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Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD1

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This is the best season for fishing.
In September the fish leave the depths
and run close to the shore where the water is still warm
and the seaweed is tender and sweet.
These are my islands.
I know them well--
every reef, every cove,
every inch of the ocean bottom.
Only one man in the village knows how to fish like me.
We grew up together,
then he went on fishing with nets. Not me!
There was another boy we grew up with. Gaspare.
How our lives went separate ways!
He signed up for the Coast Guard.
He has a uniform, state pay.
But I like what I do and I have something they don't.
Can we help, Papa?
Do what? Blow us all up?
Stand back, both of you!
There now. You can come closer.
- Bore? - Here I am, Papa.
Sit there and grate. There!
Like that. As fine as you can.
Tonino, you get the tar ready.
Fast. Like cheese.
What if it explodes?
Why? Does cheese explode?
This is not an explosive. It has to be fired.
Come on, give it to me.
Bravo, Bore! Mind your fingers!
Is this okay?
Better if it were finer. But same thing anyway.
These explode right away,
only need a slight tap. Careful.
Coast is clear. Go on, Papa.
Stand back!
- Nothing. - Quiet.
There they are!
Sea bream, Papa! Sea bream, Squarcio!
That's right, kids! My bombs never miss.
Quick, Tonino! Jump in!
How many, Papa?
Here! Grab this big one!
Great! It weighs six kilos.
Mamma mia! Give it here!
What are you up to? Throwing 'em away?
I don't throw 'em away, I eat 'em.
- Greetings, Salvatore! - Greetings, Squarcio!
How's it going?
Not much... hope other nets...
Good luck!
- He's making fun of us. - Why's he doing that?
He can't hurt us six hours away at sea.
Right! Stick up for a friend.
What's that mean? Friendship doesn't come into it.
Gaspare grew up with us too, and yet...
The first officer? What do you want him to do?
Calm down! He'll arrest him if he gets a chance.
Hi, Squarcio!
See what I've got here! You want some?
Why are you so full of laughs? A pay raise?
I know. 800 lire isn't much.
But I don't sell fuses or TNT!
Too bad! I wanted to make you rich.
Don't worry! I'm just fine!
Neither rich nor in jail!
Good luck then. It's great to have an honest friend.
Good luck to you too!
Next time, try me again. You never know.
Good luck!
.' Out come the rabbits in love... .'
Let's both unload.
Ciao, Salvatore!
Hi, Santamaria!
Hey, Grandpa.
Want a hand?
No need. Forget it!
What did I do? It's your father.
You know damn well why. I've got my reasons.
Hi, Santamaria.
Hi, First Officer.
- Hello. - Hi.
- Hey, Salvatore. - Hello, Gaspare!
Sardines again, eh?
Yes, look, they're bigger today. You want some?
First weigh 'em, then tell me how much.
Forget it, Gaspare! Not worth it.
Okay, no deal.
Okay, you'll pay for it. I'll send them home.
- Bye. - Bye.
Pull, Zerro, pull!
Good catch?
Sea bream and yellowtail tuna.
And you, Santamaria?
We didn't sail. Stopped...
The cops!
Aren't these great, Gaspare? Can I offer...?
No, it stinks!
That's strange! It's the freshest catch.
A burnt smell!
Ah, I haven't done dynamite fishing for 20 years.
Yeah, right!
Who's stopping you?
Shut up! A violation as you speak!
Thank God, I never caught you in the act.
If it weren't for the law on catching people red-handed,
I'd have made you change jobs.
Why not tell the law?
Yeah. Easy for you. You're trouble!
Who asked you to wear that uniform?
If you want a new job there's always space on my boat.
Do the same for me?
Going to see what's up.
I'll make you eat it raw! Eat it raw!
All right, Tommaso Fiore.
Remember who gave you bread after you wrecked your boat?
- I paid you back! - Right!
Die of hunger next time. Natale won't give you a dime!
And you guys?
You forget when I bailed you out?
I mean all of you!
Not all!
Such big talk, Salvatore? Set up your Co-op.
Go buy another fridge.
Tough guys! Up against me.
When the west wind keeps you ashore for a month or so,
don't come to Natale. I won't giv e you a dime.
Let's talk another time. How much, the sardines?
Not the old price. They don't sell on the mainland.
They even eat shark! Think it's good!
So, how much?
Big and small. 45 lire a kilo.
Better they rot! Agreed?
Let's see, Natale. Let's see what we can do.
Give it a try! No fear, it won't ruin you.
You've gotten fat on us the last 10 years.
Sea bream or yellowtail tuna for the mainland bigwigs.
- Put them inside, meantime. - No!
All or nothing!
- But I'm buying. - Bravo.
At a fair price, right?
What do you care?
Nothing. Just busting your balls.
It's not good for you!
Go ahead! Let the first come in...
Start making change.
- Thanks, Squarcio. - Thanks for what?
Tonino! Diana! Rosetta!
- What did you bring? - A surprise!
Let's see! Let's see, Squarcio!
His name's Papa, not Squarcio.
Leave him! Let' em think we're brothers!
Diana... to the kitchen.
- I want to see the surprise. - More madness?
Bought it especially for you, Rosetta.
It's always for me, when you buy what you want.
Give me the scissors, Tonino.
- Here they are. - Thanks.
Hands off!
From a Frenchman on the black market.
Wonder how much you paid?
- How does it work? - I know how it works.
You do? Go on then... Be careful, though!
Where's the cord? No power...
It works on batteries.
Great, hey?
Rosetta, wine for everyone!
Not Bore, it's bad for him.
No, it's not! Want to see me drink a whole bottle?
Six months since a catch like this.
Tomorrow we'll celebrate.
Listen to Mass on the radio. And then, let's go out.
You want to keep me home for Mass?
- Only for your sake, Rosetta. - I know...
Change the station!
Seas: Ligurian, upper and central Tyrrhenian...
northern and central Adriatic light swells...
southern Tyrrhenian, Sardinian, and Sicilian...
Ionian, lower Adriatic,
swells, rough in places, waves...
What are you doing here? Why'd you come?
Go away!
No, no, Domenico. Please, dear, let me go!
Why? I love you, you know.
I love you too so much.
But I swore we wouldn't do it again. I'm ashamed, Domenico.
But what's wrong, Diana?
Now you're crying?
It happens when you love each other.
It happens to everyone.
Yes, but after they're married.
And we aren't getting married?
Will you really marry me, Domenico?
Yes. I want to marry you.
Leave my brother alone! He's smaller than you! Coward!
Stop it! Have you gone crazy?
Tonino, you don't know.
We're getting married.
He swore he'd marry me.
Is that so?
Yes, I want to marry her.
See me kill you if you don't!
Don't tell Squarcio.
Poor Domenico.
You love me, right?
- Yes. - Yes.
And no special leave! No girlfriends!
No weddings! No funerals!
Nothing, no way! Not one.
Not one of them caught in the act.
- Actually... - Well, two!
But in how many years?
Look at this.
Fishermen's protests, certified letters,
reprimands from H Q.
How can I catch such fast boats?
And they even threaten a transfer. Enough!
From tomorrow morning, do a search. Every island!
Rock by rock! Bush by bush! It's time to put a stop to this!
As for me, you can stay a month.
But it's not as if that'll change the situation.
Not even a miracle will re-open the quarry.
Listen to me, go back home.
But how do you want me to say it?
Shipping costs are too high. Can't work.
What are you waiting for? You've already been fired.
Do as you please! What can I say?
Why haven't you come by lately?
We've been here day and night. They said it would re-open.
What are you going to do? Go back to the mainland?
I've got a plan for the beginning.
I must speak to your father.
- You're staying here then? - Yes, I won't leave you.
See, First Officer, I went right over it without noticing.
Look. Fuses, gunpowder, sticks and detonators.
A detonator for every stick of TNT.
That's it! This time Squarcio pays!
Back to the station, early tomorrow, 6:00 a.m.
Don't forget!
Let me stay, First Officer!
Tomorrow morning, I said. One of us is enough.
Thanks, Santucci. Now, go away!
If one of us is spotted, all will be ruined. Go!
Stop! Halt!
Squarcio, I can identify you.
Wait, Squarcio. Let's talk! Stop!
Stop! Squarcio!
You don't shoot on sight!
It was an accident, Squarcio.
It wasn't me.
An unfortunate accident.
An accident.
Tomorrow, we fish our catch for his mother.
How do I come into it? Domenico stole for you.
Not for me or anyone else.
He stole because the quarry closed.
He never wanted to before. He was a good kid.
So you think. But I don't come into it.
Yes, you do! I guarantee it'll suit you!
Come on. Let's go.
Just a drop.
No. I'm tired. I need to go sleep.
Huh? And not clear the table?
- Let me do it! - Only take a minute.
- Right, Diana? - Yes, Papa.
And you, where're you going?
Staying right here. Must mend the net.
You like fishing with that better?
Yeah, I know, it brings in too little.
How about you, Bore?
- Bore! - Hey!
Good night.
Bad day, today.
- You knew him? - Saw him, a few times.
Was a good kid, Domenico.
If only he hadn't been fired.
TNT's no use in a dead quarry.
He had to get a bit of money, poor boy.
That's certainly what he was thinking, no?
What are you doing?
For the mosquitos.
It was no one's fault.
Not even Gaspare's.
Life is so difficult,
getting married and having children,
getting them a life.
Yes, that's why so many things happen.
Pick yourself up! Let's go for a walk.
Strong wind.
Tomorrow's going to be a hell of a day.
To the Commander at Naviglio di Montfalcone Station,
Re: Request for discharge.
On the 18th of this month,
my renewal comes due...
First Officer, they are dynamite fishing. Right close by!
Next line.
Since I do not intend to stay long term
in the Coast Guard,
please consider my resignation effective as of the above date.
I await a decision from my superior officers
and my replacement as Squad Commander.
Signed, First Officer Gaspare Puggioni.
- Send it off right away. - At your command, First Officer.
Have a good trip!
- Gaspare! - Hi, Squarcio.
Good day.
They told me at the station you're leaving.
When's your replacement arriving?
Should be here today.
In any event, I've handed over my post.
- What will you do now? - Don't know.
Don't know yet.
Well, if you need something...
No thanks.
Hey, don't be offended! We grew up together.
Friends, right? A loan.
No rules and regulations now.
Just the same, Squarcio. Thanks.
All aboard!
- Ciao. - Ciao, Gaspare. Good luck.
Goodbye, Squarcio. Thanks for coming.
Goodbye, Gaspare. I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
First Officer Puggioni!
That boat belongs to the Coast Guard. Right?
Yes, I think so.
Great boat! I've never seen one like it. Not in these waters.
No, me neither. Not around here.
ready for the army but he can't swim?
That's really shameful!
And he thinks he's brave.
I'm not afraid of anything!
Don't run away, come here!
No more big talk, eh?
Hurry up.
Down you go!
Well, how's it going? Like it?
A lot.
Very good. Bravo.
So I'll tow you then.
Fine, but let me take a short break.
Papa, the Coast Guard!
Look how fast they go!
Quick, everything overboard!
even the roll of fuse wire!
Tonino, overboard, quick! Finished?
Bravo, bravissimo! Move!
Hurry, hurry!
There they are! That's Squarcio.
Here they come, boys. Smile and play it cool.
Welcome, First Officer.
What's up? Need some help?
No thanks. Getting to know you...
This is me. Like what you see?
When did you start being so disrespectful?
Since officers started being rude to fishermen.
All right, mutual respect.
Allow me to see one of those fish, please.
Don't joke around. That one, quick!
How did you get such a big catch?
With a golden hook.
Look! This one's got a broken spine.
Poor guy!
Must have crashed into a rock.
Maybe I caught it already dead.
Evidence enough. If an explosion had been heard,
you'd have spent the night in jail.
Not sleep too well there, right?
Well enough. We'll meet again, Balzano.
Let's move it! See you again soon!
Cheers, Chief!
In fact, it's natural. One first officer goes,
another comes.
Except this one's got a motorboat.
Have you ever seen such a moustache?
Bet it'll do 10 knots.
I'm fit to bust with laughter. Now for the dynamite fishermen!
Quite the comic, your son, Salvatore.
Beware of overkill though!
Time you stopped making jokes about men who work.
Why, perhaps... do I live off interest income?
Worse. With you it's like walking into a bank to blow up the safe.
- Only the sea is everybody's. - Exactly right.
- It's not only yours. - You can profit too.
Who's stopping you?
What are you afraid of? The Coast Guard?
Or dynamite?
If everyone fished like you, there'd be nothing left in a year.
I don't fish close to the islands.
You know damn well I don't interfere with anyone.
That's the only reason we still speak to you.
You couldn't send Bore or Tonino?
They haven't gotten back yet.
All right, I'll pay. Rush home now.
What did you want to tell me?
The new first officer with his motorboat.
- Well, what's he done? - He's arrested Zerro.
You know, I always drop by your house when I go fishing.
Thought I'd like to say hello.
See? I've put your name on my boat.
A fine name, not like any other.
Everybody uses the names of saints.
Not us. Ours is called ''Speranza.''
But '' Diana'' is the best of all, don't you think?
- How old are you? - 16.
I'm 19.
Some other evening,
I'll drop by again if that's okay with you.
Here's your father. You'll be happy now.
Stay under the covers.
How'd it go?
Nothing again today.
What's wrong with Bore?
A bit of a sore throat. Nothing serious.
ever since he got here, he's been after me!
Wherever I go, I trip over him.
- How do you feel? - Fine.
It was a miracle he didn't lay a hand on us.
If Papa didn't know a strait via the shoals...
Diana, I'm thirsty!
What's his temperature?
101 . I've just taken it.
Take it again!
I bought it from a peasant who made it himself.
- Squarcio. - What do you want?
Now that we have a home...
Well? could go back to fishing with nets.
Yes and then? We want to start over?
I'd rather die!
Yeah, with nets!
Catch only enough not to starve each day!
Then you get a year like that one--
two months, one after the other, without being able to set sail,
A year like that and you vanish,
if you have no savings.
It was at the end of that winter that my mother died.
I promised to marry you but I'd rather not do it
than make you live like my mother did--
like all the women of the islands.
If I marry you,
you have to have a happy life, Rosetta.
Happy at any price!
And now I have to give it all up! Everything I built?
My family? For First Officer Riva?
Are you okay, Rosetta?
Yes, Squarcio. Fine. Everything's fine!
Sometimes a guy thinks he's made a mistake.
Happy, Rosetta?
We have a home, and three healthy, strong children.
All things that cost money.
Then Diana will get married and she too will have children.
Will you be upset if Diana gets married?
Why should I be upset?
I'll also be happy if she gets married.
You shouldn't worry, Rosetta.
I'll think of something, you'll see!
The motor, Squarcio. The motor!
The new motor!
Bore! The new motor!
- The new motor has arrived! - Watch out! Look, Tonino!
Have you seen how many crates?
Accountant Carlo Festucci.
Squarcio, Giovanni Balzano
- Pleased to meet you. - He couldn't find his way here.
- Tonino? - Yes, Papa.
Run and fetch my tools.
- Sorry, Signor Balzano, first-- - Yes, money.
Go get cash from Mamma, now!
Here are the promissory notes.
- Where? - Here.
You'll assemble it at once?
- On your own? - Sure.
You know how?
- Here it is, Papa. - Put it there.
The old motor is all yours.
Did you see?
We have to pay all those notes?
With a motor like this... I can sail no matter the weather.
Let's drink to the motor!
I thought we'd stopped dynamite fishing.
No, you hear? He'll never stop.
No one will ever get him to stop. That's for sure.
Isn't that Salvatore's son?
What does he want with our sister?
Hey! What d'you want with Diana?
Go on boys, to bed. It's 10:00 p.m.
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