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Grapes of Death The

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- What's wrong with you? - I've got a fever. I don't feel well.
It's nothing.
Have something to drink, then get back to work.
My neck hurts.
You just bumped yourself. We'll put something on it tonight.
Go on now.
Hey, Kowalski.
The new masks come in tomorrow.
They're completely airtight.
You can tell the others.
Get up, lazybones. It's daylight.
- What time is it? - Ten past 8:00.
- You want some gum? - No, thanks.
- Did you sleep well? - Okay.
I'll be there in an hour. Michael's sure to be at the station.
I'd love to take a shower.
You're lucky.
To think I won't get to Spain until this afternoon.
In any case...
as soon as I get there, I'm diving into the water.
What did you say the name of your village was?
It's hardly even a village.
Just a vineyard with some buildings around it.
When are you returning to Paris?
I may never go back.
You can't stay out here in the country forever.
Come on.
Didn't I tell you? There's no one on this train.
You're right.
No one but us would take a vacation in October.
We have the car to ourselves.
It's a good thing we're both here. Otherwise I'd be scared.
The weather's great!
Great, 'cause I'm getting off around here.
- Will you write to me? - Of course. I've got your address.
Your turn. I'm done.
Excuse me.
I knocked.
give her a seat.
You have to help me.
A man got on the train.
He was crazy and sick.
He killed my friend.
It was horrible.
We have to tell the police. I have to call.
I don't even know where I am. Do you understand?
Please, tell me... Do you understand?
Please, may I use your phone to make a call?
Call who?
The police, of course.
That man killed Brigitte.
He's crazy. He should be locked up!
The police?
You want the police to come here?
Of course. They have to come get me.
I've got to tell them what happened.
Besides, I left all my luggage on the train.
There's no telephone on this farm.
What about that one?
It doesn't work.
Could you drive me into town?
Please. It's very important.
- I don't have a car. - What about the one outside?
It hasn't worked in a long time.
What's going on? What's wrong with you?
Why won't you help me?
I can't stay here. I've got to go!
Say something! Why are you staring at me like that?
Don't you understand what's happened?
Answer me! You have to help me!
Let me go! I want to go!
That's enough. Get a grip on yourself.
For the time being, you'll stay here with us.
Now go get a little rest.
Go ahead.
My bedroom is upstairs.
Go rest a bit. I'll be up soon.
First I have to take care of my father.
What's wrong with him?
I don't know. Go on up now.
Be quiet!
He mustn't hear us. Listen.
He just passed by.
It's my mother.
He killed her. He's crazy. You understand?
We have to escape when he goes into his bedroom.
Come on.
- Can you drive? - Yes.
The keys are over there.
If I knew how to drive, I'd have left long ago.
He's kept me from leaving ever since Mother died.
He only remembers killing her when he has one of his seizures.
He doesn't want anyone to know.
That's why he yanked the phone out of the wall.
When you were talking about calling the police...
I thought he was going to kill you.
- What drove him crazy? - I don't know.
Did you see his hand?
The rash keeps spreading.
I put his gun in the car.
So you want to leave, eh?
Turn your father in?
Go with her to the police?
Did you think I didn't know?
You have sores just like mine.
You're just like me, you bitch!
Just like me!
You're rotting just like me.
But you'll never suffer like I suffer...
because I'll kill you first!
What have I done?
This is tearing me apart.
Kill me.
Help me.
I can't stand it.
I can't stand it.
Finish me off.
Finish me off.
Do it!
Do it!
Help me.
Please, help me.
Open the door.
I need a doctor. I'm not dangerous.
Help me!
Open the door.
Is someone there?
Who are you? I heard you.
Won't you speak to me?
I'm all alone. Come with me.
- Are you lost? - Yes.
I know the area well, but I had to leave in a rush...
and I lost my way.
I've been going in circles since this morning.
- Did you come through the village? - Is your village near here?
Yes. Are you lost too?
Listen, I'll help you find your village.
What does this area look like?
There are large rocks everywhere.
They reach up to the sky like trees.
Of course. Now I know.
We must walk west toward the sun. We'll come across a little path.
The village isn't far.
- I hope the fighting is over. - Fighting?
Yes, something like that. Lucas told me to run for my life.
Here's the little path, over here.
- Why were they fighting? - I don't know.
Life is hard around here.
People say I bring bad luck. They make fun of me.
Lucas doesn't want me to stay with all these problems.
Is Roubelais far away? That's where I'm going.
Ah, Roubelais.
It's not really a village, just a winery...
where they produce the local wine.
Is someone expecting you in Roubelais?
Yes. Michael, my fiancÚ.
You think I could call him from the village?
Of course. We might even find a car to drive you there.
What do you see?
Some abandoned houses.
What is it? Did you see something?
Let's move on. The village is still far off.
We're here. I recognize the terrain.
We should hear some sounds of life.
We have to press on to reach the village.
Listen... I can hear flames and I smell smoke.
It's just a bonfire. Come on.
Why did we stop?
It's nothing.
Let's keep going. The village is still far off.
I recognize this place. This is a house!
Calm down now.
Your voice sounds strange.
What's happened?
Tell me what you see.
Where are we?
It's just that...
It's getting dark. We have to find somewhere to sleep.
We'll reach the village tomorrow morning.
That's not true. You're lying!
I know we're in the village.
Why didn't you want to tell me?
Follow me. We'll find your house.
These are houses. We're in the village.
Let me go! Where are all the people?
There's someone here.
I don't understand.
What's happened?
Won't you tell me?
Lucas. Lucas!
Calm down. We're at the entrance to the village.
But everyone's gone.
That's impossible. They're not all gone.
Not Lucas. He wouldn't leave without me.
And I touched something.
You're mistaken. It was nothing.
Come on. It's getting dark.
It's not true. You're lying.
I want Lucas. Help, somebody, help!
Stop it!
Don't cry.
Everything will be alright. We'll make it.
This is my house.
I live here with Lucas.
There's no one here.
That's not true. Where is Lucas?
Don't worry. He'll be here soon.
Calm down.
We've got to get some rest.
Everything's fine.
Lucy, come back!
Over here.
Come. I'm over here.
Come help me.
Why do you say nothing?
Don't you recognize me? It's me... Lucy!
Are you from the village?
Do you know where Lucas is?
If you know where he is, tell me.
Lucas is my guide.
Get away from me! Go away!
I can tell you want to hurt me.
You still want to taunt me.
Don't move. I'm right here.
Lucas, I'm here.
Lucas, is that you?
I can tell.
I recognize your jacket.
Lucas, talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
if only I could see you.
Lucy, I love you!
Lucy, I love you. I love you.
Lucy, I love you.
Have a seat.
We're safe here.
Who are you?
I've been stuck in here for three days.
They don't dare come in.
They're waiting for me to go out...
but I'm not stupid.
This place belongs to the mayor.
All this is his.
He'd come here once in a while because he is the mayor.
It's a large village, and he lives here.
He's quite rich and very refined. His wife too.
Her closets are full of beautiful dresses.
I came to put their things in order.
I have the key.
I make sure everything's in order for when they arrive.
Where is he now?
His body is out there somewhere.
They burned his wife alive.
But I have the key...
so I live here now.
But are you...
I mean...
You're wondering if I'm normal.
Can't you tell?
Everyone here went crazy one night.
It's nothing.
They're just trying to get in.
They do that every night.
We have to leave this village and get help!
We have to get out of here!
Have something to drink. That will help.
Then we'll leave, if you'd like.
Generally I don't drink alcohol...
but here I allow myself a little wine.
I'm going to get dressed.
It's amazing how many beautiful things there are here.
Okay, I'll hurry.
Give me your gun.
I'm a very good shot.
So am I.
Let's go.
- You know where Roubelais is? - The vineyard?
About a mile from here.
We must go there. It's quieted down now.
Come on, everyone! I've got her!
Come on.
Come on, everyone!
That's one less.
You enjoy shooting them like rabbits, don't you?
They can't help what they've become.
What would you know, Francois? I tell you, it's them or us.
It's a plague. It's not their fault.
Then why do they have it and we don't?
Wait... it might be a trap.
That was a woman's voice. We must go.
Just let her die.
Well, what have we here?
Take me with you.
- See? There's nothing wrong with her. - She's one of them.
- Was that you who screamed? - Yes.
We've got to get out of here. They're coming.
Come on, get in the car.
Get me out of this hellhole. They're all crazy and deformed.
They want to kill me. Take me with you.
I don't trust her. Why is she dressed like that in the middle of the night?
- It's a trick. - I swear I'm telling the truth.
Look: no traces or marks on my body.
You didn't have to do that.
Come on, we'll take you.
Okay, Paul?
I guess so.
Put your dress back on and we'll go.
This is our car.
Get in.
Did you hear that?
I heard a scream, but this place is full of lunatics.
- It was the same voice as before. - I didn't hear anything.
- I'm going to check it out. - Let's just get out of here, quick!
Stay here! I'm going to check.
I've got the gun. You wait in the car. I'm going with you.
It came from over there.
Watch out!
Throw the dynamite! Hurry!
Go ahead, toss it!
- What's the matter with you? - Look at her.
The poor girl's scared to death.
She's the one who screamed before.
There, there, it's alright. Don't be afraid.
Keep her if you want, but let's get the hell out of here!
This place is full of wackos!
My body was immune. The disease couldn't affect my looks.
But now, because of you, I'm disfigured for life!
Be careful with that torch. There's dynamite in the car.
We better get out of here before the others get here.
- How? Walk? - Yes, walk.
It'll be daylight in an hour.
There's a vineyard close by at Roubelais.
Perhaps we can find help there.
That's right. I know where that is. Let's go.
Are you alright?
You stay with the girl. I'll go on ahead.
Let's stop here for a while.
Did you notice that the men have more sores than the women?
And that crazy woman in the village had no sores at all.
That's true.
I met a blind woman.
She had no sores at all.
And the daughter of the peasant had gone crazy...
but she had just one small sore.
- Why aren't we affected? - Are you from around here?
No, we were working at the construction site in the village.
When it all happened, we took a car and some dynamite and got out of there.
I'd love a good beer right now.
I'd love one too.
Beer? In a region known for its wine?
To each his own.
Wine doesn't do anything for me.
Maybe a glass on special occasions like the grape harvest.
I haven't even had any this year.
last Sunday was the grape harvest festival, right?
Yeah. So?
You and I drank nothing but beer, and we're fine.
Everyone else in the area is crazy and diseased...
and it all happened just after the grape harvest festival.
My fiancÚ is a supervisor at the Roubelais vineyard.
If the wine caused this, he's sure to know about it.
We should go there.
Okay, let's go.
Give me your hand.
If the wine is the culprit, then the whole vineyard's infected too.
We'll go anyway. They'll have a phone we can use.
The news will start to spread this morning.
We'll take back routes and avoid infected areas.
I don't want a repeat of last night.
Don't do that.
Give me your gun.
Think I don't know how to use it?
I just don't like the way you use it.
You complain today, but it was just fine last night.
If my fiancÚ is there, you mustn't shoot him.
Listen, I've had this gun since I fought the Germans...
and I plan on keeping it.
Some guys fought with the Resistance against the Germans...
for their country.
I support the guys who fought the Fascists, whether German or French.
It's not about fighting for your country.
It's about fighting against the Fascists. There's a difference.
You sure come up with some crazy ideas!
But I still like you.
Flowery speeches don't impress me... I'm a peasant.
I'm a peasant just like you, my friend.
But I see what's going on.
You like it here...
with a nuclear plant on one side and a military camp on the other.
That's fine with you, right?
That's true. I understand.
We're stuck in the middle.
I'll tell you something:
The Resistance goes on, my friend.
But that doesn't mean these lunatics aren't dangerous!
Killing them is the only way to stop them.
Maybe we can help them.
And if they attack you, like last night?
There are three of us.
If we have to shoot to defend ourselves, alright...
but we should try to talk to them first.
You're a sweet girl.
She's right, Paul. You're not to shoot anyone for any reason.
Alright, but I'm still keeping my finger on the trigger.
We're here.
- There's no one here. - Everyone's gone.
- Gone... or dead. - Be quiet.
There are no bodies. They must be gone.
- Let's see if the phone still works. - Okay, let's go.
There's no one here.
Go ahead. There's the phone. Call the police.
- I've got a dial tone. - Let's see if there's anything to eat.
Here's a little wine Not this year's harvest
I don't get it. No one answers.
Three glasses.
I'll just take off my jacket.
Here, have a little something. You'll feel better.
Go ahead.
Keep it down. I've got the police on the line.
I'm calling from the vineyard at Roubelais.
The villagers nearby are killing each other off.
What did they say?
They've known about it since yesterday.
Some units are patrolling the region.
A manhunt?
No, they're just rounding up the sick.
They're working on an antidote or a vaccine.
They aren't sure, but they think it was all caused by contaminated wine.
It's a good thing we stuck to beer and champagne. Cheers!
What are we going to tell them?
They're sending a helicopter.
It'll be here this afternoon.
See that? They're coming to get us.
Hey, Francois, drink a little pate.
No, but I'll eat some champagne!
Wait till I tell my wife about this.
She'll never believe me.
When things get tough, you discover your true friends.
And that was tough, what we went through!
Let's hope we never have to go through that again.
You never know, so let's just have another drink.
It's all over now. Help is on the way.
- The problem is... - There is no problem anymore.
Elizabeth, don't come any closer.
Stay back.
I'm sick.
You understand?
I'm disfigured.
I could go crazy any minute.
They're all gone, all poisoned by the pesticides I created.
I have to kill myself while I'm still sane!
I'm losing my mind!
It's eating me alive!
Go away!
Let me come closer.
I love you.
I love you.
Hey, isn't our friend coming back?
You're right. I'll go look for her.
She'll miss the helicopter ride.
Hurry. They won't wait for us.
There's one left, huh?
Are you the only one here?
Where are the others?
They left when it all started.
Why didn't you call the police?
The boss was using illegal immigrants.
The rest of us were against it.
We couldn't afford to have the cops coming around.
You don't seem crazy.
- You seem normal. - What are you going to do?
Rot is spreading through my brain.
I might attack you any minute.
Why don't you shoot?
Stop this foolishness!
He did it on purpose. He wanted to die.
He lunged at me!
This is too damn crazy!
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