't no other place.
Well, I ain't full.
Well, tomorrow you'll get in|a full day's work and a full day's pay.
And then, we'll|all have enough.
You wouldn't think just reachin' up|and pickin' would get you in the back.
Think I'll walk out and find out|what all that fuss outside the gate was.
- Somebody come with me?|- No. I think I'll set awhile then go to bed.
Think I'll look around|and see if I can't meet me a girl.
- Girl? Hey, when I was your age...|- Pa!
Thing's been workin' on me,|what all that yellin' was about.
- Got me all curious.|- Pick up, Winfield.
I'll be back|in a little while.
Tom.|Now, you be careful.
- Don't you go stickin' your nose in anything.|- Okay, Ma. Don't worry.
Where do you think|you're goin'?
I thought I'd take a walk.|Any law against that?
Well, you can just|turn around and walk back.
- You mean I can't even get out of here?|- Not tonight you can't.
Now do you want|to walk back...
or shall I whistle up some help|and have you taken back?
I'll walk back.
- Evenin'.|- Who are you?
- Just goin' past, that's all.|- Know anybody around here?
No. Just goin' past,|I tell ya.
- Casy!|- Well, if it ain't Tom Joad! Hiya, boy!
I thought you|was in jail.
No. They just run me|out of town. Come on in.
Tom Joad.
- Is this the fella you been talkin' about?|- That's him.
- What are you doin' here, Tom?|- Workin' pickin' peaches.
I heard some fellas shoutin'|when we come in.
I come out to find out what's goin' on.|What's it all about?
- This here's a strike.|- Well, five cents a box|ain't much, but a fella can eat.
Five cents?|They payin' you five cents?
- Sure. We made a buck since midday.|- Lookee, Tom...
we come here to work.
They tell us there's gonna be five cents,|but there's a whole lot of us...
so the man says|21/2 cents.
Well, a fella can't even eat on that,|and if he's got kids...
So we says we won't take it,|so they drive us off.
Now they're payin' you|five cents.
But if they bust this strike,|you think they'll pay five?
Don't know.|Payin' five now.
They'll get 21/2 cents|just the minute we're gone.
You know what that is...
one ton of peaches|picked and carried for a dollar.
That way, you can't even buy|enough food to keep you alive.
Tell 'em to come out with us, Tom.|Them peaches is ripe!
Two days out and they'll pay us...|pay us all five, maybe seven.
No, they won't. They're gettin' five now.|That's all they care about.
But the moment they ain't strikebreakin',|they won't get no five.
Next thing you know, you'll be out.|They got it all fixed down to a T.
Well, soon as the harvest is in,|you're a migrant worker.
Afterwards, just a bum.
Five they're gettin' now,|that's all they're interested in.
I know exactly what Pa would say.|He'd just say it's none of his business.
Guess that's right. He'll have to|take a beatin' before he'll know.
Take a beatin'?|We was out of food!
Tonight we had meat.|Not much, but we had it.
You think Pa's gonna give up his meat on...|on account of some other fellas?
Rosasharn needs milk.
You think Ma's|gonna starve that baby...
just on account of fellas yellin'|outside a gate?
Tom, you gotta learn|like I'm learnin'.
I don't know it right yet myself,|but I'm tryin' to find out.
That's why I can't ever|be a preacher again.
Preachers gotta know.
I don't know.
I gotta ask.
- I don't like it.|- What's the matter?
I can't tell. It seems as though|l-I hear somethin'.
Then when I listen,|there ain't nothin' to hear.
Well, it ain't out|of the question, you know.
We're all a little itchy. Cops been tellin' us|how they're gonna beat us up.
Not them regular deputies, but them|tin-shield men, the ones they got for guards.
They figure I'm the leader|'cause I talk so much.
Turn out the light. Come outside.|There's somethin' here.
- What is it?|- I don't know. Listen.
Can't tell whether you hear it or not.|You hear it, Tom?
I hear it.
I think it's some guys|comin' this way, a lot of'em.
- We got to get out of here.|- Down that way, under the bridge span.!
There he is, The one in the middle.!|The skinny one.! Get him.!
Listen, you fellas,|you don't know what you're doin'!
- You're helpin' to starve kids!|- Ah, shut up, you dirty...
- You've killed him!|- Serves him right too.
Look out!
Boy, he's good and dead.|Did you see the fella that done it?
I ain't sure, but I caught him|one across the face.
He'll have a trademark|he won't be able to get rid of.
- Ma?|- Tom. Tom.
Pa, wake up.|Al, hit the light. Shh.
All right, Ma.
Pick him up.|Hurry. Come on.
Is he gonna be all right?
- Anybody ask anything?|- No, ma'am.
- You stay by that door.|- Yes, ma'am.
How does it feel?
Busted my cheek,|but I can still see.
- What'd you hear?|- Looks like you done it.
I thought so.|It felt like it.
Folks ain't talkin'|about much else.
They say they got|posses out.
Talkin' about a lynchin'|when they catch the fella.
They killed Casy first.
That ain't the way|they're tellin' it.
They're sayin'|you done it first.
Do they know...|what the fella looks like?
They know he got hit|in the face.
I'm sorry, Ma.
I didn't know what I was doin'|any more than when you take a breath.
I didn't even know|I was gonna do it.
Oh, it's all right, Tommy.
I wished you didn't do it...
but you done|what you had to do.
And I can't read|no fault in you.
I'm goin' away tonight, Ma.|I can't go puttin' this on you folks.
Tom, there's a whole lot|I don't understand...
but goin' away|ain't gonna ease us.
There was a time|we was on the land.
There was a boundary|to us then.
Old folks died off|and little fellers come.
We was always one thing.
We was the family...
kind of whole and clear.
But now we ain't clear|no more.
They ain't nothin'|that keeps us clear.
Al, he's a-hankerin' and jibbetin'|to be off on his own.
UncleJohn's just|draggin' around.
Your pa has lost his place.|He ain't the head no more.
We're crackin' up, Tom.
They ain't no family now.
And Rosasharn,|she's gonna have her baby...
but it won't have|no family.
I been a-tryin' to|keep her goin', but...
And Winfield.|What's he gonna be this way?
Growin' up wild.|And Ruthie too.
Just like animals.
Got nothing to trust.
Don't go, Tom.
Stay and help.
Help me.
Okay, Ma.
I shouldn't,|I know I shouldn't, but okay.
Ma, here come|a lot of people.
- How many?|- Ten of us.
House 25.|The number's on the door.
Okay, mister.|What you payin'?
- 21/2 cents.|- 21/2?
- Say, mister, a man can't|make his dinner on that.|- Take it or leave it.
There are 200 men comin'in from|the south that'll be glad to get it.
- But how are we gonna eat?|- Look...
I didn't set the price.|If you want it, okay.
If you don't,|turn around and beat it.
- Which way to House 25?|- Straight up the street.
That Casy...
He might have been a preacher,|but he seen things clear.
He was like a lantern.
He helped me|to see things too.
Comes night, we'll...|we'll get out ofhere.
Like a lantern.
- I'll start the car.|- Yeah.
All right, Tom.
Jump up, jump up!
It's just till we get some distance.|Then you can come out.
Or maybe get|trapped in here.
Go get in, Ma.
- Come on, John.|- Hey.! Where you goin'?
- We're goin' out.|- What for?
We got a job offer,|a good job.
- Yeah? Well, let's take a look at you.|- Yeah.
- Wasn't there another fella with you?|- You mean that hitchhiker?
Little short fella|with a pale face?
I guess that's|what he looked like.
We just picked him up|on the way in.
He left this morning|when the rate dropped.
What did you say|he looked like again?
Short fella, pale face.
Was he bruised about|the face this morning?
I didn't see nothin'.
Okay, go on.
- Goin' out for good?|- Yeah. Goin' north. Got a job.
You done good, Al.|You done real good.
- Know where we're goin'?|- Oh, it don't matter.
We gotta go and keep a-goin' till we get|plenty a-distance away from here.
Ow! Geez!|Hot on the hand.
The fan belt's shot.
Sure picked a nice place|for it, too, didn't she?
- Got any gas?|- About half a gallon.
Well, Ma, sure looks like|we done her this time.
Lights up ahead.|Might be a camp or somethin'.
Looks like about a mile.|Reckon she'll coast her, Al?
- Got to coast it.|- Well, let's give her a whirl, huh?
Come on, kids.|Get in. John!
Oh! What was that?
Oh, hurt yourself, John?
- You hit it too fast.|- What's the idea of that?
Well, you see,|a lot of children play in here.
You can tell people to drive slow|and they're liable to forget.
- But once they hit that hump, they don't forget.|- Got any room here for us?
Well, you're lucky.|Howdy do, ma'am. How are you?
- How are you?|- How do?
Down that line,|turn to the left.
You'll see it.|You'll be in number four sanitary unit.
- What's that?|- Mm, toilet, showers, washtubs.
You mean we'll have washtubs|with running water?
Yes, ma'am. Camp committee will call|on you in the morning, get you fixed.
- Cops?|- No.!
No cops. No, people here|elect their own cops.
The ladies' committee|will call on you, ma'am.
Tell you about the children,|the schools and sanitary unit...
and who takes care of'em.
Will you come inside|and sign up?
Drive around down, Al.|I'll sign up.
Right this way.|In here.
Now, uh, I don't want to|seem inquisitive, you understand...
but there's certain information|I have to have.
Uh, what's your name?
Joad.|Tom Joad.
- J-O...|- A-D.
And how many of you?
Eight... now.
UncleJohn,|you don't look so good.
I ain't so good,|but I'm comin'.
Campsite costs $1.00 a week,|but you can work that out...
carrying garbage, keeping|the camp clean, things like that.
We'll work it out.
Uh, what's the committee|you're talkin' about?
We have five sanitary units.
Each one elects|a central committeeman.
They make the laws|and what they say goes.
You aimin' to tell me...
the fellas that are runnin' the camp|are just fellas campin' here?
- That's the way it is.|- And you say no cops?
No cop can come in here|without a warrant.
Oh, I can't hardly believe it.
The camp I was in before,|they burned it out...
deputies and some of them|poolroom fellas.
They don't get in here.
Sometimes the boys patrol the fences,|especially on dance nights.
You got dances too?
We have the best dances in the county,|every Saturday night.
- Who runs this place?|- The government.
Well, why ain't|they more like it?
You find out.|I can't.
Well, is anything|like work around here?
Well, I can't|promise you that.
There'll be a licensed agent|here later if you want to talk to him.
- Uh, that cut you have...|- A crate fell on me.
Well, you'd better|take care of it.
Store manager will give|you something for it. See you later.
Ma is sure gonna|like it here.
She ain't been treated decent for...|a long while.
See you later.
- Winfield, Winfield, get up.|I got something to show you.|- What's the matter?
It's some white things made out|of dish stuff like in the catalogs.
Come on.|I'll show you.
Come on. Ain't nobody|gonna say anything.
Here's where|you wash your hands.
- What's these?|- Well, I reckon you stand in them little rooms...
and water comes down out|of that little jigger up there.
- You take a bath.|- Oh, look. Just like in the catalog.
Hey, don't you go a-monkeyin'!
Now you done it.|You busted it.
All I done|was pull that string.
Whoa! Oh!
- Hiya, Mr. Thomas.|- Good mornin'.
- How are you?|- Mornin'.
Nice job.|Listen here.
Maybe I'm gonna talk myself|out of my farm, but I like you fellas.
You're good workers.|So I'm gonna tell ya.
- You live over in|the government camp, don't ya?|- Yes, sir.
- And you have dances over there|every Saturday night.|- We sure do.
Well, look out|next Saturday night.
What's the matter? I'm head to the central|committee over there. I gotta know.
Well, don't tell I told you.
"Citizens angered|at Red agitators...
"burn another|squatters' camp...
and order agitators|to leave the county."
Listen, what is|these Reds anyway?
Every time you turn around,|somebody callin' somebody else a Red.
What is these Reds anyway?
Oh, I ain't talkin' about that|one way or the other.
All I'm sayin' is that there's going to be|a fight at the camp Saturday night...
and there'll be deputies|ready to go in.
Now go on with your work.
Maybe I've talked myself|into trouble...
but you're folks like us,|and I like you.
- We won't tell who told. Thank you.|- All right.
There ain't gonna be|no fight, either.
- Evenin', ma'am. Who'd you say invited you?|- Mr. And Mrs. Brown.
Oh, go right on in, folks.|Go right on in.
- Hello there, Jake. How are you?|- Fine, Mr. Jennings. How are you?|Glad to see you.
* Swing that lady|round and round *
* Swing that pretty girl|round and round *
* Swing that girl|round and round and round *
* Round and round|round and round and round *
*Swing that|pretty little girl
*Round and round and round
- Hello.|- Hello.
Gonna dance tonight?|I can waltz.
Oh, that's nothin'.|Anybody can waltz.
Oh, not like me they can't.
You get goin'. This girl's spoke for.|She's gonna be married.
And her man's|a-comin' for her, so git!
- Hiya, Bill.|- Nice-lookin' gal you got there, huh?
Howdy, Mr. Thomas.|Howdy, Mrs. Thomas.
- You're watchin' out, ain't ya?|- Don't you worry. There ain't|gonna be no trouble.
I hope you know|what you're talkin' about.
Evenin', boys.|Who'd you say invited you?
Fella named Jackson.|BuckJackson.
Okay.|Have a good time.
- Hey, them's our fellas.|- How do you know?
just got a feelin'.
They're kind of scared too.
Follow 'em. Get hold ofJackson,|see if he knows 'em. I'll stay here.
- Hello.|- Hello.
So long.
- Oh, how do you do, Mrs. Joad?|- Fine.
My, you sure do look pretty.
- Please to dance, ma'am?|- Oh, thank you kindly, but she ain't right well.
- Sort of poorly.|- Well, thank you just the same.
How do?
Hey, Jackson, look.|Did you ever see them fellas before?
Sorry, neighbor, but, uh,|we got to keep the camp clean.
I know one of'em.|I used to work with him.
I never asked him|to the dance, though.
All right, keep your eye on him.|Just keep 'em in sight, that's all.
I seen 'em, Mr. Wallace.
A car with five men parked|down by the eucalyptus trees...
and another one with four men|up on the main road.
And they got guns too!|I seen 'em!
Thank you, Willie.|You done right good.
You can run along|and dance now.
Well, sure looks like|the fat's in the fire this time.
What them deputies want to hurt the camp|for? How come they can't let us alone?
We ought to get ourselves|some pickax handles and...
No. That's just what they want.|No sirree.
If they can get a fight a-goin', they can|call in the cops, say we ain't orderly.
- Hey, they're here. We got 'em spotted.|- Got everythin' ready?
- There ain't gonna be no trouble.|- I don't want you to go|hurtin' them fellas now.
You don't need to worry. We got everything|arranged. Maybe nobody will even see it.
Well, just don't use no sticks|or no knives or no piece of iron.
If you gotta sock 'em, sock 'em|where they ain't a-gonna bleed.
Gentlemen, hats off, please.|Thank you.
She's gettin' prettier|every day, Ma.
A girl with a baby's|always prettier.
- Come on, Ma. Let's dance.|- Oh, Tom, l...
- Go ahead!|- Well, all right.
Tom! Stop!
* Come and sit by my side|if you love me *
* Do not hasten|to bid me adieu *
* But remember|the Red River Valley *
* And the boy|who has loved you so true **
9:29. Let's go!
All right. 9:30.|Here we go.
- All right, buddy, I'll dance with her.|- You and who else?
Excuse me, Ma.
All right, open up!|We hear you got a riot!
Riot? I don't see any riot.|Who are you?
- Deputy sheriffs.|- Well, have you got a warrant?
We don't need a warrant|when there's a riot.
Well, I don't know what you're gonna do about|it. I don't hear any riot or don't see any riot.
What's more, I don't believe|there is any riot. Look for yourself.
All right, let's go.
You have no right to arrest anybody|without a warrant, you know.
We'll have a warrant just as soon|as we check with headquarters.
Ain't you gonna|tell me good-bye?
I didn't know, Ma.|I didn't know if I ought to.
- Ma.|- Hush, Ruthie.
Come outside.
There was some cops|here tonight.
They was takin' down|license numbers.
I guess somebody|knows somethin'.
I guess it had to come,|sooner or later.
Sit down for a minute.
I'd like to stay, Ma.
I'd like to stay, Ma.
I'd like to be with you|and see your face...
when you and Pa get settled|in some nice place.
I'd sure like|to see you then...
but I won't never get|that chance, I guess, now.
- I could hide you, Tommy.|- I know you would, Ma,|but I ain't gonna let you.
You hide somebody that's killed a guy|and you're in trouble too.
All right, Tommy.
But what do you figure|you're gonna do?
You know what|I been thinkin' about?
About Casy...
about what he said...
what he done...
about how he died...
and I remember|all of it.
He was a good man.
I been thinkin'|about us too...
about our people|livin' like pigs...
and good, rich land|layin' fallow...
or maybe one guy|with a million acres...
and 100,000 farmers|starvin'.
And I been wonderin' if...
all our folks|got together and yelled...
Oh, Tommy, they'd drive you out and cut|you down just like they done to Casy.
They're gonna|drive me, anyways.
Sooner or later they'd get me|for one thing if not for another.
Until then...
Tommy, you're not|aimin' to kill nobody?
No, Ma, not that.|That ain't it.
It's just... well, as long as|I'm an outlaw anyways...
maybe I can do somethin'.
Maybe I can just|find out somethin'...
just scrounge around...
and maybe find out|what it is that's wrong...
and then see if there ain't somethin'|that can be done about it.
I ain't thought it|all out clear, Ma.
L... I can't.|I don't know enough.
Well, how am I gonna|know about you, Tommy?
Why, they could kill you|and I'd never know.
They could hurt you.|How am I gonna know?
Well, maybe it's like|Casy says...
Fella ain't got a soul|of his own...
just a little piece|of a big soul...
the one big soul that|belongs to everybody.
- Then...|- Then what, Tom?
Then it don't matter.
I'll be all around|in the dark.
I'll be everywhere,|wherever you can look.
Wherever there's a fight|so hungry people can eat...
I'll be there.
Wherever there's a cop|beatin' up a guy...
I'll be there.
I'll be in the way guys|yell when they're mad.
I'll be in the way kids|laugh when they're hungry...
and they know supper's ready.
And when the people are eatin'|the stuff they raise...
and livin' in|the houses they build...
I'll be there too.
I don't understand it, Tom.
Oh, me neither,|Ma, but...
it's just somethin'|I been thinkin' about.
Give me your hand, Ma.
- Good-bye.|- Good-bye, Tommy.
Later, when this|has blowed over...
you'll come back?
Sure, Ma.
Tom, we... we ain't|the kissin' kind, but...
Good-bye, Ma.
Good-bye, Tommy.
- Good-bye.|- Good-bye.
Be good.
Hurry that up now. Get her rolled up.|How you fixed, John?
- Ah, gettin' along fine.|- Here. Here.
Winfield, you get up on top now.|Get out of the way.
I don't see what you folks are hurryin' so for.|They tell me there's 20 days' work up there.
Yes, sir.|And we aim to get in all 20 of them.
- All ready, Ma?|- Yes. How you feelin', Rosasharn?
All aboard, everybody.|All aboard for Fresno.
Wait a minute|and I'll give you a hand.
- Careful of her now.|- Easy, child.
She'll be all right.
- Watch her, John. Take care of her.|- I'll take care of her.
- How you fixed, Al?|- All right, Pa.
Now, Ma.
- Bye.|- Good-bye, hon.
- Bye-bye!|- Good-bye.
- Bye!|- Thanks a lot.
- Bye. Bye.|- Thanks for everything.
- Be careful now.|- Bye.
- Be careful.|- Bye.
Be good. Be good.
Twenty days' work.|Oh, boy!
I'll be glad to get my hands|on some cotton.
That's the kind of pickin'|I understand.
Maybe. Maybe 20 days' work|and maybe no days' work.
We ain't got it|till we get it.
What's the matter, Ma,|you gettin' scared?
Scared, huh!|I ain't never gonna be scared no more.
I was, though.
For a while, it looked|as though we was beat, good and beat.
Looked like we didn't have nobody|in the whole wide world but enemies...
like nobody|was friendly no more.
Made me feel kind|of bad and scared too...
like we was lost|and nobody cared.
You are the one|that keeps us goin', Ma.
I ain't no good no more,|and I know it.
Seems like I spend all my time these days|thinkin' how it used to be...
- Mm-hmm.|- Thinkin' of home.
I ain't never gonna|see it no more.
Well, Pa, a woman can change|better than a man.
A man lives sorta,|well, in jerks.
Baby's born or somebody dies|and that's a jerk.
He gets a farm or loses it|and that's a jerk.
With a woman, it's all in one flow|like a stream...
little eddies|and waterfalls...
but the river,|it goes right on.
A woman looks|at it that way.
Well, maybe,|but we sure takin' a beatin'.
I know. That's what|makes us tough.
Rich fellas come up|and they die.
Their kids ain't no good and they die out,|but we keep a-comin'.
We're the people|that live.
They can't wipe us out.|They can't lick us.
And we'll go on forever, Pa,|'cause we're the people.
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