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Graduation Day

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Aint that the kid who died a couple months ago?
Tough. A real shame. You knew her?
You read about those two naked girls down in San Diego?
It was in all the papers.
I hear they were a couple of real lesbos.
Whats the matter cat got your tongue?
Its okay I got plenty of tongue for both of us.
Move your hand.
Come on give a guy a break, lm a tax payer.
I said move it.
Youre not one of those lesbos are you?
Okay. But you even breathe in my direction,
and youll be eating your balls for lunch.
You some kind of nut or something?
Fucking graduation the make a big deal out of it, like it was something special.
Let me out.
I thought you wanted to go to market street.
Alright, alright, Jesus Christ.
Your welcome for the ride lady.
Alright the hell with it, lets get this show on the road.
We cant take a newspaper picture without Paula.
Shes the best cross country runner weve ever had. And you know it.
Had is right.
Hold it down.
Come on coach, shes just jogging for god sakes.
You know that for a fact?
What did she have to say?
Nothing, I assumed she were to meet up after homeroom.
Boys in back.
We cant take the picture without Paula.
How bout it coach. What was the calculated risk?
how many of us were supposed to make it through the season alive?
Youre out of line fella
Well youve done a lot worse coach.
Come on were on a tight schedule lets just take the picture.
Move in closer. Thats it. Right spot. Come on.
Oh honey am I glad to see you.
Let me take your hat.
Youve lost weight. No I havent mom.
Ive been the same weight for 10 years. Really?
Are you alright?
It was just awful. Just awful.
Look honey Anne is home.
No shit she is.
Dont talk to my mother like that.
If you dont like it you can go back to China or wherever you came from.
I mean no one invited you here.
Now please dont fight, Ronalds joking thats all. Arent you honey?
He didnt mean anything by it. Now where did you come from this time honey?
Did you hear that. She came all the way from Guam for the graduation.
Isnt that nice? Very nice.
You cant be too hard on him, it was a terrible shock.
Ill take you up to Lauras room you relax for awhile
What about my room mom?
Ronald made it into a dark room. Hes a terrific photographer.
You wont mind? Lauras room is nice and tidy.
Nobodys been there since she died
Okay mom. Come on III show you.
No its alright. I know where it is
How long you gonna stay?
Just until after graduation.
Ronald will probably want to know thats all.
Honey? The trophy and insurance money Lauras I mean.
Do you plan on keeping them?
No mom. Did you hear that Ronald youll get to keep the money.
Why didnt you call us at the airport? I would have picked you up.
I got here alright. Yeah I can see that.
You got something on your mind?
What did they call you for? I brought her up like she was my own.
I outta to be up their getting that trophy.
Why do you gotta come sniffing around?
I have every right to.
I see the navy hasnt taught you any manners.
Youre still the big mouth self centered bitch you were the day you left.
I outta slap some mind into you...
I wouldnt if I were you I did learn a few things in the military.
Hi Sally. Hi.
Did I frighten you? Lm sorry.
I was looking for the auditorium. I must have gotten lost.
Strange you know I used to know this place like the back of my hand.
The auditorium is over there you cant miss it.
Thats beautiful
Its the honor award Boston track
You have lovely eyes.
My sister had lovely eyes like yours.
Lets all give our attention to our principal Mr. Guglione.
Alright seniors.
If you cant behave were just gonna call the whole thing off.
Is that what you want to see? Is that what you want to happen?
Well which will it be? Behave or quit.
Which will it be? Behave or quit.
I mean it, lm serious boys and girls.
Graduation is for you, not for me. Remember that.
Now simmer down, I mean it. Thats better.
The diplomas are tickets to the adult world.
You want to get in? You have to pay the admission charge.
Respect authority do you understand me?
At the exercise tomorrow. Boy is she weird.
I will call you name and one up at a time.
You will come up here and I will hand you a diploma.
You will take the diploma with your left hand and shake your right.
And no jokes about being left handed.
Then the monsignor.
The monsignor will say the benediction.
You will stand there with your heads bowed. You better be serious.
Then we will get to the special awards.
Boys and girls we have a special guest with us today.
I would like you to give a warm welcome to Laura Ramsteads sister
Ms. Anne Ramstead. Excuse me, Ensign Ramstead.
She flew all the way from Guam to be with us.
During the ceremony we will call for a moment of silence for Laura.
Boys and girls that will be all today.
Theyre animals I swear they get worse from year to year.
Youre Kevin. Hello Anne
I appreciated your letter so much.
Can we talk later. Alone
Ill catch you after school.
Kevin where? Kevin?
We aint got nothing here go on.
Get him Reed go on now sit
I didnt know anyone was here.
Hello Anne.
I was afraid you werent here.
I was upstairs in my room.
I see you saw it.
Its exactly as you said in your letter.
Thanks again.
Anybody there?
What you have to go scare me for. What?
What are you talking about.
Quiet. Quiet. What.
Oh come on, no way.
Quiet the door just closed
Sure it did all by itself. No dont.
Shes nuts.
I dont believe here what is she trying to do?
Coach Michaels tells me youre good enough for the Olympics.
He never told me that.
Sally could you do a couple of turns for me on the bar?
What do you mean a couple turns?
Sally get up on those bars and do you routine.
I dont know coach I dont feel up to it today.
The man is here from the paper for Christ sake. Dont embarrass me.
Hey its okay coach...
Mind your own business
Get your little ass up on those bars and get to work
What happened?
Im not sure. What do you mean you not sure?
You broke you concentration. Ive never seen anything so sloppy.
It doesnt really matter coach.
Shut up and do your job.
Now do it sally dont disappoint me
Its no problem coach I got some great stuff.
Go on. Go on!
This is for you coach.
Sit on it.
What are you doing?
Stop it.
Why did you ever leave show business?
I never really left it. Show business is my life.
I got tired of the parties. The parties how exciting.
Kissing the behinds
When you an entertainer as I was. As I am.
The bell rang 10 minutes ago.
There arent anymore real classes. Tomorrow is graduation day.
Mr. Roberts is going to for the whole summer.
Oh I wish I could go with you.
What about it Mr. Roberts you want me to come back later or what?
Oh no Deloris your right on time.
We were just letting it all hang out. As they say in the industry.
Ill see you and you in the fall.
Goodbye Joanne. Goodbye Doris. Sing one for me.
Deloris theres now way I can pass you, summer school is the only answer.
Youve hardly been here. Let me show you your record. And youll see
What are you doing?
As I was saying. Summer school isnt all that bad really.
Dont do that. Not here. Someone could come in.
Blondie would you come in for a minute, quick like a bunny?
Like a what?
You know like a rabbit, quick, chop chop.
You lie.
Blondie you look just terrific.
Alright, how much is there?
Not much, nothing that you cant whip out in no time
Except they must be individual done and addressed to
The school super intendent, the school board, and the athletic dep
On the other side do the same for the art, music and math departments.
You have to be kidding. I am up to my garter belts already.
Tomorrows graduation day.
I know thats why it has to be done quick.
I know. Like a bunny.
Blondie. I would appreciate this very much.
Its very important to me.
Dont try to be nice. Im really pissed off.
This is just not fair. Ill be up half the night with this.
What do you say I come by your place with a bottle of wine
after your finished.
You know Mr. Guglioni you are a real bastard.
Make it around midnight.
Did you here it?
Hear what?
Strange tapping noises everywhere, you must have heard it?
No I havent heard a thing.
There must be something in the pipes.
What do you think it is?
I dont know but lm gonna find out.
You do that.
Alright however it is youre not supposed to be here.
I wont hassle you or anything.
Get your ass out now.
Mr. Roberts. You look a lot thinner without your clothes on.
Do you find me attractive?
sure I do. Your fine
Do you like snakes? I call this my little cobra.
Why is it poisonous?
Youre very funny. So are you, youre real funny.
Come back here. Dont think I dont know who you are because I do.
Come back and show your face you miserable scum.
You really screwed up this year, Youll be lucky to graduate.
Ill graduate. Doing what? You hardly went to class
Its cool I talked to Mr. Roberts he didnt care. Ill graduate.
How many girls have you screwed? Is it true about the ones at Sacred Heart?
You a calculator or something? No I just wondered.
Every one. Cheerleaders, Softball girls. Youre kidding
You know Nancy? In the back of a car first time I met her.
So you did do it? Had to teach her a little bit.
Shes my best friend. What did she say? About you, nothing at all.
Well she probably didnt say anything because of her boyfriend.
Im really horny. Theres time for that later.
I really am. Later.
How you like to get busted week before grad?
You lack discipline.
Im gonna miss you in the fall McGregor.
Narcs are an endangered species. Theyre not bright.
Instead of flying south they fly up their own ass and mate with themselves
And what comes out. McGregor!
And if I catch you smoking dope around campus, you ass is mine.
Are you crazy? These are precision instruments you could snap a blade.
I didnt touch your machines. You didnt?
I didnt come here to play games. Then why did you come?
To point a killer at a finger. Go ahead, everyone else in town has.
Maybe they know something. They dont know nothing.
All the years I gave them winners they loved me.
One accident where a child gets a blood clot and
its my fault and lm out on my ass.
I say you got off easy.
Listen I didnt kill your sister. I loved her.
Loved you lying bastard you and your stupid track team.
I didnt kill anyone. I give my life to Laura and all my kids.
I pushed them I yelled at them, that didnt mean I didnt care.
I spent 4 years with Laura I molded her I shaped her
She was precision she was power.
Like a machine?
Im sorry I have a lot to do. Why did you come?
I came for an answer I think I got it
Well meet again Michaels
Yeah I guess we will.
Hey give me my ball.
Listen coach lm really sorry I really am.
Coach Michaels looks like you had yourself a pretty good deal.
Surrounded by all that fine young stuff.
You got lipstick on you. To bad you blew it
Dont treat me like shit coach I can hurt you bad. If I put my mind to it.
You son of a bitch.
whats wrong? Did I do something?
You know its a really nice night.
Must be nice to piss anywhere.
The worlds my toilet
No lm not saying youre wrong. Im not saying youre right.
Of course she can come to that. Shell be there at 4 o clock.
Shes not supposed to miss graduation exercise.
Its miss Fisk she is fit to be tied. Tony has not been home all night.
What does she want? She needs someone to crab at and lm not important enough.
Why me I dont know where the damn kid is. Tell her that shes on line 2.
Tell here what? If I knew Id have your job.
I dont have the time just tell her lm not here.
I do lots of things for you Mr. Guglioni, but lying is not one of them
Hi Ms. Fisk. How are you, yes I did hear.
Apparently some of the kids didnt get home last night.
I am and lm not.
There good kids all of them. All from the same track team.
I certainly would if the were mine. I certainly will Ms. Fisk.
why are those little bastards doing this to me.
This is their graduation not mine. I am calling this all off.
I got a thousand people waiting for me.
Mr. Guglionis office hes right here.
I told you I didnt want to speak to more people.
You tell the truth on your own time.
its Ms. Brentwood, Paulas mother wants to talk to you.
Im not here Blondie, tell them jokes tell them lies.
Just tell them to stop bugging me.
Mr. Guglioni? Who let you in?
From now on its fly or fall on their own.
Their probably just raising hell.
Neither do I. Thats why lm here.
Hey chief. Whats the good word?
Wheres your badge? I must have lost it.
Heres a list of home rooms, check em out.
Got you covered. What if theyre not there?
Then you write in your report not there.
Should I look for them?
No McGregor were here to make a report. Thats all.
About a bunch of irresponsible inconsiderate kids,
about to fly out of their nest and shit all over us.
So make your report and lets go.
I get Closter phobic just being around schools.
Thats a good one.
Impressive isnt it?
Its too bad about coach Michaels.
Yes it is. It is a pity. He was a fine coach.
Thats the way it is in public life.
Youre only as good as you last mistake.
Sobering thought isnt it?
How is your report going? lm working on it.
Coach Michaels lm inspector Helliman.
Six seniors didnt make it home last night.
Do you know anything about it?
You didnt see or hear anything theres nothing you can tell me?
They were all on your track team. I have no track team.
In case you hadnt heard lve been canned. I heard.
If youll excuse me I have to finish packing.
Ill see you at the graduation ceremony.
Theres no need to worry mam, theyre probably out
planning a big graduation day surprise. Thats all.
Joanne come here.
Look at this look.
Its blood.
What is it?
Im gonna make you pay Michaels.
You dont understand nothing.
Kevin you cant do this alone.
Theyre coming to get you. Your killing days are over.
Everyone hes over here.
Inspector we have to find them.
Who are you whats your stake in all this?
You dont understand I never killed anyone. Its all a mistake.
I was there I saw you kill her.
What are you talking about?
You killed Laura you all killed her.
Now you all have to be punished.
You killed Sally.
Sally, Ralph, Diane, Paula, Tony, Pete.
All of them thats right. They all had to punished.
30 seconds thats all it took. Just 30 seconds.
Come on Laura. You can do it.
Just a little bit more, move your ass.
30 seconds. Then youre dead.
My whole life was changed in just 30 seconds.
We were gonna be married the day after graduation day.
Today Michaels!
Kevin are you alright?
He killed them. I tried to get him to tell you.
Could you come to the station and make a statement?
A statement of what?
A record of What happened, what you saw what he said to you.
Try to make sense of this mess.
Ill go with you. No I dont want you involved.
Did you ever see anything so awful?
You work with people day after day week after week.
Month after month, year after year.
Could you get me Lauras trophy I want it before I leave.
Lauras trophy? Kevin picked it up today with Lauras diploma.
Are you sure?
This morning he said that you said you wanted him to have it
Kevins not the type of boy to lie is he?
No of course not, thank you.
Were getting married after graduation just like we planned.
I though you loved her?
What kind of sister are you shes your flesh and blood.
Laura loves peace and quiet. Dont you sweat heart.
They were so awful to her.
They just stuck her in the ground like she never existed.
Nobody would talk abut her. You couldnt mention her name.
But I set them straight now theyre all dead and gone.
Terrible I dont know what more to say.
Cant you stay longer.
I got to be on that plane tomorrow morning
Im sorry mom I really am.
They took her from the grave.
What did you come here for? Never nothing but trouble.
You woke up Anne in the middle of the night.
Come on, everyone to bed now.
Forgive Ronald hes been through a lot.
Sleep tight. Dont let the bed bugs bite.
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