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Gothika 2003

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
He came back again last night|and tore me like paper.
He opened me like a flower of pain...
...and it felt good.
He sank into me and set me on fire... he always does.
Made me burn from the inside out.
How did you know it was the devil?
I know what you're thinking.
I know you think|I'm talking about my stepfather...
...because you don't believe in the devil.
Okay, let's talk about your stepfather.
You know about my stepfather.|You know I cut his throat.
I cut his Adam's apple in half... a piece of fruit on a summer day... he wouldn't say a word.
I sat next to him|and watched him die...
It was the only way to help him stop.
Stop what?
Stop fucking me!
You're not listening.
I am listening, Chloe.
You're not listening with your heart.|Just your brain.
Your brain is the problem.
You have no idea|how it feels not to be trusted.
You've got to trust me too, Chloe.
You can't trust someone|who thinks you're crazy.
Okay. I think that's enough for today.
But I do think we made|some really good headway...
...found out some new things...
Do you know what it is|to burn from the inside?
- Do you know? Because you are dead!|- Let her go, Chloe.
I am. I'm not touching her!|I'm not touching her! Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go.
Thank you.
You're driving me crazy! Stop!
- Stop it!|- Let go!
Stop it!
I can walk by myself!
Stand up!
Look at that.
"I'm a doctor."
"Open this door."|Hey, you are dead!
Get in.
She's nuts.
I need to cross-reference some files|with you on Monday. How's your morning?
- Check with Anna. She'll fit you in.|- Thanks. Sorry.
I'm not discharging her, period.
If you want to pursue this, sir,|have a judge order her transfer.
Until then she's mine.
Thank you.
Hey, come on in.
What's up?
Chloe. She's embellishing|her rape story again.
She says that the devil|is visiting her in her cell.
- Okay.|- Well, it's the third time in three months.
It has something to do with|her stepfather, possibly remorse...
...but instead of assessing|the memory and accepting it...
...she just falls into these|satanic meanderings.
Time. Give it time.
I've given it time. Time and Elavil.|And Mellaril and Haldol.
Maybe they're just...
...too medicated.
I know we all create our realities|to some extent. Yes, true.
But what she creates|is so far from any objective reality...
Chloe's mind only runs on one track.
Well, right now,|my mind is running on empty.
Come here.
You have a brilliant mind.
You'll figure it out.
Throw it on the mirror.
This is what she sees now.
- A distorted image of herself.|- Who are you in all this?
- I'm the mirror.|- You are the mirror.
If I'm the mirror and she's the image...
...then who are you?
I can see both of you... I'm God.
Or just an overworked hospital bureaucrat.
"God" is good.
Always remember, the ability to repress... actually a vital survival tool.|Without it...
...Chloe might not have survived.
Sorry, am I interrupting|the happy couple?
Dr. Graham. We were just discussing|repression as a survival mechanism.
Oh, yeah, I had a date last week.|I barely survived it. I'm trying to forget it.
I'm sure your amorous adventures|are fascinating, doctor...
...but sadly, I'm on my way out.
- Well, don't let me... I'll just...|- No, no, no, I'm leaving.
I'm gonna run out to Willow Creek.|Meet the new contractor.
I'll be here. See you at dinner.
Keep an eye on my wife for me, Pete.|I know you will. Here.
- No, thanks.|- No, let me circumcise it for you.
Smoke it tonight while it's fresh.
- Good night, boss.|- Good night, kids.
Why don't we share one of those|golden-crust, cheese-filled specials.
- It sounds like a great offer...|- Here's the file.
...but I got work to do.|- I'm buying.
- It's cold when it gets here.|- We could warm it up.
- I hate pizza.|- Who doesn't like pizza?
Come on, you gotta eat.
Not with you.
Come on, we're supposed to celebrate.|I just got circumcised...
- Who's inside?|- We have Shelley for observation.
- Why? What happened?|- She had another attack.
- What'd you do, up her meds?|- Yeah, 25 milligrams.
That's extreme.|That dose is way too high.
I want a copy of that on my desk|by Monday, okay?
- Okay.|- Thank you.
Damn generator.
Not again.
Irene, is that you?
This electric system's|gonna give us trouble.
Fourth time this week.|I'm going for my swim.
Well, I'm gonna do my job,|as long as these damn lights stay on.
- Good night, Joe.|- Hey, how many laps, doc?
Fifty-five, but who's counting?
Oh, you've outdone yourself.|Hey, safe drive home.
- Thank you. Say hi to your wife for me.|- Will do.
All that education|but you can't remember an umbrella.
- Did you get my note?|- Yeah, I got your note. Your business note.
Right. So how was your date with...?
With what's-her-name? It was like all|of my dates. It was brief. It was pointless.
She didn't respond to my|sense of humor, my boyish good looks... I started talking about work.
She said that was not|a suitable topic for a first date...
...and that was it.|I mean, it was just drinks, you know.
I mean, we didn't even have dinner.
She's not right.|When you know, you know.
I know.
- I'll follow you down the hill.|- You don't have to.
- No, I'm supposed to keep an eye on you.|- Since when did you ever listen to the boss?
{y:i}Severe showers all over northern|{y:i}Connecticut and New Hampshire.
- I know, I see that.|{y:i}... rain in Lennox County...
{y:i}... flooding throughout|{y:i}Lennox County and closure...
- I can't let you through. The road's closed.|- What's going on?
- I got this.|- There's a sinkhole.
- Hi, Bob.|- You picked a hell of a night for a drive.
There's a sinkhole up here,|you can't get through. Sorry.
- What should I do?|- Go a quarter of a mile down, take a left...
You know that bridge|that Doug and I fish at?
- Yeah, the little white one?|- That's the one.
- Yeah.|- You can go across there.
- Okay, thanks.|- Hey, tell Doug to give me a call.
Will do.
- Doug, you're home?|{y:i}- Yeah, where are you?
I got detoured, so I'll be home in a few|minutes, okay? How was Willow Creek?
{y:i}This rain is slowing the work down.|{y:i}It's a big mess.
- Are you okay?|{y:i}- Yeah.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Oh, my God. Okay. Okay. Okay.
I'm a doctor. I'm gonna take you|to the hospital. I'm a doctor, honey.
I'm gonna help you, okay?|You're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna help you, okay?
Help me!
Dr. Graham!
You better tell me why I'm in here, Irene.
She got up wild.
- Bring your ass back in here.|- Give me 40 milligrams of Ativan.
- Get your hands off me.|- Stay in the cell.
- Keep her off.|- Restrain her.
Keep her off of me. Get off of me.|Do you hear me? Get off of me.
Hold on. Calm...
What are you doing?|What are you doing to me?
Thank you, nurse.
- Are you okay?|- Yeah, she calmed down.
This is so sad.
Miranda, this is very awkward.
I suppose that technically|I shouldn't even be treating you...
...but I managed to get the court to grant us|a waiver until you're transferred.
Anything we discuss|is in strict confidence...
...and won't go anywhere but this room.
How long have I been in here?
Three days.
Why? Why?
You were admitted to our neurosurgical|unit, you were seizing violently.
We did scans and they revealed|left-sided weakness, numbness...
...severe frontal-lobe deficits.
You received Haloperidol, Ativan injections.
When you came out of it, we tested.|You were negative for PCP.
But you were put in restraints for a day|and a half so you wouldn't injure yourself.
And then you basically|went into a state of catatonia.
This is the first time I've seen you lucid.
I wanna talk to my husband.
Where is he? Where is he?
You know, you're the most|logical person I know, bar none.
You rely only on the facts.
So why am I telling you this?
You're establishing my personality.
You think I'm a rational person.|You don't think I'm impulsive or emotional.
And following this pattern of analysis,|we are about to discuss...
...a traumatic event which has rendered|this psychological profile useless.
- You think I'm in denial.|- Don't analyze yourself...
...just focus on remembering.
...what's the last thing you remember?
I remember Chloe.
I was having my Friday night|session with Chloe.
How did that go?
She was embellishing her rape story.
- I saw Doug.|- Dr. Graham.
You were there.
When I went back to my office,|I worked on Chloe's file.
I decided to call it quits, I went down|to the pool, had a swim, 55 laps...
...saw Joe, got my keys.|Went to my car. You walked me to it.
- Yes.|- But...
- There was a detour.|- Oh, hey, tell Doug...
I had to go over the bridge,|so I went over the bridge.
I wonder what else happened.|Try to remember.
I got home.
I saw Doug. He was on the couch.
Try to remember.
There was a girl.
- Yeah, there was a girl.|- No, there was no...
Yeah, there was a girl.
- A girl at the bridge.|- There was no report...
- There was some kind of accident.|- No.
- The girl was bloody. On the bridge...|- I want to ask you about Doug.
What's the last thing you remember?
Why are you asking about Doug?|I'm telling you about a girl I saw.
Was there any trouble in your marriage?
No, there was no trouble in my marriage.
And why are you using|the past tense of the word?
Miranda... don't remember anything|about Doug? Anything at all?
Don't tell me something's|wrong with Doug.
I have to tell you something.|Something very difficult.
No, no, no...
- Don't tell me there's something with Doug.|- Miranda...
...Doug is dead.
You killed him.
- No! No! No!|- Orderly!
I didn't.
- No, I didn't.|- Orderly!
I didn't! I didn't do it! No!
No! No! No, don't do it!
- It's okay.|- I didn't do it. I didn't do it.
I'm on your side.
I'm on your side.
One little bit more.
Rita. Let go.
It's Dr. Grey.
Look it up. Don't look at me like that.
I'm the official champion again.
Hello, Miranda. Welcome.
You're one of us now.
You know I don't belong here, Chloe.
If you're here,|it must mean that you belong.
You are not a doctor in here.
And even if you tell the truth... one will listen.
You know why? Because you're crazy.
And the more you try|to prove them wrong...
...the crazier you appear.
You are invisible now.
Can you feel it?
Don't touch me.
Are you scared?
You should be.
I'm dreaming.
I'm dreaming.
Dream logic, primary process,|that's what this is.
I'm dreaming.
I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming.
I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming.
I'm not crazy. I'm dreaming.
Rise and shine, honey. It's a new day.
I wanna talk to Pete.
You'll see Dr. Graham all in good time,|but now I want you to have some breakfast.
- Why are you doing this to me, Irene?|- I'm just doing my job.
You don't want me to get Jim|to help me, now do you?
Good girl. You're doing good.
Come on, sweetheart,|now it's time for a shower.
Come on, honey,|time to wash away your sins.
{y:i}You're a nut.
{y:i}Yeah, it's you. You.
{y:i}Get away. Get away.
What's your problem?
What's your problem?
I looked away for a second.|It's unacceptable.
It's not your fault.
Patients always find a way to hurt|themselves, if that's what they want.
I never pegged her for a cutter, that's all.
Neither did I.
Shelley says Chloe's|been threatening Miranda... I put her in isolation for the day.
How is she?
She's a mess.
I can't believe she's lost it so quickly.|I've never seen that before.
She cut herself 35 times,|a lot of blood, but it's superficial.
- What was the implement?|- Probably a scalpel...
...though how anybody|got it in there, I have no idea.
Hey, Tony. We're fine.
Come on.
You think I did this|to myself, don't you?
Did you?
Well, I don't know.
Who would it be, then? Would it be...
...Chloe, or...?
I don't know.
By your own admission|you have difficulty...
...distinguishing what's reality|from fantasy, so is it possible?
Yeah, as a doctor,|I understand why you think that.
But something is really happening to me.
What about this moment, right now?
What about it?
Is this a hallucination?
Is it?
I suggest that we simply|increase the medication...
...until things make sense.
Or maybe until I can get myself|a new doctor.
Since I'm hallucinating|and I can't seem to remember things... can help me with something.
Yeah. Inhale.
Did we have an affair?
Did you want to?
Did you think I wanted to?
Then why didn't we?
Because you were married to the boss.
But I'm not now.
I'm here... I'm...
I'm trying to help you.
Why don't you trust me?
Because you can't trust somebody|when they think you're crazy.
Hello, Miranda.
I need to talk to you for a minute.
This is about Pete.
What about him, Miranda?
I don't think he's the best doctor|to be treating me.
Is your complaint about him|on a personal level?
Pete's the best doctor|I have on my staff now.
And he has my full support.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Miranda.
- Miranda.|- Hi, Teddy.
- How are they treating you?|- Like I'm crazy, Teddy.
- They think I did it, but I didn't do it.|- All right. Thank you.
- I didn't do it, Teddy.|- Have a seat.
Let's not...
Let's not talk about what you did|or didn't do, all right?
What's important is what|I can do for you now.
Now, the DA is pushing for a hearing|as early as next week.
Next week? We haven't even|had time to investigate.
We can't have a hearing next week.
As your attorney, I gotta tell you|the evidence is overwhelming.
You've been placed at the scene.|The sheriff saw you driving home.
The neighbors heard the screams.
They've got the murder weapon|with your prints on it.
Your prints are on the floor,|walls, everything.
Yeah, but what's my motive?|I don't have a motive, Teddy.
Why would I do that?|Maybe one of his ex-patients came.
Has anybody checked the files?|Has anybody escaped?
That person would have a motive.|I was there, and I would scream.
- Maybe I went into shock.|- Miranda.
The only shot we have|is to plead temporary insanity.
And I don't even know if that's gonna work.|You're a brilliant psychiatrist.
That will make jurors think|"If she wanted to kill somebody...
...she could probably fake insanity|and get away with it."
I'm not crazy.
- That's the point.|- No, the point is...
...I'm the only one around here|that believes I didn't kill my husband!
Do you think I'm crazy?
That's all right. Forget it.
Forget it.
Sheriff Ryan is here.
He'd like to talk to you.
You know he was Doug's best friend,|so I'd advise against it.
It's fine, Teddy.|I don't have anything to hide.
{y:i}Five minutes.
Hi, Bob.
I just have a few questions|that we need to clear up.
When you first came in|and he was sitting on the couch...
...the way we reconstruct the crime is that|the first blow came from in front of him.
Which means he must have seen it coming.
And what we don't understand is how he...
- Why did you do it?|- Sheriff.
How could you kill Doug like that?|He loved you.
- That's the only question I need answered.|- You don't have to answer any questions.
I don't have any answers|to the questions, Bob.
You don't? You better start thinking of some|answers, because you're in some trouble.
- Sheriff, that's enough. That's enough!|- No, no, no.
I need her to tell me why she did it.
Okay, we're done. Enough!
Let's kill your friend, see how you feel!
- You said no shock treatment.|- Here's some shock treatment!
- Stop it. Why would you take these out?|- Don't look.
Don't look at them.
I had to pick him up off the floor, Miranda.|In pieces!
Miranda, what's that?
It's okay. It's okay, Miranda.
- Why are you doing this to me?|- Miranda, let's just go. We're done.
- Why are you doing this to me?|- It's okay.
- Why are you doing this to me?|- It's okay.
Why are you doing this to me?|Why are you doing this to me?!
Come in, Miranda.
Please, take a seat.
You wanted to see me.
I was there.
I was there when Doug was killed.
But I wasn't alone.
I wasn't there alone,|and that's what "not alone" means.
- Who was there with you?|- I don't know who it was.
I don't know. I don't know who it was.
But somebody else was there.
We know you have no family left.
We are your family now.
I know. I know you...|I know.
I want you to know that we're gonna|do everything we possibly can... help you and to make you feel secure.
And to make you feel|that you can trust us here.
But there's a hearing scheduled.
- Miranda. Sit down.|- Just... Come on, sit down.
Who is this girl?
- Put the picture back.|- Who is this girl?
That's my daughter, Rachel.
No, this is the girl I saw at the bridge.|This is the girl.
- No.|- How is she? Where is she?
- It's impossible.|- This is the girl I've been seeing.
This girl, right here.
She's dead.
Rachel died four years ago.
I'm a rational person.
I believe in science.
I don't believe in the paranormal.
And I don't believe in ghosts.
But if you are the ghost of Rachel Parsons...
...then you would let me out of this cell.
Bob, you leave this?
Shit. Pete's office.
Help me!
Let me go! Let me go!
Check Chloe! Check Chloe!|She needs help!
- Did you talk to Chloe?|- Yes.
- Was she raped?|- Was she raped? No.
- Why?|- Did you check her?
Did I...? She was checked.|Of course she was checked.
- He didn't have time.|- He?
- What about her face? She had a cut.|- She ran into a wall. She did that to herself.
I saw a tattoo. Did she talk about a tattoo?
- Why don't you sit down. A tattoo?|- Yeah, a tattoo.
A woman in flames, hands up like this:
Like a Biblical image.
The Anima Sola?
- Yeah, the Anima Sola. That's what I saw.|- It's a common archetypal image.
I mean, it's the woman in chains,|awaiting her fate.
I'm talking about something I saw|on the chest of a man.
- That's what I saw.|- You're in crisis.
This image is tailor-made|for your state of mind.
A woman in purgatory.
I need you to explain this to me, though.
- Rachel Parsons did not commit suicide.|- She jumped off a bridge.
- When I saw her...|- She was washed downstream five miles.
- She was cut up.|- You saw her?
- Yes, I saw her. Someone did that to her!|- Police, newspapers, coroner are wrong?
- Let's reopen the case.|- Maybe they should!
- I saw her. And she's connected to me.|- Delusions, hallucinations...
- How, I don't know.|...disorganized speech, incoherence...
Don't rattle off your psychiatric shit!|I know it like the back of my hand!
Saves me the trouble.
Glass cells are having electrical problems.
I'm gonna transfer you to a Psych Ward cell.
One strike, you're going to solitary.
Don't screw up.
Rachel Parsons was there.
Dead or alive, I don't know.
That girl came to me.
She came to me.
Hi, Chloe.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
I need you to tell me who did this to you.
Tell me his name, Chloe.
Chloe, tell me.|Tell me anything. Tell me.
I'll tell you one thing:
He can have my body...
...but he will never have my soul.
The devil.
It's okay.
It's okay.
He said you're next.
- Try to stay awake.|- Yes, ma'am.
If you need me, I'll be in the coffee room.
Lights out.
Leave me alone!
- Doesn't even look like a real ant.|- It's got disco balls for eyes.
- '50s B movies, man.|- Giant bug movies are great.
Hey, what is that?
It's Dr. Grey.|She's trying to kill herself.
Level C, we've got suicidal behavior|in cell 33. Sending backup.
Open it!
Dr. Grey's in trouble!
Number 33, open it now!
Oh, damn.|Damn, what a mess.
- Hold her, I'll medicate her.|- What the hell for? She's already out.
Don't argue with me.
Jesus! Easy, easy.|No, don't hurt me.
Stop her! She's got my keys, stop her!
Hey! Hey!
Wait! Hey!
We got a runner! Inmate escaping!|Block Three!
- Stay with me.|- All right.
She's gone this way. Let's go!
Split up! Keep moving!
She's going up the North Tower!
Hey! It's already open!
She's on the upper level!
Hold it right there!
- Dr. Grey!|- We're on Three, she's heading for One!
Go! Go!
Go the other way!
Circle back.
Come on, Hank.
Don't think she made it|to this building anyway.
Yeah, but even so,|there's no way she can get out.
Hide-and-seek. The longer it lasts,|the more overtime we make.
- You should be a professor.|- Professors always nail the pretty students.
Let's go. I don't think she's in here.
I got it.
Is it clear there?
We checked corridors Four and Five.
- It's cool. We're headed to Six and Seven.|- Yeah. It's Joe, up at the desk.
- What's going on down there?|- Looks dark down there.
What do you mean, what do I mean?
Look, this is the fourth time this month|this has happened. Never mind.
- Ye... Thank you.|- Finally.
- Took long enough.|- Shit.
Hey, Joe.
You see something?
Yeah, just now when the monitors came on.
Corridor Six, something flashed|in front of the camera.
Frank, East Wing. Don, take the West.|I'll take the stairs.
Here, take my car.
Go. Go.
Go on.
What do you want from me?!
Okay. Now what?
Miranda, no!
No. No, Miranda, no.
Miranda, don't! No, don't, please!
Please! No! Miranda, no!|No, please!
Please! Don't do this to me! No!
Don't! No! Miranda, no, wait!
Don't do this to me, please, Miranda!
Miranda, no! Don't! No!
Don't do this to me, Miranda!|Miranda, please!
I love you.
What did I do?
Why me?
Why? Why?
Willow Creek.
{y:i}How was Willow Creek?
{y:i}This rain is slowing the work down.|{y:i}It's a big damn mess.
{y:i}I'll see you in a couple of days.
{y:i}It's good to be God.
{y:i}I love you.
- Drop the knife!|- Drop the gun!
Put it on the ground now!
- Drop the gun!|- Drop the knife!
- You drop it!|- Holy Christ.
Help me, please!
Carter, get down here now!
Help me, please!
All I can tell you is that the girl|has been identified as Tracy Seavers.
She was reported missing two weeks ago.
She was found this morning|by two patrolmen in Willow Creek... a farm belonging to Dr. Douglas Grey.|She is now hospitalized.
Can she speak?|Has she told you anything?
- We can't comment on that.|- Are there others?
We can't confirm that. Excuse me.
Sheriff, is the FBI taking over|this investigation?
Why don't you ask the goddamn FBI?
We need her at the hospital|for medication.
Consider house arrest pending trial,|given the circumstances.
Last night, your client dropped a guard...
...assaulted a nurse, escaped from|an institution, stole a car...
And saved a girl's life.
- How did she know she was there?|- I don't know.
- But the point is...|- The woman is still a murder suspect!
Come here.
The FBI says there could be more victims.
There were needles down there,|a video camera.
Once the press gets ahold of it,|it'll get big and ugly.
Now, I need some answers,|and I'm running out of time.
So your client isn't going anywhere|until my team...
I need to talk to her.
It's hard to believe|Doug did something like this.
We worked together a long time.|I thought I knew him pretty well.
How could I be so blind?
Well, you weren't the only one, Phil.
Do you think my daughter could|also have been a victim of Doug's?
That's what "not alone" means.
Rachel was trying to tell me that|she was not Doug's only victim.
And all this time...
...we thought our baby|had committed suicide.
You see...
...even after she was gone...
I had this recurring dream about her.
Eventually I took medication|to block it out.
What kind of dream?
She was burning in flames,|in terrible pain.
I couldn't save her.
I saw her exactly the same way,|burning in flames.
What does that mean?
Miranda, I... I...
I wouldn't look for|a real-world explanation.
It's a dream, a delusion.
A delusion that we both seem to share.
- Yeah.|- Pete.
I was just talking to Parsons.
I've been wrong about|everything until now.
It's finally clear to me.|The image is finally clear.
The man raping women in prison|is connected to the murders.
It goes back to the Anima Sola tattoo.
Miranda, you have to stop doing this.|Do you understand me?
{y:i}Every time people start taking you seriously,|{y:i}you start talking about delusions again.
I'm not deluded, Pete, I'm possessed.
I don't believe in ghosts.
Neither do I, but they believe in me.
{y:i}Great, just great.
Let's go. Come on.
I need to talk to Sheriff Ryan.
He's working with the FBI team.|He won't be back tonight.
It's really important.
I'll leave him a message.
Thank you.
Screw it.
I got a message you wanted to talk to me?
Yeah, Bob.
I wanna talk to you.|Maybe this time you can actually hear me.
Because the last time, all you wanted to do|was scream and yell and accuse me...
- Is this what you wanna talk to me about?|- No. I wanna talk about the facts.
They're a little different now, right?
Do you have any idea what happens to a|small-town sheriff when the FBI takes over?
- If you know anything, anything...|- Not alone.
Not alone.
I know what it means.
There are two killers.
Parsons and I both saw a girl|burning in flames.
Then I saw Chloe being raped by a man|with an Anima Sola tattoo on his body.
A woman burning in flames. Get it?
Okay, it's crazy. I know it sounds crazy.|Pete has told me it's crazy.
- You told Pete? When?|- Yes.
This afternoon. Why?
I don't think you're crazy at all.|And I don't know why he would dismiss it.
- You actually saw this tattoo?|- Yes, I saw it. On a man.
I've heard of serial killers|who hunt together.
Classic mentor and disciple syndrome.
So we're looking for the disciple?|Who could it be?
- I don't know.|- You're a psychiatrist.
What kind of guy would this have to be?
He would have to be someone|who grew up in a household...
...that had an absent father.
He developed... obsessive, over-dependent|relationship with his mother...
...which then turned into some|inappropriate sexual attraction.
He probably even got off|torturing little animals as a kid.
And as a man he is totally confused|about his sexuality.
That's who he is.
Man, that's screwed up.
But a guy like that could seem|smart and normal, right?
Yeah, they usually do. Yeah.
Look, Miranda, I don't wanna scare you...
...but if there is a second killer out there,|he is frantically trying to cover his trail.
You're a big threat to this guy.|Who knows how much more you know?
I don't know anything else.
You saw the tattoo,|found the girl at the barn.
Yeah, but I found all that by instinct.
This guy is facing the electric chair.
He doesn't have the luxury|of believing in instinct or ghosts.
He's gotta believe that Doug|confessed to you what he was doing.
But he didn't confess.
Maybe he didn't spill it out loud, but...
Well, you know, you're a psychiatrist.
There's a lot of ways to confess.
I'm just trying to put myself|in this guy's place.
Then why didn't he go back|to Willow Creek?
- Take care of the girl, clean up evidence?|- Yeah.
Well, that's how you get caught.|You panic.
Better to let the dust settle.
But about you...
...he's desperate.|- Yeah?
Desperate enough to... to me?
Well, you're right.
I do fit the profile.
Longtime friend of Doug's,|access to the prison.
I never did get a kick out of|torturing animals, though.
Stop it!
- No!|- Yes!
- You can't kill me!|- I'm not gonna kill you.
After this kicks in, I'm gonna have a lot|more fun with you than Doug ever did.
Damn it!
Help me! Help!
Help me!
You tried to escape, Miranda.
That means I can do|whatever I want to you.
Rachel wasn't the first, you know.
Doug killed a girl when he was|15 years old!
I helped him bury the body.
What are best friends for?
We got older. But I gotta tell you... never lose your taste|for the young girls.
Then we stopped for a long time.
But then Dougie saw sweet Rachel and...
That was an itch way too deep|not to scratch.
And then we had the time of our lives|out at Willow Creek.
Everything was perfect.
Those girls would do anything.
We were their god.
Until you...
You and I both know|you're not getting out of here.
So let's be logical...
...and end this thing.
Thank you, Miranda.
This isn't logical.
You're already dead!
Logic is overrated.
I'm sorry, Miranda.
So it's been almost a year|and I still have bad dreams.
Sometimes I wake up screaming.
That's normal.
No, not these dreams.
Everyone thought you and I were crazy...
...but we were seeing the truth.
More than they could see.
Once you open the door,|you can never close it.
Not true. I closed it.
Then I locked it...
...and then I threw away the key.
I really hope that's true.
You know, my train leaves in half an hour.
Okay. I'll get you on your way.
So good luck with your job, okay?
I wanted to thank you for what you did.
You really helped me.
You helped me.
You taught me how to listen.
Thank you.
We made it.
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