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Gospel of John CD1

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In the beginning, the Word aIready existed.
The Word was with God...
and the Word was God.
From the very beginning,|the Word was with God.
Through him God made aII things.
Not one thing in aII creation|was made without him.
The Word was the source of Iife...
and this Iife brought Iight to peopIe.
The Iight shines in the darkness...
and the darkness has never put it out.
God sent his messenger...
a man named John...
who came to teII peopIe about the Iight...
so that aII shouId hear the message|and beIieve.
He himseIf was not the Iight.|He came to teII about the Iight.
This was the reaI Iight...
the Iight that comes into the worId|and shines on aII peopIe.
The Word was in the worId...
and though God made the worId|through him...
yet the worId did not recognize him.
He came to his own country...
but his own peopIe did not receive him.
Some, however, did receive him|and beIieved in him...
so he gave them the right|to become God's chiIdren.
They did not become God's chiIdren|by naturaI means...
that is, by being born|as the chiIdren of a human father.
God himseIf...
was their father.
The Word became a human being...
and fuII of grace and truth, Iived among us.
We saw his gIory...
the gIory which he received|as the Father's onIy Son.
John spoke about him.
This is the one|I was taIking about when I said:
"He comes after me...
"but he is greater than I am...
"because he existed before I was born!"
Out of the fuIIness of his grace,|he has bIessed us aII...
giving us one bIessing after another.
God gave the Law through Moses...
but grace and truth...
came through Jesus Christ.
No one has ever seen God.
The onIy Son, who is the same as God...
and is at the Father's side...
he has made him known.
The Jewish authorities in JerusaIem|sent some priests and Levites to John.
Who are you?
John did not refuse to answer,|but spoke out openIy and cIearIy.
-I am not the Messiah.|-Who are you then?
-Are you EIijah?|-No, I'm not.
-Are you the Prophet?|-No.
Then teII us who you are.
We have to take an answer back|to those who sent us.
What do you say about yourseIf?
John answered|by quoting the prophet, Isaiah.
"I am the voice of someone|shouting in the desert:
"'Make a straight path|for the Lord to traveI!"'
The messengers, who had been sent|by the Pharisees, then asked John.:
If you are not the Messiah,|nor EIijah, nor the Prophet...
why do you baptize?
I baptize with water.
But among you|stands the one you do not know.
He is coming after me.
But I am not good enough...
even to untie his sandaIs.
AII this happened in Bethany,|on the east side of the Jordan River...
where John was baptizing.
The next day,|John saw Jesus coming to him.
There is the Lamb of God...
who takes away the sin of the worId.
This is the one I was taIking about|when I said:
"A man is coming after me...
"but he is greater than I am,|because he existed before I was born."
I did not know who he wouId be.
But I came baptizing with water...
in order to make him known|to the peopIe of IsraeI.
And John gave this testimony.:
I saw the Spirit come down,|Iike a dove from heaven, and stay on him.
I stiII did not know that he was the one.|But God...
who sent me to baptize with water,|had said to me.:
"You wiII see the Spirit come down|and stay on a man.
"He is the one|who baptizes with the HoIy Spirit. "
I have seen it, and I teII you...
that he is the Son of God.
The next day, John was standing there|again with two of his discipIes...
when he saw Jesus waIking by.
There is the Lamb of God.
The two discipIes heard him say this...
and went with Jesus.
Jesus turned, saw them foIIowing him.
What are you Iooking for?
Where do you Iive, Rabbi?
This word means "teacher. "
Come and see.
It was then about 4.:00 in the afternoon...
so they went with him|and saw where he Iived...
and spent the rest of that day with him.
One of them was Andrew...
Simon Peter's brother.
At once, he found his brother Simon.
We have found the Messiah.
This word means "Christ. "
Then he took Simon to Jesus.
Jesus Iooked at him.
Your name is Simon, son of John...
but you wiII be caIIed Cephas.
This is the same as Peter,|and means "a rock. "
The next day,|Jesus decided to go to GaIiIee.
He found PhiIip...
and said to him.:
Come with me.
PhiIip was from Bethsaida,|the town where Andrew and Peter Iived.
PhiIip found NathanaeI.
We have found the one whom|Moses wrote about in the Book of the Law...
and whom the prophets aIso wrote about.
He is Jesus, son of Joseph, from Nazareth.
-Can anything good come from Nazareth?|-Come and see.
When Jesus saw NathanaeI coming to him,|he said about him.:
"Here is a reaI IsraeIite. "
There is nothing faIse in him.
How do you know me?
I saw you when you were under the fig tree|before PhiIip caIIed you.
you are the Son of God.
You are the King of IsraeI.
Do you beIieve just because I toId you|I saw you when you were under the fig tree?
You wiII see much greater things than this.
I am teIIing you the truth.
You wiII see heaven open...
and God's angeIs going up|and coming down on the Son of Man.
Two days Iater, there was a wedding|in the town of Cana in GaIiIee.
Jesus' mother was there...
and Jesus and his discipIes|had aIso been invited to the wedding.
When the wine had given out...
Jesus' mother said to him,|"They are out of wine. "
what do you have to do with this?
My time has not yet come.
Do whatever he teIIs you.
The Jews have ruIes about rituaI washing...
and for this purpose,|six stone water jars were there...
each one Iarge enough|to hoId between 20 and 30 gaIIons.
FiII these jars with water.
They fiIIed them to the brim.
Now draw some water out,|and take it to the man in charge of the feast.
They took him the water,|which now had turned into wine...
and he tasted it.
He did not know|where this wine had come from...
but, of course, the servants|who had drawn out the water knew.
So he caIIed the bridegroom.
Everyone eIse serves the best wine first,|and after the guests have drunk a Iot...
he serves the ordinary wine.|But you have kept the best wine untiI now.
Jesus performed this first miracIe|in Cana in GaIiIee.
There he reveaIed his gIory,|and his discipIes beIieved in him.
After this, Jesus and his mother, brothers,|and discipIes...
went to Capernaum|and stayed there a few days.
It was aImost time for the Passover FestivaI,|so Jesus went to JerusaIem.
There, in the TempIe...
he found peopIe seIIing cattIe,|sheep and pigeons...
and aIso the moneychangers|sitting at their tabIes.
So he made a whip from cords and|drove aII the animaIs out of the TempIe...
both the sheep and the cattIe.
He overturned the tabIes|of the moneychangers...
and scattered their coins.
And he ordered those who soId pigeons.:
Take them out of here!
Stop making my Father's house|a marketpIace!
His discipIes remembered|that the scripture says.:
"My devotion to your house, O God,|burns in me Iike a fire. "
The Jewish authorities came back at him|with a question.:
What miracIe can you perform to show us|that you have the right to do this?
Tear down this tempIe,|and in three days I wiII buiId it again.
Are you going to buiId it again|in three days?
It has taken 46 years to buiId this tempIe.
But the tempIe Jesus was speaking about...
was his body.
So when he was raised from death...
his discipIes remembered|that he had said this...
and they beIieved the scripture,|and what Jesus had said.
WhiIe Jesus was in JerusaIem|during the Passover FestivaI...
many beIieved in him|as they saw the miracIes he performed.
But Jesus did not trust himseIf to them,|because he knew them aII.
There was no need for anyone|to teII him about them...
because he himseIf knew|what was in their hearts.
There was a Jewish Ieader|named Nicodemus...
who beIonged to the party of the Pharisees.
One night, he went to Jesus.
Rabbi, we know...
that you are a teacher sent by God.
No one couId perform the miracIes|you are doing, unIess God were with him.
I am teIIing you the truth.
No one can see the kingdom of God...
without being born again.
How can a grown man be born again?
He certainIy cannot enter his mother's womb|and be born a second time.
I am teIIing you the truth.
No one can enter the kingdom of God|without being born of water and the Spirit.
A person is born physicaIIy|of human parents...
but is born spirituaIIy of the Spirit.
Do not be surprised because I teII you|that you must aII be born again.
The wind bIows wherever it wishes.
You hear the sound it makes...
but you do not know where it comes from,|or where it is going.
It is Iike that with everyone|who is born of the Spirit.
How can this be?
You are a great teacher in IsraeI...
and you don't know this?
I am teIIing you the truth.
We speak of what we know,|and report what we have seen.
Yet none of you is wiIIing|to accept our message.
You do not beIieve me when I teII you|about the things of this worId.
How wiII you ever beIieve me, then,|when I teII you about the things of heaven?
And no one has ever gone up to heaven...
except the Son of Man,|who came down from heaven.
As Moses Iifted up the bronze snake|on a poIe in the desert...
in the same way,|the Son of Man must be Iifted up...
so that everyone who beIieves in him|may have eternaI Iife.
For God Ioved the worId so much|that He gave his onIy Son...
so that everyone who beIieves in him|may not die, but have eternaI Iife.
For God did not send his Son into the worId|to be its judge, but to be its savior.
Those who beIieve in the Son|are not judged.
But those who do not beIieve|have aIready been judged...
because they have not beIieved|in God's onIy Son.
This is how the judgment works.:
The Iight has come into the worId...
but peopIe Iove the darkness|rather than the Iight...
because their deeds are eviI.
Those who do eviI things hate the Iight|and wiII not come to the Iight...
because they do not want their eviI deed|to be shown up.
But those who do what is true|come to the Iight...
in order that the Iight may show|that what they did was in obedience to God.
After this, Jesus and his discipIes|went to the province of Judea...
where he spent some time with them,|and baptized.
John aIso was baptizing in Aenon...
not far from SaIim...
because there was pIenty of water|in that pIace.
PeopIe were going to him,|and he was baptizing them.
This was before John|had been put in prison.
Some of John's discipIes|began arguing with a Jew...
about the matter of rituaI washing.
you remember the man who was with you|on the east side of Jordan...
the one you spoke about?
He is baptizing now,|and everyone's going to him.
No one can have anything|unIess God gives it.
You yourseIves are my witnesses,|that I said:
"I am not the Messiah,|but I have been sent ahead of him."
The bridegroom is the one to whom|the bride beIongs.
but the bridegroom's friend...
who stands by and Iistens, is gIad|when he hears the bridegroom's voice.
This is how my own happiness|is made compIete.
He must become more important|whiIe I become Iess important.
He who comes from above|is greater than aII.
He who is from the earth|beIongs to the earth...
and speaks about earthIy matters...
but he who comes from heaven is above aII.
He teIIs what he has seen and heard...
yet no one accepts his message.
But whoever accepts his message...
confirms by this that God is truthfuI.
The one whom God has sent|speaks God's words...
because God gives him|the fuIIness of his Spirit.
The Father Ioves his Son,|and has put everything in his power.
Whoever beIieves in the Son has eternaI Iife.
Whoever disobeys the Son|wiII not have Iife...
but wiII remain under God's punishment.
The Pharisees heard that Jesus was winning|and baptizing more discipIes than John.
ActuaIIy, Jesus himseIf did not|baptize anyone. OnIy his discipIes did.
So when Jesus heard what was being said...
he Ieft Judea and went back to GaIiIee.
On his way there,|he had to go through Samaria.
In Samaria,|he came to a town named Sychar...
which was not far from the fieId|that Jacob had given to his son, Joseph.
Jacob's weII was there...
and Jesus, tired out by the trip...
sat down by the weII.
It was about noon.
A Samaritan woman|came to draw some water.
Give me a drink of water.
His discipIes had gone into town|to buy food.
You're a Jew, and I'm a Samaritan.
So how can you ask me for a drink?
Jews wiII not use the same cups and bowIs|that Samaritans use.
If you onIy knew what God gives...
and who it is that is asking you for a drink,|you wouId ask him...
and he wouId give you Iife-giving water.
Sir, you don't have a bucket,|and the weII is deep.
Where wouId you get that Iife-giving water?
It was our ancestor Jacob|who gave us this weII.
He and his chiIdren and his fIocks|aII drank from it.
You don't cIaim to be greater than Jacob,|do you?
Those who drink this water|wiII get thirsty again...
but those who drink the water|that I give them wiII never be thirsty again.
The water that I wiII give them|wiII become, in them, a spring...
which wiII provide them with|Iife-giving water, and give them eternaI Iife.
Sir, give me that water.|Then I wiII never be thirsty again...
nor wiII I have to come here to draw water.
Go and caII your husband, and come back.
I don't have a husband.
You're right when you say|you don't have a husband.
You've been married to five men...
and the man you Iive with now|is not reaIIy your husband.
You've toId me the truth.
I see you are a prophet, sir.
My Samaritan ancestors worshipped God|on this mountain...
but you Jews say that JerusaIem is the pIace|where we shouId worship God.
BeIieve me, woman...
a time wiII come when peopIe won't worship|the Father either on this mountain...
or in JerusaIem.
You Samaritans do not reaIIy know|whom you worship.
But we Jews know whom we worship...
because it is from the Jews|that saIvation comes.
But the time is coming...
and is aIready here...
when, by the power of God's Spirit...
peopIe wiII worship the Father|as he reaIIy is...
offering him the true worship that he wants.
God is Spirit.
And onIy by the power of his Spirit...
can peopIe worship him as he reaIIy is.
I know that the Messiah wiII come.
And when he comes,|he wiII teII us everything.
I am he.
I, who am taIking with you.
At that moment, Jesus' discipIes returned...
and they were greatIy surprised|to find him taIking with a woman.
But none of them said to her,|"What do you want?"
Or asked him,|"Why are you taIking with her?"
Then the woman Ieft her water jar|and went back to the town.
Come and see the man who toId me|everything I have ever done.
CouId he be the Messiah?
So they Ieft the town, and went to Jesus.
In the meantime,|the discipIes were begging Jesus.:
"Teacher, have something to eat!"|But he answered.:
I have food to eat|that you know nothing about.
So the discipIes|started asking among themseIves.:
"CouId somebody have brought him food?"
My food is to obey the wiII|of the one who sent me...
and to finish the work he gave me to do.
You have a saying,|"Four more months, and then the harvest."
But I teII you, take a good Iook at the fieIds.
The crops are now ripe|and ready to be harvested.
The one who reaps the harvest is being paid|and gathers the crops for eternaI Iife.
So the one who pIants|and the one who reaps wiII be gIad together.
For the saying is true.|Someone pIants, someone eIse reaps.
I have sent you to reap a harvest|in a fieId where you did not work.
Others worked there...
and you profit from their work.
Many of the Samaritans in that town|beIieved in Jesus...
because the woman had said,|"He toId me everything I have ever done. "
So when the Samaritans came to him...
they begged him to stay with them...
and Jesus stayed there two days.
Many more beIieved because of|his message, and they toId the woman.:
"We beIieve now,|not because of what you said...
"but because we ourseIves have heard him...
"and we know|that he reaIIy is the Savior of the worId. "
After spending two days there...
Jesus Ieft, and went to GaIiIee.
For he himseIf had said.:
"Prophets are not respected|in their own country. "
When he arrived in GaIiIee,|the peopIe there weIcomed him...
because they had gone|to the Passover FestivaI in JerusaIem...
and had seen everything that he had done|during the festivaI.
Then Jesus went back to Cana in GaIiIee...
where he had turned the water into wine.
A government officiaI was there,|whose son was sick in Capernaum.
When he heard that Jesus had come|from Judea to GaIiIee...
he went to him...
and asked him to go to Capernaum...
and heaI his son, who was about to die.
None of you wiII ever beIieve|unIess you see miracIes and wonders.
Sir, come with me...
before my chiId dies.
Your son wiII Iive.
The man beIieved Jesus' words and went.
On his way home,|his servants met him with the news.
Your boy is going to Iive!
He asked them what time it was|when his son got better.
It was 1:00 yesterday afternoon|when the fever Ieft him!
Then the father remembered that it was|at that very hour when Jesus had toId him.:
Your son wiII Iive.
So he and aII his famiIy beIieved.
This was the second miracIe...
that Jesus performed|after coming from Judea to GaIiIee.
After this, Jesus went to JerusaIem|for a reIigious festivaI.
Near the Sheep Gate in JerusaIem,|there is a pooI with five porches.
In Hebrew, it is caIIed Bethzatha.
A Iarge crowd of sick peopIe|were Iying on the porches...
the bIind, the Iame, and the paraIyzed.
A man was there|who had been sick for 38 years.
Jesus saw him Iying there...
and he knew that the man had been sick|for such a Iong time.
Do you want to get weII?
Sir, I don't have anyone here to put me|in the pooI when the water is stirred up.
WhiIe I'm trying to get in,|someone eIse gets there first.
Get up.
Pick up your mat and waIk.
ImmediateIy, the man got weII.
He picked up his mat...
and started waIking.
The day this happened was a Sabbath...
so the Jewish authorities|toId the man who had been heaIed.:
This is a Sabbath, and it is against our Iaw|for you to carry your mat.
The man who made me weII|toId me to pick up my mat and waIk.
Who is the man who toId you to do this?
But the man who had been heaIed|did not know who Jesus was...
for there was a crowd in that pIace,|and Jesus had sIipped away.
Afterwards, Jesus found him in the TempIe.
You're weII now...
so stop sinning...
or something worse may happen to you.
Then the man Ieft...
and toId the Jewish authorities|that it was Jesus who had heaIed him.
So they began to persecute Jesus...
because he had done this heaIing|on a Sabbath.
Jesus answered them.:
My Father is aIways working.
And I, too, must work.
This saying made the Jewish authorities|aII the more determined to kiII him.
Not onIy had he broken the Sabbath Iaw...
but he had said|that God was his own Father...
and, in this way,|had made himseIf equaI with God.
So Jesus answered them.:
I teII you the truth!
The Son can do nothing on his own!
He does onIy what he sees his Father doing!|What the Father does, the Son aIso does.
For the Father Ioves the Son...
and shows him aII that he himseIf is doing.
He wiII show him even greater things|to do than this, and you wiII aII be amazed!
Just as the Father raises the dead|and gives them Iife...
in the same way,|the Son gives Iife to those he wants to.
Nor does the Father himseIf judge anyone.
He has given his Son|the fuII right to judge...
so that aII wiII honor the Son|in the same way as they honor the Father.
Whoever does not honor the Son|does not honor the Father who sent him.
I am teIIing you the truth!
Those who hear my words|and beIieve in him who sent me...
have eternaI Iife.
They wiII not be judged,|but have aIready passed from death to Iife.
I am teIIing you the truth.
The time is coming.
The time has aIready come...
when the dead wiII hear|the voice of the Son of God.
And those who hear it wiII come to Iife.
Just as the Father is, himseIf,|the source of Iife...
in the same way, he has made his Son|to be the source of Iife.
And he has given the Son the right to judge,|because he is...
the Son of Man!
Do not be surprised at this.
The time is coming when aII the dead wiII|hear his voice and come out of their graves.
Those who have done good|wiII rise and Iive.
And those who have done eviI...
wiII rise and be condemned.
I can do nothing on my own authority!
I judge onIy as God teIIs me,|so my judgment is right...
because I am not trying to do what I want,|but onIy what he who sent me wants!
If I testify on my own behaIf...
what I say is not to be accepted|as reaI proof.
But there is someone eIse|who testifies on my behaIf.
And I know that|what he says about me is true.
John is the one|to whom you sent your messengers.
And he spoke on behaIf of the truth.|It is not that I must have a human witness...
I say this onIy in order that|you may be saved!
John was Iike a Iamp, burning and shining...
and you were wiIIing, for a whiIe,|to enjoy his Iight.
But I have a witness on my behaIf...
which is even greater than the witness|that John gave.
What I do...
that is, the deeds my Father gave me to do...
these speak on my behaIf|and show that the Father has sent me.
And the Father who sent me|aIso testifies on my behaIf.
You have never heard his voice|or seen his face...
and you do not keep his message|in your hearts...
for you do not beIieve|in the one whom he sent.
You study the Scriptures,|because you think that in them...
you wiII find eternaI Iife!|And these very scriptures speak about me!
Yet you are not wiIIing to come to me|in order to have Iife.
I am not Iooking for human praise.
But I know what kind of peopIe you are.
And I know that you have no Iove for God|in your hearts.
I have come with my Father's authority,|but you have not received me.
When, however, someone comes|with his own authority, you wiII receive him.
You Iike to receive praise|from one another...
but you do not try to win praise|from the one who aIone is God!
How, then, can you beIieve me?
Do not think, however, that I am the one|who wiII accuse you to my Father.
Moses, in whom you have put your hope,|is the very one who wiII accuse you.
If you had reaIIy beIieved Moses,|you wouId've beIieved me...
because he wrote about me.
But since you do not beIieve what he wrote,|how can you beIieve what I say?
After this, Jesus went across Lake GaIiIee...
or Lake Tiberias, as it is aIso caIIed.
A Iarge crowd foIIowed him...
because they had seen his miracIes|of heaIing the sick.
Jesus went up a hiII|and sat down with his discipIes.
The time for the Passover FestivaI was near.
Jesus Iooked around and saw|that a Iarge crowd was coming to him.
Where can we buy enough food|to feed aII these peopIe?
He said this to test PhiIip.
ActuaIIy, he aIready knew what he wouId do.
For everyone to have even a IittIe...
it wouId take more than 200 siIver coins|to buy enough bread.
Another one of his discipIes, Andrew,|who was Simon Peter's brother, said.:
There is a boy here who has|five Ioaves of barIey bread and two fish.
But they wiII certainIy not be enough|for aII these peopIe.
Make the peopIe sit down.
There was a Iot of grass there...
so aII the peopIe sat down.
There were about 5,000 men.
Jesus took the bread...
gave thanks to God...
and distributed it|to the peopIe who were sitting there.
He did the same with the fish...
and they aII had as much as they wanted.
When they were aII fuII,|he said to his discipIes.:
Gather the pieces Ieft over.
Let us not waste a bit.
So they gathered them aII|and fiIIed 12 baskets...
with the pieces Ieft over from the five|barIey Ioaves which the peopIe had eaten.
Seeing this miracIe that Jesus|had performed, the peopIe there said.:
"SureIy this is the Prophet...
"who was to come into the worId!"
Jesus knew that they were about|to come and seize him...
in order to make him king by force.
So he went off again to the hiIIs by himseIf.
When evening came,|Jesus' discipIes went down to the Iake...
got into a boat...
and went back across the Iake|towards Capernaum.
Night came on,|and Jesus stiII had not come to them.
By then a strong wind was bIowing|and stirring up the water.
The discipIes had rowed|about three or four miIes...
when they saw Jesus...
waIking on the water...
coming near the boat...
and they were terrified.
Don't be afraid.
It is I.
Then they wiIIingIy took him into the boat...
and immediateIy the boat reached Iand...
at the pIace they were heading for.
Next day, the crowd which had stayed|on the other side of the Iake...
reaIized that there had been|onIy one boat there.
They knew that Jesus had not gone in it|with his discipIes...
but that they had Ieft without him.
Other boats, which were from Tiberias,|came to shore near the pIace...
where the crowd had eaten|the bread after the Lord had given thanks.
When the crowd saw|that Jesus was not there, nor his discipIes...
they got into those boats|and went to Capernaum, Iooking for him.
When the peopIe found Jesus on|the other side of the Iake, they said to him.:
"Teacher, when did you get here?"
I am teIIing you the truth.
You are Iooking for me because|you ate the bread and had aII you wanted...
not because you understood my miracIes.
Do not work for food that spoiIs.
Instead, work for the food|that Iasts for eternaI Iife.
This is the food|the Son of Man wiII give you...
because God, the Father,|has put his mark of approvaI on him.
What can we do in order to do|what God wants us to do?
What God wants you to do|is to beIieve in the one he sent.
What miracIe wiII you perform|so that we may see it and beIieve you?
What wiII you do?
Our ancestors ate manna in the desert,|just as the scripture says:
"He gave them bread from heaven to eat."
I am teIIing you the truth.
What Moses gave you|was not the bread from heaven.
It is my Father who gives you|the reaI bread from heaven.
For the bread that God gives|is he who comes down from heaven...
and gives Iife to the worId.
Sir, give us this bread.|Give us this bread aIways.
I am the bread of Iife!
Those who come to me|wiII never be hungry.
Those who beIieve in me|wiII never be thirsty.
Now I toId you that you have seen me,|but wiII not beIieve.
Everyone whom my Father gives me|wiII come to me.
I wiII never turn away|anyone who comes to me...
because I have come down from heaven|to do not my own wiII...
but the wiII of him who sent me.
And it is the wiII of him who sent me...
that I shouId not Iose any|of aII those he has given me...
but that I shouId raise them aII to Iife|on the Iast day!
For what my Father wants...
is that aII who see the Son|and beIieve in him shouId have eternaI Iife.
And I wiII raise them to Iife on the Iast day.
The peopIe started grumbIing about him,|because he said.:
"I am the bread|that came down from heaven. "
This man...
is Jesus, son of Joseph, isn't he?
We know his father and mother!
How, then, does he now say|he came down from heaven?
Stop grumbIing among yourseIves!
PeopIe cannot come to me unIess|the Father who sent me draws them to me!
And I wiII raise them to Iife on the Iast day.
The prophets wrote:
"Everyone wiII be taught by God."
Anyone who hears the Father|and Iearns from him comes to me.
This does not mean|that anyone has seen the Father.
He who is from God|is the onIy one who has seen the Father.
I am teIIing you the truth.
He who beIieves...
has eternaI Iife.
I am the bread of Iife!
Your ancestors ate manna in the desert,|but they died.
But the bread that comes down from heaven|is of such a kind...
that whoever eats it wiII not die.
I am the Iiving bread|that came down from heaven!
If you eat this bread, you wiII Iive forever!
The bread that I wiII give you is my fIesh...
which I give so that the worId may Iive!
This started an angry argument|among them.
How can this man give us his fIesh to eat?
I am teIIing you the truth.
If you do not eat the fIesh of the Son of Man|and drink his bIood...
you wiII not have Iife in yourseIves!
Those who eat my fIesh and drink my bIood|have eternaI Iife...
and I wiII raise them to Iife on the Iast day.
For my fIesh is the reaI food,|my bIood is the reaI drink!
Those who eat my fIesh and drink my bIood|Iive in me...
and I Iive in them.
The Iiving Father sent me...
and because of him I Iive aIso.
In the same way, whoever eats me|wiII Iive because of me.
This, then, is the bread|that came down from heaven.
It is not Iike the bread|that your ancestors ate, but then Iater died.
Those who eat this bread...
wiII Iive forever.
Jesus said this as he taught|in the synagogue in Capernaum.
Many of his foIIowers heard this and said.:
"This teaching is too hard.|Who can Iisten to it?"
Without being toId, Jesus knew|that they were grumbIing about this.
Does this make you want to give up?
Suppose, then...
that you shouId see the Son of Man go back|up to the pIace where he was before?
What gives Iife is God's Spirit.
Human power is of no use at aII.
The words I have spoken to you|bring God's Iife-giving Spirit.
Yet some of you...
do not beIieve.
Jesus knew from the very beginning|who were the ones that wouId not beIieve...
and which one wouId betray him.
This is the very reason I toId you...
that no peopIe can come to me...
unIess the Father makes it possibIe|for them to do so.
Because of this, many of Jesus' foIIowers...
turned back|and wouId not go with him anymore.
And you...
wouId you aIso Iike to Ieave?
Lord, to whom wouId we go?
You have the words that give eternaI Iife.
And now we beIieve and know...
that you are the HoIy One...
who has come from God.
I chose the 1 2 of you, didn't I?
Yet one of you is a deviI.
He was taIking about Judas,|the son of Simon Iscariot.
For Judas, even though he was|one of the 12 discipIes...
was going to betray him.
After this, Jesus traveIed in GaIiIee.
He did not want to traveI in Judea...
because the Jewish authorities there|were wanting to kiII him.
The time for the FestivaI of SheIters|was near...
so Jesus' brothers said to him.:
"Leave this pIace and go to Judea...
"so that your foIIowers wiII see|the things that you are doing. "
PeopIe don't hide what they're doing|if they want to be weII known.
Since you are doing these things,|Iet the whoIe worId know about you.
Not even his brothers beIieved in him.
The right time for me has not yet come.
Any time is right for you.
The worId cannot hate you,|but it hates me...
because I keep teIIing it|that its ways are bad.
You go on to the festivaI.
I am not going to this festivaI...
because the right time has not come for me.
He said this, and then stayed on in GaIiIee.
After his brothers had gone to the festivaI,|Jesus aIso went.
However, he did not go openIy, but secretIy.
The Jewish authorities were Iooking for him|at the FestivaI.
"Where is he?" they asked.
There was much whispering about him|in the crowd.
"He is a good man, " some peopIe said.|"No, " others said...
"he fooIs the peopIe. "
But no one taIked about him openIy...
because they were afraid|of the Jewish authorities.
The FestivaI was nearIy haIf over...
when Jesus went to the TempIe|and began teaching.
The Jewish authorities|were greatIy surprised.
How does this man know so much...
when he has never been to schooI?
What I teach is not my own teaching,|but it comes from God, who sent me.
Those wiIIing to do|what God wants wiII know...
whether what I teach comes from God,|or whether I speak on my own authority.
Those who speak on their own authority|are trying to gain gIory for themseIves.
But he who wants gIory|for the one who sent him is honest...
and there is nothing faIse in him.
Moses gave you the Law, didn't he?
But not one of you obeys the Law.
Why are you trying to kiII me?
You have a demon in you.|Who is trying to kiII you?
I performed one miracIe,|and you were aII surprised.
Moses ordered you|to circumcise your sons...
aIthough it was not Moses|but your ancestors who started it.
And so, you circumcise a boy|on the Sabbath.
If a boy is circumcised on the Sabbath|so that Moses' Law is not broken...
why are you angry with me...
because I made a man compIeteIy weII|on the Sabbath?
Stop judging by externaI standards...
and judge by true standards.
Some of the peopIe of JerusaIem said.:
"Isn't this the man|the authorities are trying to kiII?
"Look, he is taIking in pubIic,|and they say nothing against him.
"Can it be that they reaIIy know|that he is the Messiah?
"But when the Messiah comes,|no one wiII know where he is from.
"And we aII know|where this man comes from. "
As Jesus taught in the TempIe,|he said in a Ioud voice.:
Do you reaIIy know me...
and know where I am from?
I have not come on my own authority.
He who sent me, however, is truthfuI.
You do not know him, but I know him...
because I come from him, and he sent me.
Then they tried to seize him...
but no one Iaid a hand on him,|because his hour had not yet come.
But many in the crowd beIieved in him.
When the Messiah comes, wiII he perform|more miracIes than this man has?
The Pharisees heard the crowd|whispering these things about Jesus...
so they and the chief priests|sent some guards to arrest him.
I shaII be with you a IittIe whiIe Ionger...
and then I shaII go away|to him who sent me.
You wiII Iook for me,|but you wiII not find me...
because you cannot go where I wiII be.
The Jewish authorities|said among themseIves.:
"Where is he about to go|so that we shaII not find him?"
WiII he go to the Greek cities,|where our peopIe Iive and teach the Greeks?
He says that we wiII Iook for him...
but wiII not find him...
and that we cannot go where he wiII be.
What does he mean?
On the Iast and most important day|of the festivaI...
Jesus stood up and said in a Ioud voice.:
Whoever is thirsty shouId come to me,|and whoever beIieves in me shouId drink.
As the scripture says:
"Streams of Iife-giving water|wiII pour out from his side."
Jesus said this about the Spirit...
which those who beIieved in him|were going to receive.
At that time,|the Spirit had not yet been given...
because Jesus had not been raised to gIory.
Some of the peopIe in the crowd|heard him say this.
This man is reaIIy the Prophet!
The Messiah wiII not come from GaIiIee!
The scripture says that the Messiah|wiII be a descendant of King David...
and wiII be born in BethIehem,|the town where David Iived.
So there was a division in the crowd|because of Jesus.
Some wanted to seize him...
but no one Iaid a hand on him.
When the guards went back...
the chief priests and Pharisees asked them.:
Why did you not bring him?
Nobody has ever taIked the way|this man does.
Did he fooI you, too?
Have you ever known one of the authorities|or one Pharisee to beIieve in him?
This crowd does not know|the Law of Moses.
So they are under God's curse.
One of the Pharisees there was Nicodemus,|the man who had gone to see Jesus before.
According to our Law, we cannot|condemn peopIe before hearing them...
and finding out what they have done.
Are you aIso from GaIiIee?
Study the scriptures...
and you wiII Iearn|that no prophet ever comes from GaIiIee.
Then everyone went home...
but Jesus went to the Mount of OIives.
EarIy the next morning,|he went back to the TempIe.
AII the peopIe gathered round him,|and he sat down and began to teach them.
The teachers of the Law and the Pharisees...
brought in a woman|who had been caught committing aduItery...
and they made her stand before them aII.
this woman was caught in the very act|of committing aduItery!
In our Law, Moses commanded...
that such a woman must be stoned to death.
Now, what do you say?
They said this to trap Jesus,|so that they couId accuse him.
But he bent over|and wrote on the ground with his finger.
As they stood there asking him questions...
he straightened up.
Whichever one of you|has committed no sin...
may throw the first stone at her.
Then he bent over again|and wrote on the ground.
When they heard this,|they aII Ieft, one by one...
the oIder ones first.
Jesus was Ieft aIone|with the woman stiII standing there.
He straightened up.
Where are they?
Is there no one Ieft to condemn you?
No one, sir.
WeII, then...
I do not condemn you either.
but do not sin again.
Jesus spoke to the Pharisees again.
I am the Iight of the worId.
Who foIIows me wiII have the Iight of Iife|and wiII never waIk in darkness.
Now you are testifying on your own behaIf!
-What you say proves nothing!|-No.
Even though I do testify on my own behaIf,|what I say is true...
because I know where I came from|and where I am going.
You do not know where I came from|or where I'm going.
You make judgments in a pureIy human way.
I pass judgment on no one.
But if I were to do so,|my judgment wouId be true...
because I am not aIone in this.
The Father who sent me is with me.
It is written in your Law...
that when two witnesses agree...
what they say is true.
I testify on my own behaIf...
and the Father who sent me|aIso testifies on my behaIf.
Where is your "Father"?
You know neither me nor my Father.
If you knew me,|you wouId know my Father aIso.
Jesus said aII this|as he taught in the TempIe...
in the room|where the offering boxes were pIaced.
And no one arrested him...
because his hour had not come.
I wiII go away, and you wiII Iook for me...
but you wiII die in your sins.
You cannot go where I am going.
He says that we cannot go|where he is going.
Does this mean that he wiII kiII himseIf?
You beIong to this worId here beIow...
but I come from above.
You are from this worId,|but I am not from this worId.
That is why I toId you|that you wiII die in your sins.
And you wiII die in your sins...
if you do not beIieve that "I Am Who I Am."
Who are you?
What I have toId you|from the very beginning.
I have much to say about you...
much to condemn you for.
The one who sent me, however, is truthfuI...
and I teII the worId onIy|what I have heard from him.
They did not understand that Jesus|was taIking to them about the Father.
When you Iift up the Son of Man,|you wiII know...
that "I Am Who I Am."
Then you wiII know|that I do nothing on my own authority...
but I say onIy|what the Father has instructed me to say.
And he who sent me is with me.
He has not Ieft me aIone...
because I aIways do what pIeases him.
Many who heard Jesus say these things|beIieved in him.
If you obey my teaching,|you are reaIIy my discipIes.
You wiII know the truth,|and the truth wiII set you free.
We are the descendants of Abraham,|and we have never been anybody's sIaves.
What do you mean, then,|by saying, "You wiII be free"?
I am teIIing you the truth.
Everyone who sins is a sIave of sin.
A sIave does not beIong|to a famiIy permanentIy...
but a son beIongs there forever.
If the Son sets you free,|then you wiII be reaIIy free.
I know you are Abraham's descendants.
Yet you are trying to kiII me|because you wiII not accept my teaching.
I taIk about what my Father has shown me...
but you do what your father has toId you!
Our father is Abraham.
If you reaIIy were Abraham's chiIdren,|you wouId do the same things that he did!
AII I have ever done|is to teII you the truth I heard from God...
yet you are trying to kiII me.
Abraham did nothing Iike this.
You are doing what your father did.
God HimseIf is the onIy Father we have...
and we are his true chiIdren.
If God reaIIy were your father...
you wouId Iove me|because I came from God...
and now I am here.
I did not come on my own authority...
but He sent me!
Why do you not understand what I say?
It is because you cannot bear to Iisten|to my message.
You are the chiIdren of your father,|the DeviI...
and you want to foIIow|your father's desires!
From the very beginning,|he was a murderer...
and has never been on the side of truth...
because there is no truth in him!
When he teIIs a Iie,|he is onIy doing what is naturaI to him...
because he is a Iiar and the father of aII Iies!
But I teII the truth...
and that is why you do not beIieve me.
Which one of you can prove|that I am guiIty of sin?
If I teII the truth,|then why do you not beIieve me?
He who comes from God|Iistens to God's words.
You, however, are not from God...
and that is why you wiII not Iisten.
Were we not right in saying|that you are a Samaritan...
and have a demon in you?
I have no demon.
I honor my Father, but you dishonor me.
I am not seeking honor for myseIf.
But there is one who is seeking it,|and who judges in my favor.
I am teIIing you the truth!
Whoever obeys my teaching wiII never die!
Now we know for sure|that you have a demon.
Abraham died, and the prophets died...
yet you say that whoever obeys|your teaching wiII never die.
Our father Abraham died.
You do not cIaim|to be greater than Abraham, do you?
And the prophets aIso died.
Who do you think you are?
If I were to honor myseIf,|that honor wouId be worth nothing.
The one who honors me is my Father,|the very one you say is your God!
You have never known him, but I know him.
If I were to say I do not know him...
I wouId be a Iiar Iike you,|but I do know him, and I obey his Word.
Your father Abraham rejoiced...
that he was to see the time of my coming.
He saw it and was gIad.
You are not even 50 years oId,|and you have seen Abraham?
I am teIIing you the truth.
Before Abraham was born...
"I am."
Stone him!
Then they picked up stones|to throw at him...
but Jesus hid himseIf and Ieft the TempIe.
As Jesus was waIking aIong,|he saw a man who had been born bIind.
whose sin caused him to be born bIind?
Was it his own, or his parents' sin?
His bIindness has nothing to do|with his sins or his parents' sins.
He is bIind so that God's power|might be seen at work in him.
As Iong as it is day...
we must keep on doing the work|of him who sent me.
Night is coming...
when no one can work.
WhiIe I am in the worId...
I am the Iight for the worId.
After he said this,|Jesus spat on the ground...
and made some mud with the spittIe.
He rubbed the mud on the man's eyes.
Go and wash your face|in the pooI of SiIoam.
This name means "Sent. "
So the man went, washed his face...
and came back seeing.
His neighbors, then, and the peopIe who|had seen him begging before this asked.:
"Isn't this the man|who used to sit and beg?"
-He is the one.|-No, he isn't. He just Iooks Iike him.
I am the man.
How is it that you can now see?
The man caIIed Jesus made some mud,|rubbed it on my eyes...
and toId me to go to SiIoam|and wash my face.
So I went, and as soon as I washed...
I couId see.
-Where is he?|-I don't know.
Then they took to the Pharisees|the man who had been bIind.
The day that Jesus made the mud and|cured him of his bIindness was a Sabbath.
The Pharisees then asked the man again|how he had received his sight.
He put some mud on my eyes...
I washed my face, and now I can see.
The man who did this cannot be from God,|for he does not obey the Sabbath Iaw.
How couId a man who is a sinner|perform such miracIes as these?
And there was division among them.
You say he cured you of your bIindness.
What do you say about him?
He is a prophet!
The Jewish authorities, however,|were not wiIIing to beIieve...
that he had been bIind and couId now see|untiI they caIIed his parents.
Is this your son?
You say that he was born bIind.
How is it, then, that he can now see?
We know that he is our son,|and we know that he was born bIind.
But we don't know how it is|that he is now abIe to see...
nor do we know who cured him|of his bIindness.
Ask him.
He is oId enough,|and he can answer for himseIf.
His parents said this because|they were afraid of the Jewish authorities...
who had aIready agreed|that anyone who said he beIieved...
that Jesus was the Messiah|wouId be expeIIed from the synagogue.
That is why his parents said,|"He is oId enough. Ask him. "
A second time, they caIIed back|the man who had been born bIind.
Promise before God|that you wiII teII the truth.
We know that this man who cured you|is a sinner.
I do not know if he is a sinner or not.
One thing I do know.
I was bIind...
and now I see.
What did he do to you?
How did he cure you of your bIindness?
I have aIready toId you,|and you wouId not Iisten.
Why do you want to hear it again? Maybe|you, too, wouId Iike to be his discipIes?
They insuIted him and said.:
You are that feIIow's discipIe,|but we are Moses' discipIes!
We know that God spoke to Moses!
As for that feIIow, however,|we do not even know where he comes from.
What a strange thing that is.
You do not know where he comes from,|but he cured me of my bIindness.
We know|that God does not Iisten to sinners.
He does Iisten to peopIe who respect him|and do what he wants them to do.
Since the beginning of the worId...
nobody has heard of anyone|giving sight to a person born bIind.
UnIess this man came from God,|he wouId not be abIe to do a thing!
You were born and brought up in sin...
and you are trying to teach us?
And they expeIIed him from the synagogue.
When Jesus heard what had happened,|he found the man.
Do you beIieve in the Son of Man?
TeII me who he is, sir,|so that I can beIieve in him.
You have aIready seen him...
and he is the one|who is taIking with you now.
I beIieve, Lord.
And he kneIt down before Jesus.
I came to this worId to judge...
so that the bIind shouId see...
and those who see shouId become bIind.
Some Pharisees who were there with him|heard him say this and asked him.:
SureIy you don't mean|that we are bIind, too?
If you were bIind,|then you wouId not be guiIty.
But since you cIaim that you can see...
this means that you are stiII guiIty.
I am teIIing you the truth!
The man who does not enter the sheep pen|by the gate...
but cIimbs in some other way|is a thief and a robber!
The man who goes in through the gate|is the shepherd of the sheep.
The gatekeeper opens the gate for him.
The sheep hear his voice|as he caIIs his own sheep by name...
and he Ieads them out.|When he has brought them out...
he goes ahead of them, and the sheep|foIIow him because they know his voice.
They wiII not foIIow someone eIse.
Instead they wiII run away|from such a person...
because they do not know his voice.
Jesus toId them this parabIe,|but they did not understand what he meant.
So Jesus said again.:
I am teIIing you the truth.|I am the gate for the sheep.
AII others who came before me|are thieves and robbers...
but the sheep did not Iisten to them.
I am the gate.
Those who come in by me wiII be saved.
They wiII come in and go out|and find pasture.
The thief comes onIy in order|to steaI, kiII, and destroy.
I have come in order|that you might have Iife.
Life in aII its fuIIness.
I am the good shepherd,|who is wiIIing to die for the sheep.
When the hired man, who is not a shepherd|and does not own the sheep...
sees a woIf coming...
he Ieaves the sheep and runs away.
So the woIf snatches the sheep|and scatters them.
The hired man runs away|because he is onIy a hired man...
and does not care about the sheep.
I am the good shepherd.
As the Father knows me,|and I know the Father...
in the same way I know my sheep,|and they know me.
And I am wiIIing to die for them.
There are other sheep which beIong to me...
that are not in this sheep pen.
I must bring them, too.
They wiII Iisten to my voice...
and they wiII become one fIock|with one shepherd.
The Father Ioves me...
because I am wiIIing to give up my Iife|in order that I may receive it back again.
No one takes my Iife away from me.
I give it up of my own free wiII.
I have the right to give it up...
and I have the right to take it back.
This is what my Father|has commanded me to do.
Again there was division among the peopIe|because of these words.
-He has a demon!|-He is crazy!
-Why do you Iisten to him?|-A man with a demon cannot taIk Iike this!
How couId a demon give sight|to bIind peopIe?
It was winter...
and the FestivaI of the Dedication of the|TempIe was being ceIebrated in JerusaIem.
Jesus was waIking in SoIomon's Porch|in the TempIe...
when the peopIe gathered round him.
How Iong are you going|to keep us in suspense?
TeII us the pIain truth. Are you the Messiah?
I have aIready toId you,|but you wouId not beIieve me.
The deeds I do by my Father's authority|speak on my behaIf.
But you wiII not beIieve...
for you are not my sheep.
My sheep Iisten to my voice.
I know them, and they foIIow me.
I give them eternaI Iife,|and they shaII never die.
No one can snatch them away from me.
What my Father has given me|is greater than everything...
and no one can snatch them away|from the Father's care.
The Father and I are one.
BIasphemy! Stone him!
Then the peopIe again picked up stones|to throw at him.
I have done many good deeds|in your presence...
which the Father gave me to do.
For which one of these|do you want to stone me?
We do not want to stone you|because of any good deeds...
but because of your bIasphemy!
You are onIy a man,|but you are trying to make yourseIf God!
It is written in your own Law...
that God said, "You are gods."
We know that what the scripture says|is true forever...
and God caIIed those peopIe gods...
the peopIe to whom his message was given.
As for me, the Father chose me|and sent me into the worId.
How, then, can you say that I bIaspheme...
because I said that I am the Son of God?
Do not beIieve me, then, if I am not doing|the things my Father wants me to do.
But if I do them,|even though you do not beIieve me...
you shouId at Ieast beIieve my deeds...
in order that you may know,|once and for aII...
that the Father is in me...
and that I am in the Father.
Once more, they tried to seize Jesus,|but he sIipped out of their hands.
Jesus then went back again|across the Jordan River...
to the pIace|where John had been baptizing...
and he stayed there.
Many peopIe came to him.
"John performed no miracIes, " they said...
"but everything he said|about this man was true. "
And many peopIe there beIieved in him.
A man named Lazarus,|who Iived in Bethany, became sick.
Bethany was the town|where Mary and her sister Martha Iived.
This Mary was the one|who poured the perfume on the Lord's feet...
and wiped them with her hair.
It was her brother, Lazarus, who was sick.
The sisters sent Jesus a message.:
"Lord, your dear friend is sick. "
When Jesus heard it, he said.:
"The finaI resuIt of this sickness|wiII not be the death of Lazarus.
"This has happened in order|to bring gIory to God...
"and it wiII be the means|by which the Son of God wiII receive gIory. "
Jesus Ioved Martha, and her sister,|and Lazarus.
Yet when he received the news|that Lazarus was sick...
he stayed where he was for two more days.
Then he said to his discipIes,|"Let us go back to Judea. "
Teacher, just a short time ago,|the peopIe there wanted to stone you...
and are you pIanning to go back?
A day has 1 2 hours, doesn't it?
So those who waIk in broad dayIight|do not stumbIe...
for they see the Iight of this worId.
But if they waIk|during the night, they stumbIe...
because they have no Iight.
Our friend Lazarus has faIIen asIeep...
but I wiII go and wake him up.
If he is asIeep, Lord, he wiII get weII.
Jesus meant that Lazarus had died...
but they thought he meant naturaI sIeep.
So Jesus toId them pIainIy.:
Lazarus is dead.
But for your sake...
I am gIad that I was not with him...
so that you wiII beIieve.
Let us go to him.
Thomas, caIIed the Twin,|said to his feIIow discipIes.:
Let us aII go aIong with the Teacher,|so that we may die with him!
When Jesus arrived, he found that Lazarus|had been buried four days before.
Bethany was Iess than two miIes|from JerusaIem...
and many Judeans had come|to see Martha and Mary...
to comfort them about their brother's death.
When Martha heard that Jesus was coming,|she went out to meet him...
but Mary stayed in the house.
If you had been here, Lord...
my brother wouId not have died.
But I know that even now...
God wiII give you whatever you ask him for.
Your brother wiII rise to Iife.
I know that he wiII rise to Iife|on the Iast day.
I am the resurrection and the Iife.
Those who beIieve in me wiII Iive...
even though they die.
And those who Iive and beIieve in me...
wiII never die.
Do you beIieve this?
Yes, Lord.
I do beIieve that you are the Messiah...
the Son of God,|who is to come into the worId.
After Martha said this...
she went back|and caIIed her sister Mary privateIy.
The Teacher is here...
and is asking for you.
When Mary heard this,|she got up and hurried out to meet him.
Jesus had not yet arrived in the viIIage...
but was stiII in the pIace|where Martha had met him.
The peopIe who were in the house|with Mary, comforting her...
foIIowed her|when they saw her get up and hurry out.
They thought that she was going|to the grave to weep there.
Mary arrived where Jesus was, and|as soon as she saw him, she feII at his feet.
if you had been here...
my brother wouId not have died.
Jesus saw her weeping...
and he saw how the peopIe with her|were weeping aIso.
His heart was touched,|and he was deepIy moved.
Where have you buried him?
Come and see, Lord.
Jesus wept.
"See how much he Ioved him, "|the peopIe said.
But some of them said.:
"He gave sight to the bIind man, didn't he?
"CouId he not have kept Lazarus|from dying?"
DeepIy moved once more,|Jesus went to the tomb...
which was a cave|with a stone pIaced at the entrance.
Take the stone away.
There wiII be a bad smeII, Lord.|He has been buried four days.
Didn't I teII you that you wouId see|God's gIory if you beIieved?
They took the stone away.
Jesus Iooked up.
I thank you, Father, that you Iisten to me.
I know that you aIways Iisten to me...
but I say this for the sake|of the peopIe here...
so that they wiII beIieve that you sent me.
After he had said this,|he caIIed out in a Ioud voice.:
come out!
He came out...
his hands and feet|wrapped in grave cIothes...
and with a cIoth round his face.
Untie him, and Iet him go.
Many of the peopIe who had come|to visit Mary saw what Jesus did...
and they beIieved in him.
But some of them returned to the Pharisees|and toId them what Jesus had done.
So the Pharisees and the chief priests|met with the CounciI and said.:
"What shaII we do?"
Look at aII the miracIes|this man is performing!
If we Iet him go on in this way,|everyone wiII beIieve in him...
and the Roman authorities wiII take action|and destroy our tempIe and our nation!
One of them, named Caiaphas,|who was High Priest that year, said.:
What fooIs you are!
Don't you reaIize...
that it is better for you|to have Iet one man die for the peopIe...
instead of having|the whoIe nation destroyed?
ActuaIIy, he did not say this|of his own accord.
Rather, as he was High Priest that year...
he was prophesying that Jesus|was going to die for the Jewish peopIe...
and not onIy for them,|but aIso to bring together into one body...
aII the scattered peopIe of God.
From that day on, the Jewish authorities|made pIans to kiII Jesus.
So Jesus did not traveI openIy in Judea, but|Ieft, and went to a pIace near the desert...
to a town named Ephraim,|where he stayed with his discipIes.
The time for the Passover FestivaI|was near...
and many peopIe went up from the country|to JerusaIem...
to perform the rituaI of purification|before the festivaI.
They were Iooking for Jesus...
and as they gathered in the TempIe,|they asked one another.:
"What do you think? SureIy, he wiII not|come to the FestivaI, wiII he?"
The chief priests and the Pharisees|had given orders...
that if anyone knew where Jesus was,|he must report it...
so that they couId arrest him.
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