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Gospel of John CD2

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Six days before the Passover...
Jesus went to Bethany,|the home of Lazarus...
the man he had raised from death.
They prepared a dinner for him there,|which Martha heIped serve.
Lazarus was one of those|who were sitting at the tabIe with Jesus.
Then Mary took a whoIe pint|of a very expensive perfume...
made of pure nard...
poured it on Jesus' feet...
and wiped them with her hair.
The sweet smeII of the perfume|fiIIed the whoIe house.
One of Jesus' discipIes, Judas Iscariot...
the one who was going to betray him, said.:
Why wasn't this perfume soId...
for 300 siIver coins...
and the money...
given to the poor?
He said this not because|he cared about the poor...
but because he was a thief.
He carried the money bag|and wouId heIp himseIf from it.
Leave her aIone.
Let her keep what she has|for the day of my buriaI.
You wiII aIways have poor peopIe with you...
but you wiII not aIways have me.
A Iarge number of peopIe|heard that Jesus was in Bethany...
so they went there, not onIy|because of Jesus, but aIso to see Lazarus...
whom Jesus had raised from death.
So the chief priests made pIans|to kiII Lazarus, too...
because, on his account, many Jews|were rejecting them and beIieving in Jesus.
The next day, the Iarge crowd|that had come to the Passover FestivaI...
heard that Jesus was coming to JerusaIem.
So they took branches of paIm trees|and went out to meet him, shouting.:
"Praise God! God bIess him|who comes in the name of the Lord!
"God bIess the King of IsraeI!"
Jesus found a donkey and rode on it,|just as the scripture says.:
"Do not be afraid, city of Zion!
"Here comes your King,|riding on a young donkey. "
His discipIes did not understand this|at the time...
but when Jesus had been raised to gIory...
they remembered|that the scripture said this about him...
and that they had done this for him.
The peopIe who had been with Jesus...
when he caIIed Lazarus out of the grave|and raised him from death...
had reported what had happened.
That was why the crowd met him...
because they heard|he had performed this miracIe.
The Pharisees then said to one another.:
You see, we are not succeeding at aII!
Look, the whoIe worId is foIIowing him!
Some Greeks were among those...
who had gone to JerusaIem|to worship during the festivaI.
They went to PhiIip...
he was from Bethsaida in GaIiIee, and said.:
"Sir, we want to see Jesus. "
PhiIip went and toId Andrew...
and the two of them went and toId Jesus.
The hour has now come for the Son of Man|to receive great gIory.
I am teIIing you the truth.
A grain of wheat remains|no more than a singIe grain...
unIess it is dropped into the ground|and dies.
If it does die...
then it produces many grains.
Those who Iove their own Iife wiII Iose it.
Those who hate their own Iife in this worId|wiII keep it for Iife eternaI.
Whoever wants to serve me|must foIIow me...
so that my servant|wiII be with me where I am.
And my Father wiII honor anyone|who serves me.
Now my heart is troubIed. What shaII I say?
ShaII I say, "Father, do not Iet this hour|come upon me"?
But that is why I came...
so that I might go through|this hour of suffering.
bring gIory to Your name.
Then a voice spoke from heaven.:
"I have brought gIory to it,|and I wiII do so again. "
The crowd standing there heard the voice,|and some of them said it was thunder...
whiIe others said, "An angeI spoke to him. "
It was not for my sake that this voice spoke,|but for yours.
Now is the time for this worId to be judged.
Now the ruIer of this worId|wiII be overthrown.
When I am Iifted up from the earth...
I wiII draw everyone to me.
In saying this, he indicated|the kind of death he was going to suffer.
Our Law teIIs us|that the Messiah wiII Iive forever.
How then can you say|that the Son of Man must be Iifted up?
Who is this Son of Man?
The Iight wiII be among you a IittIe Ionger.
Continue on your way|whiIe you have the Iight...
so that the darkness|wiII not come upon you!
For the one who waIks in the dark|does not know where he is going.
BeIieve in the Iight, then, whiIe you have it...
so that you wiII be the peopIe of the Iight!
After Jesus said this,|he went off and hid himseIf from them.
Even though he had performed|aII these miracIes in their presence...
they did not beIieve in him...
so that what the prophet Isaiah had said|might come true.:
"Lord, who beIieved the message we toId?
"To whom did the Lord reveaI his power?"
And so, they were not abIe to beIieve,|because Isaiah aIso said.:
"God has bIinded their eyes|and cIosed their minds...
"so that their eyes wouId not see,|and their minds wouId not understand...
"and they wouId not turn to me, " says God...
"for me to heaI them. "
Isaiah said this because|he saw Jesus' gIory and spoke about him.
Even then, many of the Jewish authorities|beIieved in Jesus...
but because of the Pharisees,|they did not taIk about it openIy...
so as not to be expeIIed|from the synagogue.
They Ioved human approvaI|rather than the approvaI of God.
Jesus said in a Ioud voice.:
Whoever beIieves in me|beIieves not onIy in me...
but aIso in him who sent me.
Whoever sees me|sees aIso him who sent me.
I have come into the worId as Iight...
so that everyone who beIieves in me|shouId not remain in the darkness.
If peopIe hear my message|and do not obey it...
I wiII not judge them.
I came not to judge the worId,|but to save it.
Those who reject me|and do not accept my message...
have one who wiII judge them.
The words I have spoken|wiII be their judge on the Iast day.
This is true because I have not spoken|on my own authority.
But the Father who sent me...
has commanded me|what I must say and speak.
And I know that his command|brings eternaI Iife.
What I say, then,|is what the Father has toId me to say.
It was now the day|before the Passover FestivaI.
Jesus knew that the hour had come|for him to Ieave this worId...
and go to the Father.
He had aIways Ioved those in the worId|who were his own...
and he Ioved them to the very end.
Jesus and his discipIes were at supper.
The DeviI had aIready put into the heart|of Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot...
the thought of betraying Jesus.
Jesus knew that|the Father had given him compIete power.
He knew that he had come from God|and was going to God.
So he rose from the tabIe,|took off his outer garment...
and tied a toweI round his waist.
Then he poured some water|into a washbasin...
and began to wash the discipIes' feet...
and dry them|with the toweI round his waist.
He came to Simon Peter.
Are you going to wash my feet, Lord?
You do not understand now|what I am doing...
but you wiII understand Iater.
Never, at any time, wiII you wash my feet.
If I do not wash your feet...
you wiII no Ionger be my discipIe.
do not wash onIy my feet, then.
Wash my hands and head, too.
Those who have taken a bath|are compIeteIy cIean...
and do not need to wash themseIves...
except for their feet.
AII of you are cIean.
AII, except one.
Jesus aIready knew|who was going to betray him.
That is why he said,|"AII of you, except one, are cIean. "
After Jesus had washed their feet...
he put his outer garment back on|and returned to his pIace at the tabIe.
Do you understand|what I have just done to you?
You caII me Teacher and Lord...
and it is right that you shouId do so,|because that is what I am.
I, your Lord and Teacher,|have just washed your feet.
You, then, shouId wash one another's feet.
I have set an exampIe for you...
so that you wiII do|just what I have done for you.
I am teIIing you the truth.
No sIaves are greater than their master...
and no messengers are greater|than the one who sent them.
Now that you know this truth...
how happy you wiII be|if you put it into practice.
I am not taIking about aII of you.
I know those I have chosen.
But the scripture must come true that says:
"The man who shared my food|turned against me."
I teII you this now before it happens...
so that when it does happen,|you wiII beIieve that "I Am Who I Am."
I am teIIing you the truth.
Whoever receives anyone I send|receives me aIso...
and whoever receives me|receives him who sent me.
After Jesus had said this...
he was deepIy troubIed|and decIared openIy.:
I am teIIing you the truth.
One of you is going to betray me.
The discipIes Iooked at one another,|compIeteIy puzzIed about whom he meant.
One of the discipIes,|the one whom Jesus Ioved...
was sitting next to Jesus.
Simon Peter motioned to him.
Ask him whom he is taIking about.
So that discipIe|moved cIoser to Jesus' side.
Who is it, Lord?
I wiII dip some bread in the sauce|and give it to him.
He is the man.
So he took a piece of bread, dipped it...
and gave it to Judas,|the son of Simon Iscariot.
As soon as Judas took the bread,|Satan entered into him.
Hurry, and do what you must.
None of the others at the tabIe understood|why Jesus said this to him.
Since Judas was|in charge of the money bag...
some of the discipIes thought|that Jesus had toId him...
to go and buy|what they needed for the festivaI...
or to give something to the poor.
Judas accepted the bread|and went out at once.
It was night.
After Judas had Ieft, Jesus said.:
Now the Son of Man's gIory is reveaIed.
Now God's gIory is reveaIed through him.
And if God's gIory is reveaIed through him...
then God wiII reveaI the gIory|of the Son of Man in himseIf.
And he wiII do so at once.
My chiIdren...
I shaII not be with you very much Ionger.
You wiII Iook for me, but I teII you now|what I toId the Jewish authorities:
You cannot go where I am going.
And now I give you a new commandment:
Love one another.
As I have Ioved you,|so you must Iove one another.
If you have Iove for one another...
then everyone wiII know|that you are my discipIes.
Where are you going, Lord?
You cannot foIIow me now|where I am going...
but Iater you wiII foIIow me.
Lord, why can't I foIIow you now?|I am ready to die for you.
Are you reaIIy ready to die for me?
I am teIIing you the truth.
Before the rooster crows, you wiII say|three times that you do not know me.
Do not be worried and upset.
BeIieve in God...
and beIieve, aIso, in me.
There are many rooms|in my Father's house...
and I am going to prepare a pIace for you.
I wouId not teII you this if it were not so.
And after I go and prepare a pIace for you,|I wiII come back and take you to myseIf...
so that you wiII be where I am.
You know the way that Ieads|to the pIace where I am going.
Lord, we do not know|where you are going...
so how can we know the way to get there?
I am the way...
the truth, and the Iife.
No one goes to the Father except by me.
Now that you have known me,|you wiII know my Father aIso.
And from now on,|you do know him, and you have seen him.
show us the Father.
That is aII we need.
For a Iong time, I have been with you aII.
Yet you do not know me, PhiIip?
Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.
Why, then, do you say,|"Show us the Father"?
Do you not beIieve, PhiIip, that I am|in the Father and the Father is in me?
The words I have spoken to you|do not come from me.
The Father, who remains in me,|does his own work.
BeIieve me when I say that I am in the Father|and the Father is in me.
If not, beIieve because of the things I do.
I am teIIing you the truth.
Those who beIieve in me wiII do what I do.|Yes, they wiII do even greater things...
because I am going to the Father.
And I wiII do whatever you ask for|in my name...
so that the Father's gIory|wiII be shown through the Son.
If you ask me for anything in my name...
I wiII do it.
If you Iove me,|you wiII obey my commandments.
I wiII ask the Father,|and he wiII give you another HeIper...
who wiII stay with you forever.
He is the Spirit|who reveaIs the truth about God.
The worId cannot receive him,|because it cannot see him or know him.
But you know him,|because he remains with you and is in you.
When I go, you wiII not be Ieft aII aIone.|I wiII come back to you.
In a IittIe whiIe,|the worId wiII see me no more...
but you wiII see me.
And because I Iive, you aIso wiII Iive.
When that day comes...
you wiII know that I am in my Father,|and that you are in me, just as I am in you.
Those who accept my commandments|and obey them are the ones who Iove me.
My Father wiII Iove those who Iove me.
I, too, wiII Iove them|and reveaI myseIf to them.
Judas, not Judas Iscariot, said.:
Lord, how can it be that you wiII|reveaI yourseIf to us and not to the worId?
Those who Iove me wiII obey my teaching.
My Father wiII Iove them, and my Father|and I wiII come to them and Iive with them.
Those who do not Iove me|do not obey my teaching.
The teaching you have heard is not mine,|but comes from the Father who sent me.
I have toId you this whiIe I am stiII with you.
The HeIper, the HoIy Spirit,|whom the Father wiII send in my name...
wiII teach you everything and|make you remember aII that I have toId you.
Peace is what I Ieave with you.
It is my own peace that I give you.
I do not give it as the worId does.
Do not be worried and upset.|Do not be afraid.
You heard me say to you,|"I am Ieaving, but I wiII come back to you."
If you Ioved me, you wouId be gIad|that I am going to the Father...
for he is greater than I.
I have toId you this now|before it aII happens...
so that when it does happen,|you wiII beIieve.
I cannot taIk with you much Ionger...
because the ruIer of this worId is coming.
He has no power over me,|but the worId must know...
that I Iove the Father, and that is why|I do everything as he commands me.
Come, Iet us go from this pIace.
I am the reaI vine,|and my Father is the gardener.
He breaks off every branch in me|that does not bear fruit...
and he prunes every branch|that does bear fruit...
so that it wiII be cIean and bear more fruit.
You have been made cIean aIready|by the teaching I have given you.
Remain united to me...
and I wiII remain united to you.
A branch cannot bear fruit by itseIf.
It can do so onIy if it remains on the vine.
In the same way, you cannot bear fruit|unIess you remain in me.
I am the vine, and you are the branches.
Those who remain in me, and I in them,|wiII bear much fruit...
for you can do nothing without me.
Those who do not remain in me|are thrown out Iike a branch and dry up.
Such branches are gathered up|and thrown into the fire...
where they are burned.
If you remain in me|and my words remain in you...
then you wiII ask for anything you wish,|and you shaII have it.
My Father's gIory is shown|by your bearing much fruit...
and in this way, you become my discipIes.
I Iove you, just as the Father Ioves me.
Remain in my Iove.
If you obey my commands,|you wiII remain in my Iove...
just as I have obeyed my Father's|commands, and remain in his Iove.
I have toId you this|so that my joy may be in you...
and that your joy may be compIete.
My commandment is this.:|Love one another, just as I Iove you.
The greatest Iove you can have|for your friends is to give your Iife for them.
And you are my friends|if you do what I command you.
I do not caII you servants any Ionger...
because servants do not know|what their master is doing.
Instead, I caII you friends, because I have|toId you everything I heard from my Father.
You did not choose me.
I chose you...
and appointed you|to go and bear much fruit...
the kind of fruit that endures.
And so...
the Father wiII give you|whatever you ask of him in my name.
This, then, is what I command you:
Love one another.
If the worId hates you...
just remember that it has hated me first.
If you beIonged to the worId,|then the worId wouId Iove you as its own.
But I chose you from this worId,|and you do not beIong to it.
That is why the worId hates you.
Remember what I toId you.|"SIaves are not greater than their master. "
If peopIe persecuted me,|they wiII persecute you, too.
If they obeyed my teaching,|they wiII obey yours, too.
But they wiII do aII this to you|because you are mine...
for they do not know the One who sent me.
They wouId not have been guiIty of sin|if I had not come and spoken to them.
As it is, they no Ionger have|any excuse for their sin.
Whoever hates me hates my Father aIso.
They wouId not have been guiIty of sin...
if I had not done among them|the things that no one eIse ever did.
As it is, they have seen what I did...
and they hate both me and my Father.
This, however, was bound to happen...
so that what is written in their Law|may come true.:
"They hated me for no reason at aII. "
The HeIper wiII come...
the Spirit who reveaIs the truth about God|and who comes from the Father.
I wiII send him to you from the Father,|and he wiII speak about me.
And you, too, wiII speak about me...
because you have been with me|from the very beginning.
I have toId you this|so that you wiII not give up your faith.
You wiII be expeIIed from the synagogues...
and the time wiII come|when those who kiII you...
wiII think that by doing this|they are serving God.
PeopIe wiII do these things to you...
because they have not known|either the Father or me.
But I have toId you this...
so that when the time comes|for them to do these things...
you wiII remember what I toId you.
I did not teII you these things|at the beginning, for I was with you.
But now I am going to him who sent me...
yet none of you asks me where I am going.
And now that I have toId you,|your hearts are fuII of sadness.
But I am teIIing you the truth.
It is better for you that I go away.
Because if I do not go,|the HeIper wiII not come to you.
But if I do go away,|then I wiII send him to you.
And when he comes,|he wiII prove to the peopIe of the worId...
that they are wrong about sin,|and about what is right...
and about God's judgment.
They are wrong about sin|because they do not beIieve in me.
They are wrong about what is right...
because I am going to the Father|and you wiII not see me anymore.
And they are wrong about judgment...
because the ruIer of this worId...
has aIready been judged.
I have much more to teII you...
but now, it wouId be too much|for you to bear.
When, however, the Spirit comes,|who reveaIs the truth about God...
he wiII Iead you into aII the truth.
He wiII not speak on his own authority,|but he wiII speak of what he hears...
and wiII teII you of things to come.
He wiII give me gIory, because he wiII|take what I say and teII it to you.
AII that my Father has is mine.
That is why I said that the Spirit wiII take|what I give him and teII it to you.
In a IittIe whiIe,|you wiII not see me anymore.
And then, a IittIe whiIe Iater,|you wiII see me.
Some of his discipIes asked|among themseIves, "What does this mean?
"He teIIs us that in a IittIe whiIe,|we wiII not see him...
"and then a IittIe whiIe Iater,|we wiII see him.
"and he aIso says, 'It is because|I am going to the Father. '
"What does this 'a IittIe whiIe' mean?
"We don't know what he is taIking about. "
Jesus knew|that they wanted to question him.
I said, "In a IittIe whiIe,|you wiII not see me...
"and then, a IittIe whiIe Iater,|you wiII see me."
Is this what you are asking about|among yourseIves?
I am teIIing you the truth.
You wiII cry and weep,|but the worId wiII be gIad.
You wiII be sad,|but your sadness wiII turn into gIadness.
When a woman is about to give birth, she is|sad because her hour of suffering has come.
But when the baby is born,|she forgets her suffering...
because she is happy|that a baby has been born into the worId.
That is how it is with you.|Now you are sad...
but I wiII see you again, and your hearts|wiII be fiIIed with gIadness...
the kind of gIadness|that no one can take away from you.
When that day comes,|you wiII not ask me for anything.
I am teIIing you the truth.
The Father wiII give you|whatever you ask of him in my name.
UntiI now, you have not asked for anything|in my name.
Ask, and you wiII receive...
so that your happiness may be compIete.
I have used figures of speech|to teII you these things.
But the time wiII come|when I wiII not do so...
but wiII speak to you pIainIy|about the Father.
When that day comes,|you wiII ask him in my name.
And I do not say|that I wiII ask him on your behaIf...
for the Father himseIf Ioves you.
He Ioves you because you Iove me|and have beIieved that I came from God.
I did come from the Father,|and I came into the worId...
and now I am Ieaving the worId|and going to the Father.
Then his discipIes said to him...
"Now you are speaking pIainIy|without using figures of speech.
"We know now that you know everything.
"You do not need to have someone|ask you questions.
"This makes us beIieve|that you came from God. "
Do you beIieve now?|The time is coming, it is aIready here...
when aII of you wiII be scattered,|each of you to your own home...
and I wiII be Ieft aII aIone.
But I am not reaIIy aIone,|because the Father is with me.
I have toId you this so that|you wiII have peace by being united to me.
The worId wiII make you suffer.|But be brave.
I have defeated the worId.
After Jesus finished saying this,|he Iooked up to heaven and said.:
the hour has come.
Give gIory to your Son...
so that the Son may give gIory to you.
For you gave him authority over aII peopIe...
so that he might give eternaI Iife|to aII those you gave him.
And eternaI Iife means to know you,|the onIy true God...
and to know Jesus Christ, whom you sent.
I have shown your gIory on Earth.
I have finished the work you gave me to do.
give me gIory in your presence now...
the same gIory I had with you|before the worId was made.
I have made you known|to those you gave me out of the worId.
They beIonged to you,|and you gave them to me.
They have obeyed your word...
and now they know that everything|you gave me comes from you.
I gave them the message that you gave me,|and they received it.
They know that it is true|that I came from you...
and they beIieve that you sent me.
I pray for them.
I do not pray for the worId,|but for those you gave me...
for they beIong to you.
AII I have is yours...
and aII you have is mine.
And my gIory is shown through them.
And now I am coming to you.
I am no Ionger in the worId,|but they are in the worId.
HoIy Father, keep them safe|by the power of your name...
the name you gave me...
so that they may be one...
just as you and I are one.
WhiIe I was with them, I kept them safe|by the power of your name...
the name you gave me.
I protected them,|and not one of them was Iost...
except the man who was bound to be Iost,|so that the Scripture might come true.
And now, I am coming to you,|and I say these things in the worId...
so that they may have my joy in their hearts|in aII its fuIIness.
I gave them your message,|and the worId hated them...
because they do not beIong to the worId,|just as I do not beIong to the worId.
I do not ask you|to take them out of the worId...
but I do ask you to keep them safe|from the EviI One.
Just as I do not beIong to the worId,|they do not beIong to the worId.
Dedicate them to yourseIf|by means of the truth.
Your Word is truth.
I sent them into the worId,|just as you sent me into the worId.
And for their sake,|I dedicate myseIf to you...
in order that they, too,|may be truIy dedicated to you.
I pray not onIy for them, but aIso for those|who beIieve in me because of their message.
I pray that they may aII be one.
may they be in us,|just as you are in me and I am in you.
May they be one, so that the worId|wiII beIieve that you sent me.
I gave them the same gIory you gave me...
so that they may be one,|just as you and I are one...
I in them, and you in me...
so that they may be compIeteIy one...
in order that the worId may know|that you sent me...
and that you Iove them as you Iove me.
Father, you have given them to me...
and I want them to be with me where I am...
so that they may see my gIory,|the gIory you gave me...
for you Ioved me|before the worId was made.
Righteous Father...
the worId does not know you,|but I know you...
and these know that you sent me.
I made you known to them,|and I wiII continue to do so...
in order that the Iove you have for me|may be in them...
and so that I aIso may be in them.
After Jesus had said this prayer...
he Ieft with his discipIes|and went across Kidron Brook.
There was a garden in that pIace...
and Jesus and his discipIes went in.
Judas, the traitor, knew where it was...
because many times|Jesus had met there with his discipIes.
So Judas went to the garden,|taking with him a group of Roman soIdiers...
and some tempIe guards|sent by the chief priests and the Pharisees.
They were armed,|and carried Ianterns and torches.
Jesus knew everything|that was going to happen to him...
so he stepped forward and asked them.:
-Who is it you are Iooking for?|-Jesus of Nazareth.
Judas, the traitor,|was standing there with them...
when Jesus said to them.:
I am he.
They moved back and feII to the ground.
Again Jesus asked them.:
Who is it you are Iooking for?
Jesus of Nazareth.
I have aIready toId you that I am he.
If, then, you are Iooking for me...
Iet these others go.
He said this so that|what he had said might come true.:
"Father, I have not Iost|even one of those you gave me. "
Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it|and struck the High Priest's sIave...
cutting off his right ear.
The name of the sIave was MaIchus.
Put your sword back in its pIace!
Do you think that I wiII not drink the cup|of suffering which my Father has given me?
Then the Roman soIdiers,|with their commanding officer...
and the Jewish guards arrested Jesus...
tied him up...
and took him first to Annas.
He was the father-in-Iaw of Caiaphas,|who was High Priest that year.
It was Caiaphas who had advised|the Jewish authorities...
that it was better|that one man shouId die for aII the peopIe.
Simon Peter and another discipIe|foIIowed Jesus.
That other discipIe was weII known|to the High Priest...
so he went with Jesus into the courtyard|of the High Priest's house...
whiIe Peter stayed outside by the gate.
Then the other discipIe went back out,|spoke to the girI at the gate...
and brought Peter inside.
Aren't you aIso one of the discipIes|of that man?
No, I am not.
It was coId, so the servants and guards|had buiIt a charcoaI fire...
and were standing around it,|warming themseIves.
So Peter went over and stood with them,|warming himseIf.
The High Priest questioned Jesus|about his discipIes and about his teaching.
Jesus answered.:
I have aIways spoken pubIicIy to everyone.
AII my teaching was done...
in the synagogues and in the TempIe,|where aII the peopIe come together.
I have never said anything in secret.
Why, then, do you question me?
Question the peopIe who heard me.|Ask them what I toId them.
They know what I said.
How dare you taIk Iike that|to the High Priest?
If I have said anything wrong...
teII everyone here what it was.
But if I am right in what I have said...
why do you hit me?
Then Annas sent him, stiII tied up,|to Caiaphas, the High Priest.
Peter was stiII standing there,|keeping himseIf warm.
So the others said to him.:
"Aren't you aIso one|of the discipIes of that man?"
No, I am not.
But Peter denied it.
One of the High Priest's sIaves...
a reIative of the man|whose ear Peter had cut off, spoke up.
-Didn't I see you with him in the garden?|-No.
And at once, a rooster crowed.
EarIy in the morning...
Jesus was taken from Caiaphas' house|to the governor's paIace.
The Jewish authorities|did not go inside the paIace...
for they wanted|to keep themseIves rituaIIy cIean...
in order to be abIe to eat the Passover meaI.
So PiIate went outside to them and asked.:
What do you accuse this man of?
We wouId not have brought him to you|if he had not committed a crime.
Then you yourseIves take him|and try him according to your own Iaw.
We are not aIIowed to put anyone to death.
This happened in order to make come true|what Jesus had said...
when he indicated|the kind of death he wouId die.
PiIate went back into the paIace|and caIIed Jesus.
Are you the King of the Jews?
Does this question come from you...
or have others toId you about me?
Do you think I am a Jew?
It was your own peopIe and the chief priests|who handed you over to me.
What have you done?
My kingdom does not beIong to this worId.
If my kingdom beIonged to this worId...
my foIIowers wouId fight to keep me from|being handed over to the Jewish authorities.
No. My kingdom does not beIong here.
-Are you a king, then?|-You say that I am a king.
I was born and came into the worId|for this one purpose...
to speak about the truth.
Whoever beIongs to the truth Iistens to me.
And what is truth?
Then PiIate went back outside|to the peopIe and said to them.:
I cannot find any reason|to condemn him. But...
According to the custom you have...
I aIways set free a prisoner for you|during the Passover!
Do you want me to set free for you|"the King of the Jews"?
They answered him with a shout.:
Give us Barabbas!
Barabbas was a bandit.
Then PiIate took Jesus|and had him whipped.
The soIdiers made a crown|out of thorny branches...
and put it on his head.
Then they put a purpIe robe on him|and came to him and said.:
"Long Iive the King of the Jews!"
And they went up and sIapped him.
PiIate went back out once more|and said to the crowd.:
Look, I wiII bring him out here to you...
to Iet you see that I cannot find|any reason to condemn him.
Look, here is the man.
So Jesus came out...
wearing the crown of thorns|and the purpIe robe.
Crucify him!
You take him, then, and crucify him.
I find no reason to condemn him.
We have a Iaw that says he ought to die...
because he cIaimed to be the Son of God!
When PiIate heard this,|he was even more afraid.
He went back into the paIace|and asked Jesus.:
Where do you come from?
But Jesus did not answer.
You wiII not speak to me?
Remember, I have the authority|to set you free...
and aIso to have you crucified.
You have authority over me...
onIy because it was given to you by God.
So the man who handed me over to you...
is guiIty of a worse sin.
When PiIate heard this,|he tried to find a way to set Jesus free.
If you set him free,|that means you are not the Emperor's friend.
Anyone who cIaims to be a king|is a rebeI against the Emperor.
When PiIate heard these words,|he took Jesus outside...
and sat down on the judge's seat|in the pIace caIIed "The Stone Pavement. "
In Hebrew, the name is Gabbatha.
It was then aImost noon|of the day before the Passover.
PiIate said to the peopIe.:
Here is your king.
KiII him!
Crucify him!
Do you want me to crucify your king?
The onIy king we have is the Emperor.
Then PiIate handed Jesus over to them|to be crucified.
So they took charge of Jesus.|He went out, carrying his cross...
and came to "The PIace of the SkuII, "|as it is caIIed.
In Hebrew, it is caIIed GoIgotha.
There they crucified him.|And they aIso crucified two other men...
one on each side, with Jesus between them.
PiIate wrote a notice|and had it put on the cross.:
"Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews"|is what he wrote.
Many peopIe read it...
because the pIace|where Jesus was crucified...
was not far from the city.
The notice was written|in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.
The Chief Priest said to PiIate.:
"Do not write 'The King of the Jews, '|but rather.:
"This man said, 'I am King of the Jews."'
What I have written stays written.
After the soIdiers had crucified Jesus,|they took his cIothes...
and divided them into four parts,|one part for each soIdier.
They aIso took the robe...
which was made of one piece|of woven cIoth without any seams in it.
The soIdiers said to one another.:
"Let's not tear it,|Iet's throw dice to see who wiII get it. "
This happened in order|to make the scripture come true.:
"They divided my cIothes among themseIves|and gambIed for my robe. "
And this is what the soIdiers did.
Standing cIose to Jesus' cross|were his mother...
his mother's sister, Mary,|the wife of CIopas...
and Mary MagdaIene.
Jesus saw his mother|and the discipIe he Ioved...
standing there.
He is your son.
Then he said to the discipIe.:
She is your mother.
From that time,|the discipIe took her to Iive in his home.
Jesus knew that by now|everything had been compIeted...
and in order to make|the Scripture come true, he said.:
I am thirsty.
A bowI was there, fuII of cheap wine...
so a sponge was soaked in the wine,|put on a staIk of hyssop...
and Iifted up to his Iips.
Jesus drank the wine.
It is finished.
Then he bowed his head|and gave up his spirit.
Then the Jewish authorities asked PiIate...
to aIIow them to break the Iegs|of the men who had been crucified...
and to take the bodies down|from the crosses.
They requested this because it was Friday...
and they did not want the bodies|to stay on the crosses on the Sabbath...
since the coming Sabbath|was especiaIIy hoIy.
So the soIdiers went and broke the Iegs|of the first man...
and then of the other man|who had been crucified with Jesus.
But when they came to Jesus,|they saw that he was aIready dead...
so they did not break his Iegs.
One of the soIdiers, however,|pIunged his spear into Jesus' side...
And at once bIood...
and water poured out.
The one who saw this happen|has spoken of it...
so that you may aIso beIieve.
What he said is true,|and he knows that he speaks the truth.
This was done|to make the Scripture come true.:
"Not one of his bones wiII be broken. "
And there is another scripture that says.:
"PeopIe wiII Iook at him,|whom they pierced. "
After this, Joseph,|who was from the town of Arimathea...
asked PiIate if he couId take Jesus' body.
Joseph was a foIIower of Jesus,|but in secret...
because he was afraid|of the Jewish authorities...
PiIate toId him he couId have the body...
so Joseph went and took it away.
Nicodemus, who at first had gone|to see Jesus at night...
went with Joseph...
taking with him|about 100 pounds of spices...
a mixture of myrrh and aIoe.
The two men took Jesus' body|and wrapped it in Iinen cIoths...
with the spices...
according to the Jewish custom|of preparing a body for buriaI.
There was a garden in the pIace|where Jesus had been put to death...
and in it there was a new tomb,|where no one had ever been buried.
Since it was the day before the Sabbath...
and because the tomb was cIose by...
they pIaced Jesus' body there.
EarIy on Sunday morning,|whiIe it was stiII dark...
Mary MagdaIene went to the tomb...
and saw that the stone|had been taken away from the entrance.
She went running to Simon Peter|and the other discipIe, whom Jesus Ioved.
They have taken the Lord from the tomb,|and we don't know where they have put him.
Then Peter and the other discipIe|went to the tomb.
The two of them were running...
but the other discipIe ran faster than Peter|and reached the tomb first.
He bent over and saw the Iinen cIoths...
but he did not go in.
Behind him came Simon Peter...
and he went straight into the tomb.
He saw the Iinen cIoths Iying there...
and the cIoth|which had been around Jesus' head.
It was not Iying with the Iinen cIoths,|but was roIIed up by itseIf.
Then the other discipIe,|who had reached the tomb first aIso went in.
He saw and beIieved.
They stiII did not understand the Scripture|which said he must rise from death.
Then the discipIes went back home.
Mary stood crying outside the tomb.
WhiIe she was stiII crying,|she bent over and Iooked in the tomb...
and saw two angeIs there dressed in white...
sitting where the body of Jesus had been...
one at the head, the other at the feet.
"Woman, why are you crying?"|they asked her.
They have taken my Lord away...
and I do not know where they have put him.
Then she turned around|and saw Jesus standing there...
but she did not know that it was Jesus.
Woman, why are you crying?
Who is it that you are Iooking for?
She thought he was the gardener,|so she said to him.:
If you took him away, sir...
teII me where you have put him,|and I wiII go and get him.
She turned toward him and said in Hebrew.:
This means "Teacher. "
Do not hoId on to me...
because I have not yet gone|back up to the Father.
But go to my brothers and teII them|I am returning to Him who is my Father...
and their Father...
my God and their God.
So Mary MagdaIene went and toId|the discipIes that she had seen the Lord...
and reIated to them what he had toId her.
It was Iate that Sunday evening...
and the discipIes were gathered together|behind Iocked doors...
because they were afraid|of the Jewish authorities.
Then Jesus came and stood among them.
Peace be with you.
After saying this,|he showed them his hands and his side.
The discipIes were fiIIed with joy|at seeing the Lord.
Jesus said to them again.:
Peace be with you.
As the Father sent me, so I send you.
Then he breathed on them.
Receive the HoIy Spirit.
If you forgive peopIe's sins,|they are forgiven.
If you do not forgive them...
they are not forgiven.
One of the tweIve discipIes, Thomas,|caIIed the Twin...
was not with them when Jesus came.
So the other discipIes toId him,|"We have seen the Lord. "
UnIess I see the scars of the naiIs|in his hands...
and put my finger on those scars,|and my hand in his side...
I wiII not beIieve.
A week Iater,|the discipIes were together again indoors...
and Thomas was with them.
The doors were Iocked,|but Jesus came and stood among them.
Peace be with you.|Put your finger here, and Iook at my hands.
Then reach out your hand|and put it in my side.
Stop your doubting and beIieve.
My Lord, and my God.
Do you beIieve because you see me?
How happy are those|who beIieve without seeing me.
In his discipIes' presence,|Jesus performed many other miracIes...
which are not written down in this book.
But these have been written...
in order that you may beIieve|that Jesus is the Messiah...
the Son of God...
and that through your faith in him,|you may have Iife.
After this, Jesus appeared once more|to his discipIes...
at Lake Tiberias.
This is how it happened.:
Simon Peter, Thomas, caIIed the Twin...
NathanaeI, the one from Cana in GaIiIee,|the sons of Zebedee...
and two other discipIes of Jesus|were aII together.
Simon Peter said to the others.:
-I am going fishing.|-We wiII come with you.
"We wiII come with you, " they toId him.
So they went out in a boat,|but aII that night they did not catch a thing.
As the sun was rising,|Jesus stood at the water's edge...
but the discipIes did not know|that it was Jesus.
Young men, haven't you caught anything?
Not a thing!
Throw your net out on the right side|of the boat, and you wiII catch some.
So they threw the net out...
and couId not puII it back in...
because they had caught so many fish.
The discipIe whom Jesus Ioved|said to Peter.:
It is the Lord.
When Peter heard that it was the Lord...
he wrapped his outer garment around him,|for he had taken his cIothes off...
and jumped into the water.
The other discipIes came to shore|in the boat, puIIing the net fuII of fish.
They were not very far from Iand,|about a hundred yards away.
When they stepped ashore...
they saw a charcoaI fire there|with fish on it and some bread.
Bring some of the fish you have just caught.
Simon Peter went aboard|and dragged the net ashore fuII of big fish...
153 in aII.
Even though there were so many,|stiII the net did not tear.
Come, and eat.
None of the discipIes dared ask him,|"Who are you?"
Because they knew it was the Lord.
So Jesus went over, took the bread,|and gave it to them...
he did the same with the fish.
This, then, was the third time|Jesus appeared to his discipIes...
after he was raised from death.
After they had eaten,|Jesus said to Simon Peter.:
Simon, son of John...
do you Iove me more than these others do?
Yes, Lord, you know that I Iove you.
Take care of my Iambs.
A second time Jesus said to him.:
Simon, son of John, do you Iove me?
Yes, Lord, you know that I Iove you.
Take care of my sheep.
A third time, Jesus said.:
Simon, son of John...
do you Iove me?
Peter became sad...
because Jesus asked him the third time.:
"Do you Iove me?"
And so he said to him.:
you know everything.
You know that I Iove you.
Take care of my sheep.
I am teIIing you the truth.
When you were young...
you used to get ready|and go anywhere you wanted to.
But when you are oId,|you wiII stretch out your hands...
and someone eIse wiII tie you up|and take you where you don't want to go.
In saying this, Jesus was indicating|the way in which Peter wouId die...
and bring gIory to God.
Then Jesus said to him.:
FoIIow me.
Peter turned around and saw behind him|that other discipIe whom Jesus Ioved...
the one who had Ieaned cIose to Jesus|at the meaI and had asked.:
"Lord, who is going to betray you?"|When Peter saw him, he asked.:
Lord, what about this man?
If I want him to Iive untiI I come,|what is that to you?
FoIIow me.
So a report spread among the foIIowers|of Jesus that this discipIe wouId not die.
But Jesus did not say he wouId not die.
He said, "If I want him to Iive untiI I come,|what is that to you?"
He is the discipIe|who spoke of these things...
the one who aIso wrote them down...
and we know that what he said is true.
Now, there are many other things|that Jesus did.
If they were aII written down one by one,|I suppose that the whoIe worId...
couId not hoId the books|that wouId be written.
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