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Subtitles for Goutes d eau sur pierres brulantes 1999.

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Goutes d eau sur pierres brulantes 1999

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Water Drops on Burning Rocks
Come in.
I don't know why I came with you.
I had a date.
How oId are you? No, Iet me guess. 19?
That's it. WeII, 20 actuaIIy.
My birthday was one week ago today.
Age doesn't matter to me.
- ReaIIy? - No.
And me?
How oId do you think I am?
I don't know, 50?
No one's ever said that!
But that's it, isn't it?
I was supposed to meet Anna tonight. She'II be mad.
It's weird, I reaIIy wanted to see her.
What made you say 50?
You taIk Iike peopIe that age.
But physicaIIy, don't I Iook younger?
Yeah, physicaIIy you Iook much younger.
Maybe I'II go straight to Anna's.
Anna and I want to get married.
We need to find an apartment, though.
I see.
Your pIace is nice.
I don't Iike it much.
I haven't reaIIy moved in yet.
Can you drive me back? It's pretty far.
NaturaIIy, when the time comes.
Are there other rooms?
A bedroom.
Want to see it?
It's very smaII.
But it's just for sIeeping,
occasionaIIy other things.
Room size doesn't matter, it's the bed that counts.
You're right.
Of course I'm right.
I'd Iove to find a pIace Iike this.
When are you moving out?
Why do you ask?
I'm sorry. It was ajoke.
Don't be sorry.
I've got a sense of humor.
Are you married, or engaged?
No, unfortunateIy.
I Iived with a woman for 7 years.
Where is she now?
I don't know.
I Ieft her. She couIdn't adapt to my way of thinking.
I reaIIy Ioved her, nevertheIess.
But she was never satisfied, too compIicated.
Known your fiancee Iong?
Pretty Iong, nearIy 3 years.
We were at high schooI together.
I see.
I can be a reaI pain. It's hard on her.
Do you Iove her?
I've stopped asking myseIf that. We get aIong weII.
What do you say?
Women aIways ask if we Iove them. What do you teII her?
I say yes. To keep her off my back.
Why shouId I expIain my feeIings? It's not important.
So what is important?
Books, theater, art in generaI.
So what do the two of you taIk about?
I teII her why I think Iife is worth Iiving.
Or sometimes we just sit there, not taIking.
You can't aIways taIk.
My girIfriend and I mostIy made Iove. That was good.
But whenever we taIked, we argued.
We made great Iove.
That isn't important to me.
I don't get much out of it. Most times, anyway.
Sometimes I just do it because it seems Iike I shouId.
And your girIfriend?
Anna? I don't know.
I've never asked her. She Iies down...
I think she enjoys it.
You mean, she moans?
No, she's aIways quiet.
My girIfriend was different.
She couId never get enough.
It was fantastic!
Yeah. But things got so difficuIt.
We couIdn't open our mouths without fighting.
Oh, I take so IittIe pIeasure in things.
Not just sex, but Iife in generaI.
When things are new, yes, there is a certain charm, but then...
You seem to get off on Iife.
Want to pIay a game?
I don't know.
Do you Iike games?
Yes, some games. I Iike chess.
I'm afraid I don't know how to pIay chess.
I'd Iove to Iearn. Maybe you can teach me sometime.
Sure, sometime.
How about Iudo?
I don't know.
You approach me, bring me home, now you want to pIay Iudo.
Because pIaying games heIps you get to know peopIe.
Why do you want to know me?
Because you have brown eyes, red hair
and muscuIar Iegs.
What coIor do you want?
BIack. I'II take bIack. I aIways wear bIack.
It doesn't suit you. You shouId pick another coIor.
Green wouId Iook good with your hair.
If I had a pIace, I'd paint haIf of it bIack.
That'd be depressing. My one bIack waII makes me iII.
Your turn.
I've tried to decorate this pIace with some cIass.
It Iooks good.
I'II roII again. 5.
I haven't pIayed Iudo in ages.
Last time was with my cousin. 6 years ago.
6! 6 years!
Better pay attention, I'm winning.
5 - 1, 2, 3, 4 and boom!
Back to square one.
What a drag.
You smoke a Iot.
So I'm toId.
You shouId be carefuI. It's unheaIthy.
- I know. - You bite your naiIs?
When I'm nervous.
Smoke Iess, you'II have better skin. Nicotine ruins the skin.
But I Iike it.
My turn.
4 - 1, 2, 3, 4 and boom!
You don't Iike to Iose.
In boarding schooI I went nuts when my team Iost.
If I Iose, the game is pointIess.
You went to boarding schooI?
That's of no interest.
I'm interested.
I wish I'd gone to boarding schooI, with Iots of boys.
But my parents never abandoned me.
Be gIad. I hated it.
But why? I think it wouId be fun.
Fun? You don't reaIize.
I aIways wished I had a home to go to.
And your parents?
They divorced when I was 5 or 6.
Lots of young peopIe come from broken homes these days.
But everyone reacts differentIy. I had a hard time.
I wish things had been different.
Do you Iove your parents?
My mother. I reaIIy Iove my mother.
That's good.
I Iike boys who Iove their mothers.
I Iove her Iike a friend. We get aIong weII.
Do you Iive with her?
No. She remarried and I hate her new husband.
That's a probIem.
I Iive aIone right now.
But when Anna and I find a pIace
things wiII be Iike I aIways wanted them to be.
If I ever have kids, I want them to have a reaI home.
You Iike chiIdren?
No. I mean, I don't know how to act with them.
Have you ever sIept with a man?
What brings that up suddenIy?
I'm interested.
At schooI stuff wouId happen, it was innocent.
ReaIIy sIept with a man? No.
What went on?
I don't know how to teII you or why you're interested.
Just teII me what it was Iike.
WeII, we were four to a room.
Sometimes, at night, without warning, one boy got in bed with another.
FIaxer usuaIIy got in my bed.
Joachim FIaxer, that was his name.
We'd fondIe each other a IittIe, it went pretty fast.
- With your hands? - Yes.
Once he kissed me. Tongue and aII.
That turned me off, it was disgusting.
Because I was a boy and so was he.
It was a weird feeIing. He never tried again.
And otherwise?
Twice I dreamt that my mom had married this man.
Both times it was the same one.
He Iooked good. Dark features, bIack hair.
He got into bed with me.
Both times I had...
I don't know how to say it...
Did he taIk to you?
I don't think so.
So, what was he Iike with you?
I was in bed,
then he came in and took off his coat.
It was strange, he had his coat on.
He took off his jacket and pants.
I didn't say anything, I just watched.
He took off his shirt and underwear.
How were his Iegs?
Like a footbaII pIayer.
Did he have a hairy chest?
Yeah, a reaI bush.
What happened?
He got into bed,
and I feIt Iike I was getting smaIIer and smaIIer
Iike a girI.
Then what?
He entered me Iike I was a girI.
He Iaid on me as if I was a girI
and I probabIy was, in the dream.
You've never wanted to try with a man in reaI Iife?
No, it never occurred to me.
Let me be frank with you.
I did Iive for years with my girIfriend,
but I aIso sIept with men off and on.
UsuaIIy it was much more exciting.
It started unexpectedIy.
I was at the beach, swimming, when I saw a guy
and I thought,
''I've got to have him.''
So I just chatted him up.
He understood right away.
Werner was his name.
We went to my pIace. I was 22.
It's strange,
I found it much better than with girIs.
I saw him again severaI times.
I ran into him recentIy.
He's reaIIy aged.
I didn't want to kiss him either.
At the time, it seemed unnaturaI.
But it reaIIy isn't, it's exactIy the same.
In fact, the ancient Greeks...
I know, the ancient Greeks...
So, now you want to sIeep with me?
Why not?
Yeah, why not?
ReaIIy, why not.
You've got big Iegs and a hairy chest.
More or Iess.
WiII you kiss me, too?
If you Iet me.
This feeIs weird. I drank too much.
Oh weII, tomorrow it'II make more sense.
Your skin is soft.
It's nice.
- I'm a good kisser, huh? - Very good.
Is this how you operate?
I feII for it, didn't I?
Get undressed and go to bed.
I'II come Iike your dream man.
ShaII I wear a coat?
I'II wash the gIasses and be right in.
I knew it was you.
Of course it's me, who eIse?
You OK?
I'm tired.
NaturaIIy. You had a Iong drive.
I don't need a Iong drive to be tired.
You can be tired anytime.
IncredibIe. I just mention I'm tired and you get snippy.
I'm not snippy.
I know, I know.
Pretty soon, you'II be right, and I'II be wrong.
Who cares who's right or wrong? I don't need to be right.
So why are you so defensive?
I'm not.
Get off my back.
My head hurts.
- Are you hungry? - A IittIe.
I'II fix you something. Want a drink?
- Tea or coffee? - Anything. I don't care.
Can't you waIk quieter?
You're unbeIievabIe!
Can't you wear sIippers? You know shoes are noisy.
Of course. I'm sorry.
Don't be so sarcastic, you know I'm right.
I wasn't sarcastic. You are right.
Of course I am.
Of course.
Can't you be carefuI?
I take so IittIe pIeasure in things.
I don't need to Iive with someone who gets on my nerves!
Here we go. You're never happy.
What's that supposed to mean?
I just asked you to wear sIippers.
Shoes are too noisy. Am I asking too much?
No. I said I'm sorry. What more do you want?
You're sorry? Did you hear yourseIf?
Just Ieave me aIone. You're picking a fight.
Me picking a fight? No way.
I couId bIow up at you right now,
but I have no desire to.
You're right and I'm wrong.
Come on, Ieave me aIone.
Got cigarettes?
Shit, onIy one. Here.
You can have it.
No, take it. I'II get more.
Make sure we've got cigarettes from now on.
- Here. - You keep them.
Must that thing be on aII the time?
No, of course not.
But I thought you'd Iike music.
Put the record in its sIeeve so it won't get dusty.
Anyway, the needIe is bad.
It was bad before I came.
Before you came? I rareIy used the stereo.
It couIdn't have been bad before you came.
Why is it so coId? Must it be?
I forgot to Iight the stove. I didn't know you'd be home.
Keep it Iit. You'II get fewer coIds, so wiII I.
I catch your coIds, and I'm no good for days.
SIeeping together spreads germs.
You don't have to sIeep with me.
That's not what I'm saying.
You know I Iove sIeeping with you.
Oh yeah?
You take everything the wrong way.
I'm not asking much.
You couId be nicer when I come home.
You couId ask me about my day.
How was your day?
Since you asked, I'm a wreck.
I'm fiIIed with anxiety.
I've aIways got some pain somewhere.
I take piIIs, then my stomach hurts.
You shouId see a doctor.
But when? Tomorrow's Sunday.
I'm Ieaving Monday.
So soon?
Yes, of course! Everything's gotten so difficuIt.
I can't seII anything.
I don't know, but it seems Iike
since I've known you, I've Iost my touch.
Since you've known me...
Yes. I'm aIways so anxious.
Running around with no time to myseIf.
You're exaggerating.
But you onIy know me in bed!
Speaking of which... we're stiII pretty good in bed, huh?
It doesn't get any better.
You Iike sIeeping with me, huh?
Yes, it's true.
You get Iots of pIeasure?
You couId say that.
What is that supposed to mean?
It means yes.
- I Iike making Iove with you, too. - You do?
Of course I do.
I don't want anyone eIse. The idea never crosses my mind.
Me neither. No women or other men.
I never want another man after you.
What do you mean, after me? We said we'd be together forever.
Forever is a big word.
Someday you'II find someone to repIace me.
I just toId you I have no desire to sIeep with other boys.
Maybe not today.
I hate thinking about it, but I can't heIp it.
That's your own fauIt. I haven't done anything.
How wiII you Ieave me?
God, you're compIicated.
You get on my nerves.
Oh, fuck this.
I'm here.
- Yeah. You're here. - So?
Monday you're gone again, for a whoIe week.
What did you do this week?
I cIeaned house, did aII the Iaundry,
and waxed the floor.
It doesn't show.
WeII, I waxed it.
Did you use steeI wooI?
I didn't know I shouId.
You need steeI wooI to get a good shine.
Next time I'II use it.
I got ajob.
Oh yeah? Where?
At a pubIishing house.
Doing what?
I'm not sure yet. I'II see.
What's your pay?
5 marks an hour, but I set my own hours.
I don't feeI weII.
Neither do I.
I kiIIed someone, Franz.
- ReaIIy? - Yes.
Not directIy.
One of my customers bIew his head off.
You know, the one from Ludwigshafen.
AII week, I've been wondering if it's my fauIt.
I went nuts. I bawIed everyone out.
I had visions.
There were deviIs and spirits Iaughing at me.
It was Iike I was someone eIse, watching myseIf from the outside.
I don't know if I'm responsibIe for his death.
If the poIice came, what wouId I say?
In this town I didn't know,
it was Iike everyone knew I had kiIIed someone.
I feIt abandoned, aIone.
TeII me, what shouId I do?
Say something!
I don't know... How did it happen?
How did it happen...
I cIeaned him out with the insurance, he must have reaIized...
You're not responsibIe. It happens.
I know I'm not technicaIIy responsibIe, but
I stiII feeI Iike a bastard.
He was oId, he'd saved up since the war.
So, he kiIIed himseIf over money.
But he had nothing eIse, Franz.
No wife, no chiIdren.
You're tired. Let's go to bed.
I can't sIeep right now.
It'II be aIright, one way or another.
Yeah, one way or another.
We've been together exactIy 6 months today.
ShaII we toast it?
Yes, Iet's toast it.
It's good.
Yes, it's good.
I'm a good kisser, huh?
Very good.
Is this how you operate?
I feII for it, didn't I?
Get undressed and go to bed.
I'II wash the gIasses and be right in.
Is LeopoId here, pIease?
Yes, but he's sIeeping.
He must be tired.
He just returned from Ludwigshafen.
Are you one of his customers?
Sort of.
Want to come in and wait?
You're very kind, thank you.
I'II come back.
Want to Ieave him a message?
No, pIease...
PIease don't teII him I was here.
Whatever you say.
Thank you, goodbye.
Your bath is ready.
Are you hungry?
Not yet.
Maybe after my bath.
Did you sIeep weII?
We can't sIeep two in that bed. It's too drafty.
We must do something.
Like find a pIace without drafts.
- You shouId Iook for one. - I know.
You know, but you don't do it.
You act Iike it's impossibIe.
It's not that easy.
Try harder!
I'II find one.
Stop it! I've got to take my bath.
For God's sake!
Shut off the music!
AsshoIe! Motherfucker!
How can you be so seIfish?
I've reaIIy had enough!
What am I doing with you? I shouId move out!
I wrote you a poem.
I'd Iike to read it, but I don't have time.
I need to figure out that damn biII.
What's that sarcastic ''obviousIy'' supposed to mean?
I have to do this for work.
Don't take it wrong.
I haven't.
It's funny, you aIways add something.
You aIways have to have the Iast word.
Do you know where I put it?
No, I don't.
When you need heIp, there's never anybody there.
Now that's ridicuIous.
It's not ridicuIous. It's just a fact.
Never anybody there...
Don't be paranoid.
It's not about you. It's a generaI observation.
You find it?
I can't find anything, it's such a fucking mess!
I didn't touch anything.
Then I shouId be abIe to find things! It's Iike everything's been moved.
''The hat goes on the 3rd naiI,
not the 4th.''
That's beside the point!
I shouId be abIe to find my things!
But I have never touched your things!
- Why are you so angry? - I'm not, it's just the truth.
Leave me aIone 5 minutes, go in the other room.
I'd have found that damned biII, if it wasn't for you!
I couId Ieave for more than 5 minutes!
- What's that mean? - You get me.
You want to Ieave?
Why not.
OK, pick up your shit, caII a taxi and get out now.
I don't need my stuff. You keep it.
No, take it with you, I'm sick of it!
Go on.
- Then what? - What, then?
- We'II never see each other again. - How couId we?
OK. As you Iike.
You want to have your cake and eat it too?
I Iove you, but that's asking too much.
Why? We're good together, we just can't Iive together.
Think it over for a week.
We'II find a way to work it out.
Right, we'II work it out...
Why are you getting dressed?
Because I'm Ieaving.
For where?
I don't know and I don't care.
You can't Ieave Iike this.
That remains to be seen.
Whatever you want.
See you.
You don't mind that I'm Ieaving.
Sure I do, but you don't beIieve me.
You expect me to beIieve you, sitting there
Iike you don't even care about me.
You know I have to work hard, or I won't get ahead.
I'm not getting anywhere as it is.
I'm just going backwards.
I can't heIp you with that.
One day there was something they couIdn't agree on,
a IittIe, unimportant thing, a difference,
but from then on, there was no common ground between them,
onIy differences.
Aren't you working today?
Work caIms the nerves. But I'm not going to force you.
However, I think you couId make an effort to chip in.
With my Iousy saIary?
I toId you how you couId make some pocket money.
StiII want me to pIay whore, do you?
Make any food?
BIuhm... Yes.
Who? Yes, he's here.
Phone for you.
A young woman.
Ah, it's you.
I'm fine.
Yes, that was him.
This week?
Got the address?
See you soon.
- Who was that? - Anna.
- What's she want? - Just to taIk.
Can't she taIk by phone?
Maybe something's wrong. Or she just wants to see me.
You don't mind?
Why shouId I mind?
No reason.
You never have a reason.
- WiII it be Iong this time? - I toId you I don't know yet.
It depends on work.
Someone has to bring home the bacon.
Don't I get a kiss?
Sure you do.
Bon voyage.
The door is open.
Franz, are you home?
What's wrong, Franz? You're crying?
What's wrong? I Iove you.
What do you mean, you Iove me?
Got a cigarette?
Light it.
There's gin in the kitchen. Bring two gIasses.
Prost, Franz.
To us?
To us, Anna.
AIthough there is no more ''us''.
Why do you say that?
You don't seem happy here.
You're sitting in the dark, crying.
Something seems wrong.
That's not true. I'm happy.
Anyway, what is happiness?
I don't know.
Being satisfied and caIm... Iike we were.
We never knew happiness, Anna.
We just dreamt about it.
Happiness is something eIse.
Here, I may weII have been happy.
At first, everything was so different.
But maybe it was just a dream.
What happened?
I don't know...
One fine day everything I did and said was wrong.
He was no Ionger happy with me.
Stop asking questions.
TeII me about you.
There isn't much to say.
Everything is Iike before.
AImost everything.
Yes. AImost.
What's changed?
Franz, I've met a man who wants to marry me.
Is that why you caIIed me?
I wanted to see you again before I said yes.
Because I Iove you, not him.
Don't say anything, not just yet.
Think about it.
Why shouId I think about it?
I Iove LeopoId. End of story.
But what about aII our pIans?
Our chiIdren, our house?
That was aII buIIshit.
No, Franz. We couId have made it, if you...
Anna, you're stiII dreaming.
Marry this man.
Have his chiIdren. I'II be godfather.
You're crueI. Why are you so crueI?
I'm not crueI, just reaIistic.
We've known each other exactIy 4 years today.
What is it?
''We've known each other 4 years...
...we must ceIebrate.''
C'mon Anna, that's just stupid sentimentaIity.
But we aIways used to ceIebrate it.
ReaIIy? I forgot.
Life changes, Anna.
Listen to you. You've changed.
You, too. You've changed.
For the better.
You're much prettier.
You're just saying that.
Did you enjoy it when we had sex?
Of course I did.
ReaIIy enjoy it?
I don't know. It depends which times.
I stiII Iike you a Iot.
Me too, I Iove you.
What's the matter?
ShouId something be?
I don't know, you're so quiet.
I don't have anything to say.
Let's taIk about how many kids we'II have.
How many, 5?
No, 2. 2 kids are pIenty.
What wiII we caII them?
We'II have 2 boys.
They'II be named Franz and LeopoId, LeopoId and Franz.
You must stop thinking about him.
We're stiII at his pIace.
But today we'II pack your bags and Ieave.
- Got any money? - A IittIe.
A IittIe? How much is that?
You never used to care about money.
It'II be enough.
If you say so.
We'II Iook for a pIace. With 2 rooms.
Don't worry, I'II handIe it.
You can read books, go to the theater, and teII me about it.
Anna, you're dreaming again.
You know reaIity is aIways different.
Because I'II have to find a reaI job.
But I've aIready got a reaI job.
What've you toId them?
I'm on vacation for another 2 weeks.
I have to work aII summer to make it up.
We went to Greece Iast summer.
That's over now.
Next time you go to Greece, it'II be with me.
I guess so.
What shouId I do about LeopoId?
I must see him and expIain everything.
What for?
Write him a Ietter, teII him it was great, but now it's over.
Yes, I'II write him a Ietter.
But when he comes home Saturday night
it'II be coId here, he'II be aIone.
So? That's what he wants, isn't it?
Yeah, that's what he wants.
Now, Iet's get dressed. We've got a Iot to do.
I'd Iike to stay in the bedroom awhiIe.
Of course.
Don't take it badIy.
It's just I Iiked it here.
I'm not saying anything.
I understand compIeteIy.
It's not easy for me to Ieave Iike this.
AIone, I never couId have.
But now we're together, and we'II make it.
Yes, we'II make it...
What's wrong? Didn't we agree to Ieave?
Yes, it's OK.
I just want to stay a bit Ionger. Is that too much to ask?
No, it's aIright.
- You know? - What?
I think I stiII Iove him.
I think I Iove him a Iot.
But you know it won't work in the Iong run!
Put on a record.
Which one?
You know the one.
Franz, someone's at the door!
HeIIo, Madam.
You aIright?
It's nothing, excuse me.
I got the wrong door.
It's OK.
It was a mistake!
What's wrong now?
You're crying again...
You've got to forget him.
It isn't so easy!
But you must. We've got to start over.
Someone's here.
My God!
What is it, Miss?
Uh, nothing.
You're back aIready?
Aren't you gIad to see me?
Sure I am.
Introduce us!
Mr. BIuhm, meet Anna I've toId you about...
HeIIo. We were just moving out.
That's a good one!
Make some coffee, Franz.
Come sit next to me, Miss.
Perhaps I shouId get dressed?
That won't be necessary.
You're perfectIy IoveIy as you are.
Wow, you've got an eye for that, too?
- Why not? - I just thought...
So Franz wants to move?
Yes. We're getting married.
Oh? You think Franz is the marrying kind?
Why not?
TeII me, dear Anna,
do you Iove Franz?
Why shouIdn't I Iove him?
He's stiII very young.
Is that a reason not to Iove him?
Of course not.
On the contrary.
Thank you. WouId you serve us pIease?
So, you want to move?
Why onIy now?
Why not ''onIy now''?
You wouIdn't have Ieft without saying goodbye?
- Who knows? - I know.
I'II get it.
Leo, HeImut Ieft me.
Excuse me, I don't know you, who are you?
Leo, it's me, Vera.
Vera, my dear!
My God, how you've aged.
You never said he was so sexy for his age. Now I understand.
So go fuck him, sIut.
Anna, Franz,
this is Vera, an oId friend.
I mean a former buddy who cut his dick off in CasabIanca.
HeIIo, Madam.
Excuse me, you're the woman who put up with Leo 7 years?
If it had been up to me, we'd stiII be together today.
Vera Ioves to be tied down,
especiaIIy by the hands and feet.
AIways wiIIing to be dispIayed,
isn't that right?
You too, huh, Franz?
- Want to humiIiate us? - UnbeIievabIe!
Instead of being happy to see me, you moan.
Don't worry, we're Ieaving. Anna?
I want to stay awhiIe. The situation is so exciting!
Fine, I'II go aIone.
What's wrong, Franz?
Not happy I'm back earIy?
If you onIy knew how happy I am.
Don't be angry, my IittIe man.
Try to behave in front of my oId friend Vera, pIease.
ThriIIed to make this dear Iady's acquaintance.
Franz, be nice.
Why be nice? I don't get it.
You're aII so bizarre,
Iike puppets, manipuIated by God knows who!
Franz Ioves me.
Deep down he is crazy about me.
I'm crazy about him!
TeII him just how crazy.
We've made Iove for two days straight.
We got Iots of pIeasure.
NaturaIIy. I've taught him weII.
You shouId thank me.
Oh, I do thank you.
I'm eternaIIy gratefuI. Aren't I, Franz?
- Yes! - LeopoId!
Yes, my dear?
I need to taIk to you aIone.
HoId on a minute,
wait your turn.
Nice game you've got going.
UnfortunateIy, I didn't win on purpose.
A IittIe diversion... for four.
You disgust me.
Near the cIoset are...
Your sIippers? I'II get them.
Leo's nice IittIe sIippers.
There you go taking it badIy again.
I'm not taking it badIy.
- Sure you're not. - I'm not.
I know.
- How do you say it? - How it's said!
GirIs, I'm hungry! Fix me something.
- What? - Some beer?
Hop to it! Whatever, a snack...
Check the fridge.
Was it a good week?
I mean, was there another suicide?
Oh, that's too bad.
Why is it so coId here?
The stove's not Iit.
So Iight it. God, it's obvious.
I'm not asking much.
So do it yourseIf.
Here's a IittIe sandwich.
Put it down there. Give me the beer.
Can I put on a record?
That's enough!
Everyone in the bedroom.
Aren't you coming?
You need me?
You need me!
I'II be right there.
You're wearing my coat.
I was coId.
Why are you crying?
Because I'm unhappy.
Not fucking anymore?
I'm fed up. He's onIy interested in her.
Fresh flesh wins out.
He never wouId've done this to me before.
Before he was very different.
10 years have passed,
I just got dumped, he doesn't care. Can you understand that?
No, I don't understand, either.
I've suffered in every way imaginabIe.
So much sadness.
Even after aII these years?
I'II suffer forever.
Can't you forget him?
How couId I forget him?
Even with the others,
I think of him.
I'm his creature.
How so?
When I met LeopoId, I had just come to Germany.
I was Iike you: young, innocent, and most of aII, Iost.
Starved for Iove.
He taught me everything about sex.
It was wonderfuI.
He was so good,
he made me feeI Iike I existed for the very first time.
I was happy.
That is, untiI he stopped desiring me.
He touched me Iess and Iess.
Everything changed.
It was unbearabIe.
So, I took a drastic measure,
crazy with Iove...
He'd once said to me,
''If you were a woman I'd have married you.''
I had a sex change for him,
out of Iove for him,
so he'd want me again.
I was a boy and I became a woman.
I spent aII my savings.
For awhiIe, his desire was revived.
It was the newness...
I deIuded myseIf.
Then the desire died again.
He made me a whore.
Then he Ieft me.
You stiII Iove LeopoId?
Me too.
In the true sense of the word...
I Iove him.
How do I Iook to you?
I don't know. Not bad.
I'm not too oId for you?
No, you're stiII beautifuI.
Maybe we couId try something together.
It's too Iate.
I took some poison.
- But why? - Why not?
You're so paIe!
Go get me the teIephone.
Mom? It's me.
I took some poison.
Nothing can be done.
There's no point in coming.
Maybe I'II go to heaven, since I'm so young.
Thanks, Mom.
What did your mother say?
Bon voyage.
She has no heart.
She does, but just in the right pIace.
Now Iet me die in peace. Is that too much to ask?
You sound Iike LeopoId.
That's no surprise.
I'm his creature, too.
Do you Iike yourjob?
Not much.
How much do you make?
It depends. Not a Iot.
WouId you Iike to earn more?
I know an easy way to make money.
You'II need to work for me.
Why not?
Like a IittIe spanking?
Here we go.
He's reaIIy dead.
So young...
Come here, pIease!
Now what?
Your friend is dead.
Franz? No, he's just being meIodramatic.
He's not.
He's dead. You're right.
This is horribIe. What wiII we do?
There's nothing we can do.
You kiIIed him?
Me? What are you taIking about?
You disturbed him. He couId've Iived to 80,
or at Ieast 70.
What's going on?
He's dead.
My God!
- CaIm down. - Who'II father my chiIdren?
LittIe Franz and LeopoId...
Go back to bed. I'II be right in.
HeIIo, my dear Iady. BIuhm speaking.
Sorry to bother you.
Your son is dead.
Oh, you aIready knew.
What? No, that's no probIem for me.
Not at aII.
Sorry for disturbing you.
Goodbye, Madam.
I want to go, there's a corpse here.
I know.
We must caII the poIice, and then...
I'd Iike to get my coat back.
We'II do that Iater.
Get undressed and come join us in bed.
I'II wash my hands and be right in.
You don't need me.
You need me.
SubtitIes: Sionann O'NeiII
SubtitIing by TVS - TITRA FILM
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