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Subtitles for Gotter der Pest 1970.

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Gotter der Pest 1970

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All the best, kid!
See you next time round.
There won't be a next time for me.
Do you have a phone?
A coffee!
Does someone caIIed Joanna Reiher work for you?
I see.
You wouIdn't know where she's working now?
Maybe you couId caII me back.
63 64 07.
Yes. Franz here.
The LoIa Montez.
Blond hair, dark-blue eyes
l see wherever l may be
And a silly, little child-like smile
Haunts my reverie
My blond baby
Do not forget me
My little baby
Don't do that to me
You've no idea
What you mean to me
For in your soul
You're still a baby
My little baby
Listen to me
ln my dreams
There's only you
Hear my yearning
Speak to you
My blond baby
Do not forget me
There it is.
WouId you Iike to?
Here! For the meaI.
Let's go up there, OK?
Come cIoser to me!
Come on!
You're here at Iast!
Miss! Can I order now?
I'II be with you immediateIy.
Was it bad?
No different from outside.
Ah, come on! Don't be so sad!
What wouId you Iike?
-Do you have snaiIs? -I'm afraid not.
What wouId you Iike?
-Meat Ioaf with egg. -Meat Ioaf with egg. And for you?
Oh, dear!
-A rump steak. -One rump steak. Anything to drink?
Two beers.
Thank you!
-WouIdn't you Iike something better? -No.
Meat Ioaf with egg!
I Iike it.
I'm so fond of you.
I have to phone someone.
It's me! Franz.
Doesn't matter.
Yeah. I'm eating out with Joanna.
Gotzingerstrasse 13.
Yeah, in about two hours.
Who was that?
My brother.
-Les is in America. -Is he?
Good work in Paderborn.
-Thirteen. -Shit!
-Bruno's dead. -I know.
We ate snaiIs.
Thirteen. PIease!
Put it on seventeen!
The GoriIIa?
He's hiding out some pIace.
And why?
TeII me why!
He's changed his Iine.
I've won!
Three, bIack!
Good morning!
Oh! Make inquiries in Landsberg!
That's true.
Even so....
Take a seat!
Have you tried this Joanna Reiher?
-No. -WeII, then.
Her guy is out of jaiI again.
-I know. What about him? -I just thought....
Do you know her?
''AuIauIu, CarIa.
''Born Nov. 12, 1943, in Brasov.
''On poIice records for...
She knows everything that's going on.
She phoned. It's not possibIe.
Joanna Reiher's guy, this Franz--
-WaIsch. -That's right.
He was a friend of his.
Try this CarIa AuIauIu woman.
Try Joanna Reiher...
and this Franz WaIsch.
A guy Iike that can't just vanish. He'd be conspicuous anywhere.
My God!
Marian WaIsch!
I don't want to anymore.
For what?
Nothing. No.
but that's aII over.
What shouId we do at her pIace?
Have it your way!
What time?
Hey, you!
Come here, pIease!
You stiII haven't shown me your ID card, Mr....
Franz Biberkopf.
It's upstairs now...
my ID card.
but yesterday I gave you a biII for the week.
It has to be paid.
Don't worry, I'II pay.
Do I Iook Iike someone who wouIdn't pay?
WeII, judging by your Iuggage....
Stop, or I'II caII the poIice!
I was at the grave.
Oh, God! The coffee! I'II make you some coffee.
My son!
I've bought a new record. ShaII I pIay it for you?
Like it?
My boy!
Do you need money?
I have enough.
Mom, what's UncIe Franz doing there?
You're crazy!
Get out of here!
Come here!
Marian hasn't been here for three days.
I don't know why I'm so unhappy.
It's because of what happened in the past, I'm sure.
My uncIe's to bIame.
He abused me.
It was terribIe.
I was a nervous wreck at the time.
A girI aIone in the big city.
You know what I mean.
And then there was your brother.
I was so young.
He was my uncIe...
and I was brought up Iike that.
Your brother doesn't have such IoveIy skin as you do.
AII I'm concerned with is the GoriIIa.
The check!
You've got to heIp us!
I'II give you my phone number.
My private one, of course.
ShaII I introduce you?
No need. We know each other.
I've got some new magazines...
with new positions and so on. Want to see?
No thanks. The Iast ones were no good.
-You wanted to pay? -Yes.
4 marks, 70.
-Keep the change! -Thanks.
Don't forget me!
Where is he?
Do you Iike it?
No, but I'II buy it.
Three hundred.
I have to Iive, too.
He Iives with a MagdaIena FuIIer.
He gave her his number.
Just because of those few days? It's ridicuIous!
There was someone from the poIice here yesterday, too.
You might at Ieast have toId me.
You know he beIongs to me.
He prefers bIondes.
Everyone knows that.
I'm sorry, my dear. Forgive me!
Three hundred.
I don't have that much.
OK. I'II make it cheaper for you. How much do you have?
A hundred.
OK, a hundred, then.
I'm Iooking for the GoriIIa.
The GoriIIa? Do you want to puII a job?
That's my business, not yours.
DreimühIenstrasse 31.
CaIIs himseIf Schöndorff or SchIöndorff.
Come to my pIace!
It was his brother. I'm sure of it.
There's more to this than meets the eye.
And what have you found out?
Yes. Nothing!
AbsoIuteIy nothing.
We must use different methods.
Tougher ones.
Drastic measures are needed.
I want to see resuIts from you.
I know.
-Can I heIp you? -Where's your personneI office?
Room 218, second story.
The Iift's on the right.
What are you doing now?
I'm getting up.
And why?
I have to go to work.
Stay here!
And what about my work?
Stuff it!
I'II Iose my job.
What'II I do then?
I have to send my mother something every month.
We couId go for a waIk.
You're sweet.
All creatures, great and small, gathered for a grand masked ball
The turtle from a turtle race played trumpet at a hurtling pace
The chameleon, chameleon puffed on a bulky bombardon
And all the lice, the little lice, they made a noise that wasn't nice
The bumblebees, the bumblebees banged on bombastic timpanis
The eel, the eel performed a slithering reel
The leopard, with a spotted scarf, was waiting for his better half
The flamingo, the flamingo was looking for some place to go
The mule, the stubborn mule, was sprawling in a vast fauteuil
The water's mirror showed the swan that he was looking rather wan
And the hippo, hippopotamus behaved badly like a lot of us
The pig, who wasn't very fine....
Do you want some ravioIi?
The buffalo, the buffalo bawls to the goose a gruff ''Hello!''
While the spotted salamander slides down to the veranda
The fly, the fly stands outside in the pantry
A parrot who could count to three squawked ''Pretty Polly'' constantly
The storks, the storks were camouflaged as hawks
The wolves, a pack of twelve, had sheepishly disguised themselves
The bugs, even the little bug, began to dance a jitterbug
And when it danced, the eagle did something very regal
The fleas, the fleas hopped in the air with ease
Then suddenly the hall was still, they all sat down to eat their fill
The raven and the stork ate soup with just a fork
The giraffé, the giraffé ate chocolate wafers with café
Like a schnapps?
And the serpent, for a change, tried to eat a blood orange
The lizard, oh, the lizard had pork crackling in its gizzard
The gnu, the gnu had eaten quite enough, he knew
The aurochs, who was soon replete, asked who would like the rest to eat
The dromedary chewed at length on caviar to give him strength
The snipe was but a snipe though clearly not a guttersnipe
The llama, the llama finished off with a banana
That this was just a nonsense song, was something we knew all along
Stop a moment!
You must heIp us.
You have to, understand?
I know nothing. Leave me aIone!
Otherwise you'II be an accessory to murder.
He kiIIed his brother.
Not so rough!
A King Ludwig.
A handsome man.
Twenty marks.
It's the Iast one.
Hey, don't waIk so fast!
WeII, what do you say now?
HeIIo, there!
It's crazy!
-Is that yours? -You bet.
Let's pay Jo a visit!
Come on!
I obtained a Ioan...
on the strength of my job.
So what?
We've spent nearIy aII of it.
Life is expensive.
Was that you with Marian?
Something I don't know about?
A joke between men.
Why do they caII you the ''GoriIIa''?
Because I'm big and strong, and everyone has to have a name.
He sang.
It was an order.
Were you together with Joanna whiIe I was away?
I Iove you.
Marie Luise!
-This is Günther. -HeIIo, Günther!
-This is Margarethe. -Your girIfriend?
-May I give her a kiss? -Sure.
-Is that yours? -Yes.
Was it bad?
-How are things with you? -Fine.
HeIIo, my boy, how are you?
Why? It couIdn't be simpIer.
I'm doing fine, honestIy.
I have a wife...
the house...
Marie Luise's expecting a baby.
-Getting oId, huh? -Ah, come on!
-WeII, aren't you? -Sure he's getting oId. Just Iook at him!
Oh my! Kid!
OK, Iet's get moving!
Come on!
Ciao, Jo!
Take care!
How much is this mag?
Twenty marks.
DayIight robbery! OK, I'II take it.
I have to know what's going on.
-Don't you want to see which one you Iike? -I must go to work! I've no time!
Sorry. I didn't mean to shout.
I'm just so desperate.
I have to know what's going on.
Oh, God! I just go on taIking.
He's pIanning a hoId-up in a supermarket...
with the GoriIIa and his oId friend Jo.
Which supermarket?
Do you know?
The one in MüIIerstrasse.
The owner's name is Martin.
He knows him from the oId days.
Satisfied now?
We couId run an agency for newspapers.
Subscriptions and that sort of thing.
-We shouId caII it off? -Yes.
Then we'd aIways be together.
Shit! There's nothing to be earned in that.
And if we were to start a business?
A deIicatessen or something?
-''A IittIe more, if you pIease''? -''Seen our speciaI offer?''
You're not being serious.
We'II go south.
To Greece.
You need money for that.
HeIp me, wiII you?
We don't need no money.
Because we Iove each other.
That's right!
You two are strange.
We'II go to an isIand and Iive from fishing.
And hunting.
And the sun wiII shine.
And it never rains.
And we'II eat crabs.
And drink wine.
Why not?
I said, ''Why not?''
Because it's too expensive.
Why too expensive?
It's just too expensive.
I know what he's pIanning.
He wants to hoId up a supermarket.
In MüIIerstrasse.
Can't you shoot him in the act?
WeII then?
I don't know.
WeII I do.
We need money.
You can't simpIy say, ''We need money.''
As if it were so easy to get money!
We'II do a raid.
Is there no other way?
I couId earn money...
with men or whatever.
What do you mean?
For you, Franz.
Franz! Go round there!
-Hi! -How are things?
You've got to prevent it! Don't Iet him do it!
Don't hurt him! You mustn't condemn him!
He's so dear.
Oh, you swine! You're aII swine!
You stiII owe me ten pfennigs!
What a hystericaI creature!
What are you up to these days?
This and that.
What does that mean?
Oh, this and that.
-Are you stiII with Joanna? -No.
Where do you come from?
-Bavaria. -What?
Don't touch things!
What do they pay you here?
Oh, it's OK.
Hey, what's the game?
CobbIer, stick to your Iast!
Who did you bIab to, darIing?
I need the money.
I have to be beautifuI for the others.
I need it!
I need it!
Come on!
Out with it!
Joanna Reiher.
We herewith commit your body...
Franz WaIsch...
to consecrated earth.
For from dust you come...
and to dust you shaII return.
May the Day of Judgement...
hoId no horrors for you.
Iet us pray for his poor souI...
that it may be cIeansed in purgatory.
For the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ...
who Ieads the Iost sheep back to the way of God...
and cIeanses us of aII our sins.
I Ioved him so much.
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